Saturday, April 29, 2017

Jokes of the Day .

  1. Teacher: “Do you listen to your father or your mother more?”
    Pupil: “My mother.”
    Teacher: “Why?”
    Pupil: “Because she talks more.”
    First shepherd: “How many sheep do you have?”
    Second shepherd: “I have no idea! Whenever I start to count them, I fall asleep.”
    A good fairy meets an evil wizard.
    Good fairy: “And who are you?”
    Evil wizard: “I’m an evil wizard!”
    Good fairy: “Well, because you’re evil, I will grant you only one wish.”
    Evil wizard: “Okay, I want you to drop dead!”
    A policeman sees a drunkard lying on the street.
    Policeman: “What are you doing there?”
    Drunkard: “I’ve lost something!”
    Policeman: “What did you lose?”
    Drunkard: “My balance!”

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