Saturday, August 1, 2015

Jokes of the Day ...

What do you give an ill viper?
Why are penguins cheap to keep?
They live on ice!


Friday, July 31, 2015

Jokes of the Day ...

What did the snake say when the teacher asked him a question?
Don't asp me!
What’s the name for a group of lions taking it in turns to use a copy machine?
Copy cats!


Thought of the Day ...

"Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you,
for life. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make
the most of the moment you are in now!"
~ Author Unknown ~


Free Nook Books of the Day ...

If you own a Nook ereader these books are free today .. but please check the price before you click "buy" because the prices can go up at any time.

Greetings fellow Nookies! Thanks to all who come here and thanks to B&N for their great Nook and the nifty selections for today. Please be sure to check the price before you click "buy" to make sure they are still freebies. (The link for each book is below the title of the book.)

*Also- If you read a book and like it please consider leaving the author a good feedback.


Tasty & Thin Grilling & Sides by Nashina Asaria
Revolutions for Fun and Profit! by Ryan Shattuck
Dallas Dozen: Free Family Fun by Carolyn Lis
Craft Classics Companion by Bobbi Ann Johnson Holmes
The G 5.0  by Scott Johnson
CrockPot / Slow Cook Low Carb Recipes by Lisa Shea
Yoga for Stress Relief and Forgiveness by Lisa Shea
Green Living - Saving Water by Lisa Shea
30 DIY Beauty Recipes by Lleaon Rao
TRAILBLAZERS Stories of Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro 1988-2005
The Paleo Diet: Everything You Need To Know


Family Fun by Bonnie Beech
The Legend of Oescienne by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Learn German: German for Kids by Colin Hann
Other free and inexpensive books for learning languages:
Kids Want To Know About UFOs


Come Home To Me by Peggy L Henderson
Teton Sunrise by Peggy L Henderson
Yellowstone Heart Song by Peggy L Henderson
Surrender Ma'LadyWillow Fae von Wicken
Other free books by this author:
Rogue's Honor by Brenda Hiatt
Six Months in Montana by Pamela M. Kelley
Knowing Yourself by Lisa Shea
Then Came You by Jillian Hart
No One But You by Jillian Hart
Stone Devil Duke by K.J. Jackson
The Devil's Cut (A Western Romance) by Jennifer Grayson
Living Wilde by Sandra Marton
Feels Like Home by Evelyn Adams


This Time Forever by Rachel Nunes
River Jordan - A Jerusalem Love Song by Lisa Shea
Now I Knew You (Cherry Hill, #1) by Ron Estrada
How to Help a Friend in an Abusive Relationship
Only the Dog Knows by Diane Roads
On Which Side of the Road Do the Flowers Grow?
The Librarian by Adam Drake


Wilder's Mate by Moira Rogers
Ghostly Liaison by Stacy McKitrick
Deadly Beauties, Blood's Fury by C.M. Owens
The Heretic by Joseph Nassise
Faelorehn by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson
Solving the Riddle by Carl Johnson
Storm of Prophecy by Michael von Werner
Starstruck by Brenda Hiatt
Deadly Crush by Ashley Stoyanoff
Into the Wasteland by Lisa Shea
Far From The Sea We Know by Frank M Sheldon
The Only Thing We Know is That We Know Nothing by R. J. Davnall
More free books by this author:
You Never Know What's Going to Come Through the Door
Flame Moon by K.J. Jackson
The Devil's Fool by Rachel McClellan


The Bullcatcher by Stephen Johnson (short story)
Bodega by Stephen Johnson (short story)
The Union by Tremayne Johnson
Don of New York by Tremayne Johnson
Breaking the Cycle by Linda Johnson
Waiter, There's a Clue in My Soup by Camille LaGuire
Girl Fights Back by  Jacques Antoine
The Enemy We Know by Donna White Glaser
Copacabana -Tropical Crime Noir by Jack Rylance
The Devil You Know by Aaron Acitella
The Devil's Dream by David Beers
Deadly Double by Diane Capri,  J. Carson Black
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
A Dream of Death by Harrison Drake
Full Fathom Five by Harrison Drake
The Detective Games by Zechariah Barrett
Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace
Dying Eyes by Ryan Casey
Ransom, P.I. by Luke Shephard
Deadly Devotion by Sandra Orchard
One Deadly Sister by Rod Hoisington


Riverbreeze by Ellen E. Johnson
End of the Road by Jacques Antoine
Tea-shop Twinkle by Tony Spencer
More free and inexpensive books by this author:
Not a Lot of People Know That by David Hailwood
Fatal Obsession by Autumn Russell
The Zodiac Bar and Grill by Helen Montgomery


Le septième Templier  by Giacometti Ravenne
Leseprobe Die unbekannte Dritte by Alexandra von Grote
La Magia del Río by Cristina Pereyra
O Reflexo da Morte (ou da Vida) nas Janelas do Rio
Vila de Cobres by Olinda P. Gil
Auf den Straßen von Rio: Kurzgeschichte


Hard Luck by Chloe Grey


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quote of the Day ..

"What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to
be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable."
~ Joseph Addison ~


Physics Lecture of the Day ....

Takes space to a whole new dimension ...


Jokes of the day ....

Why was the alligator coughing?
It had a frog in its throat!
Why do bears have fur coats?
Because they tried hoodies and they looked silly