Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jokes of the Day ...

Joe- What you doing?
Sam -I am writing a letter.
Joe- To whom?
Sam - To me.
Joe -And what are you writing about?
Sam- I don't know. I haven't received it yet.
Teacher: How do you age a goldfish?
Student: Take out the "g".
Teacher: What do you call a famous fish?
Student: A Starfish.
Mom asks Julie: What are you doing?
Julie (sounding guilty) - Nothing!
Mom- And what is your brother doing?
Julie- He's helping me.
A man arrives to his destination in a cab.
"That will be $35.00," the taxi driver tells him.
"Could you back up about ten blocks? I only have $30.00 on me."
The Mama Match warned her children, "And whatever you do, don't scratch your head!"
Do you want me to tell you a joke backwards?
Well, start laughing!


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