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Free Friday Nook Book list for Sept 2 ...


Greetings fellow Nookies! Thanks to all who come here and thanks to B&N for their great Nook and the nifty selections for today. Please be sure to check the price before you click "buy" to make sure they are still freebies. (The link for each book is below the title of the book.)

*Also- If you read a book and like it please consider leaving the author a good feedback.


Second Grade Words Read And Spell Book One

While Princesses Sleep (Princesses Of Chadwick Castle Adventure Series, #1

The Map: A Jackaby Story

The Rain Fairies

Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells

Witch Hollow and the Wrong Spell (Book 1)


Awaken (The Witches, The Spell Book, and The Magic Tree)

The Lost Treasure Map Deluxe Book Collection

One Stop Horror Shop (Legends Unleashed, #4)

Dark Rain (Raine's Landing #1)

Spell Checked (Logic, #1)

Merlin Slept Here

It Rained Red Upon The Arena (Glory Beyond Battle, #1)

The Fifth Elemental: Shepisode 4 - The Earth at Our Feet

More in this series:

Spells: Ten Tales of Magic

Phantasia (Book One: Into the Rain)

Untamed Gift (Book One of the Items Trilogy)

The Ground Beneath My Feet

Another Day, Another Curse(d Item)

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett The Sleeping Tree

Chop Shop

Dream Spell

No Dogs in Philly

Just A Little Terrible


25 Distraction Techniques For People With Sleep Anxiety

Sleep Mask Knitting Pattern

Puppy Sleep Training: Step-by-step Guide To Getting Your Puppy To Finally Sleep The Entire Night! - Puppy Crate Training

My Puppy Is Happily Sleeping: Your Training Guide for a Restful Nighttime & a Happy Puppy Owner!

#Hacking Sleep Apnea 19 Strategies for Obstructive, Central or Mixed CPAP, BiPAP & ASV to Oral Appliance Therapy & Alternative Treatment Devices, Supplies, Equipment & Machines No BS On Snoring

Almost Free Money: How to Make Significant Money on Free Items That You Can Find Anywhere

The Ultimate Guide to Once-a-Month Grocery Shopping

There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch: Mystery Shopping Explained

How to Start Your Own House Cleaning Company (Savvy Cleaner Training Series, #1)

Shopping for Water: How the Market Can Mitigate Water Shortages in the American West

Practical Map & Compass Skills (Practical Survival Series, #12)

OFF THE MAP: 25 True Stories to Inspire Your Next Adventure

Declutter Your Home Effectively House Cleaning Hacks to a Clutter Free Life

The Cabbage Patch Doll Fight: A Christmas Shopping Tale (Essay)

Thoughtful Holiday Shopping for Expats Just Got Easier


Hormone Balance How To Reclaim Hormone Balance, Sex Drive, Sleep & Lose Weight Now: The Basics

My Low Carb Story, Diet Book, Cookbook and Shopping List

Chakras: A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing

60+ Practical Tips And Habits To Lose Weight, Burn Fat, And Feel Great!

Juicing: The Ultimate Beginners Guide for Juicing with the NutriBullet

Favorite Low Glycemic Coconut Flour Recipes

Essential Oils For Sleep


Gluten Free & Wheat Free Meals For All Occasions;jsessionid=D7126B0AD97ABCCBB45FEE22819FE3BA.prodny_store01-atgap01?ean=2940152155532

Meal Courses: Eating Clean and Gorgeous Crockpot Flavours

Recipes For Recovery: Recover Your Health with Clean Eating

Meals That Heal: Heal Your Body with Clean Eating Recipes and Intermittent Fasting

Low Fat Cooking: Lose Fat with Clean Eating and the Belly Fat Diet

Superfoods Cookbook


Wolf Spell (Wolf Trilogy, #1)

Kiss a Girl in the Rain

Shopping for a Billionaire #1 (Shopping Series #1)

A Spell Cast Volume One

A Spell Cast Volume Two

A Spell Cast Volume Three

Time Travel Romance: Medieval Love: Reunited by Dagger Heart Spell


After the Rain (Brides of Weatherton, #1)

Bad Bloods: November Rain

Sara in Montana (Second Chances Trilogy, #1)

The Spice Bride (The Emberton Brothers Series, #1)

Bought And Paid For: The Billionaire's Girlfriend

 You've Got a Way With Me

Isle of Bones (Demon Isle Witches Clean Read Cut): Sweet and Romantic Supernatural Fun (We Witches Three, #1)

New Beginnings: Part One (Horseshoe Bay Romance, #1)

The Amish Chef

The McCarran Collection

A Billionaire Crazy in Love (A Clean BWWM Romance)


The Terrible Final Flight of Mort Fiskman

Summer Nights (The Great Noveling Adventure, #1)

Shopping and Lies

There is Something in the Dark: Darkened Shopping

Terrible Cherubs: Tales of Sinners, Mistakes, and Regrets


Crystal Cash Spells: Three Ways to Change Your Money Luck Today (Exploring Crystal Magick, #2)

Book of Magic Spells


Other Shoes, Other Feet

Barbecue, Bourbon and Bullets (HoneyBun Shop Mysteries)

Overdue Item

Wine Astray - Spirit of the Soul Wine Shop Mystery Part 1 (A Rysen Morris Mystery, #1)

Masquerade at One Thousand Feet (A Gray Ghost Mystery

Raining Men and Corpses (A Raina Sun Mystery, #1)

Spells Murder (A Todd Williams Story)


Amethyst & Colin: Un romanzo storico pulito e tenero, per tutti (Le spose della famiglia Chase, #1)

O Futuro de Portugal Segundo a Astrologia: 2011-2013

Creadores de futuro. De la innovación en el mundo

Apocalipsis: Un vistazo al futuro de la humanidad

Evolución: el future

FUTURO- Racconto fantasy lui vuole me, tentare di non amarti, tutto il resto è amore, oltre il destino

I love shopping a Venezia


Vigilante of Shadows (Scarlet Rain Series, Book 1)

Bunnies and Batteries

Kissing the Rain

Taming Chaos (Raining Chaos, #1)


As They Slept (The comical tales of a London commuter)

Sex Shop

Item 21 And Other Stories From My Blog

Big Foot

Saddles and Spells


The Terrible Thing in the House on the Hill

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