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134 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four

After a few weeks Amelia called to set up a time we could do the necessary spell to find out about Jure's past wife. I had thought about trying to trick Linda into giving me something of Jure's or better still, something from that castle wardrobe. In the end it was easier just to ask Linda. She was not at all put out by my request, in fact I think it was a relief to her to find out exactly what had happened. She was not willfully blind and she was sensible, qualities that eased my worries considerably.

The fragile ancient woolen shawl Linda had taken from the castle and Jure's old broken watch were handed to me with three conditions.

First, that Linda be present when Amelia and her witch associates did the spell. Second, that this would be kept a secret from Jure and everyone else. Third, and this was the hardest for me, that whatever we found out would not cause me to put up any resistance or dampen my happiness for my daughter in her future plans.

It was hard telling Eric that I might not be able to share the results of the spell with him. Linda didn't want him there and she didn't want him told if she chose to keep the information to herself. She loved her father but she knew he was capable of doing something decisive to prevent her marriage to an unsuitable man. This could potentially cause big problems, even fatal ones, for those involved. Best to tiptoe around the direct approach and do a little magical reconnaissance.

Eric was reasonable but he was not controllable, not even by me, if he set himself on a course of action. I didn't know if that was part of his Vampire nature, part of his Viking heritage or ... simply ... how Eric was from the cradle.

"You will be there?" he asked me.

I told him about the conditions Linda placed on our fact finding mission while he was in his home office. He had been looking over plans for a grandiose expansion of Fangtasia, something he periodically did to distract himself from other concerns. This time I suspected he was worried about what I might discover about Jure.

"Yes, I will. I'll know what happened if Amelia's spell works, but Linda doesn't want anyone, including you, to know if the news is bad. She's concerned it will cause an obstacle to her plans if you learn something that goes against Vampire tradition or law. She also concerned something will anger you to the point of retaliation, starting a feud. Don't forget, she knows a lot about Vampire politics."

He nodded, understanding that once you learn something you can't unlearn it. "It is better for you to be there than to have her do this without either of us."

He swiveled around in his chair and took my hand. He asked,  "Am I such a tyrant?"

I sat on his lap causing the chair to roll around crazily until he planted his feet. "Not at all, you are a protective father and a very powerful Vampire. That must make you seem kind of like a loaded gun to Linda."

He kissed me with loving sincerity, then asked in my ear, "A loaded gun or a loose cannon?"

I whispered back in his ear, "Maybe its more like a loose canon. I think I can feel it rolling around on deck beneath me right now."

"You should make an effort to secure it," he suggested, and that's just what I did.

I secured it, then I secured it again. Then we went hunting poachers and visited our grandson. Life doesn't get much better than that.

I wore a loose fitting outfit to visit Amelia the night of the spell. I wasn't sure if she was going to have us sit in a circle and I wanted to be comfortable. Linda rode to Amelia's with me. She was uncharacteristically silent and tense. I didn't try to make small talk mainly because I didn't want to do or say anything that would cause her to change her mind. She was doing the right thing, facing the truth. It was better to know than not to know. Her knuckles were white as her hands gripped each other.

Finally I couldn't take the silence any longer. "A penny for your thoughts," I said.

She turned to me and grinned.  She looked so like her father at that moment. She said, "I was thinking that you drive like Dad now."

That was came as a surprise. I immediately lightened my touch on the gas pedal.

She added, in case her meaning wasn't clear, "Like a maniac with a death wish."

"Oops, sorry," I said, meaning it. I recalled how I used to berate Eric for the way he drove. Now I was roaring down the highway with the same reckless abandon. I kept slowing down until I was under the speed limit.

Linda visibly relaxed. I felt guilty for being the one to make her nervous. I had thought it was fear over what she might find out about Jure's past. Being a vampire and acting like one crept on a person, diminishing regard for personal safety and human laws over the years until it eventually eroded away to nothing, I supposed. But that wasn't going to happen to me, I was going to keep my awareness up about the things that matter to humans. Like not getting in a car wreck.

"Thanks for letting me know. If you see me doing anything that is too ... vampireish .. please let me know. I don't want to lose touch with my human side."

She looked at me with interest. "So you feel like you still have a human side?"

"Of course!" I protested. "I was human longer than I am like I am now.  I actually AM human with certain modifications. When my electrons aren't here they are Somewhere Else, somewhere different from where your electrons are when they're not here. But when they are here I am human with a modification." I didn't think I was explaining this very well, but I was no Tesla.

She laughed. "Are you saying that none of us is all here?"

"From what I understand we are here and not here simultaneously. I don't think time works the same way for electrons that it does for big things. I think electrons can be more than one place at the same time, though I have no idea how."

She mused, "If Amelia can summon a vision from the far distant past then maybe things don't work quite the way we think they do here, either. Maybe all time is happening at once but we can only be in one place of it due to our physical limitations. Maybe Anna Hita has less of those limitations than we do so she can travel through time."

"And dimensions," I added. "Although I don't even know what dimensions are."

She said, "I think of it like a loaf of sliced bread. We're on one slice, next to us are slices that are pretty much the same but with slight variations. I would like to travel to a whole new loaf someday when I'm Vampire. Maybe we can all go all together." She patted my shoulder lovingly.

Wow, Linda had not only thought about Turning, she had even thought about what powers she might have over the centuries.

She was looking forward to these adventures, something I hadn't even considered. I had joined Eric in his desire to travel to snowy untouched Arctic places sometime in the future when our family, business, and Pythoness obligations were not so pressing but I had never envisioned leaving this time or this dimension. Linda had more going on in her mind than I had ever suspected.

"I'm impressed with your spirit of adventure. Lots of people want to travel, but you REALLY want to travel. Like the hippies used to say, Far Out! I hope we do get to travel to other times and dimensions. But not right away. I want to see little Kyle grow up. Besides, I don't even know if I would have the capability to travel like that. Different Vampires have different gifts."

"What gift does Pam have?" Linda asked. "I always wondered about that."

"I know she can turn into a little green light and hover and fly around. I don't know what else she can do. How about Jure, is becoming smoke the limit of his abilities?" I asked, hoping to draw her out a little if she knew anything about Jure I didn't know.

"I know he's telepathic and he can send the most glorious dreams ..." she sighed.

Then she came back to reality. "I think he can do other things too though he's quite reluctant to boast about his powers. He ..." she stopped, realizing she might be talking too freely. "He's really very sweet," she finished. I suspected that had not been what she was originally going to say. Once one of my girls clammed up there was no use trying to pry anything more out of them.

Besides we were at Amelia's house. Every light in the old farm house house was on to greet us. In my mind's eye I could see my dear Gran standing on the porch, arms crossed, sweater over her stooped shoulders, waiting for me to return from my job in Merlotte's.

Superimposed over the present I could see myself, the past human me with pony tail and black shorts,  getting out of my old beat up clunker, dead tired after waiting tables and putting up with the intrusive and sometimes insulting thoughts of the patrons. In my mind I could see the past come to life.

Later on tonight, we would all see the past come to life. What it would reveal would determine Linda's future.

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133 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three

The following night Amelia called to thank me for the delightful party and to congratulate me on the level of magical security I had cloaked my family in.

I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was very curious about who had bespelled my family. She was also a little miffed that I hadn't turned to her for my supernatural protection needs. I needed to smooth her ruffled feathers.

"The protection goes with my role as Pythoness," I pointed out. "A judge that can be coerced into skewing justice towards a kidnapper wouldn't be a very good judge."

"Do you think someone might really try to get to you by threatening your family?" she gasped in horror.

"It's certainly possible," I allowed.

For one as knowledgeable as she was in the ancient mystical arts she was still pretty naive about the wicked ways of the real world. I thought of her living in my old farmhouse, collecting modern art, plying her magic and bickering fondly with Tray about his motorcycle racing, a dispute so old it was like a well worn path in their communication. Of course she would not know all the many dangers the larger world of the supernatural and the out-of-this-world might present. That last thought gave me an idea.

"There is one magical favor you could do for me..." I began.

"Anything," she said eagerly. She loved a challenge and my life as a vampire and Pythoness seemed to fascinate her. 

"I was wondering if you could find someone for me, if they're still in the land of the living."

"I can, and even if they're not. Do you have something that belongs to them?"

Uh oh, that was going to be a problem. The beautiful clothes still enshrined in Jure's Croatian castle were out of my reach. Or were they? I wondered if Linda had taken any of the lovely vintage garments to play dress up?

"I just might. If not, would anything else work?" I asked hopefully.

"If you had something owned by someone that had been close to them ..." she mused, "That might bring the connection I need."

Well that wouldn't be a problem. Jure had a ton of stuff. I was sure Linda could bring me something of his.

"That might work better."

"Fine roomie, you let me know when you have something for me and I'll do my ding dong dang-dest."

Ding dong dang-dest .. that Amelia could always make me laugh.  We went on to talk about how wonderful Kyle Eric was, what a great party it had been, who Madge was to Eric,  and what new pieces of modern art she had recently acquired.

She also told me a long complicated anecdote involving a spell involving a pesky squirrel that hadn't gone quite as planned but my mind was already wandering so I didn't get it all. I joined her in laughing at the appropriate moment when the story was complete.

I promised to come and visit and see her latest art acquisitions as soon as I had something to use in a reconstruction of Celandine's path through life. I didn't really care where the ex-wife had been spending the interim centuries, I just cared where she was now.

Eric was on the other phone with the King. When I was done with my call from Amelia I waited to hear what new thing the King had cooked up for Eric to do. The King and Queen had been so busy with their two girls Pythia and Pacia they had pretty much left Eric and me alone. I guess getting an invitation to Kyle Eric's naming party had jogged their memory about us.

He came in smiling. "The King wished to convey a message from Augustus that he is petitioning the High Court to review the vote about Vampire Liberation. Although the King's message was straightforward, the subtext in his tone was that this was a trifling matter that need not be addressed for a very long time, if ever."

"If it's so trifling why did he even bother us with it?" I asked, glad that the request was not something that would place Eric in danger or take him away from his family where he was so vital, especially to the start up of Darren's American business and Char's well being.

"He owed Augustus a long standing debt for his help in the take over of Louisiana and Arkansas. Without Augustus's legion he would not have been able to over throw Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq and her supporters after her defeat of Peter Threadgill's regime."

One more reason to despise Augustus, I thought but did not say.

Although Queen Sophie-Anne had her faults, she had also had an endearing side to her. My cousin Hadley had fallen in love with the French born Queen.

I liked King de Castro well enough but I did not like the way he had brutally slaughtered the Queen and her loyal guards to take over her kingdom. The political maneuverings of Vampires had been way beyond my understanding, back then.

My goal had been to get through their turbulent times alive and with my possessions intact. Eric had helped me back when I was human, poor, jilted by Bill, and terrified. Eric had been my hero and not taken advantage. Well, not very much advantage anyway.

Eric was politically savvy enough to quickly adjust to the new King's authority and work it in his favor. I tended to be a little more emotional about the slaughter of a woman I had known and my cousin had loved. Queen Sophie-Anne had willed me her diamonds, the ones she was given as a wedding present. That made me feel a little closer to her too.

Since I was human at the time of the take over and no one asked my opinion, I hadn't had any say in how things turned out. Things would be quite different now that I was Pythoness, ruler of the High Court.

I put these musings aside.  The past is history, tomorrow's a mystery, all we have is the gift of right now, that's why it's called "The Present".

"Well, he told us," I replied to Eric.  "I'll pass it on to Merry Dixon to put at the tail end of the current court docket. Meanwhile I've asked Amelia to help me find out where Celandine is and maybe what happened to her if she's passed on. If she is no more, Amelia can do an ectoplasmic reconstruction, a pricey bit of witch craft. I think it's worth it to know exactly what might crop up if Linda goes through with her plans to marry Jure. What do you think?"

He sat down with me across from him on the other sofa. "I think it is a good idea as long as Jure does not find out and become incensed. Those of us with very long lives do not like to be held accountable for our every act over the centuries. Times dictate actions that might not seem ... " he searched for the right word, "....correct when taken out of context."

His face was completely calm, so innocent of expression that it made me feel a little twinge of suspicion. He was speaking of Jure but was he also talking about his own past? Was there something percolating around back there that was going to rise up and bite us in the rear when we least expected it?

There was no point asking Eric directly, he was amazingly close mouthed about many things in his past. Maybe I would be the same way when I was one thousand plus years old.

"Let's go see the baby," I suggested, changing the subject and letting him off the hook. "I'll call Merry, you call Char, and then we'll go visit our grandson if that's OK with her."

"Brilliant idea," he said heartily, standing up like a shot. "I will also see if she needs anything we can bring." He strode out of the room and away from our conversation about mistakes of the past.

Things that make you go hmmmmm.... I thought as I speed dialed Merry's number.

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132 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two

Claudine did the speaking. Dear little Kyle Eric was asleep so Char and Darren held him cradled between them. Pam turned down the sound a bit so as not to startle the baby. Millie the midwife was poised to take Kyle Eric back to his nursery when the ceremony was done.

Claudine said a few words in her native fairy language, then produced an iridescent wand and began waving it while she chanted in a singsong voice. At the end she paused and said "Aouregan Brīwa" and shook her wand at Kyle Eric. To my amazement glittering fairy dust descended on the entire gathering like a sparkling rain. It had magically traveled from where my fairy godmother was secreted to our party. Wow.

The unicorns made their wind chime sound and began frisking around like colts. Flowers bloomed where their delicate hooves touched the cement floor and they bent their graceful necks to take mouthfuls of the pink and purple blossoms as they pranced. Madge let out a mighty sigh and buckets of frost flew from her open mouth, hitting Adele and Lachlain and half burying them in it.

Instead of being outraged Adele laughed, made a snowball and threw it at Lachlain. He gathered a snowball and threw it back at Adele. She ducked and the snowball hit the shoulder of Dewey Boudreaux, the baby's other grandfather. This triggered a massive indoor snowball fight, maybe the first one in the history of Shreveport. Madge obligingly blew out more frost to keep the fun fest going.

The golden sprinkles had an intoxicating effect on us all. All the vampires, including me, grew fangs. The werewolves began to grow extra hair, the Bishop brothers became half Bigfoots. All of us were gay as gay can be and filled with a wild joy.

Then as fast as it came on, it ended. The snowballs stopped flying, fangs snicked back in, the unicorns settled down and Madge reapplied her lipstick with a tube as large as I was.

"Woo Hoo!" Pam said, still riding on Jason's shoulders like he was a bucking horse. Then she came to her senses and got off my brother, straightening her dress and hair. Angellica didn't object because she was kissing on Lars.

Millie stopped stuffing handfuls of cake into Brett's mouth and wiped her hands on a napkin. She looked startled at what she had done. The rest of us weren't surprised. We had all been exposed to fairy dust before and knew it was the most powerful intoxicant in the world or out of it. No one counted what was done under the influence of fairy dust as objectionable.

Jure and Linda stood up from behind the buffet table. Fortunately the floor length cloth had hidden what they were up to. From their disheveled clothing  I could make a good guess what it was. Eric, the husband of my blood,  was pressed up against the back of me, really grinding against me but he stopped and cleared his throat.

The fairy dust melted without a trace, the water on the cement floor from the melting ice was mopped up, the ruined cake was whisked away and little Kyle Eric, who had slept through it all, was tenderly kissed by his parents and taken back to the quiet of the nursery. Once Eric unplastered himself from my back I recalled what I had wanted to ask my fairy Godmother.

"What does it mean?" I asked Claudine.

"You mean, 'Aouregan Brīwa' ?" she asked in an tongue twisting lyrical accent I could never reproduce.

"Yup, that."

"It means Golden Bridge. He will be a bridge between worlds, between the dimensions, between species and between epochs," she rhapsodized.

I noticed that Claude, who was bored with anything that didn't center around him, was already beginning to fade, literally. I could see the wallpaper design through his edges.

A golden bridge. That was a tall order for baby Kyle Eric.

"Thanks Claudine and Claude. Give our love and best regards to Great Grandfather, will you?" I said quickly before they disappeared completely.

"You can count on us," she said, also beginning to become transparent and then fading away all together. It was less abrupt then the way they usually "poofed" out of this dimension.It felt more polite, somehow.

Adele came up to me and said quietly, "The unicorns are becoming tired. They need to leave now while they have the strength to get back to their home."

The fairy dust must have taken a lot out of them. I hugged them then Jason hugged them, stroking their shining velvety smooth necks. They went outside with Adele. There was an electric crackling sound, a blinding flash of light in the darkness, then Adele came back in alone, rubbing her eyes.

The party began to break up almost immediately. The vampires wanted to feed. We all had the fairy dust equivalent of the munchies. I imagined each supernatural being wanted to fulfill some kind of need or desire, fairy dust had that effect on people.

Madge said that she had to get back to her children. The departure of the unicorns seemed to have had a sobering effect on her. After asking her several times if she was sure she was OK to travel I let her go. She carefully backed her head out of the doorway, no hiccups, no giggles. In a moment I saw her in the sky and heard her mighty wings flapping as she flew back to Scotland.

"Goodbye, thanks for coming," I called after her. 

All our friends and relatives said their good byes and went off into the night on foot or in vehicles.  We hugged our daughters and their significant others, shook hands with the relatives and nodded to the vampires.

After a brief phone call a helicopter hovered into sight and set down in the field outside the studio to fly Anna Hita back to New Orleans. Jure and Linda walked her out to the chopper, Jure getting down briefly on one knee to pay honor to the Scryer. I thought that was a nice gesture. He respected Anna Hita and did as she said. That was always my trump card with him.

Char and Darren bid farewell and thank you to their guests, then hand in hand they went back to the house to be with their child.

Finally it was just Eric and me, standing in the center of the huge art space, among the remains of the party. The caterers and cleaners would come tomorrow during the day to tidy it all up. They hadn't wanted to mingle with a roomful of vampires and we hadn't wanted them here to see all the variety of beings that attended. They didn't know that the vampires were just a fraction of the supernatural world.

We gathered up the presents and locked them in the safe room secreted behind a wall in the studio. Char had the combination, she would be able to retrieve them in the morning. Next we shut off the electronics including the hologram of the now- sleeping and definitely snoring Merry Dixon. She had dozed off in her little chair in her fairy tale cottage sometime during the festivities, the cute little thing.

As we turned off the last bank of spotlights Eric turned me to him and said, "This is like a dream for me. I have you, our daughters and now a grandson. Who could ask for more?"

"I could," I said, "I could ask for more. There will never be enough of these perfect moments with you."

We kissed, then went out for a McPoachers snack before heading home.


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131 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One

During the party I hardly laid eyes on my husband because Eric was busy as a bee.

He stayed by Darren's side, helping to conduct tours of the house and factory to our hugely extended family, a diverse group which might contain some prospective investors.

Because Darren could neither speak or hear, and because lip reading was difficult for Darren when he was in a group, Eric acted as an interface between Darren and those he wanted to show around. He also made sure that the many safeguards installed in the house and factory were not revealed.

As soon as Claudine informed me via the massive computer screen that the moment for the fairy naming ceremony was drawing close, I called Eric over.

"How's it going?" I asked him.

"I believe we have adequately shown the features of the house. The factory is another matter. Many investors are circling around the holograph technology. I will need to come back and conduct more tours that are not a family occasion," he said.

"Wow Eric, that's real nice of you to take such an interest," I said.

"Is he not our son now?" Eric asked, his head tilting to one side, a small smile touching his lips.

I was blown away. This ancient vampire who had seen and endured so much over the centuries still had room in his heart to take in as a son the were-alligator our daughter had married. Eric's kindness, generosity and loving nature were like a shining aura. He glowed like the silvery moon to my eyes.

I threw my arms around him in happiness and love. "You are an amazing man!"

He laughed, hugging me back.  "That is why I needed an amazing woman to share my life."

"Attention everyone," Pam's crisp voice came over the speaker system and echoed around the cavernous art studio. "The Naming ceremony will take place shortly." To a fairy, 'shortly' could mean a tenth of a second or a thousand years. Their time perspective was much different than the one on this plane of existence.

Since Char had yet to set her work space up the room was like a large empty warehouse, decorated with blue balloons, streamers, a gift table, several buffet tables with refreshments for our diverse guest list, a bandstand constructed by my brother for Jasper Fortenberry's band the "HuMans", tables and chairs.

The huge swinging doors at one end of the studio, doors large enough for flatbed trucks to bring mighty chunks of granite to sculpt, were open so Madge could at least get her head inside. Jason was amusing some of the guests by having Madge chill cases of beer with her icy breath.

"Dang Sookie!" Jason said, his face flushed with pleasure and beer, "That old gal can really chill!"

He patted Madge on her frosty nose and poured a beer into her mouth. It was just a thimbleful to her, but I wondered uneasily how many she had already had and what effect it would have on her. I didn't think a drunken dragon would be a good thing.

In her sexy voice Madge said, "I think I'll go out for a little fresh air." She gave a girly hiccup, blowing ice chunks all over us. She giggled and batted her long mascara heavy lashes. "Excuse me,  I'll just get some air."

She carefully backed her huge head out of the opening and slithered off into the night. I heard her hiccup and giggle again. I hoped she didn't try flying in her condition.

"You watch out now, this is a party for your grand nephew, not a rebel rousing get together for your pals," I warned him.

Jason immediately took offense, letting me know that he was also over the line. "Yup," he said, trying to focus on me, "I know it's a party for my grand nephew. How old does that make us?" He lurched a little closer to me and said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, that's right, YOU ain't getting any older. Just me. Soon I'll look old enough to be your grandpa. How'd you like that?"

"Jason, I know .." I began.

"You don't know nothin!" he said, getting more worked up. "You ..."

Suddenly Pam was at his side. "Jason dear," she said softly.

He turned to look at her and she immediately glamoured him. He always had been super easy to glamour. He stood stock still, a cold beer still held in his hand, frost dripping off it as it thawed.

"Thanks Pam," I said, taking the beer from him before he spilled it. 

Pam said to me, "The waiting is getting on his nerves."

"Waiting? What's he waiting for?" I asked, hoping I knew the answer.

"I have requested permission to Turn him, Angellica and Brett, when the time comes. Merry Dixon is helping me petition the King on the basis of compassion. A whole family should be considered one unit, otherwise the Turning of one member without the others might be seen as disruptive to human society."

"You're Turning Brett too?" I asked, feeling upset at the thought.

She said, "No, not right away. When he reaches his majority he can request me to Turn him but that is no guarantee I will agree. If I am granted permission to Turn Jason's family I will consult with you and Master before I give any thought to Brett's Turning. I am offering a great favor to them. Jason, though of your excellent fairy and Founder bloodline, is tainted with werepanther blood," she gave a delicate shudder. "Angellica, as you know, is part angel, her blood is sickeningly sweet. Both of them will have to be drained by other means before I infuse them with my noble blood."

I knew I shouldn't ask but I did anyway. "Other means?"

"Yes, perhaps like a deer. Jason suggested it himself," Pam said, her eyes glittering in a strange way.

Oh my poor poor brother! He was so desperate to Turn he was offering to be strung up and bled like a slaughtered animal. I looked at him, the gray in his blond hair, the wrinkles creeping in, the deer-in-the-headlights look being glamoured had given him. I knew Pam could accomplish this painlessly, still the thought was stomach churning.

Pam saw how I felt. "Do not worry so much, Sookie, I will take good care of him. I will attend every moment of his rebirth so there is no chance of anything going wrong."

Going wrong ... how many things could go wrong? I began to mentally list them.

Jason could be imperfectly Turned, making him a loathsome slaveling that lived on bugs like Renfield in the old Dracula movie. Jason's werepanther nature could collide with his Vampire nature, making him miserable. He would be, as Gran would have said "Neither fish nor fowl". That had happened with Jake Purifoy and it hadn't ended well for anyone.

On the plus side, Pam could get carried away by Jason's fairy blood and simply drain him, becoming too intoxicated to finish the job of Turning him. Draining Jason by bleeding him out would eliminate that possibility. It would also avoid the intimacy and sexual undertones of a Maker and Child. That might be best. Jason didn't want to ruin his marriage by having Pam become the central woman in his life.

"Pam, if you do drain him like you described, what's in it for you? You won't be getting any fairy blood," I pointed out.

"Oh yes, I will. Claudine has offered to send me a pint of her blood on completion of Jason's Turning. And Jason is, as you are, a direct descendant of the Founders. He would be my Child, a very prestigious Child and a feather in my cap. Now that you are Pythoness I would be Master to the brother of the High Court Judge. My standing would again be greatly enhanced."  The corners of her lips curled in a very catlike way. She would have gotten the cream.

"It doesn't sound like you really .... you don't sound very fond of my brother," I said, feeling uneasy. I didn't remind her I would only be Pythoness until Pythia was mature and ready to take over again.

"Oh I like Jason and Angellica well enough, just not enough to ingest them," she chuckled. "Besides, it is long a tradition to chose those that would make the best Vampires, not those that simply appeal to emotions or whim. Jason will make a fine Vampire when I am done with him. He will be a credit to his Maker. I will see to that."

There was steel in her tone. I was sure that Pam, the security for the club and the Vampire Eric most counted on to have his back before he Turned me, I was sure she would be up to the task of keeping a newly Turned Jason in line.

"How will you supply him with blood if you are not using his own blood to recycle?" I asked. I didn't know much about the Turning process but I did know you can't make something from nothing.

"Oh," she laughed and patted her hair, "I can get all the blood I need any time I need it. I will use only the best." It was true Pam had no shortage of donors. Her waiting list at the club ran to forty pages.

The fairies were getting ready to bestow upon Kyle Eric his special Fae name. I would run all that Pam had told me past Eric and see if there was a problem with her plan. He could always forbid her to Turn Jason if it was too dangerous.

We all went to the big wall screen to hear what Claudine and Clyde had chosen for Kyle's naming.

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