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19 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Nineteen

The four of us left the house, Eric and I using the Corvette and Adele and Lachlain in their rescue-slash-work van.

Adele offered to bring us in her van but Eric and I had the unspoken mutual knowledge that the smells in the van would probably make me sick. I looked forward to the time when my sensory filter had adjusted to my new enhanced abilities.

Pulling into the Fangtasia parking lot I could smell the hot blood of the humans inside, like standing outside a gourmet restaurant looking at the menu while the delicious cooking odors were pumped into the air to entice you in.

I hadn't brought any donor blood with me but I was sure I would find a volunteer inside the club I could take to the secret lounge where the "in" group of vampires brought their willing meals.

The lounge was in a basement adjacent to the basement in Fangtasia. The building that stood above the old basement was gone, the area paved over for parking. Underneath the lot the unknown basement served as a meeting place and hang out for Eric's vampire friends to conduct their business.

It wasn't legal for vampires to feed in night clubs so the hidden second basement was, strictly speaking, against the law. Of course they were feeding under the night club, not in it, a distinction I doubted the law would recognize.

Fortunately Eric had a good vampire friend on the police force plus a squeaky clean record as a night club owner. The undercover cops sent to keep a watch on things had dwindled down to a brief visit a few times a year, their resources better spent on more troublesome establishments.

Of course these undercover officers stood out like an ostrich at a turkey farm to vampire eyes so their presence was more of a formality than anything else.

"Let us go to the office first," Eric suggested to me as we entered the back employees entrance through a beat up gray metal fire door. We stepped into a plain and drab hallway with worn brown and tan checkerboard linoleum floors, dingy mint green paint and eye straining florescent bulbs.

This was in contrast to the gaudy vampire kitsch decor and eye popping light show in the club itself. The wall of sound and mental activity hit me and stopped me like a thick sheet of vibrating rubber until I composed myself and broke through, tuning out both the sounds and the hubbub of thoughts. All those years of practice were paying off. I knew how to tone it down to a murmur.

"You are learning," Eric said with approval, watching the process.

He could feel the tension leave my body through our bond. I could feel his admiration for my abilities.

We went in the office. The smell of blood was just about overwhelming though there was not a speck of the stuff to be seen with the naked eye. So many people had been fed on in the room over the years that the smell had soaked into the walls, couch, furniture. I felt my mouth begin to water.

Eric looked at me with narrowed smiling eyes. "You are hungry again?" he asked in a kindly way.

I nodded, not speaking because my fangs were already down and ready. I hated saying "yesth."

"Stay here, I will be right back," he said.

I noticed he locked the office door behind him after he left. To insure my privacy? Or to prevent me from going on a killing spree?

Before I had time to ponder this he was back with a fine looking human, a twenty something round faced man with a long brown ponytail and a striped button down shirt. He looked to be the picture of health and was already lightly glamoured.

"Will this do?" Eric asked, presenting the man to me with a flourish of his hand. "His name is Edward."

I sniffed Edward's neck, he smelled really delicious. We sat him down on the worn leather sofa. I unbuttoned his collar, tipped his head back, put him even deeper into a relaxing trance and fed. There was nothing like the real thing, fresh blood from a vein.

I was very careful not to get any blood on his nice striped shirt when I finished. I gave him the post glamour suggestion that he just had a great time with a pretty vampire woman.

After healing him and bringing him out of his trance I gave him some free drink vouchers, then Eric escorted him back to the main club area.

He came back with Leslie Fujikawa, his long time friend on the Shreveport police force. She looked at the new me a long moment before nodding her vampire greeting. I nodded back to my sister vampire. We had always liked each other.

Since she had been promoted to detective she no longer wore a uniform. She looked petite and elegant in a stylish navy blue pant suit and crisp white blouse. In her hand was a manilla folder.

"Leslie has some paperwork for me to fill out. While I was gone our warehouse was burgled and I need to tally the remaining contents to determine how much was taken," Eric explained.

The side of his mouth slid up wryly and he shrugged. Leslie looked down as if she was slightly embarrassed.

Eric was, in essence, apologizing for the fact that the most lethal predator on the planet was reduced to filling out forms in triplicate to get justice.

Gone were the days of simply hunting down the miscreants and draining them, then hiding their bodies in some secret place or creating an "accident" to explain their demise. The policy of mainstreaming had changed vampire culture, not vampire nature.

I excused myself to go out into the club to visit with Adele and Lachlain. I tuned out the noise, scents, thoughts and sights of the club as I pushed my way through the swinging door that separated the utilitarian part of the club from the fun part.

The song with the lyrics "Don't You Want Me Baby?" was pounding away. This must be New Wave night, something new to attract the second tide of New Wavers. Or would that be New Wavees?

As I walked through the club various men and a few women offered me their necks while singing "don't you want me baby?" to me. I could smell the sexual interest coming off some of the men in a tempting mix with their blood and hormones. I probably would want them if I hadn't just enjoyed Edward. I wouldn't want all of them, just their blood.

Adele and Lachlain were talking with Pam near the entrance to the club. She must be acting as bouncer again, if a frail icy blond in a pink taffeta dress with a chiffon skirt could be described as a bouncer. Pam was as pretty as a picture, as quick and lethal as a guillotine.

Adele said loudly, "Here's Mom now!" to Pam. They must have been talking about me but I wasn't worried. I knew Adele as well as I knew myself, she would never complain about me to Pam or reveal any of my secrets.

Pam looked me up and down and smiled a slow smile. "How is it?" she asked.

"Better than I could have possibly imagined," I replied. "I wonder now what all my trepidation was about."

Trepidation was my word of the night and I had been hoping I could work it into a sentence.

Pam turned to Adele and Lachlain. "Would you please excuse us for a moment? I owe your mother an apology."

They both said no problem and headed for the bar where Mike Malone would see that they drank free. He gave me a happy wave and a thumb's up sign showing his approval that I had joining the ranks of the undead.

Pam escorted me down to the private lounge in the second hidden basement so we could talk in private. I noticed for the first time that along with the dehumidifiers that ran around the clock down there were also several large powerful air cleaners with HEPA filters. The lounge did not smell like a charnel house, though who-knew how many gallons of blood had been consumed in here over the years.

Pam and I sat down across from each other. She leaned forward slightly, continuing to look at me. I could tell she was thinking of how to tell me what she had to say, not by using my telepathy, which was still almost a blank around other vampires, but from her slight frown of assessment.

"I must tell you how sorry I am for the disrespectful way I spoke to you," she began.

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18 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Eighteen

The following night we came back into the newly deodorized and renovated house. The hum of a powerful hepa filter air cleaner sounded through our heat and cooling vents. Sheila had taken all the perishable food from the old fridge and stocked the new fridge with True Blood and donor blood.

I tanked up on warmed donor blood after rising, then dressed in a deep purple floor length velvet dress for a visit to Fangtasia. The neckline was cut so low my black lace bustier showed as it pushed up my bosom like two ripe albino melons. Eric's instant fangliness let me know I had chosen the right dress.

I had been to Fangtasia many times over the years as a human. This would be my first visit as a vampire. I hoped I had the coping skills to deal with the sensory stimulation.

Eric wore a black Edwardian brocade jacket over a ruffled black silk shirt. He was trying out some new outfits for our trip to Europe. I wondered if he realized frock coats had been out of style for more than a hundred years. He wore tight black jeans and his beloved black Adidas with the vintage jacket, making the whole look retro and funky. His wild blond hair was pulled back with a dark purple velvet ribbon. He could have been the front man for some impressive rock band.

While I was human I had imagined it would seem strange coming home as a vampire. It was not strange at all. The human past of me that had lived here still enjoyed the furnishings, the memories, and the comfort of objects made dear by use. Eric had the fridge, microwave, stove and vent replaced during the daylight cleaning because he knew the lingering smells would be offensive to my new senses.

In time I would probably clean and replace everything or else I would learn not to sample the air very often. I could live with things the way they were.

The front door opened and Adele came in with Lachlain close behind her. Eric and I walked at human speed to greet them. I was actually afraid I might gag up my dinner if I sampled the air around Lachlain. If a dog was bad, how much worse would a werewolf be?

I greeted her with a big hug while making sure I did not let any air in my nose. They were both dressed up for a visit to Fangtasia to be supportive of my first night out as Vampire.

"My gosh Mom! You look great! How do you feel?" she asked.

She already knew the answer. I felt fine. Vampires didn't have variable health unless something catastrophic happened to them.

Carefully drawing in the minimum of breath through my mouth I told her I felt great and that she too looked lovely. Her dress was in a shade of purple only slightly lighter than mine.

"I see you got the memo," she laughed, indicating our unintentionally matching outfits. I wondered if she had psychically picked up what colors I would be wearing.

Eric and Lachlain nodded at each other then Eric hugged Adele, lifting her in the air and complementing her on her upswept hairstyle.

As I hugged Lachlain he laughed and said, "You're even more beautiful as a vampire than you were as a human!"

I realized then that as a vampire I could switch to nodding at him, not hugging him, reducing the amount his stink ... scent he would get on me.

Curiosity got the better of me and I took a tiny tiny sip of air. To my shock he smelled very nice, a pleasing combination of outdoorsy odors.

"Lachlain, you smell wonderful!" I said, sounding as astonished as I felt.

He didn't smell edible like a human, he smelled like the forest, like leaves, like moonlight on white beach rocks.

"That's Adele's doing. She concocted some kind of shampoo and body wash she said would make me smell better to vampires. I guess it works," he said with a modest shrug.

"How does it smell to you?" I asked Eric. He sniffed the air near Lachlain and nodded approvingly. He gave Adele a thumb's up.

"My woods at home," Eric said, smiling nostalgically.

By "home" I think he was referring to Scandinavia, not Shreveport.

"Lachlain's mother said it smells like the Scottish highlands in spring," Adele boasted. "I tried about ten formulas before I got it exactly right." She put her arm around Lachlain's tapered waist and smiled up at her long term boyfriend.

"She's going to patent it and sell it online. Not only does it make us acceptable to vampires, it enables us to go anywhere and not leave a personal scent trail," he said.

I saw there might be a tremendous advantage to that for werewolves. The Shreveport packs didn't have a lot of trouble with each other, in fact they often got together for picnics and rallys. That wasn't true in other parts of the country where the fighting between rival packs could turn deadly.

I was sorry that Linda wasn't going to be at Fangtasia tonight, she was off gallivanting through Europe with Jure. Since I was planning on going to Europe in a few days with Eric I hoped we might meet up somewhere.

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17 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seventeen

My ability to control myself when feeding was dependent on the amount of donor blood I had before I left the safe haven of our apartment. We fine tuned my feedings over the next few weeks making sure I got the amount right before venturing forth to find live prey.

I continued my glamour experiments but didn't find the limits of my ability to glamour groups of people. We made a quick trip to Shreveport where I glamoured everyone in Independence Stadium on a relatively busy night. The place held as many as 50,000 people but that night there were only about half that.

I got them to get them to sing the second line in the National Anthem twice. Most people went along with it though many looked baffled. Was that because they weren't glamoured and felt compelled to do something they didn't understand or were they baffled because they weren't glamoured but went along with the ones who were while wondering at the strange turn the song had taken?

Without reading individual minds it would be hard to tell why they appeared confused. There were just too many brains all working at once to let my telepathic guard down. I figured my experiment wouldn't result in any harm to anyone, that was my main concern. I could work on understanding the extent of my influence when I had more time.

Eric was more excited about my special powers than I was. I was still in love with the night, the immensity, the glow, the lure. The silver moonlight trickling down the bark of the trees and pooling on the ground, my ability to focus, entering deeper and deeper into the radiant heart of each molecule, these things distracted me away from the more practical matters I would need to face as a newly Turned vampire.

Eric's blood, while no longer sending me over the moon on a high, still made me giddy and a little tipsy. I could have as much as I wanted and not get wasted.

The whole experience was wonderful, our closeness absolute. I could be by his side and keep up with him in the bedroom and out of it. In some ways I excelled his abilities like my ability to glamour whole groups of people.

Losing consciousness at dawn and waking the next night was exactly like blinking slowly. My eyes shut briefly and then it was another night. If my stomach didn't churn with hunger upon awakening I wouldn't know a whole day had passed. It felt to me as if I never slept. I was continuously energetic and wide awake.

Eric was always up before me by at least an hour. That would get better in time. Maybe a lot of time. The more ancient a vampire was the earlier they rose. Eric didn't need to wait for full dark to rise, though he usually did wait before he left the safety of our apartment.

Like most vampires he didn't miss the sun, he didn't want to see the rosy glow of sunset. He feared and disliked the sun, an instrument of agonizing death for him and all vampires.

I never gave the sun a thought for those first weeks. When I finally did think about it I could feel the presence of it like a roaring ball, a huge blast furnace just on the other side of something. I felt the cool night protecting me from the melting searing heat and I was glad for it. I wrapped the night around me like a cloak and danced with happiness.

Finally I was ready to return to my home and my past life. Some things were going to be different. I was going to sleep in the safe room with Eric during the day. He had moved a larger bed into the safe room so we could be together all the time, day and night.

I say "sleep" but it was nothing like human sleep. It was a seeming half second of complete and utter nothing, then wide awake and ready to enjoy life. No time seemed to pass, it was a seamless transition, an endless night.

I thought about the lonely days without Eric in the past, how time seemed to drag sometimes waiting for him to rise. His experience was completely different, a split second and then there I was again waiting for him with open arms. As long as we could stay safe I preferred things the way they were now.

Eric had planned to whisk me away to Europe before I returned home to finish my education in restraint and vampire skills but I had learned so fast and done so well he decided I could return home for a few days before the next semester in vampire school.

When I arrived home the elderly Sheila didn't seem to notice anything different about me but her niece Penelope and her dog King were both frightened of me. Penelope had to lock King in the guest bedroom to keep him away from me. The attack potential of the dog was not uppermost in my mind, however. It was the smell!

I took a small sip of air and just about threw up. It was like having a wet filthy dog stuffed into each nostril. I blew out all the air I could but still the stench lingered in my sinuses making my eyes water pink tears.

"That's worse than a skunk's armpit!" I told Eric when I could finally speak. We had to go outside to the porch so I could draw a breath and talk.

He laughed, his white teeth reflecting the moonlight. "That is why we do not like dogs or wolves, the smell is so offensive," he told me.

"How did you stand it all those years with Roscoe and Gordon?" I asked, feeling guilty I had tortured him with their foul odors.

"As with other sensory input, you will adjust, though I must admit the learning curve is a little steep in the dog smell department."

He wasn't kidding. It was weeks before I was able to behave normally in the presence of an animal or the smell of meat.

That night Sheila opened all the windows in the house. After that, she, her niece, and their vile smelling dog left. Eric and I stayed in the garage and used the safe room in the garage basement. The next day a cleaning crew catering to the needs of vampires would come and thoroughly clean and destinkify the house.

I looked at my old reconstructed Bon Temps bedroom and experienced it in a whole new way. I could smell Gran and Tina my cat, Tara and Bill. I could smell Quinn and everyone and everything that had gone on there over the years. I even knew that the plumber that had installed the bathroom decades ago had been sick with a liver disease.

I had stopped asking Eric how he stood the stink. He always said the same thing, I would get used to it and adjust. I thought about all the good I could do in helping to diagnose illnesses with my super powers but as with telepathy, helping mankind would take over all my life,the line for help would be eternal and endless, the stories heart wrenching and haunting.

My life would become a nightmare of listening to other people's misery and need. It would crush me under the weight of it and rob me of any kind of life with my family.

It pained me to realize I was not willing to give up my life to do good works. Painful or not, that was the truth of it, the truth of me. Know thyself was good advice even when it meant facing my limitations.

Eric had another plan for us to rid the world of some evils, one I was ready, willing and able to do.

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16 - Sookie Stachouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixteen

"Cheese and possum Stevie boy!" Slip the drink-buying old timer exclaimed.

"Boy can't hold his liquor," the guy in the plaid shirt agreed.

Steve groaned and stood up with help from Joey. "That ain't never happened before," he moaned. "I got to get me to a doctor, I think my shoulder's broke."

"More like dis-lo-ca-ted," the first old timer Slip said carefully to avoid slurring his words.

Maybelle turned to the toothless man sitting next to her and snapped, "Elroy you can be a real pain in the neck sometimes."

He looked startled at this weird turn in the conversation. She still had anger hormones running through her bloodstream so she was picking a fight with her table mate. Elroy saw this as one more bit of proof the old bag was crazy. He shrugged it off his skinny shoulders 'cause Maybelle was buying tonight.

I snickered silently at her reference to her pain in the neck. I wondered if somewhere deep in her subconscious she knew she had been bitten?

"Sookie, try something. Will them all to sing along with the song," Eric suggested in my ear, sending a ripple of shivery pleasure as his sweet breath tickled my neck.

I sent a thought wave to the people inside the bar, a mental picture of them all singing along with Bing.

Steve said to Joey, "Hey, could you drive me to the hospital?" He sounded whiny.

"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ...... with every Christmas card I write ...." Joey sang, not answering Steve.

"May your days be merry and bright ....." they all sang together with boozy gusto, "And may all your Christmases be white."

It sounded nice to hear them all singing, though most were off key. The song "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony" flashed through my mind. Would that be possible with my new powers?

Of course it was the end of January, a little late to be singing Christmas songs.

"Hey, my shoulder?" Steve reminded Joey when the song ended. Joey shrugged.

Eric and I left.

Before we left the darkness outside the hotel Eric hugged me and held me tight. I could feel happiness radiating from him like warmth.

I looked up at him. "What?" I asked smiling. I knew he was thinking about something.

"You did not lose control. You are able to glamour a whole room of humans at once. You can use mind control to change the behavior of those you glamoured. Your telepathic human powers have increased tenfold until they are truly magical," he said, looking steadily in my eyes. "Having you by my side is going to be more fun than I had envisioned. There is not another vampire in the world like you. You are a sorceress, a vampire enchantress."

The vivid, impossibly bright stars dotted the incandescent indigo firmament above him and framed his golden hair. He looked like a painting on the ceiling of a famous cathedral. His true blue eyes glowed into mine with a Maker's love and pride, a husband's tenderness, a lover's desire. His big fangs slid out. Mine popped out too at the sight of them.

Didn't want to waste that.

We hurried back to our rooms so fast it was like teleportation.

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15 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Fifteen

Since my fangs were still out it sounded more like "Thtop!" They got the message anyway.

My voice sounded funny, deeper and slower, like a record played at the wrong speed. Everyone froze right where they were. A few had glasses raised, lips pursed. No one moved a muscle. They were like a living picture.

I had glamoured the whole room! I looked at my reflection in the hazy mirror behind the bar and saw my eyes glowing azure blue. A blue light framed me and ice blue sparks shot from my finger tips like they were living sparklers. I kept my hands down, not knowing what it would do to a person if I aimed it at them.

I listened. They were all breathing, their hearts beating slowly and steadily. They were fine but how long could I keep them like this?

Not after sunrise, that was for sure. How long off was that? Did I conk out right as the sun rose or before it? I looked for a clock on the wall but there wasn't one, just a fake clock that scrolled "Time for another Lone Star?" across the face. The bar would make more money if everyone could just forget about the time and order another round.

"Now what are you going to do?" a familiar voice said behind me.

I looked in the mirror and saw Eric standing there in his beat up leather jacket. It reassured me that he didn't look either particularly concerned or angry. In fact, he looked interested and slightly amused.

"No idea," I answered. I went up to him and hugged him, squeezing him until his leather creaked. "How did you find me?"

"Our bond works both ways," he said. "You saw me hiding the clicker, I saw you finding the clicker and coming over to this dive. I got here as fast as I could. I had a prisoner to get checked in and squared away first."

"Weren't you worried about me?" I asked him, stepping back so I could see his face.

"No, I know you. You are smart and resourceful. You were also full as a new wineskin. Why did you not wait for me? I would have taken you out."

Then he held up his hand. "No, you do not need to answer that. The whole world is a marvel, is it not? I remember my first nights too."

"Can you eat?" he asked me, indicating with a sweeping gesture all the patrons in the bar like a host offering a lavish buffet.

"Well, I might have a bite," I allowed, grinning at my own humor. I walked up and down the bar and chose Steve's friend Joey with the thick neck.

"Don't let me kill him," I said to Eric before I pounced.

Eric sat down on a bar stool and watched me. I was in a red haze frenzy to start but as soon as it faded I was in complete control. I finished, leaving Joey with plenty of blood in his veins. I daintily dabbed at the corners of my mouth with the small bar napkin Eric handed me.

I was pleased I hadn't gotten a single drop on my silk blouse. I had brought a box of Night Tide With Energetic Enzymes! but it was a waste of my time to have to hand wash a blouse I had worn for only a few hours. I could get another wearing out of this top.

"Good control, Sookie," he praised me. "Maybe I won't have to fight you every night as I feared. My turn," he said, striding down the length of the bar to the loud-mouthed woman. She was frozen in place with her mouth open. No surprise there.

"Wait," I stopped him. He turned and looked at me, waiting. "She's so ... unpleasant," I said, realizing it sounded silly even as I said it. Joey was a goon but he had been a fine meal.

"Unpleasant on the outside, delicious on the inside," Eric said cheerfully and instantly had her in his fangs. He fed fast taking only a few seconds since he really didn't need much blood. Maybe he just bit her to taste her.

Eric liked to bite women, that was the simple truth of it. Now that I knew how it was from my first hand experience as a vampire, that fact didn't bother me anymore.

It was like going to Big Betty's Bakery back in Bon Temps. She always had samples of her recently baked items lined up on her glass counter to try. Going to her shop with Gran was a treat. Just a tiny nibble here and a small corner of something there to try all the wonderful flavors.

As I fed I had noticed that Joey's blood contained a hint of basil, fried rice and pork chop, very tasty. His pugnacious personality didn't enter into the mix at all. Apparently stupid has no flavor.

When Eric was done we healed the bites on Maybelle and Joey. Steve was going to need to get medical attention for his shoulder on his own dime. It was his fault for grabbing me.

While they were still immobilized with glamour I told everyone that Steve fell off his bar stool and hurt his shoulder, that nothing unusual at all had happened aside from that. I used my glamour power enhanced by telepathy to implant the sight of Steve lurching off his bar stool in each mind.

Eric put a quarter in the jukebox and started Bing Crosby's "White Christmas". Eric just loved that song.

Backing out of the bar, I unglamoured everyone as we left in a flash, hand in hand. We waited near the side window, listening and peeking in, to see what would happen next.

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14 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Fourteen

Johnny Cash stopped singing and the bar went quiet. The jukebox had run out of quarters.

The old timer looked at me through a beery haze. He focused his faded hazel eyes and blinked.

Then he said, "I din't think your kind drank beer."

It wasn't judgmental or anything like that, just a casual observation.

Since my back was to the blond she called loudly, "Hey Slip, you din't think a WHORE like her drank beer?"

By "my kind" she didn't know Slip meant a vampire.

She laughed loudly, ending in a phlegmy coughing fit. She hadn't seen the fangs but Albert had. He dropped the glass he was drying and it bounced on the rubber mat that lined the area behind the bar. Sam had used a mat like that too, it cut down on broken glassware if one was fumbled.

"Hey now, hey now," Albert said mildly, holding up his hands, drying rag dangling from his left hand, "We don't want no trouble."

"If you don't want no trouble then why don't you throw that WHORE out on her for-sale tail?" the woman suggested loudly and laughed at her remark.

A few other chuckles joined her. She wanted to be the only woman and certainly the only blond in the bar. She saw me as a threat, encroaching on her territory.

"Shut up, Maybelle," the old timer next to the old timer that had bought me the beer yelled at her, "You don't know what you're talkin' about, as usual."

He too was unperturbed by the sight of a vampire. He had seen plenty in his years, he was thinking, a pretty vampire gal was the least of it.

A few of the younger men laughed. They were at the other end of the bar behind me and couldn't see my face.

I was thinking, "Go in! Snick back in!" to the dang fangs but they wouldn't budge.

"I better go," I said quietly to the old timer. "Thank you for your kindness."

With the fangs it sounded like "Ah etter ga. Hank ya or or hindneth."

I took a step back and felt a large hot calloused hand roughly grab my arm. I really hate it when a man grabs my arm. It's disrespectful bullying and it forces me to hear their disgusting thoughts loud and clear. I turned and saw one of the young guys, a big strong raven haired man in a green work uniform that said "Steve" on an oval patch over the pocket.

"She's a vamper!" he exclaimed, not having enough sense to immediately let go of my arm.

He turned back to his friends at the other end of the bar and grinned. "We done caught us a vamper gal!"

He smiled like a hunter that just brought down a ten prong buck. His grip tightened on my arm until it was painful.

"You ain't caught nothin' you idjit," the old timer said, "She could tear your arms off if'n she wanted."

Steve was thinking some mighty nasty thoughts about me.

"Yeah, you better let loose of her," another senior citizen in a crisp ironed plaid shirt chimed in. He gave a loud burp and muttered, "S'cuse me." into his beer glass before taking another sip.

"Come here for a little fun?" Steve grinned at me, then glanced back at his pals, playing to his audience.

"I never had me a vamper," he added, as if that would make his offer more attractive to me.

I found it interesting to be threatened in this way. This was the kind of brutish intimidation I had experienced many times before as a vulnerable human woman, but with the new power of a vampire there was no fear in me.

Or I should say, I was not afraid of Stevie boy. I was slightly fearful I might fly off the handle and rip his stupid grinning face off with my razor sharp teeth. So far I was in complete control.

"How about a little kiss?" he asked, leaning in towards me, reeking of sour whiskey breath.

He was obviously still showing off for his buddies. They cheered and made "woo" sounds.

Without thinking I flashed away from him as his wet lips came towards me. Unfortunately Steve didn't let go of his death grip on my arm so he was instantly dragged half the length of the bar floor. He fell at my feet, dazed. I was pretty sure his shoulder was dislocated from being jerked so suddenly. He should have let go I thought angrily. He groaned when he tried to use his arms to raise up.

One of the other young guys stood up. He wore a similar green uniform, his oval name label said, "Joey". He was bigger than Steve, a real brute with a unibrow and three day growth of stubble. He was the kind of man Sam used to call "mad at the world", looking for an excuse to start a fight.

"Hey, that vampire woman is attacking Steve!" he exclaimed, starting towards me, ham sized fists clenched. He might have big fists but I was Vampire and he was only a puny breather. I mean, human.

"She's gonna drag him out into the parking lot and drain him. Stop her!" the blond yelled dramatically.

Or maybe that last bit was "Stomp her!" Her speech was slurred so it was hard to tell. Her red rimmed eyes glittered. She wanted Joey to beat the stuffing out of me.

Fat chance, lady, I thought.

"Probably steal his wallet too," she added.

Steal his wallet? It takes one to know one just like my little nephew Brett would have said.

"We don't want no trouble in here, Miss," Albert repeated. He was slowly reaching for the cell phone under the bar to call the cops.

"Grab her! Don't let her leave. She hurt Steve!" another young guy said. "She's gonna need to pay his medical."

He was thinking that everyone knew vampires were all rich bastards from the money they stole from their victims.

Albert was just about to hit the second 1 in 911 when I mentally commanded the room.

"Stop!" I said and thought.

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13 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Thirteen

I slowly punched in the numbers, asking myself if this was a good idea.

I answered myself.


I had forced down that third bag of donor blood just to be extra sure I wasn't tempted by all the warm bloods out there.

Warm bloods?

Where did that come from?

I had never referred to humans as Warm Bloods before. Of course I hadn't realized how hot and wonderful human blood was. Still, I frowned at the thought. Was I developing Vampire Brains?

I would need to stay vigilant and not dehumanize people. No nicknames for them like Blood Bags, Warm Bloods, Breathers, Sun Bunnies, Pulse Ponies. I would think of them as people and treat them accordingly.

I brushed my teeth and got ready to leave. I had wanted to look as cute and non-threatening as possible. When I exited our apartment I was wearing a ruffled rose pink silk blouse, designer navy blue slacks and low dark blue heels. A navy blue jacket topped it off. Dressy, but not overly so.

I didn't need any light in the tunnel. The natural greenish yellowish light given off by the fizzing atoms that comprised everything was enough. When I got to the cement door at the end of the tunnel I realized that Eric had used a clicker thingy to open it, a clicker thingy I didn't have. I could probably force the door open using my new vampire strength but that would compromise our safety. Eric wouldn't have time to repair the heavy concrete door tonight. Defeated I went back to our apartment, punched in the numbers on the keypad and let myself back in.

Eric had multiple clickers for other things like the garage. He never had just one in case it went missing, a habit left over from the days when our three rambunctious daughters could be counted on to move everything and anything and not return it.

Maybe he had a spare clicker squirreled away here somewhere. I began to search over, under and in everything in the rooms. If I was Eric where would I hide the clicker?

I concentrated with all my might and saw my hand, no, not my hand, Eric's hand, placing the clicker in a sock and rolling it up. I saw him place the sock/clicker ball in his suitcase with several other pairs. Bingo!

This must be one of the features of our blood bond, my ability to access his memories. Sure enough I found the clicker in with his socks.

Clicker in hand I again went out into the tunnel and to the cement wall which opened smoothly and silently for me. I stepped into the garage and remembered not to inhale so I didn't barf up all the blood I had just eaten.

Quick as a flash I was out of the parking garage and into the perfectly wonderful glorious night air. My new senses automatically dialed back the otherwise chaotic and deafening sounds of the insects, traffic and hotel room conversations. I could hear each of them clearly if I wanted to, I preferred to keep them in the background. I went beyond the area of the light poles to the farthest edges of the lot where the employees parked in near darkness and lack of safety. No one was being attacked tonight.

The panorama of stars lit the sky like a billion brilliant shimmering candles. The blue loveliness of infinity glowed above me like a heavenly dome. Every molecule gave off its own particular magical kind of illumination. A sweet faint sound of mystical music seemed to come from everywhere.

There was no darkness anywhere, no silence, no coldness, no stillness, no death. I was truly one of the Undead. I spun around, my arms open, embracing all the beauty and joy the night brought to my quiet heart.

Thank you, Eric, I thought gratefully. Thank you for the gift of being able to see and experience all this.

I had smoothed on some moisturizer that gave me the appearance of a light tan. I looked a little orangey, not too bad if I stayed out of bright light. I retraced my steps and walked around the parking lot.

Taking little sips of air I could tell a lot about the owners of the different cars. The Ford truck owner had two rottweilers that rode in the cab with him, the Chrysler sedan owner wore Channel Number 5 perfume, took antacids and had some kind of a fungus infection. She liked pepperoni on her pizza.

Being vampire was kind of like being telepathic. I had the ability to know all kinds of minutia about people, yet why should I bother my head with it? Unless it affected my ability to protect myself or my loved ones it wasn't important to know who smoked pot, who washed their clothes in Woolite or who took cough syrup recreationally. My years as a telepath had satisfied my curiosity about people. There was a remarkable sameness in their seeming diversity.

I stopped checking out the cars and dashed into the mowed grassy area way behind the lot just to get away from the human smells. I wondered how Mr. Van was doing. The thought crossed my mind to go check up on him. I knew his home address.

No, I didn't want to stray that far from the hotel.

A sputtering neon light down the road caught my eye. I flashed over to it, a small dingy bar about half a mile from the hotel. The buzzing crackling bug-specked sign read "THE B R". Obviously there was a short somewhere in the wiring, a fire hazard I would think. The whole place looked like a fire trap, held together by force of habit.

The Bar, I supposed it had said. Not a very creative name. Since it was only an hour before closing the rutted gravel lot was mostly empty. I decided to go inside and see if I could pass for human. I did an inner check to see if I felt hungry. Not a bit. Maybe I should say 'not a bite'. I smiled to myself at my little joke then went in the bar.

Country music blasted my sensitive ears then my hearing adjusted and the music became background noise. Tammy Wynette's "Stand by Your Man" played from an old fashioned bubble trimmed jukebox that played real 45 rpm records. That was a blast from the past.

The usual expected line of baggy old men in baggy old clothes sat near the door and a few young men in similar work uniforms lined the wooden bar towards the back. It didn't look like this bar had been renovated since the early 1960's. Neither had most of the patrons.

At a small table way in back a big blowsy blond sat with a thin man missing all his teeth. He wore a leather vest without a shirt under it - a good look for Eric, a bad look for this guy with his sunken chest decorated with a few straggly grey hairs and a tattoo too old and faded to make out its design.

His lady friend glanced at me then went back to her conversation, something about the water table and her trailer. I took a sip of air. The smells - beer, body odor, blood, whiskey - just about knocked me over. Wouldn't do that again.

I tuned in telepathically and got mostly things like "Whoa! Holy Cow! Son of a Blankety Blank! Look at the hot blond. She must be lost."

Several of the older patrons were three sheets to the wind, their thoughts were practically unreadable. Bars were the same everywhere I guess.

The bartender, a small skinny sober man with protruding eyes and a pronounced Adam's apple looked at me and thought, "Uh oh, she looks like trouble."

No one, as far as I could tell, thought, "Look, there's a vampire!"

Good. I liked the idea of being able to pass as human.

"Can I do you for something?" the bartender asked me amiably, wiping down a clean spot on the bar. He had a high thready voice, hard to hear over the music. Of course with my vampire senses I heard him perfectly.

Tammy ended her song and Johnny Cash came on with "Ring of Fire". They must have stocked the jukebox with oldies but goodies back in the day.

"Yes please, I'll take a Lone Star," I asked demurely. I saw another patron drinking it.

"Glass or bottle?" he asked, holding the bottle with the opener hovering over the cap.

"For Chrysler's sake, Albert," a grizzled old timer growled, "She look like she'd drink from a bottle to you? Get her a glass."

"A glass would be fine," I agreed. It would be easier to pretend to sip from a glass.

"That'll be a buck fifty," Albert said, setting the glass on a coaster and the icy bottle next to it.

That was when I realized I didn't have a penny on me. I couldn't pay for the beer or leave a tip. Yikes. I would have blushed if I was still human.

"Gosh, I just realized, I came out without any money," I said to Albert. "Sorry about that."

The grizzled old timer said chivalrously, "Put it on my tab, Albert."

He patted the empty stool next to him. The pleather was repaired with a crisscross of smeared dirty duct tape. I was concerned it would mess up my good slacks yet I didn't want to insult the generous old timer by refusing his offer. I stood there undecided.

"Oh here we go," the boozy blonde said loudly to her toothless companion. "She must be trying to drum up a little business." She nodded knowingly.

The woman thought I was a hustler! The nerve of her! I felt a wave of irritation pass over me. I turned and glared at her. She pointedly ignored me.

I turned back to smile at the old timer and thank him when the woman jeered at me under her breath. "Whore."

Rage momentarily clouded my vision. My fangs snicked down all on their own.

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12 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Twelve

On my fifth night as vampire a distressed Eric told me he had to leave me alone for a few hours while he attended to some sheriff business back in Shreveport.

This was unwelcome information he had gotten via his computer in the hour he was awake before I rose.

I couldn't wait for the night we rose together, though that might take hundreds of years. Eric was an "early riser" due to his great age. The news put Eric in a very bad mood. I felt it distinctly through our blood.

Lawton, his senior deputy, was away on loan to the King. Eric believed he was sent to a war torn region of Mongolia, too far away to call back on short notice.

Naturally the King hadn't asked Eric's permission or even considered that his request might inconvenience his Sheriff. Eric hadn't objected because he believed he had left the jail adequately covered during his absence. Things were usually pretty slow this time of year.

Eric had assigned his twin vampire junior deputies, Dwight and Ernie, to run things while he was Turning me but they had written tonight to tell Eric they were called out of town because of a family tragedy and could not wait around to perform their duties.

Their elderly human sister had been killed by a drunk driver while she was driving home from her job as a pediatric nurse. The drunk driver was unhurt. I was pretty sure the deputy brothers would fix that if they could get their hands on him.

Both brothers had to leave suddenly to be with their surviving family and perhaps get revenge. In the meantime a dangerous perpetrator from Dallas needed to be transferred for holding to the Shreveport jail and there was no one competent left to handle the transfer. Eric would need to be there himself, much to his dismay. He hated leaving me but could not think of an alternative plan.

"I should have known better than to assign brothers to cover for me," Eric grumbled in twenty-twenty hindsight, getting into his beat up leather jacket. This signaled to me that he might be expecting trouble. Not only could a prisoner be dangerous, but often the prisoner had friends that would stop at nothing to set their compadre free.

"Do you want me to come too?" I asked eagerly. "I can help now that I'm so strong."

"Uh, no. I do not think that would be a good idea. You wait here and I will be back soon, then we will go out together so that you might practice hunting."

He added, "Would you like Pam or someone to come and stay with you while I am gone?"

I was pleased he was being less controlling of my behavior. In the past he might have just had a "babysitter" show up for me without my consent. Perhaps the last little tiff between Pam and me had warned Eric off getting her as a caretaker. He wouldn't want to come back here and discover Pam and I had taken our spat to the next level.

I didn't know who his "or someone" would be. He wouldn't want to disclose our location to just anyone. The more people knew, the bigger the chance that something could go wrong. Eric always said that two could keep a secret if one of them was dead. By dead he meant really forever dead.

His expectant face looked hopeful I would go along with having a caretaker but I declined his offer. I would welcome a little time to myself to think through the last four nights.

Eric fed me two warmed bags of donor blood to tide me over until his return then reluctantly he left me to myself, carefully locking the door behind him and testing it to make sure I was sealed in. As soon as the door closed and I was alone I took off all my clothes and looked at myself in the small dresser mirror.

I seemed to have slimmed down a little more but kept my muscles and curvy figure. I was in the best shape of my life, be it a human life or a vampire life.

Next I spent some time trying to snick my fangs in and out on command, putting on different expressions using my new fangs. The only way I could get my fangs out was to think of Eric's thigh, the vein there, and the golden nest nearby. As soon as I lost concentration my fangs instantly retracted.

My mouth seemed to have gotten slightly larger enabling me to bare my fangs in a most menacing way. The greatest intimidation factor I had was what most humans knew vampires were capable of. Like a rattlesnake's rattle, the fear factor would be my greatest defense.

I tried on some of my new outfits and put on extra make up, lining my eyes dramatically. I tried dotting on a fake beauty mark but rubbed it off with my thumb. Then I warmed another bag of donor blood and drank it slowly, humming "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes", one of my grandfather's favorite songs.

While I drank and hummed I thought about our European trip. I was sure we could hunt down and capture the people, mostly men, named in the files. But then what?

I sure as shootin' wasn't going to kill them. That was simply too heavy a burden for my conscience to bear. Scaring them wouldn't work forever. Sooner or later their inner sickness would rear up and take control as they rationalized their behavior and its consequences.

I began to formulate a plan based on my seeming ability to glamour people into a very profound submissive state. If I could implant some negative symptom with their bad thoughts then they would experience something very nasty every time their mind wandered over to the dark side. That's where the bad behavior began, in their mind. If I could stop if there I could be fairly certain it would never get any further.

Just like there was surgery to prevent over eating I could implant the suggestion that vomiting, excruciating pain and even blindness would accompany any urge, thought or desire that crossed over the line into non-consenting sex or violence. This would leave the person free to persue a healthy relationship with someone age appropriate while disabling them if they wanted to act as a sexual predator or sadist.

I wasn't sure it would work but it was worth a try. Eric had been so right in figuring out what would make my powers as a vampire most appealing to me, the ability to right what was wrong, especially wrongs against children.

As the seconds ticked by a powerful wild uncontrollable restlessness grew in me, overtaking every other thought and feeling.

It reminded me of the trapped feeling I had experienced as a teenager, stuck in a small town with no real options for a bigger better life. I paced, trying to feel calm but I grew increasingly agitated. I had to get out of these rooms, out into the immense night or I would begin tearing things apart in frustration.

I felt full of blood and in control. As long as my hunger didn't kick in I would be calm. Three bags of blood should hold me for at least an hour or two, probably more. I planned on being back here in the apartment long before I needed to feed again, long before Eric was back.

I was absolutely stuffed at the moment. It reminded me of the times Gran and I went after church service to a midnight church buffet following our big Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn't eat another bite.

Another bite, very funny.

I decided on an outfit for my first venture out by myself. After finding my shoes under the bed I went to the keypad and looked at it. Eric didn't realize I had instantly memorized the ten digit number to leave the room. He thought I was locked into an inescapable prison, a safe room that worked both ways.

I hesitated. Should I go out into the night or just wait for Eric to return? I could practically hear the swirling starlit sky calling to me. The room felt utterly claustrophobic. What harm would there be in just going out into the parking lot?

Eric had said worry was a thing of the past. I was just about busting my bustle to get out of this room. I felt an urge more powerful than any I had experienced as a teenager, a compulsion, to get out and explore the new world. Actually it was the same world, it was the new me that wanted the adventure.

My finger hovered over the seven, the first number of the sequence that would let me, Vampire Sookie Stackhouse, out into the night alone.

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11 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Eleven

"What are these files?" I asked.

"I thought it would be fun for you to find bad guys and drain them," he said with a boyish eagerness animating his features. "These are the files of known rapists, child molesters and murderers. The law has not been able to stop them or incarcerate them for their crimes. You can end the suffering they cause."

I thought about this. "By drain them you mean actually kill them?" I finally asked.

He must believe I could be judge, jury and executioner. I knew that wouldn't work for me. What if I killed an innocent person or one that could be redeemed? On the other side of that, what if I spared a serious offender and left him or her free to damage other lives? This seemed like too much responsibility for me. I had the power, now I needed to figure out how to use it responsibly.

"I had thought you might want to ..." he stopped, scowling. "No, I see you really do not wish to kill anyone. But we could tour Europe and you could bite them."

His face brightened again at this alternative. He almost bounced up and down on the bed with enthusiasm. His golden hair, still messy from our run from the hospital, slid forward to cover half his face, he raked it back from the temples with both hands, raising his big arms and exposing blond arm pits, something I always found oddly sexy. The male scent of him wafted over to me.

My fangs snicked out showing my arousal at his manly charms. As a human woman I never had this embarrasing problem. I suddenly sympathized with men and the way they could not hide their sexual interest. Like a man, my obvious desire was not under my control.

Eric smiled a secret little smile to himself, was pleased he could entice me. He moved his arm in a way that made his bicep bulge when he picked up a file. Since the file didn't weigh a thousand pounds I knew the bicep thing was something he was doing on purpose to impress me. It worked.

His wonderful scent came to me again. Perhaps that was the source of most masculine sexiness, a hormone laden power fragrance that was below the human ability to detect consciously.

I looked at Eric's bulging bicep and tried to keep my mind on the topic.

"Biting them wouldn't stop them from being evil," I said, "But it seems like a good idea to do something with these files. Where did you get them?"

"All the sheriffs are willing to share information about human miscreants," he said. "I can not verify that their accounts are completely accurate. We will ask the perpetrators about their conduct once we meet up with them and have them under our glamour."

He looked at me with bright eyed intensity, like a child giving a carefully and lovingly selected gift to someone special on Christmas morning, waiting for my reaction.

I realized that for a predator, bringing prey to their mate was the highest order of gift. I took the gift in the spirit it was given. I flashed on a memory of Tina, my poor murdered long-gone cat, proudly bringing me a dead bird or mouse and dropping it at my feet. I knew to praise her.

I would need to give this some serious thought. "Did you say tour Europe?" I asked, looking at more names on the index tabs.

They sounded like they might come from just about every country over there. It turned out Mr. Thibault was a resident of Paris, France, not New Orleans. Jan Wiƛniewski was in Warsaw, Poland. There were bad guys all over the place just ripe for the taking. Or I should say, alleged bad guys.

Until I questioned them I wouldn't know for sure if they were doing evil or not. An accusation was not the same as evidence. Between my telepathy and my ability to glamour I could know every secret thing in their mind.

Inwardly I cringed at the ugliness I knew would be revealed in some of their souls. It was going to take inner fortitude on my part to listen in on their diseased psyches.

"Oh yes, Europe" he grinned. "I have a private jet ready to take us as soon as we feel ready to travel."

"I want to see our girls first," I said, excited about beginning this new phase of our life.

"The only problem is my inability to rein you in with my control as your Maker. I will need to come up with some way to prevent you from doing something you would later regret." He sounded worried and I didn't have any helpful suggestions for him.

Poor Eric. Maybe he had forgotten how difficult it was to have a new Child. Or maybe it was just me. Each Child is different, every parent can tell you that.

"I'm sure you'll think of something," I said, nuzzling him.

Becoming a vampire seemed to have ramped up my libido. Maybe I should say vamped up my libido. Eric exuded sexiness from every pore, literally. My fangs started to ache.

"Why does biting you get me so worked up but biting a stranger just feels like a good meal?" I asked him, licking his earlobe.

My diction wasn't very good with my new dentition but he understood what I was trying to say. My fangs were tingling with lust for him but they hadn't been connected to my sex drive when I bit Mr. Van.

"Why does hugging your brother feel like a family greeting while hugging me feels like you want to pull me down to the bed on top of you?" he asked in response. "Our bodies know who we are attracted to, who we love, who we respond to with lust."

I thought of all the times I had been jealous or worried about Eric feeding from someone else and felt a little foolish. What a waste of time it had been to dwell on those angry hurt feelings when I had had loyal Eric by my side. I had learned my lesson, I wasn't going to waste any more time getting fit to be tied over some meal. Humans were the source of food. Eric was the source of lust.

I turned to the source of my new found abilities. "You still find me desirable as a vampire wife?" I asked quietly.

That had been one of my biggest fears, that my special attractiveness would somehow fade or be diminished once I Turned.

Eric didn't tell me I was desirable, he showed me - with his hands, his lips, his fangs. If I had a breath he would have taken it away. Our fourth night together as vampires ended with a bang, a big bang, where he became my whole universe.

Then, as before, instantly all went black.

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