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98 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Eight

I felt the Jello arms pull me through a squishy center and then a void. I held my breath for a few seconds before I sensed the movement of cold air against my face.

I landed with a plop on a pile of dry leaves. It was dark but there was a feeble old fashioned street light, the kind with a big clear bulb and visible filament that gives off a weak glow, on a dead tree turned light pole. A single wire threaded from another tree to power the bulb.

Between the street light and the moonlight I was able to see see once my eyes adjusted. Stuart the demon stood next to a very old, rusty and battered red Yugo. I stood up and brushed myself off. His eyes glowed red in the night, his yellow skin shone like gold.

"Don't make me grab you, the burn will go right through to the bone," he threatened, wiggling his long bony fingers which began to shoot tiny blue flames from the tips before they died out.

"That was you? You were the lemon Jello?" I asked him, beginning to understand that he had somehow abducted me from the anniversary party right under the watchful gaze of Eric. I needed to keep him talking until I figured out what to do.

"Yes, I can briefly appear as something other than myself," he said.

There was a hint of a scary deep raspy demonic voice just underneath the normal human sounding voice he was using.

"What do you want with me?" I asked, looking around surreptitiously.

We were next to a rutted dirt road. I thought it was the path that ran behind Jason's house next to the pond. In that case I was within shouting distance of the house. Could I get in a scream before Stuart could grab me? What if he put his flaming fingers over my mouth to silence me? I shuddered to think of the damage to my face.

"I am taking you hostage to make your husband suffer as I am suffering," he said, his voice cracking into demon.

"Why are you suffering?"

"My love, my beauty, my goddess Ailine has been smashed like a bug under tons of rock," he said, becoming agitated. "Your husband Eric Northman is to blame."

A tear of red lava dripped from his eye and fell to the ground. Fortunately he was standing on a patch of dirt and gravel. If one of those tears fell on the dry leaves that surrounded us he could set the whole woods on fire.

"I heard about that," I said soothingly and sympathetically. "It was a terrible unfortunate rock slide but Eric didn't have anything to do with it."

"LIAR!" he thundered at me. "DIRTY FILTHY LIAR!" His beady eyes blazed red with rage.

He seemed to grow larger and a rim of blue fire surrounded him. His sulfurous breath scorched my face.

"I am a demon, I know a lie when I hear it!" he rasped, his true demon voice coming through. "My boss is the father of lies."

He must have been referring to Asmodeus, a name everyone seemed afraid to say.

"You're right, I don't know exactly what happened," I temporized. "I wasn't there. I'm very sorry for your loss. I was under the mistaken impression that she was cruel to you."

"Oh she was cruel, more than cruel. She was cold, indifferent and critical of my every move. Nothing I did was good enough. Sometimes she would beat me with a whip or throw ice water on me, which burns me like molten metal. It was .... perfect. The suffering was exquisite. If only I could have found some way to please her, though I do think it made her happy to revile me."

His voice had taken on a dreamy tone reminiscing over his kinky love of punishment. To each their own. At least he was in a better frame of mind. But not for long.

"Get in the car, liar," he ordered. He opened the door, making the handle glow red hot for a moment.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked, taking a tiny step back, wishing I had worn flat shoes instead of heels.

I knew from reading true crime books that you should never get in a car with an abductor and allow them to take you to another location. Of course none of those books discussed what to do if your abductor was a fire spewing demon. Would I survive a struggle with him? Could Eric heal me with his blood if he got here? How long could I stall before it came to a show down? Where was Eric? Why didn't he miss me?

"Gathas, Infernus, Tartarus .... call it what you like. It is a place of endless fire and torment." He opened the door a little wider and moved back, inviting me to get in his hooptie Yugo.

"You're gonna drive me to hell in a Yugo?" I asked, still stalling for time.

He probably knew of an entrance to the underworld he could drive into. Once down there I would be nearly impossible to find.

"Yes. Your husband will not come and rescue you. He will not want to risk the wrath of my oppressor. Face the truth, for a vampire as old as Eric Northman you and your fancy fairy blood and your brood of human girls are just a whim, a passing fancy. He would have tired of you soon anyway. It is no loss to him," he said scornfully.

"Does Mr. A know you're doing this?" I asked.

I knew Stuart was wrong about Eric. I was the love of my husband's life, he told me that many times.

"That is none of your concern," he said, his eyelid twitching with nervous tension. "Get in the car."

His voice was all the way into the demon range now.

"If Eric is going to lose interest in me then what good is abducting me? How will that punish him if he can just write it off as a minor loss?"

I was gearing myself up to scream and then make a run for it. If I was going to die then I would die fighting.

"He will suffer briefly, then I will think of new ways to bedevil him, to make his existence unbearable," he said getting more agitated with every word.

"NOW GET IN THE CAR," he roared, flames shooting from his mouth, his ears and his eyes. "GET IN THE CAR!"

I drew in my breath to scream. It was now or never.

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97 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Seven

Linda was right where I saw her last, standing next to Jure. His deep bass voice was saying, "I told him that the castle was mine and the woods were mine but the birds flying overhead belonged to Bačka."

The enthralled group around him exploded into laughter. Jure even cracked a slight smile at his joke. Since I only heard the punchline of his story I couldn't join in.

My nephew Brett sped by yelling "Hi Aunt Sookie!" as he chased the neighbor's little girl through the house. They both had silver heart shaped helium balloons tied to their wrists and were red-faced and laughing with their exertions.

"Mom!" Linda said, finally tearing her eyes from her date's handsome face and seeing me. "How long have you been here?"

She wore a slinky red dress and black lace stockings, very sexy, though her true attractiveness came from her radiant face framed by her wild tangle of honey blond hair. She was as sunny and wholesome as Jure was deep and mysterious. They made a striking couple.

"Not long," I told her. "I went back to the kitchen to see how the caterers were doing. I was thinking about using Petunia's Perfect Parties for our renewal party. Aunt Angellica said they arrived an hour late so that's a strike against them."

"It looks like it was worth the wait," Linda said, indicating the crowds gathered around the tables. Everyone was loading up his or her plate with all the appetizers offered.

"Be right back," I told her and went to the nearest table for a look.

I took a hot nacho chip and dipped it into the salsa verde. I was amazed at the flavor. The chips were right out of the deep fryer, the salsa could not have been fresher. I decided to rethink PPP's for my party. With food like this who cared if Petunia and Ty fought like cats and dogs before the event?

I turned to go back to Linda and stopped. She was whispering in Jure's ear as he bent down so she could tell him something privately. He was smiling and nodding. They looked happy together, they looked, for want of a better word, normal.

I had given a lot of thought as to what my approach to their relationship was going to be. I had decided against confiding in Linda that Jure once glamoured me and had sexual and blood contact with me when he was newly arrived in this country. He didn't remember it because his memory of it had been erased by his Maker Anna Hita. At least that was how he was presenting the situation. Whether he actually did remember our time together was anybody's guess. I hoped he didn't.

There was nothing to be gained from telling Linda about the intimate details. Jure had not known the protocols for life under American vampire rule. He had been behaving as if he were still the most powerful vampire in Europe, taking what he wanted without regard for anyone else.

I believed I was following the lead set by Gran. Bill told me once that he and Gran had a "moment" together in a cemetery when she was freshly widowed. I took that to mean they had a one time encounter that was never repeated. Gran must have recognized Bill when I brought him to our farmhouse to meet her but she said nothing about her previous encounter with him.

At the time I was happy to have a boyfriend and Gran said Bill seemed to be a decent person. If she had thrown a monkey wrench into my romance by telling me she had a fling with him I think it would have broken my heart.

Unfortunately Bill ended up breaking my heart anyway when I found out he had been assigned by his Queen to woo me and get me under his control but that was a different story. Gran had kept her little moment with my Bill to herself, if it had really happened, and I appreciated it. She let me find out what was what on my own. With my headstrong ways that usually turned out to be best.

I honestly didn't think Jure was evil, just old, powerful and a little too full of himself to suit me. He seemed to please Linda just fine so I was going to butt out and let the relationship run its course, where ever that led them. If there was something wrong with Jure it was up to Linda to find out what it was. She would not gain by having me try to ruin what they had going.

I rejoined Linda and Jure. Soon Eric came along, then Adele and Lachlain. I noticed there was no tension between Jure and Eric. Vampires had to learn early on how to let bygones be bygones because they were compatriots for so many years. No one wanted to be in the position of seething with resentment and malice for centuries, or worse, killing a fellow vampire and being tried for it. They treasured their long lives, to cut another vampire's life short was an unpardonable crime in vampire culture. The prudent attitude was to work things out and then let go.

We made party chit chat, circulating to speak to the other guests, until it was time for Hoyt to begin his speech about how perfect Jason and Angellica were together and what a wonderful child they had.

We toasted their future happiness, their past accomplishments and their wonderful child. I wasn't used to drinking champagne so it went right to my head. I had a bite of everything to check on the food. It was all delicious.

When the catered buffet was done the servers came to clear away the remaining food and set up the dessert. I was still on the fence about hiring PPP so I headed out to the kitchen to watch them unload the truck and see just how plastered Ms. Petunia Pickles was as the party wound down.

The kitchen, modern and brightly lit, was bustling with activity as the young attractive servers covered the buffet pans and put them back on the catering truck. The food that wasn't eaten would be taken to a Shreveport homeless shelter, something that was important to Angellica.

I felt a stab of guilt at the good works my sister-in-law found time to volunteer for, she was always thinking of others. If I hired PPP I could be assured the uneaten food would go to a worthy cause. That was one big point in their favor.

Petunia looked a little frazzled but not significantly the worse for wear. She knew how to time her drinking to remain a little tight but fully in control of her mind and actions. She was what Sam used to call a functional alcoholic, dependent on the sauce yet able to maintain her role in her community. It was a high wire act I wouldn't want to live with day after day.

When the last of the hot food was on the truck the desserts began to appear. Cupcakes in a wondrous variety of designs, large cookies, frozen layered glass dishes and a fruit platter were unwrapped and dressed up with curls of dark and white chocolate and sprigs of mint. The smell was glorious. A large three tier chocolate cake with "Happy Anniversary Angellica and Jason" written on the top in bright green writing was inspected closely by Petunia before it was cleared for presentation.

The servers streamed out of the kitchen holding their trays and platters up high in a professional manner. Petunia followed them out to supervise the placing of the desserts. The servers were obviously well trained and carefully selected but Petunia wanted to leave nothing to chance.

A lone young woman in a uniform that looked much too big for her emerged from the truck and carried in a covered platter. She set it down on the center island and went to close up the truck. I decided to lift the metal lid and take a peek at what was underneath.

It was a very large molded lemon Jello ring. Even though I was part fairy I was very fond of lemon Jello. Not only didn't it bother me, it was actually one of my favorite flavors.

I couldn't imagine who would want to eat so much lemon Jello unless it was spiked with booze. I saw two shiny red berries imbedded closely together in the Jello. Just two berries? What kind of caterer put in just two berries?

I looked closely. Suddenly two nearly transparent yellow lemon Jello arms shot out of the mold, lifted me up and pulled me down into the center of the ring of Jello before I could make a sound!

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96 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Six

When I had been in a fearful state of panic about VL I hadn't been looking forward to Jason's anniversary party.

Now that Eric was back and I knew he would be working behind the scenes to slow the development of Daynight while rallying other powerful vampires to end the crazy idea of a vampire-run world I was really excited about seeing everyone and celebrating my brother's successful relationship.

I picked out a light blue dress with a matching bolero sweater and my blue patent heels. I tried holding my hair back with a blue ribbon but I looked a little too much like Alice in Wonderland.

Although I was twenty on the outside I was much older on the inside. The look I preferred now was stylish but conservative. I thought about how Pam dressed, expensive sweater sets and designer cashmere slacks, and smiled to myself. She was a an eternal nineteen year old that dressed like a fashionable British business woman.

After putting up my hair in a loosely made French twist, I slapped on some make up and shazam! I was done. Eric came out of the bathroom naked, drying himself with a fluffy white towel, the kind he preferred.

"You look good enough to eat," he kidded, an oldie but goodie.

He had fed from me just the night before so I knew he wasn't really hungry yet. How strange it must be to only need to eat every week or so.

"Too much blue?" I asked him, turning so he could zip up the back of my dress.

"If you wore as much blue as the sky it wouldn't be too much," he said, kissing the back of my neck.

I moved away from him before we began the slide down the slippery slope that would end up in bed. I didn't want to have to fix myself up all over again and I especially didn't want to be late to Jason's and Angellica's party.

"Do you have the gift card?" he asked as I gathered my handbag and a jacket in case the night got really cold.

"Yup, right here in my purse," I said, patting my medium sized bag.

For their anniversary we were giving them a trip to Disney World. It was something the whole family could enjoy. Or at least Jason could enjoy seeing Brett and Angellica enjoy themselves. Jason had never been too big on amusement parks, preferring the company of men, cold beer and a big screen TV set on a sporting event instead.

Eric finished tying his blue tie and turned to me for approval. I approved. His light gray suit and whiter-than-white shirt were set off by a tie that matched his blue eyes. He rubbed his cologne between his palms and applied it to his muscular neck and pale cheeks.

"You look great and you smell even better," I told him, beginning to think about how late we could actually be before it would be a social error.

"I look forward to our return home tonight," Eric said, smoothly leading my mind back to where it should be - going to my brother's house.

"Will Linda be there?" Eric asked as we left the bedroom and turned off the light.

"Absolutely. Adele is bringing Lachlain, of course," I said. I wondered if Linda was bringing anyone.

We took the Corvette to Bon Temps. I was in such a mellow mood I didn't even cringe when the speedometer hit eighty on the straight stretch. Eric was a masterful driver. If the cops didn't catch us then this was just some harmless fun.

The party was in full swing when we pulled up. There were at least two dozen cars in the drive and along the roadside. We had to park a ways down the road.

Before I could grumble about having to walk in my heels Eric swept me up in his powerful arms and carried me in a blur of movement to Jason's front porch. The whole front of the house was decked out in little twinkling lights, including the trees on the front lawn. It turned Jason's ranch house into a magical place.

Eric set me down gently on my feet. I smoothed my hair, laughing about the great entrance we made. All heads were turned in our direction and conversation momentarily stopped.

When they saw who it was they waved or said "Hi" and went back to what they were doing. A vampire moving at warp speed was nothing unusual in this eclectic gathering of supes and humans.

Jason came out to see me. He looked nice in a tan suit, denim blue shirt and dark brown tie. Angellica was right behind him in a matching blue and tan dress, her honey brown hair worn loose in a shiny and silky pageboy.

"Hey Sis, look at you!" Jason said, coming to give me a hug.

He nodded at Eric, respecting his vampire dislike of handshaking. Angellica gave me a hug too and invited me into the kitchen to see the spread the caterer was laying out before the hungry hordes descended on the food.

"I'll be right back," I told Eric as Angellica hooked her arm through mine and whisked me away.

Music started up on the built in speakers, some kind of romantic crooning from the 1950's. It could have been Dean Martin. Over the din of conversation it was hard to tell.

We walked through the living and dining rooms which had been cleared of most furniture except chairs and tables set out for the food. I saw thick white candles in tall clear glass hurricane lamps on all the tables. On the way past the sunroom I spotted Linda.

She was here with Jure, hanging on his arm, looking up with rapt attention into his brooding face as he told an amusing story to a small group.

He had on a jet black suit to match his hair, which was pulled back with a velvet ribbon at his nape. His shirt was blood red, his tie had the same dragon insignia as the tattoo on his bulging bicep. Rubies or red sapphires flashed from his earlobes as he moved his head. I had the impression he knew I was passing near him though he gave no sign and did not turn directly towards me.

I had asked Angellica if I could check out the caterers and see if they were an efficient and well organized team because I was going to need to hire someone to cater my renewal of vows celebration.

Angellica knew Quinn's sister had attacked Eric so she never even considered Extremely Elegant Events, the company Quinn worked for, to cater her parties. Tonight she was using Petunia's Perfect Parties, a new company that advertised a double refund if your party wasn't a hit.

Petunia Pickles, her real name, was in the kitchen assigning the various platters of food to either the buffet table or the tables in the living and dining rooms.

She was a forty something woman with straight bangs that touched her eyelashes and jerked when she blinked which was often because her hair was in her eyes. That would have driven me nuts. I longed to trim her bangs for her.

She had stiff sprayed dyed brown big hair and the kind of puffiness around the eyes I associate with someone that regularly drinks too much. I saw a lot of that when I was a waitress.

I checked into all the minds of the staff and aside from some mental cursing about low wages and heavy platters, the boozy bossy boss, and tired feet, the staff was all on the up and up.

Petunia was thinking about sneaking into the ladies room and taking a hit from the little flask of vodka she had in her smock pocket but she was postponing that until the truck was unloaded.

Large platters loaded with sliced meat and baked chicken and ham were being placed on the center island. Whenever a party included a lot of carnivorous shape shifters the refreshments were heavy on the meat, light on the vegetables and fruit. The appetizers and snacks were taken into the front rooms where the guest were hovering, drinks in hand, waiting for food.

"They were an hour late," Angellica lamented to me.

She had probably been apologizing to her other guests for the last hour. It must have been an anxious time for her, all the guests and no food.

"But they're here now and everything looks wonderful," I told her, calming her worries as the hostess. "Besides, everyone likes a chance to have a drink or two before they start eating," I reminded her.

She had worked as a hostess in Fangtasia for a while so she knew the preference of most folks for the alcohol to the food at the start of any social occasion.

"I hired "The Bar's Open" to handle the booze," she said. "I'm very pleased with them."

Petunia's young staff in tidy black and white server's uniforms bustled around removing plastic wrap from the platters and bowls, placing sprigs of fresh parsley and putting the food out where it belonged.

I checked into Petunia's mind for the reason she was an hour late and saw her mind was filled with angry thoughts towards her husband Ty. A big argument right before she was due to leave had slowed her down. He constantly objected to her drinking, she constantly drank to get even with him for criticizing her. A perfect arrangement for an alcoholic and a co-dependent spouse.

I just about crossed Petunia's Perfect Parties off my mental list as a possible caterer for my celebration. I didn't need the drama of depending on half of a disfunctional couple.

After a few more reassuring words with Angellica, I went to find Linda and see how she was doing with her date.

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95 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Five

"Who?" I asked.

It seemed to me that Eric must have already been thinking about bailing out of VL before I found out and gave him what for about it.

"For years Edison has made similar arguments to yours about the problems we would inherit with a take over. He has refused to put his knowledge or talents in the service of the Council. He would help me to undermine the whole project. I also know Tesla is opposed to VL, though he acts as if he neutral, " Eric told me.

I remembered the many weird and powerful inventions Tesla had talked about. He had even brought a duplication ray here to the girl's classroom, accidentally duplicating Eric. Tesla would be an awesome ally for Eric. So would Edison, though I never met him or even knew he had Turned.

"That's wonderful! You said the American vampires are lukewarm on the idea of taking over?" I was feeling really encouraged about how things could turn out.

"Over the years, since the Great Revelation, the fervor to get the upper hand has cooled. No one wants to miss out on their piece of the world, therefore the rulers all continue to attend the Conferences to assure their place should VL come to pass. It is obvious that the rulers from the enlightened countries are bored and do not see any great benefit to them. In the repressive countries vampires are in even more peril because the whole population now realizes they actually exist. The effort to find and kill them has become non-stop. Most of the vampires from those countries have emigrated to friendlier countries. Understandably they want their home land back. VL would be the way for them to return home."

I knew that many countries were not going to accept vampires in their midst. That gave the vampires from those countries a choice, sneak out and ask for asylum in an open minded country or stay and become even more careful of discovery. A hard choice, one that would make many of those vampires angry and vengeful.

"So maybe, if someone could just begin a campaign to stop the whole VL ball from rolling any further, the idea might catch on?"

"It might. However we are all waiting to see what the Lightning brothers have to say. They were summoned by Marconi in 1897 when it became obvious what problems the Industrial Revolution would bring. Since then worry about ecology and weapons of mass destruction has escalated. That, more than the desire for power, is the compelling reason most vampire rulers continue to plan for the Day of the Dead. The destruction of this beautiful world would be the end of us all."

From 1897 to now was a long time to wait to hear back from someone. Vampires were nothing if not patient. Still, I would begin to wonder if the mothership was ever going to return.

"Why didn't the Lightning brothers just take the newly made vampires to a new planet where they could rule twenty four seven?" I asked, trying to understand how things were in the beginning.

"The same problem with neutrinos. Just as there are abberant neutrinos that destroy vampires, there are also neutrinos vampires here need to survive. We are stuck on this planet for better or worse. The Lightning brothers seem not to be interested in our planet with all the problems it presents for vampire survival." He shrugged his shoulders in acceptance.

I suppose if you have the whole universe to gad about in, one little blue planet would just be an insignificant speck on the horizon.

"You have done all right," I reminded him.

"Yes, my day time rest has become primarily an inconvenience at this point. I do miss having the time with you. When I awake my only hope is that you have survived the day without me," he said sincerely.

Did this mean that every dawn he went to his rest not knowing if he would find me waiting for him? What a lousy way to end the night.

"Eric, I'm so so sorry you have this worry hanging over your head," I told him, hugging him. "But I'm real careful."

I was trying to reassure him while thinking guiltly of my trip to visit my nephew without a guard.

I told him about my visit with HoloGran and about seeing my brother and his family. Eric didn't ask me if I took Aleksis or Kinnan, he probably already knew the answer to that. Again I felt guilty.

"I'm sorry I didn't take a guard when I went to see Brett," I said.

He straightened his back, his version of sighing and said, "I realize you are going to want to leave the house during the day. A guard can be burdensome."

He was trying not to jump on me with both feet over my poor decision making. If I was going to stay human then I would need to really take my security seriously at all times. Otherwise I was torturing Eric with worry. I felt bad again.

"All this has made me realize that I need to tighten up my act too. No more trips anywhere without Kinnan or Aleksis," I vowed.

"Or me," Eric said, gathering me in his arms again, pleased I had understood the importance of my safety to him. He was infinitely patient with me, something I really appreciated.

"Or you. Mostly you, I promise," I told him, sinking back in his ready embrace, feeling like my world made sense again.

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94 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Four

Eric stood up towering over me. I stood up too.

"Wife of my blood, please put this on." He reached in the velvet bag and took out the tiara, holding it out to me.

"Should I leave my clothes on?" I asked, taking the sparkling crown from his hand.

Our fingers brushed and I felt the shock of excitement at touching him I always experienced. The wonder at my good fortune, whatever brought the amazing Eric into my life and caused him to want to be with me, well, that wonder never left me.

I had on a short denim skirt and a white lace blouse. Usually when I wore the tiara I wore nothing else. We were also usually in the bedroom. Tonight I hadn't wanted to go there and risk getting swept away by Eric's enchanting presence.

He chuckled a little, the lines that accentuated his smile making slight commas around his mouth. "Yes, you may leave your clothes on."

I placed the tiara on my head, fastening it with the little sliding combs on the sides. It was as light as a feather yet worth a small fortune. It was more valuable than that to me for the sentimental value.

Eric got down on one knee, the second time in a month. The first time was when he re-proposed to me in New Zealand. I looked down on the golden untamed mane of his hair, the breadth of his shoulders, the unfathomable ocean of his ancient eyes.

He put the fist of right hand over his heart, looking up at me with utmost seriousness. "I pledge my allegiance to you, Queen of my Life, Wife of my Blood. I renounce my loyalties to all others. I consecrate myself to your cause. I ask only to die with honor in your service. I swear this on my blood."

I couldn't believe my eyes and ears. My knees felt a little weak at the enormity of what he was saying. He was turning his back on his vampire community and siding with the humans.

"Do you really mean this Eric, you'll stand with me and help me stop the vampire take over?" My voice was faint.

He answered less formally, "Absolutely. I can sign an oath in blood if you wish. I did not have time to get vellum."

"That won't be necessary. Stand up so I can hug you," I said, my heart beating about a hundred beats a minute. My eyes blurred with tears.

He said in a quiet voice, "Put your right hand on my head and say, 'I accept your allegiance'.

I put my right hand on his silky hair and said in a tear-filled voice, "I accept your allegiance, all except for the dyin' part. No way are you going to die in my service."

He stood up and we hugged for a very long time, then we kissed, then we barely made it to the bedroom. My husband, my hero, my vampire, had finally shown his true colors. My Eric was back.

Later I sat up in bed and saw myself reflected in the wall of mirrors. I was wearing only my tiara, which I had completely forgotten I had on. It was crooked, I straightened it.

"Eric, this is like a dream come true. You're going to help me to stop the vampires from carrying out their plans?" I asked.

He sat up too, his thick muscles sliding smoothly under his pale skin. He had on his bad boy smile. He liked an adventure, a challenge, a fight.

"Yes. Who better than me? I am trusted and allowed everywhere. I can sabotage the Daynight experiments. Because I know how all the security systems work I can shut down the research center. When Anna Hita returns we can convince her to tell the Vampire Alliance that the idea is unworkable."

"I had thought of the same thing about Anna Hita," I said, hoping it was all right to trust him with my plans to thwart VL. This couldn't all be an elaborate ruse to trick me into staying my hand, could it?

I wiped the thought from my mind. I trusted Eric. If not him, then who could I trust? Without Eric I was defenseless against unstoppable powers.

"The only thing I ask is that you not turn over the information about Valerian to anyone. The hate groups can not be trusted with that knowledge," he said.

He was right. They wouldn't use it in self defense, they would use it for attack and annihilation of vampires here and all over the world.

"This means it's just you and me against all the most powerful vampires," I said.

"Not all. Some vampires of great age have remained neutral, declining to attend our conferences or champion our cause. Jure is such an ancient one. Lingza is another, though I do not know if Lingza understands the full scope of the plans we have been making. The American vampires are not very enthusiastic about this change. Here, in this young land, we have done very well for ourselves."

"Is Anna Hita neutral?" I asked.

"Yes. She has never expressed any interest in the council meetings. Her in-person feasibility study is cloaked behind a supercomputer program that is running all the possible outcomes. The computer study is actually being supervised by Tesla. The real results are going to be based on her observations. Neither she nor Tesla know I am aware of her unique talents."

"Then how did you figure out what she's doing?" I asked. What if she was on some other kind of time travel trip that had nothing to do with VL?

Eric smiled confidently. "I am an excellent investigator. I can put together the evidence and arrive at an accurate conclusion."

I took him at his word. If they were going to make him the Sheriff of North America then he must have the creds.

"What about the shifter opponents like Quinn? It's hard to believe we could be on the same side as someone that tried to kill you," I shuddered.

"Quinn and his sister have gone into hiding. He is part of a handful of shifters that oppose supernatural rule. The others have been promised so much by the V. A. council their greed has made them supporters. They agree that the supernaturals should have the upper hand. Or paw," he added with a wry smile,

"Does Bill go along with the take over?" I couldn't imagine the laid back Bill Compton choosing to upend the whole social structure of the world.

"No. His computer records have been invaluable to locate and assign every known vampire of stature a part of the world."

"Did he know that was what they were going to be used for?"

Eric shook his head. "He thought he was helping his Queen compile a record of vampires in her jurisdiction for her taxation plan. She wanted to sell the pertinent records to other monarchs for an additional amount so that they could also levy taxes in their kingdoms."

"Sooner or later they're going to suspect someone of sabotage at the center. Do you think they'll figure out it's you?"

I was getting more apprehensive. How could one lone vampire bring down the whole house of cards and not get crushed in the process?

"There are others who have spoken up and said the plan is folly. I did not think our Great Revelation and subsequent mainstreaming would go as well as it did. Although the backward thinking countries still actively hunt and kill vampires, the advanced societies have made a place for us.

He put his arms around me, "Even before you expressed your objections to VL I had begun to have doubts about the need or wisdom of our plan. A strategy based on past grievances is not going to be a forward thinking plan."

"You also didn't expect to get involved with a mostly human woman," I reminded him.

"That is true. If you were not the most unusual woman on earth I would have found a way to avoid an emotional entanglement," he admitted.

"When will Anna Hita be back?" I asked, snuggling into the security of his embrace.

"Truly I do not know. She gets off track sometimes if she decides to visit her past life," he said.

I recalled she missed our wedding rehearsal because she was visiting her human children of the past in a nearby dimension.

"We have a great expanse of time before any action needs to be taken. I will halt the Daynight experiments temporarily," he reassured me.

"How are you going to do that?" I asked, sitting up again.

"There are many volatile chemicals used in the labs, an explosion would not be suspicious if used correctly," he said.

"Eric, you don't know anything about chemicals. How could you rig something without blowing yourself up or someone in the lab?"

He smiled. "I have someone I know will help me."

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93 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Three

The next day passed by through a mental fog, my mind totally preoccupied with last night's conversation. I kept rehashing and adding to the things I should have said to Eric.

At the top of my list was "I love you" and "We can get through this together." I regretted my anger and threats when Eric was just trying to be reasonable. I would try to do better in our next conversation, if there was one.

To distract myself I chatted on the phone with Angellica about the plans for her anniversary party and with Amelia about what stage of enchantment Linda's and Adele's rings were at. They kept fiddling with the formula whenever they got together for one of their sporadic witchcraft lessons.

"I know we have longevity and they tried invisibility. Adele's ring worked for a short time, Linda's didn't work at all," she said, thinking about what spells had been cast.

I didn't know what good invisibility would do them anyway. Supernaturals could hear and pick up scents far beyond what humans could, just being invisible wouldn't do you any good if the shifter or vamp could still hear you and smell you.

"Thanks for helping them out with their spells," I said, not sure if there was some kind of spell they should be working on to ward off the take over by the vampires. Nothing came to mind, but it was good to know I had Amelia in my corner if it should come to a showdown.

Eric showed up almost as soon as the sun set so I knew he had to be staying somewhere nearby, maybe at Pam's condo. That didn't worry me, whatever Eric and had Pam had going between them had died out before Gran was born. I was just glad to see he had made it through his daytime rest safely.

I met him in the entrance hall, my arms folded over my chest. I suddenly realized I was still irritated with him for just walking out again. My annoyance began to overwhelm my resolve to speak nicely and gently.

"So you're going to stomp out every night now?" I began, deciding that I might as well confront him early on and get whatever hissy fit he was planning on throwing over with.

"No, I am not," he said, removing his creaking black leather jacket and hanging it in the hall closet just like usual.

"I have something I want to say to you. Come to the bedroom so that we may talk," he said.

There was something going on with him just under the surface but I couldn't tell what it was. Maybe he thought he could sweet fang me into seeing things his way.

"We can talk just fine right here," I said, holding my ground and crossing my arms around myself tighter. Eric's charms in the bedroom were a slippery slope to my resolve.

"I must retrieve something from the safe room," he said and walked at human speed towards the basement door off the kitchen.

I went and sat on the sofa in the living room.

He returned and said, "I wanted to do this the correct way."

He had the black velvet pouch in his hand that held my diamond tiara. Was he taking back his costly gift to me? Two of the big diamonds in that tiara were mine, bequeathed to me by a queen I helped. The third diamond was a gift from Eric.

He sat down in the wing chair across from the sofa. He set down the bag on the arm of the chair and placed his big pale hands on the knees of his black jeans as he leaned forward to talk.

"I have given much thought to all you said," he began.

I remained silent but I was glad he listened to me.

"You make a compelling if not unassailable argument for the unworkable problems in the plan. We have been seeing the malleability of human nature in the short run, you have pointed out, correctly I believe, that in the long run human nature will find a way to thwart and undermine our efforts at every turn. I agree that the maintenance of peace and order in such a population would be an onerous or impossible task."

I still didn't say anything but I was all ears.

"You also make a good point about the need for some aspects of life to remain wild and free. Although many problems exist in human society those problems could be overcome with the right research and efforts."

I jumped in to reinforce his right thinking. "You're right, Eric. Vampires have a lot of experience and wisdom and a lot of brain power from all the smart scientists you Turned. If you applied yourselves to solving the many problems you foresee maybe all this can be turned around."

He nodded in agreement. "That is a distinct possibility. This planet with the strange sun has given humans an advantage that allowed them to hunt and stake vampires throughout history. That has caused bad feelings and desire for revenge among us, especially among the European and Asian vampires. Although there are legitimate reasons we might feel our guiding knowledge would improve things, I see that much of our desire to rule is simply to have the upper hand."

"That's understandable. That's what causes wars. Each side develops a grievance and seeks revenge. It only escalates and never gets better until one side is wiped out," I said, feeling excited inside that Eric was beginning to see the light of reason.

"All these arguments you make are good, yet you did not make the most compelling argument." He sat stock still, looking at me as if he was waiting for me make that most compelling statement. I couldn't think of what I should say.

"What would that be?" I asked with a hesitant smile, feeling a little slow on the uptake. I used to feel like this in school a lot.

"Yourself. Many times I have told you that you are the wife of my blood. I am also the husband of your blood. That precious blood of yours is human and fairy. When I married you I swore our blood would join as two rivers becoming one. Yet in my heart I have believed that would happen the night you Turned. I did not embrace your status as human."

"I did embrace your fairy blood," he added, looking at me with a hint of humor and vampirey hunger.

He just loved my fairy blood. As he was laying it all on the line I saw regret move behind his eyes.

"What if I never decide to Turn, will you be the husband of my blood then?" I asked. I needed to know now if his love for me was conditional on my Turning.

"That was what I needed to decide. Where are my loyalties?" he asked.

I knew from the determined set of his jaw that he had come up with his answer.

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92 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety Two

Eric spoke in a thoughtful tone, weighing both sides of the issue. "However, if the new group was able to glamour us to believe we wanted to follow their leadership, that we were loyal to them, then my sword would have been in their service. I would not have known my loyalties were elsewhere."

He didn't sound as confident of this as he had as the "make Earth a paradise" part of his plan.

"Are you sure of that? You mean you and all those other battle hardened Vikings would have just followed along like good little sheep where ever the new shepherd led you? Don't you suspect that inside you a voice would have been saying 'This is all wrong, I am my own master'?"

He looked down, then back up at me. "I can not honestly say how we would have reacted, I have never encountered that situation. When Anna Hita glamoured me to never speak of her ability to time travel I had no recollection of it until Charlaine told us what she did."

"True, but that's just one little moment in your life. What if she had told you to leave me and your daughters, told you to forget about us? What then?"

Even as I spoke I thought I might have made a mistake in my example. Ailine did just that and Eric complied, believing it was his idea to walk out on me.

"It has happened in the past. I have met with forces able to take hold of my mind. But it did not last. You are right. My own volition seeped back in. I began to question, finally rejecting the magical forces binding my will. Soon I was free. I have always thought of myself as extraordinary. Perhaps humans would not have my inner fortitude."

He said this with a straight face not realizing he was exposing his supersized ego. I wasn't about to pop his bubble. In some ways I thought he was correct.

"If there were only a small percentage of the population able to come around and realize they were being bamboozled they would tell the others and soon everyone would know."

He actually shifted his position. I knew I had made a valid point. Would it mean anything?

"I do not know all the aspects of our plan, perhaps safeguards will be put in place to prevent that from happening," he said uneasily.

"Sure. They could use telepaths to make sure all the humans were thinking the right thoughts. Now where would they get a telepath they could enslave to screen the human population?" I asked sarcastically. "Oh I know, the wife of the sheriff of North America would fit the bill nicely."

"I told you that your position and that of our entire family would be secure," he said, a tad irritated now.

"And you can take that to the bank because vampires never lie or trick anyone, do they?" I snapped.

He stood up. "It is obvious you have made your mind up against me. Nothing I say is going to change your perception."

He started towards the door.

This was the old 'stomp out and leave' tactic pigheaded men have always used when they are on the losing end of a discussion.

I chased after him. He opened the door.

"You're accusing me of being close minded because you can't admit you have been plotting some crazy plan for so long you have ceased to ask the basic questions. What would you get out of it? How would your life improve? How hard will it be to maintain? It's like some mass psychosis you old time vampires have all joined in on. I'm telling you flat out it's not going happen. I won't let it happen! I know how to stop it!" I shrieked at him.

Oops. Me and my big fat mouth.

He turned in the doorway and said, "Are you threatening me? Are you threatening to betray me, the husband of your blood?"

His voice was icy cold and his eyes glowed turquoise. He was becoming dangerous.

It would have been a very good thing if I could have stopped my mouth right then but of course, me being me, I just couldn't.

I said snippily, "Take it how ever you want."

He took a step towards me, then stopped. The glow in his eyes died out.

"I must leave," was all he said, then he was gone with just a blur of movement and a whisper of noise.

For pity's sake! I was getting mighty tired of him walking out on me I thought as I slammed and locked the door behind him.

Who knows? Maybe I would get used to it.

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91 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety One

"It had to be done," Eric stated flatly. "She might have told someone about her conversation with you. She was so very needy she would have talked to anyone that showed an interest in her. She was like a rudderless ship."

"You mean you killed her to prevent her from telling anyone I know about VL?" I asked, horrified to my bones.

"I did not kill her. I caused a rock fall in her chambers," he said.

"That's splitting hairs Eric and you know it."

"Your safety was only part of the reason. She was a danger to the entire blue elf community and the vampire community. She had lost her boundaries, anything was permissible to her way of thinking. She had to be stopped."

"Aren't the blue elves going to retaliate, you killing their Queen?"

"Not at all. The Elven Complaint Board authorized me to take her out. Alfdis called me and told me I had full permission to terminate their Queen. Ailine had gone mad from the Gorgon's bite. Like a rabid dog she had to be put down. If I hadn't done it the elves would have taken care of it."

"Then why not let them take care of their own?" I asked, perhaps a bit too sharply.

"I am the one she made a clown of," he stated. "I had to avenge my honor."

I could understand that. Eric was used to being respected, in control, on top of things. Ailine messed with the wrong vampire, pure and simple. Eric, being Eric, could not let it go, especially when the Queen was slated to be taken out anyway. Alfdis probably gave Eric this favor as part of their non-disclosure contract. Eric's silence about what happened to him for the license to pull down tons of rock. It was probably cathartic for him.

What's done is done and can't be undone, as Gran would say. It was not how I would have handled things but the decision wasn't mine to make.

"What about Stuart?" I asked, remembering the yellow demon.

"He was not there. Ailine was alone when the rock slide happened. She will have a grand royal burial and lie in state at the Diamond Palace. No Elf Queen could ask for more."

She could ask to stay alive, I thought.

"It wasn't her fault, getting bitten," I protested, though hashing over her culpability was pointless now.

"She was bitten trying to steal the Gorgon's mate. She brought it on herself," Eric said, tiring of the topic. "That is the past. Now we must speak of the future."

He looked at me steadily, waiting for my response to his vision of life under Vampire rule. He was back to that topic.

"I have plenty to say but I know you're not going to like it," I warned.

"I am prepared," he said, his jaw set.

"I think the whole plan is crazy and unnecessary. Humans are well aware of being in danger from pollution and weapons of mass destruction, they're working on the solutions for a sustainable energy source and peace negotions."

Eric snorted in derision. "They work and negotiate while the sky and waters fill with poisons and the stores of weapons grow."

"Still they're working on it. We just need more time to figure things out," I said.

"How much time?" he asked.

"I don't have an answer for that. What you are proposing is unnatural. It won't work and you'll regret it sooner or later," I warned.

"How is it unnatural for a superior species to take top position over an inferior species?" he asked.

"You already have top position. You can do what you want as long as you move cautiously and try to fit in," I pointed out.

"What I want is for the earth to return to the world of my youth. The air was fresh and clean, the water clear, people respected the land," he said.

"You don't even breathe the freakin' air!" I exploded. "What difference does it make to you?"

"It smells bad. And it flavors the blood," he said with a grimace.

He wants organic free-range humans! I thought wildly. I had no response to that. I changed directions.

"Having control of humans would allow you to quarantine the ones with Fang's disease, too," I shot out. "You could cull the humans that posed a threat to the enjoyment of feeding. Eliminate the disease by eliminating the carriers."

He rocked back. His eyelids lowered slightly. "How do you know of Fang's disease?" he asked quietly. His gentle tone was deceptive. I knew him, the quieter he got the more dangerous he was.

"Does it matter? The point is I know about it, about how it makes your fangs soft. You try to sound all noble and ecological but you-all have a dog in this fight too, don't you?" I said heatedly.

It took him a few seconds to figure out what I meant, then he smiled a slow half-smile. "Yes, I do have a dog in this fight. So do you. Does not the superior dog deserve to win?"

"That would be true if we were all a bunch of dogs. But we're not. We're analyzing and feeling beings."

I felt a little desperate to get my point across to him. "Eric, think about it. Why don't we cut down all the trees in the forests and plant them in nice tidy rows? Why don't we bull doze all the mountains and make the land flat as a flap jack? It's because we need a certain amount of wildness, uncertainty, chance. Humans will not thrive in a bland predictable society, they will continue to try and break out of the mold. Or they will lose heart and die from boredom and lack of opportunity."

"There will be opportunities to assist vampires for certain humans. Even better, a chance to become Vampire for the very select few," he said a tad defensively.

"Oh big whoop de doo! A vampire lottery. You haven't been human in so long you forget that having a good time, raising a little hell, breaking a few laws is the spice of life for most people. Conforming, obeying, monotony - no human society is going to work on those principles. Even in prison, where the inmates are watched like hawks the prisoners manage to get drugs, drink and kill each other. In your human life what did you do when you had a chance to get into a village to relax?" I asked.

His eyebrows knitted together in thought.

That was one of the things I loved best about Eric. If I asked him to think about something he actually stopped and gave it a real good think. There weren't many folks you could say did that.

I could see his mind turn inwards, a thousand years ago, when a human Eric strode the earth as a golden Viking god. "By Thor you are right about that. I spent all my time having ...." he stopped. "That is to say, I enjoyed the company of my men and a drink or two."

"Or three or four. Can you imagine how you or your men would have reacted if some other group came in and started to run everything, to boss you around? You would have had your swords in your hands before they could finish their first command."

He was nodding in agreement as I spoke.

For the first time I felt hopeful that Eric was getting my point.

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90 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future

Chapter Ninety

I went to my brother's house and visited Brett and Angellica the next day. Angellica and I took him to the park, then to the Frozen Frisbee for an ice cream sundae served in a mini-Frisbee.

Back at Jason's and Angellica's house Brett showed me his rocket ships, his books about dinosaurs and his live bug collection, which Angellica made him keep out back in the screened gazebo.

I didn't take guards or carry a gun on my visit, I just drove over to my brother's house like any ordinary person would. If my days as a free human being were going to be numbered then I was going to enjoy them to the fullest.

Angellica and I admired every aspect of Brett's charm, good looks, intelligence and energetic goofiness over coffee and fruit and cake. He made us laugh with his antics and once Angellica had to scold him when he began throwing the grapes up in the air to try and catch them with his mouth and he wouldn't stop. Angellica was afraid one might go down his windpipe.

Later when my brother returned home from work we sat on his old fashioned but newly built wooden front porch watching the big fiery ball of sun go down and making small talk.

Angellica cooked dinner with Brett as her helper, then she called me into the kitchen and showed me how to make bread pudding with bourbon sauce. Now that my girls were old enough to drink I wanted to make something special for them the next time they were over.

We had a lovely dinner of ham, black eyed peas, green beans, salad and of course bread pudding. Brett had a Klondike bar instead of the pudding, his second ice cream treat that day. Good thing he had a fast metabolism and could burn it off. Then we played word games like "I Spy" and "Twenty Questions" with much laughter and silliness, then it was time for Brett to hit the hay.

With a lump of sadness in my heart I wished my brother's happy little family a fond good night, telling them I would see them that weekend at their anniversary party. They had never technically married. The date they picked for the start of their common law arrangement was from the day Angellica moved into Jason's house.

I was sad because I knew all over America, probably all over the world, families were gathering around tables to eat, pray, discuss their family business, play funny games. Would all that change under vampire rule?

I hugged them each for a long time before I left. I hugged Jason so long and hard he finally pulled back with a little crooked smile that made the corners of his Stackhouse blue eyes crinkle and ask, "Everything all right, Sis?"

"Yup, right as rain," I lied glibly, once again falling into the need for deception.

Apparently local shifters like my brother and his small were-panther pack hadn't been sent the memo about the coming Day of the Dead. What role would these small annoyances to the lofty vampire sensibilities have in the brave new world Eric proposed?

They probably wouldn't fare as well as humans, though I was sure Eric would be quick to reassure me that Jason and his family could have a mansion overlooking the Potomac if they wanted it. Kill the current owners and move my brother and his family right in, no problem.

As I drove home I talked sense to myself. That thing about my brother getting a mansion was probably just crazy thinking. Eric said that VL wouldn't happen for a long time. When a vampire says "long time" that translates to a really really long time. Brett might be grown and have children of his own, or even those children might have children before any of this took place.

If there was no need to panic, then why did I feel like panicking? Because the whole idea was so wrong headed, so world changing I had no way to wrap my mind around it.

First things first, I told myself. I needed to set things right with Eric then find out exactly what stage Daynight was at. King Soprano's flaming golf game might be a good sign if that was due to the latest formulation of the stuff.

That night I took a long soak in the tub, did my hair, shaved everything that needed shaving and painted my nails. The rituals of grooming were soothing and relaxing to me. Finally, when my polish was dry, I slept.

The next day passed in a blur. Halder, library books returned, high protein snacks. I awaited Eric's arrival with both anticipation and a touch of dread. I had had my differences with Eric before but never on a topic of such magnitude.

How were we going to work things out between us? Agree to disagree? That wouldn't even begin to cover it.

Around midnight I heard the front door open. I was in the living room trying to read. Eric came in, suitcase in hand. He had on worn jeans and an old Nirvana tee shirt that looked like it came from the rag bag. With his long untamed hair I thought he looked like a rock star tonight.

"Come sit by me," I said, smiling. "I have something to tell you."

He sat down. "I missed you," he said, taking me in his arms and kissing me like he missed me.

I hoped he would still want to kiss me after I admitted I spilled the beans to Adele.

"Long story short, I told Adele about the dangers of Valerian and about the dangers of knowing about Valerian and about how it would be fatal for you to be exposed to it," I blurted out. Full disclosure.

Eric sat very still, thinking. He went into these mini-comas sometimes in order to process every single aspect of a situation. I let him be.

When he stirred he said, "I think you made the right decision. She would have persisted in her experimentation and continued to tell people about it. Demanding she stop without an explanation would have irritated her. She is intelligent and trustworthy, the secret will be safe with her."

"You couldn't even glamour her to forget it," I added.

Both Adele and Linda were immune to Eric's glamour. They might be susceptible to the glamour of Jure or Anna Hita, but I didn't trust Jure and Anna Hita was still off on her errand.

"That is for the best. I never wanted to glamour our daughters to control their behavior. That would have been a slippery slope," he agreed.

I was relieved Eric saw things the way I did.

He asked, "Did you have time to think about the possible future I proposed?"

"Where were you?" I countered, completely ignoring his question. I didn't want to get into it with him until I found out where he was.

In answer he got up and went to his suitcase. He got out a folded news paper and pointed to small article on page three. It was written in some language I didn't recognize. He sat down next to me.

The headline read, "Jordskred!"

I looked at him. "I can't read this. What does it say?"

"I forgot you do not read Danish. It says 'Rockslide!' It describes a collapse of a major magma tube and vault on Litla Dimun. It describes the island as uninhabited and says that no one was visiting at the time. No one was hurt."

"But somebody was killed, weren't they?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

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