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197 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Seven

School, tests, boyfriends, dogs, sword fights, All Ages Night - that seemed to be the whirlwind of non-stop teen activity I was living in for the next few months. Linda got her flying carpet ride with Calabim, Eric watching from the ground. She never mentioned Jure so I was hoping the whole crush thing had blown over.

Halder had all the girls challenged by his sword fighting skills and mesmerized by his intense weirdly sexy challenging eyes. The swords kept getting slightly heavier, building great upper body strength on our daughters. Their defined shoulder muscles. back muscles and arms were really attractive, something I wanted for myself before I Turned.

Since Kinnan had ceased to be the focus of Linda's longing she seemed prepared to play the field. Our other bodyguard-slash-minion Alexis had resigned himself to staying a well paid employee until the girls reached their majority.

Nora and Sam brought us a cake to celebrate Gordon's return to health, though I think it was really to apologize for the trouble their silly shifter sex game had caused our family.

The magic witchcraft spell Linda and Adele placed on their rings was longevity, though how effective it would be Amelia couldn't say. The girls continued their witch craft lessons waiting to get to the chapter in their grimoire that dealt with love spells.

Adele reserved the right to switch her ring to invisibility. That had been her first choice until she found out that being invisible would not remove her scent or the sound of her movements, making it virtually impossible for her to sneak up on any of the supernatural folks in our acquaintance.

A new step forward in the formulation of Daynight seemed to reduce the problem of the second night weakness considerably. As Eric told me about this I gave him such a stink-eye look he didn't even bother to suggest he might want to try it again.

Besides, Eric was busier than ever in his capacity as Sheriff of Area Five trying to keep the humans and vampires under his jurisdiction from having what he termed a "negative interaction".

The Killing Game, vampires being hunted and shot by human hunters, hadn't petered out as he had hoped. The money was too good for the vampires and the excitement was too intense for the wealthy "sportsmen".

YouTube took down the videos of the vampires being hunted and "killed" as fast as they were posted, but once a video went viral it was impossible to squash it. Since the vampires were willing paid participants and they survived the bullet many argued it was a victimless crime.

It was being challenged in court as a legitimate form of sports recreation since the vampire didn't really die or even suffer any permanent injury. It was being compared to paintball fighting, though when someone gets shot with a real gun shooting real bullets, I don't think that's a sport, even if that someone is a vampire.

The few phone calls we got from Madge were reassuring. All three of her eggs contained living dragon babies, now it was just a matter of time. Her mother was on cloud nine over becoming a grandmother so all was forgiven in that department. No mention of the biological father, guess he was Out Of The Picture as they say.

However, Madge's new supernatural sibling Eric would be In The Picture big time.

Eric was going to be the godfather to the baby dragons. He would need to be present at their Naming ceremony, an important ritual among dragons. That ritual would take place in Loch Ness, Scotland, we were all invited. The girls and I wouldn't be allowed to hear the baby dragon's Secret Names.

These would be the names only the parents and godparents would know, not the names they would be known by to everyone else. Knowing anyone's Secret Magic Name gave you power over them.

It was a great honor for Eric and spoke to how much Madge trusted her new brother. The ceremony wouldn't be for at least a year, dragon eggs had a long incubation period. During that time Madge would be virtually confined to the immediate vicinity of her nest located Somewhere Else.

Once the girls passed all their tests and graduated from twelfth grade we planned a great summer vacation, first to see Anna Hita, then Vampireland, then the Grand Canyon. We were renting an RV for the trip.

Pam was coming in her own RV and bringing Kinnan along as a guard. Pam called Kinnan "yummy" instead of a stinking dog as she usually referred to other werewolves. I chose not to speculate on what that might mean.

Calabim, Darren and Lachlain were going to meet us at the National Park. Sheila would live in our house and take care of the doggies while we were gone, assisted by Nora and Sam when she needed a break. My old boss was practically tripping over himself to do us a good turn.

Jason, Angellica and Brett decided at the last minute to get their own RV and come too, so it was going to be a very merry time for our family.

After the lengthy vacation we would get the girls ready for community college and then on to even bigger things. I would begin my preparations to Turn vampire. Those preparations included a tummy tuck, intense personal training, and the most wonderful nutrition and self care of my life. I wanted to emerge as the best vampire I could be, to paraphrase the army slogan.

Even with all the unknowns the future might contain, Eric and I looked forward to it. First you give your children wings, then you let them fly. In our case it might be on a magic carpet.

Eric and I were both a long-married couple and as young as the day we met. How would our future play out? Were there more children in store for us? Would we be adequate parents if we were both Vampire? Would I really really give up my human life or would I chicken out at the last second?

What choices would our daughters make? Would they marry and settle down or would they Turn vampire? What careers would they choose? Would they stay nearby or move many miles away?

Only time would answer these questions. Only love would carry us through whatever life sent our way.

This concludes "Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2"

I can't thank you all enough for reading this blog, it has been the most wonderful experience for me, thanks to you.

I'm going to take a little time off to get a running (or writing) head start, then I'll be back with "Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future".

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196 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Six

In the following weeks I had ample time to discuss Darren's shifting ability with Charlaine. At first she had been embarrassed to tell us about Darren's late onset shape shifting, thinking it might somehow lessen Darren in our eyes if we knew he also became a were-gator.

"In other words, you were thinking that you should have a nice normal average boyfriend?" I asked her over tea one afternoon.

"Well, yeah, but when you put it like that it sounds boring," she replied.

"I know what you mean, I thought having a vampire boyfriend meant I was different than my friends, but you know what? I am different and now I celebrate that difference. Life goes on for telepaths just like it does for non-telepaths. It doesn't make us any less," I said.

"Darren said that everyone has some strange thing going on in their lives. He said I only feel different when my insides look at their outsides. If I knew the whole truth about them I wouldn't want to trade places." She sipped her fragrant apple cinnamon tea.

She added, "I know that's the truth. Every time I look into someone's mind I can usually pick up some worry, some pain, some issue I wouldn't want to have. I know how lucky I am. You and Daddy have been so good to us, protecting us even from ourselves. I wake up happy most mornings."

"There are some mornings you don't wake up happy?" I asked, seizing on the hint of unhappiness Charlaine was alluding to.

I was suddenly worried there might be even more going on in Charlaine's life than what I was unaware of. Ironic that Sookie Stackhouse, telepath extraordinaire, was unable to dip into the minds of her daughters.

"Yes, the mornings I have that economics class. I just can't get what Mr. Duett is talking about half the time. I guess numbers aren't my thing," she shrugged, not very troubled by how much she was struggling.

I felt her pain, numbers weren't my strong suit either. "Maybe Linda can help you, she seems to have a head for math," I suggested.

If Linda didn't look so much like Eric and me I would be suspicious she was somehow accidentally switched at birth. Her ability with numbers was astonishing. Already Eric had her doing some of the book keeping for the night club. I could see this talent dovetailing nicely with Linda's plan to run her own business someday. Maybe she got this talent from Eric.

"That was the plan, Mom. Linda's going to help me with math and I'm going to help her with social studies. We're going to pool our talents so we are all ready to take the exams and graduate high school. We can't wait to get into college next fall," Charlaine said, looking energized with her big plans.

She went off to do homework and study for the written part of her art class. I was so glad she was excited about her future. Looking forward to something, no matter how big or how small, had always been a life saver for me.

Eric had a surprise planned for the girls tonight. And tomorrow night Calabim and his mother and sister were finally going to come by to meet us. Things were moving along in a good orderly direction.

Madge had called the girls a week or so after she left to thank them for being so nice to her and to tell them her cautionary tale about unprotected sex. They didn't focus on that part of the conversation at all, they focused on the part where they would get to cuddle and play with the baby dragons.

Madge said she'd try to bring them by when they hatched, which should be in about a year. Poor Madge was worn out from egg laying and needed to rest. I was guessing those were some big eggs she'd had to squeeze out of her body.

Linda's reward poodles were finally born, weaned and old enough for her to bring home. The three of them kept her busier than a one-eyed cat watching two mouse holes.

Sheila helped her with the little bundles of energy when she was here, and I had to tend to them when the girls had classes. Devana, Destrie, and Duval were the names she finally settled on. She spent hours and hours poring over old books and internet sites before she decided on the names. I could not remember which was which and neither could her sisters. We ended up calling them the "Three D's".

Linda was going to have a professional dog trainer come in and teach the three adorable fur balls some manners when they were old enough. In the meantime it was continual crisis intervention, reminding me so much of when the girls were babies. I missed those times, but I had gotten enough of them too. I was still very unsure I wanted to commit another twenty years to a new brood.

Gordon became a concerned doggie uncle to the poodles, patiently letting them climb on him and chew on the end of his tail with their needle sharp baby teeth. I didn't shut Gordon in with them so he only visited when he felt like being romped on.

The surprise Eric had for the girls was a sword expert to teach them two handed broad sword combat. They each received an aluminum replica of a smaller broadsword that fit their smaller hand size and shorter arm length. The instructor was very dashing, with a shock of jet black hair that fell over his forehead, a pretty mouth and a trim athletic physique.

He had heavy well shaped black brows over dreamy blue eyes surrounded by thick black lashes. Though his eyes looked a little crazy at times it was just due to his wild, wry and wicked sense of humor, coupled with his fearless nature.

He was trained in many martial arts. Since he was part djinn he had an unpronounceable last name - Halder Qrtzyztoofre. It sounded kind of like "Quartz -eeze - too- fray". His gaze was so intelligent and intriguing it would be hard for any woman not to be attracted to him.

He challenged the girls with his teasing and mocking which made them annoyed enough to really give their sessions their best effort. It always ended in laughter, the girls streaming with sweat. Good thing Halder was a professional and under Eric's employ, otherwise he might become the focus of their boyfriend traction ray.

I thought Eric had picked Halder to encourage Linda to keep seeing Calabim and stay away from Jure, but maybe I was reading too much into it. I was hesitant to mention Linda's fascination with Jure for fear Eric might confront Jure about it and stir up more trouble. Let sleeping vampires lie.

As long as Linda was just fantasizing in her mind I didn't see that anything needed to be said about it. Jure seemed unaware and was involved in his own affairs. I wanted to keep it that way.

The visit with Calabim, Rayana and Bee went smoothly. Bee turned out to be a very cute dimpled little fourteen year old, a pretty female version of her handsome older brother.

Rayana was exotic, to say the least. She showed up in a huge red turban, a tight one-shouldered black top and gauzy red harem pants that billowed around her long slender legs when she walked. She wore emerald green velvet shoes that curled up at the toes. Draped around her shoulders was a slithery green velvet cape I had a hard time getting to stay on a coat hanger once she had handed me her wrap.

I was surprised when she removed her turban. Under it her hair was styled perfectly in a silky sleek pageboy that came to her shoulders. It must have been a magical turban because she didn't have "hat hair" like you would expect.

Her hair was gold. I don't mean blond, I mean metallic strands, like very fine gold wire growing right out of her scalp. No hair dye or spray in the world could do that to hair. She was a djinn, the real deal. Her bright amethyst eyes were hypnotic. I had to mentally slap myself to stop staring at her.

Aside from her very unusual appearance and the fact that she graciously declined everything I offered her to eat and drink, she was open and willing to talk about her spa business, her hopes for Calabim's future and how much she enjoyed meeting a vampire family.

Bee went off with Calabim and the girls to look at the poodle puppies and Gordon. That gave Eric and me plenty of time to talk with Rayana.

"Cal offered to give Linda a ride on his magic carpet," I said to Rayana during a conversational lull.

"Yes, I believe he told me that. You should let her go with him, it would be quite a thrill for her," Rayana said.

You would expect someone that looked as otherworldy as Rayana to have some kind of strange accent, but she didn't. She sounded like she might be from up north, maybe Chicago or Detroit.

"I'm scared of her falling off. She could ride it if he stayed a few inches above the ground and went slow," I suggested.

Rayana laughed at this. "Calabim could order the carpet to put up an invisible enclosure, making it virtually impossible for anyone to fall off. It's how we teach our little ones to fly until they are old enough to stay on by themselves," she said. Her eyes seemed to constantly change shades from deep purple to lavender to hyacinth.

Eric said, "I think we should be present if Linda decides to try it. We never let our daughters out of our control."

I thought this sounded as if we kept the girls chained up here, but I didn't say anything. I just said, "That's a good idea." I knew it was important for Eric and me to always present a united front on all our parenting decisions.

Then the kids were back with the puppies and Gordon. Chaos ensued. We parents turned our attention to our offspring and their interests.

more to come .....( Good morning Fanpires! I love that you took the time to let me know what you're thinking. Thank you so much for being here with me. I hope your health is improving and your life is full of good things.)


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195 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Five

The next full moon Charlaine said there was something she wanted us all to see. She seemed both nervous and excited about what she wanted to surprise us with.

With Eric in the lead she brought us through the leafless winter trees down to the small lake that stood between our neck of the woods and the street where Jure lived. We gathered on the shore of the lake, standing bunched together on a flat outcropping of rock.

The night was chilly and crystal clear, the huge bright yellow moon faded out most of the stars overhead. What the sun lacked in heat this time of year the moon made up for in size and brightness. It was light enough to see to read, but we weren't out here to revel in the moonlight.

"There," Eric said quietly, pointing at the glimmering road of moonlight that traveled across the small lake.

Something was moving through the shining water, making additional waves and ripples that caught and fractured the golden glow. As it came closer I saw Eric smile. I bent close to the softly lapping water to get a good look and I saw a reptilian nose sticking up out of the water. Though more than ninety five percent of the creature was invisible under the surface I still knew what it was.

"Is that Allison Beaudroux?" I asked Charlaine with a smile.

"Yup, but keep watching," she said. I noticed her hands were twisting nervously.

Right behind her a second snout parted the moonlit water. Both gators came silently up to the shore then slowly, waddling on bowed legs, they slithered out onto the leaves and mud of the lake shore, dragging their thick heavy tails behind them.

These were the biggest alligators I had ever seen in real life. Their alien yellow eyes and vertical pupils reminded me of Madge's eyes, and, I suddenly realized, Eric's eyes when he was in his most basic primitive survival mode.

Was there some connection between the eyes of the dragon and the eyes of the hibernating vampire? Were they related somehow? I didn't have time to ponder the ramifications of this new idea.

"Mom, Dad, I wanted to show you what Darren can do. He can shift. He just started a few months ago," Charlaine said proudly.

"Darren honey, say hi to my Mom and Dad and to Adele and Linda," Charlaine said coaxingly, as she would to a small child.

The grinning jaws of the larger gator opened revealing wicked teeth set into a face incapable of expression. The tiny eyes set high on the head stared unblinking at us.

Darren's thick gray throat seemed to swell, then a bellowing roar came from his open mouth. It looked like he could fit a full grown possum in that gaping maw, no problem. He bobbed his huge head up and down by way of greeting us.

I remembered when Charlaine had mentioned that Darren was changing. I thought she meant he was growing up, maybe wanting to move away from Louisiana or pursue his career in computers. I never thought she meant he was literally changing into an alligator like his Mom.

I noticed Charlaine didn't get close to him or try to hug him. She must have been cautioned that once the transformation into an animal is complete, a shifter may not retain a lot of their human understanding, knowledge, or ways. They became the animal they shifted into, thinking, sensing and wanting like a gator. A gator wanted meat, and lots of it. If I had known I would have brought a raw chicken for Allison and Darren. I knew they liked it from the gator farm I had visited as kid.

"He can hear!" I suddenly blurted out.

The words came out of my mouth as fast as they popped into my mind. I tried not to be one of those women that didn't have an unspoken thought in her head, but this was one occasion where my mouth moved faster than my brain.

"It's somethin', ain't it?" Dewey Beaudroux said in his warm cajun way, emerging from the trees. "Sorry I'm late folks. I couldn't get de blankety-blank truck started once I drop Allison and Darren off." He was wiping his greasy hands on an even greasier red bandanna that he tucked into the rear pocket of his overalls when he was done trying to clean up.

I thought the buttons might pop off his overalls with pride. "Dat boy can heah when he like dis, sure 'nuff, and he can shift into a fine big gator jes' like his mamma. He was jes' a later bloomer, was all!" Dewey laughed.

I hugged Charlaine and told her Darren made a wonderful alligator. I glanced up at Eric to see what he thought. His face was a total blank, like someone suffering from the overuse of Botox, but I saw him make a slight nod to Allison and Darren, acknowledging their existence. That was a start.

It might seem strange to a regular human for someone to delight in the shifter form or vampire nature of their loved one like Dewey or I did, but if you love one of these rare and exotic people you come to treasure the special qualities that make them so unique.

I was now seeing that in our Charlaine. Her eyes glittered with happiness as she looked at the bumpy gray-green backs of her boyfriend and his mother as they rested on the shore. I knew that Darren was a decent, intelligent and caring person, so what if he turned into an alligator once a month?

Being a huge reptile would add another dimension to Darren. It might make him more interesting or at least give Charlaine a free night to spend with her sisters once a month if she ended up with Darren. There was an upside to everything if you just looked hard enough for it.

Linda and Adele were chomping at the bit to go down to the water and touch the pretty alligators shining in the moonlight, but they followed Char's lead and stayed back. If his girlfriend was cautious around him then they were smart to be doubly so. He might retain enough memory to know who Charlaine was, but he might just see Linda and Adele as large already plucked chickens.

Maybe a new shifter lacked the control and awareness a more experienced shifter retained, just like a newly Turned vampire would be much more impulsive than one that had been a vampire for years.

"Be careful," Adele kidded Linda, making like she was going to push her into the lake, "Charlaine's boyfriend might kill you in cold blood."

I expected Char to take offense at this, but she laughed. I think her sisters had been told about Darren's ability because they didn't gasp with shock or anything when they saw who it was. They had probably been making "cold blood" jokes for weeks.

"You two knew about this?" I asked them.

"Yeah, Charlaine told us, but she was afraid ...." Linda's voice trailed off. I knew what she was going to say. She was going to say Charlaine was afraid Eric would hit the roof when he found out Darren was a shifter. Linda had the sense not to express this in front of Dewey.

Where was Dewey? I looked around for the cajun man and saw him coming out of the woods with a Piggly Wiggly plastic grocery bag in his hand.

"You-all are in for real a treat now. Linda, Adele, would you care to do de honors?" He held out the bag to them.

Adele took the bag, looked in it and grinned.

Eric said, "I will meet you back at the house. I am sure Dewey can walk you home when you are done here?" He put this in the form of a question to Dewey.

"Sho' nuff Eric. Day will be home in two shakes of a gator's tail," he said merrily.

The girls giggled up a storm at this. Eric melted into the woods. Linda reached in the bag and pulled out half of a fat raw store bought chicken.

"You gots to wave it around a bit for dem to see it, day a bit sluggish dis time o' de year," Dewey explained.

Eric could not abide the smell of chicken, that explained his hasty retreat. I was sure he would keep an eye on us from a tolerable distance upwind.

Linda and Adele each had a big half chicken for the gators. They tossed the split chicken in the air and Darren and Allison each caught one in their wide open mouths. With a few big chomps of their mighty jaws the chickens disappeared, bones and all. How ever could they digest that?

The last two halves were thrown by me and Charlaine. I was a little slower than she was and Allison turned and hissed at Darren as he gulped down his piece. I quickly threw mine to her and she caught it, looking at me with her strange glittering little eyes. Did she know it was me? No way to tell.

We called our goodbyes to the gators as they snaked their way sinuously and silently back into the tranquil waters of the lake. Dewey said he was going to pick them up as soon as they had a nice swim. In the meantime he walked us to the edge of the tree line behind our home. I saw Eric come out and stand on the back patio, waiting for us.

As soon as we were in the house I made the girls wash their hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap. Raw chicken could be loaded with nasty germs and bacteria. I wanted us to rid ourselves of the smell of raw chicken in consideration of Eric's senses and to prevent Gordon from having a nervous breakdown thinking we were feeding chicken to some other animal.

So, Darren was a were-gator too, just like his Mom. How cool was that?

more to come .....Just a note of clarification Fanpires - I will continue on with the tale of Sookie and Eric - it will just be in a new section to this epic titled "Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future".

I have already begun writing it down and will be ready to begin posting it in a few weeks, the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, as they say. I should probably throw in something about being buried in snow too since it doesn't look like it's letting up any time soon.

In the meantime I can't thank you enough for your visits here and your patience while I get the next phase of their life written down. Bless you!