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41 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Forty One

I was chomping at the bit to know what was on the DVD Eric brought home last night. It must be something amazing because he usually didn't have the kind of personality to draw something out like that.

Of course he had lovin' on his mind last night, showing me the DVD would have cut into the time we had for that.

Eric woke up and looked for me, finding me at the computer. I was trying to find out what was in those "Day Into Night" pills I bought so many years ago in the mall. I had been looking through an old photo album with the girls, and the photos from my first trip to the Vampire Land Mall jogged my memory.

Now that they had scientists and could do studies maybe they could find out what the active ingredients were and combine that with the synthesized cortisol.

He looked over my shoulder as I told him what I was doing. I had mentioned the pills a long time ago but told him at the time it was too dangerous for him to experiment with them. He asked me if I still had them.

I was embarrassed to say I probably did. I had a catch all drawer in my closet that hadn't been cleaned in donkey's years. I rummaged around and sure enough, there it was, still sealed. He took them and said he would turn them in to the center. I wished I had thought of this sooner. How the time flies!

I ate dinner with the girls, explaining why we would not be sending out for pizza again tonight. Sheila had roasted a chicken, made boiled potatoes, corn and peas. Not gourmet fare but nourishing enough.

Eric could not stand the smell of cooked chicken so we cleaned up and put the exhaust fans on before we called him in from the porch where he was talking on the phone. He sat with us while the girls had cake and I had an apple, crunching virtuously to show that I was making a healthy choice.

We talked about our planned yearly trip to the Vampire Mall, the upcoming Greek play, and Linda's plan to volunteer at the library for her community service, which was required for them to pass. They would get academic credit for their volunteer work.

Charlaine and Adele's volunteer work was going be a project sewing curtains for Habitat for Humanity. The fabric was donated, and the sewing machines would be on loan. This would prevent them from having too much contact with the outside world.

They were getting better at blocking out other minds, but they still got a headache after a few hours. Linda seemed better at blocking so she could be among people longer. All of us were experts at keeping each other out of our minds. It was the rare slip when something was seen by another.

Sheila was still hanging around to moon over Eric, but once the girls went to their classes I thanked her for staying and practically handed her coat to her.

The poor woman seemed to have never gotten a life of her own, preferring to engage in hazy romantic fantasies about my husband. Eric was oblivious to her longing gaze, and I knew every angle of Sheila, so it was easier to keep her on. No one was perfect.

I made Roscoe's dinner, studding it with hunks of white meat of chicken. He ate with gusto, even having some extra chicken breast meat as an after dinner treat. Eric and I took him out and he did his business like usual. Maybe whatever had been bothering him was getting better, but I would still have the vet take a look at him.

Now that the girls were in their classroom and Roscoe was falling asleep on his heated bed, Eric and I went up to the media room to see the DVD. We had a monitor in there to watch what went on in the class room. Eric locked the media room door before he put the DVD on.

He prefaced playing it by telling me that it contained some graphic footage and he could hold his hand over the screen to hide anything that might be offensive. I thanked him for trying to protect my delicate sensibilities. I asked him if anyone was being torn limb from limb or anything like that. He laughed and said, no, there was no blood shed, the graphic content was sexual.

I figured I could handle anything that didn't involve anyone being tortured or killed. All the sex stuff ever invented was on the Internet. In my early days with the computer I had surfed the world wide web almost spell bound with horror at the things I was seeing.

People who enjoyed being tortured, people that wanted to be humiliated, or be tied up like a rump roast, all these things and more were posted on the internet. Isabel would make a bundle with a website showing her teasing and humiliating men.

I didn't get it, but I understood that the world was not made to suit my taste. To each his own. I had seen it all before I got tired of it.

With my knowledge and experience I felt prepared to see whatever was on the DVD.

Eric hit the "play" button.

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40 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Forty

Before Eric left to go to his safe room for the day I asked him to take Roscoe out and leave a note for the girls letting them know where I was. Sheila was due in around ten and I didn't want her to wake me.

"Yes, my sex kitten," he said, kissing both my mouth and my mound good night. You couldn't have wiped the smile off his face with a silver cloth. He turned on the white noise machine and shut the door, leaving me to my sweet dreams.

I woke at one the next afternoon. Besides the stupendous sex, I was also getting over being awake for twenty four hours during Jason's confinement. I showered, looking at myself in the mirror as I dried. I had that self satisfied smile on my face a person gets when they have just made mind blowing whoopie with their beloved.

My stomach growling, I went through the underground tunnel to the kitchen. Adele and Sheila were at the table having pizza. Adele nuked me a piece and poured me a glass of orange juice. Sheila told me she had taken Roscoe out but that he didn't seem to be himself. I told her I was going to make an appointment with the vet.

"Thanks, honey," I said as Adele put the hot pizza in front of me.

"Thanks for covering me up last night," she said.

She nuked herself a second piece and cut herself a piece of chocolate cake. She was eating as if she was healthy, but why was she so sleepy?

"You're welcome," I said.

"Why did you sleep in the garage bedroom last night?" she asked, burning her mouth a little on the hot pizza and taking a big mouthful of icy orange juice to cool it.

Sheila looked at me, curious to hear the answer. A lot of what went on here was outside of her range of experience. She observed our doings like an anthropologist watches the daily lives of some remote and exotic tribe.

"Your father and I wanted to discuss the case he's working on and we didn't want to wake you since you were asleep in the media room." I said.

He was working on a case of my hot pants, I thought with an inner smile.

"Oh, that was thoughtful of you. How was it there?"

"It was a blast from the past," I said lightly.

They had heard the story of how my bedroom from the farmhouse had been moved here intact, Now it was like a time capsule.

"You could sell tickets to show it, it's such a relic," she said with the casual sensibilities of the young. To her my bedroom was like something Lincoln might have slept in.

"I just might. While I'm at it I might sell tickets to your room too. I'd call it 'the messiest room in Louisiana'." I was teasing her but there was a little annoyance behind my joking words. Her room was a disaster area and I was forbidden to straighten it out.

Clothes, books, paper, art supplies, CD's, and various games and toys were scattered knee deep in spots. No wonder she was sleeping in the media room. Her bed had a mountain of laundry on it. I offered to help her, but she became almost hysterical when I pushed. I backed down. She wasn't taking drugs or hanging around with a bad crowd. A messy room was a small enough problem to have. And she didn't bring food to her room, so at least there were no bugs.

Adele changed the subject. We discussed going to Aristophanes's play "The Frogs". I told her I wanted to read the play in English first because I wouldn't understand it in the original Greek.

"Me neither," she said, ungrammatically. "But there's going to be a teleprompter we can read to see the translation of each line."

"Like subtitles in a movie?" I asked.

"Yup, just like that." She kissed me and went up to her room, promising to clean up something today. I refrained from offering to help.

I could tell Sheila was bursting at the seams to tell me something, but I wasn't all that eager to get into a conversation with her. She was good with the girls, cleaned and cooked and stepped in where ever she was needed, but there were a few qualities of hers that rubbed me the wrong way sometimes. She was a gossip and loved to discuss people I neither knew nor cared about that were annoyances in her life at home.

Before she could get warmed up to tell me some extended tale of woe I excused myself, saying I had work I had to do for Eric on the computer. I checked my email and found Jason had sent the first pictures of Brett. He sent me an email too, thanking me for my support and asking me to let Eric know he was going to take a couple of months to get his waistline back, then he would be back to work.

"Good luck with that," I thought.

I had never gotten my waistline back, though it was better. I thought with longing of the tight firm flat stomach I had before pregnancy. Well, I had three wonderful girls to show for my flabby pooch, and it didn't seem to slow Eric down, so I put it out of my mind.

I took Linda, accompanied by Aleksis, to the library. Then Robert Bishop and I took Charlaine to the arcade in the mall. He played the games there just like a kid, and kept an eye out for trouble.

Adele wanted to stay home and take a nap so she would be awake during her classes tonight.

Again I worried about her. But shopping, talking with Charlaine, and picking up Linda took my mind off my worries over her.

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About Sookie's age - She has fairies on both sides of her family which has given her fae longevity. She is aging, but very very slowly - only one year for every 600 human years. This began when she was twenty, so she would have to live 600 years to become 21. She will remain young, but she is still vulnerable as a human woman, that's why Eric wants her to Turn.)


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39 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Nine

I peeked in on the girls to see how they were enjoying the movie. Linda and Charlaine were engrossed but Adele was asleep. I noticed she was dozing off more and more often. I hoped there was nothing wrong with her.

After taking a shower and changing into my blue nightgown I went to see how Roscoe was doing. He was sound asleep on the bed in the kitchen. I woke him up and took him out to his enclosed run to see if he had to go.

When he was done we went to my bedroom. He also had a heated bed in our room he could use as long as we weren't making love. On those occasions I moved him to the guest room so he wouldn't see what mommy and daddy were doing.

I unpacked the things I brought home, putting the soiled clothes in the bathroom hamper. I didn't feel like going to the laundry room. I heard the girls in the hall upstairs so I went up to see how they liked the movie.

"It was awesome!" Charlaine enthused, "I loved seeing the giant spaceship. Why doesn't anything like that happen in real life?"

"Don't send the movie back," Linda told me, "We didn't get to watch the extra footage yet. And we might want to see it again."

They both sang the little song the UFO answered to - "Dee-dee-dee ... dum dum."

Then they went to their rooms to get some sleep when I told them daddy might be very late tonight. Most nights they would wait up for him if he was just going to be gone for a couple of hours.

They were all so tired I suspected that Eric and Amelia had just let them do whatever they wanted while I was gone and they didn't get enough sleep. I went in the media room where Adele was fast asleep on the couch. I covered her with the soft blue and white afghan Gran had knitted and turned off the light, but left the door open and the hall light on in case she woke up and didn't know where she was.

I had just gotten back to the bedroom when I heard Eric return. Did he forget something? He came in the bedroom, picked me up and swirled me around while kissing me on the lips.

"You are a genius," he said when he had put me down.

He took off his older leather jacket and threw it on the Swedish chair. He didn't look like he had been in a fight or tussle.

"How did it go?" I asked, a little breathless.

"You were right, he was at his girlfriend's house. I will show you what happened tomorrow night," he said, holding up a DVD in a plastic case. "I called the lab people when I found his car in the lot of her condo unit and they brought a camera crew to document his condition in case he needed to be destroyed on the spot."

"Did he?" I asked.

"You will see tomorrow," he said, putting away his cuffs, gloves, taser, and other sheriff paraphernalia and then locking the lead lined drawer.

"Why do I have to wait until tomorrow?" I asked.

He came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders. "Because tonight I want to sink my fangs in you and pound you until you are senseless." He looked in my eyes, a hint of uncertainty in his expression, unsure that I might take offense at his crude talk.

I stared at him hard and unsmiling for a moment to make him worry. If he wanted crude, I could do crude.

"You mean sink your fangs in here?" I asked softly, raising the hem of my nightgown to expose my inner thigh.

He nodded. I slipped my hand inside my panties and rubbed myself. "Mmmmm," I said, "I'm hot already. Is that what you want?"

He nodded again, his pupils as large as they could get. I took my hand out and pulled down my nightie. "You better take me to the bedroom in the garage then. I might scream when I come and I don't want to wake up the girls."

His fangs snicked down fast as switchblades. He picked me and carried me to the re-created Bon Temps bedroom quicker than I could say, "Oh my stars."

He was on fire. He drew out his bite until my legs and belly shook and I couldn't get my breath. Slowly he found the sweet spot and made his bite. I was under his thrall, helpless to stop the waves of delight that radiated from his lips and teeth to every cell in my body. He sucked every ounce of will and resistance from me.

I was in free fall and he was there to catch me. He impaled me on him and I was his to do with as he wanted, a rag doll with only the ability to feel pleasure. He pounded me until I was senseless, until I did scream his name and rake his back with my nails, my legs gripped around him as he rode me to the place that all lovers wish to go.

I was home.

more to come .....

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~~~ I began these stories before book nine was released, therefore any changes in characters in books nine and ten - deaths and births - will not be reflected in my story. The same is true for the TV series. After season one the events are not included. ~~~

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38 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Eight

I hugged Amelia extra tight when she left. She had been the loyalest of friends, helping me out over the decades with so many things. She had been the one to put the anti-magic spell on the bear traps that caught the troll who kidnapped the girls.

I had thanked her for that, and Eric had paid her well for her magic, but I always had the desire to do more to show my appreciation. She never knew the whole story, how her spell had enabled Eric to destroy his evil supernatural brother. I had something in mind, but I would need to discuss it with Jason first when he got home and settled in with the new baby.

Tray and I hugged too. He was a wonderful uncle to the girls. Our only bone of contention was that the girls desperately wanted him to give them motorcycle rides but I didn't want them on a motorcycle. It was just too dangerous, in my opinion.

Of course Tray thought the girls would be perfectly safe, and maybe they would, but I didn't want to risk it. I used to watch a show with Gran that showed real E. R. doctors and nurses at work, and I remembered the motorcycle wrecks were always the worst ones.

After Tray and Amelia left the girls wanted me to look over their homework. The stuff they were doing in math, algebra and calculus was way over my head. I just congratulated them on their grades. Adele was the best at math, but the least interested in literature and grammar.

Charlaine had the best imagination and excelled in English and social studies. Linda was kind of fickle, her latest interest was science, with history coming in a close second. She did well if she was interested in a subject, but if it was too hard or seemed boring, it was hard to convince to try harder.

They had gotten the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" in the mail and were eager to see it. I made them a fruit plate and popcorn and sent them up to the media room, cautioning them to shut off the movie and discuss it with me if they found it disturbing or scary. I had seen the movie a long time ago and I didn't remember anything in it that would give them night mares.

"Oh, Mom, come on," Charlaine groaned, "We're almost fifteen, for heaven's sake."

They were all getting to the point in their development where my motherly concern for their well-being was starting to chafe. I would need to back off even more and let them grow.

When they were gone I asked Eric if Roscoe had his dinner yet.

"Yes, but he only ate half before he went back to his bed to lay down." Eric started clearing away the dinner things. We would have left over pizza for lunch tomorrow.

I tried to coax Roscoe to eat the rest of his food but he didn't want it. I changed his water and petted him while Eric put the dishes in the dishwasher and we talked.

"When do you have to go out to look for Waldo?" I asked him.

"Soon," he said, not sounding happy about it. "I wanted to be here for your homecoming."

When he was done he went to change into his sheriff clothes - jeans, a sweatshirt, and his older leather jacket. I followed him.

"My deputies, Leslie, and several of the security guards from the center are already trying to find him. We are looking for a report of an attack or murder. Leslie will know when one occurs through her police contacts."

He got his thick leather gloves, silver plated handcuffs and pure silver restraints from his lead lined bottom drawer, being careful not to touch the silver. The restraints he placed in his briefcase, along with his sunlight taser and Valerian spray. He wasn't playing around with Waldo.

I saw a piece of paper laying on my dresser. I picked it up and read it. It was a request for a hundred and fifty dollars to buy the girls tickets to see one of their Greek teacher's plays. It would be an even two hundred if I wanted to come. Of course I did.

Their Greek teacher, Aristophanes, was old school. He had supposedly died sometime B.C.E. but he had continued on as vampire in the Greek islands. Now he was living here and the owner of several diners. He liked teaching so this little job was perfect for him.

He was delightfully funny and the girls just loved him. Our running joke, when they showed me their homework, was that I didn't understand it because it was all Greek to me.

"Eric," I said, remembering something he had said to me in the car. "Didn't you say Waldo had a human girlfriend?"

"Yes," he said. He was waiting to hug me good bye.

"Well, isn't there a chance he might have gone there to see her?" I asked.

"Why would he want to kill his girlfriend?" Eric asked.

"Maybe he wouldn't go there to kill her, he might just want to see her because he misses her." We walked down the hall to the front door.

"Like I missed you when you were away?" Eric said, kissing my neck and sending chills down my spine.

He pressed me against the hall wall with his big body, filling my world with his presence. His natural distinctive spicy vampire scent mixed with that of his leather jacket and his cologne. I deeply inhaled essence of Eric like a drug.

"Yes," I murmured, kissing his muscular neck too and pretending to bite it.

"Oh," he groaned, "Oh. Now I will have to adjust the car seat."

"Why?" I asked, biting his neck again just to hear his deep moan.

"Because," he said, putting my hand on the front of his pants.

"Hurry home, be safe," I whispered against his lips.

Then we kissed one last passionate time. I watched from the window as he got in his Corvette and roared off into the night.

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37 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Seven

The girls came running to greet me just like they did when they were three. But these girls were turning into young women. At fourteen Adele and Charlaine were both nearly as tall as I am, and Linda was only a little shorter than that.

It was strange seeing them after being away for a few days. I saw how pretty and wholesome they were, their blue eyes and long wavy blond hair a perfect blend of Eric and me.

Adele had the slim supple figure of an athlete. Linda was going to be full through the bosom and hips like I was. Charlaine still kept a little of her baby plumpness. Her face was rounder, her figure fuller. All three girls were beauties. I wouldn't be able to keep them innocent and home here with Eric and me forever.

Men were going to flock around them soon like bees to flowers, and for the same reasons. I wondered how Eric was going to react when his little girls went out on dates. Eric was pretty intimidating, I was willing to bet the guys that met him were going to mind their manners.

Slowly Roscoe walked up to greet me too. I saw with sudden clarity how he had aged. His tail wagged slower, and his hips were stiff when he got up from his bed despite the glucosamine and chondroitan I sprinkled on his food and the daily pill for his arthritis.

He was over sixteen years old, and I knew dogs didn't live much beyond that. I got down on the floor and held him, my first baby, my dearest little boy. My eyes filled with tears realizing that my sweet dog's days were numbered. I felt the pain a vampire must feel when they love a mortal and see them age.

I wouldn't let him suffer. I owed him that. When his life became a burden to him I was determined to do the right thing and help him go peacefully. It would be my final act of love for him, to make his departure gentle and kind.

I looked up and all the girls had tears in their eyes. They had never known life without Roscoe. And they knew exactly how I was feeling at that moment. We all hugged him and told him what a good boy he was, making him very happy as I had tried to do every day of his life.

Eric watched this small unspoken drama with a calm expression. But when we stood up he too bent down and petted Roscoe. Eric had given him to me when Roscoe was just a little puppy, and over the years Eric had come to love him too. He gently picked Roscoe up and carried him to the kitchen and placed him on his soft heated bed to be near us. It was all the little guy really wanted, to be in the midst of our loving family.

We all sat down around the table. "Where's Amelia?" I asked.

From behind me she said, "Right here."

She came in carrying a chocolate iced cake that said "Congratulations Aunt Sookie and Uncle Eric". One blue candle was lit and placed in the middle of the cake. We were truly celebrating a birth day.

"Charlaine, did you help Aunt Amelia make this beautiful cake?" I asked.

I recognized Charlaine's writing on top. Charlaine blushed with pride at her accomplishment. She was wearing a red blouse, a beautiful color on her.

"It was more like I helped her," Amelia said. "She's a wonderful cook. I enjoyed every second with these girls."

She meant it too. She was probably not going to have children, for reasons of her own. Having my girls spend time with her over the years gave her the joy of seeing children close to her heart learn, grow and develop.

Her training as one of Hecate's Handmaidens had matured her as both a witch and a person. She no longer did wacky spells that backfired. Even her taste in decorating had gotten better. I was considering selling her my old farmhouse now that I knew she wouldn't paint the golden oak wood work or knock down the original walls.

I told the girls about the birth, leaving out most of the graphic stuff. Linda must have dipped into my mind as I was talking because I saw her eyes go wide with shock when I got to the actual birth. They loved the name Brett and couldn't wait to meet their cousin. He would be spoiled rotten once my daughters got their hands on him. Jason was going to send us pictures of the baby as soon as he got to a computer.

Tray showed up just as the cake was being cut. The handsome and rugged werewolf, Amelia's Significant Other for the last decade and a half, looked more distinguished with the streaks of gray that had shown up in his temples recently. He had pizzas again. I suspected the girls had talked Eric into letting them have pizza every night. It was their favorite meal.

I quickly made a salad and put out fruit as a hint to not just fill up on pizza and cake, but their food choices were their own. I had poured in all my influence, common sense and wisdom during their formative years, now I just had to trust that they would take what I had given them and use it to build a happy life.

Together we enjoyed the food, camaraderie and comfort that comes from having a close knit family. I was so glad that finally Jason and Angellica would have this too.

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36 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Six

"They have isolated a hormone combination that is unique to vampires. Our greatly enlarged pineal glands produce a kind of super melatonin. It is why our skin is so pale. Our entire body is hypersensitive to light and the length of the day. We have reversed the usual way melatonin is used in the body. Our super-melatonin responds to light instead of darkness. Vampire serotonin is not like human serotonin, and that seems to reinforce the extreme reaction we have to the length of the day."

This was utterly fascinating. If it was a hormonal process, then maybe their hormones could be adjusted somehow without compromising their health.

"How can this information be used to change the vampire sleep cycle?" I asked.

"Lingza has a counter-hormone in his system, produced by his altered adrenal glands. It is very similar to the human stress hormone cortisol, but his cortisol does not produce the symptoms of stress, it produces wakefulness and protection from the effects of the sun. Modern vampires burn up in sunlight, like focusing a magnifying glass on a pile of straw, because our hormones focus the sunlight internally and cause combustion."

He rubbed the skin on my bare forearm. "Human skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to the sun, but in vampires it produces something that acts like an accelerant to the burning. Lingza's skin does not do that, though he will not tan either." He turned onto on the road that led to our house, remembering to use his turn signal. I was so happy to be going home.

"Can the scientists synthesize Lingza's kind of cortisol?" I asked, excited by the progress the center had made so far.

"As Shakespeare would have phrased it, 'There's the rub'. Lingza's type of cortisol has a very bad effect on modern vampires," he said sadly, shaking his head.

"What kind of bad effect?"

"It turns them into psychopathic killers." Eric looked at me to see if I understood what that meant. I must have looked confused. "It makes them insane, they want only to kill. Their blood lust is unquenchable and they will not stop until they are staked."

I suddenly had a bad feeling about this. "How do they know what happens to a vampire that is exposed to the altered cortisol?"

"Because they have created two such deranged beings," Eric hesitated, then went on, "The first, a criminal volunteer from Canada, had to be destroyed almost immediately. The serum was changed and tried again, this time on one of their staff members. They were more prepared the second time and captured the vampire once he began to show signs of madness. Unfortunately he has escaped. It is my job to capture him before he causes an incident."

"But he can only come out at night, right?" I asked, seeing the lights of our house all ablaze to welcome me home.

"Unfortunately no, the cortisol is keeping him awake during the day too." Eric looked very unhappy about his job.

We parked in the driveway, but stayed in the car to finish our conversation in private.

We kissed, now that we weren't about to run out of gas, nor in public. Eric, like me, wanted to keep our private moments private, not an easy task with three lively girls in the house, not to mention Sheila, Pam, and the others that dropped in to visit or help.

That explained why we found ourselves making out like teenagers in the car in our driveway, Eric keeping lookout while he laid a little vampire sugar on me. I knew he had missed me and that he would welcome me home even more passionately later. Eric knew that making love didn't start in the bedroom.

"Do I know this second vampire?" I asked him when my homecoming was practically a Corvette coming. I pulled down my skirt, smoothed my hair, and tried to compose myself before going in the house.

"You may have seen him at the center. His name is Waldo Cronkite."

I did remember him, a geeky looking vampire with a bow tie and big horn rimmed glasses. He must have weighed 120 pounds dripping wet.

"Waldo, the guy that ran the blood lab?" I asked. I re-hooked my bra. How had Eric gotten it open without me realizing it? Vampire super sex powers, I guess.

"Yes, he is the one. He volunteered to be the first one to try the improved modified synthesized cortisol. He has a human girlfriend and he wanted to be with her during the day. He began to deteriorate about five hours after taking the second batch of serum. We had him locked up, hoping he would be restored to his original mild mannered self in time, but he used his superior intellect to trick one of the two were-beavers we had cleaning that floor."

"You have were-beavers cleaning the center?" I rubbed a little solid stick perfume on my wrists to try and cool off.

"Yes, they are very hard workers and ask only for a stream they can dam when the moon is full as a bonus to their wages. The two on the floor with the security vault are named Bucky and Bertha."

"How did Waldo trick the were-beavers?" I asked, re-appying my lipstick in the rear view mirror. Now my scarlet lips matched my cheeks.

"He convinced them that he had been accidentally locked in the security vault. Bucky let him out believing him to be truthful since he had seen him running the blood lab many times. We do not tell the were-beavers what our experiments are about. And they are sworn to secrecy about anything they might accidentally see. Or, I should say, they were sworn to secrecy." Eric unbuckled his seat belt, ready to leave the car.

"Waldo killed them?" I asked, horrified. Those poor were-beavers, just trying to do their job.

"No, but he scared them very badly. They had the presence of mind to lock themselves in the security vault. As soon as they were freed they quit. All the other were-beavers quit too when they heard what happened. The cameras show the raging crazy behavior of Waldo once he realized he was not going to get to tear into a beaver. He was obviously deranged. Now I have the unenviable task of finding a hyped-up vampire that can get around in the daytime when I am not able to pursue him." He opened his door.

"And the big question is - where's Waldo," I said, getting out of the car when Eric opened my door.

more to come ......(Erin, Holly, Eminé, Tamara, Anonymous Z, Lynn, Carolina - I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know your thoughts and reactions. I hope everything is tied up and makes sense by the end of this story.

Since I never know what I'm going to write until I actually start typing, I am reading along with you too, waiting to see how things come out.

Eminé - Thanks for sharing that fascinating historical information. I can't imagine what it would be like to be married at 7, and I hope it wouldn't include all the aspects of marriage until the child is older.)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

35 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Five

Eric was able to pick me up at the airport because my flight was so late it was already dark when the wheels touched down. Amelia was staying with the girls until we got back. I told Eric more details about the birth as we drove home.

"It must have been one of the hardest deliveries ever," I said.

"I do not think so. When a woman was labor she could often be heard all over the village, sometimes for days. The screams of a delivering woman were distinctive, especially for a first baby. His delivery sounds normal for a first delivery."

Eric was pretty blase' when it came to the suffering of others. He had seen so much it really didn't get to him anymore.

"I think I'm glad I didn't go through all that. It might have put me off ever having any more babies."

Eric laughed, " 'If women really remembered what it was like to give birth each woman would only have one child'. That was a saying of the old women that helped with the births in my village."

"Of course now there is very good pain relief for those that want it."

"Yes, the modern world is full of miraculous medical discoveries. Speaking of that, there has been a break through with the study of Lingza."

Eric pulled into an all night gas station to fill the Corvette up with gas. He had been running on fumes when he got me at the airport because picking me up had been a last minute decision. He preferred the "self serve" pumps because he didn't trust anyone around his beloved car. I think all the years with the mini-van had worn a little thin.

Now we had a new Subaru that was customized to carry all of us, and of course Eric had the Corvette. I had cried like a big baby when I traded in the old Subaru, the one Eric had given me way back when we were dating. The dealer had to bring me a glass of water and a box of tissues before I could leave the dealership.

As Eric went inside to pay I thought about what the development with Lingza could be. Lingza was the Neanderthal vampire Eric, Jure and Isabel had brought out of the mine in Brazil.

He was a very early vampire that not only ate a vegetarian diet to supplement his blood drinking, but was also able to go out in the sun with no ill effects. He was moderately intelligent and had cleverly developed a simple sign language to indicate what he wanted. He had never been able to learn our language, and we had never managed to learn his, if he had one.

The underground, highly secret, vampire-run King Felipe de Castro Research Center had been working for over a decade to discover what enabled Lingza to go out in the day. It was the holy grail of discoveries in the vampire world. If they could be active during the day, vampires would cease to be vulnerable and their lives would be much fuller. Personally it meant I could spend more time with my husband.

I missed Eric during the day, though I was never lonely with the girls around. We cooked, cleaned, shopped and went out hiking and walking together. We all used the workout room and we talked like magpies.

I knew it wasn't normal for children to spend so much time with just their mother, father, tutors, their family, and a few vampires, but it was the way they wanted it. I was glad they weren't being exposed to the many bad influences teens face each day among their peers.

Recently Linda had asked if she could spend more time in the library. She loved books just like I did. In many ways she was the most like me with my features, my stubborn streak and my curiosity.

Tomorrow I was going to take her to the library, drop her off for a few hours, and take Charlaine and Adele to the arcade for them to play games, if there weren't too many people that would overload their minds. The arcade was a good place for them because everyone was usually just concentrating on the game they were playing. That kind of focused thought was easy to shut out.

When Eric got back in the car and drove off I came back to our conversation.

"What is the breakthrough?" I asked.

more to come ..... (Patricia, Anonymous Z, Holly, Tamara, Eminé, Cindy, Sally, Carolina, Marlene, Kira, danimcket, Erin - I appreciate hearing your kind words of encouragement and opinions, as always. Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think. I always read your comments first thing.)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

34 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Four

I slept until almost ten in the morning the next day, then I went to the cafeteria and had a hearty breakfast. I went to the birthing center and inquired for Jason. They directed me to his room.

He was sitting up in bed bragging to his buddies while Angelica discreetly nursed the baby behind a blue blanket. Jason had opted out of nursing, but Angellica wanted to try. She had been taking hormone shots to stimulate her milk glands. No one knew if it would work, but she was willing to try.

"You didn't make a sound?" one of the men was asking, "Not even when you pushed that big head out?"

"Nope," Jason said. "I did it all natural and never made a peep."

Angellica and I made eye contact, both of us remembering the almost nonstop moans, groans and shrieks Jason had made, but we both figured he had earned the bragging rights. If he made the story a little bigger and better, well, we were in Texas. It was almost expected.

"Did it hurt?" the small guy with glasses asked.

His belly was huge, he was either going to have a big baby or he was expecting twins. He was the descendant of a god and a human, and his forefather had been the one to give birth, a trait that had been passed down to him.

"It hurt worse than anything," Jason said."It's not like you see in the movies. It goes on for hours and hours."

Angellica didn't want him to scare the other men so she added, "Of course it wasn't anything you couldn't handle, honey."

"Yeah, I could handle it." Jason loved being the center of attention like this.

As he bragged I thought he was probably already forgetting how bad it been. It was this ability that enabled people to have another baby.

The nurse came in and shoo'ed all the guys out of the room. She told Jason he had to get up and try to use the bathroom. This is where not being cut open will pay off, I thought.

He got up and shuffled to the bathroom in his paper slippers. Angellica switched sides and the baby sucked noisily.

"Have you thought of a name yet?" I asked her.

Jason groaned in the bathroom and the nurse said something to him about stitches. They were in there quite a while. I remembered the complete lack of privacy I had experienced after I had the triplets.

"Yes, we're naming him Brett Hale," she said proudly. "Brett Hale Stackhouse."

Then to the baby she said, "You look like a Brett! Yes you do! So handsome!"

She kissed his forehead. I knew she was going to be great mother from the way she had been so wonderful with the girls when they were tiny.

"You're going to have to go before we discharge you," the nurse was warning Jason as she followed him back from the bathroom.

To Angellica she said, "He's afraid to move his bowels because of the stitches. Try to get him to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to get him moving."

"Will do," Angellica said.

When she was done nursing she let me hold the sleeping Brett, then Jason wanted to hold him. When parents wait as long as Jason and Angellica did for a child, they are completely enchanted with their child.

I hung around for a while longer, then went back to my room, packed, and took a short nap before I sent for a cab to take me to the El Paso International Airport and my flight home.

more to come .....(Eminé, Patricia, Marlene, Anonymous Z, Holly, Tamara, Rambo, Sally, Catarina, Kira, Cindy - Thanks for your hilarious and insightful comments. The adventure goes on!

Anonymous Z
- 'a rip-rearing good time was had by all'. You are something else! I love your clever plays on words.)


Monday, August 23, 2010

33 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Three

Slowly the head began to push out. There was blood and mucus streaked on the scalp, but I could see the baby had light brown hair like Angellica's.

Jason's legs shook uncontrollably. The nurse had to fasten the Velcro strips to keep them in the raised position. Bram kept pressure on the baby's scalp with a wad of gauze so the head wouldn't come out explosively. That would probably rip him badly.

"The baby has hair!" Angellica told Jason happily.

He was straining so hard I was afraid he might bust a blood vessel. He wanted that baby out. Now. Bram continued to allow the head to ease out a little with each push to stretch the opening gradually.

"Go ahead, use that anger, push hard with it, push past the pain," Bram advised him in her quiet voice once Jason had stopped screaming.

He grunted and pushed, finally getting the biggest circumference of the head almost halfway out. "The head is crowning now Jason, don't stop pushing, this is the end of it. It will all be over with the next push," Bram said.

He pushed again but stopped to shriek. Jason's skin, tight around the baby's head, was a fiery red color, like a crimson crown on his child's head. It was amazing to see that big head come out of that small opening. It was beautiful, though I knew it must be very very painful too.

"Keep pushing," Bram said sternly. "I know you feel like you're going to tear in half but you won't. Push Jason, bear down hard."

He screamed, a loud, full-out, blood curdling scream, then he pushed. The baby's head slowly slid all the way out. Immediately Bram suctioned out the baby's mouth and nose. The puffy little face was covered in that protective white stuff, the eyes closed.

Jason was gasping in short shrieks. The next contraction came and he screamed and pushed hard, getting the shoulders out with some maneuvering by Bram, then the whole baby slid out along with lots of water, blood and other stuff. A thick veined spiraled bluish cord attached the baby to the placenta still inside of him.

"Look down Jason, see your baby. Open your eyes," Bram said, standing up and placing the baby on Jason's chest.

It took Jason a few seconds to stop screaming and come back to this plane of reality. The unbearable pain had taken him to a place far away from us, his own private island of agony. His eyes opened and he gradually focused on us all, and then looked at the baby.

The nurse rubbed the baby with the blanket to dry it and stimulate it. Then the baby started to cry. I was crying, Jason was crying, Angellica was crying.

"What is it?" Jason asked weakly through his tears.

He was exhausted from all the effort he had made, especially those last couple of big pushes. I could tell they took absolutely everything he had.

"It's a boy!" Angellica said, "It's a boy, a perfect, beautiful wonderful baby boy. I love you so much honey, I knew you could do it." She gave him a long kiss on the mouth.

The nurse had Angellica cut between the clamps they had placed on the cord and the baby was no longer attached to Jason. A new life had been brought into the world. I sobbed and hugged Angellica and Jason with the sheer joy of witnessing this miracle.

While they admired the baby, Bram delivered the afterbirth during the cramping after-contractions, which in Jason's case included the uterus too. That way his lower bowel could go back to doing what it used to do.

He had a small bloody jagged tear upwards in his perineum. Bram kept telling Jason to hold still while she injected Novocaine into the raw edges of the wound. I flinched seeing the needle go into that red tender stretched flesh. The shots made him jump so badly it took a while to get numb. When he was ready she neatly stitched up the tear. Then they lowered his legs and wheeled him, the baby and Angellica to their room.

As they left I heard him telling her, "I ain't never having another baby."

I let them go and have some time together. I stepped outside and was startled to see it was dark again. How long had Jason been in labor? It must have been twenty four hours. No wonder I was so tired. I found a bench, sat down and called home.

Eric answered the phone. "Is everything all right?" he asked.

I explained that Jason just now had the baby and that it was a boy. I told him it had been a long hard labor but that he had gone all the way without being medicated.

"Congratulate him and Angellica for me," Eric said. "What are they naming the baby?"

I didn't know. I asked Eric how the girls were and he reminded me that this was their night with the English teacher. I had lost track of time. I asked if Sheila was still there.

He said she had gone home for the night but was going to show up first thing tomorrow and make a meal for the girls when they got up. Then Amelia would come in the afternoon.

I planned on being home by tomorrow night, so I told Eric I would see him then. Then I went back to my room and slept like a log, worn out from the hours of attending Jason's birth.

more to come .....(Holly, Sally, Eminé, Marlene, Patricia, Anonymous Z, Cindy, Tamara - I really appreciate you following along and sharing your thoughts. What's good for the goose is good for the gander is not always true, and it is interesting to explore what if this was really possible.

I patterned Jason's labor and delivery on an average for a first time birth. Of course some labors are faster, and some are slower, but twenty four hours of labor and an hour of pushing with a first baby is not unusual, from what I understand. I have no medical training so I'm going by what I read on the topic.)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

32 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty Two

I was allowed back in the birthing room. It was nice they didn't make him change rooms to have the baby. Of course, in the state Jason was in right now, I don't think he'd notice if he was in the center of Cajun Stadium.

He was on his back with his legs up high and spread far apart in stirrups. His gown was pulled up but he had a cloth over his privates. They had been taped up to keep them out of the way.

Bram sat on a low stool between his legs, a bright light shining over her shoulder so she could see his bottom. She was gowned and masked. The monitor showed the baby's heart beat was steady and strong.

He was in the middle of a contraction so he didn't notice me enter the room. The nurse was telling him to take a big breath and hold it, but he was shrieking so loud I don't think he heard her. He was lifting his hips up off the table, bucking and struggling against the pain. His face was beet red.

"Jason, Jason," she said loudly in his ear, "Stop that, it's not helping. You need to do what I say now. Take a big breath and push down hard. Keep your bottom down. It will feel better if you do. Grab the handles at the side and bear down."

She placed his hands on the handles and raised his head so his pushing would be more effective.

He must have processed that because he held his breath, grabbed the handles and pushed with all his strength, making a long loud yelling grunt at the end.

"It don't feel better, you bitch. It hurts like hell," he snarled when he could talk.

"The harder you push, the sooner it will be over," Bram said mildly.

She wiped away some blood from his bottom. "Now with the next contraction I want you to try to push my fingers out, that will show you exactly how to push effectively."

His next contraction began and Bram inserted her fingers, telling him to try and push them out like he was having a big bowel movement. He took one breath, blew it out, said a bad word a few times, then he took a big breath, held it and pushed as hard as he could. Bram's fingers came out.

She quickly removed that glove and put on a clean one. His face was suffused with blood and the veins stood out in his neck like earthworms under his crimson skin. He blew out his breath with a shriek.

"Again!" the nurse commanded. He took another big breath and pushed again. She felt his stomach. He shrieked and she said, "Again!" He pushed again, then the contraction was over.

He lay there panting and sweating. Angellica got a folded paper fan from the table near the far wall and fanned him to cool him off. They went through the pushing routine again and again. I started to cheer him along too, telling him to push. He got into a pattern, pushing, grunting, shrieking, crying, begging for someone to knock him out and then pushing again.

"I can't I can't," he moaned, tears streaming from his eyes. "I'm so tired. Just yank the baby out."

"You're doing it, Jason. You're doing great," we all said in turns. But obviously Jason didn't care if he was doing it, he just wanted it to be over.

Finally, after an hour of pushing, we could see the baby's head each time he pushed. Bram had him push between contractions to keep the head from sliding back each time. She used her gloved fingers to stretch the opening more as he pushed. From the sounds Jason was making, this must have been the worst part.

For the first time I realized I had been spared something pretty bad by having a Cesarean, but maybe it was wonderful too. I would never know.

The nurse put a mask over Jason's mouth between contractions. He grabbed her hand and held the mask to his face, breathing in and out rapidly.

"What are you doing?" she asked, laughing.

"Ain't that some kind of knock out gas?" he gasped.

"No Jason, it's just oxygen to make sure the baby gets plenty while you're pushing."

"But it hurts, it hurts so much," he sobbed in despair. "Can't you put me out? This hurts so bad. Oh God, it hurts."

"I know dear, but it's almost over now," she said, replacing the mask until the next contraction.

more to come .....(Eminé, Sally, Anonymous Z, Patricia, Carolina, Cindy, Marlene, Holly - I so enjoy your comments and speculations.

I wonder how a man would feel reading this description of Jason's labor and delivery. I have always thought that some men might be jealous that women could carry and bring forth life and they could not. It's an experience they will never know.

If there are any men reading this, I would love to hear what you think.)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

31 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty One

The midwife was in the room trying to get Jason to change positions.

"It won't do any good," he moaned, "I need to be knocked out."

He groaned and breathed with both women coaching him until the contraction was over.

The midwife had brought in a big exercise ball and was trying to get Jason to sit on it. Finally, after two more contractions, he agreed.

She put a towel down on the ball but before Jason could sit on it he said urgently, "I need to go to the bathroom, right now."

The midwife walked him to the bathroom. I heard a loud groan and then it sounded like lots of water gushed out of Jason into the toilet. I stayed in the bed room, but I could hear everything that went on through the open door.

"That's good, it's nothing to be alarmed about, it's just your water breaking." the midwife said.

"Why is it coming out of my butt?" he whined.

"That's where the baby is going to come from. The water washes you clean inside naturally. That way we don't need to give you an enema. Your body has decided to use the natural opening you already have. That's good news, it will mean a much quicker recovery time than an opening in your stomach."

I could attest to that. A recovery from a Cesarean was usually long and painful. I had been lucky enough to have Eric's blood to heal, but without it I would have been laid up for weeks, maybe months. It was better to have the baby come out naturally.

"Now that your bag of waters has broken your labor can pick up," the midwife said, leading Jason over to the ball.

"Pick up?" Jason asked, his mind boggling with disbelief that it could get any worse than this.

It got worse.

He sat on the ball and leaned the front half of his body on the bed while Angellica and I took turns rubbing his back. With every groan he had to be reminded to relax, to just let it happen. Behind Jason's back Angellica grinned at me and winked. She was super excited about the baby. All night long Jason labored while we breathed with him and offered emotional support.

Angelica and I took a break the next morning to get some breakfast. We took our time, not eager to return and watch Jason's face contort with pain over and over. She was so happy they were finally having their baby. The midwife continued to coach Jason while we were gone.

I thought it was too early to call the house. The girls usually didn't get up until after noon. After a third cup of coffee we returned to the birthing center.

As we walked down the yellow hall we could hear Jason moaning and asking how much longer this was going to go on.

He was saying "I can't do this no more," when we entered the room.

The new midwife that was attending Jason introduced herself as Bram. She was a practical and reassuring person, with a lovely, clean-scrubbed, clear-eyed freckled Irish face and short strawberry blond braids. She explained to Jason that the only thing that would make the labor end quicker was if he walked. I noticed she had a slight Irish lilt to her voice.

Jason walked for a while, leaning on the hand rail that ran down the wall of the hall. Then he got back on the ball. Then he walked some more. The hours went by one painful contraction at a time, then Jason felt like he just had to get back in bed and lay down.

When he did, Bram put on a glove, lubricated it, and checked Jason's progress under the covers. She took her time doing it, frowning, making sure everything was as it should be. The whole time Jason moaned that she was hurting him and begging her to stop.

She took her hand out and stripped off the glove. "It won't be long now, Jason. You're doing fine. I'm just going to get everything ready."

She left the room. Jason whimpered, "I can't do this, I can't do this," as he had been saying for hours.

"You're doing terrific Jason, it will all be over soon," Angellica said.

He looked at her with a mean look and said, "This is all your fault, you bitch. You're the one that wanted this goddam baby so much." Then another contraction hit and he couldn't talk.

Angellica said to me, "The teacher at our birthing class said he might get like this. It means he's nearing the end. I won't take it personally."

She went to get a bottle of water at the vending machines and she said she would bring me back a diet Coke.

In a few minutes Angellica came back and handed me my diet Coke and a vending machine chocolate chip cookie. Jason had more ice chips, his throat was dry from panting and vocalizing.

I was so excited about the impending birth I couldn't go eat lunch even though it was lunch time. Jason was allowed to suck on ice chips. On and on his labor went. He said it kept getting worse, if such a thing were possible. From his curses, protests and moans it sure sounded like it was getting worse.

He continued to curse like Hel with each contraction. He tried breathing different ways but nothing helped. He begged to be knocked out, but Angellica held firm. He had made out a birth plan and he had specifically assigned her the task of not allowing him to be medicated, no matter what he said in the moment.

She was determined to stick to the plan. She had shown me, in Jason's own neat handwriting, where he had wanted her to be the will power he knew he would lose once it really started to hurt.

Bram examined Jason again. Again he wailed and moaned at what she was doing. "You're in transition now, Jason, soon you'll be able to push." She patted his shoulder encouragingly.

Jason's moans began to change. There was a grunting tone to them, they were deeper and longer. His breath caught in his throat and he made a straining sound. Bram came back and asked me to step out of the room for a few moments while they got him ready to deliver.

I felt a little guilty being as happy and excited as I was while Jason was in so much pain. But it would be over soon and he would forget all about it once he held the baby. Angellica was doing the right thing making him stick to his birth plan. His pride and ego would hurt him more and for much longer if he was medicated now.

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Erin, Patricia, Holly, Eminé, Cindy, Marlene, Tamara, Catherine - I appreciate the time and effort you made to leave a comment. Hope you are all going to have a good weekend.)


Friday, August 20, 2010

30 - Bundle of Joy ..... Part 2

Chapter Thirty

"I ain't gonna be able to do this" was the first thing he said to the doctor that came in to examine him.

She said, "Let me see how you're doing first."

She felt his belly, then reached under the blankets with a gloved lubricated hand and must have inserted her fingers in his rectum. Jason groaned loudly as she moved her hand around.

She took her hand out and pulled off the glove. "Well, you're definitely in labor," she said.

"How far along am I?" he asked. Angellica raised the head of the bed so he was sitting up.

"Oh, you're just at the beginning. I'll come back in a few hours and see how you're progressing. You're doing fine," she said, standing up. She patted him encouragingly on the knee and left the room.

Another nurse came in and wrapped a band around his belly that monitored the baby's heartbeat.

"Your baby has a good strong heartbeat. You're doing great." She left with a strip of paper that showed the jagged lines indicating the baby's heart beat.

"If I'm doing great why am I in so much pain?" Jason asked.

"That's because you're not doing your breathing. I'll breath with you like they showed us," Angellica said.

"I thought with all the pain I had I would be ready to have this baby," he complained. "She said I'm just at the beginning. What does that mean?" Jason asked.

Then he had to stop talking and try to master his pain. Angellica worked with him, getting him to slow down his breathing and not tense up. She was a great coach, telling him how good he was doing and how proud she was of him.

Jason was very uncomfortable. He and Angellica did the breathing together, but it only relaxed him, it didn't take away the pain. I went outside the clinic to call Eric.

I told him what was happening.

"How is he holding up?" Eric asked.

"Well, it obviously hurts like heck. He made bets all over the ranch that he could give birth without anesthesia, but I think he regrets that now. He might not make it all the way."

"He might. Women have given birth naturally for thousands of years. He just needs to give in and let the process do its work."

That was good advice. "Did the girls get their pizza?" I asked.

"Yes. I washed some salad greens for them to have with it. Tonight we are going to watch 'Monsters versus Aliens' up in the media room. Amelia will be back tomorrow to take over, but Sheila is going to sleep in the girl's wing tonight so Amelia does not have to get here at the crack of dawn."

"Why is Sheila there?" I asked. She had the biggest crush on Eric ever.

"I think Amelia talked to her today on the phone and asked her if she could be here in the morning. Sheila thought I might need help so she turned up here tonight. I put her in Mary's old room. Is that alright?" Eric asked, suddenly concerned he might have done the wrong thing.

"That's fine honey. Is she going to be watching the movie with you guys?" I asked casually.

"I do not know. I had not invited her but one of the girls might have. Why? You do not want her to see 'Monsters versus Aliens'?" he asked, sounding confused.

"No, no, that's fine. Enjoy the movie. I'll call back if there's more news. I love you very very much Eric," I said.

"I love you very very much too. Let me know when I am an uncle."

We made kissing noises and hung up.

Darn that Sheila.

She was taking advantage of my absence to try and get a little closer to Eric. She wasn't his type, I told myself. And Eric has been loyal and true.

Still, it might be tempting for Eric to .... No, that was ridiculous, I told myself sternly. This was just my old bugaboo jealously raising its ugly head again. Time to get back to Jason and try to help.

When I opened the door to his room I began to doubt if anything was going to help.

more to come .....(Good morning fanpires! I'm in a bit of a rush this morning so I just have time to post my story and run. Thank you for leaving a comment, happy Friday to you!)


Thursday, August 19, 2010

29 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Nine

The periodic pains kept up for hours, and seemed to get worse. He ended up panting during the worst of it like I showed him once he simply didn't know what else to do.

Around sundown Angellica got back, happy with her purchases. She didn't seem overly concerned with Jason's contractions. She hugged him and rubbed his back, trying to determine just what his status was.

While they talked in the room I called the house again from the deck. Charlaine answered the phone.

"Hi Mom, what's up?" she asked cheerfully.

I could hear the blender running in the background and Adele was singing "All You Need I is Love" loudly to the Beatles CD she recently ordered on Amazon. She really liked the Beatles and was learning all the words to the songs.

"I think your uncle might be in active labor. Aunt Angellica just got back from shopping so we're probably going to be heading over to the birthing center soon. How are things there?"

"No, just strawberries and blueberries for me," she said to someone away from the phone. Then to me she said, "Sorry, Linda is making smoothies, I wanted to make sure she left out the banana in mine."

Charlaine didn't like bananas, she hadn't since she was about two. The rest of us ate them like monkeys.

"Do you have enough milk?" I asked. I had tried to stock the house before I left, but I knew Amelia and Eric would make sure the girls ate well if I forgot something.

"Yes, Mom, we still have two more gallons after this. And we're ordering pizza for dinner as a special treat. Uncle Tray is going to pick them up on his motorcycle on the way home. Do you think he can carry four pizzas on his motorcycle?" she asked, worried that her favorite meal might not get to her safely.

"I'm sure he can, sweetheart. He once carried an antique dresser all the way from Monroe on his Harley. Have Aunt Amelia tell you that story, it's a hoot."

I heard a loud groan come from inside the room. "Charlaine, listen, I think I have to go. Give my love to everybody there and tell your father I'll call back when I can. If this is the real thing it might be a few hours before I can call, depending."

"Sure thing, Mom. Love you!" she said.

"Love you too," I replied and we both ended the connection.

When I went back in the room Angellica had Jason on his feet. His face was pale, with dark circles under his eyes. Angellica was smiling.

"I think this might it be it," she said, excited.

To Jason she said, "Isn't this exciting honey? Soon we'll have our own baby to love after all these years of waiting."

Jason tried to talk but another contraction hit him. He went to sit down but Angellica said, "No Jason, remember what Dr. Fay said. Walking will bring the baby faster. You don't want to drag this out, do you?"

Jason leaned against the wall, moaning. When the contraction was over he said, "I think I must be near the end. I better get to the birthing center before I have this baby in the room."

We gathered up his bag with his pillow, his meditation CD on portable player, and other things he might need during labor. Then we walked the short ways to a modern looking building. Jason had to stop several times on the way because of the pains. He waddled from side to side as he slowly walked up the steps, hanging on the railing for support.

When we got to the center the nurse examined Jason. "I'm happy to say you really are in labor this time. Just get the necessary papers and we'll put you in a birthing suite."

While receptionist did the paper work Jason groaned and leaned on the desk. Everyone was smiling except Jason.

"Hurry up," he hissed at the receptionist as she waited for some forms to print out. Then he had to lean and groan some more.

"Here you go sir. You can fill these out in the room. Good luck," she chirped.

We walked down a pleasant yellow corridor to birthing suite seven. It had a bed, a window and two chairs. A big clock on the wall ticked with each second. A nurse came in and told Jason to take off all his clothes and put on two johnnies, the first open in the back, the second open in the front. She left him paper slippers for his feet.

I walked out in the hall while Angellica helped Jason change. I heard him moan every few minutes, the contractions seemed to be getting closer together. I heard another man moan "ooohhh, oooohhh" in another room, then he made a sharp noise and was quiet.

"Ok, Sookie, you can come in," Angellica said.

Jason sat on the edge of the bed in his hospital gown, groaning. He looked at me and said, "I ain't gonna be able to do this."

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28 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Eight

After Jason ate his cake and ice cream, and my cake and ice cream, we went back to his room. He slowly lowered himself down on the bed with a groan.

The room was nice, like a high end hotel room with a large flat screen television, a good mattress on the bed, a sitting area, and large sliding doors to a private deck to look out over the scenery. There was desert and hills all around the ranch. It was peaceful and secluded, just the thing a pregmant man would want to live out his final months of pregmancy.

Once Jason was settled on his side I sat on the edge of the bed behind him and rubbed his lower back, knowing just where the spots were that hurt the most. It was all coming back to me now.

"Oh yeah, yeah, right there," he moaned with pleasure.

Once I had him all relaxed and almost asleep I stepped out on the deck and called Amelia to see how the girls were.

"They're doing fine, Sookie, don't worry about us," Amelia assured me. "We just went for a nice long walk. We took Roscoe, though Adele ended up carrying him most of the way. Aleksis told us about the geology of the area. He knows a lot about how the area was formed."

Aleksis had been their body guard for almost a year now. He was trained in both weapons and hand to hand combat, a good combination for someone you want to guard your children with his life. He had worked with a geologist during his two years in college.

"What are they doing right now?" I asked. I missed them like crazy.

"Linda is listening to music with headphones, Adele is doing homework, and Charlaine is getting ready to help me bake a chocolate cake. Do you want to talk to them?"

I hated to disturb them if they were all busy. I told Amelia that I was going to call back in a few hours and see if they were free to talk then. I hung up and debated laying down for a nap myself. When I went back in the room Jason was holding his stomach, his eyes open.

"More of those contractions?" I asked.

He just nodded, too miserable to speak until it passed. I sat down on the bed behind him, he laid back down, and I rubbed his back some more to try and help.

After a minute he said, "There, now it's gone again. It feels like my whole belly is being squeezed in a vise, tighter and tighter until I just about can't stand it, then it slowly lets up, a little at a time."

I hadn't gone into labor but I did have contractions once in while that felt just like that.

"Did you take any classes on breathing through the contractions?" I asked.

"Sure, but what good does breathing do? It's not like it makes the contraction stop." He shifted over to his other side and belched, the greasy food coming back up on him. I had to get him the Tums and a glass of water.

"Doesn't the breathing help you to relax a little?" I asked, getting water from the mini fridge.

He didn't answer and when I returned to the bed he was holding his belly and groaning. He got up and sat on the brown couch in the sitting area once he could move.

"It's like a damn charley horse in my gut," he said through clenched teeth during his next contraction.

Again the feeling passed. We put on the TV to distract him. I found a channel that had on a John Wayne movie. Every ten minutes or so Jason would groan, lifting his legs or shifting his position to try and get comfortable, but nothing helped much. We just had to wait it out until it passed.

"Maybe if you got up and walked around it would be a little better," I suggested.

Jason tried that, but when the next contraction hit he had to hold on to the top of the dresser with white knuckles, moaning until he could move.

He sat back down. "Walking definitely didn't make it better," he said.

We went back to the movie, but Jason was more focused on what was happening to his body.

When the movie was over I asked him if he thought that maybe we should go see the nurse again to see if this was really labor.

"I ain't gonna go back there and see her smug face again. She's gonna tell me it's false labor. I'll just stick it out here until Angellica gets back," he said stubbornly.

Then he couldn't say anything for the next few minutes while the pain took him again.

more to come .....(Patricia, Holly, Eminé, Marlene, Tamara, Anonymous Z, Rambo, Carolina, danimcket, Duckbutt, K - Very funny comments and good questions. Thanks a lot for writing and your encouraging words.

Eminé asked "How old are the girls now?" - They were thirteen when Jason got pregmant, so now they are fourteen.

Anonymous Z asked - "how did being were panther impact pregmancy around full moon?" - I would imagine that his stay at the very special Rancho Panzona would be able to accommodate him during that time since the other men there are also supernatural beings.

Jason didn't want the other guys back home - his pack and his co-workers - to know about his condition, so he wouldn't have run with his pack.

By the way "panzona" means potbellied in Spanish and is a slang word for pregnant.)


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27 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Seven

Jason continued to work for Eric until he began to show, then he had to take time off.

He had invested his share of our father's legacy wisely so he had a nice cushion to live on while he gestated. Eric continued to pay him his full salary, and would pay Angellica when she needed to leave Fangtasia.

I used the opportunity to explain the facts of life to the girls, though my facts of life included a pregmant uncle. I never went into the details of their conception because it was too complicated and would reveal Anna Hita's ability to travel through time and other dimensions.

I think they already knew quite a bit about sex from their biology classes and their mind reading.

Like all parents, Eric and I tried to shield them from all the nasty stuff on the internet. We had their computers set up in their classroom so they could only visit approved sites. Occasionally Eric checked the computers to make sure no unapproved web sites were visited.

I didn't try to pry into their minds to see what they knew. Over the years we had gotten very good about staying out of each other's minds. We could all sense when one of the others was trying to listen in.

Or I should say all of us except Eric. He didn't seem to worry if Adele could read his mind, but he couldn't tell if she was doing it. Neither could I.

I made arrangements for Amelia and Tray to watch the girls during the days when I went to visit Jason in Texas at the ranch for pregmant men. I wanted to be there for the birth.

Eric would take over at night. He was uneasy about me going by myself. I was taking a free ride using my Golden Key on an Air Anubis plane from Shreveport right to El Paso. The ranch was only about six miles from there and Jason would have a taxi waiting for me. It seemed like a short and seamless trip to me. I promised to call Eric every night until Jason had the baby.

Though we spoke on the phone every week, I waited until Jason's due date to visit him at the secluded special ranch. Eric didn't want me traveling back and forth, and I didn't want to be away from the girls. Angellica told me there wasn't much to do there, just sit around and wait for the big day.

Jason was only expecting one baby, but he looked huge as he waddled up to greet me at the entrance to Rancho Panzona. He took me to the main office and got me a visitor's pass. There was a hotel on the premises for guests that were waiting for a man to deliver.

I put my suitcase in my room, then went with Jason to lunch. Jason told me he had been having contractions on and off since early this morning.

"Man, they hurt like hell, then the nurse tells me they are just false contractions. They felt pretty damn real to me," Jason complained.

We were in the cafeteria, a spacious airy modern room with sunlight gleaming off the spotless stainless steel counter tops. About a dozen men sat at tables eating. All of them were obviously pregmant.

I got Jason's tray for him because his back was hurting him. I remembered how bad my back had been when I was pregnant and I offered to rub his lower back when we got back to the room.

Angellica had gone shopping for the day. She was bored just hanging around all day watching the men sit and knit little clothes or complain about their stretch marks and swollen ankles. She took the car and went to El Paso, but she would be back by tonight. Jason had her cell phone number if he should go into labor for real.

His face was so puffy and he was so big it looked like he had gained a lot of weight. I could see why. He passed on the salad and boneless skinless chicken breasts and went for the fried chicken and french fries. I didn't think he should be eating such a heavy meal at this stage of his pregmancy, but I kept my peace.

"This being pregmant really sucks at times. No beer, no Advil, and no sex since I'm so big. I guess I'm a real dicky doo now," he lamented.

The term "dicky doo" was one he taunted the fat guys in high school with. It was because their bellies stuck out more than their dicky do.

"And I have to pee every five minutes. How did you do it, carrying triplets? It must have been three times worse!"

I felt a moment of pride for my accomplishment.

"Hey Jason, my man! You still going for it?" a pregmant bald headed man asked my brother, coming up to the table to high five him.

From the bald man's mind I picked up that money was being bet on Jason's ability to go through the whole labor without pain killers. My brother had boasted and bragged when he got to the ranch, now his reputation was on the line. All the guys would be watching to see how he handled the pain.

"I sure am. Piece of cake, my man, piece of cake," Jason said, exuding his old cocky confidence.

After the bald guy left Jason said, "If all those women can do it then I figure, how bad can it be?"

He chuckled, sure he had the prize in the bag. He had bet on himself to the tune of a thousand dollars, and fourteen guys had taken him up on the bet.

more to come .....(Erin, Patricia, Holly, danimcket, Anonymous Z, Tamara, Eminé, Clared, Marlene, Catarina, Catherine, Lydia, Sally - Thank you so very much for reading along and taking the time to leave a comment. I am always happy to hear from you whenever you get a chance. You always have such interesting things to say.)


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26 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Six

Eric and I decided to try and have more children when the girls were ten.

I was inseminated, but it either didn't take or I was going to have to wait a very long time for the actual fertilization. Dr. Fay said pure blooded fairies seldom had more than one pregnancy every hundred years.

That was one of the drawbacks of fairy longevity, everything seemed to happen in slow motion. My uterus still hadn't grown back, but Dr. Fay said it would if I was ready to conceive. She said it could also grow back at any time, but that did not necessarily mean I would get pregnant.

There were no clear cut markers for my fairy fertility, unlike human female fertility which is controlled by ovulating. Fairy fertility was controlled by auspicious circumstances and other seemingly magical factors which were not known.

When the girls were twelve and we got home from our family vacation in Vampire Land I broke one of my rules. I asked Adele about what she heard when she read a vampire mind. Since she could read both human and vampire minds I asked her if there was a difference.

"Yes, there is a big difference," she said, squinching up her pretty face in thought.

She looked the most like Eric, tall, blond and athletic. She was smart, sensible and articulate, and she wanted to do something to help animals when she grew up. She hadn't decided yet what that would be.

"Human minds are never quiet, they always have lots of thoughts going on. There are the loud thoughts, usually about what they're doing, then there are worries and fears, and under that is a constant stream of chatter and comments. It never stops."

She went on, "Vampires think what they need to think about right then, but if there isn't anything going on, their minds are quiet. It sounds like pure clear icy water flowing rapidly over round rocks. They get a lot of information coming in about scents, sights, and sounds, but these are like the gauges in a car, they are not thoughts."

She smiled, glad she was able to put this into words.

She added, "It's lovely, really, being a vampire. Without the fears and concerns humans have worrying them all the time they have a lot of free time to just enjoy the moment."

That was the one and only time I asked her what she heard. It didn't sound as scary as I had feared it would be. Maybe she was protecting me from the darker things she heard, but I didn't ask.

I had noticed that vampires actually went into a sort of suspended animation at times when they needed to wait and nothing was happening. On the other side of the scale, Eric sometimes was so deeply engaged in thought he became unaware of everything and everyone while he considered all aspects of a situation. It was this ability that enabled him to think ahead and plan for so many different contingencies. He was a master strategist.

Jason finally got pregmant when the girls were thirteen. He and Angellica had decided not to try another method, but to just bide their time and wait for it to occur naturally. I had to give him credit for patience, I don't think I could have waited that long. Angellica was still working in Fangtasia, returning there after her stint of working as my helper was done.

I had to tell Jason about my longevity. It finally became so obvious that he was aging and I wasn't that he brought it up. I told him as gently as I could, trying to take the sting out of his shorter mortality. Then he said something that just about floored me.

We were in my kitchen talking over decaf coffee. I could have caffeinated coffee again, but now that Jason was expecting, he couldn't.

"Well, Sis, I've given this whole topic of mortality a lot of thought and I've come to a conclusion," he said.

He made a face when he tried the coffee. Maybe it was too old, I had still had it from back when I was breast feeding. Mercy, how long ago was that? Where does the time go? When did I last clean out the pantry?

Since I had the girls things had kind of gotten away from me. I tried the coffee, it was stale and horrible. I threw it out and we had decaffeinated Cokes instead.

"What's your conclusion?" I asked.

Most times I didn't notice the years creeping up on Jason. He was still a handsome vital man with a trim athletic figure he worked hard to keep. But when the sunlight hit his face, like Maggie May in that Rod Stewart song, it showed his age.

"My conclusion is that it sucks. As soon as I can I'm going to Turn," he said.

"Turn what?" I asked, not having a clue what he meant.

"Vampire, of course, I'm going to Turn vampire. I'll have to wait until the baby is eighteen, but I won't be too old by then if I stay in shape and take care of myself."

I was shocked. Jason had gone from hating vampires to wanting to become one. Would wonders never cease?

"What does Angellica think about this?"

"I haven't told her yet. I don't know if she can Turn, what with her angelic bloodline. I hope she can. But I'm not going to go down without a fight. Becoming a vampire is my best and only chance."

I thought about Jason as a vampire. It was a daunting image. If he was as stubborn and headstrong as a young vampire as he was as a young man then his Maker would have his or her hands full.

Would his were-panther status affect his ability to Turn? Would other were-panthers still accept him? I knew a werewolf that had been Turned and that was a disaster.

"Have you picked someone to be your Maker?" I asked.

"I did, but I don't know if she's gonna sign on for it," Jason looked doubtful.

"Who did you pick?" I asked, bursting with curiosity.

"Pam," he said.

Well shut my mouth!

I nodded to show I understood what he was saying, but I didn't say a single mumbling word about that idea.

more to come ......


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25 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Five

We went to Vampire Land every year for fun, going during Vampire Week, a time when the park was closed to humans and only vampires were allowed to attend.

Unfortunately Adele wasn't able to come with us until she was nine and we were certain she could disguise her telepathic abilities.

During the years she didn't go with us Jason and Angellica made sure she had a wonderful time at a secluded exotic animal ranch where she rode horses and was able to spend the day helping out in the care of all sorts of unusual animals, her favorite pastime of all.

Sheila stayed in our house while we were gone and took care of Roscoe. He was always noticeably fatter when we returned. She didn't have a husband or children of her own, so I think our family filled that place in her life.

Eric's whole family was welcome in Vampire Land during Vampire Week. His daughters were one blood with him, an extension of his relationship with me. This was a new rule.

In the past Vampires did not have families with humans, and certainly not ones that included children. Mainstreaming had changed the whole structure of Vampire law.

I believe Charlaine and Linda were seven when they sat in the throne room with the King and Queen. When they were nine all three girls were taken to the King's stables and visited the restaurant Frankenstein's Castle, the one Eric and I had gone to on our honeymoon.

They fearlessly met the impressively huge Bojan Sivoš when he was done enacting his role as Frankenstein's monster. He actually enjoyed his job now that his Maker, Adrijana Dragan, had been sent to the Underworld to adjust her attitude.

Hel had lodged a long, loud and profanely vocal complaint to Hades over the incident involving Adrijana's supernatural sister, the dragon Madge, for bringing a living human into her sacred halls of the dead. That human had been me.

Naturally, when confronted, Madge had shifted all the blame onto Adrijana. Everyone knows you can't rely on a dragon to cover for you. Hel's demand for retribution against Adrijana trumped King Felipe de Castro's demand for retribution against Adrijana. De Castro was going to have to get in line to get his turn at punishing her.

During the day, on our Vampire Land vacation, the girls and I walked through the Vampire Mall, but a lot had changed since I was first there on my honeymoon. I didn't see any of the real psychics, and a pleasant looking young human woman was behind the counter at the Information Center.

I asked her if she knew where Chester Katz had gone, but she said that was before her time. She gave us information without any confusing run-around. Odd as it sounds, and frustrating as he was, I missed the zany antics of Chester Katz.

I had so wanted the girls to meet Chester, Lucky Penny and Ida Noe, my current fairy godparents, not to mention Ivy, the one that gave me the magic leaf for the grotto containing HoloGran,

I also hoped to see Cat, the lanky handsome cowboy that turned into a big caterpillar and then a butterfly. He told fortunes from the flight patterns of birds. Of course if Cat was in his dope smoking caterpillar phase I wouldn't have allowed the girls near him.

Our visit to Anna Hita that year brought me a surprise. Her usual receptionist, Corinth, was away for an extended vacation. Isabel Beaumont was filling in for her.

Isabel took me aside while Anna Hita and Eric took the girls down to the labyrinthine multi-storied basement to see the new shrine to Isis.

I had one eye on the basement doorway while Isabel talked to me, looking for the blinding flash of light that heralded the appearance of the ancient goddess Isis. I was worried it might frighten the girls.

"I must thank you over and over for introducing me to Anna Hita," she gushed. "She has completely cured me of my desire to be different than I am."

She swept her hands down to indicate her leather vest. It clearly showed she was still petite in the bosom.

"Once I worked off my debt to de Castro, I returned to Texas, and there I found my true calling," she said. She went in her big black purse and got out a Wal-Mart envelope of developed photos.

"Let me know which one of these you think is best," she asked, looking over my shoulder as I went through the sheaf of color photos.

They showed Isabel, in tight black leather clothes and very high heeled boots, dominating various unclothed men in chains, stockades, or tied up in incredibly painful looking poses. Some of the men had gags in their mouths, some were blindfolded, most had on wicked looking clamps or other bondage devices.

I kept glancing at the door way to make sure the girls didn't troop in and ask to see the photos. These were strictly triple-x rated. They didn't shock me because I had surfed the Internet and seen worse.

I pointed to the one where the naked man was bent over some kind of padded table. His pale flabby buttocks were streaked with angry red welts beaded with blood. I picked it because Isabel's long wavy hair, free from the usual braid, hung down to her nicely shaped leather clad rear end.

She had a spiked necklace and wrist band, the wicked looking little leather whip in her hand raised to slash down again. She was looking right in the camera, her fangs out, her green eyes glittering with malicious glee. It was so her.

"That was my favorite too. I'm having a website put up where paying customers can watch me do my thing with other paying customers. I go by the name of 'Velma the Vampire - Dominatrix Extraordinaire.' It's going to be a goldmine."

She laughed and put the photos away, to my relief.

"Anna Hita helped me to realize that I didn't want love, I wanted the control that love would give me. Once I saw it was all about control, it was a short leap to trying out all this dominatrix stuff. I love it, it's the best job in the world. What woman wouldn't want naked men groveling at her feet, paying to lick her boots?"

I couldn't think of an answer to that, but I had a question. "Didn't anyone ask you about these photos when you had them developed in Wal-Mart?"

"Oh yes," she smiled a crimson smile showing a little fang. "I got two new customers out of the deal."

I congratulated Isabel on her new business venture, then went down to the basement to see the shrine. I discovered Anna Hita in the three sided room that was dedicated to Isis. It had recently been redecorated and was even more glamorously exotic.

The walls were a glowing pearly lavender, the carpet a triangular woven oriental with an elaborate tree and fruit design. A crystal chandelier shimmered like diamonds and matched the crystal candlesticks on either side of the altar.

Eric was discussing putting in a better safe room for her down here in her underground rooms. Business was never far from his mind. The girls were lighting incense and purple votive candles.

The whole room smelled like lilacs. When they were done Anna Hita gathered the girls together and hugged them, then we all sat on the ivory couches along the walls and she told us the story of Isis and Osiris, a story of betrayal by Osiris's brother, Set, who was jealous of his brother's popularity and plotted against Osiris to destroy him through trickery.

I looked at Eric, thinking of the events with his own supernatural brother. He put his big hand around mine and squeezed gently. Those things were past, he was telling me, and these girls were our future.

more to come .....(Patricia, danimcket, Holly, Anne, Catarina, Marlene, Sally, Anonymous, Pat J. Carolina, Cindy - Thanks for following along. I needed to fast forward a bit otherwise this story would take too long if I wrote it in real time, ha ha!

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24 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Twenty Four

Eric got his Vampire passport in order and went to Germany to retrieve the gold. I missed him like crazy but we spoke every night.

It turned out there wasn't quite the mountain of gold you-know-who was reputed to have accrued, but it was a great whopping sum once it was converted into euros, yen, and francs.

The Bishop brothers doubly earned their pay on this trip guarding Eric during the day and the gold at night while he opened accounts and transferred funds.

I was glad I had kept Sheila on. She was as reliable as the sun coming up about showing up for work and she truly loved the girls. She might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed, but she had become a member of our family and we benefited from her skills at cleaning, cooking and occasionally helping out with the girls.

When Eric got back we used the some of the money to set up trust funds for several charitable organizations that helped missing and exploited children, as well as survivors of sexual abuse and abused children. This would insure these worthwhile organizations got funding year after year to help as many children as possible.

We employed our lawyer Merry Dixon to set these donations up anonymously. We wanted as little attention as we could get.

Eric considered all the money to be mine, to do with as I wanted, because it was the gold bought with my father's investment money that lured the troll to his doom. I appreciated him giving me a free hand to do all the good I wanted with the money.

I gave Jason more than half of the money from the gold in the cave. I told him it was from assets stolen from our parents by Hoyt's father and that regret over what he did is what drove Hoyt's dad to suicide.

I mentally thanked my father for the opportunity to do something worthwhile with his money. Madam Fox called me to tell me she didn't know what I was doing with the gold, but Hoyt's dad was not only out of the Underworld, he had applied to train as a guardian angel. She didn't know if he was accepted, she stopped hearing from him after that. He was finally at peace.

She told me Maxine and Mr. Splitfoot finally parted ways. Maxine couldn't resist the temptation to try to change the Satyr. Although he looked fierce and strong, he actually had the meek personality of a deer. He couldn't stand being nagged and pushed, so he left.

He ran off into the woods behind her house one night and she never saw him again. Maxine was devastated. Madam Fox was going to California to be a consultant to a movie star. Mr. Splitfoot was going with her, though she asked me not to tell Maxine that. I told her my lips were sealed.

Mary Poppins stayed with us three years to the day, then she said she was needed somewhere else. I was sad to see her go, but I didn't need her live in help like I had initially. She left her rooms spotlessly clean one crisp fall day, waving goodbye from the window of the limo that was taking her to her new job.

The only thing she left behind was an old fashioned umbrella, which I kept as a treasured memento of the girl's beloved Nanny.

I added another friend of Sheila's, Liz Haydon, to my roster of helpers. Sometimes I slept in Mary's room to be close to the girls if they were all sick or going through a rough spell.

Sheila worried about the girls as much as I did, and she always went out of her way to do special things for them. Liz had a great sense of humor and found the girls delightful.

From looking into my daughter's minds, the little they would allow before putting up their barriers, I never found any evidence that they were messed with by the troll, and eventually I decided that no harm had come to them.

Eric received an inquiry letter from the Benevolent Order of Trolls concerning the whereabouts of Rumpelstiltskin. Eric wrote back to explain that they had never been close and he hadn't seen his supernatural brother in decades. That was all we ever heard on the matter.

Jure kept his mouth shut about what he had seen, his silence helped along by a hefty cash gift from Eric to compensate him for the disturbance to his evening's reading.

My relationship with the girls was very close. They knew when I was worried, they knew if I was over loaded, and as they got older and could understand more, their kind natures kept them from doing things that pained me. Adele was very close to Eric and he adored her, though he divided his time equally and his positive regard fairly between all the girls.

When the girls were four we brought in tutors that could handle the fact that the girls were telepathic. Their first tutor was an ex-nun that had written a book about life after death. She had an open mind about psychic phenomena and it didn't bother her that the girls could read her mind. We worked on teaching them how to control their power and how to hide their talent.

Pam started to drop by about once a month to visit with the girls. At first she was awkward around them, but in time she loosened up and played Barbies with them. She bought them the whole Vampire Barbie and Vlad collection, including Vampire Barbie's Dream Castle complete with the optional dungeon and crypt.

Little black dresses, tiny stakes, plastic silver colored chains, red splattered doll victims and small red and black capes were always scattered around the playroom floor after a visit from Pam. I think she enjoyed playing Vampire Barbies as much as the girls did.

Pam is the one that taught them the correct way to stake your enemy, the ways to avoid exposure to daylight and the dangers of silver. The girls recoiled from silver like vampires, something that never failed to crack Pam and Eric up.

Mary Cecilia, the ex-nun, stayed with the girls until they were eleven, then she had to leave to care for her very ill sister. We were sad to see her go.

Next, besides other human tutors, we got Isaac Newton, a famous physicist, mathematician and astronomer that "died" in 1727. In reality he was Turned and continued to study science over the centuries. He had been working at the research center, but the bulk of the work they were doing there was just tedious repetitious lab work, not his cup of tea.

Of course this meant the girls were in school part of the time at night because one of their teachers was a vampire, but it didn't bother us. We had security cameras in their classroom so Eric and I were able to monitor their classes without being intrusive. It freed us to watch a movie together and keep an eye on them at the same time.

Their education was too heavy on science and math, so we added a literature and English teacher, a lovely woman that had published several best selling historical novels before she was Turned.

The girls were advanced far beyond the legal Louisiana requirement - " a sustained curriculum of a quality at least equal to that offered by public schools at the same grade level."

We took the girls to see Anna Hita two or three times a year. She was beside herself with happiness to have a family with children again. She told the girls many first hand stories illustrating the history they were learning about in their classes. She also showed them more about how to channel their powers.

She taught them to read tarot cards, palms, and to gaze in a crystal ball. Most importantly, she taught Adele how to completely hide her ability from vampires. She did so well that Eric sometimes forgot Adele could read his mind. He was also working on shielding his thoughts from Adele.

When I finally remembered to ask Eric about Anna Hita's visit to Lingza he said there wasn't much to tell. As he had feared the long time in the cave had disturbed Lingza's mind. She was unable to reach him or help him. I hoped her kindly presence had been a comfort to poor Lingza.

Several times a year our family visited Lingza. We didn't bring Adele in the beginning, leaving her with her Uncle Jason and Aunt Amelia. There was always the possibility that little Adele might blurt out something that would reveal the scope of her telepathic abilities to the vampires in the facility.

We always had some excuse rehearsed explaining Adele's absence to the scientists and doctors, should they ask about her. None of them ever seemed to take much notice. As long as Eric was with us they just nodded and went about their business.

They didn't notice when she started to come along with us at about ten years old. The vampire habit of not placing much importance on the activities of humans served us well. Adele was always very poised and polite around the vampires she met. She never seemed traumatized by the thoughts she picked up.

Anna Hita had warned me not to ever ask Adele about the thoughts of vampires. The habit of never mentioning her ability reinforced the silence she had been taught to keep on the topic.

The girls had all learned how to keep me and each other out of their thoughts. I learned from them and was able to develop my own mind shielding ability. I told Eric how to do it and he thought that he was successful.

From Adele's reaction to her father, he never shocked her with his thoughts. Whether that was due to her natural poise or Eric's blocking I did not know.

Lingza passed the days and nights living a simple life. He was always happy to see us, especially me. In time I stopped worrying he might bite me. He seemed to understand that wasn't acceptable.

Adele enjoyed the company of some vampires like Pam and Lars, and didn't like the company of others like Clancy. Just like humans, vampires ran the gamut from the lovable to the despicable. We kept our pretty little girls away from the latter.

Our three beautiful and talented daughters were the source of our joy. Our family thrived on all the time we spent together.

I arranged time for them to socialize with other children their age throughout the years, but they were dismayed by the thoughts and aggressiveness they picked up and didn't have much fun. Even outings to places crowded with humans was difficult for them.

Like me, they preferred the silent minds of vampires.

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