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The Vampire Bill Compton Feels the Love part three

Chapter Eleven

The next night over dinner, Sookie mentioned to Bill that she had thought about writing a book about basic human fashion for vampires. Bill thought that was a great idea and he began mentally lining up the resources she would need to get the book done. He was encouraging and supportive, Sookie appreciated that and told him so.

Sookie had been thinking about glamouring Sandra Pelt to forget about her vendetta against Sookie. There seemed to be a few problems with that idea. When Sookie had needed to glamour werewolves in the past to prevent an attack she noticed that the werewolves didn't stay glamoured for long. They seemed to come out of it every ten or fifteen minutes. Sandra wasn't a werewolf, she was a werefox, but Sookie thought the same problem might occur and her glamour wouldn't have any long term effects.

The next problem was the impractical idea of making Sandra forget about her sister's death even if the glamour could be more long lasting. Someone would be sure to remind her and then they would be back to square one with Sandra furious and planning revenge.

If Sookie did anything too drastic to Sandra's mind there would be an obvious hole in her mind and if anyone looked into it there was every chance Sookie could be found out. The more Sookie thought about using her glamour the less likely that seemed as a solution. She was going to need to think of another way to get Sandra out of her life permanently.

Bill thought that he could locate Sandra and have her killed. Bill had gotten Sookie's sexually abusive uncle killed when human Sookie confided to Bill she had been molested. Sookie didn't know he was going to do that, and she had told him not to do anything like that again, but she had also felt relieved that she wasn't going to have to deal with Uncle Bartlett anymore.

Sookie knew Bill could probably have Sandra killed, but when it came down to making such a cold blooded decision Sookie just couldn't go that far. She knew unraveling the situation with the king and Trinity Godwin would just be plugging the hole in the dike again, but she just couldn't order a hit on Sandra.

Could being a vampire for years turn her into the kind of person that could just kill someone without a ripple of conscience, Sookie wondered. She didn't have an answer for that. She didn't even hope she would keep her human conscience intact. Hoping that one day she might become a ruthless killer showed just how fed up with Sandra Pelt and how demoralized Sookie was.

Bill pressed his lips together when Sookie told him of her decision, so she knew he was tempted to say more about it, but had decided not to. Sookie admired his restraint. It is very difficult to see someone struggling with something and to know you could solve it, but have your solution declined. Sookie gave Bill a long hug to thank him for his forbearance. "Forbearance" was her word for today on her Word A Day calendar, and already it was coming in handy.

There were just too many variables to come up with a sure fire plan to fix the situation. They would just need to protect themselves the best they could, and deal with the players and the game once they got to the palace. They had body guards, they had the witches working their magic behind the scenes, they had Sarno Stone and Victor Madden, the two close associates of the king in their corner, and they had themselves. That would have to be enough.

Chapter Twelve

A few nights later there was a loud knocking on their front door as Bill and Sookie were playing chess. They had been playing this game for an hour and were very involved in it. Bill got up and answered the door. As soon as he opened the reinforced inner door Sookie knew it was Clayton Reynolds. She could smell that he had been drinking again, but not as much as he had drunk on the night of the donor party. Bill invited him in. Sookie knew Bill had no tolerance for this kind of thing and had invited Clayton in as a courtesy to Sookie, because he knew Clayton's cousin had been Sookie's friend.

Sookie stood up and greeted Clayton. "Hi Clayton, what's up?" She smiled, but it was forced. Clayton looked even more distraught than the last time. He shuffled from one foot to the other, looking from Sookie to Bill.

"Can one of you turn me into a vampire right away?" He asked again, sounding impatient.

"Please sit down, Clayton." Sookie said, putting a little calming glamour in her voice. She knew this might effect Bill too. She was still working on controlling the range of her glamour and Bill was still working on being resistant to her glamour. She asked "Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea, a Fresca?"

"No, no. I'm good." Clayton said, sitting down on the leather couch across from Sookie. Sookie turned to Bill and asked him "Could you please get Clayton an iced tea?" just as if Clayton had asked for one. She wanted Bill out of the room so she could glamour Clayton and find out what his problem was.

Bill understood what she was doing and went out of glamour range for a few minutes. When he returned, without the unwanted tea, Sookie was asking the glamoured Clayton why he wanted to become a vampire.

"I'm afraid." Clayton said plaintively. "I'm afraid of dying. I don't want to die. I want to go on living like you and Mr. Compton."

Sookie could read from his mind that Clayton had leukemia, a fatal type, and he wanted to be turned vampire to be saved. His uncle had died from the same disease and it had been terrifying to the young Clayton. He didn't want to go down the same path. Sookie was saddened by this news, but waited for Clayton to explain it before she reacted, since people are almost always weirded out by telepaths reading their thoughts.

"Oh Clayton" Sookie said, placing her cool hand on his "I am so new as a vampire I can't turn anyone yet. And Mr. Compton has just turned me within the last year, so he isn't allowed to turn anyone for many years to come."

Sookie knew the vampire community, the Bureau of Vampire Affairs, and the Human Council on Vampires all took a very dim view of any vampire that produced more than one new vampire every twenty years or so. By "dim view" that would mean being tortured or staked. Vampire justice was swift and sure. Bill had needed to petition as a special case to turn Sookie, since his previous time as Maker had been court ordered by a Magister that was now out of favor with the king due to his anti-mainstreaming attitude.

"What am I going to do?" Clayton asked, and started to cry. "I don't want to die. Do you know someone that could help me?"

Bill and Sookie knew plenty of vampires, but none that would help Clayton in the way he wanted to be helped.

Once, as a new vampire, Sookie had gone with Bill to an underground vampire show called Cirque du Macabre. First came amazing athletic feats and dancing that could only be mastered by vampires. Sookie applauded at the beautiful presentation of their prowess, done in a mystical style with fog, purple and red back lighting, and gorgeous costumes.

Then they had a vignette called Mercyful Fate. While a tribute band played "Return of the Vampire" and "A Corpse Without a Soul" two terminally ill people were brought on stage. Sookie could read their minds and she knew they wanted to die, they were ready to die, and they were going to die. They were dressed in white robes. The vampires, three women and two men, caressed the humans, glamoured them, and drained them onstage in a way that brought the humans ultimate pleasure and death.

Sookie was shocked beyond words. She was angry with Bill for bringing her to see it, and she was angry at the vampires in the show. She was unable to even speak of it for a week, then she finally asked Bill the question he was hoping she would ask him, why he had brought her to that show.

He explained that she must understand that being vampire means having the power of life and death over humans. That humans were going to want things from her she couldn't give them, and that though she had the power to glamour and kill, it wasn't all bad. She needed to see how far things could go and what was going on in the netherworld of vampire perversity.

"Bill, this was murder, plain and simple." she said. Then she thought about it. "Or was it mercy killing? Was it better for those humans to die ecstatic in the embrace of a vampire than to suffer dying by inches in a hospital bed?" She thought of her own excruciating final illness and the terror and despair it had brought her. She was lucky to have had a vampire lover that could turn her in her final helpless moments. So lucky. A pink tear of gratitude traced itself down her cheek. She had hugged Bill, aware of his value to her as her Maker, her hero.

Naturally Bill couldn't answer those questions for her, he could only look at her with those dark unreadable eyes and wait for her to come to her own conclusions. Sookie remembered a time when she had helped Rescue personnel find living humans in the rubble of an explosion using her telepathic powers. The captain of the Rescue team had wanted to know who she was so he could enlist her help in future disasters. Sookie knew her life would cease to be her own once she was in the hands of those that would use her powers. She had gotten away without anyone finding out her name, and she was relieved.

This was a needy world filled with tragedy and pain, and Sookie saw that being a vampire gave her another way to serve those who needed her help. She realized that she would help Clayton because he was right in her path, but she would not become a servant to all those that could use a vampire's help. Now the question was, how could she help Clayton?

She couldn't ask another vampire to be his Maker. Being a Maker was a huge commitment and a very personal choice for the vampire. The "child" would be bound to the Maker for all time. And the Maker would need to see to the child's needs and training for as long as was necessary. Turning Clayton as he requested was out of the question. She didn't have an answer to his problem right now, but she would think about it and see what she could do.

After glamouring him to feel calmer and stop drinking so much, Sookie told him she would give his situation some thought and see what she could come up with. Clayton was disappointed, but understanding. He thanked them both and left more composed than when he arrived.

"He wouldn't make a good vampire." Bill observed coldly, his vampire nature coming to the fore.

Sookie agreed. She felt a little less human every day.

Chapter Thirteen

Finally the night arrived for the couple to go to the palace and settle in to their suite. They always gave themselves an extra night to get used to being somewhere new and find donors. Real blood gave them some kind of special energy True Blood didn't. Maybe it was all the coffee humans drank, Bill thought.

They ended up in "Out Damned Spot" a bar catering to vampires and other supernaturals, and saw a werewolf band covering Steppenwolf songs. They were good, and there was a large crowd to choose from. In the crowd Sookie saw a young man that had been a donor for her before, Paul. She turned away before Paul could see her and chose a roadie instead. Bill had a middle aged woman that clutched her purse like she was afraid it might be stolen. Unethical vampires did take money from their human dinners, but Bill and Sookie always made sure the donor had a good time and left intact. They brought their donors back to a parlor in the palace set up for that very purpose and both fed.

After sending the donors on their way they met with Sarno Stone. He took them to the gallery where the king was sitting with his favorites. Trinity Godwin was sitting by his side, looking at him with stars in her eyes. Trinity was twenty eight, average height, with an unusual pale oval face, light red hair, wide set aqua eyes, small plump lips, and a lithe body. She wore an aqua tie dyed dress that matched her eyes, and flat shoes that tied with an aqua ribbon. Her shiny shoulder length hair framed her face and moved fluidly when she turned her head.

Sookie and Bill stopped by to pay their respects to Felipe de Castro, the King of Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada. The king had dense chin length wavy black hair, thick dark brows, penetrating brown eyes and sensuous lips. His lean and chiseled body looked made to flamenco dance or fight bulls. His black silk shirt was unbuttoned that extra button that allowed his dark chest hair to show. On some men this would look tacky. On Felipe de Castro it made Sookie want to rub her face on his chest. She gave a little dip because, as a born American, she was not used to bowing to royalty. Bill inclined his head to the king.

"Meess Stackhoussse" de Castro said, drawing her name out dramatically "I am so delighted to see you again." He stood briefly, showing her she was an honored guest, and romantically kissed her hand. Sookie had saved his life a while back and the king was not one to forget his debt of gratitude towards the curvaceous blond. Sookie was glad she had worn her midnight blue dress with the low scoop neckline and the lace inset. It was silky and showed off her figure. She had done her hair in a sexy tousled style that suggested she was either just getting out of bed or just ready to get in it.

The king was from 15th-century Cordoba, when a man knew how to turn a woman's head with a macho attitude and a passion for life. It still worked. Sookie was feeling quite warm and friendly towards the king. He could tell and was pleased with his ability to charm the pretty blond vampire. Bill looked less than thrilled, but knew the more the king liked Sookie the better it would be for them to hang around and pick up on any plots against them fueled by Sandra Pelt's hatred.

As Bill, Sarno and the king discussed the book and projected sales, Sookie listened in to Trinity's thoughts. They were just what she would have expected from an attractive young human woman smitten with a vampire king. Trinity was a little jealous of Sookie, she was hoping they could wrap up the boring business talk so she could be alone with her Latin vampire lover, she had some new fancy underwear she was hoping to show off, and she was worried she might get her "monthly friend" tonight and ruin her new underwear. Nothing about a plot, Sandra, or anything out of the ordinary.

Sookie extended her telepathy to include the dozens of humans, and other supernatural beings milling around the large lavishly decorated room. She was surprised to note that the waiter removing the empty True Blood bottles was one of the body guards protecting her and Bill. He was a werecheetah. He was a tall lean man and he looked like he would make an excellent werecheetah. He didn't even glance at her.

None of the beings in the room seemed to have any nefarious plots hatching against her and Bill, as far as Sookie could tell. She didn't tune in to the vampires because reading vampire minds gave her a terrible head pain. She didn't think any vampires would be pawns in the scheme of a werefox. Vampires tended to regard shifters and were's as vermin, even if they were forced to interact with them as part of the supernatural community.

Sarno was saying to Bill "Yes, he has fully recovered. It was a painful process for him." Sarno didn't sound at all sympathetic or concerned.

Sookie guessed Sarno was talking about Victor Madden. He had almost had his arm torn off by an enraged werewolf a few months ago. The beautifully groomed and well dressed Victor would not have been the same man with an empty sleeve, Sookie thought.

Bill's face was without expression when he said "That's good." Bill was still annoyed with Victor for not being honest with them about the nature of the mind reading he had Sookie perform. It had put Sookie in danger, and that was something Bill would not forgive.

After a while the king stood to leave, with Trinity on his arm. Everyone in the room stood, faced the vampire ruler, and bowed their heads or dipped a knee. The king was more informal than some vampire royalty, but he still wanted some of the customs observed. As soon as the king and his entourage left Sookie and Bill retired to their suite. Just as they closed the door and turned on the lights there was a light knock on the door.

Chapter Fourteen

It didn't come as a surprise to see Victor Madden standing there when Sookie opened the door. Victor displayed his usual charm and good natured poise, decorated with a wide white smile, strong jawline, and a male model's figure and carriage. Sookie invited him in and they exchanged a minimal vampire greeting. Sookie was curious about what the king was doing that was making his inner circle nervous. She asked Victor about it.

"He is restructuring his businesses to have human executives handling much of how his business is managed. He believes his enterprises will be more profitable if humans run things because humans know what other humans want and will spend money on." Victor looked expectant, like he thought Sookie would be shocked. She wasn't shocked.

"If he's trying to mainstream and integrate with humans more, that would seem to make sense." she said. But in the back of her mind she realized that vampires simply didn't give humans any power over them, any power to hurt them, if they could possibly avoid it. "Of course," she admitted "That's not the usual way we do things." Sookie noticed how the word "we" just rolled off her tongue, like the most natural thing in the world. She truly was becoming more vampire by the night.

"It's not." Victor agreed. Bill joined them in the conversation area of their suite. He had been changing his clothes to more comfortable jeans and a Lycia tee shirt. Lately Bill had been listening to goth style music and enjoying it.

"But it's more than that." Victor went on. "The king seems distracted, unable to make a decision. He keeps postponing matters that should be dealt with immediately. He seems confused." Victor said this last word as quietly as if the king might be listening right outside the door.

At least, Bill thought, this is proof that the room isn't wired. He had never been sure how much privacy he and Sookie had when they stayed in their suite. Victor had overseen all the new security measures so he would know if the room was bugged.

"What have you been able to find out from your sources?" Victor asked Sookie. For some reason Victor was never able to just come out and say the word "witches". He respected their magic though, especially after the incident during the takeover when he saw how powerful the wards on Sookie's house had been.

"I'll be speaking to my 'sources' tonight." Sookie said. She felt like smiling but didn't. She was still working on presenting the impassive face most vampires wore to the world. Fortunately her years as a human telepath had trained her not to let what she was thinking, or hearing from other's thoughts, show on her pretty face.

Victor bid them a good evening and left. Bill put some music on low and Sookie called Amelia. Amelia was just bursting with information. She was proud of her witchly talents and loved showing them off.

"Sookie, you are going to be so surprised. The king has been enchanted by an ancient Basque witch named Lilura, as you know. Octavia got two familiars, not the animal kind, the other kind, named Galtxagorri and Etxajaunak to reveal how the magic was done and how to undo it." Sookie didn't know what the 'other kind' of familiar meant, but she didn't want to get Amelia off on one of her tangents right now.

"That's just great Amelia!" Sookie said. "And you all can undo the magic and free the king from the enchantment?"

"Yes!" Amelia said enthusiastically."Tomorrow night the moon will be in the right phase and it will only take a few minutes to set him free. You should be able to see the change in him immediately."

"Did this enchantment include any love spells so he would fall for a human woman?" Sookie asked.

"Nooooo." Amelia said, drawing the word out thoughtfully. "Do you think there is a spell on him to make him love someone? The enchantment Lilura used was to confuse his mind and cloud his judgment, not make him fall in love."

"That's OK, Amelia, I was just wondering. Bill and I can't thank you enough for helping us out with this." Sookie talked to Amelia for a while longer about some unrelated matters. The werewolf, Tray Dawson, was getting serious about Amelia after dating her for more than a year. She really liked him, but didn't know how she would feel if he proposed. Sookie thought Tray was a great guy and told Amelia she could do worse. Amelia agreed. They said they would talk in a few days, and Sookie reminded Amelia to thank Octavia and Heather again.

After she hung up she told Bill about the conversation she had with Amelia.

"The enchantment will be broken tomorrow night?" Bill said thoughtfully. "He will be at the book signing. I wonder how that will affect him?"

Sookie looked at Bill, and they both looked a little apprehensive. This book signing was going to be the meeting place of merchandising, magic, and possibly mayhem. They would need to be at the top of their game. Sookie went and sat in Bill's lap, resting her head on his shoulder, feeling they were safe, at least in this moment.


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The Vampire Bill Compton Feels the Love part two

Chapter Eight

The next night was the donor party. Sookie knew she would be attending as a vampire and as a chaperon to Bill. She didn't hold out much hope that any of the women there would let her feed from them. Even though blood was blood, there was still a resistance to being a same sex donor for many straight humans.

In the minds of most humans there was a strong connection between vampire feeding and sex. In the minds of vampires this connection was a physical reality, but a human could donate blood without any sexual feelings if the vampire glamoured them to react that way. That wouldn't provide a motivation for the human volunteer. The humans that wanted to be donors wanted to experience the erotic aspect too.

Sookie decided a conservative dark blue pant suit would fit the occasion. She thought briefly of writing a book about vampire fashion. There seemed to be quite a few occasions where the vampire needed to know what humans would expect the vampire to be wearing. For modern newly made vampires like Sookie this didn't present much of a problem, but for the much older vampires the question of what to wear could be confusing.

Vampires hadn't needed to worry about humans seeing them (in terms of fashion) until the night of the Great Revelation when vampires appeared simultaneously on TV screens all over the world and announced their existence and their desire to become members of society now that artificial blood had freed them from the need to feed on humans.

Some countries had set up extermination campaigns, but other countries, like the USA had accepted vampires as citizens and were working to make the necessary laws to accomodate the undead.

Bill wore a blue Hugo Boss shirt, dark blue trousers, and brown shoes and belt. They made an attractive couple, even if they did look a little pale. They both had a bottle of True Blood right before leaving for the party so there wouldn't be any chance of losing control. What a disaster that would be!

They briefly considered walking to the party but realized it would look more normal to arrive in a car. When they pulled up to Sharon Parker's house all the lights were on and there were about a dozen cars parked in the drive and along the road. It was a cool clear night and the sky was sequined with glittering stars.

Before they entered the house the vampire couple could smell the humans. Eight women and two men. One of the men was rather intoxicated. The vampires knew intoxicated humans could be trouble and became more wary before knocking on the door.

Sharon opened the door wearing a pink low cut dress with a sweeping skirt like something from the cover of a romance novel. Her blond hair was piled artfully on her head and she was devoid of jewelry except for a large glittering ring on her right hand.

The sound of excited, nervous voices behind her almost drowned out her warm welcome. She turned around to face the room, a triumphant hostess that had delivered the grand prize of party guests.

"Look everyone, Bill and Sookie are here!" she exclaimed. This was unnecessary because the room wasn't that big and everyone could see the door. Bill knew a few of the people in the room, and Sookie knew them all. Many of them she knew well enough to have a conversation with.

The intoxicated person was Clayton Reynolds, a first cousin to Lafayette Reynolds, a gay African American man that had worked in Merlott's as a cook at the same time Sookie had worked there as a waitress. Lafayette had been murdered, and Sookie, as a human, had solved the crime with some help from Bill and her other Maker, Eric.

Besides Sharon Parker and the tipsy Clayton were Harriot Cleckley from the dry cleaners, Hazel Babbitt who rented out rooms in her Victorian house, Gay Jayson the new night clerk at the Grabb It Kwik, Geraldine Mack the second grade teacher, Marion Mosely a stay at home mother, and Arrie and Annie Phipp, retired seamstresses.

The remaining man was short plump Bart de la Casas and he was leaving with his plumber's toolbox in his hand. There must have been a plumbing problem in Sharon's house, Sookie thought. Awkward, with all these guests.

Clayton came over and held out his hand to Bill. "Hi Mr. Compton. I'm Clayton Reynolds and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance." Bill didn't usually shake hands as it was not done among vampires, but he knew it was important in human etiquette and he didn't mind, as some of the more reactionary vampires did. Clayton nodded to Sookie and said "Miss Stackhouse, you're looking well as a vampire." There was a little gasp from one of the women behind him.

Humans often felt it was tactless to refer to the vampire's undead state, but vampires felt no shame or embarrassment over their "condition". In fact, many vampires considered themselves vastly superior to humans since they had long long lives, great strength, phenominal senses, super speed, and other enhancements that made them able to do things a human was unable to do. Sookie did not consider herself superior to humans, just different.

Bill was another story. Bill was much older and came from the times when vampires were a secret society. He also came from the time before synthetic blood, so all his meals had been from hunting humans. This combination made it very easy for long time vampires to dismiss humans as inferior.

"Why thank you Clayton." Sookie said in her most down home accent. "You're not looking too bad yourself."

Sookie smiled at the man that reminded her of her deceased friend Lafayette. Clayton was six feet tall, about twenty five, round cheeked and had smooth milk chocolate brown skin. His hair was cut very short and he was wearing a dazzling white dress shirt, black trousers and loafers without socks. Sookie had really liked Lafayette's fun loving nature and good cheer despite the prejudice shown against him as a gay man and as an African American man in rural Louisiana. She hoped Clayton would be equally good natured.

Clayton turned to Bill and asked loudly "Would you turn me into a vampire? Please." Everyone in the room suddenly stopped talking and turned to look at them.

Chapter Nine

"No." Bill said, succinctly.

"Why not?" Clayton asked. He was a little unsteady on his feet and looked crestfallen.

"This is neither the time nor the place to discuss this, Mr. Reynolds." Bill was unruffled by this interchange. "We can discuss this some other time." He turned away to walk across the room and talk to their hostess.

Clayton reached out and grabbed Bill by the arm to turn him back around. Bill neither turned back or stopped walking. Clayton hung on until he was about to fall over, then he let go.

One of the Phipp sisters came over and steered Clayton into the corner where they had an intense conversation. She wrote something on a piece of paper and escorted Clayton to the door. Clayton waved goodbye to a few people and left. Sookie hoped he was on foot because he seemed too inebriated to drive. As an ex-barmaid she was as accurate as a breathalyzer in determining a person's level of drunkenness.

With the plumber and Clayton gone Bill was in the room with a bunch of women that were interested in being bitten, and Sookie. Sharon got everyone seated and said "Mr. Compton?" She wanted Bill to take over the meeting.

Bill stood in front of the women and as he explained the vampire's need for blood, the erotic pleasure felt by the donor, and the safety of being bitten, as well as the health benefits of periodic blood donation he glamoured them all, except Sookie of course. They all sat absolutely still looking at the attractive vampire as he talked. While Bill talked, Sookie pulled the shades and lowered the lights.

After a few minutes he invited Sharon to sit in the chair he pulled up in front of the group. She walked like a sleepwalker and sat, bending her neck to the side so she could be bitten. Bill, using his glamouring voice, said "You won't mind if Sookie feeds from you, will you?"

"No." Sharon said, her voice without inflection.

Sookie was glad Bill let her feed first. She was always worried that the sight of Bill drinking real blood would trigger off her blood lust. She feared pouncing on a human and drinking from them before she could rein herself in. Sometimes willpower wasn't enough to stop a hungry vampire, especially if she was newly turned like Sookie.

Sharon made a low moaning sound while Sookie fed, a sound that could have meant pleasure or pain. Sookie made sure Sharon would have a good memory by placing the image of Bill kissing her neck, her lips, and then feeding from her pleasurably in her mind. After Sookie fed she healed Sharon's neck. Then she led Sharon back to the line up of donors.

Bill looked over the remaining women and glamoured them. "Geraldine, you want to be a donor, don't you?"

"Yes" Geraldine said. She walked over and sat in the chair. Bill pulled her red hair aside and smelled her neck. Geraldine shuddered with pleasure. Bill said "Thank you Geraldine." and led her back to her seat. Sookie looked at Bill questioningly and Bill said "She's about two weeks pregnant." Sookie was proud of Bill's considerate behavior.

He finally picked Hazel Babbitt, a heavy gray haired woman in her 60's with sparkling blue eyes. Her short hair made it easy for Bill to bite her and he was surprised at how tasty her blood was. Sookie also drank a little from her because she had fed so sparingly from Sharon, remembering that they had just fed from her last night.

Just for fun Sookie gave Hazel a really sexy memory of an encounter with Bill in the bedroom. She knew from reading Hazel's mind just what would float her boat. Sookie wondered what Hazel did to make her blood so tasty. Maybe it was the hormones from all those romance novels Hazel read.

Since the vampires were sated they placed the desire to be donors in all the women's minds except for Geraldine, and slowly brought them to the surface, giving them memories of Sharon being pleasurably kissed and gently bitten on the neck by Bill.

Everyone was happy and feeling great. Word would spread of what a blast it was be bitten by a vampire. Soon all the women were laughing and kidding each other and back to being their unglamoured selves. Bill and Sookie made their excuses and left. A good time was had by all.

The vampire couple had wicked fun later on imagining all the things they could have done if they weren't ethical. It was quite a turn on.

Chapter Ten

Now that the party was behind them Sookie and Bill turned their attention to the upcoming book signing. The following night Bill contacted Briareus Gyges and asked him if he would be free to act as a body guard during their stay in the palace.

Briareus was a Mount Olympus of a vampire and they had used him once before to act as body guard. Of course that time Sookie had actually ended up saving Briareus, but it still seemed like a good idea to have the intimidating olive skinned vampire along to at least give the appearance of menace. Briareus said he would bring two more bodyguards along so they could work shifts. That meant at least one of the guards would not be vampire since a vampire could not guard anything in the daytime.

Sookie had called up her tenant and practicing witch Amelia Broadway to ask if she could meet with the witches in the house Sookie rented to them. Amelia was glad to help and said she would get tell Octavia and Heather to meet with them. Since Octavia and Heather lived in the house with Amelia those two were sure to be there.

Octavia was Amelia's mentor and Amelia was Heather's mentor. It was like three generations of witches living together. The witches were eager to meet with Sookie and help her. They assembled the materials they would need to try and discover what kind of magic was being used to enchant the king. Bill had some papers signed by the king so they would use one of those as a touch piece to make contact with the king's vibrations, or whatever it was the witches needed to connect with. Sookie did not understand how witchcraft worked, but she had seen the effects and knew it could be quite effective.

Amelia had once told Sookie the main problem with witchcraft is the possibility of something going terribly wrong because the spell didn't take all the variables into account. So, for example, a spell to get more money might work, but the money might be from the insurance policy of a loved one. This was called the "monkey's paw effect" in magic, and it took a skilled and experienced witch to avoid disasters.

Tonight was just going to be looking into the king's new found love relationship to see if Sandra Pelt was behind it, what kind of magic she was using, and how it could be undone. None of the witches did black magic or death magic, so the undoing of the king's enchantment would not involve Sandra's death or destruction. When Sookie was human she would have been glad for this safeguard, but now she didn't care if Sandra died as long as she was dealt with for once and for all.

Sookie felt strange going into her family home. At one time, when she was human, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else. Stackhouses had lived in this home continuously for a hundred and fifty years. Once Sookie became Vampire she needed the security of Bill's safe room during the day and the security of his love during the nights, those long painful nights when her mind and her body adjusted to the change from being human to being Vampire.

It hadn't been easy for her, or for Bill, who had to stand by helplessly at first as she sobbed and raged and wondered if she should have just died. Bill, resourceful and loyal, had found ways to help her through this painful time of adjustment. Now Sookie was pale and sleek and secure in her new identity. The humans who knew her before the change were a little intimidated by her new grace and power. She was not human any longer.

The lovely Vampire Sookie Stackhouse flew through the cemetery that separated Bill's ancestral home from hers and appeared on the steps of her house as quick as a thought. She knocked and Amelia invited her in warmly telling her she didn't have to knock, she was always welcome. Even though this was still Sookie's house, she had rented the whole house to the witches. She respected their tenancy and didn't just walk in.

Amelia was a petite energetic young woman with short hair and a Cheshire cat grin. Octavia was a dignified older woman with short grey hair and Heather was a twenty three year old with chin length shiny chestnut hair, greenish eyes, and a round face. These three witches had been living together for over a year now and they seemed to be best friends.

The house was spotless, the yard manicured, and the kitchen well stocked. They all liked order and comfort and were willing to spend their time and energy to keep things nice. Sookie couldn't have asked for better renters, she was very lucky to have these three.

They assembled around the kitchen table where incense was burning, candles were lit and a board was laid out with a crystal pendulum on a chain laying next to it. The board was like a Ouija board with letters around the edges and "yes", "no", "maybe" and "ask later" in the four corners. The board looked well used and Sookie guessed correctly that it belonged to Octavia, the senior witch. Amelia offered Sookie a True Blood, but Sookie had already eaten so they got started. Octavia placed the paper with the king's own signature on it under the board.

After some chanting and Octavia passing a wand over the board three times, a wand that looked suspiciously like a human leg bone wrapped in some vine, Octavia held the pendulum above the board and asked "Is the king under some kind of enchantment?" The pendulum began swinging and pointed to the corner of the board with the word "yes." Octavia asked "Is Sandra Pelt behind the king's enchantment?" Yes again. "What is the name of the witch who is working the magic for Sandra?" The pendulum swung to L ...I ...L ...U ...R...A. Lilura.

Octavia looked shaken, but she continued. "In whose name was the magic summoned?" Again the pendulum spelled a name - Hilargi. This meant something to the witches. The candle started to flicker wildly and Octavia said urgently "We have to stop." The witches chanted something quickly and Octavia passed her wand in the opposite direction three times. Amelia immediately blew out the candle, Heather snuffed the incense, and Octavia put the board and pendulum in a black cloth bag with some symbols embroidered on it.

Sookie was surprised at the abrupt ending of the ritual. This must have shown on her face (she hadn't gotten the whole 'expressionless vampire face' down pat yet) and Amelia explained that if they were contacting the source of the magic then the source could contact them, trace them, if they lingered. Since the source was so ancient and powerful they needed to break the connection quickly before their inquiry was detected. Sookie thought of a trace placed on a phone call and thought it must be something like that.

"Can you do anything to counter it?" Sookie asked.

"Oh yes." Octavia said, looking positively gleeful. "This is my specialty. I already have a couple of 'friends' - Galtxagorri and Etxajaunak - who will be happy to help me out." She made a sound that could only be described as a cackle. In that moment, Octavia looked very powerful and ageless. Sookie saw how strong her powers were.

Octavia told Sookie she would begin in two days when the moon was waxing and it might take as long as a month because they had to proceed cautiously. Sookie thanked them and offered to pay them. That was waved away. Sookie visited with her friends and caught up on the latest news.

Later she returned home and told Bill about the evening. He was glad to have the three witches working on their behalf. He asked Sookie if she knew any magic. She said she knew how to make something rise, then she showed him.

more to come .......

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Vampire Bill Compton Feels the Love part one

The handsome vampire Bill Compton was surprised to get a phone call from Sharon Parker, the mother of cute blond cheerleader Candy Parker. Sharon had also been a cute blond cheerleader back in the day and now she was a very attractive blond divorcée. Sharon was hosting a small party and she wanted Bill to attend.

This was no ordinary party, this was a donor party. Donor parties were happening all over the country. Many people, mostly respectable married women, wanted to know what it like to be bitten by a vampire, but they didn't want to visit the sometimes sleazy and sometimes dangerous places where vampires meet fangbangers.

As vampires mainstreamed they also didn't want to drive for an hour and hang out in noisy bars or boring cafes to meet willing donors. Of course vampires who were mainstreaming were either living on synthetic blood or on donor blood, they were not glamouring unwilling humans and drinking from them.

At least that was the party line. What they were really doing in the shadows was anybody's guess. As long as they didn't draw negative attention to the vampire community they were free to do as they wanted. Since they could erase the memory of the incident from the human's mind, and instantly heal the puncture marks with a few drops of their blood, vampires had pretty much carte blanche to do what they wanted.

Already people who had incidents of "missing time" were showing up on talk shows saying they had been victims of vampires. If this was twenty years ago these incidents of "missing time" would have been attributed to alien abduction or satanic cults. Now it was vampires. Nobody really took these kooks seriously, but they made good interviews with sensational stories on talk shows.

There were even support groups popping up to help those who were victims of vampires. Mental health workers knew a good thing when they saw it, these vampire victims would pay good money to come week after week to talk about their vampire victimization. And really, who could say they hadn't been victims? Lack of evidence was evidence of sorts, since vampires left no trace of their feeding, not even a memory.

Vampires would welcome the opportunity to drink from willing humans that wanted to try it, and there were apparently a tremendous number of those humans. Donor parties invited a few vampires and all the humans that wanted to attend. There was a demonstration of a vampire feeding, and those humans that wanted to be bitten could sign up for a "private session". Since the party took place in the living room of someone the others knew and trusted it didn't have the furtive quality of most human - vampire blood interactions. Husbands didn't have to know what kind of a hen party their wife was at, and the wives could be home and snug in their beds by eleven at night.

Bill was a perfect candidate for this kind of party. He lived locally, he was from two families that had a long history in Bon Temps, the Comptons and the Loudermilks, and he was a good looking man. His gaunt features, Southern masculine charm, dark penetrating eyes, sensitive lips, and strong chin would make just about any woman take notice of him. He had a deep voice with a sexy rasp to it, and a certain fierce tenderness in his gaze (as long as he wasn't angry) that brought steamy lovemaking to mind.

If you were a woman, and you wanted to be bitten by a vampire, Bill Compton was the perfect choice. He was, to put it bluntly, smoking hot.

Sharon Parker had wanted to have some kind of up close and personal contact with Bill ever since her daughter mentioned meeting him while she and her boyfriend, Sid Dearborne, had broken into Bill's house and been confronted by the owner. Sharon met Bill to apologize for her daughter's conduct and he had haunted her erotic fantasies since then. Arranging this party would be a way for her to get a little vampire action going, hopefully.

Everyone knew sex with a vampire was the most exciting sex there is. Everyone knew this because magazines, talk shows, books, and gossip columns simply couldn't stop talking about it. Vampires had come out of the coffin and right into the bedroom, it seems.

Chapter Two

Bill told Sharon Parker he would need to think about it and get back to her. What he really wanted to do was discuss it with Sookie. They had decided to be together whenever one of them fed because the danger of bloodlust triggering another kind of lust was so strong. Since it made them upset if one of them had too close of an encounter with a donor, feeding together was their solution. It wasn't entirely comfortable for either one of them, but it was better than the alternative, anger and jealousy.

After Bill discussed it with Sookie he called Sharon back and told her that he could attend as long as he could bring his significant other, Sookie Stackhouse. Sharon had been unaware of Bill's relationship with Sookie and her disappointment at hearing about this obstacle to her plan was obvious to Bill, although Sharon thought she sounded as cool as a cucumber when she purred "Of course. We would welcome another vampire to our party."

Bill had met so many human women who wanted something from him because he was a vampire that the pattern was familiar. There had only been one human woman he wanted something from since he was turned vampire, and that woman was Sookie. He wanted her love and her high regard and he had gotten them, then lost them, then gotten them back with a lot of hard work and effort on his part.

Then Sookie's failing health had eventually led to her wanting to be brought over, and Bill was her Maker. Another vampire was also part Maker to her too, and now Sookie was a vampire. She lived with Bill in his large renovated family home, and she rented her family house to a group of witches. The witches were also her closest friends.

The night of the party was agreed upon, and Sharon sent Bill the material the vampires needed to read and sign before coming to the party. It was a standard release form so the hostess of the party was not responsible for anything that happened at the party. It also suggested that the vampire give a short talk about becoming a vampire and then a predesignated volunteer would be bitten in front of the rest of the women so they could see and decide if this was something they wanted to do.

Bill had spoken several times to groups in Bon Temps including The Descendants of the Glorious Dead, who were fascinated to hear a first hand account of what it was like to be a soldier in the War of Northern Aggression, or The Civil War, as it was called in the North. Bill had been turned right after the end of the war, so his memories of being a soldier were his human memories. Bill had also talked to other groups about his mainstreaming and his ability to live on True Blood, so everyone already knew who he was.

And of course they all knew Sookie's story because she was a local girl. She had worked in the local bar, Merlott's, as a waitress. She had a reputation for being weird when she was human because her telepathic powers made it hard for her to act normally while all the time she was also hearing the thoughts of those around her. Now that she was vampire the people that knew her were very interested to see someone they knew once as a human now continuing as one of the undead.

So they were going to skip the part where they told a little about themselves and get right to the demonstration. Of course there would be party food for the people and True Blood for the vampires if the donor blood was not enough. It would be enough for Bill because he was older and needed less blood, but Sookie was still relatively new as a vampire and she needed much more blood before she was fed. She would drink her True Blood before she came to the party so she wouldn't need to feed.

The predesignated volunteer was going to be Sharon Parker, and Bill was meeting with her at her house to discuss the procedure. In reality he was going to glamour her so he could bite her and she would have a pleasurable experience, but not a full fledged orgasm in front of her friends. Bill had learned what to do from visiting vampire chat rooms and reading about the experiences of other vampires that had attended donor parties. Then, when he came to the party the following night, he would only have to reinforce his glamour and the biting would appear very pleasurable and fun.

Since Bill wasn't going to actually feed from Sharon tonight he hadn't needed to bring Sookie along. Sharon was just delighted to open her door and invite in the tall, dark and dangerous vampire. She had worn a low cut neckline in case they needed to rehearse. She had worn perfume, and she had taken her birth control pill too. Sharon was ready for anything Bill might want to do with her. She hoped he was ready for anything she might want to do with him. She already had a list of things she wanted to do. And that list got longer when she stood in front of the charismatic vampire and looked in his dark unreadable eyes.

Chapter Three

"Please sit down." Sharon indicated the pink sofa to Bill. Her living room was like an extension of her girly wardrobe. She wore lots of pastel pinks and mauve and her living room was decorated with those same colors. It was an extremely pretty room and Bill felt a little too big and rough around the edges for such feminine decor. He sat down and declined the offer of a bottle of True Blood.

"I don't have a lot of time." Bill said, untruthfully. In fact, he was immortal and had more time than Sharon. But he was uncomfortable around her and he wanted to leave. He smiled without fangs and said charmingly "Let me show you what we are going to do and then I'll be on my way and let you get back to your evening." He knew that if he sounded like he didn't want to impose on her he could avoid sounding abrupt. Vampires had a reputation for being aloof and curt, and it was often because they found humans so boring and tedious.

"Of course." Sharon said, hiding her disappointment. She was hoping that he would take one look at her, one look at her bared throat, and he would take her in his arms and have his way with her. She had imagined the moment he penetrated her throat with his fangs and her body with his and it had been her most exciting fantasy. Now that he was here he was even more exciting, exotic and alluring than she remembered him.

His pale face and smooth voice were fascinating to her. Bill knew this, and he used it to get her ready to glamour. He looked in her eyes and said "When I put my mouth here ....." and he touched the side of her neck with his cool fingers, "I will use my fangs to make two very small punctures. They will heal immediately and not leave marks, I promise you." He looked deeply in her eyes, she was under his influence now. "You will feel intense pleasure when I bite you. You won't have an orgasm, but you will be very aroused. It will be a wonderful experience."

Just to make sure she would react correctly Bill leaned over and gently placed his lips on her neck. She shuddered with the thrill and breathed "Oh yes, oh yes .... " she continued to breathe heavily. Bill's fangs ran out and he placed the sharp tips against her skin and pressed lightly. "Oh, Oh, that's wonderful." she moaned. She was shaking with the effort to hold still.

Suddenly Bill felt like just doing it, just breaking the skin and drinking. As he froze there with his fangs touching her he noticed he was responding in another way too. And then her shaking caused his right fang to make one tiny pinprick. A little ruby drop of blood oozed out. To Bill's vampire sense of smell that drop of blood filled his mind. All he could think about was her blood, her heat, her female smell. His tongue licked the drop of blood and he lost it. He bit her with passion and abandon and drank.

He was getting more turned on when the doorbell rang. He spun around and looked at the door as it slowly opened.

Chapter Four

Sookie walked in at human speed and saw what Bill was doing. She didn't look mad, but she wasn't smiling either. She had on a black jogging suit and black sneakers. Her blond hair was wind tousled.

"Are you going to be done soon?" she asked coolly. "Sarno is at the house and he wants to see you before he has to return to New Orleans."

Sarno Stone, tall energetic vampire, was the king's emissary, the one Bill spoke to about the book he was currently working on for the king. The king had a publishing empire and Bill's books, ghost written by a famous undead author, had netted the king quite a handsome profit. Sarno and Bill were both in the king's favor, a good thing.

Sarno was the last thing on Bill's mind at the moment. Bill went over to Sookie and brought her back to the glamoured Sharon. He made a gesture with his hand indicating that Sookie should drink from Sharon. Since Sookie was the newer vampire she was always ready to drink, especially from a human source. She drank a modest amount of blood and then healed the woman's neck completely.

After Sookie stepped outside, Bill replaced Sharon's memories with the ones leading up to him biting her, then he woke her up and took his leave, thanking her for her gracious hospitality. Sharon was a little confused because she hadn't really done much in the way of being a hostess (as far as she knew) but she saw Bill out and said she would see him tomorrow night. She was less flirtatious than she was when Bill arrived. Bill hoped it wasn't caused by blood loss. He would have to drink very sparingly tomorrow night.

Sookie rode home with Bill in his car since she had run the two miles through the night to get to Sharon's house from her home with Bill. Running through the night as fast as a vampire can run, faster than a human can see, was one of the joys of being a vampire for Sookie. Sometimes she ran with Bill, but she also ran alone, fearless, since she was now stronger and faster than any human or animal.

Becoming vampire had meant losing a lot of things that were important to the human part of Sookie, but the longer she was vampire the more she found to compensate and replace those things. She understood how vampires didn't feel human after a while, they really weren't human anymore, they were something different.

Bill finally ended the silence in the car. "I broke our agreement. I fed even though you weren't there." he said in a flat voice, stating the obvious.

"Yes, you did." Sookie responded. "I imagine you got close to her, and just lost control." Her voice was equally flat. Bill saw she wasn't going to blow up over this.

"I did. I didn't mean to feed at all tonight, but once I got close it was just too powerful to stop." He hoped Sookie would understand. And she did.

"I understand." Sookie said. "It could happen to either of us." She seemed to be done with the topic. They got home and got out of the car.

Her comment made Bill realize that this meant that Sookie could also lose control, and he would have to be understanding of her vampire nature. He didn't want to be understanding. He wanted to be controlling and hold her to the agreement. Even though he had just broken their agreement. Bill wondered if a vampire could be crazy. He recognized his feelings were not consistent with logic or reason.

Then they were inside and Bill had to shift his mind over to work because Sarno Stone was waiting for him.

Chapter Five

Bill hadn't expected Sarno so he was not prepared to discuss his book revisions. This annoyed Bill, and on top of the annoyance he felt over Sookie being so understanding he wasn't in the best mood. Sarno, usually so cheerful and buoyant, seemed flat and subdued. He was a tall, good looking young man and he impressed humans with his warmth, sincerity and human like demeanor. It was an act he had perfected and it made him the perfect emissary for the king to use when dealing with humans.

Vampires weren't fooled however, and Bill knew Sarno could be just as lethal and quick as the next vampire if he had to. Sarno didn't look lethal tonight, he just looked anxious. Since vampires don't usually show any emotions Bill wondered what was on Sarno's mind.

"I haven't come about the book." Sarno said, speaking very quietly. Bill moved closer to hear him, while Sookie stood in the doorway, unsure if she was wanted in this conversation or not. Sarno looked at her and said "I need to talk to both of you. Can we sit down?"

Sookie led them into the living room. She turned on the gas fireplace, it was where the old wood burning fireplace used to be, and right in front of it was the place where she and Bill had first made love while she was a human. Of course Bill was a vampire back then since he was turned right after the Civil War. In her mind's eye she could see herself, so young and inexperienced, trembling with fear and desire, lying there with Bill on top of her. He was her first love in every way, and she had allowed him to bite her. So much had happened since then.

She became aware that the two men were looking at her. Apparently while she had been lost in thought someone had said something to her.

"I apologize, what did you say?" she asked. Bill was looking at her as if he knew what she had been thinking about. His pale face glowed in the firelight.

Bill said without inflection "Sarno was asking if you were able to read vampire minds too." He knew what she would say.

"No, not at all. That's one kind of mind I definitely can't read. Werewolves and shifters are hard to read consistently and I really can't read fairy minds at all, either. I haven't tried to read demon minds or goblin minds, but I don't recall ever picking up a thought from them." Sookie knew she was talking too much, but talk of reading vampire minds made her nervous. Her life wouldn't be worth a shovelful of dirt if any of the powerful vampire royalty knew she could now read vampire minds. It was painful for her to do so, but it was possible, in a limited way.

"That's what I thought." Sarno said. "Then you'll have to stick to reading the human minds around the king."

Sookie wondered just how much of the conversation she had missed. "Why would I be doing that?" she asked.

"Because the king is in love with a human woman and he has started changing things in his empire to suit her." Sarno explained.

"How does that involve us?" Bill asked. "You certainly couldn't be asking us to spy on the king."

It's not me asking, it's Victor Madden." Sarno said. If he expected this name to get him any positive reaction he was sadly mistaken. Bill was still annoyed with Victor over the last time he used Sookie's telepathic powers and put her in danger. Bill wouldn't touch this snarl of vampire intrigue with a ten foot stake.

"We don't work for him, or for you." Bill said rising, since this conversation was concluded. "We work for the king and he would not approve of this attempt to control his personal life. We will not speak of this again" Bill was implying that Sarno should be glad Bill didn't go to the king and rat him out for his plan.

"Then I guess you don't know that the human the king has become so fond of is Trinity Godwin, best friend of Sandra Pelt." Sarno said. The silence in the room was absolute as Sookie and Bill took in this dreadful news.

Chapter Six

Sandra Pelt. A name Sookie had hoped to never hear again. How could Sandra's human friend have gotten to know the king, gotten into his good graces, and won his affection? It was so unlikely. It was also unlikely that the pretty, wholesome, curvy human waitress Sookie had been would have turned vampire, yet she had when the final moments of her life were running out. Strange things happen, Sookie knew, and one had to be ready to deal with them.

Sandra hated Sookie with an undying hatred because Sookie, when she was human, had killed Sandra's sister Debbie with a shotgun. It had been a clear case of self defense. Debbie had lain in wait in Sookie's kitchen and shot at her at point blank range when Sookie turned on the light.

Eric, vampire owner of Fangtasia, had jumped in front of the bullet and saved Sookie, giving Sookie time to grab her shotgun and fire at Debbie, spraying bits of Debbie all over the old farmhouse kitchen. That kitchen had burned, all traces of the killing erased. If only Sookie could erase the killing from Sandra's mind as well, Sookie thought.

Then, it dawned on Sookie, she could do exactly that! She almost laughed out loud at the thought. She could just erase the whole incident from Sandra's mind. All she needed to do was to get close enough to Sandra to glamour her. And she needed to find out if Trinity Godwin was acting as Sandra's agent, or if it was just a horrible coincidence that Trinity Godwin, the best friend of Sookie's sworn enemy, was now the king's honey bun.

If Trinity was really just The One the king had fallen for then Sookie wouldn't interfere. But if Trinity was part of some plot by Sandra to ruin Sookie, then Sookie would have to step in and insure that didn't happen. It wouldn't be the first time Sandra had planted someone in Sookie's path to mess up Sookie's life. But could Sandra possibly have so much influence with a human and a vampire king? Maybe, if witchcraft was involved.

Alcide had suspected witchcraft had been used on him when he couldn't seem to stop caring about Debbie. Alcide was a werewolf Sookie had sort of dated briefly. Debbie had been furious that Alcide was seeing someone else even though she had broken up with Alcide and was engaged to a rich shifter. Debbie, always a sore loser, had tried twice to kill Sookie, and the last time had been her fatal mistake.

Sandra just couldn't seem to let go of her adopted sister's death, and her promise to stop harassing Sookie ended when the Pelts, Sandra and Debbie's parents, died in a car crash. They had promised to keep Sandra under control. But when their lives ended, their control did too.

Now Sandra was on the warpath again, it seemed. It would be too much of a coincidence otherwise.

Chapter Seven

Sookie dreaded getting involved in court politics, but now she had no choice. She knew it would only be a matter of time before Sandra used her friend's influence over the king to come after Sookie. Now that Sookie was a vampire she was much less vulnerable to the shifter, but having the king turn against her would be a definite problem. Of course, spying on the king's personal life might also make the king angry, so it was staked if you do and staked if you don't, Sookie thought bitterly.

Sarno had thought of an excuse to get Bill and Sookie in the palace for a few nights. Their new book was coming out and they could make a guest appearance and sign copies for the core of vampires that always surrounded the king. This would be the first public book signing ever by a vampire, and the copies might be quite valuable in time. They might even auction some on eBay, and photos of the attractive couple signing books in the premier vampire palace in New Orleans would be just the kind of press and publicity the mainstreaming movement needed.

Of course the real author, someone famous and brilliant, would remain a ghost writer since he didn't want it known he had become vampire in his last moments. He was glad to be vampire, and the world was richer for his continuing presence, but he had been so widely mourned that he felt re-appearing would be inconsiderate. He was also enjoying the freedom his anonymity provided and had used it to write some romance novels and a teen advice column.

Bill had provided the research and raw data, and Sookie had told the story of her decision to become vampire, and several of her life long friends were interviewed about the change. Naturally the comments were positive. The only garlic in the mix was the increased vulnerability Sookie and Bill would have once they were in the open. A book signing would be a vulnerable time, no doubt about it.

There would need to be extra safeguards set up surrounding the couple. The first line of defense would be body guards. Sookie planned on going over to visit the witches and see what kind of safe guards they could spell around the couple. She also was hoping they could detect what kind of magic was being used to keep the king in thrall to Trinity Godwin, if magic was being used.

They had three weeks to set things up for the book signing/spy mission. That would be enough time to put all their safeguards in place. They thanked Sarno for his warning and told him they would keep in close contact with him over the next three weeks. They even stood on the old wooden front porch and waved goodbye to Sarno, just like generations of humans had done.

more to come .....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Vampire Bill Compton Learns What is Safe concluded

Chapter Ten

The next night they decided to feed before trying to find out what was going on with the interviews. The king had a waiting room for humans that wanted to be willing donors for vampires. The vampires could look at them through closed circuit TV, and then summon the one they wanted. If the human was agreeable to donating to that vampire they went off into one of the parlors set up for just that purpose. The little room was always full. Humans were only allowed to volunteer once a month, so there must have been a large number of people that wanted the experience. It all went very smoothly.

When Sookie was a human she had found the idea of humans wanting to donate blood to vampires revolting, but as a vampire she was glad to have this voluntary interaction. She always made sure to glamour the human into thinking they had a wonderful experience that acted out their most wild sex with a vampire fantasy. The human went away feeling like they had just experienced something extraordinary, and Sookie was fed for the night.

Sookie was a new kind of vampire. She had never forced her will on anyone, she had never attacked an unwilling human, and she had ethical values that wouldn't allow for a human to be hurt. Tonight she had her pick of healthy young men and she picked one that reminded her of the young Elvis. He couldn't believe his luck when he met her and went enthusiastically to a parlor with her.

Once Sookie and Bill had fed and gone back to their room for a while they tried to find out when and where they should meet up with Victor Madden. They hadn't heard a word from him since he ran out of the interview right after Sookie told him about Nicolo Ridolfi being an agent of the Werewolves. They left messages on his cell phone and his office phone at the palace, but they heard nothing from him. They spent the night talking and reading.

The next night after feeding Bill went out for a while and Sookie visited the palace mall and picked up a few gifts to bring back to Amelia and Jason. Then Bill came back and tried to call Victor again. Finally they called Sarno Stone to see if he knew where to locate Victor.

Sarno told them he would be down to their suite within the hour to discuss the situation.

"There is a situation?" Sookie asked Bill.

"Apparently." Bill said, setting up his computer. "I'm going to see what I can find out about the Red Wolf Clan."

Bill clicked the keys rapidly, and seemed to work quickly. Sookie used to resent his time on the computer because he would get so engrossed in what he was doing he shut her out for hours.

But now he was very aware of her in the room and stopped after ten minutes to ask her if he should keep doing research or wait until she was busy doing something else. Sookie asked if she could look over his shoulder and see what he was doing and Bill pulled up a chair for her.

The information Bill was bringing up was not available to mortals, and very few supes (supernatural beings) would be able get in either. He knew how to access sources that most people never even knew existed. He finally found what he was looking for. He had found a way into the Red Wolf Clan's top secret file. Sure enough there was a high probability that the king's Las Vegas holdings were going to be attacked or breached by the Clan according to reliable sources.

Bill turned off the computer and swiveled to face Sookie. He said "They knew this might happen. This was no accident that you discovered who was going to try to get inside the King's operation.They set him up to apply so they could catch him and question him." Bill looked grim. "That means they set you up to identify him."Sookie asked "Then it's a good thing I was able figure out who he was and what his plans were?"

Bill answered in his dark voice "That remains to be seen. It depends on whether they were able to catch him and question him. If they could stop him from telling any of his gang what went wrong with his interview then we are safe. But if he has identified you as the one with the power to read their minds then that makes you a target. The Red Wolf Clan is known for seeking revenge on anyone that interferes with their operations. They have terrorized their victims and witnesses into silence, and killed those that oppose them. People disappear once they have
crossed the Clan. It's how they maintain power, through intimidation." Bill stood up. "We have to find out what happened when Victor went after the Were."

"Can't we just ask Sarno when he gets here?" Sookie asked, standing up too. Bill's tense attitude was affecting her.

"We can ask, but there's no guarantee we will get an honest answer." Bill growled. He began pacing, trying to think of what they should do.

"I don't know if we should stay here or go somewhere else." Bill said. "The security here isn't as good as it used to be when the queen ran things. DeCastro depends more on his high tech gadgets than he should." Bill looked through his Blackberry and got a phone number. He dialed it and said "It's me. I need something. Yes. Yes. Right away. I'll meet you in the lobby."

Bill said to Sookie "Put on your comfortable clothes and shoes. We have to be ready to leave right away if we need to."

Sookie also packed just in case they were leaving the palace for good. Just as she was putting the last of her clothes in the suitcase there was a knock on the door. Bill sent Sookie into the marble lined bathroom and told her to lock the door. A door wouldn't keep out a determined Were or Vampire, but it might slow them down enough for Sookie to leave through the other door to the bathroom, the one that led to the safe room. She opened the safe room door ready to enter in a second if she heard the door being hit.

She was very worried about Bill, but when she heard his voice she listened and heard Sarno's voice answering him. Bill said "It's OK, it's Sarno." right outside the bathroom door and Sookie opened the door.

Chapter Eleven

Sarno looked a little rough around the edges. His madras shirt collar was turned up on one side, his chino pants were wrinkled and his hair looked messy, but not in a good way. He was pale and had dark circles around his eyes. He looked like he hadn't fed in a while.

Bill continued to stand so they all stood. Bill said "What happened to Victor? Where is he?"

Sarno looked uncomfortable. "He is ... indisposed. I have come to tell you the king thanks you for your service and you are free to leave. Of course you will be paid in full."

"What about the second interview?" Sookie asked.

"There is no second interview." Bill said. "There never was, was there?" he asked Sarno. Since Bill was much older than Sarno in vampire years this made Bill much stronger than Sarno. And since Bill was just barely controlling his anger Sarno recognized what a powder keg Bill was right now.

Sarno said "I don't have any more information than what I've already told you." Both Bill and Sookie knew he was lying. But only Sookie had the power to find out more. She went and sat down on a sofa facing the windows with her back to the men, looking out the window at the twinkling lights of the city at night. She opened her mind and tuned in to the words and images in Sarno's mind. It was excruciatingly loud.

"VICTOR BADLY INJURED .... (she got a mental image of an arm almost torn off )..... RIDOLFI ESCAPED TONIGHT ... she felt the nearness of werewolves in a pack .... DANGER .... she heard a car door slamming and saw the King being driven away from the palace .... TWO GUARDS MISSING ....

That was all Sookie could stand. She gasped from the pain of listening. Both men turned to look at her. "I just remembered I left my favorite shoes in the drawer." she said, and giggled, sounding like an airhead. Sarno turned away dismissively but Bill knew something more was going on. He had enough poise not to draw attention to Sookie's uncharacteristic behavior.

They thanked Sarno but didn't mean it. He left and Bill threw his clothes in a suitcase and they prepared to leave. Sookie told Bill he was doing the right thing, they had to leave the palace right away. They had the car pulled around. A bellboy came and took their luggage to the car. Before they got in the car Bill met a big burly vampire in the lobby. They talked for a minute then the burly vampire nodded.

As Sookie got in the front seat of the car the burly vampire got in the back seat. Up close he was an impressive sight, six feet five inches tall and solid as a brick wall. He had a duffle bag with him.

As Bill pulled away he said "Sookie, this is Briareus Gyges. He's here to help keep us safe."

Sookie turned in her seat and said "Pleased to meet you Mr. Gyges." The large vampire just nodded, looking around at the cars near them. He was on the job already.

Briareus Gyges looked to have been about forty when he was turned. He had on a shiny blue suit complete with thin black tie and black shirt that looked like something a 1950's mobster might have worn. His thick black wavy hair was slicked straight back with some kind of pomade and was longer than most men wore their hair, extending a few inches below his collar. He had an olive complexion, thick lips, large nose, pitted complexion and receding brow. His neck was thicker than his head, and his shoulders seemed to droop from the weight of his massive arms. He had no muscle definition, instead he had the bulky build of the Olympic weight lifter. He
looked very strong, and added to his vampire strength Briareus Gyges was a force to be reckoned with. Sookie was glad he was on their side.

As soon as the black BMW was up to full speed Briareus Gyges took a crossbow out of his duffle bag. He arranged his silver tipped arrows on the seat next to him, careful not to touch the silver. Then he took out a revolver and checked to make sure it was fully loaded. Sookie guessed it had silver bullets in it. Finally he took out a sword and handed it to Sookie to keep up front.

Briareus Gyges was here to kill whoever Bill was worried about. Sookie only felt relieved at Bill's
resourcefulness in enlisting the help of this fearsome vampire. She had stopped agonizing about the violence in the supernatural world. There was violence in the human world too, and one would have to be a fool to face those dangers unprepared.

Chapter Twelve

They didn't have time to get back to Bon Temps before dawn, so Bill was taking them to a safe house. He didn't want to stay in the palace because the Were's knew Sookie was there. He wanted to take her somewhere else.

He drove through a car wash lot, behind some stores, and through a parking garage. No one was behind them.

He used a garage door opener handed to him by Gyges to open what looked like a garage set into a hillside. As soon as he pulled in he closed the door.

The garage was actually the opening to a tunnel that spiraled down. After a few minutes of driving in very dim light provided by small glass lights set in the walls of the spiral they came to a parking area big enough for maybe fifteen cars. Bill pulled in and parked. They got their overnight bags, Briareus repacked his duffle with his weapons and the sword, and they went to a grey metal door in one corner of the lot. Bill punched in a code and the door buzzed and opened.

After all this cloak and dagger travel Sookie was a little let down to see that they were standing in a corridor of what could be any inexpensive motel. With vampire speed they went down the hall, Bill opened the second door from the end and they were inside. The light blue room had the barest comforts. Two queen sized beds, a shoddy dresser, and lamps on the nightstands. Two straight back chairs. A small refrigerator and a microwave completed the decor. There were no windows and Sookie got the feeling they were deep under the earth.

Buried. That was something for her to think about, being buried. But not right now.

Briareus Gyges laid out his array of weapons on one of the beds. They would work fine as long as they were awake, but when they slept the sleep of the undead they would be as vulnerable as new born puppies. Bill was programming a keypad near the door and when he was done he looked satisfied.

"We're safe now." he said. "We'll stay here tomorrow and leave right after sun down." He looked at his watch.

"We have about an hour to go before dawn so we should get ready for bed."

Briareus Gyges simply laid down on the bed next to his weapons. Sookie didn't want to get undressed so she sat in a chair for a while and thought about going home to Bon Temps. After a while she removed her shoes and laid down on the other bed, leaving room for Bill. The thought passed through her mind that she hadn't heard Briareus say one word. Then she was dead until dark.

Chapter Thirteen

When Sookie woke, Bill and Briareus were already up. They were drinking True Blood and Bill heated one for Sookie to drink before her feet hit the floor. She was getting better with her waking hunger, but she still had gnawing hunger pangs when she awoke and Bill didn't want her to suffer. As her maker he was responsible to see her through until she was completely adjusted to her new life as a vampire. As her dearest love he tried to be sensitive to her needs. Bill took his responsibility and his love seriously. Sookie appreciated that about him.

Once Briareus had packed up his arsenal they were ready to leave. Bill punched numbers in the keypad and the door made a little click. Then the door made a big bang as it was pushed open and hit the wall. Two huge werewolves rushed into the room.

Without thinking Sookie instantly glamoured them with the command "Stop!". The werewolves stopped and dropped down on the floor. Sookie turned to Bill to see him frozen in place. Briareus was stopped with his hand in the duffle bag, in the process of bringing out the gun.

"Well that worked." Sookie said to herself. She tried to glamour just Bill by saying "Bill, scratch your nose." All four glamoured beings scratched their noses. She saw that wasn't going to work. She tipped Bill over like a department store mannekin and dragged him out into the hall. She dragged him down the length of the hall and glamoured him to put his hand on top of his head. He did it. Then she raced back down the hall to see if Briareus and the two werewolves had their hands (or paws) on top of their heads. They didn't. She raced back to Bill and glamoured "Bill, wake up." Bill jumped up, fangs bared, hands curved into claws.

"It's ok, it's ok." She whispered. She didn't know if she was whispering so as not to disturb the other residents or so the three frozen guys in their room didn't hear her, but she felt whispering was the way to go. "Briareus and the two werewolves are in the room glamoured and frozen in place."

Bill thought for a second. "We have to kill the werewolves, then bring Briareus out of his glamour. We can't let Briareus know he's been glamoured." Just then Sookie heard a slight noise coming from the room. She moved in a vampire blur and looked inside. The werewolves were starting to come around. Briareus was as still as a statue.

"Sleep!" Sookie glamoured the were's. She turned around and Bill, who had been right behind her, was in a heap asleep on the floor.

"Well hell!" Sookie muttered. She dragged Bill back down the hall and whispered "Wake up!" Bill woke up and leaped to his feet, fangs bared again.

"Calm down." Sookie said, not using her glamour. "I don't want to kill the werewolves. I can just glamour them to leave and go far away. I can erase us from their minds. But I have to get Briareus out of the room first, keep him glamoured until I get rid of the were's, then I can erase this whole thing from his mind."

She thought for a second "How did they find us here?" but then she realized they would have to figure that out later.

They went back to the room and the werewolves were twitching. It wouldn't be long before they came back out of their trance. Sookie and Bill together hauled the gigantic Briareus down to the far end of the hall.

Just then a very dignified vampire couple stepped out of the room right across from where Sookie and Bill were holding up Briareus. The dignified vampire couple were beautifully dressed and groomed, had expensive luggage and smelled wonderful.

"What's going on here?" the man asked. He sounded like someone used to authority. Sookie heard a little cough from the room with the werewolves.

"Excuse me." she said, and raced back down to the room. She closed the door and faced two enraged werewolves. They both leapt at her.

Chapter Fourteen

"Sleep" Sookie glamoured them. They dropped out of midair like stones and looked like two big scary dogs taking a nap. She knelt down by them, glamoured them again, and instructed them to go to Alaska immediately. They couldn't find the people they were looking for. The people they were looking for were in Alaska. She told them she was their friend, they liked her, and she would help them get to Alaska where they needed to be. They woke up and started licking her face. She scratched their ears and their tails wagged.

Sookie couldn't resist. As she petted them she said, in baby talk "Who's a good wittle werewolf? Who's a good wittle werewolf? It's you, yes it is, yes it is. It's you! You're a good wittle werewolf, yes you are, yes you are!" The wolves wagged so hard they almost fell over.

She came out of the room with them on either side of her.The dignified couple took one look and leaped back into their room, leaving their luggage in the hall.

Bill's eyes opened wide but he didn't say anything. "How do they get to the outside?" Sookie asked.

Bill, Sookie and the two werewolves walked up the winding ramp until they got to the garage door. Bill used his clicker to open it and went quickly back down the ramp like Sookie had told him to do. Sookie re-glamoured the wolves one more time, emphasizing the need for them to go to Alaska immediately. They bounded off into the night. Sookie watched them, admiring their strength and beauty. She was glad they hadn't needed to kill them, they reminded her of a werewolf she had really liked, Alcide Herveaux. She wondered if they would end up as sled dogs. Probably not.

She joined Bill in the hall. Briareus was still out like a light. Bill and Sookie hauled Briareus back to the room and Bill stayed with him. Sookie was glad for her vampire strength. Without it she wouldn't have been able to budge Briareus an inch.

Sookie went back in the hall, picked up the suitcases and knocked on the vampire couple's door. She said "It's only me." in her most innocuous voice. The man opened the door cautiously.

"Excuse me sir." Sookie said in her best sweet Southern style, while sending her thoughts into their heads "I think you left these in the hall." She entered the room and shut the door. She emerged a minute later with the couple and they were all laughing.

"I don't know what we were thinking, leaving our luggage in the hall like that." the woman said. The man looked baffled, but amused. They thanked Sookie for bringing in their luggage and went back in their room.

Sookie went back to the room and Bill went out and waited down the hall. She erased the whole episode from Briareus' mind and returned him to the moment when Bill was opening the door. As they left the room Sookie asked Briareus if he had checked the car for tracking devices. He said no, but he would. His voice was surprisingly soft and he had a faint lisp.

Briareus found the tracking device under the front bumper and ground it to dust under his large foot.

Chapter Fifteen

They went back to Bon Temps and Briareus stayed with them for a week waiting to see if anything happened, but nothing did. Bill called the palace to see how Victor Madden was doing. Victor answered his phone and said he was recovering nicely. He didn't exactly apologize, but he did tell Bill that they recaptured Nicky Roberts and he had been dealt with. Bill could imagine how that went. The check arrived for Sookie's services, as well as a hefty bonus.

One night they brought Briareus to Monroe to a cafe, A Sanguinary Affair, that vampires used to meet willing humans and introduced him to Estelle, a plus sized red haired woman Bill and Sookie had brought back to their apartment once. Briareus and Estelle hit it off right away and Estelle took Briareus back to her apartment for a little fun.

Meanwhile Bill and Sookie met two young professionals that made it clear they wanted to have sex with the vampires as well as be donors. That was fine with Bill and Sookie, and they brought them to their apartment, glamoured them into thinking they had a wild time, fed, and brought the couple back.

Bill had turned his cell phone off while they were busy with the donor couple. When he checked it there was a message from Briareus saying to go on back to Bon Temps without him, he was staying at Estelle's. They could hear her laughing shrilly in the background. "Good for Briareus." Sookie said, smiling.

On the way home Bill asked Sookie the question she had been dreading. He asked her what had been going on when Sarno was in their suite and she had gasped and said she had forgotten her shoes in the drawer. She was torn between telling him the truth, that she could read vampire minds in a limited way, or lying and making some excuse.

She told him he might not want to know the truth. He thought about that for a while and decided that was true, he might not want to know. What he didn't know he couldn't divulge to anyone else if he was ever captured and tortured. This had happened to him once and he knew he had a breaking point where he might endanger Sookie. He told her he trusted her and was awed by how resouceful she was in a crisis. He laughed and said he had counted on Briareus to keep them safe, but in reality it was Sookie that had kept them all safe, Briareus included.

As they walked in their home he stopped, stood in front of her, looked in her eyes, held her hands and said "My safety is with you." She was touched and she said, truthfully "And my safety is with you." Somehow, this felt like a ceremony.

Later on, when they were settling in for the coming dawn, Bill muttered "Home is where the safe room is." Sookie laughed at that, thinking of that saying embroidered on a pillow.

Being safe, feeling safe, Bill fell asleep, holding Sookie's hand.

The end

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Vampire Bill Compton Gets Real

Read "Sookie Stackhouse is All Shook Up" below before reading this story in order for this to make more sense.)

Chapter One

The handsome Vampire Bill Compton was in a bad mood. His rugged features, dark eyes, and lean build seemed to crackle with the intensity of his irritation. He was restless, hyped up with the desire to physically attack his problem. But this problem was going on in his mind, and he couldn't solve it. He was walking to blow off steam and to visit Anna Hita, the Scythian Scryer, to get some help with this dilemma.

As he walked, Bill couldn't stop thinking about the human man Sookie had almost been intimate with. It made him so angry every time he thought of it he had to use all his coping skills to calm down. Besides Bill's vampire desire to possess the woman he had chosen as his significant other, he also had the old vampire ideas about human men being vastly inferior to vampire men. So the fact that Sookie had smelled of the human man's sexual aroma after Sookie was alone feeding on him made Bill doubly mad.

Since he was still in New Orleans, by request of the king, he decided to see the vampire Scythian Scryer Anna Hita. He was hoping he could find some way to prevent Sookie from ever feeling lust towards a human again. He knew he could forbid her from having any contact other than neck feeding from a human, and as her maker he could enforce that command, for a while, using his influence and power over her.

But he didn't want her to be afraid of his wrath. He wanted her to not want any other man, human or vampire. Wasn't he enough? Hadn't he perfected his love making skills with Sookie, gotten everything just right, so he could please her in every way?

No, he knew he couldn't please her in every way. He didn't have hot human blood running through his veins. He couldn't be every man, every type of lover, know every secret desire in her mind. Besides, it wasn't a matter of competition, he knew. It was the close association of blood lust and sex lust. Once that gate was open it was impossible to close it. How many times had he been carried away? Some vampires got so worked up they accidentally killed a human. It was rare, but it happened.

He knew he was being a hypocrite. If the right situation came along he knew he would pounce on it with both fangs. Any male vampire would. But shouldn't Sookie, as a female vampire, be more reserved, keep all her sexual feelings only for him? His steps slowed. He was back in Civil War days with his thinking. Women, human and vampire, have all the lusts and needs men have, he knew. Blood lust is blood lust, no matter who has the fangs.

The vision of the hundreds of women he had fed from, had sexual contact with, over his century and a half of being a vampire flew through his mind. No vampire he knew, male or female, was limited to just one partner.

How was this going to work out? Maybe this should be his question. How would this work out? It would mean giving up his notion that he could glamour and have sex with human women, while Sookie would only have sex with him. Could he give up that notion?

Chapter Two

Anna Hita was expecting him, and she looked just the same as when he last saw her. Her tight brocade dress was emerald green this time, that was the only difference he could see. The Victorian furnishings and the rather shabby hall and door leading to the psychic parlor were unchanged. With all the money she charged she could have afforded a very upscale shop, but she seemed comfortable and at home in her run down historic building.

Bill thought that underneath the rather overpowering odor of the incense he could smell the faint odor of some kind of supernatural sea creature. He noticed the floor had been recently mopped and was still damp in spots, and in one corner he thought he detected the edges of a slimy trail. He wondered briefly who had been her last client, before turning his attention to his own problem.

"Mr. Compton, how good to see you again." Anna Hita spoke in her thick accent "I hope Miss Stackhouse is doing well?" Bill had called Anna Hita to get some helpful herbs when Sookie was first turned vampire. Sookie had been helped by the soothing herbs mixed in her bottles of True Blood when she was suffering with the adjustment to becoming vampire.

"Yes, she is doing quite well." Bill said, a little stiffly. His anger and jealously was right under the surface. How would he ever get over these feelings? He sat down, his muscles tense. He hadn't bothered to change his clothes to visit Anna Hita and he was still wearing the dark grey business suit, snow white shirt, and black and grey tie he had worn to meet with the king.

"I think you are ready get the answer you seek." Anna said. She gave him the potion of blood and herbs, and began her chanting. Bill drank, then stared into the black bowl of water, seeing nothing. He didn't know what question to ask. Maybe his last question would be a good place to start. How would he ever get over these feelings?

A pink mist swirled around him and when he was able to see he was in Sookie's bedroom in her farmhouse in Bon Temps. He got out of bed and went in the bathroom to shower. It was then he noticed that he was in the body of a female. His now female hand took the soapy wash cloth and lathered his/her skin. He had such a sensation that he was shocked. How sensitive she/he was, how soft the skin was. He/she noticed all the sensations he had never experienced as a male. He was seeing what it was like to be Sookie, to experience things in her body. It was like a whole new world.

He realized that his feelings of possession over her were based on fear, fear that she was having an experience that would make distance between them. But what if she shared her experience with him?

He only knew half of what the vampire experience was. Sookie knew the other half. If she could share her feelings with him then he could know the whole experience of being them. As a couple they had two bodies, but they could have one experience. He saw how he would need to change his thinking about her erotic feelings.

They were not a threat to him, they were a resource. He could have something more, if he could open his mind to the possibility.

Bill was a realist. He knew that as vampires there was no way they could not have some kind of erotic feelings during feeding with some humans. But that could work to his advantage, if he could share in those feelings. His feelings of jealousy were based on fear and possessiveness. But if he could also have her experiences wouldn't that also be a form of possession? He saw a way, and he was willing to try it.

The alternative would be for their relationship to erode under the constant threat of blood lust and jealousy. It had happened to many other couples. Bill was going to try to find a way around the problem that made vampire relationships so prone to break up.

Bill left Anna Hita's feeling more hopeful, and very thoughtful.

Chapter Three

Bill waited until they had concluded their job in the palace for the king, returned home to Bon Temps, and settled back in before he tried his new idea.

As they were laying in their comfortable bed Bill said "Sookie, what was the name of the young man you were excited by at the palace?"

Bill" Sookie began "I don't think this is a .."

Bill looked in her eyes. He said "I want to make that experience mine too. Can you share it with me?"

Sookie saw the sincerity in his eyes. She was hesitant, but she took him at his word. He wanted to know. She told Bill about how the boy Paul looked like a young Elvis. How he had asked to kiss her and not be glamoured. How he had pierced his tongue on her fang and licked his lips, smearing his blood on his lips as they kissed.

Bill was kissing Sookie's face as she talked, her cheek, her chin, her forehead. Now he said "Like this?" And he pierced his finger and rubbed some of his blood on his lips and kissed her. She responded passionately, kissing him like they had never kissed before. Bill saw what a turn on this was for her, and how clever the boy had been to do this.

This attempt to discuss the subject ended in a very rewarding sexual encounter, so it had to wait for the next night to continue.

When the conversation resumed Sookie admitted that she had gone into an altered state of mind after tasting Paul's blood, wanting to take this young man sexually and to drink his blood. Bill understood this completely. If a human woman had come on to him like this he would have responded too.

"I undressed him. I held him. " Sookie said softly.

"Why didn't you take your clothes off too?" Bill asked gently. He was stroking her and relaxing her with his touch.

"I didn't think I had the time. I knew we had to meet with Victor later." Sookie said, practically.

"Besides," Sookie added "I don't think I wanted to have intercourse with him." She wasn't sure what would have happened if the obstacle of inexperience hadn't been in her way. She told him what happened, how she couldn't feed from his groin artery and couldn't put her mouth on him. Sookie was sure Bill would lose his temper. But he didn't.

"You don't know how to feed from that artery." Bill said thoughtfully. "I should teach you. It is my responsibility to teach you these things." He wondered why the idea had never occurred to him. Probably because he didn't want Sookie's face anywhere near another man's groin.

"No, I don't know how to feed from there." Sookie said. "But this is a weird conversation, talking to you about another man." She hugged him tight.

"I agree." Bill said "But let's finish it and see where it takes us." He felt calm, like he was on the verge of figuring something important out about how to navigate this situation.

Sookie explained how she was afraid her fangs would have hurt Paul if she took him in her mouth. Bill was shocked Sookie would think of doing such a thing. His old fashioned idea of women was that a nice woman would never do anything like that.

He dropped that idea. Then, he asked her "Would you like to try it with me?"

"Oh yes." she whispered. Her fangs came out immediately. He saw how she liked the idea. She very carefully tried it and immediately accidentally made a small cut with her fang tip. But the drop of blood that came out was such an exciting element that she got completely caught up in what she was doing. Bill was astounded at how wonderful this was with her. He didn't have much time to be astounded because he was also swept away by her passion and her intensity. Again the conversation was put on hold while they explored this new side to their pleasures.

Chapter Four

The third night they resumed discussing what happened. They were in the car on the way to the cafe that was a meeting place for donors to meet vampires - "A Sanguinary Affair" - in Monroe to round up a fresh dinner. After a few nights on True Blood they wanted the real thing.

Bill told her that blood lust happened to vampires, and apparently some humans were actually learning techniques to seduce vampires using their blood lust to turn them on. Sookie agreed. They decided to "hunt" together for a while, and Bill told Sookie that he would teach her how to feed from that other artery. Sookie looked embarrassed, but she didn't say no.

They happened to get to the blood/coffee shop just as a middle aged human couple were being seated. They looked quite conservative, so Bill and Sookie weren't sure they even knew what kind of coffee shop they were in.

But after they had ordered they both looked at Bill and Sookie so the vampire couple went over and introduced themselves. The couple most definitely wanted to go back to the apartment Bill and Sookie owned a few blocks from the coffee shop.

Once they got settled in, and the couple each had a glass of red wine in their hands, Sookie glamoured them.

Bill took the glasses from their immobile hands. Bill pulled down the pants of the man and showed her where to bite. Sookie wasn't at all interested in the man except as a meal, so she didn't feel like she was doing anything to make Bill jealous. It was easier to feed from that artery and Sookie drank more than usual. But not enough to deplete the man in any dangerous way.

Bill fed from the woman's neck, then they bundled the glamoured couple back to their seats in the coffee shop and woke them up while they were saying good night. The slightly dazed couple wished them a good evening and Bill and Sookie left.

On the ride home Sookie was quiet. Bill asked "What are you thinking?"

Sookie said "I was just wondering what would have happened if I met Paul now, knowing what I know."

Even though he was not telepathic Bill had known that was what Sookie was thinking about, because it was what he was thinking about too.

"If we feed by ourselves it will always be a possibility that a human will be able to arouse us." Sookie said.

Bill knew that was true, and he also knew that he didn't want to give up his freedom to do as he wanted, but he also didn't want Sookie to do as she wanted. He wondered if hypocrisy would work. Probably not.

"If you really wanted Paul then I should let you have him." Bill said.

"But if you had been with me I wouldn't have gone as far as I did with him, unless it was something you wanted me to do." Sookie replied.

"I want you to be happy, and I want you to have what you want." Bill said.

"But that isn't the whole truth. You also want me to not get turned on by anyone but you." Sookie pointed out.

"True." Bill said. "But that is a standard no vampire, and certainly not I, can live up to."

"Then we have to feed together, or at least both be in the room when one of us feeds." Sookie said.

Bill thought about that. "It seems possessive to be that way." he said finally.

"Yes, it does. It is possessive. We are both possessive right now. Maybe we just have to accept that." Sookie said. She was feeling full and contented.

"We had fun discussing Paul." Bill said. "I got a lot out of it." he turned and winked at her in the fun way she loved. She was so impressed at the change in him. She felt like they were dealing with this issue together rather than being at odds.

"And if we ever decided to let me feed from him again, we might get even more." Sookie said.

"I like the sound of that 'we' you just used." Bill said warmly, reaching over and squeezing her hand lovingly.

"I like it too. I want us to be together in what we do." Sookie looked at him, seeing him with eyes of love.

"Me too." Bill said. He couldn't wait to get home with her. He was relieved, it made him feel so free. Being jealous and angry was terrible, he concluded. They had to do what they had to do to avoid it.

This felt real to him. It made their love more real. It was a real world solution. He could live with it.