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143 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Three

Planning our trip to Scandinavia was a lot different for Eric than it had been for him in the past. No longer footloose and fancy free, we needed a way to keep open communication between our sojourn into the wilderness and our family, friends, business concerns, responsibility and property.

In the end Eric saw he was not going to be able to just throw off his partnership in Fangtasia. Linda simply didn't want it. Not yet. And Jason, bless his heart, told Eric that it would be too much responsibility to make all the decisions while Eric was away. Secretly I was glad my brother knew his limitations. I would have hated having him mess up and Eric mad at him.

Even the King, never completely reasonable at the best of times, realized Eric was over due a vacation. The King made it clear he also wanted the peace and order Eric kept in Area Five to be unruffled. That meant that Eric needed to be on call in case something truly overwhelming happened. Nothing was on the horizon, but you just couldn't be too careful.

I also needed to be available in case a legal situation required my attention. Merry Dixon fielded all my requests, she would be able to sort out what was of immediate concern and what wasn't. We had an excellent world wide phone service. We wouldn't be out of touch.

Last but not least on Eric's pile of responsibilities was me. I still needed at least three donors a night to get enough to eat. I could drain one person if I was willing to kill someone but of course I never would. We arranged for cases of TruBlood to be delivered to our hotel in Uppsala as well as donors lined up by the local vampire club "Natt Dröm".

Eric had friends there that would not let his wife go hungry. They also had a roster of bodyguards that would make sure we were safe if we needed them. The supernatural protection we enjoyed since I became the Interim Pythoness seemed to be excellent, however, no vampire lived to an old age by being reckless.

It was hard to leave the girls and especially hard to leave little Kyle Eric. In deference to my wishes Eric cut back our planned trip from a month to two weeks. I felt comfortable leaving for that period of time. After all, how much could happen in fourteen nights?

Our travel was comfortable and unremarkable thanks to Anubis Airlines. They were thriving while other airlines were struggling. Vampire security and the general higher standard of wealth enjoyed by crafty vampires made their business hum.

Our hotel, Hotel Uppsala, was not the fanciest place, but it had the best safe rooms. Eric knew this because his European construction company,
Säker Dag had installed it. Säker Dag meant "Safe Day" in Swedish. We had the deluxe safe room with plenty of room for our clothes and a super sized four poster king bed. A warm donor was waiting for me in the room. I fed and pinked up, feeling the rush I always got from a good meal. The very air in Sweden acted as an aphrodesiac on Eric and we made use of the bed as soon as our door closed behind the donor.

Vagn Åkesson, the propietor of Natt Dröm, met us at our hotel later that first night. Although average in stature, Vagn had the sort of dynamic personality that almost seemed larger than the man himself. He was dressed in a black sweater and blue jeans, his straight straw blond hair worn collar length. He had the strong jaw and clear blue eyes I associated with Viking men. His nose looked like it had been broken more than once before he was Turned, giving his handsome Nordic face extra character.

Vagn could scarcely contain his joy at seeing his friend Eric again. They spoke to each other in rapid fire Swedish, then slowed down so Eric could tell me what was being said.

"Vagn has arranged for a re-enactment of the Battle of Hjörungavágr. There is a society of Jomsvikings that act out famous battles." Eric explained.

"That sounds interesting," I said luke warmly.

I had seen plenty of re-enactments of battles growing up. Men in a motley array of period costumes acted out various battles of the War of Northern Aggression. All the battles I had seen, many of them dragging out for hours in the stifling heat and unrelenting sun, ended in a victory for the South. I must have been almost a teenager before I fully realized the South had actually lost the war.

The idea of sitting around watching another re-enactment didn't thrill me.

"I was a Jomsviking, a Viking mercenary. I was not from Jomsborg but still I was able to join," he said proudly.

"Osynlig krigare," Vagn laughed.

"That means "invisible warriors". They called us the invisible warriors because we vampires were so fast they could not see us. There are plenty of donors that will take part in the battle. We will be able to take part and feed during the battle. It will be like the old days," Eric told me, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement.

I saw this meant the world to Eric and who knows? I might have the time of my life dressing up and biting people. I felt a tingling and stirring in my fangs. Eric and Vagn saw it too.

"Ja ja det är bra!" Vagn said heartlily, nodding, clapping Eric on the shoulder.

"He thinks you are a good mate for me," Eric translated.

Vagn's attitude was so typical of vampire mentality, the bloodthirstier the better. I tried to keep tight control on my impulses. There was a time and place for feeding. This was left over from my human thinking, I knew. What might be a little excusable "whoopsie" killing for a vampire would mean an eternity of miserable guilt and remorse for me.

However, the re-enactment would be designed especially to provide donors in the role of battle victims. This would be the best of both worlds. I could actually pounce on my prey and feed, Eric would keep a Maker's eye on me to prevent me from killing anyone, and I would feel a bit of what Eric had experienced in the heat and pleasure of battle. Putting it that way, it sounded a lot like sex.

I smiled, starting to warm up to the whole idea of acting out something that Eric had actually lived. That would be in two nights. For tonight we were going out to a snowy field and enjoy the night. But first we would check our messages, make a few calls,  and make sure all was well at home.

more to come ..... (Greeting my faithful friends! I am operating not at full steam but at least I can raise my hand to the keyboard. Hope to have another chapter next week! Thanks for being so kind and understanding.)



  1. Glad you are feeling somewhat better.

    I have never been more glad this week that OUR Sookie chose the Viking. YUM. A heck of a lot better than opening cans of dog food and slinging hash for the rest of her life--UGG.

    Seems all men--human or vampire-- like war games. Hope no one gets hurt.

    All nesties, have a good week.


  2. Glad you are on the mend......I too am very grateful for EA and this story!!! I finished CH's last book for the series and was so sad that she went in that direction.....I won't say too much as I don't want to be a spoiler for those who haven't read it but.....CH could of written a fantastic story about how two very different people who come from very different worlds find a way to make it through all the trials and be together---but nope her message instead was "like sticks with like".....her characters in the end fell apart---I felt like I didn't know Sookie, Eric, Bill or even Pam by the end. Jason had more character growth throughout the series than Sookie ended up having....and that's sad for those of us who stuck it out and finished this series with CH....I'm done now with CH and with ranting-- sorry for that!!

    EA---you have blessed us with a wonderful story of two people who love each other so deeply that they are willing to go through fire for each other---regardless of their differences. THANK YOU FOR THAT....I consider this more the "REAL" story and CH's more as fanfiction!!


  3. I hope you keep getting better Eros, and I'm really glad you are feeling this better already :)

    Well, let's just say that whenever they say "What could possibly go wrong?" something always goes wrong lol xD

    But I hope at least everything is ok at home until after the re-enacting thing! I really want to know more about that :)

    Kisses for all nesties and a special one for you Eros,


  4. yippee, you are back and on the mend. I hope you are feeling better and better and taking it slowly.

    great update, and I cannot wait for eric to share about his life and history. there is so much for them to discover together.

    sending bestest to the nesties and extra wellness to you, EA.

  5. I am so happy that Eric can show Sookie his home and introduce her to his culture. I am looking forward to seeing what Sookie's response to the reenactment will be. I also am grateful for the wonderful story you have crafted for these characters,this is the kind of story Eric and Sookie deserve. The last CH book was a big disappointment and as a dedicated reader of the series,I felt cheated. Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to share your talent. I hope you feel better soon.
    Take care everyone