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132 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two

Claudine did the speaking. Dear little Kyle Eric was asleep so Char and Darren held him cradled between them. Pam turned down the sound a bit so as not to startle the baby. Millie the midwife was poised to take Kyle Eric back to his nursery when the ceremony was done.

Claudine said a few words in her native fairy language, then produced an iridescent wand and began waving it while she chanted in a singsong voice. At the end she paused and said "Aouregan Brīwa" and shook her wand at Kyle Eric. To my amazement glittering fairy dust descended on the entire gathering like a sparkling rain. It had magically traveled from where my fairy godmother was secreted to our party. Wow.

The unicorns made their wind chime sound and began frisking around like colts. Flowers bloomed where their delicate hooves touched the cement floor and they bent their graceful necks to take mouthfuls of the pink and purple blossoms as they pranced. Madge let out a mighty sigh and buckets of frost flew from her open mouth, hitting Adele and Lachlain and half burying them in it.

Instead of being outraged Adele laughed, made a snowball and threw it at Lachlain. He gathered a snowball and threw it back at Adele. She ducked and the snowball hit the shoulder of Dewey Boudreaux, the baby's other grandfather. This triggered a massive indoor snowball fight, maybe the first one in the history of Shreveport. Madge obligingly blew out more frost to keep the fun fest going.

The golden sprinkles had an intoxicating effect on us all. All the vampires, including me, grew fangs. The werewolves began to grow extra hair, the Bishop brothers became half Bigfoots. All of us were gay as gay can be and filled with a wild joy.

Then as fast as it came on, it ended. The snowballs stopped flying, fangs snicked back in, the unicorns settled down and Madge reapplied her lipstick with a tube as large as I was.

"Woo Hoo!" Pam said, still riding on Jason's shoulders like he was a bucking horse. Then she came to her senses and got off my brother, straightening her dress and hair. Angellica didn't object because she was kissing on Lars.

Millie stopped stuffing handfuls of cake into Brett's mouth and wiped her hands on a napkin. She looked startled at what she had done. The rest of us weren't surprised. We had all been exposed to fairy dust before and knew it was the most powerful intoxicant in the world or out of it. No one counted what was done under the influence of fairy dust as objectionable.

Jure and Linda stood up from behind the buffet table. Fortunately the floor length cloth had hidden what they were up to. From their disheveled clothing  I could make a good guess what it was. Eric, the husband of my blood,  was pressed up against the back of me, really grinding against me but he stopped and cleared his throat.

The fairy dust melted without a trace, the water on the cement floor from the melting ice was mopped up, the ruined cake was whisked away and little Kyle Eric, who had slept through it all, was tenderly kissed by his parents and taken back to the quiet of the nursery. Once Eric unplastered himself from my back I recalled what I had wanted to ask my fairy Godmother.

"What does it mean?" I asked Claudine.

"You mean, 'Aouregan Brīwa' ?" she asked in an tongue twisting lyrical accent I could never reproduce.

"Yup, that."

"It means Golden Bridge. He will be a bridge between worlds, between the dimensions, between species and between epochs," she rhapsodized.

I noticed that Claude, who was bored with anything that didn't center around him, was already beginning to fade, literally. I could see the wallpaper design through his edges.

A golden bridge. That was a tall order for baby Kyle Eric.

"Thanks Claudine and Claude. Give our love and best regards to Great Grandfather, will you?" I said quickly before they disappeared completely.

"You can count on us," she said, also beginning to become transparent and then fading away all together. It was less abrupt then the way they usually "poofed" out of this dimension.It felt more polite, somehow.

Adele came up to me and said quietly, "The unicorns are becoming tired. They need to leave now while they have the strength to get back to their home."

The fairy dust must have taken a lot out of them. I hugged them then Jason hugged them, stroking their shining velvety smooth necks. They went outside with Adele. There was an electric crackling sound, a blinding flash of light in the darkness, then Adele came back in alone, rubbing her eyes.

The party began to break up almost immediately. The vampires wanted to feed. We all had the fairy dust equivalent of the munchies. I imagined each supernatural being wanted to fulfill some kind of need or desire, fairy dust had that effect on people.

Madge said that she had to get back to her children. The departure of the unicorns seemed to have had a sobering effect on her. After asking her several times if she was sure she was OK to travel I let her go. She carefully backed her head out of the doorway, no hiccups, no giggles. In a moment I saw her in the sky and heard her mighty wings flapping as she flew back to Scotland.

"Goodbye, thanks for coming," I called after her. 

All our friends and relatives said their good byes and went off into the night on foot or in vehicles.  We hugged our daughters and their significant others, shook hands with the relatives and nodded to the vampires.

After a brief phone call a helicopter hovered into sight and set down in the field outside the studio to fly Anna Hita back to New Orleans. Jure and Linda walked her out to the chopper, Jure getting down briefly on one knee to pay honor to the Scryer. I thought that was a nice gesture. He respected Anna Hita and did as she said. That was always my trump card with him.

Char and Darren bid farewell and thank you to their guests, then hand in hand they went back to the house to be with their child.

Finally it was just Eric and me, standing in the center of the huge art space, among the remains of the party. The caterers and cleaners would come tomorrow during the day to tidy it all up. They hadn't wanted to mingle with a roomful of vampires and we hadn't wanted them here to see all the variety of beings that attended. They didn't know that the vampires were just a fraction of the supernatural world.

We gathered up the presents and locked them in the safe room secreted behind a wall in the studio. Char had the combination, she would be able to retrieve them in the morning. Next we shut off the electronics including the hologram of the now- sleeping and definitely snoring Merry Dixon. She had dozed off in her little chair in her fairy tale cottage sometime during the festivities, the cute little thing.

As we turned off the last bank of spotlights Eric turned me to him and said, "This is like a dream for me. I have you, our daughters and now a grandson. Who could ask for more?"

"I could," I said, "I could ask for more. There will never be enough of these perfect moments with you."

We kissed, then went out for a McPoachers snack before heading home.


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  1. Sorry to hear you are snowed in. I am way south of you and our N'eastr was more like W'estr. Snow not to deep, maybe 4 inches. Got a great neighbor who shovels me out.

    Party sounded fantastic. Loved the idea of an indoor snow fight. Looks like fun was had by all. Little Kyle Eric is going to be a bridge, and hope it isn't over troubled waters.

    Wonder if Jure was asking Ana Hita for anything? Is Linda close to agreeing to marry Jure. We have to wait and see,I guess.

    Guess Sookie is going poaching,and I don't think it has anything to do with eggs.

    As an aside happy to read that book #13 will be the last in the Sookie Stackhouse saga. Haven't read since book 8. Wonder if Sookie will be with Eric at series end. Talk about a series going downhill.

    Just wanted to tell you (and I think I am speaking for ALL of your readers) that this story--more like a series of stories--keeps getting better and better,and keeps our interest with each new chapter.

    All have a good week. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Brook (mmkbrook)

  2. I was so busy this past week that I missed last weeks installment. I really enjoyed reading two chapters at a time.
    I loved that Pam will be turning the whole family. Jason would become more resentful of Sookie as he kept getting older. I am so glad he will be turned. Glad Pam is ready to take on the lot of them.
    The party sounded like so much fun. Almost what I would imagine a Hollywood party being like.

    I hope that everyone is safe in the bad weather that the North is having. We have been so beautiful here in Florida that it just seems like a world away from the snow. I don't even feel like it is winter. Wishing all those in it warmth and safty.

  3. EA~ you are my new weekend date, darling ;p saturdays it is. sending warmth and schmexy snowmen to make it all worth it. hope you and yours are all feeling better, and if nothing else, can have an indoor snowball fight too!

    this was such a joyous and sentimental chappie. i loved the fairy dust fallout and the impact to all the different supes. these are the moments that keep me here every week, year after year, to enjoy you, EA. *squees in admiration and excitement*

    sending wellness, safety in winter weather, and fairy dust fallout for all. see you next week, nesties.

  4. happy valentine's day to my best nesties.

    lotsa love for us today and all days.

    EA~ especially big hugs and kisses to you too.

    sending virtual chocolate for everyone *wipes face with back of hand to get rid of cocoa crumbles*

    z *nomnomnom overdose occurring*

  5. Happy Valentine's day to all! Ah....this was quite the party --all the anchor SVM characters as well as all the wonderous creation of EA. such a beautiful melding...just beautiful.

    Ah....Jason and his family going to be turned when permission is received. That has to be a relief to Sookie. Even though she had accepted that she woudl eventually lose her friends and family to the ravages of age, illness and death, she still took that final step with Eric. Now...this is like icing on the cake.

    And little Kyle Eric being a bridge between the species --ah, yes! Vampire grandparents, Were Father, Fairy Mother, with splishes and splashes of others thrown in for spice....

    Hope you're feeling better! I'm abashed I've been away for so long, but my heart is still so much with this story!

  6. I have been busy and missed a few chapters and now have caught up. I love that Pam is going to turn Jason's family,could make for an interesting storyline. I hope everyone is well