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131 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One

During the party I hardly laid eyes on my husband because Eric was busy as a bee.

He stayed by Darren's side, helping to conduct tours of the house and factory to our hugely extended family, a diverse group which might contain some prospective investors.

Because Darren could neither speak or hear, and because lip reading was difficult for Darren when he was in a group, Eric acted as an interface between Darren and those he wanted to show around. He also made sure that the many safeguards installed in the house and factory were not revealed.

As soon as Claudine informed me via the massive computer screen that the moment for the fairy naming ceremony was drawing close, I called Eric over.

"How's it going?" I asked him.

"I believe we have adequately shown the features of the house. The factory is another matter. Many investors are circling around the holograph technology. I will need to come back and conduct more tours that are not a family occasion," he said.

"Wow Eric, that's real nice of you to take such an interest," I said.

"Is he not our son now?" Eric asked, his head tilting to one side, a small smile touching his lips.

I was blown away. This ancient vampire who had seen and endured so much over the centuries still had room in his heart to take in as a son the were-alligator our daughter had married. Eric's kindness, generosity and loving nature were like a shining aura. He glowed like the silvery moon to my eyes.

I threw my arms around him in happiness and love. "You are an amazing man!"

He laughed, hugging me back.  "That is why I needed an amazing woman to share my life."

"Attention everyone," Pam's crisp voice came over the speaker system and echoed around the cavernous art studio. "The Naming ceremony will take place shortly." To a fairy, 'shortly' could mean a tenth of a second or a thousand years. Their time perspective was much different than the one on this plane of existence.

Since Char had yet to set her work space up the room was like a large empty warehouse, decorated with blue balloons, streamers, a gift table, several buffet tables with refreshments for our diverse guest list, a bandstand constructed by my brother for Jasper Fortenberry's band the "HuMans", tables and chairs.

The huge swinging doors at one end of the studio, doors large enough for flatbed trucks to bring mighty chunks of granite to sculpt, were open so Madge could at least get her head inside. Jason was amusing some of the guests by having Madge chill cases of beer with her icy breath.

"Dang Sookie!" Jason said, his face flushed with pleasure and beer, "That old gal can really chill!"

He patted Madge on her frosty nose and poured a beer into her mouth. It was just a thimbleful to her, but I wondered uneasily how many she had already had and what effect it would have on her. I didn't think a drunken dragon would be a good thing.

In her sexy voice Madge said, "I think I'll go out for a little fresh air." She gave a girly hiccup, blowing ice chunks all over us. She giggled and batted her long mascara heavy lashes. "Excuse me,  I'll just get some air."

She carefully backed her huge head out of the opening and slithered off into the night. I heard her hiccup and giggle again. I hoped she didn't try flying in her condition.

"You watch out now, this is a party for your grand nephew, not a rebel rousing get together for your pals," I warned him.

Jason immediately took offense, letting me know that he was also over the line. "Yup," he said, trying to focus on me, "I know it's a party for my grand nephew. How old does that make us?" He lurched a little closer to me and said sarcastically, "Oh yeah, that's right, YOU ain't getting any older. Just me. Soon I'll look old enough to be your grandpa. How'd you like that?"

"Jason, I know .." I began.

"You don't know nothin!" he said, getting more worked up. "You ..."

Suddenly Pam was at his side. "Jason dear," she said softly.

He turned to look at her and she immediately glamoured him. He always had been super easy to glamour. He stood stock still, a cold beer still held in his hand, frost dripping off it as it thawed.

"Thanks Pam," I said, taking the beer from him before he spilled it. 

Pam said to me, "The waiting is getting on his nerves."

"Waiting? What's he waiting for?" I asked, hoping I knew the answer.

"I have requested permission to Turn him, Angellica and Brett, when the time comes. Merry Dixon is helping me petition the King on the basis of compassion. A whole family should be considered one unit, otherwise the Turning of one member without the others might be seen as disruptive to human society."

"You're Turning Brett too?" I asked, feeling upset at the thought.

She said, "No, not right away. When he reaches his majority he can request me to Turn him but that is no guarantee I will agree. If I am granted permission to Turn Jason's family I will consult with you and Master before I give any thought to Brett's Turning. I am offering a great favor to them. Jason, though of your excellent fairy and Founder bloodline, is tainted with werepanther blood," she gave a delicate shudder. "Angellica, as you know, is part angel, her blood is sickeningly sweet. Both of them will have to be drained by other means before I infuse them with my noble blood."

I knew I shouldn't ask but I did anyway. "Other means?"

"Yes, perhaps like a deer. Jason suggested it himself," Pam said, her eyes glittering in a strange way.

Oh my poor poor brother! He was so desperate to Turn he was offering to be strung up and bled like a slaughtered animal. I looked at him, the gray in his blond hair, the wrinkles creeping in, the deer-in-the-headlights look being glamoured had given him. I knew Pam could accomplish this painlessly, still the thought was stomach churning.

Pam saw how I felt. "Do not worry so much, Sookie, I will take good care of him. I will attend every moment of his rebirth so there is no chance of anything going wrong."

Going wrong ... how many things could go wrong? I began to mentally list them.

Jason could be imperfectly Turned, making him a loathsome slaveling that lived on bugs like Renfield in the old Dracula movie. Jason's werepanther nature could collide with his Vampire nature, making him miserable. He would be, as Gran would have said "Neither fish nor fowl". That had happened with Jake Purifoy and it hadn't ended well for anyone.

On the plus side, Pam could get carried away by Jason's fairy blood and simply drain him, becoming too intoxicated to finish the job of Turning him. Draining Jason by bleeding him out would eliminate that possibility. It would also avoid the intimacy and sexual undertones of a Maker and Child. That might be best. Jason didn't want to ruin his marriage by having Pam become the central woman in his life.

"Pam, if you do drain him like you described, what's in it for you? You won't be getting any fairy blood," I pointed out.

"Oh yes, I will. Claudine has offered to send me a pint of her blood on completion of Jason's Turning. And Jason is, as you are, a direct descendant of the Founders. He would be my Child, a very prestigious Child and a feather in my cap. Now that you are Pythoness I would be Master to the brother of the High Court Judge. My standing would again be greatly enhanced."  The corners of her lips curled in a very catlike way. She would have gotten the cream.

"It doesn't sound like you really .... you don't sound very fond of my brother," I said, feeling uneasy. I didn't remind her I would only be Pythoness until Pythia was mature and ready to take over again.

"Oh I like Jason and Angellica well enough, just not enough to ingest them," she chuckled. "Besides, it is long a tradition to chose those that would make the best Vampires, not those that simply appeal to emotions or whim. Jason will make a fine Vampire when I am done with him. He will be a credit to his Maker. I will see to that."

There was steel in her tone. I was sure that Pam, the security for the club and the Vampire Eric most counted on to have his back before he Turned me, I was sure she would be up to the task of keeping a newly Turned Jason in line.

"How will you supply him with blood if you are not using his own blood to recycle?" I asked. I didn't know much about the Turning process but I did know you can't make something from nothing.

"Oh," she laughed and patted her hair, "I can get all the blood I need any time I need it. I will use only the best." It was true Pam had no shortage of donors. Her waiting list at the club ran to forty pages.

The fairies were getting ready to bestow upon Kyle Eric his special Fae name. I would run all that Pam had told me past Eric and see if there was a problem with her plan. He could always forbid her to Turn Jason if it was too dangerous.

We all went to the big wall screen to hear what Claudine and Clyde had chosen for Kyle's naming.

more to come ..... (Greetings Fanpires! Glad you could make it. Now I am feeling a bit poorly so I am keeping to my Saturday schedule until I'm right as rain. Thank you for your patience and continued interest in my blog.)



  1. Loved this chapter, I'm curious to know what Claudine and Clyde choose :p

    Wow, what a revelation! Pam would turn both Jason and Angellica...I didn't knew that Angellica would age to, I though that because she was part angel she wouldn't get old! And Brett too, but of course he has to grow up and choose. How nice of Mery to be helping Pam. Yep, although Pam listed the benefits for her, of turning Jason, she is being really sweet to, in trying to turn them both :)

    Pam can always surprise us, that's for sure :p

    Good recovery Eros! Make sure you are back on your feet again, we wait as long as it takes because we love your story :)

    A good weekend to all!



  2. EA~ oh please take care and feel better soon. at least if we are sick (yes, i still am..geez), then we are able to read about a party. what a doozy it is too!

    ew, the bloodletting for pam's potential babies is quite the process. she really has thought about being maker, and the status attached to her selection. too pammy.

    i was laughing about madge, and her blowing ice chunks again. still smiling. i was worried she might toss up again, and that was quite horrendous. i have done enough of that for all of us so glad did not have to read about it...yet.

    hope that unicorns have some interface with kyle or that char gets to sculpt them soon. they are such wonderful magical beings. kyle eric is such a blessing. i love that eric adores and protects all of his family. still waiting to see the role that jure will play in this nest too.

    please get well everyone. this has been quite the new year...gah! at least snow is pretty, and we are all still here to partake of this wonderful story and the journey. best escape in the universe.

    1. Z, quick recovery for you too! I hate when I'm sick but vomiting is really the part I hate the most so I'm really sorry for you! I hope you are done with that and can now see the snow through your window and stay warm inside, reading or watching tv, with a good cup of coffe or hot chocolate with you :p



    2. thanks catarina ;) i hope you are well, and stay that way too.

      nausea and vomiting are the worst to me too. perhaps if i was blowing ice chunks like madge, it would not bother me so much, and it would be much easier on me. a lot less nasty and way more amusing at least.

      the snow is beautiful to watch as it drifts down from the heavens...ah, so light and is mesmerizing to me.

      i have not had hot cocoa in so long. perhaps some time when my body will not reject the deliciousness...a combo of java juice and hot cocoa is not a bad idea either. mmhh, a mocha sounds great...just not right now. perhaps you can have one for me? ;p

      stay well and keep the nest disinfected for us *guffaws*

      germ-free kisses back to you,

  3. Sorry you are still somewhat under the weather. Maybe Puxatawny Phil's prognostication of an early spring will cheer you up. That will coincide nice with the early Easter this year.

    So Pam has finally-more or less-decided to turn Jason as well as his family. Merry has an interesting case and wonder if it will be brought before Sookie if the King denies the turning.

    Eric has certainly gone all out for Darren and Char. Along with family concerns, a good deal is a good deal. The party looks like a good time is being had by all including Madge. Think she has had one hicup too many. A drunk flying dragon is not a pretty site.

    Like the way Sookie takes all this in like another day at the office. These intra-inter species gatherings,I presume, take a lot out of you.

    Wishing all gathered here well,and see you next Saturday.