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130 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty

Five weeks later Eric's and my life once again changed forever.

At four in the afternoon Kyle Eric Deward Boudreaux was born weighing six pounds, eleven ounces. He was born at home with Millie the New Zealand midwife and Darren attending the water birth. It was, thank heavens, an uncomplicated birth and Charlaine was very excited to tell us all about it.

Kyle had both his grandpa's names I was proud to note. Eric was very happy. Char said Dewey was busting his overall buttons over this too. Dewey and Allison Boudreaux, the other grandparents, had already been by their son's home, coming during the daylight hours right after the birth.

As soon as we awoke and got the message we hurriedly dressed and drove over to Charlaine's rental. Eric clapped a rather dazed looking Darren on the back and helped him empty out the birthing tub, an inflatable tall pool like thing that had saved Char a lot of extra labor.

Millie the midwife sat next to Charlaine as she nursed the pink and healthy looking infant discreetly under a snowy white cloth diaper thrown over her shoulder.

"I got to the point where I said I just couldn't do it," Charlaine said, looking at Millie. "Lordy I was in pain!" Even now the memory of the pain was beginning to fade, nature's trick to ensure there would be more babies in the future.

"And I told her she was going to have to do it because nobody could do it for her," Millie laughed. They were like a team, birthing the baby, telling the story. Millie was a good match for Charlaine.

"I got so mad at her I pushed for all I was worth and out popped Kyle," Charlaine said dramatically.

They both laughed, having shared in one of life's greatest moments. I wasn't sure if Char would have wanted us there or not. Since Eric and I were both dead until dark it was a moot point. I tried not to think about Daynight. This was the time to think only of our daughter and her family.

"Did Darren film it?" I asked.

"Oh sure, until Kyle came out and he dropped the camera into the tub. It's ruined," Char said with a shrug. "Fortunately the camera didn't fall on Kyle."

She had the baby and the memory. A film could never do the experience justice. Still, it would have given me more a feeling of participating in the miracle.

Adele and Linda arrived almost simultaneously. Adele brought Lachlain but Linda was without Jure.

"He didn't want to intrude on a family moment," Linda explained when I asked her where he was.

That was a nice sentiment if it was true. The more cynical part of my nature thought that perhaps this would represent added pressure on Jure to decide to marry or start a family right away. The sight of Linda swooning with love over baby Kyle might just be too much for the big vampire to take in.

Kyle nursed, fussed, and finally fell asleep. We marveled at his tiny fingers, his pretty mouth, the fine dusting of hair on his head. Char and Darren were every bit the proud parents. After about an hour I could see the bluish circles around Charlaine's eyes deepen. She needed her rest. The excitement was wearing off and the fatigue setting in.

We all whispered our good-byes so as not to wake Kyle and tiptoed out of the house. Through the window I saw Char hand Kyle to Millie. I wondered if Mary Poppins would be available, when the time came, to take over when Millie went back to New Zealand.

"That brought back a lot of memories," I said, snuggling against Eric as we headed for Queensboro, a suburb of Shreveport. I felt like hunting, really hunting, tonight, not just chasing a donor down in the club.

Shreveport vampire police officer Detective Leslie Fugikawa, Eric's longtime friend, had told him there was a lot of gator poaching going on in Queensboro and I hoped to find the poachers and set them back on the right path.

Kyle Eric Deward had been born without a tail, but he might one day turn into a were-gator. I wanted to start from now to eliminate anyone that might be a danger to him. Char and Darren would have their own private lake Darren could use once they were settled in their new home but poachers are no respecters of "No Trespassing" and "No Hunting" signs. In fact they looked for areas like that because the hunting was better in a spot where the game was never culled.

I hoped Queensboro would be such a spot for me and I wasn't disappointed. There were poachers of both gators and turtles, enough to fill my nights for months to come. Eric got such a kick out of watching me glamour the illegal hunters right through the walls of their homes. He got a vicarious thrill watching me feed and he got the benefit by sampling anything I got right from me, still warm and seasoned with Fairy.

Over the next few weeks, as Char and Darren's new home neared completion, Jason was a regular visitor over to our house. He talked about Pam quite a bit. Apparently he and Angellica both really liked Pam's company. Pam hadn't said anything specific to Eric about her plans but she did ask for the request forms needed to get permission to Turn a human.

I had my fingers crossed it was Jason she was thinking about Turning. He seemed happier and more lighthearted than I had seen him in a while though whether that was due to the successful completion of Char's home and Darren's factory or whether it was due to some arrangement with Pam I did not know.  Out of respect I had learned long ago not to pop into his mind. Also, he pretty much knew when I tried and it made him mad as anything.

When Kyle was four months old we had a family get together and house warming at Char and Darren's completed home. It was a grand residence with a studio and seven bedrooms including four in the nursey wing. Didn't know what my girl was planning, but four nursery bedrooms was probably a hint.

It was a down-home human, were-community welcoming, fairy naming, vampire extended family, supernatural and church-included gathering. It was a strange crowd with Madge the dragon and the the two unicorns Arvakur, my supernatural sibling and Alsvidur, Jason's supernatural sibling included. The were-creatures, including the Bishop brothers were all in human form since the full moon was weeks away.

The fairy relatives that managed to make it, Claudine and Claude, appeared on Skype. My grandfather, Niall Brigant, allowed them to come to this plane of existence for the occasion even though he had closed the door between his fairy world and ours. I suspected he wanted news of his earthly family, even if he was not willing to risk coming here himself.

Merry Dixon was the only blue elf and she visited via the computer. All the vampires that had surrounded our family made an appearance and they would have spent the evening chasing the elf if she hadn't been electronic.

Darren had fixed it so that Merry was a hologram, only slightly smaller than her actual petite size. Everyone marveled at Darren's invention. Rodin and Tesla even thought the hologram might be the next big art form. They were going to collaborate with Char, when she was ready, to get some ideas together.

Anna Hita made a rare trip from New Orleans to be at the gathering, Bojan, Lars, Dr. Mellen, Lingza, Taryn, Mike Malone, there were vampires as far as the eye could see, which in my case was quite far. Preston, though greatly improved, stayed close to Jure. Jure stayed close to Linda.

Adele, Lachlain and the various werewolves hung out with my witch friend Amelia and her werewolf boyfriend Tray. I noticed they had almost all used "Gee Your Werewolf Smells Terrific", the special deodorizing shampoo and body wash Adele invented. It greatly reduced the wet dog werewolf smell.

Bill, Persephone and Jessica congratulated me. There was genuine happiness and a bit of sadness in Bill's eyes. He said wistfully , "All this could have been mine ... "

Then he snapped out of it and added "But your happiness with Eric is as plain as the moon. It warms my heart to see your family. Looks like there's another wedding in the works too."

He nodded towards Jure and Linda. They were standing very close to each other, Linda's real engagement ring glittering like crazy in the room lights.I didn't answer because I wasn't sure what their plans were.

Jason, Angellica, Brett and Pam were clustered together chatting almost all night. They seemed to be getting along really well. Brett also liked Pam and was intrigued by her beauty and charm. I saw Pam make a real effort to include my nephew and make him feel special. I appreciated it.

I had hired a band led by Hoyt Fortenberry's son Jasper. He played Southern rock music, the fast stuff the young people like. Brett and Jessica danced up a storm. The elderly Ginger made a fool of herself and had to be helped home by Leslie Fujikawa.

Sam Merlotte and his girlfriend Nora Heart came late bringing Susanne Mitchell, Jane Hoar, and Holly Cleary, three of his old employees. I was getting used to the sight of the humans I knew aging. They were happy and enjoying their lives. Who could ask for more?

Tara sent a gift, which was nice of her, but she didn't come. After her divorce from J.B. Durone I hadn't had much contact with her, especially because she had been so disapproving of my having a family with Eric. The King and Queen also sent their congratulations and a very generous gift. Charlaine was dwarfed by the stack of presents.

I looked over the huge noisy crowd at the party and for once in my life I felt like I could answer yes to the Rodney King question - "Can't we all just get along?" The tiny Kyle was the occasion for this overwhelming show of love.

I thought of something the Reverend Fullenwilder had often preached on, "Blessed are the peacemakers". Little Kyle was a peacemaker and I knew he would be blessed.

more to come .....(Thanks for being so patient. I really appreciate you stopping by! I'll be back next Saturday since things aren't back to normal around here yet. Love the idea of V8 juice for "V"! Bless your hearts for your kindness.)




  1. What a fantasic family update. But, first happy that you and your family are somewhat better, but still need some time. It takes a few weeks to get back to any state of normalcy. The Flu takes a lot of energy and the extremely cold weather hasn't helped. What we all need is an early Spring to go along with this early Easter.

    That was some party welcoming Kyle-Eric. Looks like relatives and supernaturals co-mingled happily, and a good time was had by all. Poor Bill, still lamenting over what he thought he could have had.

    Sookie and Eric are ridding the gator lakes area around Darren's house of poachers--hope it works. Wouldn't want anything to happen to Darren. Maybe they could purchase some land, create an artificial lake and a magical barrier so Darren is protected when he becomes a were-gator.

    Sookie seems to think Pam may turn Jason. This should be an interesting development for the future.

    Hope all are well, and look forward to next installment.


  2. EA~ take your time and hope that everyone in household is on the mend and drinking V8 *guffaws*

    this chappie has so much going on. welcome kyle! too funny about darren dropping his cam. no worries baby boy, cuz grandma sookie is taking care of business to help you keep the peace amongst supes and humans (who poach). love the list of attendance, and this was quite the gathering. how dare bill...what an arse making that statement during the family event.

    jure not showing up for baby kyle time and sectioning self off to allow them a "family moment" concerns me. he is engaged to linda so he is part of family /nest, right? yeah, that baby thing is maybe an issue...just attending the formal event speaks to breach of traditional protocol and jure is surely into the old ways so i cannot wait to learn more about what is going to happen with linda and their future.

    pam and jason- and possible turning or menage and creating their own lil nest...i do not even know what to think or what is happening there. maybe he is getting some V8 from pam and feels better overall *snickersnorts*

    sending good day and great health to fellow nesties and trading out javajuice for V8 for a bit ;)

  3. Continued well thoughts for your's so stressful when everyone is sick! Great update!!! Loved that baby Kyle was born at home and all has gone well :) Poor Bill---when he was a vamp he could never let go of being a human and now he can't let go of Sookie....he's the type of person that always thinks the grass is greener somewhere else and not the "Seize the Moment" kinda guy....that's a hard way to live.

    I'm worried Pam may be wanting/planning to turn Angellica or Brett and not Jason.....that would be a fine mess....Loved the final lines about sweet baby Kyle....maybe there is a larger purpose for him just as there was for Sookie and being Pythoness. Can't wait until Saturday for the update....


  4. Hope all are well and getting over the flu. I am still healthy and not going to get sick!(that's what I tell myself all the time) Yes, V8 is what I drink fro breakfast every morning, along with oatmeal with blueberries. I feel healthy just saying that.

    I loved all this info. The whole chapter was about family and those that are the extended family. Love, in so many sizes and shapes.

    I also thought that maybe pam might be planning on turning Brett. I hope not. How old is he now? Time just passed by way too fast!

    Stay well nesties. See y'all next week

  5. Take care and I hope you and your family get well soon. I have been waiting for this chapter and it was fantastic,babies are great for bringing family members together . Looking forward to see who Pam is planning to turn,I hope it is Jason. Take care everyone,stay well.

  6. I hope your family and you are feeling ok by now Eros :)

    What a good chapter, so much going on, and what a list of attendance! Loved to recall them all, I adoro that Arvakur could come :p

    Looking forward to see who Pam wants to turn! If it's not Jason, we are going to have a problem here :p

    Kiss to all,