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127 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven

My first trial came upon me before I had a chance to find chambers. I unofficially designated my walk-in closet as my chambers until something better came along. Usually I would be able to conduct my trials over the internet, a modern blessing. Since so many Vampires wanted to get a look at me I was holding this trial in person.

The trial was being held in the large second floor gathering room of the Midnight Arts building. The impressive Gothic structure had been a stone construction library back in the 1880's featuring arched stained glass windows and cathedral ceilings crisscrossed with dark oak beams.

When a more modern library was needed the old building became a bookstore, then a wellness clinic, then a newspaper office and now an art gallery. The featured Midnight Arts  included paintings, carvings, sculptures, etc done by or about paranormal topics. Musicians gave concerts, poets and authors read from their works. It was a nice blend of human and supernatural and one more place for vampires to meet willing donors.

Most of their items were sold online or at auction but they also had showings of local artists. They had already invited Charlaine to display her sculptures there for a one woman show. I got the impression she was going to do it. The place was very busy around Halloween and had most of their store sales in October.

I came out of the closet in my ruby red silk robes softened by a black lace collar. My hair had been arranged by a hairdresser, a meek human girl named Alice, sent to my home by Merry Dixon. The Narlock sisters, Labiana and Hymenia, otherwise known as Libby and Hy, would meet me at the MA building a few minutes before the trial began. Merry was already there, making sure things were set up properly.

Eric wore his cape over his bailiff uniform. He decided Viking warrior was the way to go so he had on his leather kilt, knee high books and a scabbard across his chest for his broadsword. No shirt of course and probably nothing under the kilt though I didn't dare take the time to find out. I couldn't be late for my first trial.

Our eyes locked as we both toyed briefly with the idea of postponing the trial and making a dash for the bed, but we were more responsible than that. Eric exulted in my role as head of the High Court, he wasn't going to let things get off on a wrong note.

"You look splendid," he said, his voice thick, gently touching the thick red silk of my robe.

"So do you," I said breathily, putting my hand on his bicep.

Another moment of considering the consequences of just saying the heck with the trial, another mutual decision to wait until afterwards. Postponement acted like a spice to an already red hot dish.

"Are you nervous?" He asked me as we headed out of the house.

"As a cat with a long tail in a room full of rocking chairs," I said, reminding myself of Tennesee Ernie Ford. Where did that come from? Oh, I remembered. Gran had some records of his we enjoyed listening to when I was little.

The drive to the MA center wasn't very long with Eric at the wheel. I don't know what he was thinking about but I was thinking about my knowledge of vampire law. That didn't take long cause I knew nada. I sighed and hoped this wasn't going to be a fiasco on a Biblical scale. Eric heard my sigh and patted my knee, then he had to shift to make a sharp corner.

Next I thought about what I had been briefed about the case. The Queen of California, who preferred to be called simply "California" had led a colorful life before being Turned by the King of California, Mo Glass. When King Glass had gone down in a plane crash, the stripper the King had married in a mad moment became Queen. Her stage name had been Mistii Mornay with three little hearts over the three i's in her first name. She had kept her last name of Mornay. I guess Mistii Glass would have sounded too much like a bathroom mirror after a long hot shower.

California had soon, one might even say rapidly, recovered from her grief over the loss of her husband. Among whispered rumors the plane crash might have had some help from you-know-who, Mistii had moved a human boy toy into the palace to share her bed. Flash Nelson, the famous porn star, lived a grand and flamboyant life with Mistii for the six months he lived. Unfortunately the inebriated Mr. Nelson had the bad luck to fall into an empty swimming pool one night and break his neck.

This led to the case the Queen had filed. She had been stopped by the Vampire Alliance from having Flash stuffed so she could mount him on the back of her favorite Harley motorcycle. The VA was the oversight committee to prevent high visibility vampires from behaving outrageously in view of humans and damaging the decades of good public relations so tediously and carefully built up since vampires made their presence known.

California had what she felt was a higher law, the law that claimed humans were the possessions of vampires and thus could be treated any way the vampire saw fit. Besides, she pouted through lips made ludicrously full by implants, poor Flash had been rejected by his religious family for years. Their claim on his body and his estate was unenforceable because he had made a will leaving everything to Mistii.

I had one of my law clerks check and found out that a body can not be willed to an individual in California. A body, or various organs, could be donated to medical schools or recipients of organs but that was handled by regulated and licensed medical personnel.

Being permanently affixed to the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle while roaring around the streets of Hollywood would not be one of those regulated situations. The outrage engendered by such an act could set vampire-human relations back to the dark ages. I pictures villagers with torches chasing the Harley up to the big HOLLYWOOD sign and staking the Queen. I hoped to step in before it came to that.

The reason for the haste in getting this trial over was because:  a) the Queen had the attention span and patience of a gnat and b) Mr. Nelson's remains were currently in a walk in freezer awaiting the taxidermist's hands. You might say he was Flash, frozen.

I thought the outcome of the trial was already evident, but I decided to keep an open mind and rule against her.

We got the prime parking spot, kissed, locked up the Corvette and went into the side entrance hand in hand.

Outside the door to my temporary court chambers Eric bent down and whispered in my ear, "You rule!"

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  1. Why on earth would a trial be needed for this case? She might as well just say "You can't do it California, although he is dead, you can't treat is body without any respect" and that's it lol xD

    But I sense that something might occur! Will California be one more enemy for Sookie?

    I hope you are all well my dear fellow companions here :p



  2. I'm with you, Catarina! How in the world could this issue have risen to this level of the vampire justice system? It does make me wonder what authority the VA has to rule on this like this and what the process is to decide what cases make it to the higher court. California seems to be acting like some of the more ancient vampires act, those who prefer the old ways...not that stuffing a beloved companion is an 'old way', just the idea of a vampire feeling the right to do whatever they want to with their human. I had to snicker at 'Mistii Glass'. Yes, I can see why she kept her maiden name.

    I love that Eric and Sookie still lust after each other after all this time. I don't doubt she selected her judicial robes with him in mind. And, likewise, with Eric's choice of bailiff gear.

    I'm terribly sorry for the excessive time lags between reviews. I'm just a bum, I guess. Never doubt, though...I am a regular reader and eagerly await every update. You're the most consistent and reliable writer in fan fiction. But, that's not what keeps me coming back. It's your delightful storytelling and the wonderful world you've created for Eric and Sookie. I much prefer your alternate reality to the books. By far. You're a talented writer. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

    Curious to see what happens next!

  3. Eros, I too had problems with Java. It insisted it wanted to take over as my security program. Hope problem gets resolved.

    Must say I am late in reading and reviewing. Usually have read new chapter by 7 A.M., but got up late, turned on my computer only to find an update to Windows. My morning went downhill from there.

    This was by far the funniest chapter I have read on this site. I can see Eric's bailiff costume- something out of the TRUE BLOOD costume wardrobe. Mistii is as ditsy as you can get. Sookie's red Judicial robes subdued by a black lace collar sounds more like what Mistii would wear to open her stripper act.

    Liked Sookie's fair open mind assessment of the case,and that she would find her guilty. Could this be construed as Judicial bias.

    Happy weekend to all,


  4. I enjoyed this chaper very much. I do agree with Catrina, how can such a thing get so far? I guess that Vampire's have so much time on their hands that stuff like this is normal. They seem to not really live in reality, it's their own world and they can do anything they want. A lot of them seem to have that attitude. Yeah, like I really know just what all Vampires are thinking. Silly me.

    Hope all is well for everyone. We are having really warm weather now and my A/C moter just died today. It is under warrenty so sometimes things do go my way.


  5. great update, and glad i could make it. i have been sick again and was not sure i would make it. this update was amusing, punny, and well worth leaving the bed! apologies for being short but i am back to rest again.

    stay well to all. EA~ you rule too!

    1. z, I hope it is something that will clear up soon. Stay rested and take care.

    2. thanks sally~ i am slowly on the mend, and hoping to be back on track soon. trying to rest and take it easy. looking forward to new update to distract me.

      please take care and stay well

  6. The reason for the haste in getting this trial over was because: a) the Queen had the attention span and patience of a gnat and b) Mr. Nelson's remains were currently in a walk in freezer awaiting the taxidermist's hands. You might say he was Flash, frozen.

    And we forgot the most important third thing --we need to get this trial over ASAP because Eric is wearing a kilt!!!!

    When asked if anything is 'worn" under a kilt, a Scotsman thoughtfully answered, "nothing is worn --all is in fine working order."

    So glad to be back --haven't checked in in a couple of weeks --doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about all the lovely ladies and our gracious authoress --