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124 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Four

Linda looked where I was looking at the smoke pouring from underneath her door and laughed.

"Take a sniff," she said with a twinkle in her eye, pointing to her nose.

I had stopped taking breaths through my nose to sample the air when I entered Linda's apartment because of the dogs. I was getting good at taking in air through my mouth for speaking thus bypassing my olfactory centers.

I had to concentrate at it because it didn't come natural to me, but when it came to dogs it was worth the effort. Smelling dogs and werewolves was like having a wet dirty dog swabbed around in my sinuses.

I took a tiny sample breath through my nose and didn't smell smoke. I only smelled the usual - dogs -  dog food, dog beds, dog treats, dog watering bowls, etc. And something else ... something familiar ...

"It's Jure," Linda said, watching the nebulous shape of the smoke thicken and begin to take shape. "He can turn into a cloud of mist and travel through tiny crevices. It's a little game we play, him appearing inside the apartment as if by magic. Don't be mad."

"I'm not mad as long as he's here by invitation," I assured her.

I knew what a thrill it was to discover your vampire lover had extraordinary powers. When I found out Eric could fly I was enthralled. I still was. I was waiting for my own special powers to manifest. I hoped telepathy and glamouring through walls wasn't the whole of it. I wanted to fly or turn into mist or something too. I felt a little jealous.

The smoke stopped coming in and solidified, taking the shape of a six foot six inch muscle toting vampire in a cape, top hat and very nice tuxedo. Jure smiled at Linda, his smile faltering slightly as his eyes landed on me.

"Mrs. Stackhouse, what a pleasant surprise," he said without inflection.

If we were going to be kin he could start calling me Sookie but that hadn't been set in stone yet. Plus I was still a little miffed at him for that whole weakling thing. He didn't have to act so disgusted at a condition I had no power over.

Now the tables had turned. He might have the muscles and the ability to transmogrify into a cloud but I was the dang Interim Pythoness with the power of life and death over his Croatian butt. Ha!

"What a grand classic entrance," I replied. "Like in the old Dracula movies."

He smiled, a crooked smile that looked like it could also pass for a sneer. "Those legends did get some things right," his deep voice rumbled.

That would explain how he got to the front door of my house without making a sound and without triggering the security lights. That puff of smoke trick could come in mighty handy. He would be almost impossible to jail, even with silver coated bars. I made a mental note to tell Eric about this.

Jure continued to look at me in a pleasantly polite and slightly expectant manner, like he was waiting for me to jump up and say, "I got to be getting a move on now."  I sat stone still, letting him know I wasn't going anywhere until I heard from Linda.

After about twenty of Linda's rapid heartbeats she got up and went to hug him. His cape swirled slightly as he hugged her back, again leaving distance between their bodies out of respect for me. I approved.

He looked in Linda's eyes. "I have something for you. I began thinking that the ring I gave you might not be suitable for everyday wear due to its monetary value. I got you this for your daytime use."

He held out a small plastic box. Linda took it, opened it and peeked inside. She shrieked with happiness.

"Oh Mom look, it's perfect!"

She held the box out and I saw a slender plain gold band with a teeny tiny diamond in it.

"It's a quarter carat," Jure said with a tinge of pride, realizing his gift was going over big time. That's such a good feeling, giving someone just what they were hoping for.

"It's exactly what I wanted!" Linda said, taking off her honking diamond and replacing it with the much smaller ring. It flashed a little bit, hardly eye catching.

"And ...." Jure added playfully, like he was putting the cherry on the cake, " ... it's a cubic zirconium. A CZ they called it at Wal-mart."

Linda ran and threw her arms around him with such force it almost knocked his top hat off. "I'm so so happy, you couldn't have gotten me anything better."

He set her down carefully, laughing. "This is so very strange to me. Most women want the showiest jewels, yet you are more happy with this trinket than with the more valuable ring."

"Oh I still want the other ring when you're around to protect me," she told him firmly. "But for the day to day wear I prefer this one." She admired her hand again. "Nobody's going to bother bopping me upside the head to get this."

At the words "bopping me upside the head" his dark eyes flinched but didn't launch into a plea for her to Turn, to his credit. He seemed to be coming around to the idea that he loved a human woman who might stay human. He took her hand and kissed it, not letting go afterwards.

"I have something for you too, some news that will knock your socks off," Linda said to Jure. She looked at me meaningfully. She wanted privacy to tell Jure about Anna Hita's offer.

"I'll be getting back to the club now," I said, standing up. "You want me to lock that up for you?" I indicated her large diamond ring.

She handed it to me and I put it in my little purse. "Yes, please. Tell Daddy I'll be in tomorrow to begin organizing the office. But I won't be there very early," she said, looking at Jure and blushing.

"Don't worry, neither will your father," I said jokingly 'cause Eric wouldn't be there til after dark.

The two of them locked eyes. It was like I could hear passionate romantic movie music swelling in the background. Despite all the differences and fears such a union might bring one thing was certain:

They were in love.

more to come .... (HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a great way to start the new year, coming here to our nest. Let's put on the silly hats, pop the cork, throw the confetti,  and get our party started! See you Saturday. Huggies!)



  1. I can almost see Sookie sing ' I am the Interim Pythoness hear me hiss'. 1/4 carat CZ from Walmart--just what every girl wants. Nice to know Jure can become mist ala Count Dracula. Another hidden skill of a rather elusive vampire.

    We are back. Happy 2013 to my fellow-this is not meant to be sexist- nesties. Looking forward to another year of the Sookie/Eric and family Saga. Just the story of an every day fairy princess vampire waitress from the south of the United States, and her 1000 year old Vampire prince.

    See you'll Saturday,


  2. Love this! I'm starting to really like Jure, although I still don't trust him, I think that his answer to Anna Hita's offer might be the one to seal the deal for me, does he love her truly, does he not? And what about his previous wife? That is something of big importance too. But I must say that this little trick he can perform is flashy to say the least :p

    And I loved that he knew exactly what to give Linda. I would prefer the simpler ring too :p

    What a nice start of year Eros, thank you very much! I toast to another year of wonderful stories about Sookie's world :)

    And to an amazing 2013 for everyone ladies :)



  3. happy new year to all of us! EA~ this was a great chappie to start off our 2013.

    i am fascinated with jure's vaporizing abilities...and i can only imagine what dousing him with silver mist might do when in that state...yuck! now we know for certain how he kept possibly spying or invading sookie's personal space in past, and maybe present (as in not just mind melding). yikes. i adore jure but as cat trust yet. cannot wait for eric's ideas about jure's power, and i suspect it is not his only one either.

    i love that jure is so dramatic and linda minimizes it to a game they play together. jure is seemingly into the grand gestures and traditional presentations so i think it is more than that for him. i am quite surprised that jure was unaware that sookie was visiting. if not by aroma then by mental connection...i guess he was so excited about his visit to walmart (i am doubtful that he went into the store himself), that he just wanted to bestow the new jewel on his beloved, linda. too adorable and i love that sookie stood her ground until linda gave her the toodles face ;)

    i cannot wait for more adventures with e/s and the clan. nesties, i am flying home tomorrow after a holiday family visit and so far i am holding my own despite some brief set backs. so i am sending bestest to my fav nesties ever and so gleeful that we have more EA creations to celebrate during 2013 *blows horn and rattles shakers*. whooooooooooooooooooohoooooooo *runs around squeeing in anticipation*

  4. z, I was hoping to find out if you were ok. Thanks for the info. I don't want to pry. Hope that you will be right as rain, soon.

    Wow, Eros, you really got me. Jure a smoke vampire, cool! So very dracula. That was always a neat trick still is. Glad to see that Sookie sees the love they have. I hope the news of babies will go over well.

    Well I admit that the big flashy ring would be the one I would want. Linda must of been really "bad" for that one, wink, wink. The Walmart one is sad. But if it is what makes her happy and she can wear it on a daily basis then so be it.

    Till Sat. hope everyone of my nesties have a good week.

    1. whew, long day and finally, i made it home. right as rain sounds damn good to me, and i will take you up on that *shakes head affirmatively and repeatedly*

      thank you for your thoughts. i hope your holidays were brilliant as the ring jure gave linda...originally that is ;)

      i wish you a wonderful week too.
      z, fellow nestie and wanna be right as rainer *cracking up since this sounds hilarious to me for some odd reason. punch drunk from too much travel and tired me thinks*

  5.'s been awhile since I have had the time to comment....I've been reading but missed interacting with everyone....I wonder if perhaps Eric had a "talk" with Jure about the ring...and he was able to make it right. Jure is a slippery character that is for sure!!

    I've missed commenting and such.....I hope life calms down some so I have more time!! HAPPY NEW YEAR....Blessings to you all!!


    1. happy new year and glad to see you back a bitty bit :P

  6. Wow,I love that Jure has the ability to vaporize that is so cool! I beleive that Jure is really in love with Linda and I can't wait to see his reaction when Linda tells him her news. He values Linda and is very attuned to her desires which is why he bought her another ring,she brings out the best in him. Looking forward to what Eros has in store for them.
    I hope everyone is well,wishing you all a safe and happy 2013!