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114 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Lachlain, Eric and Adele were sitting in the living room by the fire when Linda and I returned. She was now wearing a soft cuddly turquoise cashmere sweater dusted with glistening sequins around the collar. It smelled slightly of cedar and blended nicely with the woodsy shampoo she had used.

"Where's Jure?" Linda asked Adele accusingly, as if her sister might have some how done away with the mighty vampire in our short absence.

Before Adele could shoot back something sarcastic and escalate the tension between the girls, Lachlain answered.

"He went home to change. He's going to meet us at the club," he said.

Adele shot him a look like he had really stepped in it this time.  He ignored her in a charmingly good spirited way.

"What happened to your other top?" Adele asked Linda, wisely deciding to switch topics.

"It was pinching me so I decided to go for comfort instead of SA," Linda replied.

"SA?" Eric asked.

Linda blushed a little and said in a low voice, "Er .. sex appeal."

"You are a lovely, sensible and intelligent young woman, you do not need anything else to make you appealing," Eric said, expressing the sentiments of fathers everywhere.

We were past the "young lady, you are not leaving the house dressed like that" stage of parenting. Eric was trying to give his opinion because he knew Linda valued it.

"Thanks Dad," Linda said with a smile, sitting down.

"Maybe I'll go change too," Adele said, popping up to her feet in a ploy for her father's attention. "I'm cold in this dress and the sleeves are too tight. It's making my arm hurt."  Pam had a smaller frame than Adele, making the dress very snug. You could hear the leather creak when Adele shifted position.

"Do you need my help?" I asked, not wanting to help Linda without helping Adele too.

There was always this kind of mental checklist going on when you had three daughters of the same age. Maybe it was true no matter what sex or ages your children were. I remember how bitter Jason and I had been on the occasions when either of us felt the other was getting preferrential treatment.

"Nope, you don't mind what I pick, do you?" she asked on her way out of the room, not waiting to hear my answer.

Lachlain moved uncomfortably in his seat. Maybe the leather pants were too snug on his bulging leg muscles too but I didn't say anything to him about it. All Eric's casual clothes were the same size, nothing he owned would have fit better.

"How are the dogs?" I asked him, referring to Gordon and Flame. We had rescued Flame from a neglectful owner and been lucky to have Adele take her and bond with her.

"Gordon seems to be slowing down," Lachlain said sadly. "His breed ... well, they don't live as long as some of the smaller ones. Flame is doing great, it's like she knows we all saved her and she's grateful for everything she has."

Poor old Gordon. I was glad I didn't have another dog. Aside from the difficulty a vampire would have with a dog - and the smell -  the emotional attachment made you so vulnerable to the inevitable loss. I had often thought how similar it was to a vampire loving a human, knowing that the length of their lives would be so different.

We chatted about what good dog parents Lachlain and Adele were to their pets and then about some of the other animals of the Campbell ranch. Adele came in wearing my red and white Fangtasia dress, the one I had worn the very first night I met Eric. Back then I had been with Bill and thought Eric was a tyrant. Eric loved that dress.

Fortunately this was a copy of the dress. I had several made at a time because Eric and I liked to re-enact the first time we met and our first date,  the time I won a date with him in a contest. Sometimes the dress didn't survive the re-enactment so I had them made six at a time. 

"Do you have any white shoes?" she asked, looking down at her bare feet. Her tanned legs wouldn't need stockings. I remembered how nice it was to have tanned legs and again felt a tiny ping of loss. I guess that was the nature of life, losing something, gaining something. I decided to count my blessings instead.

"And a sweater?" she added, rubbing her bare arms. She had a big bandage on her arm and I saw a little ooze of watery blood where the wound was still leaking.

"How about a new bandage too?" I asked, bringing her with me back to my room.

I got her the shoes and a crystal necklace. Instead of re-bandaging her arm I offered to heal her. She accepted my offer. I smeared a few drops of my blood on her stitches and her arm healed before our eyes, the stitches falling off her smooth skin like little pieces of black thread.

She looked at her arm for a few seconds, then up at me. "Mom, I'm sorry about what I said ... you know .. about you being a vampire."

I smiled at her, "Well, I really am a vampire, just like you said."

"Yeah, but I made it sound like it's a bad thing and it's not. I was just mad at Linda for taking up with Jure again after we had discussed her dating other men."

I suspected Adele had done all the discussing but I let it pass. We hugged and I knew she was fine with my change.

When we got back to the living room Linda had a coat on, Lachlain had his jacket on and he was holding Adele's coat. 

Merry Dixon, plump and prim as ever, was sitting on a stool next to the fire. Her little feet didn't reach the floor.
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  1. So Sookie has 6 copies of the infamous dress- which I hope is still on a youtube scene of Trueblood when Bill first took her to Fangtasia. Eric is such a romantic. Well Adele, Lachlain,and Linda are off to Fangtasia to meet up with Jure. Hope we get to see them on Saturday.

    Love Merry's description of plump and prim,and sitting on a stool with her feet missing the floor. Guess she and Sookie have to make some pithy plans.


  2. I love how Sookie always thinks about everything and how she can "put" something in a "compartment" in her head, in order to think about that later, or to do it later. I wish I could remember things if I did that, but i try and normally forget :s

    Love Merry Dixon! So anxious to see how she will help Sookie and what will she say! She could bring her sisters too, they all together are amazing :p

    Poor Gordon, I know what is like to lose a pet we love, it's almost like they are our kids too, I don't have children yet so my cat and my dogs are my kids right now. They depend on me and I get really preoccupied when my cat decides to go for a walk at night or when I notice that one of my dogs isn't eating as she should :s

    Oh well, let's think about positive things instead! Like, what will happen at the club? Ahah and when will Char arrive? And when is Sookie going to ask Anna Hita about Jure? I want to know everything :p

    Kiss to all,


  3. Thank you for the update.
    Cant wait to see where this story will take us.

    Always a fan.

  4. ohh, merry is in the house! i cannot wait to see how it works out. EA, your details about merry always make me chuckle.

    jure went home to change...into what? more jewels and silky goodness, perhaps? he is always quite to vision...mhh, i cannot wait to discover what is going on there. *sniffs and smells something a bit off*

    glad adele agreed to get healed. seems like her blood would be an issue at the club. poor gordon- at least he has good care and flame for company too. poor lachlain stuck in sweaty viking pants *guffaws*

    see everyone saturday. take care nesties. EA, take time to breathe too.

  5. When I was reading that Lachlain might be sweaty in the leather pants all I could think of was the episode of Friends when Ross wore the leather pants. If you saw it and remember that scene it makes me laugh just thinking about it!!!
    Linda is way to wrapped up in Jure. I am really looking forward to see just how this ends up.

    See y'all Saturday.

    1. omg~ is that the one with the powder and he cannot get them back on? or am i thinking of another show or movie? that was hilarious. i have never worn leather pants since i thought it would be so sticky and hot. additionally, i am just not that chic. *snorts unfashionably*

  6. Curious to see what will happen at the club with Jure and Linda. I love Merry,it is always fun when she is around! Take care everyone,see you on Saturday.


  7. Yes, z, you do remember. It was one of the best shows. Hope Lachlain will not need any powder!