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113 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two


Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen

Eric and I hadn't heard Jure approach the house nor had he tripped the high powered motion detecting security lights.


That was my first thought.

My second thought was about Linda. It was like somebody had thrown a switch in her soul. Suddenly she was alight with smiles, blushes and sparkling eyes.

"Oh Jure!" Linda breathed in wonder, "Do come in!"

She knew a vampire had to be invited in, though whether that still applied to our house now that Eric and I were both Vampire was unknown. I suspected not and considered, for the first time, putting the house in one of our daughter's names.

Jure stepped into the house and closed the door quietly behind him. Linda's shawl, or I should say, my shawl, fell unheeded off her shoulders to the floor as she threw up her arms to embrace Jure. This gesture caused her bosom to almost, but not quite, free itself from the overstuffed bustier. If I had a breath I would have been holding it.

Linda didn't try to mold her body to his but she sure hugged his neck for all she was worth. He hugged her too, bending forward so there was space between their bodies. He gently patted her back in a way to indicate nothing more than mere friendship. I was sure that was for our benefit.

When the hug ended Jure straightened up and said respectfully to Eric, "I apologize for showing up unannounced. You obviously have some activities planned this evening that my visit has interrupted." His low rumbly voice and careful speech pattern gave his words a very formal air.

He held out the bouquet of red roses to Linda with a little bow, removing his shiny tall top hat in a gentlemanly sweep and smoothing back his long black raven's wing hair. I noticed he was wearing white gloves with a seam down each finger fastened to a snug fit with pearl and diamond buttons at the wrist. Fancy.

Before Eric could respond Linda exclaimed, "Oh no, no! This is PERFECT! You can come to the club with us!"

Adele was frowning. She practically snatched the roses from Jure's grasp and snarled at her sister, "We can't go until we put these things in a vase. Come with me and we'll pick one out."

Lachlain watched Adele with a slight grin which he tried to disguise by lowering his head. He knew what a powerhouse she could be when she had her mind set on something.

Adele dragged Linda with her towards the kitchen. Linda looked back longingly at Jure but did as her sister wished. Even though Adele closed the kitchen door we vampires could hear her as plain as night. Lachlain probably could too.

"I thought you were trying to get some space, some perspective, from Mr. Tall Dark and Deadly out there," Adele hissed at her sister.

"I was, I mean, I am. But surely a visit with him in a public place won't cloud my mind," Linda whispered.

I heard cupboard doors opening and closing. Simona must have rearranged the cabinets and the girls were having trouble finding where the vases were now stored.

"Will you be here long?" Eric asked Jure.

Something shattered and I worried about the poodles or the girls getting cut. The dogs were in the heated run for the night, in the morning they would romp all over the house I was sure. Simona already adored them, she would be feeding them tidbits of left over steak all day long, against Adele's advice.

"Please excuse me a moment," I said and went to the kitchen.

The girls were whispering furiously at each other, their faces about two inches apart. Linda was holding a clean mayonnaise jar. Another jar was broken on the floor. I had forgotten about putting those up in the pantry. I used to save nice jars to use for food storage, an artifact from my frugal days when Gran and I couldn't afford those fancy Tupperware containers. By sheer necessity we were into recycling and reusing long before it became fashionable.

I feared that in another second the girls were going to start shoving each other just like they did when they were three.

"Adele, now is not the time to solve all Linda's relationship issues. She has a visit from a friend and she wants to include him in your evening," I said in a calm and authoritative manner.

Adele looked at me in irritated surprise. "God, Mom! You really are a vampire, aren't you?"

With that she stalked off to rejoin her boyfriend in the front hall where the three men still stood in an awkward arrangement.

Was that meant as an insult? We would have to discuss it some other time. Right now I had to calm things down before Merry Dixon got here.

"Linda, do you really want to bring Jure to the club?" I asked her, taking the mayonnaise jar from her hand and replacing it with the lovely cut glass vase I found in a cupboard under the center island.

That leaded glass vase used to sit in the pride-of-place position in the center of Gran's dining room table. It was glorious when the sun hit the prismatic surfaces and shot rainbows around the room. That was something I might never see again, I realized with another of those tiny pangs of loss.

"I do, Mom. Even if we don't work out as a couple, well, I hope we can still be friends," she said sadly.

I didn't think there was much chance of that but we would see what happened.

"Mom?" Linda asked.

"What, sweetheart?"

"Do you have anything else for me to wear besides this ridiculous top? Adele crammed me into it and it's pinching me. Plus I'm freezing cold. And I don't want other men gawking at me if I'm with Jure."

"Is he jealous?" I asked quickly, knowing that was a warning sign.

She laughed. "Not at all. He doesn't think anyone can compete in his league."

I put the roses in water. We stood silently admiring them and the vase for a moment. The smell was delightful.

"Let's go see what else I have. I have some lovely vintage beaded cashmere sweaters I inherited from your namesake, my Aunt Linda. Maybe one of those will suit you."

Feeling that kind of mother - daughter rapport that makes the whole world stand right, Linda and I went to rummage through my cedar chest. I hoped Adele and the men were behaving in our absence.

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  1. Jure certainly made an entrance and Linda is entranced. Going to a Vampire club--even if it is your dad's--dressed as she is, is certainly asking for trouble. Hope Sookie can find something more suitable for her to wear. We all know Jure's intentions, and that does not include longterm friendship with Linda. The only thing holding him back is Eric. Somewhere in the back of my mind I hear the phrase 'I von't your blud' ala Bela Lugosi.

    Certainly enjoy the party Eros invites us to every Wednesday and Saturday. All keep well and joy of the season to you.


  2. Do any of you have trouble publishing your comment. The numbers could not be read. It took me 6 tries to publish review. This should be fun, not an entrance exam to a spy club. I have voiced my complaint directly to whoever runs this.

    1. hiya brook,
      i sometimes have to enter things more than once to prove that i am human, and not a robot *snorts*

      in order to reach EA and the nesties, i view it as a necessary evil, and it is worth it to me. i do understand why you no likey too. if you look over the previous years at my entries- when i used to lose content of my entire posts...i was experiencing mental anguish ;)

      hang in there and glad you are here

  3. oh EA, my rose smells virtually wonderful, and i did not break anything to place it in an area for safekeeping ;) i send you a bouquet better than jure's in return to thank you for being here once again.

    jure's style and formality always make me smile. for some reason, i see him as a bit outdated, perhaps as a cover to make him seem less dangerous. there is always that edge with him that makes me wonder if he wants linda for linda...or not. the fact that he did not trip the security at e/s home only makes me more certain that bill is doing something naughty, or jure obtained insider info from mind reading/mental games to breach the system...or both. *tsk tsk and suspicious eye on jure* linda stating jure visit would not "cloud" her mind was spot on since i am wondering about this.

    i was not upset about adele's outburst in response to linda, even though she did not need to take it out on sookie. perhaps adele could read jure's mind, and was fully aware of what was going on. guess she could read sookie's too? i always wonder about all of this, and how challenging it is for her to navigate all the vampire minds in addition to her sister's too. i would be hollering it is TOO LOUD in here. lachlain is a better wolf and man than many, and i have no doubt that he truly loves adele and her spitfire ways.

    sookie thinking about the recycled jars , and her gran's vase and maybe never seeing the glass in sunlight again was brilliant use of sentimental detail. not only vampire, adele; your mom is clearly tied to her life before turning too. i adore how she thought about girls fighting like toddlers again. *finger wagging*

    ohh, cannot wait for merry dixon and to see how e/s act around her. happy day to everyone, and stay well until wed.

  4. I did some catching up on chapters. Been busy and out of town. Sure hope all that enjoy Thanksgiving did so with family and or loved ones.

    I am glad to see Jure show up. Linda really needs to figure this out or she might go into a depression. I hope Jure is not playing with her. How can Sookie and Eric find out? Ask him? Does Linda have to turn for Jure to completly accept her? Does she love him more than he her? So many questions.

    I do have to say I agree with z, the vase with the sunlight memory was really kinda sad. Sookie has given up a lot. I still say living without chocolate would be h,e, double hocky sticks, for me!

    Looking forwrd to next chapter.

  5. I too have problems entering comments,very irritating . I hope Linda comes to some decision in respect to Jure soon. I hope she chooses him,think of all the possibilities with Jure in Eric's nest,things could get very interesting. I hope everyone is well. Thank you Eros for sharing your amazing gift each week.