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112 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two


Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

I checked the thermostat and discovered it was set at 62 degrees. I knew that must feel chilly to the girls so I turned it up to 70 and hoped that wouldn't be too hot for Lachlain. Were-creatures tended to run warm. If he had on an undershirt he could always remove his plaid wool shirt.

Linda was aware that we were expecting Merry Dixon in a while. Eric must have told her while I was still out for the day. When Adele heard this she got all excited.

"We can go to Fangtasia for some fun while Mom and Dad conduct business!"

Linda and Lachlain looked dubious but Adele's momentum was unstoppable. She herded Linda into her room to pick out suitable outfits for them to wear to the club. What they wore was just as important as the fact that they were going, apparently. I heard them chattering away as they pawed through Linda's closet, Adele's closet and my closet looking for the perfect get up.

Lachlain sat on the couch, his hands folded in his lap and tried to think of something to say. I think Eric still made him nervous, though I thought Eric was as warm and friendly as you could expect an older vampire to be towards a werewolf. Centuries of squabbles and wars, not to mention the gosh awful smell, had not made it easy for them to be pals. Adele's shampoo might do more for werewolf - vampire good will than a hundred years of treaties.

Lachlain finally said, "Dr. Dolittle is opening a new clinic in Africa."

When he saw the look on my face he hastily added, "Adele isn't thinking of going there, she has plenty to do right here. Did you hear about the wing rot affecting the New Jersey mothmen?"

He chatted on about wing rot and the various treatments for it including baking powder (not very effective) and the sap of a Barnacle Tree, which did wonders when you could convince a mothman to give up flying for the six months or so it took to really work.

"Are you going to change your clothes too?" I finally asked when the topic of wing rot ran dry.

He looked surprised, "Me? No ... I uh ....  Like what?"

He looked down at himself as if he had no idea what he was actually wearing. Maybe he didn't, Adele tended to pick out their clothes to match and he was fine with wearing whatever she chose.

"How's this?" Adele sang as she and Linda sashayed into the room.

Adele had on one of Pam's red leather long sleeved dresses, something Pam had left here years ago. The dress came to the ankles but was slit all the way up the sides to the panty line. The neckline in the front came up to her chin, but the dress had no back. I could actually see the dimples in her rear near her hipbones.

Linda had on my cobalt blue satin bustier and a full black silk skirt with many ruffled petticoats. It looked like something a goth vampire might wear to a square dance. They both had on bright red lipstick, tons of black eye make up and black lace stockings, probably my last two new pairs. Their pointy shoes had only moderately high heels because that's what I wore, though I supposed now I could prance around in those four inch things like Pam always did if I wanted to, which I most certainly did not.
It was nice that the girls could wear my clothes though I did wish Linda had picked another top. She was a little fuller through the top than I was and over filled the bustier to the point of eruption. The men in the club were going to go wild over her. Maybe that was Adele's plan, show Linda there were other fish in the sea, that Linda was a very pretty woman with the world of men to choose from.

Adele bounded out of the room and returned with a pair of Eric's leather jeans and his see through black mesh shirt. She shoved these at Lachlain.

"Here, put these on. You'll have to keep on your boots, Dad's would be too big."

Lachlain looked at us for both approval of this plan and maybe for us to forbid it so he wouldn't have to put on the clothes. Eric and I wore identical slight smiles, enough to represent polite approval but not enough to reveal how funny we found his pleading eyes, reminding me a little of Gordon.

"O...Kay ...." he mumbled, lumbering out of the room towards Adele's room. She went after him to make sure he was dressed properly.

Linda looked cold. She went to stand by the fire again, rubbing her arms. She had on lots of hairspray holding her hair out in a big tousled look.

"Would you like a wrap?" I asked her with the dual motive of warming her up and also concealing some of what she had been blessed with.

"That would be great," she said, starting to sound less sure this was all a good idea now that Adele's motivating presence wasn't in the room.

I knew better than to offer her my fake fur wrap, Adele would hit the roof. Instead I got her a lovely embroidered silk shawl from Spain, light but warm.

She wrapped herself in it and sat on the footstool she had pulled near the fire. I could see the wish in her eyes to just remain here, to not face the noise and forced fun of the night club. I let her make up her own mind, she needed to sort all these things out herself.

Lachlain shuffled in looking embarrassed. He was a country boy, raised on a farm, not used to fancy clothes and the night life. Adele had turned up the cuffs of the pants since Eric was a few inches taller than Lachlain. Aside from that he filled out the clothes nicely. He had the thick body builder's physique most werewolves had if they didn't let themselves go to fat. His furry chest peeking through the mesh shirt seemed so very different from Eric's smooth chest with just the dusting of blond hair on his stomach leading down.

"Maybe he would be more comfortable in one of my tee shirts," Eric offered. He went to his extensive vintage shirt collection and came back with a very cool "Werewolves of London" Warren Zevon tee from 1978.

"Keep it," Eric said magnanimously. I knew he was thinking he would never get the smell out of it. Plus he didn't often wear anything with a werewolf theme.

Lachlain stripped off his mesh shirt unselfconsciously and pulled on the Zevon shirt, it fit him like a glove. His arm and chest muscles bulged and his stomach, full as it was, was flat. I saw Adele's eyes light up. They were going to have fun later on. I bet she would make him keep the shirt on. I banished those thoughts from my mind as soon as they arose.

Finally they were ready to leave. After saying our goodbyes and promises not to wait up Linda took a deep sighing breath and pulled open the front door.

Standing there, a dozen roses in his hand, wearing a long black cape and high top hat, was Jure.

more to come ..... (Greetings fanpires! Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate the holiday. I know what I'm thankful for - you! See you on the weekend ....)



  1. Hee'ss back-complete with top hat,cape, and roses,ala Count Dracula. I can see Linda,in her sexy red leather dress, and Jure walking in the door of Fangtasia. Wonder if someone called Jure about their plans. Anxious to see Linda's reaction.

    What a father-in-law must put up with. Very nice of Eric to give up his Werewolves of London T-shirt to Lachlain.

    Well again a Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday and a safe and happy begining of the Holiday season to all. Happy shopping frenzy day on Friday,and will meet you all here on Saturday.


  2. Ooooh this could get interesting........
    Happy thanksgiving to all my Ameican friends


  3. what am i thankful for? EA and this..."Eric's smooth chest with just the dusting of blond hair on his stomach leading down" *guffaws and shakes head to clear thoughts*

    this was such a nice family status chappie, and i was shocked by the ending. cannot wait to see what happens and looking forward to saturday.

    sending well wishes and gratitude to best nesties and EA for making my week so much more interesting...year after year after year.

  4. And I'm thankful for your existence here and for you sharing your talent with us! Thank you so much Eros!

    Once again, you leave us expecting more, and at the edge of our seats! Going back Saturday to see more :)

    Happy thanksgiving for the ones that celebrate!


  5. Thank you Eros for your update! I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday. I'm remiss at not reviewing, but I do read your story and I've loved them all! They will definitely be on my "re-read" list.

    Sigh....probably only one more season of TB (especially if Alex gets the part of Tarzan in the new movie being planned) and we have one more SVM book to go and a lot of fans are on pins and needles to see who Sookie ends up with --will it still be with Eric or will he go with the Oklahoma Queen? seems the end to a grand era is ending. I'm such a fangirl of both, as well as the fantastic fanfic that has evolved from both....I feel like I did when the Beatles came out when I was a kid....

    Eros --again, I'm thankful for all you do for us!

  6. Hi My name is Lauren and I have been reading this since I have stumbled upon it like 2 or so weeks ago and I have been afraid to comment but when I read this I have to listen to music because it just make it even better for me and the playlist I listen to goes like this:

    1. Love U by Chris Brown Feat Ester Dean
    2. Thinkin Bout You By Mario
    3. Fight for Love by Elliot Yamin
    4. Doing It Wrong by Drake
    5. Missin You by Trey Songz
    6. Stuck on Stupid by Chris Brown
    7. Single by Ne-Yo
    8. Miss Right by Ne-Yo
    9. Be The One by Ne-Yo
    10. Part of the List by Ne-Yo

    Now not in that order but I did this from the beginning of reading and I LOVE this story!!!! I wouldn't leave my room so I could read this that is how bad I was into it and now that I have caught up I cannot wait until the next chapter in the story.