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110 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Ten

I thought over Eric's suggestion that I speak to Anna Hita. It might be a good place to start. I knew I wasn't going to get any more information or inspiration tonight about Jure and his past. I put the whole investigation on hold.

Eric and I both came together in unison and retired to our lovely Swedish bedroom. Maybe it was the result of dredging up all those unhappy moments I had with Eric when he and I were on opposite sides of the Vampire Liberation issue, or maybe it was Eric's heightened arousal at the thought of me in my red judicial robes, whatever the cause  - we were starving for each other.

I never felt closer to him, more loved or more appreciated. I never wanted him more. We passed the rest of the night as vampire lovers do, laughing, kissing, feeding and ascending the heights of passion.

The next night I woke as if I had fallen asleep for a second in Eric's arms. He was laying next to me, naked, ready to take up where we left off. I purposely ignored all the things the night would bring and lost myself completely in his embraces. It was a great way to start the new night.

After showering and dressing we went our separate ways. Eric went to check his phone and email, I went to the kitchen to check on what Simona was making for dinner.

I had left a note telling her we would need a meal with lots of meat and vegan vegetarian dishes. It was almost the full moon again and Lachlain would be hungry as a wolf, however Linda and Adele favored vegetarian fare. I looked over the salads, stuffed portabella mushrooms and stack of broiled steaks and gave Simona the thumbs up.

"Does it meet with your approval then, M'um?" Simona asked with her pseudo British accent and a tiny polite curtsey. She had added a little frilled cap and starched white apron to her modest black uniform. It looked good. PBS was educational in so many fascinating ways. I made a mental note to send them a contribution.

I flipped on the exhaust fans, nodded and swept from the kitchen, unwilling to explain that my lofty silence was due to the nausea the scent of the cooked meat would cause me. Eric couldn't install the new kitchen and closed off dining room fast enough to suit me. What had seemed like a good idea last night seemed vital tonight.  

I came out of the kitchen and Eric said, "Come, while you were still sleeping I set something up."

In the formal dining room each place setting had a small laptop computer set up in front of it. It made the table kind of crowded because the leaves weren't being used.  I saw there were no place settings for Eric or me. We usually had a plate and silverware in front of us when we dined with humans just to keep up the whole social idea of a meal together.

"We can dine with them in here," Eric said, leading me downstairs and into the safe room behind the bookcase off the basement storage area.

This used to be where my exercise room was. Since I no longer needed to use equipment to stay in shape we had given the equipment away and now stored out of season clothes and the like in the room.

Two desktop computers were turned on and showed the empty dining room chairs. I saw that once Adele, Lachlain and Linda were seated we would be able to see them and speak with them on the screens.

"Can they see us too?" I asked.

"Only when we are directly in front of the monitor," he replied, showing me the tiny cameras mounted on the twin monitors. "When we are over here," he indicated the area where our glamoured donors sat with their eyes closed, "they will not be able to see. You can feed now or wait to have your dinner with the girls."

"I'll eat now," I said, instantly grabbing a donor and feeding. I would rather get it out of the way than try to pay attention to dinner conversation while feeding. Plus I was mighty hungry. I was trying to exert some self control over feeding but it was difficult.

I fed from all three of them, carefully healing their bites when I was done. As I watched I saw Linda's face come into range of one of the place setting computers as she peered into the built in camera.

"Hello, I see this thing is live, is that you Mom and Dad?" she asked the screen.

"I will go and explain, you take the donors to the garage. Vito will return them to the club," Eric said. Fangtasia was a smorgasbord of donors. Eric knew how to pick the best ones and serve them up.

I guided the donors through the underground passageway to the garage and made sure Vito got them buckled in.

He said, "I'll be back later with more."

I thanked him and waited until his car was gone before returning to the house. Was Vito here in his capacity as guard or was he just a convenient employee to chauffeur my meals to me? Were the Bishop brothers out of the picture now since the mishap in Switzerland?

I missed hunting for wrong doers and feeding from them, leaving them with a powerful post glamour command to stop doing wrong. In some cases it hadn't worked out for the best of the miscreant, causing them to short circuit and in a few cases ... well, they were no more.

On the bright side many of them were greatly improved and no longer leaving behind a trail of misery and crime. I wondered if my new position as Interim Pythoness would preclude me from continuing on my rehabilitations. I didn't see why it would.

Eric was on the porch with Linda. He was explaining how he was going to remodel the house to make a dining room that wouldn't affect the air in the house.

Linda laughed, "It's so weird, I think dinner smells fantastic! I've been practically drooling for the last hour waiting for Adele and you so we could eat."

"If you're hungry I can have Simona make you up a plate while you're waiting for your sister," I offered. I was looking at Linda but I was hearing something, or I should say, someone, in the bushes a little ways in the woods. By "a little ways" I mean about a mile.

"That's OK, I can wait. Maybe I'll have a cup of tea and a cookie while I'm waiting," she said, rubbing her arms. It was chilly out here on the porch.

"Start a fire too, we'll be right in," I told her.

She didn't need to be asked twice. As soon as the door closed Eric and I flashed off the porch and through the night together as if we had rehearsed it. We were face to face with Bill Compton faster than it took to say his name.

"Bill, what are you doing here?" I asked. He used to creep around in my woods years ago back in Bon Temps. I hoped he wasn't going to start doing it again.

"I was in the area. I wanted to get the plans for the building so I can look it over and offer suggestions. You did still want me on board for Darren's company, didn't you?" he asked with a pleasant smile.

Bill looked good, as always. A comma of dark hair fell on his pale brow giving him a dashing devil may care look. He didn't look at me, waiting for Eric to respond. I knew Bill's expertise with computers would come in handy to help Darren set up a better factory here than he had in New Zealand. I wanted to make sure Darren was happy he moved here.

"I will have Vito bring them to you," Eric said. "Where are you staying?"

Bill looked slightly uncomfortable. "I am staying in Jure's house for a few nights to upgrade his computer network." 

I could tell he wasn't sure how Jure would feel about us knowing his business though this was certainly innocent enough. Still, no one wanted to be on the wrong side of Jure.

"Like the Geek Squad," I blurted out before I could stop myself.

He didn't take offense. "Exactly," he said with a smile, "I am a better choice than a human to work on Jure's network. Preston was using the equipment and seems to have downloaded a nasty virus that ... well, I needn't go into the details. I am here to fix the computers and install better shields."

"Vito will be by later with the blue prints," Eric said. "Now we must leave, our company has arrived."

In a split second I too heard a car approaching our house.

"G'night Bill," I called as we flashed back the way we had come.

Then we were up the steps and on the porch. I stopped for a moment to pat my wind blown hair back into place.

"That was downright exhilarating," I said to Eric.

 He raised an eyebrow. "Seeing Bill again?" he asked with a slight edge to his voice.

I laughed. "No, silly - running through the night like that. I want to do more of that with you. And hunt. I miss hunting."

He kissed my forehead and moved an errant strand of my hair back in place for me.

"We will run and hunt and own the night," he promised me.

"But first we must attend to our affairs," he added.

 Hand in hand we went in the house to greet Adele and Lachlain.

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  1. So Bill is going to "fix" Jure's computer system. Think it is just an excuse to see Sookie. Haven't seen Bill in a were-wolf's age.

    Loved how Eric set-up the old exercise room,so that they could have a family dinner sans the aroma of meat. Sookie could nosh on the donors between courses,too.

    Hope everyone is well,and enjoy coming to the table to feast on another episode.


  2. Loved that Eric was a little concern about Bill! It's always good to not consider anything for sure, that way he never stops showing Sookie how much he loves her. Not that he has stopped, but you all understand what I was saying :p

    Or trying to say eheh :p

    So Sookie is really going to talk with Anna Hita about Jure...and Jure his at home but Linda hadn't decided anything yet...I'm curious to know what will Anna Hita say! She might want to protect her child, after all...

    Off course I will come back Saturday Eros! We can't miss your chapters, they are already part of our Wednesdays and Saturdays :)

    Kiss to all,


  3. ohh, i am late to the party. this was a great update with so much detail that i appreciated. it is too funny about the dining rooms and the set up sounds fabulous. i am still laughing at the fake british accent being used by staff. pbs, indeed.

    bill is staying at jure's and fixing a computer issue, huh?! so jure is back now too. he might "know" that sookie is wanting to investigate him, and this is why bill is modifying his computer and blaming preston. anna hita, what is your child or descendant doing? will she honestly share about him with sookie? i feel that anna hita owes sookie after the manipulations to make her the interim pythoness. hmmm...this will be interesting if sookie really does choose to talk to her about jure.

    i adore the e/s nookie, and thought the content was written so eloquently and dreamily *sighs and fans self* i want a naked viking embrace too.

    see you saturday. sending best to nesties. gratitude to EA for creating and sharing all these years. EA, you are better than mashed taters, java juice and pumpkin roll combined *!*

  4. Hi, im re-reading your blogs for the 3rd time now. I just honstly love. Your take on Sookie's personality feels like CH writing.
    I cant wait to to find out this story.
    Your blogs has heart. Please keep up the Great work.
    BTW, just found out about the part 1 of LOOK INTO FUTURE. Now everything made sense.
    Will you do a side story about the 3 daughters?
    Thank you again.
    Much love