Saturday, November 3, 2012

107 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Seven

After tucking Linda in I went up to the main floor to see what Eric was up to. As I passed through the kitchen I told Simona that we were finished needing her services for the night and she could retire to her room.

She gave a little curtsy and said, "Yes, ma'am." with something that sounded suspiciously like a British accent.

Her thoughts revealed she watched a lot of English movies on PBS and thought this was how a housemaid acted. That was fine with me. A bit of playacting made life more interesting for us all.

In the office I found Eric on the phone with his construction foreman. I could pick up both sides of the conversation with my heightened sense of hearing. The foreman was promising to get right on something. Jason oversaw all the big jobs in three states. This foreman, Ryan, was handling some private construction for Eric.

After he hung up he said, "I've started the house for Charlaine and will fax the plans for the factory to Darren. If he approves I'll start that too. I have a house they can use until their new home is ready."

"That's fantastic. Will they come this quickly?" I hadn't realized Eric was so far along in his plans to get Char back to the States. He must have spoken to her before I rose.

"Call her. She wanted to speak to you but you were still asleep. I have a few more calls to make, then you and I should get busy getting your court staff assembled."

I took his advice, calling Char who picked up before the first ring ended. Since her earlier conversation with her father she had been thinking about all the options and decided she would rather move right away than wait until she was even bigger and things would be more difficult to manage.

She wanted her home here ready to welcome her son, even if it was a temporary rented home until the house Eric was going to build for her was finished. I was beyond ecstatic. Darren might have to travel back and forth between the States and New Zealand, but Char would be here full time.

"I can find you a doctor," I said. "My medical group has a doctor for every possible situation."

I knew that finding a doctor that was familiar with were-creatures was important in case the baby was born with some evidence of its double nature. Otherwise he might get written up in a medical journal as being a baby born with a tail or green bumpy skin by a human doctor that had no idea were-creatures existed.

I wondered how many birth anomalies had been incorrectly diagnosed over the centuries by doctors not familiar with were-hybrids. 

"That's great. Allison has some good doctors too. I might meet with a few and see who I'm happiest with. I'm bringing my midwife, Dad said it would be all right. She'll live with me in the house there until the baby is born."

Allison was Darren's mother. I knew Char had a great relationship with her. I sounded as enthusiastic and supportive about her plans as I should be, though privately I worried about the whole home birth thing, especially when we didn't know if the baby was going to be born fully human.

"When are you coming?" I asked.

"I'm packing as I'm talking. Give me a week to get things wrapped up here, then Shreveport, here I come!"

I told her how happy we would all be to see her and have her here. I told her Linda was staying over and Char sent her love.

"It was Tesla," Char said into the phone in a quieter confiding tone, even though Darren couldn't hear her.

"What was Tesla?" I asked, confused.

"That convinced Darren to move right away. He thought this was the opportunity of a lifetime to get input from one of the greatest and most innovative minds ever. Dad was brilliant coming up with that. I think Bill will be a great help too. This is all working out wonderfully," she enthused.

I told her about being appointed Interim Pythoness, downplaying the whole thing but telling her to keep alert until I was sure all our safe guards were in place. Since I wasn't set to hear any cases I didn't think there would be any point in threatening my family. I wanted to give her a heads up just in case.

"That's amazing! Maybe you'll get your own TV show. Judge Sookie rules on Vampire Court. Has a nice ring to it," she laughed. "Maybe I'll do a statue for the opening credits, a fanged Lady Justice holding scales in one hand and a stake in the other."

"I'm not going to be a hanging, or I should say, a staking judge. No death sentences in my court."

She laughed again, "No, I guess not, not with how kindhearted you are."

We said our warm goodbyes, both of us glowing with excitement for the future.

Somehow I didn't feel quite as kindhearted as I used to. For my new role as Judge that was probably a good thing. 

more to come ..... (Happy Saturday everyone. Hope things are being set to rights if they were disrupted by the storm. Sending my wishes for peaceful and easy November. See you Wednesday. Thank you so much for stopping by. )



  1. Can't wait till Char and Darren get here. Know that she is on Sookie and Eric's mind to have a safe birth. Guess next order of business is to set up Sookie's court. Think Bill will be a great help in setting up her office and maybe a TV system, so that Sookie can be an ala Judge Judy for the Vampires. Maybe Nightcourt?

    Hope everyone is OK,and that those effected by SANDY are getting the help they need.

    For those of us in the U.S., next Tuesday is Election day. Please exercise your priviledge and right- that so many have fought for and died- and VOTE.


  2. Love that Char is going back to Shreveport right away! I don't get the whole guards thing Sookie is always thinking/speaking! Aren't they all protected by a powerful spell? I think that they aren't going to be protected by actual guards, because, let's face it, or they are britlings, or they might be killed, so they need something powerful than guards, right?

    Looking forward to see how they will set up the court :)

    I hope everyone is ok Ladies!

    A Kiss to all,


  3. So glad to see that Char will be home soon. Linda does sound very conflicted. Maybe having her sister close will help her to figure things out. Mom and daughter time was sweet. Yes we all need out Mom's somtimes.

    I was happy to see that everyone is okay. That was some nasty storm. I am hoping for a recovery for those in the path of the destruction. Living near water is so scary sometimes.

    I voted yesterday. We had early voting and the lines were long. I was gald to see it.

    Take care nesties, see y'all Wed.

  4. hoping all is slowly getting back to order for those surviving post storm damages. good to know we are all safe and sound.

    how exciting that char will be in the states and reunited with her whole family (including inlaws) for the baby's birth. perhaps this is just what linda needs to see in order to make her most important decisions. going through this experience with her sister will help her to know if this is something she desires, or can live without experiencing herself. i cannot wait to see if baby is hybrid or not.

    court staffing will be interesting and i cannot wait to see what e/s create. i like that sookie is not as kind and innocently sweet, and that she can see more than one side of issues and make a better determination. this is what makes a strong, capable judge, and keeps one safe too.

    sending best to all nesties and looking forward to wed.

  5. Glad that the family will be reunited. I think Linda has too strong of a personality for Jure. Once vampire he would control her as master. It is good that she is reflecting on her decision.

    Very happy to be back reading again.
    I hope everyone is well.

  6. I am glad everyone made it through the storm safely :). I am happy that Sookie is trusting Eric to assist her in assembling her court,she will need his expertise. The family will be reunited soon to welcome their newest member,can't wait!!!!!
    Take care everyone

  7. Loved the Judge Sookie vision --indeed --scales of justice in one hand and instead of a sword, a stake in the other ---:-)