Wednesday, October 31, 2012

106 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Six

I went in to check on Linda after I heard her brush her teeth. She was sitting up in bed, without make up, looking like a bigger version of the little girl that had grown up in this room.

"When is Char coming back?" she asked, pulling her knees up under the blankets and hugging them.

"We're working on that, hopefully before she has the baby. Your father has offered them a house and a place for their company. It's not far from here."

"I miss her," Linda said with a sigh.

Char and Linda had always been closer than Linda and Adele. Char was more sympathetic and a better listener. Adele could be kind of opinionated and bossy while trying to be helpful.

"You could call her," I suggested.

"I don't know what to say right now. Jure has issues and so do I. Until I figure out what mine are and what I want to do about them I don't want to hash over all Jure's faults. I don't want to complain to her so much I turn Char against him in case I wind up deciding to marry him." She gave an impish smile.

More seriously she added, "Plus it might be stressful for Char to hear about my problems and she only has a few more months to go. I want her to have a happy pregnancy."

Linda sighed again, perhaps thinking about her own chances of having a happy pregnancy.

I changed the subject since there didn't seem to be a lot more to say about Linda's future plans. Those were up to her.

"Before you hear it from anyone else I wanted to let you know that I have been appointed as a sort of judge for a while. I won't have to hold court very often.  I will only hear the most important cases and they're few and far between."

I sat down on the end of the bed, smoothing the blue blanket to give Linda a moment to take this in.

"Are you a vampire judge, I mean, a judge for vampires?" she asked in tones of astonishment.

"Yes, not that I'm really qualified. You know how vampires do things, they just decide and that's that. I wasn't really given a choice. I took over from a very old woman that was ready to leave her life."

"You mean this vampire judge woman died of old age?" She looked horrified.

"Not exactly, she just went into a state of hibernation where she's rejuvenating to get her ready to take back her job as judge," I said. "It was a peculiar circumstance specific to her own metabolism."

I didn't tell Linda where or who the old Pythoness was now. I wasn't sure if the King would want people to know that his new baby daughter was the infant Pythoness. I didn't want to put Linda in danger of saying something to the King or Queen that would displease them.

"Holy cow Mom, how is this going to work? You're not a lawyer or anything...." her brows knit, trying to see me in a position of judicial power.

"I was told I would have helpers. After I tuck you in I'm going to try to begin assembling my court room staff. I was promised that my family would be kept safe. I hope that's true. Keep your guard up anyway until I feel sure all our safeguards are in place."

"Oh no .. I'm not going to have some big were-creature following me around night and day, am I?" Her face was squinched in horror at the thought, like I was trying to force some bitter medicine on her.

I always thought she liked her guards. Now I saw that she craved the freedom to be an ordinary young woman, coming and going as she pleased. If she truly was under a protective spell it might turm out to be the best thing about my appointment as Interim Pythoness.

"It's a spell, so let me find out when it goes into effect. If you do need a guard it will only be for a few days."

"Maybe I could get Jure to come and watch over me," she said with a mischevious gleam in her eye.

"Would he come?" I asked.

"In a nanosecond. He can't stand to be without me, yet when he's with me he acts formal and cool .... most of the time." She looked down, color coming into her cheeks. I thought she might be thinking about their more passionate moments. I stood up, Linda needed her space to think her private thoughts.

"Can I get you anything, some warm milk?" I asked her, placing my hand on her shoulder. She felt so vibrantly alive in the way humans did.

"Nope, not a ba-ba or a binky either," she laughed. Her binky was our name for her pacifier. She was kidding me about trying to return her to her infancy where I could fix every problem.

I bent down and hugged her, kissing her petal soft cheek. "Sleep well, babygirl." I whispered to her.

She snuggled down into her cozy bed, her eyes almost falling shut on their own. "G'night Mom. Kiss Dad goodnight for me too."

Her voice faded out as she fell asleep almost instantly.

I left the door open a crack and the hall light on so she wouldn't wake up in the dark, just like when she was seven.

more to come ..... (So glad we all made it through the hurricane. Has everyone checked in? Your kind words and support are the life blood of this story, thanks for being here. See you Saturday unless there's a volcano or something, lol.)



  1. I'm so glad you are ok Eros! I hope everyone else is ok too :)

    I still think that Jure is not the perfect match for Linda, but we will see what she decides! And as for Char, I would love to have her back at the US :)

    If Linda reacted this way to the new status of Sookie, I wonder how Char and Adele are going to react! Oh and what about Amelia? She would like to know what was bothering Sookie that she couldn't fix! Nor Hecate :p

    A kiss to all,


  2. dear eros- glad maine made it through the storm. such a delight i had at lunch hour to read the next chatper [wasn't sure if you would be able to post] as usual your aimagination is fab sookie interim head judge and eric turned on by it, and daughter wondering if mam is up to it! take care ky

  3. Hi Eros, glad to know that everything's ok.

    Your chapters are better than soap opera. I think Jure needs to open up more to the family.


  4. is so good to be with you all. It is 12:15 and got my power back 2 hours ago. Was out for 38 hours. I am 70 years old,and by golly never remember anything like this. I live north of Phila. So glad Eros made it through the storm.

    Think Linda loves Jure, but knowing Jure would only be with her if he can turn her. This isn't something like buying a house,you could resell. This is forever. As she says, she has a lot of decisions to make and live with.

    Hope everyone is well,


  5. there better not be a volcano!~ i do not think i could stand anymore natural disaster stuff. i have electricity too, and i am finally here. great update. a wonderful and touching ending that is bittersweet in how it defines the differences and similarities in human and vampire, and parent and child. you are never too young or too old to have your mommy take care of you.

    it was interesting how sookie chose to share her new position with linda; just enough detail but not full disclosure. similar to linda sharing about jure ;) it will be interesting to see what linda decides, and i am curious to see how sookie's position will impact jure's behavior in near future.

    i missed our viking a bit only because i was in all that dim lighting without him recently! EA~ you remain a delight and a blessing, and i am glad to be here to read you. nice to know we are all safe and sound. there is an ebb and flow to showing up and knowing our beloved EA, her spectacular updates, and welcoming nesties are here. see you saturday. stay well and safe until then (and beyond then too!)

  6. I am so relived to hear everyone is safe and well,I was thinking of you all when I was watching CNN. I was surprised that Sookie tod Linda about her appointment ,maybe she was trying to distract Linda from her problems with Jure. I can't wait to see what decision she arrives at. I am hoping the long awaited baby will arrive soon and the entire family will be back together for a time. Looking forward to Saturday :)