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102 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One Hundred and Two

I woke the next night with Eric staring down at me in the bed.

"I was thinking," he said without preamble.

A knock on the door interrupted what he was going to say. Vito announced my room service donors were here. Eric let them in and I fed as fast as I could. The woman kept telling me how pretty I was and the man wanted Eric to feed from him so I think our donors had their own agendas. The glamoured suggestion that their wildest fantasies had just come true left them to make up their own memory of the encounter and allowed me to get them gone quickly. I wanted to talk to Eric before we left New Orleans.

We were taking a flight back to Shreveport tonight to be in our house when Linda showed up the next day. Of course she would have to wait until sunset to see us but at least we would be there. She sounded eager to speak with us. Our flight didn't leave for a few hours, that gave me time to find out what was on Eric's mind.

"You were thinking," I reminded him when my donors left.

"You must be a direct descendant of Anna Hita and her husband, one of our Founders. That's why you look like Tabula."

"Unless that was just a projected image. I don't know if you noticed but Tabula had a Louisiana accent. What are the chances of that if he comes from another planet?" I asked. I was convinced no one had ever seen the Founders true appearance.

"They must look somewhat human if they were able to reproduce with human women and make babies," he pointed out.

He was in his silk pajama bottoms and nothing else. I still had on my satin lounging pajamas. We were sitting in bed together, I was snuggled up to his chest.

"True, I hadn't thought of that. Anna Hita and her husband had fourteen children while she was still human. That must have made him very happy considering his fertility issues on his home planet."

I thought of something that had been worrying me. "Now that I'm the Pythoness, am I going to shrivel up and get old and molt my skin like she did?"

Eric smiled down at me. "The Pythoness was not human when she was the Oracle at Delphi. She was a shape shifter, a were-python. Her transformation to Vampire would have been tempered by her shape shifter nature. What you saw was the result, an immortal python that shed her worn out body for a new one as a snake would do."

"Could she have been a talking snake?" I asked, thinking of the many stories and folk tales where a talking snake had been the catalyst for change.

"I doubt if she could have talked while in her snake form. She could have shifted from snake to human form and been called a talking snake by those that witnessed it."

"So is she going to be a were-python or a vampire? Or both?" I asked. I didn't think vampires could make little vampires, but if she was Turned by a Founder maybe she could be a baby vampire too.

"I do not know. This is a unique occurance. She will be Vampire when she resumes her role as Pythoness."

"And how long is that going to be?" I asked.

"I hope not right away. I find being near a Pythoness to be very enticing." He kissed me long and deep.

"And you are partial to fairies too," I reminded him.

He looked thoughtful. "I believe it is not a coincidence that your fairy grandfather Fintan sought out a descendant of the Founders to breed with. Your grandmother would have appealed to his fairy desire to unite with the Founders."

"Why is that? I thought all Vampires ate fairies like they were bon-bons."

"Not the Founders. In the beginning a truce was arranged between the fairies and the Founders because the Founders had no interest in fairy blood. It was only after the Founders mated with human women and finally left that fairies became prey. An alliance, or better still, a union between descendants of the Founders and the fairies would have allowed the fairies to live on this plane without fear of being consumed. Anyone the Founders protect is safe. Unfortunately the fairy leaders overestimated the power the descendants of the Founders would wield. Their trust was rewarded with treachery."

"Until now. Couldn't I order all vampires to leave the fairies alone or else suffer the consequences?" I thought about my great grandfather Niall, the Prince of the fairies, now gone from this plane of existence. Maybe he could come back if he felt safe.

"Wait until the members of your court are assembled, they can advise you on what has happened in the past. "

"At least our family is safe," I said. "That's the biggest perk of being the Interim Pythoness."

"You just get more exciting as the years pass, My Pythoness," he said, kissing me with passion.

I noticed a shift in his mood from last night to tonight. Last night he had been mulling over the situation. Tonight he had apparently accepted it.

His kisses got hotter and hotter. It was like he was on fire for me. He had not only embraced my new status, it really turned him on. I had heard power was an aphrodisiac and here was proof. As his intensity grew we made love all over the room, knocking things over, shredding the rug and pounding a good sized hole in the wall after the bed collapsed. Since I Turned I could keep up with his vigor and inventiveness, the furniture couldn't.

At one point Vito knocked discreetly on the door and said in a near whisper, "The King is here, he wishes to speak to you,"

"Go away," Eric bellowed, completely ignoring his duties to his monarch in favor of paying full attention to his husbandly duties.

Good on him! My new title gave me courage to put the king where he always belonged, after Eric and I had some private time. After all, I might be ruling on something near and dear to his heart someday. Let him try to stay on my good side for a change.

Finally, finally, we were both spent, happy and satisfied, cuddled together on the floor. I was in kind of a post-coital daze, my eyes drifting over the wreckage in the room when they fell upon the clock, one of the few things left undamaged in the room.

"Get up!" I said urgently, "We only have an hour to get to the airstrip!"

I absolutely had to shower and so did Eric, so we showered together. There was no time for hanky panky which suited me fine because I was just about hanky pankied out. Eric had always been an attentive, tender and frisky lover, now there was a new edge to his lust that seemed to be triggered by my enhanced status. Well, whatever floated his boat, as long as he stopped kissing on me long enough for me to pull on my travel outfit.

Aside from almost buttoning Eric's tongue into my sweater as I dressed, he behaved. We opened the door and found Vito standing there, a strained expression on his face, shifting from foot to foot like he needed to use the restroom.

"Sorry to bother you but the king is still waiting to speak to you .... I have him in the Sanguine Saloon ..." he looked at us anxiously.

Vito didn't want to be caught in some conflict between two powerful vampires. The Sanguine Saloon was a wild west reproduction bar in the hotel that catered to vampires and donors. It was as tastelessly decorated as any theme bar with girls in short cowgirl costumes serving drinks and True Blood.

I suddenly realized I wouldn't need Vito or any bodyguard from now on. With the protection of the Founders no one could mess with me, not even the Founders themselves. The ones that might have wanted to study my reproductive organs would now be protecting me instead. And all without Anna Hita having to tell them she could time travel.

Eric looked at Vito like he might regard a puppy that just piddled on his favorite rug, then he relented, the good sex mellowing him out a bit, I'd guess.

"We will pass through the saloon on the way out. You can bring the car to the side entrance. Take our bags."

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  1. Loved that Sookie was hanky pankied out. Wouldn't want their bill for their stay-most probably included a hefty charge for broken furniture. Wonder how this seen would have played out with Askars on True Blood. YUM!

    Looks like Linda is finally back, and maybe we will find out what happened on her trip. Wonder if Jure knows that Sookie is the Pythoness. If he is married to Linda, Sookie would be a mother-in-law NOT to fool with!

    All have a good week,and see you on Saturday.


  2. Enjoyed this chapter immensely! I am happy that Eric has accepted Sookie's new role and there seems to be a nice side benefit for her:). Interested to see why the King wants to see them. Eagerly awaiting Saturday. Stay well everyone!

  3. great update, EA. i was smiling about eric's passion for power. e/s are too adorable and they just keep rolling along. looking forward to seeing what happens with linda too. i do hope that jure is with her so he can smell and see sookie.

    pythoness trumps king was hilarious. yeah, go away, nookie interruptions have been too frequent lately; e/s had some making out to do! *snorts* still smiling about buttoning up eric's tongue, and the best line ever, "I could keep up with his vigor and inventiveness, the furniture couldn't." i swear this could be a bumper sticker!

    cannot wait for more. i am back home and going to rest up. sending happyhappyjoyjoy to best nesties and hope that everyone is well.

  4. I was at Barcelona and only read the chapter today, I loved it! :)

    I'm so curious to see what Linda has to say and how she and her sisters are going to react to this news about Sookie!

    Good for them, taking the time to be happy and alone, and leaving the King waiting :p

    But Anna Hita said that all vampires would know about the new Pythoness only next week, right? Does the King already knows because of the baby that was send to his house?

    I want to know what he has to say!

    Tomorrow I will be back :)

    Z, did your trip went well my dear? :)

    A kiss to all,


    1. oh, how was your trip? see you tomorrow. yes sweet girl, my trip was mostly okay. the bumps were minimized by the good things. kinda like life. thanks for asking.