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73 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seventy Three

"Why doesn't our heart beat?" I asked, not wanting to waste this chance to pick Tesla's brains.

"Human hearts act as a pump to circulate the nutrients and oxygen needed to replenish each and every of the 50 to 75 million cells that make up the body, it's how humans get their power. All these cells are composed of molecules made from atoms. Every atom has at least one electron. Our power comes mainly from the energy our electrons bring back from the other place they go."

He thought for a second on how to best explain a very complicated topic in simple terms then he went on, "Our brains organize these electrons every time they return so we continue on in the same shape, age and health as when the electron left. It is how we regenerate so quickly. It is also why we can be killed if our heads are severed from our bodies. Without our brain to reorganize the returning electrons they collide and cause spontaneous combustion."

This made sense to me. "Then why can a stake through the heart kill us?"

"Ah, our hearts are the homing beacon for the electrons. It is how the electrons find their way back. If the homing beacon is destroyed the remaining electrons become erratic and collide, again resulting in combustion."

"But why won't a bullet work the same way?" I asked. I knew time was running out for this discussion but I was finding out something I always wanted to know.

"Bullets are inorganic. It is the presence of an organic object that disrupts the homing ability of the vampire heart," he explained.

"So what you're saying is that any organic thing, like a .... ," I cast around in my mind for something, "A froze solid eel stabbed into our heart would stop the homing ability from happening too?"

I had seen eels laid straight and frozen solid in Jason's freezer. He caught them and when he had enough he would smoke them in the smokehouse. He thought they were a tasty treat, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot fishing pole. Why my mind supplied me with this image was anyone's guess. I hadn't thought about those smoked eels in a coon's age.

"A 'froze solid eel'?" Tesla echoed. "How ever did you come up with that?" He chuckled. "But to answer your question, yes, most likely, a 'froze solid eel' would do the job nicely."

"Sookie thinks outside the box," Eric said with satisfaction. He was as proud of my mind as he was of my other assets.

"Indeed!" Tesla agreed cheerfully. "A kindred spirit to my own thought processes, I see."

A buzzing sound filled the room. Everyone's cell phone was going off at once. It signaled the five minute warning that the conference was to begin.

After thanking Tesla for his explanation I hugged Anna Hita and Eric goodbye before they all went to cast their votes. Jure had never come back but the King's secretary had. Sarno Stone offered me the use of the sitting room desk computer to watch the proceedings. I accepted gratefully. I felt pretty sure how the vote would go but I needed to see it with my own eyes.

Evelyn Hopmann, looking spiffy in a slate blue pants suit, stood unmoving as a statue at the podium, waiting for the last few vampires to be seated. I hadn't gotten a chance to ask Tesla about why the sun burned up vampires but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts that the answer had something to do with electrons being improperly placed causing combustion. Hadn't Eric said something about neutrinos from the sun? Maybe they messed with the proper placement of the electrons.

Where was this "Somewhere Else" our electrons visited so frequently? I looked at my hand as if it might suddenly show me where those tiny bits of matter were flying off to. Were my electrons just bouncing around in that other place or were they part of another entity?

Maybe electrons did double duty, being the Vampire Sookie Stackhouse on this plane and being Someone Else in the other place. What happened to the place where my human electrons used to go? Were beings just blinking out of existence there as someone died or Turned vampire?

My head was starting to feel full, like I was trying to understand too much too soon. I reassured myself that I would have a long time to ask questions and look for answers. I didn't need to figure all this out at once. But what I had learned already was fascinating and enlightening. I was still partly what I was when I was human, only "seasoned" with the properties of the electrons visit to Somewhere Else.

"Good evening," Evelyn Hopmann said serenely into the microphone. "I hope you all had the opportunity to review the report Nikola Tesla prepared for us. He will now answer any questions you might have about his findings."

Tonight there was an addition to the bare stage, a long table holding a row of four computers were set up so that the audience could see only the backs of the computers. The chairs faced the audience and were empty. This must be where the blue elves were going to sit later on. It reminded me of a call-in on PBS for folks to make donations, only this time there were no phones, just computers.

As before Nikola came up to the podium to face the audience. This must be his night for answering questions, first with me in the study and now here before the silent throng.

"Yes, Alavivus, you wish to ask a question?" Tesla said to the first man to stand.

Sarno Stone wandered in and stood behind me to watch the conference too. I smiled at him then went back to watching the screen.

A big man with flaming red hair hanging down to his waist and a bushy red beard to his navel was standing, looking around fiercely at the audience.

"All these words mean nothing ... NOTHING!" he bellowed in a Scandinavian accent, tearing the three inch thick report in half and throwing the pieces in the aisle. "You all talk and talk, yes, endless talk, yet nothing gets decided, nothing gets done. We can move, we should move. The time is right!"

"He claims to be the Şehremini - that's like a mayor - of Adrianople," Sarno explained to me. "He's one of Augustus's crew, all gung ho to return to the world of the ancient past where he once wielded power. If you think he's bad, you should see Gomar, the Grand Monarch of Carthage. He is practically foaming at the mouth during these conferences. Fortunately he walked out with Augustus to show solidarity. "

"The time is most certainly not right," a cultured British voice said from the audience. The speaker stood up, a distinguished silver haired man in a conservatively cut pinstripe suit.

"That's Sir Jeremy Playfair," Sarno told me.

"I know him!" I exclaimed, surprised. "He's Tadeu's adoptive brother."

Tadeu was a native South American man that managed a mineral mine for King de Castro. Tadeu had been legally adopted by the Playfair family when priests brought him to England to study mine engineering. I met Tadeu when I went to Brazil with Eric to retrieve Lingza, a Neanderthal that had been trapped underground in a cave collapse for a very long time.

Jeremy Playfair hadn't been a "Sir" when I met him. He had been living in London working on certain South American herbs and poisons that could be used to control or even kill vampires and I met him on a visit to the States. At some point he began working with Dr. Mellon for the research center. Now he was both a "Sir" and a vampire, and obviously involved in the development of Daynight.

"Do you wish to address the assembly?" Evelyn Hopmann asked from the sidelines. "If so, please take the stage with Mr. Tesla."

This was a subtle way of giving Sir Jeremy official status while keeping Alavivus in the audience in the role of a heckler. I saw which side Ms. Hopmann was on. Good.

After taking the stage and adjusting the mike to his taller frame Sir Jeremy said, "I know there have been rumors of the completion, the perfection, of Daynight. That is not true. Weakness and bleeding are long term effects that have not been solved. There is more to success than simply survival in the light. We need to able to move about, defend ourselves if need be, and return to our usual condition rapidly. None of that is possible right now."

He raised his voice louder to make sure everyone understood. "We continue to try new refinements, the formula is promising. But it is not the cure we want, not yet. I welcome any who wish to try it out for themselves to sign up. We are always looking for subjects to try each new formulation. There is a website online you can use to submit your name. Thank you."

As he had been speaking the three Narlock sisters and Merry Dixon had come out on the stage and taken their seats at a bank of computers in the background. They were present to make sure the vote was tabulated fairly and overseen by an impartial third party. They were also there to distract and soothe the naysayers, like oil on troubled waters the elves would exude their peculiar influence and keep the peace.

Sir Playfair gave a slight bow and recited the web address twice. He kept adjusting his tie and looking back at the four women, hoping they would notice him and smile.

My attorney, Vulvina Narlock, gave him a little dimpled smile and he stood even straighter, pleased she had deigned to acknowledge his existence. Her two sisters, Ovaria and Clitorella, called Cleo for obvious reasons sat as stony faced as Eric's attorney, Merry Dixon.

The Narlock sisters were each as cute as a button. Merry was a short, stout woman of a certain age, a no-nonsense lawyer that knew her way around vampires. I was glad Eric had a charm against her allure, without it he would be all over her like red on blood.

There was murmuring among the audience members, though it seemed to be more about the arrival of the elves than the invitation to be part of the Daynight tests. Alavivus sat down looking grumpy and unsure of what he was going to do. He wasn't too grumpy to try and smooth his explosive abundance of red hair, for all the good it did. All the vampires were craning their necks to get the best possible view of the elves.

I thought about what Jeremy had said. It sounded as if Daynight hadn't advanced a jot since Eric took it. Of course it would be easy to fool everyone. Just give the skeptics the old formula while keeping the new improved formula under wraps. One day of listlessly dragging themselves around would convince the skeptics the formula wouldn't provide the necessary daytime force needed for vampires to gain and keep control.

Evelyn Hopmann joined the two scientists on the stage, turning to actually give a little curtsy and finger wave to the lawyers behind her before addressing the audience. Merry gave her the tiniest of nods, a reward for her services as moderator.

"If there are no more questions please pick up your electronic ballots and place your votes. The tally will appear on the screen after our delightful and charming professional overseers tabulate the final count." She indicated a digital screen above the stage and with a grand sweeping gesture the four elven women behind her.

Some of the assembly grabbed their ballots, which looked like the clickers for a TV remote, and punched in their response immediately. Others appeared to think before casting their vote. The numbers on the screen whirled, reflecting each new vote. When the numbers stopped spinning the vote was 88% against Proposition One. Evelyn Hopmann bent over Vulvina and consulted with her for a very long time, probably just to bask in her presence, then she came back to the mike.

"I think you can all see the final numbers, eighty eight percent against the proposition, only twelve for it. Proposition One has been defeated."

As she spoke the lawyers gathered their briefcases and filed off stage. Evelyn almost ran to catch up with them. The camera showed an empty stage. If the cameraman was vampire he had probably abandoned his post to chase after the elves.

The audience quickly emptied the auditorium, probably to try and catch up with the blue elves too, but I knew Eric and Pam had made arrangements to whisk them away as soon as the vote had been tallied.

I felt like cheering but I wasn't sure how Sarno felt about the issue. I didn't want to gloat over something he might have desperately wanted and thus alienate the King's right hand man.

"I am pleased to see all but the most stubborn die-hards have come to their senses," he said, making plain how he would have voted. Like me he was too young to have a vote. "How much better things will proceed now that this has been settled."

The phones began ringing in the other room. "Excuse me," he said and dashed out to answer the calls.

I was left alone to consider what I had just witnessed and wait for Eric.

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72 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seventy Two

With Augustus and his consort, the dippy Cassiopeia, gone, Eric was much more relaxed when we re-entered the main convention center after a visit to the Pantry.

With Eric on one side and Jure on the other I was whisked up to the floor where the private suite of the King and Queen of Louisiana was located. Jure left us to visit the Emperor of Romania who was staying on the same floor. The Emperor of Romania always wore a black cape with sable trim and a golden crown to these events so I had been able to spot him in the crowd.

"Where's Pam?" I asked Eric in the hall outside the King's suite before we knocked.

"She is with Merry Dixon and the Narlock sisters," Eric said. "She is needed to screen their callers. I am going to check on her once I get you settled."

I saw how that would work out. Pam was protected by an enchanted necklace, similar to mine, from being romantically attracted to the blue elves. She could run interference to all the love-struck vampires that would try to hang out with the intoxicating foursome.

For a vampire, being around a blue elf was like a human would feel in the presence of the most adorable puppy or kitten ever, combined with the most exciting unattainable sexy movie star on the planet, all rolled into one.

Unless protected by a bespelled ring or necklace, us vampires were simply thrilled to be around a blue elf, we felt all warm and fuzzy inside just basking in their presence. Humorously, the mightiest vampires nearly tripped over themselves to be gracious, polite and courtly.

Vampires didn't even mind that they were being elfchanted and seduced because it felt so darn good. Being constantly rebuffed by the business-like legal elves just seemed cute and amusing to us, like the adorable antics of a playful kitten. It was a vampire feel-good experience that didn't involve any blood or mayhem, a rare thing for a vampire.

This natural protection allowed blue elves to mingle with the scariest vampires - even the most unruly ones, and be assured of safe and comfortable interactions. It was only a matter of time before they were able to figure out how to use their natural protection to earn a handsome living mediating and assisting in legal matters.

With a blue elf exuding their peculiar elfin charm on the scene, courtroom procedures flowed smoothly and no blood was shed unless it was by the ruling of the court.

Blue elves were in no way attracted to vampires so they just needed to learn how to keep the swooning simpering, preening vamps at bay, similar to a rock star being kept at arm's length from his or her adoring fans. Pam would provide the buffer until the big vote was tallied. She was used to being a bouncer, she often filled that role in Fangtasia.

Sarno Stone, the King's personal secretary, answered the door and ushered us into a cozy sitting room where Anna Hita and Tesla were already engaged in conversation. Tesla wore one of his trim black antique suits. It had a black velvet ribbon trim around the lapels and glittering buttons of real jet.

In contrast, Anna Hita wore a long sheath dress in iridescent peacock colors studded with rhinestones and tiny seed pearls. Her forearms flashed blindingly with diamond bracelets as she raised her arms to hug me. Those jewels were probably worth enough to buy a small kingdom. And she had lots more where those came from. The top of her night black hair was braided and looped in elaborate designs, the back hung down to her tapered waist.

Eric left to look in on Pam. I hoped she didn't have any leftover bad effects from last night though I didn't say that to Eric. I didn't want anyone to know that anything had happened to Pam or else she would be questioned about what blew up the legion of Augustus's Children.

After greeting Anna Hita warmly and nodding at Tesla we talked about the girls. Tesla had been their teacher at one time and he took an interest in how the girls were getting on. He was pleased to hear how well they were doing.

I had to check myself to prevent from bragging on Adele's quick and helpful response to the unconscious Bishop brothers, no one could know they had been involved in the incident.

"Did you have a chance to read my report?" he asked once I had filled him in on our daughters.

I was embarrassed. So much had happened I had actually forgotten about the report. I think Eric read it before I rose, and he was the one with the votes.

"I don't have a vote," I answered. It was an evasive answer.

I decided to ask a question of my own, something I had been wondering about. If anyone had the answer it would be this guy.

"Do you know how vampires work?" I asked.

"Work?" he repeated, his wide brow furrowing in inquiry.

"I mean, we know how the human body works, mostly, with lungs taking in air, heart pumping blood, age creeping up and all that, but how about vampires? We don't breathe, our hearts don't beat and you can't ... hardly kill us," I said.

I had been going to say "You can't kill us with a stick but actually you could if the stick was sharp on one end and driven through our heart. Shudder.

I had discussed this with my old boyfriend Bill ages ago back when I was young, in love, and human. Bill said we worked by magic. Of course he believed the human body was animated by magic too, something I couldn't argue with. But there had to be more of an explanation than that, a more scientific explanation.

He smiled, a remarkably charming smile, and said, "I see your daughters must have inherited their lively curiosity from you. It made them such a pleasure to teach."

He sounded nostalgic and I realized he must miss them. Maybe once I was back home in Shreveport we could plan some kind of get-together so he could get all caught up on the girls now.

He looked at his old fashioned pocket watch, the one he kept in a special little pouch in his vest. I had noticed the chain dangling but I hadn't realized it was attached to a watch.

"I have time for a brief explanation on a topic that would take many hours to explore thoroughly. Leaving out all the fancy talk about quantum physics, I will say it all comes down to electrons. They are tricky little things, sometimes they are here ..." he opened his hands apart like a conjurer performing a trick ..."And sometimes they are somewhere else."

I knew about Somewhere Else, it was where the unicorns came from, and the Britlingers. I wondered if we were talking about the same place.

He went on. "Human electrons go one place but when one turns Vampire their electrons go a different place when they are not here. They bring back some of the qualities of that other place, changing the human body into a vampire body."

There was a short knock on the door and Eric came in. I wanted him to hear what Tesla had to say too, I didn't know if he knew about all this.

"The conference will begin on time," he said, remaining standing. Eric was always prompt and he was ready to get this whole vote over with so we could leave.

"Please sit down, my darling boy," Anna Hita said to him, patting the sofa next to her. "We will leave shortly but first let your wife satisfy her curiosity."

"Will there be time enough?" Eric said with a humorous quirk to his lips, sitting beside her. "I have not been able to accomplish that feat in the last several decades."

He winked at me letting me know I was not to take offense. I didn't. He was right, I was curious about things. Inquiring minds want to know.

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71 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seventy One

"Well, I think I'll be turning in for the day," I told Jure with a big yawn and stretch.

As a vampire I didn't need to either yawn or stretch but it seemed to lend dramatic weight to my comment.

He looked up at me over the top of the newspaper, his coal dark eyes unreadable under heavy brows. "Do you prefer I leave? I can go into the other room."

We were in the Bishop's room, the one where the doors had not been taken off the hinges. The adjoining safe room doors had been put back on but Eric didn't like the thought that they had been breached in the first place.

We had locked the double set of doors that separated my old room from this one. I figured the room Pam had opened from the inside was safe. Still, this room might be a tad safer. It would be wrong to put Jure in a room that might not be up to snuff.

"No, that's fine," I said, opening the lid of my travel container. I straightened out and smoothed the padded lining.

Once that titanium lid was sealed shut it would take a big bomb to blow it open, and maybe not even that. This was the best travel container money could buy, you could buy a modest house back home in Bon Temps for what it cost.

It was painted a snazzy turquoise with a big hot pink double "VV" logo on the top for Vampire Vessels, the number one selling travel container for the discriminating vampire, as the ads boasted.

This was their top of the line, the Poienari Fortress. The lining was real silk and the padding was 'the world's finest goose down'. Too bad it reminded me of the coffins we had seen when looking for Gran's final resting place.

Some vampires thought of themselves as "undead" and reveled in all the accoutrements of death but I didn't. I was very much alive, my daytime rest was just that, a rest, not true death. That's why I picked the brightest travel container they made.

"I go out kind of sudden like," I told him. "It would be best if I was already inside so you wouldn't need to tuck me in."

His eyes met mine, a quirk of amusement touched the one side of his usually unsmiling lips. A flicker of kindness moved behind his eyes. "I wouldn't mind tucking you in, Sookie. As long as you trust me to do it properly."

"Oh I think you could do it properly but I wouldn't want to burden you with another chore," I said, still smarting over his obvious distaste at having to force feed me.

And we were talking about tucking, right? Not that rhyming word?

"It would not be a chore," he said gallantly, "It would be my honor, as is the fact that your Eric trusted me with you."

OK, so we had been talking about tucking, not the other.

"I better warn you, I just go out like a light," I told him.

I really would rather stay out of my container until I was asleep. It still gave me a confined feeling to see that lid shut down on me.

"Then I will ever so carefully place you in your Fortress like a sleeping princess." he assured me with a little smile. He had a Fortress brand container too, all black with a silvery black double "VV", and the Grando family crest, a roaring flame spewing dragon standing on a table or something.

He could be trusted, right? He wouldn't try to take advantage of my unconscious state and ..... no, forget that. That was just too disgusting to even consider. He might be up an hour after me. A hour is a long time. Still, this was Jure, Linda's boyfriend we were talking about, not some depraved fangophile. Some of the stories I had read on the internet would curl your hair.

"I appreciate your ..."

But that was all I knew until the next night............

I woke to lips pressed to mine. As soon as I stirred strong arms lifted me from the bed.

"Lo, there do I see my wife. Thanks to the gods for another night with my älskling," Eric said from the bottom of his heart. We smooched a little more.

"Did you vote?" I asked him.

I looked around. Jure's container was open and he was not in the room. Eric had moved me to the bed. At least I hoped it had been Eric.

"Did you bring me to the bed?" I asked him before he could answer my first question.

"No, I have not voted yet. Yes I took you from your container and put you on the bed." His eyes looked into mine knowingly. He understood I was concerned that Jure could have done something unwelcome.

"You are fine," he told me, kissing me again just to show me how fine I was.

"I am bringing you with me to the King's suite. We will leave right after the vote. Augustus has left for parts unknown vowing revenge and death on those that killed his Children. As serious as the situation is, most are simply glad to see him go. There has been much speculation on the enemy that attacked the legion, much of it centering on ancient feuds in Rome and Thracia. The weapon used has been the thing most discussed as it could represent a threat to all of us." He winked at me.

I showered and changed into a soft blue silk dress that swirled when I walked. I used lots of mascara to make my eyes look wide and innocent. I wanted to look like the least likely vampire-exploding person that ever lived.

After packing the rest of my stuff Jure, Eric and I left Kloster. I hoped never to return. One more stop in Davos to save the world, then we were off to Paris, the city of light, to rest, romance, romp and replenish our hearts with wonder.

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70 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seventy

After Eric and Pam left I was alone with Jure. Our sleeping arrangements had changed now that the Bishop brothers were out of the picture. I was supposed to have stayed in their room in my titanium travel container with Jure in the next room in his container. Now Jure and I were going to stay in one room, the one with the best hinges, each of us in our own container.

I didn't worry about any hanky panky on Jure's part for several reasons. Even though I would be out for the day way before he was I knew that any touch of his would leave a scent on me that both Eric and I would smell unless Jure messed about with me using salad tongs.

Besides, Jure wouldn't want an unconscious woman. Glamoured, yes, limp as a wet dishrag, no. His ego was such a big part of his sensuality that he would want to feed off the woman's response, just like Eric did with me. Last but not least, Jure was hoping to win Linda's hand now. Nothing would put off his potential wife like making a pass at her mother.

Since Eric had to quickly make these new plans with Jure I could sense they left him feeling uneasy. He had been shocked to realize that Pam herself was the one to breach the security of the safe room by removing the hinges.

The doors and locks were meant to prevent invasion into the room, not to keep those inside imprisoned. I knew that Eric would have preferred both the keeping-out and keeping-in kind of safe room, something he would begin to plan in his future safe room construction.

Out by the car I had tried to reassure Eric before he left so he could go back to face the King and the inquisitive Bundeskanzler Habicht in peace.

"I don't think there's a chance in this life of anything untoward happening again," I said truthfully.

"I did not foresee this bizarre sequence of events," he said, frowning. "Now I wonder, what else might go wrong?"

"You can't think of everything. Who would have known that the legion had some power to join minds and compel Pam to do their bidding?" I asked him.

"I have never heard of anything like it, though it does make sense if you consider the bond between vampire siblings being magnified a hundred times over."

"Do you mean that Pam and I have a bond, a psychic connection too?" I asked.

I hadn't considered that our Maker-Child bond might extend to include Pam. I glanced at her sitting in the passenger seat, seemingly oblivious to my conversation with Eric, though I knew she could hear us. She still seemed a little dazed, perhaps she was still recovering internally from the psychic blow she received. Or maybe she was acting, knowing that discretion was the better part of her involvement.

"Yes, obviously weaker than ours, but it exists. If you and Pam were to exchange blood .."

"That's not happening!" I said quickly.

I remembered Pam's Fangtasia basement revelation, that she had hoped to have some kind of a special relationship with me. I wanted to put any chance of that far far behind us. Our Nest wasn't going to be one of those loosey goosey arrangements like a hippie commune if I had anything to say about it. To each their own. Period.

"I can not wait to take you away from here," Eric said, holding me to him. "Every second we are here leaves the door open for fate to deliver a new surprise."

"Well, at least I'm glad that I didn't agree to stay in that cave," I said, my voice muffled against his shirt.

He didn't say anything but I felt a shock of horror travel through him. He would have returned to the Easter Island cave to find me a goner. He hugged me tighter, then he made sure I was going to have the last tub man before he left. Dawn was not far off, I only had to make it through the next half hour or so before being safely shut in my cocoon for the day.

He hated to leave me to the hands of fate (and perhaps Jure) but he knew how very important his presence was for plausible deniability about my part in the mass deaths. His ability to appear innocent was the stuff of Academy Awards. He would also be there to continue to guard Tesla until the vote tomorrow night.

There was no way to tell what Tesla's disappearance could mean to the vote, but I knew it wouldn't be anything good. In Tesla's absence, those in favor of Vampire Liberation could twist the facts to make their position seem like the only reasonable option.

That type of political shenanigans happened to Gran. She had told me she voted against the Equal Rights Amendment for women at one time because she had been convinced by right wingers that it meant she would be forced to use the same bathroom facilities as men at the same time and she just couldn't abide the thought. The right wingers had mislead her and the vote failed. When she found out the truth, that she had voted against women getting equal pay and the like she felt terrible, but by then it was too late.

Jure continued to read the paper after Eric left, not looking at me or speaking to me. He didn't ask me how come there were a hundred exploded vampires in the back field behind the hotel where we were staying. He didn't ask me how come the mighty Bishop brothers had been laid out cold, and he didn't ask me why Pam had been bleeding from the ears and convulsing. He also didn't ask how come I was standing in the midst of all that without a hair of my head mussed.

He behaved politely but I just knew there was a lot going on underneath the surface. If he was curious he didn't betray it. Either he already knew what was going on, which I found unlikely, or else he decided that he wouldn't learn anything by asking questions and would just bide his time until he could find out more, which is what I would do.

I found his lack of alarm and curiosity calming. If he could stay on Eric's good side he would make a good addition to our little group.

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69 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Nine

For a large problem you need a large solution and that's what we got. Two anonymous black shiny tractor trailers pulled up end to end at the edge of the field, blocking the sight of the slain vampires from anyone staying at the hotel that might stray around back. There were no windows on this side, no other buildings within sight of the back of the hotel, so the risk of exposure from that angle was minimal.

A lively crew of vampire workers dressed in black jumpsuits hopped out of the trailers lickety split and bagged the bodies in regular heavy duty trash bags, a few more workers followed behind them and heaved the bags into the back of the trucks, sort of a grisly assembly line. They were not treating this as any kind of crime scene.

They say friends help you move, good friends help you hide the body, or in this case, the bodies. There didn't seem to be any official oversight of this clean up, just a straightforward "accident" removal.

I took this as further evidence of the contempt and distaste normal vampires felt towards the repulsive slavelings and perhaps a statement of how others reacted towards Augustus. I shed a tear for their deaths. Eric glanced at me wiping my eyes but said nothing.

In two swirls of a vampire's cape the headless corpses were gone. Flame throwers were played over the dry winter grass to cleanse the area of remains, of which there was a-plenty. Since the slavelings didn't have the good taste to disappear into ash and blow away, the clean up crew did it for them.

Coils of nasty black smoke rose into the sky adding to the zillions of tons of pollution already circling our planet. Unfortunate, but it couldn't be helped. I couldn't feel guilty for everything, I already had a plateful.

"I'm surprised Augustus was allowed to make so many offspring," I said to Eric, watching a technician run to put out a small grass fire with an extinguisher.

We were waiting arm in arm for Jure to return so Eric and Pam could go and tell the King and Bundeskanzler Habicht what took place here. Of course they would only be recounting what was obvious to see, not the reasons behind it. The King would believe Eric. I hoped the Bundeskanzler would buy the story too. If Jure or Pam knew anything they could be counted on to keep silent also. I hoped.

Eric answered my question about Augustus and his prolific progeny. "He made them before we had those laws. No responsible Maker would tax his powers as Augustus did. It was only the desire to create his own mighty legion of vampire warriors that drove him to make several new soldiers each night."

Several a night? No wonder they had no training or ability to function on their own. My girls had developed a bond before they were born, the same thing must have happened to the legion of newly made vampires. They, in essence, raised themselves.

"What was he thinking?" I asked. The question was meant as a comment but Eric answered it anyway.

"He thought only of power, conquest and glory. You must understand, the world was different then. A leader with a mighty army could march into a foreign land and take control of it. That was Augustus's dream. It is why he wants Vampire Liberation to succeed."

"Did they opt to let his legion vote tomorrow night?" It was hard to believe all this would be wrapped up and tied with a bow within the next twenty four hours. One more vote tomorrow night, the big one, and then we were free, right along with human kind.

Eric laughed a grim a little laugh. "No, in fact some did not even want Augustus himself to have a vote. He is a pain in everyone's arsle."

I didn't need a translator for that word.

"Would they have always remained as they were, so damaged?" I asked sadly.

The clean up crew was almost done, they were just running rakes over the bags of new dirt they had dumped on the charred earth. One man was sprinkling seeds on the dirt. I wondered if they would come back and water it. This really wasn't growing season but none of these guys looked like farmers.

"If a powerful Maker had taken one in and lavished blood on the slaveling perhaps their quality of life could have been raised. Who among us would have such a vile being in their household?" Eric asked.

I knew the question was supposed to be rhetorical but I also knew the slaveling Preston had most likely been helped by Jure. Maybe these others could have been taken from Augustus and given good homes like we did for Flamenco Dancer.

I tried to feel good about rescuing the dog rather than lousy about killing all those poor confused creatures. I didn't really think there were hundreds of old vampires that would have welcomed any of these unfortunates. They had a bad Maker, pure and simple, the ill luck of an unfortunate rebirth. Augustus should be staked for what he had done.

After the clean up crew left with a gnashing of gears, a roar of engine noise and a cloud of diesel smoke, Eric turned me to him and met my eyes. I think he picked up on how bad I was feeling about it all, though I hadn't had any control over what I did to zap them. I had no idea I contained that much frightening power.

"You must understand, what you did was an act of self defense. That mob would have drained you and left you and Pam dead dry husks without a second thought. I do not know if Augustus sent them or they followed you on their own volition but I swear to Odin I intend to find out and have the life of anyone that put you in danger."

Eric's eyes blazed blue fury. His grief would have been unimaginable if both Pam and I had met our final death. Once his revenge was complete Eric would have our girls to comfort him, but I wasn't sure if that would be enough to keep him going in the long run. Especially when our girls began to grow old .... I quickly blocked those thoughts from my mind. I was getting good at that.

He added, "You may not be able to feed and thrive without me near but you are not a weakling. Far from it, you are the most powerful vampire the world has ever seen."

His blazing eyes changed to a proud turquoise color, he held me with his loving gaze until he saw I believed him, accepted that what I had done was self defense, saving me and Pam. I felt the tension and guilt lift from me, peace taking its place.

Whether that calm was from his soothing presence or from the realization I hadn't done anything more than what was needed to survive very bad odds I did not know or care, it was such a relief for that knot of guilt to loosen and release me.

"Only the Founders might have such powers," he added thoughtfully, looking around as if Dracula might materialize right next to him.

"I don't think I could ever do that again. I wouldn't want to, I might have killed Pam or the Bishops. It was only sheer luck that they were beside me, not in front where the full force of the thought wave hit."

We walked inside. Eric said, "You can learn to control and focus your power."

He was only trying to be helpful, but I never ever wanted to do this again.

How could I have ever lived with myself if I had exploded Pam's pretty head? She had fully recovered. There was that one bright thought to hold on to like a treasured jewel.

Jure returned by cab and assured us the Bishops were on their way to the clinic. He looked around at the new ground behind the hotel.

"Good job," was all he said before going inside.

I didn't know if he was referring to the clean up or the killing of all the half baked vampires. Eric got Pam and they hastened to get back to Davos.

Jure and I would stay here. Dawn was almost upon us, it had been a very long night. Good thing winter nights in these parts was the greater part of the 24 hours.

Before he left, Eric had put a dainty golden heart necklace around my throat. I had noticed Pam wore one too. Hers had one heart, mine had two hearts entwined.

"What's this for?" I had asked him, touching the cool silky gold chain.

"Elves. Blue elves. It will keep you from ..."

"Say no more, I get it," I told him.

Now that I was vampire I would feel the natural attraction towards Merry Dixon and the Narlock sister that all vampires felt, a sort of sappy romantic longing.

Eric must have taken the precaution of having a couple of enchanted necklaces made to keep the blue elf mojo at bay. Eric had a ring that did the same thing enabling him to be around the legal branch of elfdom without going coo coo.

"What about? ...." I made a head gesture towards Jure's room.

Eric smiled a wicked little smile. "We will just let nature take its course."

I knew he would enjoy seeing Jure make a fool of himself over the stout and sturdy Merry Dixon. Truth be told, I would too.

Back in the room I washed my face and brushed my hair to be ready for sleep when it descended on me. I would have no warning, I was just there one moment and out like a light the next.

"It will be hard on Augustus, to lose so many children at once," I said to Jure.

"By his treatment of them he was not a caring Maker," Jure said, settling down to read the paper. He would be up a while after I fell asleep. I envied him the extra time.

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68 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Eight

The ambulance arrived without flashing lights or siren as we requested, manned by two heavyweight bodybuilder types in white uniforms, men that looked more suited to being bouncers or security guards than medical attendants. They were quite similar with short sandy hair and big barrel chests. One of them had a chunky gold earring like Mr. Clean.

They got out of the ambulance warily and stood ready to jump right back in if we made a wrong move. Their minds were so fear riddled I just got a lot of scary images from vampire movies they had seen as children flavored with the fervent belief that they were NOT being paid enough for this kind of work.

"You people are all vampires?" The one with the gold earring asked, making a note on a form attached to a clip board.

"We are, but the patients are not," Eric said, indicating the two mummy wrapped brothers.

"Can I take a look at them?" the one without a gold earring asked.

After Eric nodded he moved forward carefully, inch by inch, watching us warily, as if any moment we might go nuts and rush forward to attack. What did he think vampires were like, a pack of wild hogs?

He knelt down and felt Robert's pulse. "Good strong pulse."

Gold earring made a note of that, glancing up at us anxiously between every letter. He repeated the process on Richard whose heart was beating regularly too. I knew because I could hear it.

"You only need to take them to the Stilli helipad," Eric said to let them know this wouldn't be the kind of long trip where they could die on the way.

"Do they .... uh .... as far as you know .... uh ..... do they need any ..... uh ... uh .... blood?" Earringless asked us delicately, as if he hated like the very devil to bring up the topic, which he did.

"No, blood loss is not their problem. You do not need to treat them, just transport them to the helicopter. I will sign your release now," Eric said, indicating the clipboard, to hurry the process along. We still had a pile of things to take care of and the night was slipping away.

"Great, great," Earring mumbled, rifling through his papers until he found the right one.

He clipped the release form to the top of the pile of paperwork, placed a pen on the board and handed it to Eric while staying as far away from him as possible by leaning way forward. It was silly, really. Eric could have killed him before he knew what happened. Not that he would, of course.

Earlier, while we had been in the parking lot waiting for the ambulance to come, Eric had pretty much ordered Jure to ride along and make sure the brothers got on the chopper before returning here.

I had expected Jure to put up a fussy fuss at being bossed by a younger vampire but he didn't. I think he was glad to get away from the hundred dead vampires behind the building. Also, as potential kin, he wanted to stay on our good side.

After the ambulance drove off I called Adele to make sure the ride had been arranged. It had, and now she was up for the morning making breakfast for Lachlain, and her two dogs Gordon and Flame, formerly known as Flamenco Dancer. I thanked her again and sent our love.

Once Eric and I were in the back of the building we went to our room and checked on Pam. She was healing, looking much better and seemed more asleep than unconscious. Then I needed to eat so I got a couple of the men from the tub and fed, filling their minds with happy thoughts and sending them on their way in a cab.

I kept the third guy in the tub in case I needed a bedtime snack. I thought of those tanks in restaurants where they kept live lobsters so you could pick the one you wanted for dinner. Same idea, but these meals went home after.

Then, full, I asked Eric about the dead elephant in the living room, or in our case, the dead legion of gory vampires in the field behind the hotel.

I had been worrying how we were going to hide them all. A huge pit? Numerous flights over the mountains? You have no idea how big a problem all those dead bodies are if you never saw such a thing.

"We will call the Conference governing board and report it," Eric said, checking through his phone's directory for the number.

"Report it?" I gaped, sitting down next to him on the edge of the bed. That thought had never occurred to me.

"I do not mean we will tell them what really happened, simply that a horde of strange vampires showed up here and exploded," Eric said calmly, as if something like that happened all the time.

"But how will we explain it? The exploding part?"

"We do not have to. No one knows about your extra powers. Let them speculate about what might have happened while they tidy up," Eric said. "You simply need to look just as you do now, confused, frightened and in need of your Maker." He put his free arm around me and gave me a little lovey squeeze of reassurance.

"And with the Bishops gone there is only Pam's condition to worry about," I said. I wasn't sure Eric's plan was really the best one but it was the only plan we had.

"Not even that," a voice said behind us.

We turned to see Pam looking at us. She looked fine. Whatever had happened to her in the blast had been healed. It gave me hope that the Bishops would bounce back too.

She sat up. I repressed the urge to throw my arms around her and hug her. Too much affection would make her suspicious. I needed to find out how much she remembered.

"Pam, what happened to you?" I asked, all innocent-like.

"I have no idea," she said wonderingly. " I was here, talking to you, then I heard something. I dreamed I went up to the heavenly gates of pearl and gold but they were locked. I tried to find the key to unlock them. I looked everywhere. When I finally did find the key hidden under a great shaggy shrub I ran back to the gates and turned it in the lock. Suddenly the gates flew open. They whacked me like a racket hitting a tennis ball right back down onto this bed. Is that not the strangest dream?" she marveled, rubbing her head.

While she explained Eric was placing a call to the convention center.

Her dream wasn't as strange as what really happened but I allowed to her that it was a very strange dream. If a human collapsed, bleeding from the ears, you might say that you need to get it checked out. How would Pam deal with her sudden faint? I recalled the travelogue Eric had given me in the limo.

"You know, Davos is the highest city in Europe. Maybe the altitude has an effect on you," I offered by way of an explanation.

Pam got up, smoothing her hair and clothes, then getting her lipstick out of her purse, thinking about the explanation I offered. When Eric had wiped the bloody froth from her mouth he had also removed her lipstick. Pam was never without her lipstick or her heels.

"You might be right, Sookie. I remember that once when I was in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur I was not feeling quite myself," she said, fixing her make up in the mirror.

She looked around the room. "What a dump! Don't tell me you're actually staying here?"

I didn't get a chance to answer because Eric was saying into the phone, "Bundeskanzler Habicht, this is Eric Northman. I have a rather large problem here."

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67 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Seven

I was so happy to see Eric I ran to him and clung to him like a baby monkey. He looked around at the sea of exploded vampires, the unconscious were- Bigfoots and moaning Pam and asked, "What happened here?"

"Pam was enchanted out of the room by the glamour singing of Augustus's children. She took the hinge pins out of the doors and came out here. The Bishops left their room to see if they could protect me ..." I stopped there, aware that Jure was listening to everything I was saying. I didn't want to reveal I had exploded the legion of vampires with my brain power.

"Can you help Pam?" I asked Eric. "Then I need to call an ambulance for Robert and Richard to drive them to the Stilli helipad so they can be flown to Scotland."

"I will see to Pam," Eric said, moving to pick her up and bring her back into the room. "Jure, if you can replace the hinge pins and repair the doors I would be grateful."

I left Jure scrounging around for the six hinge pins and followed Eric inside where he had placed Pam down on the bed. I hoped I could communicate with him privately without Jure catching on.

"I gave her a little of my blood," I told him, hoping I had done the right thing.

"What is wrong with her?" he asked me. He wiped the dried bloody froth from her chin with the sheet.

I put my closed fist against my forehead then suddenly and forcefully opened my hand to indicate how my glamour had exploded from me. Eric's eyes opened wide. I heard Jure pounding in the hinge pins with a rock.

"Truly?" Eric asked me in wonder.

I nodded, then I put my hands on either side of my head and suddenly flung them away from my skull to show him how the heads of the legion had exploded.

"By mighty Thor! I have not heard the like ..." Eric said with feeling, shaking his head, looking to see if Jure was paying attention. He wasn't, or at least that was how he appeared, because his back was to us.

Eric said, "I also will give her some of my blood. I am her Maker, it might be all she needs to recover."

"I have the number for the ambulance service. I'm going to call them and have them meet us around front. You and Jure and I can move the Bishops to the front lot, right?"

"Yes .. yes ... that would be best," Eric said slowly, thinking, trying to figure out what had transpired and what we were going to do about it.

Killing a Maker's child was a heinous offense, killing a hundred of them at a clip was probably unheard of in the annals of vampire malfeasance. I was in deep doodoo and Eric, as my Maker, was in the doodoo with me.

I got the paper out with the ambulance number on it and had just punched in the first number when I heard the most unearthly ruckus outside, screeching and roars and howls all blending into a sound I had never heard before. A wave of stench hit me, the worst smell ever, like wet dogs being sprayed by skunks while surrounded by burning tires.

Eric and I ran outside and saw Jure way out past where the feeble pole light could reach. He pointed to our right and we turned to see four tall huge white creatures, humanoid but covered in dense snowy tufted fur. They lifted their long hairy arms and made their weird cry again. It reminded me of the sound the Bishops had made, their Bigfoot call, right before they had come out of their room and began shooting their weapons at the horde.

The foremost creature pointed with his knuckles at the Bishop brothers. I nodded, understanding that he wanted to inspect them and backed up a ways. There was intelligence and concern in his dark brown eyes, the color of antique mahogany. I saw his expression of confusion and anger. This sight made him sad. He looked at us with an obvious question in his ancient eyes. Were we the ones that had so grievously wounded his cousins?

He had the flattened nose of an ape, thick plumes of steam puffed out of the breathing mammal. I hadn't even noticed the cold with my new vampire body. The skin of his face that was visible was wrinkled and pinkish, giving him an old wise look. His face was surrounded by a natural hood-like trim of much longer pale fur edged in black. He was at least eight feet tall and walked on flat feet shaped vaguely like big spread hands. His thick furry legs were like trunks and he walked a little hunched over, his steps slow and tentative as he watched us for signs of aggression.

None of us moved a muscle. We did not want to provoke an attack by these sentient but wild creatures. There had been enough carnage for one night. Guilt flowed over me like a wave, guilt about harming my dear friends, guilt about killing those nameless vampires that had led such awful lives.

I felt more guilty I hadn't known to put blankets over the naked Bishops as they lay on the freezing ground. They were warm blooded too. How could I have been so thoughtless?

When the shaggy leader got to Robert he bent down and sniffed him, then made some grunts and whistles to the other three creatures. I took a step forward to tell them that I was going to get them medical help but the lead creature waved me away with a slashing gesture of his massive hand and an angry roar that showed small sharp teeth. They thought we had hurt the Bishops, which I guess was unfortunately true, and didn't want us near them. My guilt increased.

"They are Yeti," Eric said to me quietly. "They wish to tend to their fallen brothers."

I thought of how close the Alps were to our location. Those majestic snow covered mountains must be where these Yeti lived. Wouldn't their natural environment be too cold for the Bishop brothers? They were Louisiana Bigfoots, not Yeti. I knew there were strong bonds in the Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquach, or BYS, community. Would they be better equipped to help the Bishops than a nice warm hospital? I doubted it.

"Are you going to be able to keep them warm?" I asked. "I am getting them help, an ambulance and a hospital run by Dr. Dolittle. How are you going to care for them, they aren't your kind. I'm not going to hurt them, they're our friends," I said with feeling, moving a little closer.

"Wir helfen ihnen, nehmen Sie sie zu einem Arzt. Sie sind unsere Freunde," Eric said to them. Later he told me he said that we would help them and get them to a doctor, that we were their friends.

The lead Yeti stood up, blinking, looking us over carefully. He made a soft noise and showed his small sharp teeth again. Whether that was a smile or a threat I couldn't tell. Then he nodded at us and turned away, the four of them shuffling off, looking back repeatedly, before disappearing into the icy night.

After using all the blankets in both rooms to wrap up the Bishops, I dialed the private ambulance service and got a dispatcher that spoke English with a heavy German accent. For the right price they didn't ask a lot of questions about what we wanted. I told them to crank up the heat in the ambulance, that these were victims of both trauma and hypothermia.

Eric and Jure brought the tightly blanketed Bishops to the very front edge of the main parking lot. I called Adele and told her the ambulance was on the way. She told me the chopper would be ready to airlift them to Scotland as soon as the ambulance arrived at Stilli. I let her know what I had done so far, which was precious little, and that the big guys were still unconscious.

"As long as they are breathing regularly and their airway isn't obstructed they should do all right. I'll let you know when they arrive at the clinic and what their prognosis is."

She sounded so grown up and professional. There were so few crypto-zoological veterinarians. Despite how I worried about her on her medical calls I saw what a tremendously valuable service she offered to those that inhabited the dark fringes of the so-called real world.

Amidst all the black guilt I was feeling glowed a mother's pride, a tiny light in the darkness.

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66 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Six

"Pam, Pam, please don't do this. I'm begging you," I pleaded with her, putting my arm around her waist. "Let's go back inside. We can figure this out." I used the arm around her to begin to pull her back down the stairs to our room.

She seemed to move a little in the direction I wanted her to go, then she looked at me, her face radiant.

"Don't you hear them? They are calling us," she said with something like awe.

Then she began the task of removing the last three hinge pins. I knew better than to try to stop her physically. I listened again, trying hard to hear what she heard.

Then I heard howling, or maybe it was roaring. It was really a combination of the two, so loud it shook walls.

"What is that?" Pam asked, bending down to her task, never letting up in her efforts.

I had heard that sound once before. It was the cry of the Bigfoot. Two Bigfoots actually. Or would that be Bigfeet? I was never sure. They were baying in their frustration or maybe they were trying to drown out the sound that was calling Pam. It wasn't working. She still had the expression of rapturous wonder on her face as the door became as unhinged as she was.

In the silence that followed the howling I listened again, using all my powers of telepathy to zero in on what Pam was hearing. Then I got it. Like hearing a radio in another building I heard, ever so faintly, a melodic chant, male voices rising and falling as if on a summer breeze. They were singing in some beautiful ancient language but I was too far away to hear the words.

As the spell cast by the song flowed over me I wanted to hear the words more clearly, words that would explain the meaning of life, of everything that ever had been, of all that was now. This was the song of lost wisdom that finally made sense of everything, the hymn of the ancients. I had to get closer ..

Bang! Pam threw the door against the reinforced cement block wall and the cold night air rushed in at us. I came out of my trance, aware now of what Pam was dealing with. I knew some supernaturals like Sirens had the ability to enchant with their voices. Pam was in the thrall of some supernatural beings. How could I stop her? How could I protect her? Who were these singers of the most perfect song?

I followed Pam out into the night. We stood on the gravel that surrounded the back of the building where the safe room entrances were. No landscaping, no fancy awnings here, just a few iron doors set in concrete, like a bunker the military might use. A weak incandescent light on a pole cast a dim circle of illumination but I didn't need the light to see the singers.

Surrounding us in a semicircle about half a football field away were the sickly vampires made by Augustus. Individually they might be weak, together they made a mighty chorus of sound like a men's choir from the Church of Nightmares. They had been able to join their glamour to call Pam out of our safe room. Fortunately my special mind, or maybe my enchanted pink diamond ring, protected me from their influence.

Their eyes glowed like candle flames as they shuffled closer, their fangs catching the light. They were hungry, oh so very very hungry, and we were the most delicious of foods. It was me they hungered for.

Suddenly the door burst open right next to us and the Bishops, in their were-Bigfoot form, ran out. Richard raked the gathering with a machine gun while Robert aimed his cross bow and arrow after arrow hit skinny vampire chests, felling the man like a sack of potatoes. It scarcely made a dent in the horde as they continued to advance towards us.

"No! No! You great stupid beasts!" Pam shrieked at the Bigfoots, leaping through the air to attack them.

I jumped up and grabbed Pam by the slender ankles, bringing her down to the ground with a mighty whump. The circle of slavelings continued forward, the bullets pushing them staggering back a little before they resumed their steady forward progress.

"Stop it," I screamed at the singers, sending out a wave of glamour towards them so powerful it felt like I had pulled my guts from my core and was now inside out.

Picture, if you can, a hundred ripe red watermelons all blowing up at once. Now replace the watermelons with vampire heads and you have some idea of what happened. All the slavelings that hadn't been killed with the cross bow, and that would be most of them, had dropped down headless in a field of gore that doesn't bear describing.

Pam lay on the ground, moaning, blood pouring from her ears. The Bishop brothers lay unmoving. Since Pam was obviously not dead I went to the Bishop brothers first. They lay completely still, then Robert took a big shuddering breath. Richard followed suit about a heartbeat later. They too had blood coming from their pointed furry ears and wide lipless mouths.

Pam started to convulse, bloody foam pouring from her mouth. I felt so helpless. Should I try to give her blood? Could my blood heal the Bishops or would vampire blood sicken a Bigfoot?

I knew my vampire blood would not hurt Pam so I used the damaged knife to make a small nick in my arm and placed a few drops of my blood on her lips. Then I went inside, got my cell phone after a moment of frenzied rummaging through my pocketbook. I dialed Eric's cell phone but got a "Searching for Signal" screen that just kept spinning and never got anywhere. Damnation!

I ran back out to the Bishops and Pam, they were still down on the ground. I called Adele. She knew the most about other species, she might know what to do with an injured Bigfoot. The Bishops slowly reverted back to their human forms. They were naked but their big bellies hid their private areas.

"Uh, hello ..." Adele said groggily. I had no idea what time it was in Louisiana but it sounded like she had been asleep. I didn't have time to apologize for that.

I told her I had an emergency and that the Bishops had been hit with a sound wave that knocked them flat. I told her about the blood coming from their ears, which were now back to human ears, and their mouths. I knew my glamour wasn't exactly a sound wave, but I didn't want to tell her about the whole thing on a cell phone.

"Just give me a sec," she said, sounding more awake. I heard her dialing another phone, probably her cell phone, and having a conversation. She was calling Dr. Dolittle.

She got back on the phone with me, "Mom, we have to fly them to Scotland. There's a helipad in Davos, the Stilli heliport. We're sending a Heli-Alpes chopper to get them and bring them to the clinic. How soon can you get them to Stilli?"

I had absolutely no idea. I didn't have a car. I certainly couldn't carry the two huge Bishops over my shoulder. I could call a cab, I supposed. Would moving the brothers make things worse. Maybe we needed stretchers and an ambulance. That was it. I would need to get an ambulance. I told Adele I would call her back as soon as I had arranged transportation to the heliport.

The ambulance couldn't come back here behind the hotel. Unlike regular vampires the slavelings hadn't conveniently turned to ash. They just lay there in their big puddles of ickiness. Heavens, there were so many of them and they made such a gigantic mess. I would feel guilty later, I knew that, but right now I had to deal with the living.

How would I hide all these bodies and clean up all that mess before daylight?

I called the King's suite and got the number of a private ambulance company from Sarno Stone, the King's assistant.

"Is everything all right, Mrs. Stackhouse?" he inquired politely.

"Oh yes, everything's great here, just helping out some humans that had a car accident. You know, mainstreaming, improving the image of vampires by being a good Samaritan. How soon will the conference be over?" I asked, trying not to lapse into hysteria.

"Let me check that for you," he said, I heard him rapidly typing on a keyboard.

"Oh, good news, the meeting is over for tonight," he said cheerily. "Can I get someone for you?"

I thought about the possibility of him going down to the main floor and finding Eric and Jure. Would that work? I opened my mouth to ask him to do that little thing for me when I heard a voice say, "Sookie! Sookie! Are you injured?"

"Nope, thanks anyway Sarno. Eric's here," I told the King's obliging secretary and closed the phone.

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65 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Five

I jumped up. "No Pam! You must NOT take the door down, it's keeping us safe!"

She didn't seem to hear me. She was rummaging through Jure's bag, looking for something.

"What is it you want?" I asked.

I would surely hate to be the one to mess up Jure's carefully packed belongings. He was quite fussy about his possessions and appearance for such a rugged looking man. I was never able to figure out if this was a pose or if he was serious.

"Here we go," Pam said, taking a gold tie clip from Jure's jewelry case. I saw red stones glinting from the tie clip, probably rubies worth a fortune.

She went to the hinges and began pushing up the hinge pins with the tie clip, bending it and shattering the stones. The hinge moved a little, but the gold was too soft, probably eighteen carat, so it quickly turned to an accordioned lump.

"Merde!" Pam swore, throwing down the ruined tie clip. "I need something stronger."

She stopped for a moment, tapping the corner of her pouty red mouth with an index finger as she thought about her options.

Then she had an idea. I could almost see the light bulb pop up over her head.

Purposefully she marched into the bathroom and turned on the light. "Do any of you boys have a knife?" she asked them.

They all stood, putting their hands in their pockets and bringing out a variety of small knives including a Swiss army knife and an SOG Kilowatt Multi-purpose Knife like Jason used when he went fishing and camping. Pam took the SOG and the Swiss army knife then told them all to sit back down and wait for the time of their life. They obeyed without question.

She started for the door but I blocked her way. "Stop this Pam! There's something wrong with you. You need to stay here with me until Eric .."

That was as far as I got because Pam pushed me away with enough force to throw me all the way across the room and onto the bed. She began working on the hinges with the knife which moved the upper hinge pin inch by inch up and out of the hinge, leaving only the lower two. I ran to her and began to struggle with her, to stop her from taking out the rest of the hinge pins.

It was no use. She was much stronger than I was and simply would not listen to one word I said. She pushed me away again, not hard enough to injure me, though I did knock over the Formica table and one of the chairs.

"Is everything all right in there?" Robert Bishop yelled through the double doors.

What should I say? If I said no then they might find a way to storm in here. I knew they would kill Pam without batting an eye if it meant keeping me safe. I also knew Pam would not hesitate to kill them both if they stood in her way. All that aside, there probably wasn't a way for them to get here in time to stop Pam from taking the door down. They could unlock their door but the one on our side was locked too and only Eric had the key. She was working on the last hinge pin now.

"I'm fine," I yelled, not feeling fine at all. I was feeling something like panic at Pam's relentless drive to open our safe room door. What was beckoning to her? Why couldn't I hear it?

Methodically she got the last pin out and opened the steel door from the wrong side. It crashed to the floor.

"There," she said with satisfaction, dusting her hands together. Then she wiped the black hinge grease on her costly designer slacks. I knew for certain then that she was well and truly out of her cotton pickin' mind.

"Sookie, what's going on?" Robert shouted. "Tell me! What are you doing?"

From his perspective this could be anything from a deadly attack to rough sex, he needed to know how, or even if, to respond. I simply didn't know what to say to him so I kept quiet.

Pam started up the short flight of cement steps to the outer door. Her knife was bent but still operable. She had three more hinge pins to go before she breached the last of our security.

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64 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Sixty Four

Pam came back with three more young men. They were all handsome, I noticed. Pam liked men, she liked women too. That really opened up the dating pool. These guys were fully glamoured and believed they were getting into a hot tub with some sexy vampire women for a wild time.

Pam squeezed them all side by side into the small bathtub in the little bathroom and told them to wait there quietly.

Rub a dub dub, three donors in my tub.

The men were giggling with anticipation when Pam turned the light off and shut the door. They would keep, my own mini-bar for later on.

Jure came back, looking stormy and irritated. I think Eric's accusing attitude had grated on him, yet he had to stay on our good side if he was ever to win Linda's hand in matrimony. She would never overlook a fault in a man like being disrespectful to her parents. For now Jure had to tiptoe around to stay on our good side like any potential son-in-law.

I decided to speak up. "Eric, I was thinking, you and Jure really need to get back to the convention and vote against Augustus puffing out his votes with slavelings. Between you there are just too many votes to waste. Pam can stay here with me and make sure I'm fed and well cared for, can't you, Pam honey?" I gave her my sweetest smile.

Pam made a sour face and began, "Actually, I have absolutely no inten ..."

Cutting her off mid-word Eric said, nodding, "I think you are right, Sookie. Jure and I should seal the vote against Augustus. I will lock the door from the outside and we will return immediately after the special meeting. We should be gone no more than an hour. This is a safe room, you have fed, you have more food and Pam here to watch over you if you begin to weaken. What could go wrong?"

"I promise I will eat even if I don't feel like it," I reassured him.

Pam said incredulously, "Master, you are asking Sookie .. Sookie .... what can go wrong? Have you forgotten? She is the very eye of the vortex of things going wrong. She has caused .."

"Enough!" Eric cut her off with his authority. "You will do as I wish. Protect her, make sure she is fed and I will be back tonight."

He went to the connecting doors and told the Bishop brothers to lock their door from their side, then he locked our connecting door from our side.

Satisfied we would be safely locked away, Eric said to Jure, "Come."

Jure set his lips, looked at Pam, shrugged, and followed Eric out the door.

As Eric left I felt as if my heart was being ripped out with him. A howling loneliness blew through my core, settling into my heart and stomach like icy cramps. Intellectually I knew this was just the stretching of our Maker-Child bond, not a real life threatening emergency, but my intellectual knowledge did nothing to relieve the pain I felt at his absence.

Would I always be a Weakling? I hoped not.

Pam smiled a nasty little smile at me. "Oh goody! We girls can have a sleepover. Shall we do each others hair and nails?" Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

I didn't answer, I just stared at her trying to gain control of my grief.

"What is wrong with you?" she asked in a kinder tone. "Is it true, are you truly a faible?"

"If that means Weakling then yuppers, I sure am. I feel terrible without Eric," I said glumly.

"Oh my dear, my poor little sister," Pam said, coming to sit next to me on the bed and putting her arm around me. I immediately felt a lot better. Was it her comfort, or was it because she was Eric's Child too and thus had some of his "Eric-ness" to give me? I asked her.

"Oh yes, nest mates, especially blood siblings, give each other much comfort. As hard as it was for me to accept this change I must say I really do enjoy having you as my sister. I wish it could have been different .." Here she was referring to her admission that she had hoped to be the one to Turn me.... "But I accept things the way they are. I simply resent being ordered about sometimes."

We sat together, first holding each other, then just holding hands. As long as I was in contact with Pam I felt OK.

"Are you getting hungry?" she asked me in the same tone a mother might ask a young child. It was nice being mommied like this for a little while.

"No, but it isn't because anything is wrong. I ate a tremendous amount when Eric came back and I'm full." I stood up to look at myself in the mirror to make sure I wasn't caving in on myself again like before. I looked fine. Every step I moved away from Pam made me feel worse so I went back and sat next to her.

"In the old days we would all live in the same hiding place and sleep in a bunch like puppies," Pam said. "I prefer things the way they are now because it always caused friction to live so tightly packed together. Still, it was nice, having one's nest mates to cuddle up with every day, especially if they were considerate."

"Did you stay with Eric long?" I asked. I wasn't jealous, just curious.

"Not so very long. He was ... disappointed that I wasn't the right kind of person for him to settle down with." she said thoughtfully. "I took to being a vampire like a bird takes to flight and I wanted to try out every possible thing I could do. I still haven't done it all, done everything and everyone I wanted to do." She looked over at me, her eyes lighting briefly with a violet glow before returning to their usual Tweety bird blue innocence.

Did she mean me? I hoped not.

Suddenly her head straightened up, alert.

"Did you hear that?" she asked, listening.

I strained my ears listening too. I heard plumbing, heating, cars, planes, weather, wild life and humans. Nothing out of the ordinary.

"No, nothing odd. What do you hear?" I asked her.

She was straining now, listening intently. She stood up and glided slowly towards the door. "It sounds like singing, sweet singing, like those monks that chant their prayers..."

Had Jure left his phone behind? Then why couldn't I hear it too?

Her tapered fingers touched the thick steel door, trailed down to the knob. "I really must go to them," she told me in a calm voice. "Do you have the key?"

"Me? No, remember? Eric locked us in to keep us safe?"

Pam looked at the door, spellbound. "I really must go out them. Help me pull this door down." She began to pull on the knob, wrenching it back and forth with her vampire strength until it bent and finally broke off in her hand.

"Well, that didn't work," she said good humoredly, tossing the knob to the floor. "I'll just have to take the bloody thing off the hinges then, won't I?"

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