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10 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Ten

While Eric went to get what he wanted to show me from the trunk of the car I thought about the last few nights.

He was right. I seemed to have taken to becoming Vampire like a duck takes to water. If I could avoid killing anyone until I got control of myself I saw that this life was going to work for me just fine. I wanted to share the good news with my girls.

Eric got back carrying a very hefty beat up leather briefcase. I told him before we looked at the briefcase I wanted to speak to our daughters. He set up the laptop computer and we spoke to all of them face to face or maybe that would be face to screen using a four way connection. Fortunately all three girls were awake though for Char, in New Zealand, it was already morning of the next day.

They were delighted the Turning went so smoothly. They said I looked beautiful as a vampire. I even managed to show them my fangs briefly, though they popped right back in.

None of this was more shocking to them than if I had decided to get a tattoo. They had been raised in close contact with vampires all their lives. A vampire was no more exotic to them than a Frenchman might be.

I didn't mention running into the light pole and bending it or almost draining Spencer Clark Little, Mr. Van's real name. I told them I didn't know how much longer I would be out of town but things were going so well I might be back sooner than I had originally thought.

The girls filled me in on what they were up to. Charlaine was doing well, feeling great with her pregnancy and busy sculpting the wife of a famous movie producer. Adele and Lachlain were going to help an exhausted behemoth that had washed ashore in Florida due to an off-shore hurricane.

Linda spoke last. She was planning a two week European vacation with Jure that included a visit to Jure's ancestral castle and the small rural village surrounding it that he actually owned.

Her chin lifted and squared as she informed us of her plans meaning she was feeling defiant and stubborn. I recognized the body language she had gotten from her father and I knew not to argue with her.

I had been gone for less than a week! It sounded to me like Linda was using the opportunity to get to know Jure better, or vice versa. This troubled me for a variety of reasons.

Was he using Linda to get to me or to get Eric in a vulnerable position? Was he unduly influencing Linda with some kind of telepathic suggestion? Would he lead her on and then break her heart?

I watched Eric as she told us her plans. He didn't seem concerned. I began to relax without letting my reservations towards Jure down.

Jure was not an out-of-control rogue. On the contrary, he took time and trouble to appear regularly at the King's New Orleans castle and interact socially with the more important vampires in Louisiana and surrounding states. It would not be in Jure's best interests to harm Linda in any way. He must also be aware that a marriage with Eric Northman's daughter would form a powerful alliance.

I hoped Jure wasn't just using Linda as a political chip to better his position here in the United States. His sophisticated and pleasant mask was hard to peek behind.

Eric spoke to the girls and asked them to call their Uncle Jason and tell him things went well, then we said our goodbyes. I didn't feel sad or cut off from my girls.

Best of all I didn't feel an iota less love or connection to my human daughters. If the human origins of a vampire eroded away in the winds of time that process hadn't started with me. I intended to be vigilant it never did.

After the call I felt hungry again. Eric warmed me a bottle of True Blood and handed it to me. After the first sip it was as much as I could do not to spit it out.

"Oh gah! That stuff is nasty!" I said. It was like chewing iron filings wrapped in tinfoil.

Still, I had every intention of forcing myself to choke it down before Eric surprised me with real donor blood in a bag. It wasn't quite as good as fresh but once it was warmed in our little microwave it was head and shoulders above the fake stuff.

I thought I could taste the plastic and the microwaves but maybe that was just my imagination. The blood lacked something I might characterize as vibrancy but it was filling and took the hunger away.

"I would take you out hunting again but I do not have the control over you I expected to have. One struggle with you a night is all I am willing to undertake," he said with a chuckle.

Secretly I thought he was pleased to see my feisty nature as a vampire chick.

I was glad he wasn't angry that I didn't obey him. It was simply beyond me to stop once I had latched on to Mr. Little's pulsing vein. At least for now. I was very grateful he provided the control I lacked.

"I know it's gonna be like getting a mule out of the cabbage patch for a while," I said, hugging him, "But I promise I'll do my best to listen to you when I can."

This is something I could have said to him as his human wife too.

"Yes, the red haze is just a phase you are going through. In time you will grow out of it," he said in a heaven-give-me-strength tone of voice, the tone a parent uses when describing their child's tantrums.

He stripped off his shirt and threw it in the corner. I took off my shoes and sat back down on the bed.

The "red haze" was a good way to describe the frenzy for blood that overtook me. I did see everything through a red mist, feel the red blood enter my body, taste the hot red flow like molten deliciousness run down my throat. I felt hungry again just thinking about it.

After another warmed up bag of donor blood Eric sat down with me on the bed and opened the battered briefcase, taking out a thick ream of manila folders and plopping them on the bed.

"What are those?" I asked, picking one up.

The index tab read "Xavier Thibault".

There was a family of Thibaults in Bossier City of Cajun descent. Mr. Henri Thibault, a widower, worked in a chicken processing plant and courted Tara's mom for a few years before he realized Mrs. Thornton was not going to change her hard drinking ways. In between her sober episodes of manic religious zeal, that was.

The next folder down had "Jan Wiƛniewski" on the tab.

I never knew anyone of that name. I looked at Eric questioningly.

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9 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Nine

The next few minutes went by in a sensory whirlwind, kind of like when you sit down to eat a fabulous meal and you're just about starving, only multiply that by a thousand.

A smoky red veil descended over my vision blotting out everything except the van guy. His pulse was like a dinner gong going "eat ... eat .... eat...". He smelled like a smorgasbord of everything good to eat there ever was.

He was, in a word, yummy.

Before I knew it I had that man down on the floor, my fangs sunk into his neck. I drank and drank, happy as can be until I heard Eric's voice as a dull deep droning sound in my ears, coming from the other side of the red veil.

I felt an electric tingling sensation on my back and in my chest as he spoke but I ignored it. It did not diminish my complete happiness in the moment or stop the waves of warm liquid pleasure that radiated from my fangs down to my tummy.

It wasn't a distinctly erotic feeling like it was when I fed from Eric but it sure felt good. Maybe like the difference between a good back rub and sensational sex.

Eric began to pull me off the man gently but firmly even though I tried to hang on and get every last drop. Eric shook me and the man hanging from my mouth, trying to get him loose from me.

It reminded me of Hoyt trying to teach his pup retriever to drop the bird once he fetched it. A good retriever had a "soft mouth" meaning it would let go of the bird without damaging it. I thought that I would fall into the "hard mouth" category right about now and drank harder.

With Eric slowly prying my jaws open I finally let go, the man falling limply from my fangs to land on the floor with a thud.

"Wow oh wow oh wow!" I crowed, reeling with pleasure, my fangs snicking back. "That was wonderful!"

I still sat on the floor, feeling stuffed, dazed and bloated in a good way.

Then I pointed at the unmoving man. "Is he ...?"

I really didn't care one way or the other at that moment. I watched as Eric healed the sizable wounds in the man's neck caused by my fangs tearing his flesh when Eric tried to shake him free from my death grip..

"No, he is not dead. I commanded you to let go with all my authority as your Maker but you did not let go. I had to physically remove him from you. That is distressing. I do not seem to have the command over you I should have."

He frowned, unhappy his power as my Maker was not all he thought it would be. I was still glowing, more than that I was way happy from feeding.

"Oh well," I thought merrily. "Too bad Mr. Maker Man can't just boss me around."

I started to giggle. Eric looked at me, his frown deepening. The more Eric frowned the more I laughed.

"You are blood drunk," he informed me a tad judgmentally. "Let me feed from you, remove the excess, so you do not get sick."

"Sure thing, Honeybuns," I told him gaily.

All that feeding had put me in the mood for loooove. I hopped to my feet and stood over my prey. He couldn't stay in the bedroom with Eric and me while we fooled around. I needed privacy with Mr. Honeybuns.

I dragged the van guy into the bathroom and locked him in. He was no heavier than a five pound bag of flour to me.

Then Eric and I made vampire love on the floor, the bed and the top of the dresser. Finally I could keep up with him and not tire out. As the excess blood left my system I sobered up and floated back down to earth, realizing how close I had come to killing Mr. Van.

"Thanks for stopping me," I told Eric hours later, snuggled next to him in our bed.

It was amazing how warm and cuddly he felt to me now. He was glowing pink from all the blood he had removed from me. I was all pinked up too. I heard Mr. Van pound feebly on the bathroom door.

"Let me out," his muffled voice pleaded.

I wondered if the irony of being abducted by a vampire as he was trying to abduct an innocent waitress occurred to him. His voice sounded kind of faint for such a burly guy.

"The shoe's on the other foot now, bucko," I called to him. "Quiet down, I'll let you go in a few minutes. Get dressed."

He would have to put his dirty clothes back on but that didn't bother me now that I was full.

To Eric I said, "Did I take too much blood from him? Does he need medical attention?"

"He will probably recover. To be absolutely sure I will take him to the parking lot near the emergency room and drop him off," Eric said.

He had promised me I wouldn't kill anyone, he wanted to take every precaution Mr. Van survived. I appreciated that. I kissed him to show him my deep appreciation of all his wonderfulness as a Maker.

"Why didn't I obey you?" I asked a while later, feeling completely sober.

This didn't bother me near as much as it bothered Eric. I had worried about being under Eric's control after I Turned, now it seemed like his control over me was virtually nonexistent.

"I do not know. It is possible the same quality of yours that prevents you from being glamoured also prevents me from being able to influence you as I should. Since your physiology is unique there is no precedent I can use for guidance. I will need to improvise." His right eye twitched a little. I think he was feeling the strain of trying to control me.

We got dressed and drove Mr. Van to the Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, only about thirteen miles from where we were staying. We drove him in his van with the windows open to cut down on the smell.

A thick piece of remnant aqua blue rug covered the floor in the back, the interior was spotless. He had a gym bag with rope, duct tape, clean rags made from torn up old towels and a can of ether.

This must have been his abduction kit. I shuddered at his nefarious plans and his thoughtful preparation to ruin a woman's life.

The whole way to the medical center I glamoured him like crazy to forget meeting me, forget wanting to abduct any women and for him to bathe and launder his clothes regularly.

I rehearsed with him what he would say if he wanted to go into the medical center for care.

"I cut myself and feel weak," he muttered tonelessly. "I cut myself and I feel weak." He looked pale and sounded exhausted.

"That's the ticket," I told him, still feeling like ripping his deranged head off.

I had taken down all the information in his wallet so I would know his name and address. I also made an extremely superficial cut on his arm. Even the fine beads of blood that appeared in the scratch were a temptation to me but I resisted. Being really really full was helpful.

In the parking lot I handed him back his wallet and Eric handed him his van keys.

I had instructed the glamoured man to go through the hospital doors and ask for help if he awoke feeling poorly. Then I had him lay on his thick piece of rug and put him into a deep sleep, planting the suggestion that he would awake feeling relaxed, refreshed and completely cured of any need to attack women.

After he was out like a light and snoring in the back of the van, Eric disabled the engine. I grabbed the gym bag containing the abduction kit and we left, running through the night, moving so fast we were almost invisible to human eyes, not that there was anyone around to see us since we stayed clear of the road.

I followed closely behind Eric so I didn't run into anything. It was more exhilarating than I could have imagined, being able to run through the glorious night like that.

We stopped to throw the abduction kit in the big dumpster behind the hotel, then we went into the parking garage to our secret entrance. When we were back in our safe apartment I told Eric, "We're going to need to check up on him. Glamour won't change his basic messed up nature."

I sat down on the bed and tried to run a brush through my wind-whipped hair. I was going to need to remember to pull it back into a pony tail or chignon if I was going to run at warp speed, otherwise it was like riding on a motorcycle without a helmet.

Of course it would return to its big curly style during my daytime rest but I wanted to look pretty for Eric tonight, not like I had styled my hair with an eggbeater.

"He will respond to intimidation," Eric assured me, sitting down behind me, taking the brush and helping me untangle the back. "Cowards do not like to be on the receiving end of brute force."

He went on, gently brushing out my tangles and changing topics. "I have something to show you. I was saving it, thinking you might need more time to adjust but you seem to have become a competent Vampire immediately."

"You still need guidance," he added as warning against overconfidence. His worried frown was back.

I could see him behind me in the small mirror over the dresser. His tawny mane could do with a good brushing too.

"Yes sir, Mr. Maker sir," I said with my most Southern down home accent and a smile. "Guide me, Master."

I turned around and bowed my head to him briefly. I could afford to act submissive since his actual control over me seemed to be slight.

When I looked up he was grinning fangily.

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8 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Eight

The van guy's drug hazed brain was a cesspool of hate, misogyny, prejudice and malice towards all. There was a strong refrain of self pity and blaming others too. He thought pretty women were stuck up, that they deserved whatever they got for not being available to him.

He had stalked the attractive petite waitress for weeks, parking his van next to her car and waiting patiently for her to come to the dark edge of the lot where he could grab her.

He had no plans on bringing her back. The reason he focused his sick plans on her was because she had smiled at him and made a comment about the weather late one night when he stopped in to the hotel coffee shop for a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Her friendly smile had sealed her fate.

Until I came along. He hadn't counted on a vampire in the parking lot. Or maybe he knew that vampires rarely interfered in the affairs of humans. Or maybe he didn't know what hit him.

"What are we going to do with him?" I asked Eric.

"We?" Eric asked, his blond eyebrows raised in amusement. "He is your prey. Do with him as you will."

I suddenly realized that with one hand I could snap this man's neck like a twig. As soon as I thought of his neck I heard the blood flowing there. The man's grooming might be a hot mess but his blood was good. I bent to get a closer look at his neck.

The stench of his lack of hygiene was layered over top of another smell, the smell of food, my food, his vibrantly delicious blood. His eyes fluttered and opened. As he realized a vampire was hovering over him he tried to scoot backwards but he was already backed up against the tire, there was nowhere for him to go.

"No, no," he said, feebly. "Stay away." He held up his grimy hand as if that would make any difference.

I looked him in the eye and asked, "Is this the first time you have grabbed a woman?"

I felt very focused on him as if he and I were the only ones in the world at that moment.

He went slack, staring unblinkingly into my eyes. "No. I took another one but she got away before I could get her home." His voice was a monotone.

"How did she get away?" I asked.

"She jumped out of my truck while I was driving," he said without inflection.

I realized that I had glamoured him without even knowing that was what I was doing. It seemed like a perfectly natural thing to do. I briefly wondered if I could have glamoured people when I was human. I had never tried, but glamouring came so easily to me now I wondered if I had always had the talent.

"Did she get hurt?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe. I was driving pretty fast. She was just a whore," he said woodenly.

"Are you going to do this again?" I asked, already knowing what the answer would be.

"Yes," he said dreamily, a small smile lifting his lips at the thought of the next victim.

"Stay there and don't move," I commanded him.

I turned to Eric. "He's going to grab another woman if we don't stop him," I said. "What should I do?"

"Does it trouble you that he is going to attack another woman?" Eric asked, leaning back against the caved-in van door in a casual pose. He knew me, I was sure he knew what I would say.

"Yes! Yes! It troubles me very much! I have to stop him," I exclaimed.

Even as I spoke I knew what I was saying. To stop him I would have to kill him. He wasn't going to change his evil ways just because I told him to, glamour or no glamour.

I shook my head no.

"I can't kill him, Eric. You promised me you wouldn't let me kill anyone," I reminded him. I sure enough wanted to kill him, though. I was glad I hadn't killed him already.

"True. You could feed from him while we decide what to do with him," Eric said, thinking.

"He's too yucky," I protested. My stomach rumbled. Under all that grime was my next meal.

"That can be fixed," Eric said, throwing the man over his shoulder like a sack of rotten potatoes. "Follow me but watch where you're going," he cautioned.

At a little less than warp speed Eric went back into the parking garage. I followed, managing to miss hitting anything on the way.

We went back to our hideaway and locked the door. Eric went right into the shower and dumped the man, clothes and all, on the shower floor. He looked up blinking, but didn't make a move to run away.

"You have a great ability to glamour," Eric praised, observing how docile the man was. "Tell him to undress and clean himself."

I used a commanding voice and told him to undress and thoroughly scrub and shower himself. I stood outside the bathroom door while he showered, trying to think of what to do. Nothing came to me.

Eric saw me struggling with the whole thing. "Do not worry, Sookie. Worry is now a thing of the past. Feed, then I will take care of him. He will not abduct any more women," Eric assured me.

"Are you going to kill him?" I asked. That would hardly be better than if I killed him myself.

"That will not be necessary," Eric said. "I will intimidate him after we release him. That should be enough to scare him away from his plans."

If anyone could scare someone straight it was Eric.

"And you won't let me drain him?" I asked, hearing the shower stop.

"No, I will make sure he leaves here alive," Eric said, giving me a hug. He most likely thought this was endearingly kindhearted of me.

The bathroom door opened and the dazed robotic man walked out. He looked and smelled squeaky clean. His skin glowed pink from the hot water and all the scrubbing.

I was glad to see he had a towel wrapped around his waist.

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7 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Seven

The scream ended abruptly but before it faded I was on the move. It had come from the far side of the parking lot on the other side of the hotel. Moving at vampire warp speed I left the field, raced across the black top and zoomed around the illuminated building.


I found myself on the ground. In front of me an industrial aluminum light pole was bent almost to the ground, the light still glowing feebly. Eric helped me stand, shaking his head at my collision. My head had pain shooting through it, then the pain went away. The sound of the impact still rang in my ears. Then I was fine.

"Sookie, you must not .."

"Help!" a faint voice cried out.

"I have to go," I said to Eric, already on the move. I moved more slowly through the maze of cars, listening.

I took a breath of air and sampled it, among the symphony of other fragrances I found fear and male lust. The fear was like smelling acid, the lust was from the hormones given off by a randy man, similar to a guy's gym bag crammed with weeks of unwashed clothes. That was something I knew about from Jason's days as an athlete in high school.

I followed the scent, Eric by my side, until I saw a man dragging a much smaller woman dressed in a pink waitress uniform into a van.

I was there in a second, prying the man's hands open and taking the woman away from him.

Eric stood back, letting me handle this. I saw him just behind the van on the other side, out of range of the abductor's sight line.

The burly brown haired man was clearly on some drug, unwashed and angry. His work clothes were filthy, his boots covered with dried mud.

"Who the fuck are you, bitch?" he snarled, lunging for me. He seemed unsteady. He stank to high heaven.

"I am a lady. You will speak to me with respect," I told him sternly, shoving him away from me. "And you reek."

He hit the side of the van with a little too much force and sank to the black top, unconscious. I knew he wasn't dead because I could hear his heart. The side of the van was caved in, probably cushioning his impact, maybe saving his life. I literally didn't know my own strength.

"Are you alright?" I asked, turning to face the woman.

She stared wide eyed at me, the realization of what I was making her go pale, her work worn hands flying up to her throat.

"Yes," she gasped, wrenching herself from my grasp. "Are you a vampire? Are you going to kill me?"

Her eyes were round and white-edged with terror. She was more afraid of me than she was of the man!

"No, of course not. I heard you call for help," I explained.

"Uh, uh, thanks," she said faintly, backing away from me slowly.

I knew she was going to make a run for it. I could see her muscles tensing. I was also able to read her mind but it was like listening to sound under water. I was only able to pick up some of what she was thinking. Her terror made her thoughts disjointed and hard to read.

She had come out to her car to get her cell phone. The man was not someone she knew. Her shift was beginning, she would be late if she didn't go back to the hotel. She wasn't going to report this. She hoped I wasn't going to drain her dead. She hoped I drained her attacker.

I was sympathetic to her need to get to work, I had been in her support shoes back when I worked like a horse for very little. Like most wait-staff she was forced to park at the very back of the lot where it was poorly lit and dangerous.

"It's alright, you can go. I'm not gonna chase you or anything," I told her in my most kindly voice.

I didn't want her to break an ankle trying to escape from me. It must have seemed like "out of the frying pan into the fire" to her right about now.

She kept backing away, then turned towards the hotel and walked rapidly. Her heart was just about beating out of her chest. About halfway across the lot she stopped and turned towards me.

"Thank you, I appreciate you helping me out like that," she called, her words dying in her unbitten throat as she spotted my large male companion. Eric had silently moved to my side.

She gave a little shrieking gasp. She turned and walked at top speed back into the brightly lit building, praying with every step we wouldn't come after her.

"My goodness, Eric! She was plumb frightened out of her wits at the very sight of me," I said, dismayed. "Maybe even more than this guy."

I nodded towards the unconscious man on the ground. I wasn't used to having anyone be intimidated at the sight of me.

Eric shrugged. "Many humans react that way. So many horror stories have been told throughout the years about the blood thirsty vampire. They believe we are mindless killers that will drain them dead if given the chance. You have dispelled that notion in her mind, I hope. She was rescued by a vampire tonight, maybe that will modify her perception of us."

Us. That was a big word coming from Eric. We had been an "us" before, but now we were even more of an "us". I was going to need to remember that other people, ordinary folks, might just be scared spitless at the very sight of Vampire Sookie Stackhouse. The notion made me laugh.

"What?" Eric asked, a smile touching the corners of his lips.

"I just thought of how it's going to be with people scared - of me! It's ridiculous!"

"Sookie, you must realize, you are now one of the most powerful and lethal creatures on earth. You have the power to kill a person like you used to be able to swat a fly. She is right to fear you, you held her short life in your hands. Now you must decide. What do you want to do with this one?" he asked, pointing to the man on the ground, giving his mud-caked work boot a slight kick.

The man groaned and moved a little, still semi-conscious. I entered his mind.

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6 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Six

What a revelation biting Eric with my new fangs was!

I had been thinking of them like long pointed teeth. They were much much more than that. They were as exquisitely responsive as the most sensitive place on my body. Instantly I had an orgasm, then another. I was bucking around so much it was hard to feed, like trying to drink a milkshake with a straw while riding a rodeo bronco.

Eric moaned and laughed at my reaction. "Yes, yes! Do not hold back," he encouraged me.

I couldn't have held back if I tried. Holding on was more my problem.

I hugged his thick thigh with my arms and wrapped my legs around his calf, clinging to him as I drank and climaxed, my fangs like two tiny sex organs bathed in the warm flow of his delicious honeyed blood.

When I was done I flung myself away from him for a second, gasping and shrieking in amazement. My fangs neatly snicked back into their sheathed position. They still throbbed with excitement.

"Oh my goodness!" I exclaimed, "I had no idea it was like that. It's like I have a whole new way to have sex!"

I ran my tongue over my retracted right fang and moaned. Was this considered masturbation? I didn't care. Eric had seen it all.

"Let me," Eric said, rolling on top of me and kissing me deeply, stroking my fangs with his tongue. They popped out, then in, then out, then in.

The whole time I just kept kissing him deeper and deeper, moaning all the while. I tasted his blood again on my lips and hoped I wasn't really hurting him though I knew his lips would heal immediately.

We made love like that, his mouth on mine, his tongue stroking my exquisitely sensitive fangs until I simply couldn't stand the intensity. I was full, satiated and my head was bursting with all the new sensations.

"I need to do nothing for a while," I told him. My thighs were still shaking. "I'm getting a little overwhelmed."

"I understand. Let us lay quietly for a moment," he said in his older wiser tone of voice, pulling the covers over us. We didn't need covers but he must have thought I would find it comforting, a leftover from my human preferences.

After laying there for ten seconds I jumped up and said, "I want to go out! I want to see the night sky."

I suddenly felt claustrophobic being shut into this apartment.

He laughed and got up too. "That is a good idea. You must do what I tell you."

We got dressed in a split second, then Eric punched in the numbers on the security keypad that opened the door. I saw the combination and remembered it. That must have been one of the benefits of my newly enhanced vampire brain.

I had always wondered if vampires were smarter than humans since vamps were stronger and healthier. The answer seemed to be that we are not actually smarter but we can recall things with greater accuracy and detail.

Our super senses of hearing, smell and vision give us additional information to base our decisions upon. Those super senses were a double edged sword, however. The moment the door opened the thick gagging smell of gasoline and car exhaust hit me, making me retch.

"I have the air in our apartment run through HEPA filters before it enters to cut down on the pollution and smell. Try not to breathe, it is not necessary," Eric advised.

That was when I realized I was still breathing. Could I really stop? I tried and held my breath for a long moment, not needing to take another breath to replace it. For the first time in my life the mighty unceasing bellows of my lungs stopped. Some other form of metabolism had replaced it.

"Why was I still breathing?" I asked, worried that my Turning might not have really worked.

"Habit, body memory. It will linger for a while but eventually you will just forget about it and only draw breath when needed to talk or test your surroundings."

Eric was a fount of information. He knew it and loved his role in my tutoring. Vampire 101.

We walked hand in hand through the unlit tunnel towards the parking lot. On the way in to our apartment, while I was still human, the tunnel had seemed filled with impenetrable darkness.

Now the fizzing glow of energy from each atom shed its teeny tiny light making the tunnel as bright as day. I could see every ripple in the concrete. The limestone and sand used to make the concrete had individual smells, the water used to mix it was from a local well that was slightly alkaline.

I could hear the sound of a car engine, the night creatures scurrying, chirping, squeaking and eating. A plane took off from somewhere nearby, maybe that little airfield we stopped at on the way here. I could hear hearts beating, breathing, coughing. I could hear a jumble of conversations, I could hear ..

"Sookie, stop it! Sookie!" Eric said urgently, shaking me a little.

I could see his concerned face clearly in the ambient light given off by the molecules in the air around him. Eric and I both seemed to glow too. This was something I had observed about vampires while I was still human.

"What happened?" I asked. I felt dazed and confused.

"You went into a trance. Try not to listen to each sound, try not to identify each smell. You will not be able to function or protect yourself if you are engaged in too much sensory stimulation," he warned.

I saw that being a vampire was a lot like being telepathic. Concentrating on the thoughts of others without a reason just made my head hurt and distracted me from being in the moment. I had a lot of experience in tuning things out. I did that now, allowing all the noises and sensations to recede to a white hum in the background. Suddenly I felt aware, focused and fresh.

"You're right. It's fascinating but too much listening is bad. Let's go," I said, running ahead of him.

He opened the concrete panel and I flew into the empty parking garage. I heard the door close behind me.

I had taken a small whiff of air and could smell the sweet fresh night air just ahead. We went up the parking levels and out over the turnstile quick as a flash.

Suddenly I was outside in the night. The parking lot lights were blindingly bright, I looked away from them. We ran, fast as the wind, into the swampy fields behind the hotel. I was able to mentally turn down the volume of the noise made by the myriad of creatures surrounding me. I looked up into the night sky and saw a breathtaking sight. If I still had a breath to take, that is.

The stars were no longer just individual twinkling dots in a black sky. The whole sky was an illuminated silvery haze of stars, ever more distant and dim, into what seemed like a celestial blue infinity.

I thought I might have heard the faintest threads of music coming from the universe, a beautiful harmony of angelic singing. I felt the sky starting to spin and knew I needed to look away to avoid sensory overload again.

"My heavenly stars!" I said to Eric, literally, burying my face in his chest, hugging him to celebrate and ground myself, "Who knew there was so much more.."

At that instant I heard the scream.

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5 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Five

The next two nights passed by as a kaleidoscope of images, sensations and disjointed fragments of thoughts and words.

At one point Eric commanded, "Yield to me" and I did, letting go of the last wispy vestiges of my human life.

It was like putting down a heavy burden and finding myself feeling light and free to swirl ever further away to the farthest reaches of the glorious dazzling universe.

His powerful blood was like a drug, altering my perception of space and time, lifting me higher than fear or worry could reach. I floated among the pink and blue clouds, zoomed around other suns and other galaxies, peaceful, awed, and content. When he embraced me I rose to the top of uncharted peaks of pleasure and excitement.

In between was the absolute nothing of the daytime rest. I was like a bulb that had been turned off as the sun rose. I was as one who had died.

I could see why even the ancient vampires had believed they were the walking dead. I knew I wasn't any more dead than I was when I was fully human. I was just different in the way my body manifested life.

From our blood exchanges I saw the world through Eric's eyes, felt his experiences, knew his mind. A thousand years of hardship, trial and change had forged his iron will like a hammer relentlessly beating on an anvil made of time.

Time had stripped him of the comforts of delusion, hope and belief, given him only himself and the wisdom gained from his experiences to rely on. He was a hard man because he had to be a hard man, anyone softer would have eroded away to nothing by now.

There was no jealousy in what I learned of his life of adventure. I sensed a hollowness, an unquenchable inner loneliness in even the most wanton excesses. It was, in fact, an almost desperate desire to find meaning and purpose in his everlasting life that had driven him for centuries.

Constant movement, insatiable lust, pillage, plunder, every manner of war, these had been the core of his desires. It wasn't enough. As soon as he attained his goal it turned to dust, meaningless.

The endless cycle of movement and achievement began to look and feel like madness to him. He was unable to tire out physically but emotionally his inner weariness became a millstone he carried around his neck.

I discovered that to know all was to understand and forgive all. With my almost God-like panoramic view of Eric's thoughts, experiences and feelings I began to understand how a divine creator could love us despite our many grievous flaws, imperfections and trespasses.

Eric had finally come to realize that his heart yearned for someone to have as his one love, his center, a blazing emotional hearth he could come home to and would warm him. His freedom had become a prison.

That was when he decided to become a Maker, a responsibility he had avoided until he reached some kind of inner rock bottom. Pam hadn't worked out in the long run. Their physical relationship hadn't become the emotional connection he longed for. It just wasn't in her nature to want to settle down with one man. Maybe she was still too young, as a vampire, to limit herself in that way. Maybe she just wasn't cut out for monogamy.

As in a magical mirror I saw myself through Eric's eyes. I was a golden delicious enchanting woman that made all other women pale in comparison. I felt how Eric had wanted me from the second he met me, how he had schemed and plotted, even planning to kill his friend Bill at one point, just to have me.

I felt his frustration with himself and his torment at loving a fragile short-lived human, his will to live dwindling to almost nothing. He had believed he was beyond such folly. Love reared its head and bit him, just like it happens for humans.

Finally I felt how his knowledge I would live a very long time revived him, his joy at our daughters, his contentment with our life. I was able to rejoice at my Turning as he rejoiced, knowing nothing much could separate us now.

When we were not exchanging blood or making love he wrapped himself around me like a living protective cocoon. I fell asleep in his arms and awoke in his arms. Our closeness was absolute.

On the fourth night I rose fully vampire.

Eric's ancient blood flowed through my veins like liquid fire. I had feared being a vampire would be so utterly depressingly dark and cold. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Life, the very essence of life created a warmth that glowed from within. The same forces that ignited the sun also shined forth from every atom and molecule. I had never been so alive, so aware, it was like having a passionate affair with existence itself.

I could smell everything - the dyed wool rug fibers, the paint on the walls, the wood in the furniture. I could smell Eric, his maleness, his blood. I could see tiny motes of dust in the dim light, which wasn't dim to me. There was a glowing quality to the air that illuminated everything. Or perhaps everything had its own inner illumination. Light seemed to fizz from everywhere like carbonation in soda water, warmth radiated from the movement of atoms.

I must have been looking around wildly because Eric enveloped me in his big thick arms and said, "Do not try to identify every scent, every sound, every movement. Your brain will be able to sort everything out by itself after a short while."

"You feel so warm!" I exclaimed, snuggling up against him.

He did, he felt very comfortably warm to me. That meant I must be a little colder than he was, though I did not feel cold at all. I breathed in the smell of him, familiar and intoxicating. His scent made me instantly aroused. I wanted to bite him, to ingest him, to possess his essence and have it flow through my veins. These were the thoughts and feelings of a vampire, I realized, yet they seemed so natural to me.

My next thought sent me hurtling out of bed to the bathroom mirror. I moved too fast and crashed into the wall next to the bathroom door, turning a section of drywall to dust.

"Good heavens!" I exclaimed, "Sorry about the wall."

I brushed drywall plaster out of my hair and off my shoulders.

With a fond little smile Eric said, "If you do not concentrate when you move you will not have control over your speed for the first few nights. Where are you trying to go?"

"I want to see if I have fangs," I said, moving deliberately and slowly, putting one foot carefully in front of the other until I stood looking into the bathroom mirror.

I bared my teeth, disappointed to see they looked normal. Then Eric raised his arm in front of my mouth. His bluish veins, pushed to the surface by the hard striated muscles underneath, protruded from his pale skin. His blood gave off a smell like warm honey made from wildflowers and sage. I felt myself fill with lust of many kinds.


I had fangs - nice big ones. They just popped out on their own. My skin, white as a pearl, had that beautiful silvery glow I saw around vampires. I was gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Eric had been right. I made a wonderful vampire.

I grabbed Eric's wrist. I wanted to bite Eric really really badly, he looked like the most delicious man that ever walked the earth.

"Let us go back to the bed. Then you can try out your new fangs on me," he invited, looking very pleased at the idea.

He didn't have to ask me twice. I moved towards the bed a little too fast and shot over it, landing against the wall on the other side. At least this time I didn't make a big hole in the plaster.

Eric laughed his big deep growly laugh. "Your eagerness is most flattering."

Instantly he stood in front of me, lifting me to my feet. His super fast movement was no longer a blur to my eyes. Carefully I walked to the bed and got in.

"Fwow da ya taak wif eese?" I asked him, touching my fang tip with my finger.

Yow, they were sharp!

"I believe you're asking me how I talk with my fangs out?" he asked me, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

I nodded.

"Your facial muscles will need to learn to move differently. Again, do not think too much about it, your enhanced brain will be able to adjust in a short while."

While my enhanced brain adjusted I pointed to Eric's arm meaning should I bite there. I was hungry hungry hungry and ready to feed.

He pointed to the inside of his thigh. I couldn't see the vein there. I made a little whine of frustration. I didn't want to bite holes all over him looking for the right spot. With his hands tangled in my hair, guiding my head, I ran my fangs gently over the area like I was dousing for blood, like a well-digger searched for water with a willow wand.

Bingo! I sensed the molten flow just under his skin. Mr Happy waved merrily near my cheek, not wanting me to ignore him. I feared my fangs were too sharp and I might hurt Eric. I would have to figure out how that was going to work later, my focus at the moment was on getting a bite to eat

With Eric's hands helping to steady me, I pushed my fangs gently against his flesh, feeling them pop through the skin like biting into a sweet sun warmed tomato right off the vine.

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4 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Four

I awoke sick to my stomach. Eric was already up, naked, sitting on the side of the high four poster bed, smiling at me.

I got out of bed, looking around for the bathroom.

"I feel sick," I moaned, clutching my tummy. I hated to be nauseous worse than just about anything.

"You will be sick only once, to get rid of what is left of your human digestion, then you will be hungry," he explained, placing his strong arm around me.

He helped me into a plain all white bathroom off the bedroom, not as well appointed as the master bath in our house in Shreveport and comforted me while I heaved all my residual stomach contents into the toilet.

It reminded me of the one and only time I drank way too much right after I graduated from high school. It was just as miserable this time as it was the last.

When I was done I rinsed my mouth, brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror to see if I was growing fangs. My tongue felt like it was wearing a fur sweater. I brushed it too.

Already the dim bathroom night light seemed way too intense. I could see minute details of the paint on the walls as if I was looking at it through a magnifying glass. The sound of the water coming from the faucet was like standing next to a mighty waterfall. I could smell Eric's enticing natural vampire scent. I could also smell my not-so-enticing aroma. Ick.

"I can hear and see much better than before," I said in a wonder.

I suddenly felt as light as a feather. I tried to levitate but I couldn't. At least not yet. Since Eric could fly there was a remote possibility that I would inherit his talent.

"It will take a while for you to get used to the intensity of the experience. You will adjust, I promise," he said, giving my shoulders a hug.

"I need a shower," I told him, turning on the water in the builder's basic shower. I was pretty sure I hadn't needed to tell him that.

"Yes, you do," he agreed with a laugh, never one to candy coat the truth.

He got in the shower with me and lathered me up. I noticed he used unscented soap, not my usual moisturizing brand, probably to prevent assailing my newly enhanced senses with too much input. How did he stand it? He must have gotten used to it, just like he said.

While Eric sensuously shampooed my hair I recalled a story Gran used to tell about a school friend of hers that had married, moved away from Bon Temps and lived next to the tanning factory where her husband worked. When Gran visited her the stench from the factory was eye watering when the wind blew the wrong way.

Gran had asked her married friend if the smell didn't drive just about her crazy.

Her friend had looked genuinely puzzled at Gran's question and replied, "What smell?"

Gran's friend was so used to the obnoxious smell of the tannery that she didn't even notice it. I hoped that happened to me, otherwise my head might explode if I walked past a garbage can in July.

After the shampoo was rinsed from my hair I told Eric about Gran's story. He nodded but didn't have a story of his own to add. He seemed to be intensly concerned with my physical state, not my words.

He lathered me a second time from head to foot, slowly and sensuously. My new vampire senses were able to experience extra pleasure too. He dried me with a big white fluffy towel. I could smell that it was new and had been made in Egypt.

After that Eric and I didn't talk much. For once I didn't have a million questions or things to say. I knew what we were doing and I knew why we were doing it. I was extremely focused on my inner processes too. Did I feel like a vampire yet? Did I thirst for blood? Would a hot fudge sundae still appeal to me?

The answer to all those questions seemed to be "no". After Eric dried me off I waited for the hunger he mentioned to hit me, but it didn't. I wasn't the least bit hungry for either human food or blood. Now that the nausea was past I felt fine, better than fine. I felt like I could run for miles, clean the whole house in an hour, dance like crazy all night. I felt wonderful.

We went back to the bedroom. Even in the faint light of one votive candle I noticed that the sheets were spotted with minute dots of blood so we changed them. I still had a little shame about leaving blood on a sheet, something that must have been a knee jerk reaction left over from my early training. Of course this wasn't that kind of blood. Still, it was better for me once the new sheets were on.

As I put the soiled sheets in the bottom of the closet I noticed that they smelled fabulous, a combination of blood and sex. It made me feel erotic and hungry at the same time. That was when I realized I really was changing. My senses were leading me find food and sex, the two top items on every vampire's wish list. That, and darkness when the sun was high.

That reminded me of something I wanted to ask Eric. "Did I just fall asleep last night or was I in a vampire coma?"

"It was deeper than human sleep but not yet the depth of our daytime rest. I did not try to rouse you though I could have. It came on you very suddenly. Usually you know when the sun will rise and have time to find a proper place. It is because your Turning is not complete."

"Tonight and tomorrow night ought to do it?" I asked. "I mean, change me over completely?"

Now that the process had begun and I saw and felt what it was I didn't have any more reservations. I was still the same Sookie Stackhouse in my mind and feelings, that was all that had ever really worried me about changing.

"Oh yes, lover," Eric said, his words no louder than a sigh. "That will most certainly do it."

With a fanged caress he lifted the new clean white sheets for me and I slipped into the bed with him. I felt completely ready for whatever he had to offer.

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3 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter Three

He was actually shaking as he kissed me, his entire body pressing rigid against me with his excitement. I felt his fangs tenderly stroke my lips, my chin, my neck.

"This is it," I thought to myself, "This is how it ends and how it begins."

"How long I have waited for this moment," Eric said in my ear, his voice thick with his ancient Scandinavian accent and his desire.

He wrapped his arms more tightly around me, I could feel him begin to shake harder. We stayed like that for a few long moments, nothing happened.

"Is everything all right?" I asked in a worried whisper.

"I must wait a moment until my arousal subsides. I am almost beyond control," he rasped. "I want to be gentle," he said in a not-gentle-at-all harsh sounding voice.

I moved back a bit to look at him. His eyes were glowing a beautiful ocean blue, his fangs were dripping a clear liquid. A drop hung off his right fang. I touched it with my finger.

"What's this?" I asked, smelling it. It smelled sweet, like melon.

"It is a lubricant and anti-coagulant. When a long exchange is needed my fangs will stay moist with it to keep the flow going. This is almost too exciting, I need to calm down," he admitted.

I must have wrinkled my brow because he added with a reassuring smile, "I know what I am doing. It is just the excitement, the years of anticipation waiting for this moment to arrive."

For the very first time I wondered if vampires masturbated, if they had fantasies of Turning humans that they used for arousal like a human man uses the centerfold in Playboy. Maybe there was vampire porn I never heard of that appealed to the Maker in every vampire.

"Now I am ready," he announced quietly. Ever so lightly he kissed his way down my body until he found that particular place on the inside of my thigh he loved to feed from.

"Ah! My! The smell of you, how I love it," he gasped, and that was the last thing he said.

His lips started a vortex of pleasure swirling from my thighs to my groin as he moved from one side to the other, stopping in the middle to bring me to a higher lever of excitement.

Like a roller coaster ride I went up, up, up, slowly, inexorably until I reached a peak, the highest peak imaginable and there I hovered on the tippy top, somewhere in outer space, floating and rising until suddenly, the momentum took me back down, rushing towards a climax that felt as exciting as free falling.

Like someone on a roller coaster ride I screamed and laughed, calling for Eric so that I might cling to him. He rose between my thighs, his fangs stained scarlet with my blood and entered me in one smooth move. He put his punctured wrist to my open mouth and I fed from him, his blood hitting my empty stomach and going right to my head.

Always in the past I had been very aware of how much of his blood I took. I needed to exercise caution, that need for moderation increased as the years went along. I became more and more vulnerable to Turning with every exchange. I had my responsibilities as a mother or my fear of beginning to accidentally Turn in my mind, dampening my enjoyment of what Eric offered me.

Now nothing stood in my way. I sucked his blood with the reckless abandon of a vampire, the taste and thickness of it becoming the most wonderful thing on Earth. I felt all the shackles of worry, fear, and even death fall from me as I entered the enthrallment his blood gave. This high was what those addicted to vampire blood would do anything for. This high was the doorway to the next life, the life of the vampire.

On and on it went, the sex, the blood - hugging and caressing until I was unable to tell where he left off and I began. We became one. At some point I felt must have had as much of his blood in me as I had of my own. My whole body tingled, super sensitive to his touch. The tip of his fang or his tongue could send me into convulsions of pleasure. It was a swirling happy madness. It was a place I never wanted to leave.

Then, without warning, it stopped. Everything went dark.

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1 & 2 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman Look to the Future - Part Two

Chapter One


Eric's red Corvette took about forty minutes to get near to the location where my Turning would take place. For anyone else the trip would have taken over an hour.

We took the I-20 toward Dallas, crossing over into eastern Texas, then exited to 135 and finally to 271, which concluded in a dead end. Across the street from the dead end was the Gladewater Municipal Airport.

Eric stopped and looked at the airport for a few minutes through the bug speckled windshield.

"Is this the place?" I asked, nervous tension making my voice sound hoarse.

"No," he said, but didn't elaborate. He nodded as if pleased at the sight of the airport.

"I plan to use this airfield to get us on our way after ...." He didn't finish the sentence, as if mentioning my impending Turning might jinx the whole thing or scare me away.

He pulled away from the airfield, seeming to double back towards Louisiana for a few miles. After a couple of turns he pulled into the parking lot of a big fancy Holiday Inn Express. The front of the place was lit up like the White House at night.

"I'm going to Turn vampire in a Holiday Inn?" I asked incredulously, staring out the windshield at the impressive facade of the motel.

Eric didn't seem to be listening, he was searching his pants pockets for something, not an easy task when your jeans are as tight as can be, your thighs are like tree trunks and you're wedged into a vintage Corvette..

I could see the advertising campaign now. A well-groomed wholesome vampire in a dark green Holiday Inn uniform would say, "Have a human you want to Turn into a vampire? Then the Holiday Inn's the place for you! We guarantee privacy, room service and as much True Blood as you need." Then he would give the camera a charming fanged smile and wink.

Eric leaned towards me and opened the glove compartment, which, to my knowledge, had never once contained gloves. I caught a whiff of his cologne, Midnight Rendezvous, his shampoo, Gee Your Vampire Smells Terrific and his natural woodsy vampire scent. Heavenly.

He rummaged around wildly, dropping the insurance card, my bottle of antibacterial hand gel, a tattered map and the car manual on the floor. Due to the small space in the car I wasn't able to bend over and pick them up. I probably wasn't ever going to need the hand gel again, vampires were impervious to germs.

Was Eric nervous about Turning me? Did he remember how after all these years? Maybe it was a lot more stressful when you were going to Turn someone you knew and cared about.

"Ah!" Eric said victoriously, holding up a small black beeper of some kind.

Then he looked at me, focusing, and said, "What did you ask? Am I going to Turn you in a Holiday Inn?"

He looked startled at the question as he repeated it.

"No, of course not," he said, putting the car in gear and pulling into the parking garage next to the hotel.

He swiped a card to get through the unmanned automatic turnstile, then he drove into the underground part of the garage. There were no cars parked in the entire garage though the open paved lot outside was almost full.

"How come there's nobody parked in here?" I asked.

"There is a problem with natural methane gas leaking up into the garage from under the ground. Until that is remedied it can not be used."

"Is it safe for us to be here?" I asked, alarmed. I didn't want to blow up.

"There is actually no gas leak. My company built this parking facility. I wanted to keep it empty until I am done using it. The gas leak will be fixed when we leave."

He made air quotes around the word 'fixed'. Being the one in charge of a building gave him a lot of wiggle room to create undisclosed structures.

He drove to the lowest level, then forward to a plain gray section of rough concrete wall. He aimed the clicker at the wall and hit a series of buttons. A large section of the wall pivoted back into a black tunnel. Eric drove into the dark tunnel a little ways, stopped, and aimed the clicker out the back window. The concrete door closed, leaving us in pitch blackness.

Eric started to drive. Since I couldn't see a thing it was like he was driving through absolute darkness, though I knew he could see. I must have made a frightened noise because he said, "Sorry." and turned on the headlights.

He continued on through a plain concrete tunnel with a low ceiling for about half a mile until he came to a dead end. He stopped the Corvette in a parking area big enough for one car to turn around in.

"We are here," he said, turning off the car and the lights. It was utterly dark again.

"We are where?" I asked into the inky void, my head turned in his direction.

"Here," he said, a disembodied voice in the darkness.

He must have used the clicker to turn on the lights because suddenly the parking area and a bright red door were bathed in bluish LED lights.

Instantly Eric opened the car door for me and I got out of the car. I was tempted to pick the stuff up off the floor and cram it back into the glove compartment but I didn't. I would get it later. Maybe.

He went to the red metal door and used the clicker to disarm the lock, then we went in. The door was silent on its hinges and I got the impression it was a heavy duty security door. This was our secret place, the place where I would leave behind my human body and take on the form of a vampire.

He turned on the hall light, then the rest of the lights using a switch right in the entrance hall. I took a big breath and looked around.

Chapter Two

I couldn't believe my eyes. Eric had recreated my Shreveport living room here in this underground bunker in Texas. On closer inspection I saw that the furniture was very similar to what I had at home, not truly identical, as were the window coverings, lights, the nick knacks and the rug.

The one thing that was very different was the sconces. At my home I had plain cast iron sconces that held candles. Beautiful crystal sconces like the ones I had seen in the apartment of the Elf Queen were lighting the walls next to the fireplace and a large chandelier, like a crystalline rendition of a frozen waterfall hung from the center of the room. The room smelled showroom new.

"Are these Ailine's sconces?" I asked him. I would have thought they were crushed under the same rock slide that ended the Queen's reign.

"No. I found out who made them for her and had some made for here. Hers were much too large for this space," Eric explained.

I saw he was right. The proportions of her rooms had been on a much grander scale than these normal sized rooms. The fancy sconces didn't really go with the homey style furniture I preferred, however I appreciated Eric remembering my mention of them. He was trying to put something special in this home away from home.

We hung our coats in the hall closet. Eric led me into the living room and we sat on the couch. I felt as nervous as a young girl on her first date. The place felt chilly and unused, like a basement newly tricked out to be a living room.

"Unfortunately the fireplace is only electric, will that do?" Eric asked, picking up a clicker to turn it on.

"Sure, that'll be just fine," I said. I had to clear my throat to get the words out. My hands were shaking slightly and my stomach was tight.

After turning on the fireplace Eric also went over to the thermostat and adjusted the heat which came up from the floor as radiant heat. I slipped my shoes off and enjoyed the soothing sensation of warmth.

He sat down next to me on the couch again.

He looked at me, waiting to hear what I had to say but for once nothing came to mind.

"Let's just get it over with," I finally said, realizing as I said it that it would never be over with because I was going to be a vampire for a very long time.

"Then let us retire to the bedroom," Eric said, standing.

We walked through a door at the far end of the living room into our old Swedish bedroom, the one we had before the bomb caused a fire that forced us to remodel our original room.

"How did you do this?" I asked in wonder.

Everything I remembered from before the fire was there, the tapestries, the colorful embroidered throw, the blue and white side draperies on the four poster bed. He even had a duplicate of our Swedish chair, something that had survived the fire. The floors were different in this apartment, a light sanded wood that almost looked white-washed. It gave the room a clean bright look.

There were closed deep blue woven draperies over the windows, windows I was sure looked out to nothing. This was a safe room, no hint of sunlight could reach us. Neither could bombs, fire or any other kind of destructive force. It was both a haven and a tomb, depending on how you looked at it. There was no wall of mirrors in this room. I found that to be sort of ominous. What didn't he want me to see?

"I have been planning for this for a long time," he admitted. "I wanted everything to be nice for you."

I looked in his face and saw how much he loved me, how hard he had tried to make everything special and lovely. Tears of many different emotions came to my eyes. He stood looking awkward, not sure of how I would respond.

"Hug me?" I asked.

He hugged me, then very tenderly he put his fingers under my chin, tipped up my face and kissed me, first with affection then with passion. I tried to get into it but the knot in my stomach and the shaking in my cold hands just wouldn't let up.

"Come to bed, my Sookie, my lover. I will show you pleasures you never dreamed of," he whispered in my ear. His voice shuddered with the power of his emotion.

A sudden wave of heat rose up in me as his words went straight into my heart and then ricocheted to other places in my anatomy. Gently he undressed me and got me settled under the snow white lace trimmed sheets. The bed was already warm, he had remembered to put a heated pad on the mattress.

He slowly undressed, letting me watch. As often as I saw him undressed I never got over the surprise of how beautiful he was. His ageless perfection was only emphasized by his pale white skin, the tiny yellow hairs on his muscular body seeming to give him a burnished sheen like pure gold on moonlit silver. I hoped that I was also in the best shape of my human life, something I had worked hard at.

"You look so good, Eric," I said, my voice thick with the many emotions I was feeling on this life changing night.

"You look like a lush valley, like a peaceful river, like a field of intoxicating flowers that will never fade," he said, looking down at me. "My eyes want to see only you."

He lit some small votive candles in red holders, then turned off the light and got in bed with me.

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