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10 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Ten

"No one must ever find out about Adele's ability," I said, clutching Anna Hita's hand. "Vampires with much to conceal would find her very existence threatening."

My hand was colder than Anna Hita's, and my face was probably whiter too. I had suspected this from the way Adele reacted to Eric, but I hoped against hope it wasn't true. It could mean a death sentence for my daughter. I had felt that the girl's minds were brushing against my own, but it was so feather light I couldn't be sure until now.

"Of course not, but you must tell Eric. His thoughts are not always suitable for a child to know. He will need to train himself not to think dark thoughts in her presence."

I hadn't thought of that, but I knew she was right. I had meant to tell Eric right away once I knew for sure.

My upset thought waves started first Charlaine, then Linda and finally Adele crying. I needed to calm down and send out happy thoughts. I thought of flowers, clowns and Eric. I thought of clouds, puppies and kittens. As I thought these happy thoughts I put the loudest crier, Linda, to my breast.

Eric and Mary came back with a stack of photo albums. I had gone a little over board with snapping photos, but with the babies being so dang cute, I just had to take a lot of pictures. These weren't even all of them, these were just the ones I had time to get developed and put in order.

While Anna Hita looked at the albums I fed and handed the babies out again in rotation. Soon they were all smiles and cooing sounds again. She held each of the babies and looked into their deep blue eyes.

Adele stopped all her squirming and random movements, looking back into Anna Hita's mysterious green eyes, communicating something, probably love, trust and recognition.

Eric noticed this silent communication between his daughter and Grand Maker, his brows narrowing in thought.

She handed Adele back to Eric and said, "As sorry as I am to leave, I must go. I have another stop to make before returning to New Orleans."

She said her good byes to Mary Poppins, and even took the time to cuddle and pet Roscoe, making sure he didn't feel left out of the family.

We went upstairs and hugged again, her exotic scent enveloping me and her reassuring presence removing my fears for Adele, at least for the time being. I felt her blessing on my little family, and her approval of me as a mother. Then, like a vision or a dream, she was gone, and our life returned to its normal rhythm.

Before we went back downstairs to play with the babies Eric stopped me. "Sookie, what was going on? Why did you need to speak to Anna Hita privately?"

I suggested we sit down on the couch for a minute to talk. We hadn't sat in the living room for weeks, it seemed strange. Eric put the gas fire on with the clicker, even though the night was not chilly. I think he was trying to recapture the romantic times we used to spend here.

"I have had my suspicions that the girls were telepathic, but with babies it's hard to tell. I wanted confirmation from another telepath that what I was feeling was true."

Eric nodded. He understood how important this was. "What was her evaluation of them?"

"She agreed, the girls are all telepathic. This means we are going to have to raise them in a different way than if they were not telepathic. I think we are probably going to have to home school them to prevent them from suffering the overload a young mind feels when exposed to all the thoughts of a classroom."

I was speaking from painful experience.

Eric took my hand. "This is the way you suffered when you were young. You are right in wishing to spare them the confusion. We can hire tutors and keep them here while they are so young. As they get older we can help them learn how to block out the unwanted thoughts of others."

This played right into his desire to keep the girls safe. I had wanted them to have the most normal childhood possible, but it just wasn't going to be like that. My first priority was their safety and health, that included their emotional health. School would be too overwhelming for them until they were old enough to understand and control their gift.

"Eric, there's one more thing. Have you noticed the way Adele is around you? She finds you with her eyes and wants to go to you, even more than me, and snuggle against you. There is a reason she does this."

I paused, letting Eric wrap his mind around what I was getting to.

"What is the reason?" he asked cautiously.

"This must never get out, especially to other vampires. Eric, she can read your mind. She can read Anna Hita's mind. She is not only able to read human minds, she can read vampire minds."

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9 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Nine

We exchanged hugs, unusual for vampires but normal for her relationship with Eric and me. She told me I looked wonderful. We were family to her.

You could have filled a circus tent with all the equipment needed to keep the girls happy, amused and comfortable. I was really glad to have the new wing on the house to hold it all. I brought Anna Hita down to the playroom to meet Mary and the girls.

Mary was sitting on the couch leaning forward, talking to Charlaine. Anna Hita cried out, "Mary!" as she came down the steps at the same time Mary said, "Anna Hita!"

I had told Mary I had an aunt coming, but I hadn't mentioned her by name. Now I saw that they were already acquainted.

"You two know each other, I guess?" I said, smiling at their warm embrace.

"Oh yes, Sookie," Anna Hita said, her arm around Mary Poppins, "She has helped to raise several generations of my however-many-great grandchildren."

I looked at Mary Poppins more closely. For her to have done that she must be at least a hundred years old. That meant she wasn't human after all. What was she? How long did nannies live? Were nannies supernatural beings too? Some must be.

Eric, Anna Hita and Mary sat down on the couch and chairs. The girls were sitting in their infant-to-toddler bouncy chairs. I handed them out like they were party favors.

Eric got Adele, Mary got Linda, the most difficult one, and Anna Hita got Charlaine. After a visit I moved them around again so Anna Hita would get to hold all three babies in turn.

Despite her dramatic exotic appearance and fancy clothes she was a comfortable nurturing person, holding the girls so they couldn't rip out her hair ornaments or diamond dangle earrings. They were fascinated with her jingling bracelets.

Adele especially wanted to stay with Anna Hita and cried when we tried to pick her up. Only Eric could get her from Anna Hita's arms without her fussing. All three girls went into their swings for a while so the grownups could talk.

"Mary, could you please go upstairs and get the photo albums? Eric, could you help her carry them downstairs?" I asked.

Eric looked at me oddly, knowing I was sending them on an errand to get them out of the room for a minute, but he went along with it.

As soon as they were gone I turned to Anna Hita and asked, "Do you notice anything unusual about the girls?"

We both looked at them swinging back and forth in their pink swings. They were fascinated by the toys that swung with them and dangled over their heads.

Anna Hita smiled at me. "My dear, you already know I do. Haven't you told Eric yet?"

I felt a shimmer of magic descend around us like a cloud. I think she was making it so Eric couldn't overhear our conversation, like a vampire cone of silence.

"I wanted to be sure. This is such a big deal, I need to know in order to plan out how I'm going to proceed with their care." I was both excited and anxious about what Anna Hita was here to confirm.

"Well then, you can tell Eric, because what you suspect is right. All three girls are telepathic."

She paused, and said quietly, "I believe Adele can read vampire minds too."

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8 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Eight

Eric stayed with our daughters and me until almost the first ray of dawn. He left after standing in the doorway and looking back at us one long last time before his daytime rest. I threw him a kiss.

Then Angellica and Jason arrived, bringing Roscoe back with them. They had been dog sitting while I was in the hospital, though I hadn't stayed in for as long as I thought I would.

My brother and his long time girlfriend held hands and looked longingly at the babies. Each of them held the girls in turn, commenting on how pretty and healthy they looked.

I knew it was tough on Jason and Angellica, waiting their turn to conceive. I hoped it would be soon for them. After hugging me and telling me I did good, Jason had to leave for work. Being a new uncle wasn't enough of an excuse to miss a day of work at the research center. Angellica was going to stay for the day to help look after the babies. This was the first day of her new job.

Roscoe was curious, but wagged like crazy when I let him smell each of the the babies. I told him he was a big brother now which made him fluff his tail back and forth even harder. It was a role he was going to love.

Sheila Smalley showed up about an hour later. That's when I finally laid down to rest, sure the two women would be able to handle the babies when they woke up. Mary was in her room asleep when Angellica and Sheila brought the little girls to me in bed about three hours later. I sat up and nursed two of them, propping them on pillows, then I lay down and nursed the last one.

They took the full babies from me, burped them and then left me to rest. I must have gone right back to sleep. I didn't get up until almost noon. The babies were just waking up too, hungry and needing to be changed, so the three of us changed them, then I sat in the rocking chair and nursed until the babies were full.

While the babies fed, Angellica and I talked about my birth. I even told her about having Eric's blood to heal faster, otherwise my speedy recovery would have seemed like a miracle. She didn't seem judgmental at all about it, just impressed it could do so much so fast.

Even though my physical wounds were healed I still felt like I needed some recovery time. I took it easy most of the day, just nursing, holding the babies and helping to change them when needed.

I looked in their dark blue eyes and felt like I knew each of them, knew their hearts and minds. These were good girls, wonderful girls, and I loved them with my whole heart.

In time just about everyone visited and admired the babies. The vampires came at night.

The babies were cranky the first time Amelia and Tray came over. She left thinking it was good she had decided not to have children. She didn't know about the joy the babies brought, the wonder of seeing them grow and learn. I understood we were on different paths. Her path, the path of the trained witch, was not an easy one.

The days fell into a pattern with me having the girls most of the time they were awake during the day. I talked to them, read to them, played music for them and enjoyed their every little expression and movement. The nursing went really well. I had enough milk to pump and store in the freezer in little bags. I slept when the babies slept, the most important thing Mary told me to do.

Roscoe behaved beautifully, not barking at the babies or acting jealous. I gave him loads of extra love, walks when Eric and I went out with the stroller and white meat of chicken. He must have thought he won the lottery his life was so good.

Mary Poppins was especially taken with the little dog, she often played the squeaky toy game with him until he tired out. Even Sheila seemed to take to Roscoe. I had to stop her from giving him too many treats.

Eric was one hundred percent committed to taking care of his daughters. The first three months he never left the house at night. Our relationship expanded to embrace our role as parents because we shared so many happy moments with our girls.

Each daughter had a different personality. Adele adored Eric and wanted to go to him all the time. Linda was a little fussy and cranky, but she was also the most verbal and curious. Charlaine was laid back, easy going and easy to make laugh.

Getting them all to the doctor for their check-ups was a real production, but I scheduled it for the days I had both Angellica and Sheila to help me.

The Bishop brothers rode in a car behind us, getting out and standing near us when we unloaded the babies and took them inside the clinic. Somewhere inside the brother's lumpy farmer's clothing I knew there were guns, but I never saw them. All three babies gained weight and were healthy.

I actually lost weight from all the nursing and had to increase the amount of food I ate. I also began working out again. Carrying the babies and their seats helped to develop my arms. I never had such developed biceps.

Eric and I continued to monitor the babies and their care takers, but we never saw anything that alarmed us. I was unable to read Mary's mind, some folks are like that, but she always had the answer to every problem concerning the children.

At the end of three months Eric had to go out some evenings to take care of business, but he got home as soon as he could. The girls and I had an unusual schedule. They slept most afternoons because they stayed up late to spend time with their father.

I wasn't able to read much from their minds, but I could usually tell when they woke up before the monitor alerted me. Their thoughts, when they had them, were hazy and pastel colored swirls of things they had seen.

Sometimes they thought clearly about nursing, the vivid sensations of sucking and warm sweet milk flowing into their mouths, the feeling of fullness, of closeness, the relief of their desperate searching mouth being filled. That was my telepathic impression from their intense desire for the breast when they were hungry.

It made me think about how the babies were similar to vampires. That hot fluid, taken from me, was everything to them. It meant life. Their want of it was all consuming when they were ready to eat. Their mouth needed to be filled, to drink. It took precedence over everything.

Anna Hita scheduled a visit with us when the girls were four months old. She seldom traveled and she preferred to return to her psychic parlor in New Orleans the same night. This was accomplished by private jet.

Since she was the most important consultant to all the rich and powerful vampires in the world, she probably had some kind of arrangement made with someone who owned a jet.

Vampires didn't have the same types of psychological problems humans had, but they did occasionally come across a problem that had them stymied. Anna Hita helped her vampire client by allowing them to go inside the labyrinth of their own mind and find the answer they sought.

She didn't need to actually hear the problem spoken out loud to facilitate the visions that cleared up the issue for the troubled vampire. She was a telepath like I was, and I suspected she was able to read vampire minds, but she never revealed this.

If vampires knew she was privy to their inner thoughts her life would be in danger. Vampires were filled with secrets, secrets they would kill to keep. Even her age and status might not be enough to insure her safety.

She showed up on my doorstep one balmy early spring evening. Outside on the gravel drive her stretch limo waited, her driver was an Asian vampire that looked like a sumo wrestler in an expensive three piece suit, a tour de force of tailoring.

He stood outside the limo looking at the house the whole time she was inside with us. His overweight face looked like it was continuously scowling, but I suspected it was just that his features were so plumped out.

Anna Hita's tight fitting dress was a deep purple color accented by numerous gold bracelets with amethyst stones. The bracelets went from her wrists to the bend in her arm and jangled slightly when she made a gesture.

Her long wavy black hair had elaborate tiny braids draped around the top, the back she wore loose. Each tiny braid was held in place with a little clip that contained a sparkling diamond.

Her almond shaped green eyes were lined top and bottom in black that shaded to gray on her top lid. Her lipstick was crimson, standing out against the pale powdery white skin of her face. She was over fifty when she was turned.

She had been the mother of fourteen children, seven daughters and seven sons. They were the first telepaths, inheriting their parent's ability. All telepaths were descended from these fourteen children, including me.

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7 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Seven

We finally put the sleeping babies down in their bassinets. Before I tried to get a few hours of rest I used the electric breast pump to obtain milk for feedings that Mary could give with a bottle if need be. I only got about two ounces of milk.

Mary thought that was excellent for a first try, but I had been hoping for more. She bagged it, dated it with a Sharpie pen and froze it for future use. Before I went to my room she made sure I drank three big glasses of water. Hydration was vital for the nursing mother, she said.

Eric was interested in seeing the breast pump do its work. It seemed to turn him on though he tried not to ogle me. Of course with our recent break in intimacy maybe anything I did would seem erotic to him. I had been sitting around with my breasts exposed quite a bit since the babies were born. He was loving that, I knew.

I wasn't thinking of my breasts the same way I used to, as part of Eric's Love Triangle. Now I was feeling more like a two legged dairy.

I stripped all my clothes off and took a long hot shower. It was wonderful to be not in pain, able to stand, and able to soap up all over. I washed my hair, shaved all the places I used to shave when I could still reach them, and vigorously washed the flabby mass of skin that was formerly my flat stomach to get off the skin disinfectant. I thought that maybe moving it around would help to tone it up too.

I got into my blue cotton nightgown for the first time in four months, when it had ceased to fit, even though it was originally loose. It was still snug, but I could get it over my stomach. I came into the bedroom feeling shy but open to Eric's advances. I think having some of his blood had put the fire back in me. That and my instant healing.

"How much time do we have?" he asked, kissing me down the length of my body.

"I don't know, better make it quick," I panted, ready, willing and able.

We had what I would come to think of as Speed Sex. We finished with time to spare before the triplets woke up hungry. It would get easier as they got older, everyone told me.

I heard the first beginning of a cry over the monitor. Instantly I was up, tying my bathrobe tie and heading for the nursery wing, Eric right on my heels. Mary looked the same as when I last saw her. She was just getting the diapers ready.

"Diapers first," she said, so we got to work, diapering Adele and Charlaine while Linda slept on.

Then we sat in the big cushy rocking chairs and I fed both babies at the same time again. Mary made sure that each baby had one breast at one feeding, then the other breast at the next feeding so they wouldn't develop a dominant eye. This was something I wouldn't have thought of. Again I was glad she was here to coach me.

Adele finished and Eric took her and gently burped her over his big shoulder, putting down a spit up cloth first in case there was any burp up. She seemed to enjoy his big hand rubbing her tiny back. They were all over six pounds, but they still seemed so small.

"She's going to be a daddy's girl," I said to Eric, seeing Adele snuggle against Eric's chest once she was burped. Then her eyes opened wide and her little face turned purple.

"What's wrong with her?" I asked, concerned.

Eric laughed. "Nothing, Mama. She's just pooping,"

When she was done he went and changed her, bringing Linda back with him because she was waking up.

I put Linda to the breast while Eric took Charlaine and burped her. She too needed a change after that. This time Mary took her, then brought her back to Eric to cuddle.

As I nursed, Eric and I discussed the schedule for the caretakers. Sheila Smalley, contrary to my earlier gloomy prediction, had stayed on, but she wouldn't be here after dark when Eric was up. Her fear of vampires was almost a phobia. Angellica was going to be here two days for the day shift, then off one day, then here one night.

Mary, who was staying here in her own room, would sleep at night and help out during the day, but she also could take over some nights once we were in a routine.

"That seems like plenty of help," I said.

I didn't want to just sit around eating pralines, I was ready to run my household again now that I could get up out of a chair without a five minute struggle.

Eric had installed hidden cameras in all the babies rooms, and everywhere the babies would be. We planned to review the recordings every night to make sure nothing was happening we were unaware of. I was sure all these women were trustworthy, but it never hurt to make sure.

The one thing all child sex predators and child abusers had in common was time alone with the child.

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6 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Six

I turned around to look at what appeared to be a posh school bus for babies. Mary sat behind Eric with Adele in the seat next to her.

In the next row Linda and Charlaine were in their seats with an empty seat in the middle. Then another two rows of seats were empty. There was a big area behind the seats to stow groceries or equipment. The van seemed abnormally long.

"This is terrific," I said, impressed. "What kind of a car is it?"

I didn't know much about the current makes and models. Back when Jason and I were kids he had taught me all about car and truck makes and models, but these days I was no longer in the know.

"It's a Honda Odyssey EX-L, but I had it customized by a shop that makes stretch limos. It has been extended to include an extra row of seats and extra storage in the back. You may need more than one nanny at times. This way we can accommodate as many helpers as we need."

"Wow," I said. "You thought of everything. This is fantastic." I was still high as a kite on vampire blood and happy as only a person just released from a hospital can be.

From the back Mary Poppins chimed in, saying, "It's even bulletproof."

Eric looked annoyed for a split second before his face smoothed out to an unreadable expression. "Yes, and it has other features like a GPS, heated front seats, rear entertainment systems and 21 beverage holders." I could tell he had these facts memorized.

"Heated front seats?" I asked.

I was chilly in just my maternity top. My fall jacket wouldn't fit me before I delivered. I doubted if it would fit me now either, my tummy was still so distended. The car was warm, but I was still recovering from massive blood loss.

He turned it on and the soothing sensation of warmth spread over my rear end. "Mmmmm," I said, "that feels wonderful."

"Keeping it happy is my goal," Eric said with a mischievous smile.

It had been a long time since we had been able to be intimate. We had continued to fool around until I was just too pregnant to feel like it.

I didn't want to leer at Eric in front of the nanny or the babies, but it really had been a long time without him. I wondered if I was well enough to have sex. I knew this was the vampire blood talking, but I felt so good I didn't care. Carpé vampire.

It was hard to believe I was barely ambulatory this morning. The pain and horror of my earlier medical condition was fading away as Eric's wonderful blood continued to work its magic.

This must be how it is for vampires, I realized. They might get some horrendous boo boo, but then they healed and went on, good as new. Not a bad way to have things.

He drove carefully and within the speed limits. We made it home in half an hour. Here we didn't have a team of nurses to remove the babies, so Eric, Mary and I each took one. By the time we got them all into the house they were all crying.

"Diapers first," Mary said.

We all trooped into the nursery wing. Three babies on three changing tables, three adorable bare bottoms, three poopy diapers, three clean ups, three clean diapers, three changes of antibiotic ointment and gauze on their healing belly buttons, three little pink sleepers, three cuddly pink blankets, then three babies brought to the breast, then given their sugar water.

Mary went to her room to make sure her things were in place. I told her to help herself to anything in the fridge, though what there was I didn't know. Angellica and Heather had gone shopping for me and put the things away while I was just too big to get up and look.

Eric held Adele and Linda, I had Charlaine. We sat in big puffy leather rocking chairs and talked while the babies dozed.

"I didn't know you could change a diaper," I said.

"Mary had me practice on a doll. It is easy with the disposable diapers. Not like the old days where the diapers had to be boiled after they were washed by hand on a scrub board in lye soap."

His stories of the old days really put things in perspective.

My breasts were starting to feel funny, sort of swollen and hot.

"I think my milk is coming in already." The vampire blood must have accelerated the process.

"Yes, I can smell it. You have very good milk." He looked down at the sleeping babies. "Lucky girls to have a mother like you."

"And a father like you."

"During the night," he said and shrugged. Being a vampire was especially hard on him right now. He was going to miss so much during the day.

"How are things coming at the research center?" I asked, thinking of their attempts to find a cure.

"Good, they have isolated something in Lingza's blood that might be a factor in his ability to stay out in the daylight. They are testing it this month."

Adele started to fuss so he handed her to me to nurse again and he took Charlaine. Adele latched on and sucked noisily. As Eric watched, he unconsciously licked his lips. I wondered if he could drink breast milk. I doubted it.

The breast Adele wasn't on began leaking, so I woke Linda up and put her on the other one. It was intense nursing from both breasts at the same time. It was going to take some getting used to. I felt like I had enough after a minute or two, but both babies continued to nurse vigorously for the next twenty minutes.

While they nursed I talked to Eric to take my mind off the powerful sensation. At least I didn't feel raw anymore.

"How are they testing Lingza's blood?"

"We have certain vampires that owe something to de Castro. They can work off their debt by being vaccinated then putting their arm or leg under a sun lamp. So far it has only resulted in burns."

"Ouch," I said, thinking of the burns.

"Do the babies hurt you?" Eric asked, leaning forward.

I laughed, "No, no, I was saying 'ouch' about the vampire getting burned."

He leaned back, "They heal in seconds. But it is discouraging not to have an answer."

Eric, like all vampires, wanted what he wanted instantaneously. For beings with such long lives, they lived as if each second was precious.

Maybe they understood something humans often overlooked, I thought, that each second is precious. You can never get it back.

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5 - Bundle of Joy ... Part 2

Chapter Five

Mary sat down in the other chair. "I have not seen any bad effects on the children if the mother uses vampire blood to heal. I have even known V addicts that had perfectly healthy normal children, and went on to nurse them with no ill effects. There are no studies that I know of, but my experience is that it doesn't hurt the children at all."

I said, "I was thinking about doing it, but not if it will hurt the babies."

She said, "You still don't have milk yet. If you did it right away the vampire blood might be completely gone from your system by the time your milk came down. But even if there was vampire blood in your system it wouldn't harm the babies. It might even do them some good. If it helps you, it can help them."

This sounded reasonable to me. I hoped I wasn't just rationalizing doing it to relieve my pain. I was willing to accept the pain if it meant keeping the babies safe. But there was no reason for me suffer needlessly. I would be a better mother if I could move more freely and sit up more.

"All right. Let's do it right now so it will get in my system right away. The sooner it gets in, the sooner it will get out." I had made a decision.

Mary said, "Let me get the nurses to take the babies from the room so you can have some privacy." She obviously knew that drinking blood for a vampire and human couple was an intimate experience.

When the babies were gone Eric came and sat on the edge of the bed. He used his fangs to open his wrist and placed it to my mouth. I sucked on the wound just like the babies sucked on my breasts. It was heavenly.

Eric shuddered and covered his mouth with his other hand to stifle his moan of pleasure. I sucked until his wound healed.

It was the first drop of his blood I had ingested in a year and a half. It hit me hard. My head suddenly felt like it was filled with helium, then my whole body felt lighter than air.

"Again?" he asked, holding his wrist up to his fangs ready to re-open his veins.

"No, wait, let me see what happens." I could feel his blood flowing through me like fizzing liquid warmth, reaching all the wounded parts inside me and healing them. I felt the pain in my throat stop, and my urethra stop throbbing and burning. Best of all I felt the cut on my stomach seal and then heal, the staples popping out.

I lifted my hospital gown and gently unstuck my gauze. I had looked at it earlier when the nurse checked the incision. It was horrifying to see the Frankenstein-like staples holding the bloody edges of my sliced open stomach together.

Now the expelled staples fell out of the gauze, and there was just a slight pink line where the incision had been. Of course, to see the healed incision I had to lift the handfuls of flesh that had once been my tight flat stomach and more recently my very over extended pregnant abdomen.

Unfortunately his blood hadn't fixed the appearance of my belly. It was a flabby, shriveled, pleated mass of stretch marked discolored skin. It was like holding bags of whipped cream, it was so soft.

I looked up and met Eric's eyes. He was looking to see how I would react.

"What do you think?" I asked him. I needed to know if he found this sight repulsive.

"I think these are the scars of battle," he said softly, his voice tender and loving.

He bent and kissed my stomach, then he placed his hands on it. "This is the place where my children came from. It will always be the most sacred place on earth for me. These marks are a sign of your sacrifice. I honor them."

He hugged me and I hugged him back, hard. I thanked him for his precious ancient powerful blood. Nothing inside me hurt. I felt fabulous.

I wanted to hop up, get dressed and go home. I called Dr. Fay and told her what happened. She said she would arrange for my discharge immediately.

I got the paper bag out of the locker and pulled on my clothes. It felt strange being dressed again. I had already gotten used to being a patient in a gown. My humongous top swam on me now that there weren't three babies inside me.

A nurse stopped in and asked what I was doing, a frown erasing her pleasant expression.

Before I could explain Dr. Vay and a nurse walked in with the discharge papers for me to sign. The papers stated that I was being released to a private clinic to finish out my stay, but I knew that wasn't true. I was actually going home, the place I wanted to be most in the world right now.

We didn't want the staff to know Eric had healed me with his blood. From the nurse's mind I learned that the clinic named in the discharge papers was one movie stars used. It was where they recovered from their secret plastic surgeries.

This turn of events confirmed what she thought, that all vampires are filthy rich. She thought I was lucky to have snagged a cute wealthy husband, even if he was a vampire. I agreed with her, except he had "snagged" me, not the other way around, thank you very much.

Soon the babies were lined up in their rolling bassinets, ready to go, a nurse behind each little glass sided crib. There were instructions for the care of their belly buttons and a check up for them was required in a week.

I sat in a wheel chair and was wheeled through the maze of halls. That's when it hit me that there was no way we were all going to fit in Eric's Corvette. The babies needed their car seats.

As we rolled towards the doors of the hospital I tried to see where Eric was, but he was no where in sight. Mary was gone too.

Linda started crying and Charlaine was spluttering, fixing to cry too. Adele was sleeping soundly. We got to the doors and waited. It was fall and the wind was blowing, too chilly to take the triplets out until we knew where we were going.

A long cranberry red mini-van pulled up in front of the doors. The windows were darkly tinted. The van looked brand new. It took me a second to realize that Eric was driving the van. Mary got out of the passenger seat and together with the nurses they placed the three girls securely in their padded car seats.

The interior of the van was toasty warm. Dr. Vay watched until we were all in the van. Mary sat in the back with the girls and I sat in the passenger seat.

When I was belted in, Dr. Vay said, "See you at the clinic," and winked.

We waved, shut the door, and took off. I felt like I was escaping from prison.

"Where did we get the car?" I asked Eric as he maneuvered the long vehicle out of the hospital parking lot. There wasn't much traffic because it was already after midnight.

"I thought I would surprise you," Eric said, taking his eyes off the road long enough to see what my reaction was.

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Clared, Holly, Eminé, Sally, Marlene, Jo, Cindy, Tamara - I'm glad you can connect with the events in Sookie's story. Women are so brave and strong, as your stories attest to. Thank you for leaving a comment.

Marlene - I'm sorry about what happened to you. (((hug)))

Jo - Welcome, I'm glad to know you're here and reading along!

Note - The triplets are not identical.)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

4 - Bundle of Joy Part 2

Chapter Four

"You're kidding," I said, amazed.

"No," then she added, "Of course, the human side of you might prevent it. But I suspect it will return, good as new. We shed our old uterus once we have given birth, so it would have just plopped out on the floor in a few days if it hadn't been surgically removed."

Dr. Fay and Mary Poppins left the room for a while to set up her schedule here and enter it on the charts. I lay back to think about my regenerative powers.

That was wonderful news. I wished Dr. Fay had told me about this last night, but then I remembered Eric was in the room. Dr. Cutter might not know all the details of the supernatural community. He seemed to think the hysterectomy was permanent.

Human doctors were not always let in on the unusual characteristics of the supernatural beings that had yet to make themselves known publicly.

I wasn't sure how much the regular hospital nurses knew beyond the fact that my husband was a vampire. They had done well with disguising their curiosity about him, not staring or speaking to him differently than if he had been a human husband.

My tray arrived. Oh joy, it was clear broth, jello and tea. And a cup with three pills in it. I finished it all, not wanting to do anything to jeopardize my being able to leave here. The young nursing assistant that picked up my tray beamed at me with her silver braces.

She said, "You did good. If you need to use the bathroom ring for a nurse." Then she was gone.

As if she had put the idea in my bladder I suddenly had to go very badly. I rang and a new nurse, equally cheerful, arrived to look at my pad, change it, and help me get upright. It was just as bad as the first time and again I asked for pain medication. More little white pills. More glasses of water. I hobbled into the bathroom and just made it before the scalding painful urination started.

Then I realized I had to go number two, as I used to say as a child. I tried not to strain at all, but I ended up straining a little. I felt like my innards were going to fly out of my incision.

I gave the nurse outside the door a blow by blow account. At this point I had no modesty or embarrassment at all about anything that came out of me. My body and all its products belonged to everyone that came through the door in a smock.

I got back into bed and napped. I think the pills knocked me out. Late in the afternoon I woke up and went to the bathroom again. Then the babies were brought in and Mary helped me nurse them first with my breasts, then with the bottles of sugar water until they quieted. I held them in rotation, watching their little tense faces turn peaceful as their thirst was quenched.

They were so gorgeous I couldn't believe it. My eyes drank in their adorable features, tiny dimpled hands, and solid little bodies.

"Will I have enough milk for all three?" I asked Mary quietly, not wanting to awaken Linda, now asleep in my arms.

"You probably will, but it is not a failure if you need to supplement. Soon you will be able to nurse two babies at the same time, that will be a big time saver." Her voice was low and soothing.

I needed to ask her something. "Um, you're not a fairy, are you?"

I wanted to find out before Eric arrived. Vampires were driven to drink from fairies. You could say they just loved fairies to death, literally. This nurse was worth her weight in gold, I didn't want anything to happen to her.

She opened her gentle brown eyes wide. "No dear, I'm not a fairy. I'm a Nanny."

Eric arrived eight minutes after sunset. "What took you so long?" I joked.

He must have driven here a hundred miles an hour, something I wasn't going to think about right now.

I still had the babies, putting them to the breast when they woke up. Right now cute-as-a-button Charlaine, the most laid back baby, was sucking away. My nipples were starting to hurt a lot. They weren't used to being sucked on for hours at a time, and that seemed to be what the babies all wanted to do.

He kissed me, then he held Adele and Linda. He already knew Mary so I didn't need to introduce them. They smiled warmly at each other and greeted like old friends. Mary stepped out to go eat her dinner at the cafeteria. I told Eric about my big day of using the bathroom.

"It sounds very painful for you," he said, his big man's voice a low rumble.

Pretty little Linda was looking up at Eric. She had a puzzled expression on her face. He looked down and smiled at her, then he kissed her little forehead.

"It was painful. I had no idea it would be like this."

"I can take all your pain away, Sookie. My blood would heal you." His blue eyes penetrated into mine, willing me to say yes.

"I'm afraid it would get into my milk. What if it Turned the babies?"

I pictured three little toothless vampire babies, never growing up, crying all night for their bottles of blood. A nightmare scenario.

"Sookie, I do not think that is even remotely possible," he said, shaking his head at my over protectiveness. The pot calling the kettle black. He had just gotten done putting in a play yard enclosed in bullet proof glass.

Adorable Adele needed to be changed, but I didn't have any diapers. I rang for a nurse.

The night pediatric nurse came and whisked Adele away, bringing her back in a few moments clean and wrapped up like a papoose. Since Adele was now sound asleep I told her to lay the baby down in her bassinet.

A few minutes later Mary came back to see if we needed anything.

I was going to tell her we were fine but Eric asked her, "What do you know about a nursing mother using vampire blood to heal faster?"

more to come ..... (Anonymous Z, Holly, Clared, Marlene, Cindy, Sally, Gjers-1, Eminé, Catherine, Pat Jenkins, Patricia - I look forward each day to what you all have to say. Thanks for writing me your thoughts, they are so encouraging and funny.)


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3 - Bundle of Joy Part 2

Chapter Three

By the time I made it back to the bed I was sweating and shaking. I managed to get back in and the nurse covered me up.

A pediatric nurse stepped in the room and asked, "Are you ready to see your girls?"

I didn't feel ready to see anybody but an undertaker. I nodded anyway.

While I was waiting Dr. Cutter stopped by. He looked at my bracelet and my chart longer than he actually looked at me.

From his mind I got a lot of medical concerns for his patients, his worry I might sue him over the hysterectomy, and the fact that his BMW wouldn't start this morning.

He was sure the hysterectomy was needed to save my life. I got a quick glimpse of what he saw when he had me cut open before I shut down the connection. That was something I didn't need to see. I wondered how he did it, cutting people open like that. Training, I supposed.

He asked me how I was doing. I didn't know how to answer that so I told him I had gotten up and it hurt. He said that was to be expected and to try and get up several times during the day to use the bathroom.

Since he never had a baby by Cesarean section that was easy for him to say. Right now I planned to never get up or pee again. He left after giving me a reassuring pat on the shoulder. He was a good man, but very busy.

A few minutes later the three girls were rolled in, all of them crying. Immediately behind them was the ethereal and lovely Dr. Fay with a woman I never saw before. The woman was dressed like an old fashioned nurse from the 1950's - white frilled cap, white mid-calf length uniform, white stockings and sturdy white shoes.

She had a red trimmed navy blue cape draped around her shoulders and she carried a big medical bag with her. Her shiny light brown hair was drawn up in a sleek French twist and her maple brown eyes crinkled at the edges with merriment. Her age could have been thirty, forty or even fifty. She had the high round cheekbones and smooth light peaches and cream skin of the ageless beauty.

"This is the nurse your husband hired to stay with you, Sookie," Dr. Fay said loudly to be heard over the crying babies. "She's here to help you out, especially to help with the babies."

The pediatric nurse told us to call her if we needed anything and left. The nurse that had been seeing to me made me drink two more big glasses of water, guaranteeing that I would urinate painfully again soon, then, her job done, she left telling me she was sending me some food that I was expected to eat.

Dr. Fay cooed over the babies even though they were all crying their little pink capped heads off. I held out my arms and she handed me Adele. I put a pillow on my lap to shield my incision and put the little girl near my nipple. She latched on and sucked for all she was worth.

"She's hungry," I said to the the two women.

"Why of course she is," said my private nursemaid. "I have just the thing for her." She reached into her big bag and brought out a bottle filled with clear fluid. I must have looked alarmed.

"Do not fear, Mother," the private nurse said to me. "It's just some sugar water to ease her hunger and thirst until your milk comes in." She snapped off the protective cap revealing a specially shaped long thin nipple.

Dr. Fay said, "Some theories say that if the baby tries a bottle she will not take the breast, but that is not true. The baby will switch to the breast for the milk once it comes down."

"What's your name?" I asked the private nurse as she handed me the bottle and showed me how to position it.

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier," the nurse said. "I'm Mary Poppins. You must call me Mary, and I will call you Sookie." She shook my hand. Her grip was firm but gentle, her hand warm and soft.

She held the bottle's nipple right up to my breast so the baby was sucking on both the bottle and me. My beautiful baby Adele sucked, her navy blue eyes rolling back in her head with happiness. Her little face turned red from the effort of sucking.

Soon she was full and happy, her tiny hand holding onto my finger. Her soft pink cap fell off. Before I replaced it I noticed she had a very fine coating of downy blond hair on her head. I kissed her fuzzy head and smelled her. She smelled wonderful.

I wanted to ask the nurse about her famous name, if she got a lot of kidding being named Mary Poppins, but I was so busy with feeding Adele, Linda and Charlaine I forgot what I was going to say.

It was so good to know the babies had something to drink and were satisfied. They were the most perfect beautiful wonderful babies in the world.

When they were all sleeping Dr. Fay paged the pediatric nurses and the three babies were wheeled back out. I was exhausted but happy. I had done something successfully for my daughters. I had met their needs and made them happy. It was the most satisfying feeling I ever had.

"Thanks for helping me," I said to Mary Poppins.

She winked, "That's why I'm here."

I turned to Dr. Fay. "I had to have a hysterectomy." I was still trying to process this very sad information.

"Don't worry about that," Dr. Fay said cheerfully. "Our uterus almost always grows back."

more to come .....(Holly, danimcket, Clared, Eminé, Pat Jenkins, Marlene, Cindy, Sally, Anonymous Z, Lynn - Hope you all are going to have a good weekend. Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, it means a lot.

Marlene - Yes, Eric and Sookie married in my "Ties the Knot" story. They had a vampire wedding. Sookie kept her maiden name. According to CH the name "Northman" is not Eric's real last name. He is so old he is older than last names.

It makes more sense for Sookie to keep her family name since she has an attachment to that name. It is her identity.

I don't know what the future will bring. Time will tell.)


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2 - Bundle of Joy Part 2

Chapter Two

The nurse suggested I get some rest, but I didn't want to sleep as long as the babies were in the room. I held one and Eric held two of them. They looked even tinier in his big arms.

"I have hired a special nurse to help you out," Eric said. "She has much experience with babies and she will stay with you until you can manage on your own."

I thought that might be in about eighteen years. The nurse had my notebook open and was ready to write down the names of the babies.

The first one was Adele Corbett Stackhouse, named for my grandmother and father.

The second one was Linda Hadley Stackhouse, named for my aunt Linda and my cousin Hadley.

The third we named Charlaine Belle Stackhouse just because we liked the name.

Eric wasn't attached to any of the Scandinavian names he suggested, so he told me to name the babies something meaningful to me.

I had to raise my voice to be heard over the sound of the babies crying. "Why are they crying like that?" I asked the nurse.

"They're hungry, and they're babies," she answered, laughing. "Babies cry and cry, sometimes just to exercise their lungs. Think of it like their treadmill."

"Are they hungry right now? Should I try feeding them again?" I asked her.

I felt like I knew nothing. I had read books about newborns, but right now I couldn't remember a single thing I read. Had my brains stopped working?

"You can put them to the breast, certainly, but right now all you have is a clear fluid that contains good stuff for the babies, not any real milk. That will take a few days."

I put them all on my breasts in rotation. They all seemed very eager to eat and disappointed I didn't have any milk for them. When the nurse took them again she called the other two nurses to come back and take the babies back to the nursery to change them.

Two of them were still crying. I felt terrible for them. The "no milk for a few days" thing sounded like a design flaw to me. I wanted to gush milk into their eager mouths, feeding them from my body.

When they were gone Eric was smiling. "I love to hear our babies cry. It is the sound of life, Sookie. It is their desire to live, to survive, to be heard and get nourishment. It is like music to my ears."

That was good because he was probably going to be hearing plenty of that music in the months to come. The pain meds must have kicked in because I felt better and kind of floaty. The room seemed so quiet now that the babies were gone.

"Did you know I had a hysterectomy?" I asked Eric.

"Yes, the doctor came in and explained what had happened after he was done. I saw how bad things were. I was ready to come into the operating room and Turn you, but I wanted to wait and see if they could save your human life. I did the right thing by waiting?" he asked.

"Yes, absolutely you did the right thing. I want to be around in the daylight to watch over our little ones. They're going to take a heap of watching." I felt drowsy.

"What time is it?" I asked him, yawning.

"About four thirty in the morning. I must be leaving soon." He looked sad and uncomfortable.

"Don't worry Eric, they will take good care of me here. And they have enough staff to handle the three little girls."

I added, "Eric, did you mind that we had all girls?" I knew some men would not feel complete until they had a son.

"No, on the contrary, I will be the ruler in a house filled with beauties. What more could a man ask for?"

He smiled at me and patted my leg. I could hardly feel it. The spinal medicine must still be in effect. That was good, otherwise the pain might be unbearable.

I thought he might be the only man in our household, but I suspected the babies were going to be the rulers. I didn't say that though. Why rain on his good attitude?

He got his leather jacket and left after kissing me another good one. He looked sort of lonely as he walked out of the hospital room, leaving everyone he cared about here. His big shoulders seemed to droop as he left. I longed to call him back, but I knew he needed to seek shelter from the daylight.

Again I hoped the vampire research center would be able to find a cure for the daytime death vampires experienced. I knew it would have meant the world for Eric to stay with me today. It would have meant a lot to me too.

I must have dozed off because when I opened my eyes again there was a nurse making a notation in my chart.

"Ah, Mrs. Stackhouse, it's good you're awake. We need to get you up and to the bathroom. I'll just remove your catheter and show you how to get up so you don't pull out your staples."

She sounded so cheerful while my mind tried to take in this list of horrors - catheter, staples, getting up.

She adjusted my bed to lay almost flat, which hurt, and lowered my mesh pants and examined the blood spotted pad. She left the gauze dressing alone for now. Then she removed the catheter, which didn't hurt.

While she did that I fumbled around and got another numbing throat lozenge for my sore throat. They must have put a tube down my throat for the anesthesia or to help me breathe while I was out cold.

Then she slapped a new sanitary pad on me, pulled the mesh pants up and raised the head of my bed.

"Are you dizzy?" she asked, even as she was helping me swing my legs over the side of the bed.

"No, not dizzy..." I was going to ask her if she thought it was good idea, me walking so soon after being cut open, but I didn't get a chance. She handed me a pillow and said, "Press this against the incision as you get up to support the wound."

I did what she said and she helped to hoist me to my feet. I gasped with pain, bending to relieve the tension on the wound.

"Don't bend over, stand up straight. It might hurt more now, but you'll do much better faster if you can try to stay upright."

"I need some more pain medication," I panted after standing fully erect.

"Got it right here," she said, handing me two white tablets and some water. She made sure I drank all the water, then had me drink a second and third glass.

Then I walked, one tiny hurtful step at a time, to the bathroom. I pulled down the mesh pants and pad, which already had a few spots of blood on it, and lowered myself moaning to the toilet. The nurse stood just outside the open door.

"Try to pee," she called in.

I sat there, sure I could not pee. Then I could feel the hot liquid moving down my urethra. I knew it was going to hurt even before it hit the raw insides where the catheter had abraded me.

"Oh no, no, " I said, the pee burning and hurting.

"I know it stings, but it's the only way you're going to get out of here. We need to know you can pee and poop before we send you home." Frank talk was the rule in this ward.

They would also need to look at and re-dress my wound and take all my vital signs before I left the hospital. Each milestone cost me in pain and blood, the way it has been for birthing women since the beginning of time.

more to come .....(akd, danimcket, Patricia, Kira, Holly, Clared, Eminé, Marlene, Cindy, Sally, Anonymous Z, Turtle, Anonymous, Tamara - How powerful and magical it is to have you all here with me. It's almost supernatural. Thank you for your comments.

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1- Bundle of Joy Part 2

Chapter One

I opened my eyes and tried to focus. The first thing I saw was Eric, sitting in a chair pulled up close to the hospital bed that I was lying in. He was staring at me, faint red streaks dried on his cheeks.

From this I knew three things - I was still human, it was night, and Eric had been crying.

"What's wrong?" I croaked. Good grief, I had a terrible sore throat.

"Nothing now. You were in bad shape for a while. I did not know how it would go." He moved closer. His big strong hand found my limp hand and engulfed it.

I felt pain in my middle and it seemed to be growing. I was afraid to move.

"The babies?" I asked.

"They are all doing well. Sookie, you carried them almost to term. They are so large and healthy they will be moved from the neonatal intensive care unit to the nursery because they do not need special care."

He held my hand and kissed it. "You were so brave and strong. Even when you were unconscious you fought for your life. You are my queen."

He kissed my hand again. Then he stood, leaned over and kissed me passionately on the mouth. He kissed me the way you kiss the love of your life when you thought she was a goner. Then he sat back down, still holding my hand.

A nurse came in, checked my bracelet, and said to me, "You're probably feeling pretty bad right now?"

I nodded and pointed at my throat. She had some pills for me to take with ice cold cranberry juice, then a numbing lozenge for me to suck on.

She said, "If this doesn't do it we'll start a morphine drip. But give the pills about ten minutes to see if they do the trick."

"When can I see my babies?" I asked her. My arms ached to hold them. I felt like a pitted olive with them gone.

"I'll go get them right now. You can have them any time you want them, for as long as you want. Has the doctor been in yet to discuss your medications and surgery?"

I shook my head no.

"I'll page him, he should be here within half an hour."

She bustled out. She was efficient, kind and had pain medication, just what I wanted in a nurse.

I tried to adjust my position. Big mistake. My guts felt like they were going to fall out. I lifted my gown and looked at my incision. It was covered with a big gauze bandage. My stomach above the gauze was horrifying - swollen, wrinkled, flabby and discolored by whatever they painted me with to disinfect the area before surgery.

I had on some kind of disposable mesh underpants and a huge sanitary napkin. I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't that. Besides, I still looked pregnant, my stomach was so big.

For some reason I had expected my stomach to become flat after the babies were out. My midsection was painful, ugly and discouraging. I pulled the gown back down and the blanket back up. Eric's face was unchanged at the sight, but I knew that didn't mean anything.

"I look pretty bad," I said.

"You look beautiful to me, wife. More beautiful than I can say." His voice was hoarse with feeling.

He looked very serious and, if possible, even more pale than usual. I must have been at death's door. He wiped at the dried blood tears with the back of his hand. The back of his hand also had smears of dried tears on them. Again he kissed my hand.

Dr. Cutter showed up. Right behind him was another nurse with a clipboard. Behind her were three nurses with three bassinets on wheels. They waited outside the door in the hall while the doctor entered the room and spoke to me.

Dr. Cutter nodded at Eric and called him 'Mr. Stackhouse.' He had been briefed on vampire protocol, but he still looked a little nervous around Eric. Many humans had never seen a real vampire in person and found the first time unsettling. The fluorescent lights and dried blood streaks on Eric's cheeks didn't help either.

Eric continued to hold my hand. He nodded back.

Dr. Cutter turned to me. "Mrs. Stackhouse, I'm happy to say that your babies are all doing beautifully and your operation went well. However, after they were born you began bleeding uncontrollably. We had to perform an emergency hysterectomy to prevent catastrophic blood loss." He waited a moment for me to absorb what he just said.

"You mean I can't have any more babies?" I asked, feeling faint with shock.

"You can't carry any more babies, but your ovaries are intact. Eggs could be harvested and a surrogate could carry your baby in the future. It's a more common procedure than you might think." Again he waited to see what I would say.

I couldn't think of a response. "Thank you for saving my life," I finally said to him.

Eric chimed in. "Yes, I also wish to thank you."

"You're both welcome. I'm very sorry about the need for a hysterectomy, but I had no other option." The doctor looked sad, and that made me cry.

He said, "Don't be afraid to use all the pain medication you need. It's important that you get up and walking as soon as possible."

Through my tears I asked, "What about the medication getting into my breast milk?" I hiccuped and my incision hurt a lot. Crying wasn't helping things.

"You wouldn't have any real milk this soon, and the amount that might end up in your pre-milk fluids would not be significant. The babies will be fine. It's important that you get comfortable enough to stand up, walk, and use the bathroom. Within the next few hours we're going to be helping you to get up and walk a little." He turned and told the nurse standing behind him a few things I couldn't hear, then he turned back to me.

"If you don't have any more questions I'll leave now so you can enjoy your babies, but I'll be back first thing in the morning to see how you're doing."

I had no more questions, and two of my babies were crying. I thanked him again and he left. The nurse helped me sit up. She placed a pillow over my lap for the baby to rest on. I was a little uncomfortable, but I was so happy to hold my daughter I forgot about the pain.

The nurse undid the top of my gown and took one arm out so my breast was exposed. The nurse showed me how to place the baby so the infant could grasp my nipple and suck. The baby was amazingly strong and she sucked noisily.

After about five minutes she began to doze off, then the nurse gave me the second baby and we put her on the other side. Her nursing was weaker, but she tried.

The third baby had been sleeping but we put her mouth near the first side again and she sucked hard, clamping down on my nipple painfully. The nurse said my nipples would toughen after a few days and then it wouldn't hurt. Right now it seemed like everything hurt.

"Do you have names for the babies?" the nurse asked, after she had returned the third baby to the bassinet.

"Yes," I said, looking at Eric. "I think we have their names decided on." He nodded.

more to come .....(danimcket, Holly, Tamara, Patricia, Eminé, Anonymous Z, Cindy, Marlene, Sally, Gjers-1, Catherine, Pat J. - Thank you for commenting on part one and for being here. Now we're off to part 2.

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174 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Four

On the way to the O.R. I thought of our little-person lawyer Merry Dixon. She looked like a sweet faced elderly lady but she was a pit bull when it came to her client's rights. She was a blue elf, the ones responsible for legal counsel. Eric did good making sure she was here to enforce our medical proxy if need be.

We came to two swinging doors that were pushed open by the bed and I was rolled under two huge lights.

The anesthesiologist, now in surgical clothes and mask said, "I'm going to relax you a little more but you will be aware of what's happening."

The room was freezing. A heated blanket was placed on my upper half. It felt so good. My teeth stopped chattering.

I think I might have said something, but maybe not. Nurses were setting up a cloth barrier so I couldn't see what was happening to the lower half of me. A monitor was rolled up near my face and turned on. I could see Eric leaning forward towards the screen. He had on surgical scrubs and a paper cap.

"He can hear and see you, " a nurse said to me. There seemed to be about twenty people in the room, all moving quickly and efficiently.

"Hi honey," I said. My voice sounded strange and weak, though I didn't feel bad.

"We're ready," Dr. Cutter said.

"Hi Sookie, I can see you perfectly," Eric said.

"Can you feel that?" Dr. Cutter asked.

"No," I replied dreamily. I felt a little floaty but that was all. I must be completely numb from the epidural. That was good.

I felt my body jiggle slightly but no pain. "I'm not in any pain," I said to Eric.

"That is good. This is it, the most important moment in our life," he said. He usually never said anything personal in earshot of others.

There was more jiggling then Dr. Fay said, "We see a head, here comes the baby,"

A nurse exclaimed, "It's a girl, a beautiful little girl!" I couldn't see her because of the cloth barrier.

"Can I hold her?" I asked. My voice sounded tiny.

"You can see her, then we'll clean her up and warm her and bring her to her dad. You can hold her when you leave the O.R.," a different nurse said.

All the doctors and nurses in their caps, masks and gowns looked the same to me. One of them brought the baby close to my face. She was beautiful, her little face peaceful, her eyes closed. She was limp and slightly blue. A clamped hemostat dangled from her thick blue umbilical chord.

"Why isn't she crying?" I asked, watching them bring her to a table with a warming lamp over it. They rubbed her vigorously with a white paper blanket and suctioned out her mouth, then she started to cry. It was a strong cry, her arms and legs flailed. She turned pink.

I laughed, "She's crying, Eric. She's moving her arms and legs."

"I can hear her," he said. "She sounds good, strong."

"You'll feel some tugging," a nurse said. Then she asked me, "How are you doing?"

"Fine," I said, my voice a mere breath. I felt tugging just like she said, but it didn't hurt. It was weird.

"We have baby number two," Dr. Cutter said.

"Another girl! She's gorgeous, Sookie," a nurse said.

The second baby was brought near to my face then taken over to the table. The baby was covered in streaks of white stuff and blood. I knew the white stuff was a protective coating for the baby's skin in the womb. The first baby, complete with plastic bracelets and anklets, was placed in a glass incubator and wheeled out of the room.

The second baby was rubbed down and began crying, a little higher pitched than the first one. I saw them put those plastic bracelets on her wrist and ankle. An incubator was waiting for her too. The first pediatrician went with the second incubator when it left the room.

"Baby three," Dr. Fay said.

"Guess what Sookie, it's three for three. You have three beautiful daughters."

The third baby was already crying and moving her little arms and legs. I reached out as she was brought near and touched her tiny pink foot. Then she was taken and dried off, suctioned out and placed in a third incubator. The second pediatrician went with the third baby.

"Did you see them, Eric? We have three daughters." I said to the screen.

"Yes, I saw them. They are all beautiful like their mother," he said, his voice choking up. His blue eyes were huge, the bottom lids swam in bloody tears.

As I watched the screen I was aware that the medical people clustered around my lower half were busy doing things. Their voices were low and kind of tense. The sound on the monitor that was keeping track of my vital signs was turned on so I could hear my heart beat in beeps.

I saw Eric turn away from the screen, and the first baby was brought in to him and placed in his arms for a few seconds. In his large arms the baby looked like a toy doll. She was tightly wrapped in a pink blanket and had a little pink cap on her head.

He looked at the tiny baby and smiled. He said, "I am your father. I love you," to her. He kissed gently her on the forehead, his first blessing for his daughter.

Then the nurse took her and placed her back in the incubator. I heard her say, "To keep the baby warm, sir."

The doctors seemed to be concerned about me, but I watched as Eric held the other two blanket wrapped babies briefly, told them he was their father and that he loved them. He kissed each of them. Then they left for the neonatology unit with their entourage of medical personnel.

"Eric, go with the babies and make sure they're all right," I said.

I suddenly felt very weak. I could hardly get the words past my numb lips.

"I will go when they are done with you," he said. "The babies are doing fine. I can see them in a few minutes."

It was silent now except for the sound of the monitor and the occasional murmured word or two from the doctors. I could tell there was something wrong. I wanted to ask what was wrong but I couldn't get the words out. Another bag of fluid was attached to my IV. This looked like blood. Was I losing blood?

I didn't feel any pain, I didn't feel anything but an icy feeling creeping over me. Was this death? I couldn't hear anything now, just a rhythmic rushing sound in my ears. Eric was leaning close to the screen, saying something, but I couldn't hear him. It was too hard to keep my eyes open so I closed them.

Eric, the babies, Roscoe, Jason, these thoughts floated around in my head, but there was nothing to attach them to. I was floating away. I was going. Eric... Eric .... I love you Eric .... I love my babies, my tiny daughters ....I was going to sleep. When I woke up, would I still be human? ....

This concludes Part One of "Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy". Part two will start tomorrow.

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173 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Three

Eric drove me to the hospital and parked the car after dropping me off in front of the maternity wing. A human nursing assistant was waiting for me with a wheel chair. I lowered myself into the over sized chair with difficulty.

"My goodness girl, how many months pregnant are you?" she kidded me, referring to my ridiculous size.

"A hundred," I said, partly joking, partly expressing how I felt. I wasn't even afraid of the operation any more, I just wanted to be not pregnant more than anything.

After Eric joined us and stopped at the desk to confirm our insurance coverage, I was taken up to the room and the assistant helped me change into a hospital gown and tan slipper socks, putting my voluminous maternity clothes in a brown paper bag she placed in a small locker. I got into a narrow uncomfortable bed and covered my freezing legs with a thin white blanket.

My back hurt so bad I had tears coming from the corners of my eyes. Plastic bracelets were placed on my wrist. Everyone that came in the room to see to me checked to make sure I was the person I was supposed to be. They didn't want to be cutting triplets out of a woman that came in for a tubal ligation, I guess.

A pleasant nurse came in, checked my bracelet against her notebook, then started an IV drip in the vein on the back of my hand. She numbed the area first so it didn't hurt. She noticed the tears and told me not to be afraid, mistaking my tears of pain for fear.

I told her I wasn't afraid, but my back hurt very much. A look of pity came over her face. She said it would all be over soon and patted the hand without the drip.

Another nurse checked my bracelets, then stuck EKG sensors to my chest and ribcage, and placed a blood pressure cuff on my arm. It inflated automatically every few minutes. She placed a glowing clip on my index finger and left. A machine that all these gizmos were attached to gave out continuous readings.

The anesthesiologist, a tall man with a hang-dog sad expression, came in next. He checked my bracelet against his notebook, and asked me if I had anything to eat or drink for the last twelve hours. I hadn't, because Dr. Fay had given me instructions.

He explained that he was going to give me an epidural, but it might be necessary to put me under general anesthesia with assisted breathing if the epidural was insufficient.

I signed papers saying I understood the dangers associated with anesthesia and would not hold him or the hospital liable if I should be brain damaged, paralyzed, or dead. He didn't know I might come back from the grave.

At this point Eric was allowed in the room. I expected him to check my bracelet to make sure I was his wife, but he didn't.

"You are crying," he said. He looked around the room at everything, frowning.

"Oh, you know, it's just my back," I said, trying to shift my bulky body to a more comfortable position and failing.

I had complained about my back ache every day for the last month, but this hard narrow bed was making it much worse. At home I had an elaborate arrangement of pillows that I used to wedge me into the best position.

Dr. Fay's human assistant came in and told me Dr. Cutter would be ready for me soon. I told her to make sure Dr. Fay had the medical proxy papers on her that named Eric as the one to make decisions for me should I become incapacitated. These papers named him and only him as my Maker should the worst happen.

Eric held my icy hand until the anesthesiologist came in to start the epidural, then Eric had to wait outside the room. I was not able to sit and round my back, nor was I able to curl into a fetal position on my side due to the enormous size of my belly, but he was able to get the epidural started anyway. I hoped it worked. I didn't want to feel them cutting me open.

The nurse helped me lay back about halfway and the epidural started to numb me. It was wonderful. All the pain in my back went away. When Eric came back in I was smiling.

"They started the pain medicine," I told him. "My back doesn't hurt anymore."

Eric nodded. I think he was too tense to speak. The tubes, monitors and equipment were unlike anything he had seen, I guess, unless they had used things like that on Lingza.

"Don't be scared, Eric. They do operations like this every day."

"I am not afraid. I can bring you over. I have Merry Dixon coming to the hospital in case there is a problem. She will make sure our wishes are respected." He put on a confident front, but I knew what was at stake for him here.

"That's good," I said. My voice sounded to me like it was coming from a distance. I was starting to feel a little floaty. I thought the medicine must be relaxing me.

The nurse came back in and checked my bracelet, then asked Eric to step out of the room again. Very quickly she catheterized me, something I didn't feel because I was already pretty numb. Then she shaved my pubic hair and cleaned me up. She covered me back up and let Eric return to the room.

He raised his eyebrows in inquiry. I explained about the catheter and he grimaced. I told him I couldn't feel it.

The two neonatologists that would attend the birth came in to say they would be ready to care for the babies. Then the surgical nurse came back, put a paper cap over my hair, and got the bed ready to roll to the surgical suite. She transferred the IV bag and the monitor to poles on the back of the bed.

"Goodbye Eric, I love you," I said to him, kissing him on the mouth.

"I love you too. I'll be watching," he said near my ear. He stood and patted my shoulder briskly, like I was soldier going into battle.

Then I was rolling down the hallway to have the babies.

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172 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy Two

I had settled on Dr. Fay as my obstetrician instead of Dr. Hay. The few times I went to see Dr. Hay I felt rushed, and she didn't listen to me. Most of her patients seemed to be human and I think my questions about my special circumstances were over her head.

Even though there were the obvious limitations with having a vampire husband and a fairy as my OB doctor, it seemed more comfortable to me. I just had to keep her away from Eric, and vice versa. In a way it had worked out, because Eric wasn't going to be allowed in the delivery room due to the "no vampires" operating room policy.

Dr. Fay insisted I spend about half of every day resting with my feet up. She wanted to safe guard against the babies being born too early. I did everything she said, spending hours reading or watching TV while I grew bigger and bigger around.

I was almost bed ridden by my eighth month. I was huge beyond belief, my stomach sticking out almost as far as my arms would reach. My back was killing me and I could only lay on my sides. Eric did everything he could to make me comfortable, but he also had his responsibilities. He couldn't stay with me rubbing my lower back all the time he was up.

Jure appeared in my dreams every once in a while and the pirate theme continued. I realized that I didn't mind the dreams as long as I could draw the line at kissing and being gallantly pursued. It never went further than a single kiss and usually it didn't even go that far before my dream changed over to something else.

Some nights I actually looked forward to falling asleep. I hoped I would go back to the black pirate ship 'Die Endlose Nacht'.

I wasn't waddling around on that imaginary ship as it sailed on some moonlit nameless sea, and my waist was slim. It was a break from the backache and discomfort of those final weeks. I seemed able to control and direct the script in the dreams now. My lucid dreaming practice was paying off.

Pam took over Fangtasia most nights, and Jason, still not pregnant, handled as much of the research center's construction as he could, but many nights Eric needed to go out for a while to see to things. Amelia, her tenant Heather, Angellica and Jason often came over to keep me company and help me when I needed something.

Tara didn't call me, and I didn't call her. I tried out a woman named Sheila as a day time helper. She was a competent housekeeper but kept to herself. From her mind I saw that she was afraid of vampires. I didn't think she was going to last.

On the plus side she adored Roscoe and would take him for long walks when Aleksis was available to bodyguard them. Eric realized that if Roscoe was ever dognapped my heart would be broken. After his walks Roscoe would sit with me in the recliner and keep me company with his wags and kisses.

Eric told me he was still feeding from men at the club occasionally and I believed him. One night he got a call from Pam. She told him about some new indiscretion of Phillip Ardley, the vampire that went for young girls.

At first Eric wasn't going to tell me, afraid he would upset me again, but his hush hush attitude as he got ready to go out had me worrying he was going into a dangerous situation. He saw I would be better off knowing the truth.

He told me Ardley had glamoured another under age girl. Eric had a mandate from the King to eliminate Ardley. He took a deputy and Leslie Fujikawa with him, not because he needed backup to capture and eliminate the pedophile vampire, but he wanted witnesses that he had carried out the King's written orders to the letter.

Having two sworn vampire witnesses to the mandated final death of Phillip Ardley meant the killing would be on the King, not on Eric.

The killing of a vampire often led to a long messy battle with the vampire's Maker or nest mates. This battle used take the form of physical attacks, but these days it was usually a lawsuit for a huge sum of money in the case of the wrongful death of a vampire.

Eric came home later that night wearing different clothes, probably because the ones he had on were too bloody to salvage. I searched his face to see if carrying out the orders had upset him, but he seemed as calm and unruffled as usual. Either he really wasn't upset, or he was the greatest actor of all time.

For some reason I chose that night to tell him about what had happened to me as a child, and what must never happen to our children.

He held me while I wept for the frightened and wounded little girl I had been. It was a great relief to finally tell Eric. I told him I had not been raped, just fondled. I didn't want him to think it had gone to the final extreme. It was bad enough as it was.

I also told him that sometimes I had bad dreams about it. It made him sad to know that he could not always sleep with me and guard over me in my sleep, though I don't think he could have prevented my nightmares. For some reason, after that night when I told Eric about what happened, I never had any more nightmares about being assaulted. Maybe Eric was able to somehow protect me in my sleep, perhaps through our blood bond.

I told him Uncle Bartlett was dead, the ending to my sorry tale. To my relief he didn't ask me any questions about it. Eric was wise in the ways of the heart, he just held me and rocked me until I was all cried out.

I was able to get this unfortunate episode from my past out in the open with Eric without implicating Bill in the murder of a human. From the grim, tight lipped look Eric had on his face I suspected he might have pinned a medal on Bill for what he did, but I kept Bill's secret. Eric was still a sheriff, and the murder had taken place in his Area.

Vampires had a way of using information they gathered as leverage, if needed. I didn't want Bill to suffer later on for his vengeful act on my behalf. I still blamed myself for not thinking before I told about my violation to my first vampire boyfriend, a being I knew to be the most lethal on the planet.

During the last month I spoke several times to Anna Hita over the phone. Her kindness and warm loving tone made me cry. Maybe it was just my hormones, but I got real weepy that last month. Anything would set me off. She planned on making a rare trip to Shreveport and seeing the babies once I returned home with them.

Eric spoke to her privately after I did one night. I think he was informing her of my decision to name him as my Maker if the worst happened. I was sure she wouldn't mind the new arrangements. I hadn't actually asked her in so many words, I had just asked about the possibility.

At one point I had been considering having Anna Hita act as Maker because I was worried that having my husband also be my Maker would give him too much power over me. This was before I knew how much I could trust Eric. I no longer had that worry.

My latest sonogram showed the triplets in the same position they had been in three weeks ago, the one in the middle was head down, the ones on either side were head up. They were active and their movements felt strong. There was no way I could have delivered them in a natural birth.

I didn't want to know the sex of the babies, I wanted to be surprised when they were born. Eric seemed totally focused on me, the sex of the babies was not even on the list of things that concerned him.

At eight and a half months, longer than anyone thought I would be able to continue the pregnancy, Dr. Fay told me, "It's time to have those babies."

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171 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy One

So, thanks to Eric and Anna Hita and me, Pam finally got to plan a baby shower. One night when Eric brought me to the club a lot of vampires and people jumped out and yelled "Surprise!" when I came in the door.

There were many people there I knew - Persephone Gallo, Jessica, Bill, Jure, Amelia, Tray, Jason, Angellica, the Bishop brothers, Leslie Fujikawa, Sam Merlotte and his girlfriend Nora Heart, three of Merlotte's employees I liked - Susanne Mitchell, Jane Hoar, and Holly Cleary. I noticed Tara wasn't there. Clancy walked around looking like he had been sucking on lemons.

There were people there I didn't know too. One twenty something year old vampire woman sat in a corner, weeping tears of blood. She was being comforted by an older man. They left the shower early and didn't return.

Everyone congratulated Eric and me. He never left my side, making sure that I was contented, hydrated, and comfortably seated.

Pam went all out, pink and blue streamers and helium balloons clashing with the campy red and black decor of the vampire bar, party favors for the winners of contests like "Guess How Big Sookie Will Get", "Never say 'Baby' ", "Pin The Sperm on the Egg" and "Guess How Many Safety Pins". She ran everything smoothly like a polished master of ceremonies, a side of Pam I had never seen before.

She was in her glory, handing me the presents to unwrap, announcing who the present was from, then holding up each item for all to admire. The way she held the snuggly baby sleepers against her cheek and ran her hands over the tiny clothes made me feel kind of sad for her.

The vampires sat out the games, but the humans participated. There were quite a few people there I didn't know. They were either additional staff from the research center or friends of Eric's and Pam. Anna Hita wasn't there, of course, but she sent a gift and her love. I knew she seldom traveled from her home in New Orleans.

Aleksis came in with a tray of pink and blue iced cupcakes. He looked healthy. His arms were smooth and unmarked. Eric and I had a good time and we headed for home with a car load of nice baby presents and some good memories.

On the way home I asked him about the weeping vampire woman.

"She is Jennifer Holdren, a friend of Taryn's. She is recently Turned and still misses her old life very much," Eric said.

"Was she Turned against her will?" I asked.

Such a thing was almost unheard of these days. People were willing to pay a lot of money to a vampire that would Turn them. It was such a huge commitment in time and energy most vampires were willing to turn down the vast sums of money as simply not worth it. A vampire Child could be very trying and now, under the new laws, a Master was responsible for anything their Child did for the first fifty years.

Also, the new one hundred year Turning limit was strictly enforced. A vampire was allowed to Turn a single human every one hundred years unless some kind of special circumstances existed, and those circumstances were few and far between.

"No, she had a terminal illness. Her husband's family was wealthy. They offered to pay for her Turning on the condition that she not see or make contact with her family once she became Vampire. It is a binding contract. She misses her children very much," Eric said.

"Then what the heck was she doing at a baby shower? Wouldn't that be the last place she should be going?" I asked.

"Taryn thought that it would be good for her to get out among people. She may not have realized the meaning a baby shower would have for Jennifer."

Things that were blazingly obvious to humans went right over the heads of many vampires.

"Who was the gray haired man with her?" I thought he might be her father from the way he cared for her.

"He is her Maker, Enrico Carosa. With the money he received for Turning Jennifer he was able to move here and provide a secure home for the two of them. My company installed their safe room. They have both been recently registered in my Area."

I thought about Jennifer's life before Turning, and now. I supposed she was better off having this life than no life at all. I wondered why her in-laws would have driven such a hard bargain. Perhaps they never liked her and this was a way to get rid of her, though if they had just waited the illness would have done the job.

At least I wouldn't have that problem if I Turned. I was pretty sure everyone would still love and accept the new me. I mentally wished the weeping vampire well and turned to Eric to speak of other happier things.

My pregnancy continued to progress at normal human speed. At one of my earlier appointments Dr. Fay confirmed that I would need a Cesarean. She had a human obstetrician collaborating with her to perform the operation. His name was Dr. Cutter. I met him briefly and he seemed experienced and competent.

The other piece of bad news, besides the need for a Cesarean section, was that Eric was not going to be allowed in the delivery room. He would be able to watch over closed circuit TV. I could see and speak to him over a monitor too. I tried to fight against it, but it was strict hospital policy. They would not budge on their position.

There had been an "incident" during another Cesarean delivery. I wasn't able to find out the details, but the blood from the operation sent the vampire husband out of control. Now they had a "no vampire" policy in place when a procedure that shed blood was involved.

Eric and I had to adjust to my growing size. By the sixth month I was sticking out pretty darn good, and by the seventh month I was enormous.

One night I was looking at my protruding stomach in the mirror. I had no idea my skin could stretch that far.

"I'm really getting huge," I said to Eric. The changes in my body were so dramatic I looked at myself in wonder. I ran my hands over the roundness.

"That is because you are carrying my whole world inside of you," he said, coming up behind me, running his big cool hands over the smooth curved surface too. "This is a new adventure for us, our journey into parenthood together."

I leaned back against him, both of us hugging my belly, our interlaced hands feeling our children move inside me. It was both strange and amazing.

He sat me down and said, "For one as old as I am to have this chance, to begin a new life, a new family, it is beyond anything I could have dreamed. This gift you are giving me, at the cost to your own comfort and freedom, is precious beyond words. I would never stop thanking you if I were to express to you how grateful I am."

He bowed his head and kissed my hand, then he raised my top and kissed my stomach three times, staying there near his children for a long time before kissing me on the mouth.

From the passion and tenderness in the way he treated me, I knew his gratitude was boundless. We were never happier or closer.

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170 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventy

The months seemed to fly by. The addition was finished, the lawn repaired, and the furniture started to arrive.

I had hoped Angellica would be able to be employed as a day time helper for me when the babies arrived, but now that Jason had been fertilized I wasn't sure she would be around. He might turn up pregnant at any time. I asked her anyway and she said yes. She was very happy about the offer.

It meant the end of her job in Fangtasia, but she didn't mind, especially because Eric and I were doubling her wages. She did warn me that if Jason needed to leave for Texas she would be going with him. I told her I understood completely. I hoped I could go and visit him if the time came.

Lingza continued to make progress. His blood and waste products were being studied to see why he could go out in the sun without any ill effects. They couldn't take a tissue sample from a vampire, it would just turn to ash before it could be tested.

Eric removed his minion Aleksis from the center, forcing Dr. Mellen and the other scientists to find and hire workers whose blood had the Diego antigens. Lingza ate only fruit and vegetables, drank only water, and of course he needed fresh blood.

He asked for me, as Mava, every time he saw Eric. They still didn't understand much of what Lingza was saying, but they understood his signals for bananas, strawberries and M &M's. He was wild for M&M's. They were using them to toilet train him, rewarding him with a few every time he used the bathroom correctly.

Whatever had motivated Lingza to seek me out the time he came to my house hadn't caused him to do it again. No one knew how he found me here.

By night the vampires watched over him and by day the werewolves were on duty. Eric told me Lingza hadn't tried to leave again. He was attached to Nurse Ellen and a few of the other female staff members and seemed content to stay in the facility.

He was taken for daylight walks outside by his werewolf attendants on a large private estate with secluded areas and walking paths. The estate was owned by the King, but otherwise unoccupied. Lingza often stopped to eat various plants by the side of the path.

I stopped in and saw him occasionally. I always brought him fruit, which was his favorite. We always hugged. He didn't act so heartbroken or confused as the effects of his unimaginably agonizing entrapment ceased to dominate his mind. He seemed relatively happy in his nice surroundings. He had graduated from the caftan to baggy pants and shirts, so I guessed his toilet training was complete.

Lingza was treated with kindness and respect. In spite of his limitations, his great age made him an object of vampire reverence. And his ability to go out in the sun, the only living vampire with that trait, made him the ultimate rare and valuable subject for study by the medical staff.

Pam eventually figured out I was pregnant when my belly started to swell. One night in Fangtasia, when Eric and I were being a vampire couple for tourists, she followed me into the ladies room. She stood next to me while I re-teased my hair and applied more dark red lipstick.

She studied my profile, hands on her slim hips, her pale brow slightly creased in thought. Tonight she wore a smoke blue and gray striped short sleeved turtle neck cashmere sweater and dark blue cashmere slacks. Her gray heels picked up the color from the sweater. Her light coral lips pursed as she decided what to say.

I had on a black lace dress with an empire waistline gathered in front. It hid my baby bulge nicely while seated, or if I kept my short red silk cape closed when I stood, but with my arms up to back comb my hair the cape slid back and my condition became obvious.

Pam's pointed pink tongue flicked out to lick her lips before she spoke. I recognized this mannerism of hers. It meant she wasn't a hundred and ten percent sure of what she was about to say.

She spoke slowly. "Dave Barry once wrote that you should never ask a woman if she's pregnant, unless you can actually see a baby coming out of her body right at that moment."

Her slight crisp British accent enhanced the humorous quality of the amusing quote.

I decided to have some fun teasing Pam, if I could. It was so seldom, or maybe never, that I felt like I had the upper hand with the smart, pretty, and appealing vampire.

"Oh yeah?" I asked, appearing uninterested. "Who's this guy Dave Barry?" I continued to fuss with my hair.

"He's a humor columnist, but that's irrelevant," she said, dismissing that part of the conversation. "The point he was making is that it is a bad idea to ask a woman if she's pregnant."

"I don't see why," I said, feigning wide eyed innocence as I met her eyes in the mirror.

"I believe it is because the woman may not actually be pregnant and she would then take offense," Pam said.

She sounded a little unsure of this. Human emotions were sometimes difficult for vampires to understand, especially the older vampires.

"Because she's gained a little weight and might find it insulting to have that brought up to her?" I asked in an irritated tone.

"Well, yes. But if it is a fact ...." Pam said.

"If what's a fact Pam?" I asked, turning to face her.

I used my mad-as-a-wet-hen voice, the one Gran taught me to use when dealing with nosy people. Of course this time it was all an act, but Pam didn't know that.

"A fact that the woman gained weight," Pam began.

"So you followed me in here to tell me I'm getting fat?" I challenged.

I had finally managed to get Pam almost flustered. "No, not at all, I was merely asking if your weight gain was due to pregnancy."

"Well, Pam," I waited for a bit, frowning, enjoying the moment, "the answer happens to be .... yes! I'm going to have triplets." I said grinning, glad to share my happy news with her.

"Triplets! That is fantastic Sookie! Does the Master know?"

It took me a second to realize she meant Eric. "Oh yeah, he knows. He's on board with the whole thing."

Of course I couldn't tell her Eric was the biological father of the babies, it would give away Anna Hita's secret, but Pam was happy for both of us.

"Sookie, you don't know how delighted this news makes me. I have waited a long time for an occasion such as this," she said, managing to sound both enthusiastic and coolly detached at the same time.

I could tell she was beginning to plan even as she spoke to me. Her slender hands rubbed together as she thought.

"You could give me a hug Pam. It would be a good way of showing your happiness for me," I said, interrupting her event planning.

"Of course. How remiss of me to neglect that gesture," she said formally.

The petite vampire hugged me for a long time, patting my back rhythmically. We weren't exactly like sisters, but I felt a bond with her that we hadn't had before.

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