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122 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Two

The day had started out sunny and mild, but turned overcast and colder as it went on. I thought it might snow again, it was so cold. All of the previous snow was gone, as if it had never been.

As I drove past the ancient run down cemetery back in the woods on the Old Post Road I thought of all those people buried there, gone like the snow, without a trace, as if they had never been.

Then I saw that wasn't really true. Those people might have had children whose children's children might still be alive. They might have done a heroic act, or been kind, or taught children in school, all acts that would live on after they had passed. A kind word from one of them might have changed the course of history.

On the other side was the evil that some of those people might have done, the harm, the murders. That would have repercussions throughout the decades too. I had been exposed to evil as a child, both from the minds I read, and from a pedophile in my own family.

I knew that I would do anything and everything to prevent that from happening to my own child. I would never leave the child alone with anyone I didn't trust, and earning my trust didn't come easy. I could read minds. I would know if someone had that sickness in their heart.

I put the radio on to distract my self from gloomy thoughts about the past and made it to Jason's house in good time. Both his truck and Angellica's car were in his driveway. I could hear my sweet fur baby barking before I reached their door. Jason opened it, holding Roscoe back so he didn't run outside without his leash.

The little white dog was so happy to see me he scooted around the house, barking and then streaking past me in a blur of white. We both encouraged him, laughing at his antics until he wound down and went to get a drink from his bowl of water. I saw that the bowl was full and clean. Roscoe had been brushed until his hair flowed like silk.

I began the visit by thanking Jason for taking such good care of Roscoe. "Where's Angellica?" I asked.

I wanted to thank her too. I had brought her back a delicate gold bracelet from Patagonia, and I had brought Jason a gold tie pin from Brazil with an emerald in it. Jason always looked good in green.

"She's off with the women who deliver food to needy families. She should be back in a couple of hours," he said, glancing at the mantle clock over the stone fireplace. It was an antique clock that needed to be wound once a week by hand with a big brass key. Angellica had brought it here when she moved in. It was a family heirloom.

"How was your trip?" he asked.

I hadn't thought about whether I was going to tell Jason I saw Saytanna. Saying that Angellica's evil twin had dragged me into the Underworld seemed like such a big topic for the short amount of time I had to spend here.

I really wanted to share my other news. I briefly told Jason that my trip was wonderful and mentioned some of the exciting things I saw in Patagonia, leaving out the whole trip to the Underworld and, of course, the secret vampire mummy. Then I moved on to the topic foremost in my mind.

"Jason, I have some good news," I said. I felt a little shy.

He fixed his Stackhouse blue eyes on me, his face going completely blank for a second, then he broke into the biggest grin that could fit on his handsome face.

"Am I gonna be an uncle?" he asked softly, excitement in his voice. He leaned forward, eager to hear my reply.

I nodded, but added, "I'm pretty sure. I see the doctor tomorrow to confirm it."

Jason jumped to his feet. "Hot damn! I'm gonna be an uncle!" He paced a bit then asked, "How are you feeling, Sis? Are you all right? Can I get you something? Some milk?"

He sat back down next to me and hugged me to him. "No, I'm fine. I feel good, no morning sickness or anything." I said over his shoulder.

I didn't mention the fact that I had developed the weird trait of holding Eric's hooha captive until my dimples were rubbed. Of course that was over with now that I had actually conceived.

"Wow, this is great news. Wait until ..." his voice sort of petered out. Then he revved it up again, "Wait until Angellica hears, she'll be jumping around for joy!"

He was trying to sound enthusiastic, but the wind had gone out of his sails. He had suddenly realized that Angellica would be hearing about a woman she knew having a baby, something that her whole heart desired too. It was always bittersweet news for a woman waiting for her own chance to come. I know, I had been there.

He knew I understood what he was thinking, not because I was reading his mind, I wasn't. I just knew how these things went.

"I'm still thinking about my options," he said, sounding a tad defensive.

I couldn't imagine what options those would be except to have a baby or not to have a baby, but all I said was "I know. You have time. I'm not telling you about this because of that."

"I know you're not. It's just that ..." he looked in my eyes, "I'm scared, Sooks, really really scared."

more to come ....... (****Just a reminder for those who have joined me after the first story. ****

~~~ I began these stories before book nine was released, therefore any changes in characters in books nine and ten - deaths and births - will not be reflected in my story. The same is true for the TV series. After season one the events are not included. ~~~

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121 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

Robert sat up a little at that, looking steadily at Trin. I wondered if I should have called both Bishop brothers. If Trin could change at will, he might be more than Robert could handle.

But the full moon was just recently past, I doubted if Trin had what it took to make the change. Quinn could do it, but it had taken almost everything out of the super strong man. There wasn't another like Quinn, everyone said that.

"Oh don't worry," Trin, said, correctly sensing the change in mood. "I tried to convince myself you were a terrible person, but how could I? You're always so sweet and happy. I can see why Quinn was in love with you. The problem isn't you, it's Frannie. Especially when she changes." He slumped in his chair, looking defeated.

"I didn't know she could change, isn't she the second born of a were-tiger?" I asked.

Trin looked uncomfortable. He said, "Quinn is my friend, I don't know if I should tell you about his birth."

I didn't say anything, if he was going to tell me he would. He waited, thinking, then said, "If I explain you must promise me to never reveal what I tell you to anyone else. Don't even let Quinn know I told you anything."

Robert shrugged and said, "Sure." It didn't matter to him one way or the other.

I said, "I promise with the exception of Eric. I keep nothing from my husband. But he knows how to keep a secret."

"Good enough," Trin said. "Quinn was born to his mother's best friend, also a were-tiger. She was shot and killed while in her tiger form when Quinn was still a baby. The woman Quinn calls his mother is his adopted mother. She was a wonderful mother to him until her assault, then she became unhinged. Frannie can't change at will like Quinn can but her father, the rapist, was also a were-tiger. Sookie, she's a full blooded were-tiger like I am. That's why I thought we would be so perfect together."

"Does Quinn know she can change?" I asked.

He had never told me about it, but he might have wanted to keep his secrets, and his sister's secrets. Back when we were dating it took me a while to find out anything about his earlier life.

I had to pry it out of him once he knew I had already learned part of it from others. He was a man with a complicated and troubled past, though none of it was his fault. No wonder he was reluctant to talk about it.

I recalled that Frannie had resembled Mrs. Quinn in physical appearance, but Quinn had looked nothing like either of them. Frannie and Mrs. Quinn's fragile personalities had been similar too, while John Quinn was a pillar of strength and dependability.

The fact that he was adopted might explain it, though the whole nurture versus nature thing was probably too complicated to explain everything. Mrs. Quinn, after the assault, wasn't the same mother to Frannie that she had been to Quinn.

"He knows, that's why he wanted to keep her under his wing and off drugs. Her ability to change without meth is limited to a few hours during the full moon but it increases ten fold when she takes drugs. When she does meth she goes crazy, and if it's during a full moon she might change and do anything. She did this," he indicated his clawed ribs, "during a full moon while she was high. Talk about PMS." He smiled at his feeble joke, but I didn't.

This crazy, dangerous, drug addled girl, a full were-tiger, was after my blood. I was carrying life, and it would destroy Eric if anything happened to me. How was I going to contain this threat?

Robert spoke for the first time. He was blunt. "It sounds like the girl's crazy. You need to get away from her, cut your losses and learn your lesson. She's bad news."

He slurped down the last of his Yoo Hoo and went to get another one. I made a mental note to add Yoo Hoo to the shopping list.

Trin didn't defend her. "I know, I know. It's just that she's the only female were-tiger that I ever met. It seemed so perfect, if she wasn't the way she is." He looked to me, hoping I would understand and empathize with him.

Robert spoke up again. "There are plenty of big were-cats in Asia. My Aunt Rolanda is married to a were-Yeti. I bet he can get me the names of some were-tigers and were-snow leopards over there. Did you know there's an international dating service you can use to meet others of your kind?"

"There is?" Trin said, his face filling with hope. His posture straightened up a little. He wasn't a bad looking guy when he wasn't depressed or threatening.

"My cousin's wife, Aunt Rolanda's daughter-in-law's best friend, is a beautiful Siberian were-tiger. Would you like to meet her? I know she'd be interested in meeting you. She was brought here illegally in a crate for a zoo, but we got her out of the plane before her captors discovered the truth about her."

I bet that was some story, but I didn't have the time to hear it right now. It sounded like the workmen had stopped hammering and were carrying supplies out to the truck. If they were winding up for the day I wanted to be on the road and go get Roscoe. I had been thinking all day about my furry little guy and missing him.

This was the most I ever heard Robert say about his dual identities. I sincerely hoped that he would be able to introduce Trin to some nice were-tiger women. It must really be tough when the dating pool is so limited.

I knew about that. Before meeting vampires my dating pool was limited to one guy in my high school, J.B. du Rone. He was attractive but didn't have much going on in his noggin. Tara married him and seemed happy enough, but I could not have made a life with J.B., sweet as he was.

Richard came in to tell me the workmen were finished for the day. I let the Bishops know I was going to Jason's house to pick up Roscoe. They offered to ride along, but I didn't feel like I needed an escort. Trin left after taking contact information from Robert. I went and took a peek in the bedroom and was delighted.

The paint made the room look spacious and full of light, the wood floors would be gorgeous once they were stained and polyurethaned. I was going with a shade or two lighter than the previous floor color, it went better with the light woods and white washed finishes of the Swedish furniture.

I didn't mind the slight paint smell, it had completely eliminated the smoke smell, a smell I hated. It was non toxic and zero VOC, supposedly safe for a pregnant woman to be around. I wasn't taking any chances though. The workers had left on a big fan and the windows were wide open. The paint should dry and the room should air out in an hour or two.

I decided to call Quinn and tell him that his sister was on the warpath. I didn't know what he could do about it, but I thought he might have some idea of how to deal with her. I wished he had told me the whole truth.

Quinn answered the phone himself. He must have seen my name come up on the caller I.D. I explained what had happened today with Trin, leaving out the parts that would give away I knew he was adopted and that his sister was a full were-tiger.

"It sounds like Frannie's gunning for me, Quinn. That's dangerous for me and for her. Eric will do what he needs to do to keep me safe. You have any ideas on how to handle this?" I asked.

"Yes, I do," he said, sounding sad and thoughtful. "I'm sorry it's come to this, babe. I should have done something about her a long time ago. It's just that she's family, you know how it is."

He sighed. "Sometimes things just don't work out the way we want. I have a place she can go to that will keep her safe from herself and keep you safe too. I should have done this a while ago. She won't bother you again, not where she's going. The security there is excellent."

I was thinking he was talking about the same place somewhere in Nevada he kept his mother locked up. For a were-animal it must be especially painful to have to lock up a family member like an animal in a zoo. Now he would have two family members confined there. Could his luck get any worse?

"I'm sorry it's worked out this way, John," I said, using his first name to show we were still friends.

"Yeah, babe, well, that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. I'm going to go clear my calendar for the rest of the week so I can take Frannie to Nevada and see that she's settled in. Thanks for letting me know. I'm sorry all this crap has landed on your doorstep."

He sounded just about as down and depressed as a man can get. It wasn't fair for him to have so much pain and heart ache piled on him, but I didn't know what I could do to make things better. I hoped it all worked out for them. Maybe the home could help Frannie if she wasn't too far gone with the drugs.

I took a shower and got ready to go see Jason and Roscoe. I was just on my way out the door when the house phone rang. I was tempted to let the answering machine pick it up, but I was expecting calls from so many people I didn't want to miss.

It was Dr. Fay, calling to congratulate me and set up an appointment. We decided she was going to materialize here tomorrow morning around ten. It would save me a trip to the clinic, and her examination shouldn't take more than a few minutes, she said.

As soon as I put the phone down it rang again. This time it was Amelia. She wanted me to tell her what I had for her, but I planned to surprise her with both the letter from Hecate and my happy news. I set up an appointment to meet with her around noon tomorrow at my old farmhouse in Bon Temps. She said she would make me lunch.

I wasn't expecting Anna Hita to call me until night fall, and I still owed Hoyt a phone call. I rushed out of the door before the house phone could ring again. Not many people had my cell phone number, but I brought that with me, just in case.

more to come ..... (Patricia, Anonymous Z, Sally, Holly, Rambo, Kira, Gjers-1, Lynn, Catherine, Kristabb - To have my wild imaginings read and commented on by the intelligent and passionate women that read them here is beyond anything I could have imagined.

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120 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

Before I left the bedroom I called Anna Hita's home and left a message on her machine. I told her it wasn't an emergency, but I would love to talk to her some evening when she had the time. I wanted to share my good news with her and ask her if it would be possible for her to counsel Isabel about her low self image.

I knew it was a lot to ask of Anna Hita, she saw the wealthiest and most powerful vampires usually. But I didn't ask for many favors, and this one wasn't really for me. If anyone could help Isabel she could.

I still hadn't heard Isabel's fate, so I didn't even know if she would be free to visit New Orleans to see Anna Hita. I would ask Eric about it tonight when he arose. I also wanted to know how the Ancient One was doing.

I tried Amelia's number but I got her answering machine. I left a short message telling her I would like to get together with her soon, that I had something for her.

When I was done with my phone calls I realized I didn't have my lunch or vitamins here, I would need to go back to the kitchen in the main house to get them. I decided to use the underground tunnel that connected the three car garage and extra bedrooms with the main house. .

After nuking my Healthy Choice soup and laying a banana on a plate, I got a glass of water and sat down at the table to eat. I couldn't smell the paint at all. I could hear sporadic hammering coming from the bedroom, maybe they were done painting and were laying the floor already. I might take a peek after I ate.

As I peeled my banana Trin came in, unzipping his white painters coveralls and removing a green cloth bandanna from his gray and blond hair. He froze when he saw me.

"Hi," he said, stepping out of his coveralls. Underneath he was wearing a tight "Gold's Gym" tee shirt and nylon running pants. He was in good shape. He came over to me and looked down, seeming as if he had something to say.

"Robert!" I called.

I didn't have to call twice. Robert was there in a New York minute. For a big man he was both fast and light on his jogging shoe clad feet. He was a good dancer too, I remembered from seeing him dance at my wedding.

"Sit down, Trin, if you have something to say. Robert, grab something from the fridge and sit down here for a little while too." I wasn't going to be alone with Trin, and I hadn't finished my lunch.

Trin pulled out a chair and sat down across from me. Robert sat next to him, drinking a Yoo Hoo. I noticed Trin had some speckles on Navajo White paint on his face like reverse freckles.

Trin gave Robert a quick uneasy look. "Pretend I'm not here," Robert said amiably. That was going to take some imagination, Robert must have outweighed Trin by a hundred pounds.

"Are we having some kind of problem?" I asked Trin, then finished my banana and wiped my hands on the napkin.

"No, I mean yes, but we aren't having a problem, I am," he said, sounding miserable.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" I asked.

"You thought my opinion about you came from Quinn. Nothing could be further from the truth. He only says good things about you. I think the big guy still has a flame burning for you, though he has a girlfriend now. She even looks a little like you." Trin sighed.

He went on. "The problem is that I want a family, I want to settle down. The time is right for me to start thinking about having kids. I began dating Quinn's sister Frannie a while back and she really hates you. She blames you for the way Quinn has changed. After you told him he came with too much baggage, he stopped fixing all her problems and filling in all her gaps. He saw that much of the care-taking he was doing for her was actually enabling her to be irresponsible. It was preventing her from growing up. She has fallen on her face a few times and Quinn wasn't there like he used to be to patch everything up."

All this talking was making his throat dry. Trin asked if he could get a glass of water and I told him to go ahead. While he filled his glass I tried to remember everything I could.

Quinn's half-sister Frannie had some emotional problems, and maybe some genetic ones, due to the circumstances of her birth. She was the product of a violent assault on Quinn's mother, an assault that left their mother unable to cope with life. Their mother had to be kept locked up in a protective environment for her own safety, and the safety of others. She was a a full blooded were-tiger like her son, and if she lost control it could be a disaster.

Frannie had been employed by Quinn and given simple tasks. She never seemed that fragile to me, but Quinn used to treat her like she was made of spun glass. I guess he had a change of mind and wanted her to grow up and stand on her own two feet. It didn't sound like she was happy about it.

Trin sat back down. He continued. "Every problem she has, she blames you. I tried to point out that you weren't responsible for her shoplifting charges, for her assault charges, and for her eviction from her apartment. She blew all her money on foolish things, maybe even drugs. She wasn't trying to hear what I had to say. She threw me out, but before she did, she did this," he pulled up his shirt and showed me his midsection.

Four big angry looking red claw marks scarred his otherwise trim and tanned ribcage. I winced. It looked like it had been painful. Shifters heal faster than humans, but unlike vampires, they get scars, and they can die from their injuries if they are bad enough.

"What happened after she threw you out?" I asked.

"When she went to Quinn to bail her out he told her she was a big girl now, she would have to figure this out herself. So she came to me and apologized and asked to borrow some money. I have given her thousands of dollars and the mess still isn't sorted out. But now even that isn't enough. She has made it a condition of her marrying me that I ..."

He looked away, trying to think of the way to say it, "... that I ... do something bad to you."

more to come (Sally, Holly, Anonymous Z, Cindy, Lynn, Kristabb - Appreciate the comments. Having a troll in the family is not a plus!

Anonymous Z - Thanks for the in depth analysis. I am really glad you have seen growth in the characters. It would hardly seem worthwhile to write about characters that are eternally stuck with their character defects.

Lynn - I agree, her early reactions to him would make for a rich conversation some time. They were complex and I don't know if Sookie was even aware of the depth of her reaction to him. You have given me a lot to think about.)


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119 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

Only one Rough and Ready Renovations truck pulled up about a half hour later, with a beat up white van behind it carrying the flooring and moldings necessary to finish up the room. They would paint first so if the paint dripped it only dripped on the plywood under flooring.

Trin came in to make sure the color paint they brought was the color I wanted. It was the smart thing to do. I might have changed my mind, or they might have made a mistake.

"Hi Trin," I said with a smile, glad to see the were-tiger again now that he knew he had made a mistake about me being the bad woman that broke Quinn's heart for no reason.

"I got the right color paint here?" he asked abruptly, not returning my smile and not looking me in the eye.

What was his problem? Now what did I do? Or was he just one of those moody types that got a wild hair up his butt for no apparent reason? No matter, I wasn't going to coddle him along.

"Yup," I said, after checking to make sure it was "Navajo White", which was actually a warm sand color, a nice neutral background for the radiant colors on the Swedish fabrics and rugs I had coming through the mail.

He left the room and walked back to the bedroom. Another guy followed him carrying drop cloths, brushes and rollers. A third guy brought up the rear with two ladders. Between the three of them they should get the room done in an hour or two, leaving plenty of time for the floors to go down. The moldings might have to wait until tomorrow.

I looked at Richard still sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Robert had gone on a McDonald's run to get their breakfast. Richard raised his cup in the direction Trin had gone with a wry smile on his face, like he was toasting Trin, a mock salute to show he saw how rude Trin had been.

I grinned at Richard and clinked my cup against his in a silent toast, saying without words that I agreed with him, Trin was acting like a pain again. Richard got up and moseyed down the hall to the bedroom to see what was going on. He didn't have a gun so he wasn't expecting trouble. Their new guns were locked in their car trunk and probably at a McDonald's drive through right at this moment.

There was no reason for me to stand around watching the men paint, and I thought there might be fumes I shouldn't be breathing, so I went through the tunnel to the bedroom over the garage. I got out the laptop and looked up a few things, including baby furniture and Swedish antiques.

Then I had a thought and looked up "trolls". I had told Eric I would not speak of his supernatural brother again, but I didn't think there could be any harm in just looking up the topic of trolls on the internet.

At first the definition I got was "a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community" but I didn't think Eric was referring to that particular kind of troll. I had seen that kind on the Wives and Lovers of Vampires community board I sometimes visited. Those kinds of trolls were ignored and eventually removed by the administrator of the board.

The second definition - "A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology." seemed more like it. Of course, what most people thought of as mythology I knew to be real.

I had seen Hel, Cerberus, and Persephone with my own eyes, and those folks were also considered to be myths. So were vampires until the Great Revelation. And the werewolves and shifters, not myths but real living members of society, were seriously considering coming out in the open too.

Much of what I read about trolls was contradictory. In some legends they were devious and harmful, in others they were just misunderstood and being driven out of their homes by encroaching human civilization.

Even the description of their appearance was not consistent. Some legends described them as ugly and small, other legends described them as human-like in appearance except for one lock of hair that couldn't be combed.

One article discussed how trolls wanted treasure, especially gold, to keep in their houses. This reminded me of the leprechaun and his little pot of gold at the end of rainbow.

The main impression I got is that trolls were trouble and best to be avoided. No wonder Eric didn't want to discuss this topic, it might actually conjure up his troublesome troll sibling and nothing but problems would come from that.

The final and most worrisome thing I learned about trolls is about their desire to kidnap newborn children. Some authors said they left a substitute horrible child in its place. That child was called a changling. Others said they took the child to eat. Either way, it was a scary thought.

I sat with my hand placed protectively on my stomach after shutting down the computer, feeling uneasy and wishing I had never asked Eric about his supernatural brother.

more to come .....(Sally, Holly, Patricia, Anonymous Z, Cindy, Catherine, Lynn - Thanks for letting me know you are liking the story. It doesn't look like it's going to be wrapping up any time soon. Hope you all are going to have a safe fun Memorial Day weekend. Remember the fallen.

Lynn, thanks for your suggestion - I'll have to revisit the early interactions of Sookie and Eric in CH's books. I'm not sure she was really attracted to him right at the very beginning. That was when she was smitten with Bill. I thought that Eric grew on her as she got to know him but it's been so long since I read the books I could be wrong.)


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118 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen

The next day I got up early, which left me feeling sleep deprived. I tried to avoid sleep deprivation, but it happened occasionally. I wanted to be showered and dressed before the workmen arrived.

When I cautiously stepped out onto the porch to get the paper I wasn't surprised to see the Bishop brothers sitting side by side on the porch swing. Good thing Eric had made it super duper strong, able to carry their considerable weight.

Eric had left a package for them in the kitchen. They both stood and wished me a good morning, barely able to contain themselves until I went back in the house and invited them in. They didn't need to be invited like a vampire did, but these were good Southern boys with nice manners and polite ways, as long as they were in their human form, that is.

How they acted when they were in their Bigfoot phase was anybody's guess. Standing together in their overalls, their feed store caps held in their hands, they reminded me of the drawing of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the Alice in Wonderland book I read over and over as a child. I smiled to myself once my back was turned to them.

They tried not to stampede into the kitchen ahead of me when I went to get a cup of coffee. I had made a full pot in case anyone else wanted coffee. For a wonder they both declined a cup of java when I asked them. Usually I could count on them drinking the whole pot before I got a second cup, but not today. They wanted to open their presents.

With shaking hands they unwrapped the plain brown butcher paper, then opened the box by cutting through the layers of clear packing tape with Richard's handy box cutter. Reverently they took out the new guns, the Sig Saur P 229's Eric had promised them as a bonus for getting us to South America and back safely.

There was plenty of extra ammo too. They did a little happy dance, pretending to shoot the decorative plates on the wall, pretending they were killing enemies, and finally pretending they were shooting dogs. I stopped them with a question.

"Y'all don't shoot dogs, do you?" I sounded judgmental as all get out because that was exactly how I felt. I even had my hands on my hips like Gran used to do to show attitude. All I needed was a dish towel to wipe my hands on and throw down. Jason and I both knew that when Gran threw down her dish towel we were in big big trouble.

"Well, I, that is, we..." Richard began, looking at his brother for help.

Robert took over, as he usually did when smooth talking was required. "No, we don't shoot dogs as a rule. But occasionally, at night, when we are out in the woods and fields, there are packs of wild dogs that attack us. They chase us and try to tear at our legs. It is really self defense to shoot those dogs. We both try to escape, but sometimes it can't be avoided."

Did this mean the two of them were running around armed when they were in their Bigfoot phase? Or did they keep the guns nearby and run to them and switch back to human so they could aim and shoot? What did the Bigfoots do when they were out in the woods?

I knew were-wolves and were-panthers liked to hunt, wild pig being the favorite game. Did Bigfoots run down pigs and deer and eat them raw? I was too polite to ask them, so I just nodded and said I saw what they were saying.

I did too. Those wild dogs, once house pets or descendants of house pets, now starving and diseased, had gone completely feral. They formed packs and ran down deer, sheep, cows, pigs, and goats, ripping at their hind legs to cripple them and bring them down. The farmers hated these dogs, and so did the hunters.

The wild dogs could not be caught and tamed, and they bred until they outgrew the food supply in the area they inhabited. The only merciful solution was the occasional organized groups that hunted down the wild packs and shot them. All the guys in these groups were marksmen, the dogs were put down in one shot.

My heart broke for those dogs, and my blood boiled thinking of the low lives that just abandoned their pets by the side of road rather than being responsible dog owners and seeing to it that their unwanted pet was taken to a shelter.

I had no solution for this problem. It wasn't just a country problem, I knew it happened in the cities too. Maybe if the penalties were stiffer people would do the right thing.

This made me want to reunite with my dear little Roscoe in the worst way. I was going over to Jason's later to pick him up when the workmen left for the day, usually around two or three in the afternoon.

Until then I would just have to focus on the fact that Roscoe was being well cared for and loved. And making more coffee, now that the Bishops had finished their gleeful inspection of the new guns.

One of them would go out and bring back their breakfast pretty soon. At my request, Eric had told them I wasn't going to be cooking for them today. The other one would keep an eye on what went on here. Eric wasn't taking any chances with my safety.

more to come ..... (Holly, Diane, Anonymous Z, Patricia, Cindy, Kira, Lynn - I am glad you are as happy with Eric as I am. Thanks for writing and letting me know and for your kind words.

Kira - I don't keep notes and I can't plan ahead. I don't know what I'm going to write until my fingers touch the keyboard. I'm reading the story as I write it, and I never know what part each event is going to play until it happens. I'm as surprised as you are by what happens.

It's like the whole thing has already been written in my head somewhere, but I can't see it until I type it. I know it sounds weird, but it's just the way it is. Like Homer Simpson said, "When I try to think, nothing happens." lol.)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

117 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

When we got home I showed Eric the color choices for paint, curtains, and bed linen for the bedroom. I wanted to make sure they were all approved by him before I went ahead with finishing the renovations tomorrow. He loved the colors and was looking forward to having our bedroom fixed up as much as I was.

Eric's cell phone started to play "Sunday Bloody Sunday", his latest ringtone. He got an unexpected phone call from Haides. I wondered how that showed up in his caller I.D.

He said "Yes, yes, I see, Very good," as he paced up and down and listened. Then he laughed and hung up.

"That was Haides. He was unable to locate the dragon Madge, and the Countess swears she knew nothing about what her supernatural sister was planning to do," Eric said.

I had my doubts about that. After all, Adrijana was the one that had my wine spiked with dragon scale. She must have had something evil in mind, but it probably couldn't be proven. All this was outside of Eric's jurisdiction.

Eric continued, "Saytanna has been dealt with for her breech in security. The problem with Hel is going to take a while to straighten out. She is still very angry. Haides is having a difficult time appeasing her. This has irritated him greatly."

I imagine Hel let Haides have an earful. "Is Saytanna dead?" I asked, half hoping she was, to my dismay, and half dreading his answer.

"No, no one dies in the Underworld. It is a place for reformation. Her punishment is to try out the new spanking machine. For those that require punishment for their inner restructuring an inventor has created a spanking machine. It frees up the other workers from the tedious task of continuously spanking. Someone has to test the machine to make sure it is both safe and effective. That will be Saytanna's new job."

"How long will the test last?" I asked, trying to picture what a spanking machine would be like. I figured it had paddles that revolved and whacked her.

"Haides is thinking ten years. With all the paperwork involved in the event of an injury, he can not be too careful. The machine must be tested under many conditions."

Eric added, "It will only be for eight hours a day, and she will get half an hour for lunch and a week vacation. Of course any injuries she sustains will heal almost immediately." He wanted to make sure I wasn't upset. He thought of me as soft hearted. I was, but not when it comes to Saytanna.

"That sounds about right to me," I said.

I thought of her with her bare behind in the air getting paddled for eight hours a day and felt only a tiny bit of pity. Serves her right, and it might wear her down and change her. Spare the rod and all that.

Then I put her out of my mind. On to the movie.

When I went to put the Abbott and Costello movie in the DVD player I ejected "The Maltese Falcon". This reminded me of the statue I had stored under the sink. I got it and brought it to the media room to give back to Eric.

"Should we put it in here?" Eric asked, placing it on top of the cabinet we kept our DVD's in.

"Is it terribly valuable?" I asked. I didn't want anything of tremendous value out in the open while the workmen were in the house.

He looked surprised. "No, not at all, it is just a prop, made of lead and resin. All the lore about the Maltese Falcon, that was just a movie."

He had changed into his black silk pajama bottoms, his naked torso looked so enticing I had a hard time focusing on what he was saying. Then I got it.

"Oh, I knew it was only a movie. But I thought there might be a really valuable Falcon you got as payment for some battle you fought in."

"There was a genuinely valuable hawk figurine, the Kniphausen Hawk, but I never had it in my possession. It's owned by the Duke of Devonshire right now, I believe." He sat down, stretching out his long legs and crossing them at the ankles.

"You said it was a prop. Was this one used in the movie?" I thought if it was it still might be too valuable to leave out on a cabinet.

"There were only a few statues used in the movie. Bogart dropped the first one and dented it. Another was marred by Greenstreet at the end of the movie. This one was made by a movie buff who wanted to own one. It was given to me as a present in the 1950's. I have lugged it around or stored it ever since. I was delighted to find out you liked the movie so much. At last there is a place for the Falcon." He regarded me with his tranquil blue eyes.

"I am a lot like that Falcon. Before you came along I felt there was no place I could really be at home, wanted, admired, loved for what I really am." There was no self pity in his voice, just a calm statement of facts.

I sat next to him. "That can't be true Eric. So many people are attracted to you, want you, chase you from pillar to post trying to get your attention. Any of them would have been delighted to set up housekeeping with you."

He gave a short laugh. "I appreciate your high opinion of me, but believe me when I tell you, all these humans are trying to fulfill their own agendas. I would be expected to make their lives whole. Or I would be a trophy or a bank account. You were whole when I met you, you did not need me. On the contrary, you wanted me to leave you alone. It was this independence of yours that intrigued me. I had to find out why you did not want me, how you could turn all this down." He swept his hand down the length of his body, indicating what I had been turning down. Mr. Modest.

"Besides that, I sensed you were unique in all the world. There was no one like you. I could not substitute anyone else and be satisfied with that. It had to be you, only you. You had to want me, the real me, not some illusion of what I was. Tonight, more than ever, I know it is me you want. Do you know how that makes me feel?"

I shook my head no, fascinated at having Eric speak so openly.

"It makes me feel like this," he said, then he sat up, put his big arms around me and kissed me with all his heart and soul. It was an endless kiss, a kiss for the ages, a kiss I would remember when I was old and gray.

In the years to come I would always think of this night as our Maltese Falcon night, the night I understood we both had finally gotten the stuff that dreams are made of. Our dreams had come true.

more to come ......(Holly, Anonymous Z, Patricia, Catherine, Sally, Diane, Cindy, Lynn - Good morning fanpires! You are all a lovely addition to my day, thanks for taking the time to write.

- Aleksis's grandmother (in Eric's words) "She is a vampir zauberweihen, a woman that can charm vampires. She is a 'charmer of charms most skilful.' .....she uses what is known as a silber zaubersprüche, a special spoken magic spell directed at vampires. It puts the vampire in a temporary trance. She can ask questions and get answers as long as the spell lasts.....her hexencraft can only work once. Now that I am aware of her charm I will be able to put my guard up. I can forbid her to say the simsalabim by glamouring her immediately. Her magic words are her only tool. It sounds like she is grateful to me and thinks I am able to heal others with my powers. She would not harm me if that is true."

It sounds like she was familiar with vampires from her home land and knew how to relate to them.)


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116 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

We finally made it out to the club floor and sat around for the tourists to look at. One timid woman crept forward to ask me how long I had been a vampire. I knew I was just supposed to look at her imperiously and not deign to answer her foolish human question, but I couldn't help myself.

I told her I'm not quite a full vampire yet, I still had to earn some of my merit badges. She went away impressed the requirements to turn vampire were so demanding.

While I sat there I did a mental check with myself about how I felt after seeing Eric feed from a man. My reaction was mild and surprising. It was more of a turn on than anything else. I knew many men fantasized about seeing two women together, and what's good for the goose is good for gander.

I had no idea seeing any kind of man with man action would be erotic, but it was. Especially because Eric reserved the strictly sexual part of the process for me. It was a nice lead in, an appetizer, so to speak, at least for me. For Eric it was the meal and I was the dessert.

We stayed for a while, hoping Leslie might show up with news about the Curds, but she neither showed up or called. Pam smirked at me every time she walked past but I refused to be embarrassed. Her boyfriend Steve followed her around the club like Mary's little lamb, trying to smooch with her whenever he could get her alone, which wasn't often.

This might mean the glamorous Pam was tiring of the big burly biker. It never worked out to chase someone that didn't want you as much as you wanted them. His laughter seemed a little forced, his arm around her shoulders was a little too possessive. Pam might already have his replacement lined up, and whether it would be a man or a woman was anybody's guess.

When Pam broke up with Amelia it had been a mutual decision, they both felt they would make better friends than lovers. But I saw clearly that Steve wasn't going to go quietly into that good night. He was more in love with Pam than ever.

The pretty vampire was as elusive as a butterfly, flitting from the bar to the dance floor to the tables to the door to check ID's. She would wear Steve out if he tried to keep up with her.

I was impressed with how diplomatic Eric had been with Pam tonight. Even though she had screwed up royally with her speed dating plan, and even though he was her Maker and had all the power, he didn't boss her around ruthlessly. He recognized her as a partner in the club, a partner with ideas of her own.

This made me feel like he would let me be myself after he Turned me. I knew I would probably make mistakes as a new vampire. Eric's ability to be patient and kind with Pam was very reassuring. I hoped she wouldn't take his kindness as weakness, as that would be a big mistake. You didn't get too many second chances with Eric.

I hooked my hand through Eric's arm, happy with him, happy with my condition, content with the world. When it was time for us to leave Eric spoke with Pam for a few minutes, then we ducked out the back and into our car before any of his groupies followed us.

Just as Eric started the car he went on the alert and shut it off again. Instantly he was out of the car. After a minute or two he came walking back with Aleksis Curd in tow. Aleksis wasn't glamoured, he seemed to be coming along willingly.

I got out of the car to see what Aleksis had to say, but I already heard the sad news from his mind. His grandmother had passed quietly in her sleep. He was coming to say thank you to Eric for giving him the extra time with her and turn himself in to Eric.

He was deeply sorry he had ever gone along with the plot to bomb our house, he admired Eric and knew his grandmother had almost revered him. These feelings came from his heart. Meeting Eric had changed Aleksis completely.

We let him have his say. Eric looked skeptical, or at least he looked completely unmoved by Aleksis's heartfelt thanks and apology. Again Aleksis kissed Eric's Dracula ring and bowed his head to him. He almost worshiped my husband.

Aleksis had tears in his eyes, and to be honest there were tears in mine as well, recalling the raw grief of losing one of the few people that cared and nurtured you as a child. Aleksis might have a criminal background, he might not have been a very nice person in the past, but there was no doubt he had adored his grandmother as I adored mine.

Eric looked at Aleksis when he finished speaking, frowning. Now that he had the man in his custody he had to figure out what to do with him. The crimes of theft Aleksis had committed were in his native land, not America, But he was wanted for participating in the bombing and that was on American soil.

After a moment's thought, Eric told Aleksis to go to the Shreveport police station when he was told to and turn himself in to Officer Leslie Fujikawa. She would take him into custody for the attack against us.

I sincerely hoped that Aleksis's remorse and change of heart could be taken into account for sentencing. Surely the fact that he turned himself in voluntarily would count for something.

Before he left he turned to me and thanked me. He took a small box out of his denim jacket pocket and gave it to me, telling me his grandmother wanted me to have it.

"She was very insistent, that I must personally place this ring in your hands and tell you this ring is from her."

I opened the old fashioned ring box and saw a beautiful antique gold and garnet ring. The gold work was elaborate and heavy, the garnet as red as a ruby. I thanked him and told him I would treasure it always. He smiled then for the first time, his gaunt face taking on a rugged charm. He shook my hand and left, walking away into the night.

Eric opened the car door for me, then got back in the car after I was seated. I knew he was ready to let go of Aleksis's fate and let the human court system handle it. For a vampire, this was an extremely generous resolution to the crime Aleksis had committed against us.

more to come ......(Anonymous, Holly, Cindy, Anonymous Z, Deanna, Diane, Patricia, Lynn - Right after I get up in the morning I post my story, then I look forward to what you have to say! Thanks for writing me your thoughts, they are so encouraging to me.)


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115 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

My mantra became "open minded, open minded" while I waited. I wanted to remain open minded and not experience this through a filter of my old ideas.

Most of those ideas weren't mine, they were spoon fed to me since birth by the opinions of those around me that had an influence on my thinking. Prejudice and judgment seep into a child's mind without their knowledge. I wanted to decide for myself how I felt about what happened tonight.

Eric returned with a young man that frequented the club. I only knew him by his nickname, "Jumpin' Joe" because he still did the pogo to the punk songs. He hung around the booth when we had the vampire DJ Bruno.

He flirted with all the attractive male vampires, but it was known that he had a big time crush on Eric. Whenever there was a charity promotion featuring something Eric wore or signed, Joe would out bid everyone.

Joe had natural jet black hair worn in a spiky style that suited his lean angular face. He was olive complected with a two day growth of black beard that never got any longer. Both his ears were pierced numerous times and sported many different earrings and studs. His eyebrow and his lower lip were pierced too, and who knew what else I couldn't see.

He always dressed up for the club in punk clothes. Tonight it was green plaid baggy pants with straps and chains connecting the legs, and a vintage "Misfits" tee shirt complete with holes. He had a green streak sprayed in his hair to match the plaid of his pants.

Eric introduced him as Joe, and from what they said Eric had already explained to him I was going to watch while he fed. The punk rocker was flushed with excitement. From his thoughts I got that this was his dream come true, his fantasy, the one he used when he was alone at night to .... well, I didn't need to know every thought in his spiky head.

Joe sat down in the office chair after Eric rolled it into the center of the room. Eric stood in front of Joe and leaned over, placing his hands on the arms of the chair as if to speak to Joe up close and personal, but he said nothing. I could feel Eric's glamour roll back off them like the icy air from a freezer.

Then Eric stood up and faced me, smiling confidently like a magician about to perform a trick. He walked around behind Joe so I could see everything, tilted Joe's head to the side and was on him in a split second.

Two seconds later he was done, Joe was healed, and Eric was standing up straight, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It happened so fast I would have missed it if I blinked.

"Want to see it again?" Eric asked me.

I was startled at the question until he laughed, the big kidder. He still had a little blood on the corner of his mouth and he wiped it away with his finger.

"Are you wearing panties?" he asked me, getting serious.

"Um, yes," I said, not sure where this was going.

"I should have told you to remove them before I got back," he said, looking down at himself.

I followed where he was looking and I could see why he wanted me pantie-less. He was over to me in a blur, kissing me and bending me back on the couch. His hands were already sliding my underwear off when I came to my senses.

"Eric, Eric, Eric, wait," I panted. I pointed to Joe, who appeared to be looking right at us.

"He is glamoured, he can't see us," Eric said, resuming his panty raid.

"But," I said, and that was as far as I got.

Eric got up and swiveled the swivel chair around so Joe was facing the wall. Then he was back, his pants down to his ankles, my panties hanging from the ceiling fixture, my dress hiked up to my waist. We went at it like crazed rabbits until we both hopped into happyland together.

He retrieved my underwear and helped me put it on once his britches were back where they started. I straightened my dress, smoothed my hair, and re-applied my bright red lipstick. All the white foundation in the world wasn't going to cover my flaming cheeks. I would just have to be a vampire with red cheeks.

As Eric was swiveling Joe around again, Pam knocked briefly, popped her head in, looked over the scene and said, "Kinky".

She backed her head out, quietly closing the door behind her. I guess Eric hadn't locked the door either. I made a mental note to myself to remember to lock the door next time.

"So," he asked before un-glamouring Joe, "How was that?"

I thought for a second, but I couldn't come up with anything better than what Pam had said.

"Kinky," I replied with a smile.

more to come .....(Patricia, Holly, Sally, Kira, Diane, Anonymous, Anonymous Z, Lynn - I'm grateful you let me know what your thoughts are, it gives me a whole new perspective on the story.

Diane - You wrote "I think we need a few chapters from Eric's perspective where he sends Sookie on errands or gets her out of the way so he can be the Strong/heavy handed/Viking we all love and respect."

I only know what Sookie knows, and one thing she knows about Eric is that he is a master strategist, always ten moves ahead in his thinking. If he does something, there is a reason behind it.

Kira - How lovely that you took the time to download my stories and share them with others.

I understand what you mean about being frustrated with the story of Sookie and Eric not being truly told. I feel absolutely compelled to tell this story, come hell or high water, until the conclusion. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before.)


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114 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Eric clicked the mouse, freezing the picture. He swiveled around in his chair and looked up at Pam. "You were able to straighten this ..." he was momentarily at a loss for words, " ...this mess out?"

"Oh yes, master. I believe we have erased the memory of this night from all the human minds, healed any marks, and implanted a memory of a pleasant and enjoyable evening. Fortunately no one was permanently damaged. I realized that I needed more detailed instructions for both the humans and the vampires alike for this to be a successful event. Next time I plan to ..."

Eric interrupted her. "Next time? Do you really think I would allow a repeat of this night?"

He stood up, towering over her petite frame. She took a step back.

"Pam, this is my fault. I never should have allowed it." He was shaking his tawny mane at his foolishness for going along with the plan.

"This club is part mine. Don't I get a voice in how it is run?" Pam asked, anger flashing in her eyes.

He looked at her, his face loving and open. She was his dear Child. "Of course you do. But surely you can see that..."

"I see I need to make some revisions, nothing more. This little debacle was nothing compared to some we have seen. Remember that night in Lisbon, in Santos-o-Velho, the night the ships came in?" She gave a little laugh. "Now that was a sight to see. Blood ran in that tavern until it flowed into the streets. The look on the faces of the constables when they arrived ..." She gave a lovely mirthful giggle, made chilling by the topic that had inspired it. The hair on my arms stood up.

"Pam," Eric cautioned her, glancing briefly at me. "I know you meant no harm, and I appreciate your desire to improve our business. Perhaps we can work on this together and come up with a fool proof plan."

I noticed how he stressed the word "our". He was trying to appease her, yet keep out of hot water with the press, the police, and the King. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Or, as Gran would have said, the devil and the deep blue sea.

After a bit more shop talk Pam left to resume her role as bouncer. She looked as dainty as a fashion model, but she packed a wallop like a steam shovel.

"I hope this has not distressed you?" Eric said, taking me in his arms. He thought of my condition as "delicate" and wanted to shield me from any unpleasantness.

"No, not really. I guess as long as everyone was restored to their original condition it worked out okay."

"One thing, though," I added.

"Yes?" He backed up a bit so he could see my face.

"I would destroy that DVD right now if it was up to me. You wouldn't want it falling into the wrong hands."

He immediately strode over to the computer, ejected the DVD, and crumbled it to shiny dust in his big hand. I got the little dust pan and brush and swept away the powder. It was the end of that episode in Fangtasia and it kept the office tidy.

Eric called Officer Fujikawa and left a message on her answering machine to let her know he was back. Then he checked his emails on the computer, responding to one. He filed a few papers that were on his desk. I got the feeling he was stalling.

Was he reluctant to go out on the floor and face the area where the disaster had happened? I presumed the blood and anything else untoward had been thoroughly cleaned up by now. The club had been open since that night, no traces would remain.

Finally he turned to me, a tense look on his face. "How should I do this? Should I go get someone and bring him back here, or do you want to be part of the selection process?"

That was when I realized his reluctance wasn't about the fiasco a few nights ago, it was about the way we were going to handle it when he needed to feed from someone else. I gave it some thought.

"Yes, go get someone and bring him back here. I'll wait here until you return. This is going to be all right, Eric. We can make it all right between us." I wanted to reassure him. After he left, I sat down on the couch and tried to reassure myself too.

more to come ..... (Anonymous Z, Sally, Diane, Kira, Holly, Cindy, Gjers-1, Lynn - Glad you got a laugh out of the speed dating fiasco, it was fun to picture in my mind, though not so fun for the imaginary humans that got caught in the crossfire. I really appreciate the time you take to write me your thoughts, they are fascinating to me.)


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113 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen

I saw the club fill up as people and vampires rushed around like crazed insects, everything looking comically speedy at the fast forward speed. This was shot from the overhead security camera, the one that took in the seating area at the back of the dance floor.

The tables had been arranged in rows, with a number and letter on each table. When each table had two people seated at it, one on either side, Eric slowed down the speed of playback to real time.

Each human and vampire had a large card they marked when they sat down. Pam, dressed in a chocolate brown tweed suit, walked among the tables, giving instructions. Then a big red timer, like a giant egg timer, was set for three minutes.

The speed dating had begun. From this angle I was able to recognize only a few of the vampires. Clancy was there, and Bruno, the vampire DJ for the club. There were a few other familiar faces, but most of the vampires were not known to me. Several of them were craning their necks looking around.

"Are all these vampires local?" I asked Pam. She had come over to see too and stood next to me, bathing me in the enchanting scent of her perfume and her natural delightful vampire smell.

"No, I advertised on line. Many of these vampires are from rural areas in the south and have not had an opportunity to visit a night club of this size before." Her British accent reminded me of the posh accent of Tadeu's, only hers was much lighter.

We watched for the three minutes until the timer ran down, then all the human participants got up and moved down to the next table. The very first thing I noticed was that they were not sorted by gender. This meant that some tables had two men and some had two women, the rest had male and female.

Pam set the timer, but I could tell by the agitated movements of some of the humans that they were objecting to being on a date, even if it was only for three minutes, with a member of the same sex.

One big heavyset man stood up so violently his chair flew back, hitting the female vampire seated at the table behind him on the head. She stood up, fangs out, ready to retaliate. Pam was instantly there to soothe them both. But both remained angry. The man stalked off. He had worn overalls to this date night. I guess there was no dress code.

Pam was equally comfortable with either sex as a dating partner. While I was still single and living in Bon Temps she had dated my room mate Amelia. Now she was seeing a human biker, a nice guy named Steve.

I don't think it occurred to her that many humans would not be comfortable with a member of the same sex as a date. This new development threw off her plan. I could see she had originally wanted all the humans to rotate from table to table every three minutes, but that wasn't going to happen.

I knew that off camera there must be a small crowd of vampires and humans waiting for the next round of speed dating once these tables were empty. I saw Pam speak to someone out of camera range. She looked at her clip board and nodded.

Now that the humans had expressed their unwillingness to sit at a table with a member of the same sex, several began to balk at sitting with a vampire that was unattractive.

A sharp dressed man in a tie and suit refused to sit down with an obese female vampire in jeans and a tee shirt. A woman in a cocktail dress refused to sit with a vampire in a work uniform. Everyone looked angry at this point.

Since the progress of the dating was halted, some of the people and vampires that were waiting for the next round came into the area with the tables. Everyone seemed to be talking at once.

A tall vampire in a cape had grabbed a human woman by the arm and was dragging her off. Two other vampires, they might have been brothers, each had an arm of a terrified blond woman. She was pulling and flailing around wildly, trying to escape.

Soon all the vampires were scrambling, trying to claim a human like children grabbing for candy once the piñata had broken. Humans were being glamoured and led off. Vampires began to face off over a human they both wanted.

Some began to change into their fighting mode, a taller thinner version of themselves, fanged, clawed and curved in a weird posture. Pam seemed to be everywhere at once trying to calm everyone down and remove the humans from the vampires. It was chaos.

People and vampires swarmed into the small area, overturning tables and chairs. The vampires moved so fast they were just blurs. Women had their mouths open, they must have been screaming.

A female vampire had a thin young man around the waist while he fought to run away. Several vampires had people down on the floor, feeding on the spot.

The smell of blood must have started a feeding frenzy. Soon more humans, most glamoured, but some still kicking and screaming, were down on the floor being fed on. It looked like a scene from Dante's Inferno.

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Holly, Diane, Cindy, Sally, Lynn, Patricia, Kira, Catherine - Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them. I hope you are going to have a good weekend. I'll try to wrap up all the story lines by the end of the story including Jason and Angellica.

Kira - Actually the idea for the speed dating night was given to me by a friend, the ever brilliant latbfan, to use in one of my stories. I agree, I think we fans could come up with great story lines for the show.)


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112 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

As I guessed from the crowded parking lot, the club was hopping. From the back hall, the employees entrance, I could hear the rhythmic "thump thump thump" of the dance music, though I couldn't make out the song.

We walked down the short hall to Eric's office and went in, turning on the overhead light and the desk lamp. The office was tidier than usual. Papers were stacked neatly on Eric's desk, the boxes had been removed from the leather sofa and the boxes in the corners were fewer and labeled. Even the books in the bookcase were straightened.

I suspected Pam had done this as a way to butter Eric up for her disastrous speed dating night, though it might just be a new bar maid trying to get on the boss's good side.

Eric opened his mail and listened to his voice messages on speaker phone. He did this to show me he had nothing to hide. I didn't need constant reassurance, but it was nice to see he was making the effort to be transparent in his dealings with others. The only message that was of personal interest was one from Leslie Fujikawa. She said she would call back when Eric had returned.

I sat on the now empty couch, a rare luxury because usually it was piled up with boxes, and waited while Eric threw his mail into piles, or in the trash. A brief knock on the door caused him to glance up, and Pam entered the room.

She had on a coral sweater set, black slacks and her trademark four inch heels in matching coral. These had sequined roses on the pointy toes and looked expensive. Pam knew how to dress. She turned heads where ever she went.

"Hello Sookie. My, you're looking just radiant tonight. You must tell me your secret," she said, smiling like she already knew all my secrets.

Maybe she did. Vampires had such well developed senses it was hard to tell what she could know. She had a very sexy mouth, with lips that curved up at the corners like a cat that has just eaten all the cream. Tonight those lips matched her coral colored sweaters exactly. So did her impressive coral and gold earrings, dangling inside the frame of her white blond hair.

"Hi Pam, you look pretty radiant yourself," I replied.

She did, she must have fed very recently. The pink color looked nice with her sweater set. Vampires pinked up after a good feed, then gradually their color returned to alabaster white.

Pam sat down on the hard office chair, crossing her legs at the knees. "How was your trip?" she asked, like she was here for casual chit chat.

I took a breath to answer but Eric beat me to the punch. "Where are the DVD's of that night?" he asked. He didn't need to specify which night, we all knew which night he was talking about.

"There is only one DVD, master, and it is already in your computer, ready to play." Pam regarded Eric steadily with her clear baby blue eyes, not seeming nervous about his reaction.

They had been together, on and off, for centuries. She was respectful towards him not because he wielded any real supernatural power over her, but because she genuinely liked him and admired him. Their physical relationship had dwindled out many years ago, but the bond remained.

He went over to the computer and turned it on, waited for it to boot up, then activated the DVD player. I just had to see too, I went over and stood behind his costly ergonomic computer chair. It was an unnecessary luxury, vampires didn't get bad backs from sitting crouched in front of a computer for hours like humans did.

We watched a few minutes of normal night club activity; bartenders setting up their supplies, waitresses tying on their red and black Fangtasia aprons, and the first few early birds coming to the bar for a drink, then Eric sped up the playback, looking for the moment when it all went wrong.

more to come .....(Pat, Holly, Patricia, Rambo, Diane, Marleneemm, Anonymous Z, Gjers-1, Lynn - I'm really happy you let me know what your thoughts are, it gives the story a whole new dimension.

ps - Rambo - Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the number. Me and numbers don't see eye to eye.

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Gjers-1! Woohoo! You're OK! That's all I was really concerned about. I guess it's the mother hen in me. Glad to hear your life is so full, it all sounds like good stuff. Don't worry if you don't have time to comment, I just wanted to make sure you weren't dragged down into the Underworld or anything, lol!)


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111 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Eleven

Eric pulled around behind the club and parked. The front lot was almost full. That meant lots of customers paying the cover charge, buying drinks, and spending money on the few food items the club served. But the sight didn't seem to cheer Eric up. He still looked lost in his thoughts and distracted.

I put my hand on his arm after he turned the engine off. I needed to find out what was bothering him before we entered the noisy crowded club.

"Honey, I get the feeling something is bothering you. Care to tell me what it is?"

To his credit he didn't deny being worried. He took off his seat belt and turned in the tight seat to face me as much as possible. "You are right. I am concerned about the effect on you when I feed tonight. I know you said it would not bother you if I fed from a man, but how do you know that? Have you had any experience of this?"

His face was serious. He knew I had issues with jealousy and he didn't want me to have a problem with this.

I thought back. Bill had almost fed from a man right in front of me. It had been at his house early on in our relationship, when I was just getting to know him. A vampire friend, Malcolm, had brought a handsome male boy toy to feed from and he offered his human to Bill when he saw Bill was hungry.

But in the split second before Bill sank his fangs into the young man I picked up from the man's mind that he had a disease that would make vampires sick. I blurted it out and stopped Bill from feeding.

I had found it disturbing to see Bill bending over the man's exposed throat. I think it was a combination of the homosexual connotations and the sight of a vampire drinking blood.

Being raised my whole life in a small town meant that I was very naive and innocent back then. I had never been exposed to anything like this. I was even more disturbed by the way the other vampire there that night, Liam, had sex openly with his female human, Janella. It disgusted me and frightened me.

Maybe it frightened Janella too because she disappeared from town soon after that, never to return. To this day none of her family knows where she went.

Honestly, would I feel jealous or judgmental about Eric feeding from a male? I really didn't know. I did know I was better with things I understood than with things I imagined.

"You make a good point. I really don't have any way to know how I would feel. What would you say if I told you I wanted to be there when you did it. If it wasn't a mystery, something in my imagination, I would be better able to cope with the whole thing. At least that's how I'm thinking right now. I might feel differently later on. How would you feel if I was there when you did it?" I tried to read his face, but he wore a neutral expression.

"It would not bother me if you were there. As long as you would not be disturbed by the sight of it."

He looked down at my abdomen. He was probably concerned he might upset me now that I was pregnant.

I wondered if he meant that I might be disturbed by the sight of him feeding, or did he mean I might be disturbed by the sight of him with another man? Maybe he was just doubting whether I could rise above my small town upbringing and be open minded to this new experience. I didn't know myself. Had I outgrown my old ways of thinking?

I said, "Eric, I just recently realized that I don't love you in spite of the fact that you're a vampire. I love you because of it, just as much as I love you as a person. The vampire part of you is inseparable from the rest of you and I love the complete package. I know who you are and I embrace it. You are my vampire."

He hugged me, then he kissed me, but briefly. He said in my ear, "I can kiss you more after I have fed, but now I am hungry and the nearness of you ..." His fangs brushed my neck, making me shiver.

I knew how he was. Sex and feeding went together. Could he separate them when he fed from a man? I guess I was going to find out later.

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Diane, Patricia, Holly, Cindy, Sally, Lydia, Lynn, ltkp - I appreciate you taking the time to write. A pregnancy is uncharted waters for Sookie and Eric, should be fun seeing how they work things out.

ps - Gjers-1? I'm still hoping to hear from you.)


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110 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Ten

After a nice nap I had dinner, making sure to eat a healthy variety of vegetables with my poached fish. I patted my tummy hoping the nutrition was going to the little one to make him or her strong and healthy.

My belly was still flat as a pancake, but that was going to change. For tonight I could still pass as a non-pregnant vampire.

I got into my low cut black dress and put on the white foundation, black eye make up and red lipstick the tourists expected vampires to have. My tan had faded to almost nothing since I stopped going to the tanning salon.

Seeing the leathery faces of the women that worked or basked in the sun for decades had convinced me I was going to need to find some other vice to indulge besides sunbathing. With my long life I would end up looking like a dried apple lady by the time I decided to Turn.

Jason was home when I called him and told him I would be picking Roscoe up tomorrow. He was cleaning his hunting rifles, getting ready to take down a buck the conventional way sometime this winter. The snow had him all fired up to go hunting with his friends. Not the were-panther pack he hunted with during the full moon, but his human friends.

They hid in blinds or tracked deer, hoping to get a clear shot with their rifles. I reminded him to save me some venison, then he put Roscoe on the phone for a few minutes. When he put the phone back to his own head I thanked him and Angellica for watching Roscoe, though he sounded like I had done them the favor by leaving the cute little guy with them.

Hearing about Jason's rifle reminded me of the gun catalogs I had seen on Robert's bed in Argentina. As impassive as the Bishop brothers had been about the snow, earlier they had been wild with joy when they were told that as a bonus for getting Eric and me home safely they were getting new SIG Sauer P229 semi-automatic handguns.

I didn't know much about hand guns, but from the kid-at-Christmas looks on their faces these must be a real big whoop. Eric knew how to treat his employees right. He had a loyal group of people he could count on.

Tomorrow some of those loyal employees would be back to finish up the floors and walls in the bedroom. Then we could paint, put up curtains, and get our furniture moved in.

Right now our bed, a replacement for the four poster that was ruined in the fire, was being hand crafted and shipped. I hoped it didn't get here before the room was ready, otherwise it would need to be stored in the garage until we were ready to set it up.

I called Dr. Fay and left a message that I was pretty sure I had conceived. Since it wasn't an emergency I told her to call me back when she could to schedule an appointment and confirm what I already knew to be true.

Hoyt had left two messages while I was away, but I didn't have it in me to call him tonight. I would give him a call tomorrow and see how the situation stood with Maxine and Madam Fox. I did call Amelia, but I got her answering machine. I left a message for her to call me back tomorrow if she could.

I got out our copy of 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein' so I could see the part I missed when I fell asleep on the plane. That would be most of it. On the box I saw Bela Lugosi was in it, playing his role as Dracula. He had been here one night. Not the real Bela Lugosi, but some ancient vampire that took the form of the familiar Count Dracula.

Who he really was, or what he wanted with me, was never revealed. But I never saw Lugosi's Dracula without remembering that night. Eric and I probably wouldn't have time to see it tonight, but tomorrow night we were staying home. We could see it then.

Eric got up, naked as the day he was born. I told him about the rare snowfall, but it had all melted by then. I showed him the container of snow I had in the freezer. He touched it with his finger tip.

"Someday I must take you to snow swept places, remote places where a waterfall stops for the winter and becomes an ice palace, where the cold white silence floats in the glistening air." He touched the center of my forehead with his icy finger tip and smiled at me.

"You miss the snow," I said, wondering how he he ended up here in the southern United States.

"I miss nothing as long as I am with you," he said. "The long cold winter makes a poor companion for a lonely vampire."

I waited for him to sweep me up in his arms, but he only kissed me on the forehead and went to take a shower. Maybe he was suffering from jet lag.

He was washed and dried when he emerged from the bathroom. He wore his lace up leather pants again, and a black tee shirt that said "Come to the Dark Side" in letters that looked like dripping blood. How appropriate for a vampire. He looked great. We made a striking vampire couple.

Tonight we would get the complete report about what went wrong with Fangtasia's first and probably last speed dating night. Eric was uncharacteristically silent on the way to the club. He was probably on edge about the liabilities and consequences of the problems created during the speed dating event.

At least, that was my take on why he seemed so tense and quiet. Maybe something else was bothering him.

He certainly didn't seem to be himself.

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Holly, Cindy, Patricia, Catherine, Lynn, Sally, UnderTheFougnerSun, Kristabb - Thank you for letting me know you can relate to this story. I am amazed at how connected I feel to you all.

Welcome Lori from Miami and UnderTheFougnerSun to my little corner of the Internet. I'm really happy you let me know you are here with me and reading along. Thank you.

P.S. - I haven't heard from Gjers-1 in quite a while. Are you all right Gjers-1? I sincerely hope so. I miss you and your always wonderful comments.)


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109 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Nine

The Bishop brothers were as stolid as ever about the snow, but I was as delighted as a child. There was hardly enough to make a good snowball but I tried once I was home. Seeing everything in the blanket of white was so beautiful and strange, like living in a fairy tale.

It had snowed a few times in the past and everyone I knew was outside playing in it or taking photos. Of course we were kids back then, snow equaled fun. For those grownups who had to drive on the slippery surfaces, I imagine the snow was more of an inconvenience.

While the Bishops lugged the travel container into the house and down to the safe room I tried to act my age. But once the van was unloaded and the Bishops left, I got my boots and coat on and went outside again to admire the snow laden branches and the rainbows that dazzled my eyes as the sun hit the crust on the snow.

It wasn't that cold, just cold enough to see my breath. I knew the snow wouldn't last. If I didn't touch it and look at it now I may not get another chance for years. If I lived up north I supposed the snow might seem different to me, a nuisance, but not here in the sunny south. Down here it was a wonder.

From listening to the radio I learned the temperature had dropped to thirty two degrees over night and more than two inches of snow had fallen, though by now there was less than one inch on the ground. Still, snow is snow.

I wished Eric could see this, he loved snow. I put some in a Tupperware container and froze it to show Eric later, and I took photos with our camera phone. By tomorrow it would be sunny with temperatures in the low fifties. Good bye snow.

Later I unpacked most of our clothes and ran a few loads of laundry. None of the detergents mentioned dragon spit. I washed my yellow sweatshirts separately so they didn't ruin the rest of the clothes if the stink didn't come out.

I had thrown my flannel shirt out, it had gotten some of Tadeu's blood on it and dried. I would need to replace that. And I had some blood stains on the knees of my jeans that didn't look like they were going to come out. I could cut them off and make shorts, but I would need another pair of jeans for the winter.

Suddenly I realized that I was setting up a reason to visit Tara's Togs and shop, not because I so desperately needed the new clothes, but because I wanted to share my happiness with Tara. As little girls we always discussed being mothers together, strolling side by side with our baby strollers down the main street in Bon Temps.

Our baby dolls and toy strollers were presents. Gran had bought them for us for Christmas one year, and we were as proud as peacocks pushing our baby dolls along, talking about how fussy our babies were.

We had little plastic bottles that had fake milk in them. The milk would magically disappear when the bottle was held upside down to the doll's mouth. The "milk" would magically reappear once the bottles were held upright.

Tara would sometimes spank her baby doll and talk mean to it, but I never did with mine. It made me sad because I knew that was how she was treated at home by her own mother.

On the other hand, I pretended my baby doll was an orphan, a baby I found on my doorstep, and I showered it in love to make up for its tragic fate. I know now I was acting out my own grief over the early loss of my parents, but at the time the drama and emotion of the game seemed to be the main point of it. I cried over the poor little lost baby, so alone in the world, not knowing I was really crying for myself.

Unfortunately, a few months ago I discovered Tara had an unreasonable prejudice against all vampires due to her bad history with one. A vampire man had misused her terribly.

Though she tried to be a friend to me in my marriage to Eric, once she learned I hoped to have a child with him she shut down, saying hurtful things that could have been written by the Fellowship of the Sun. I was shocked beyond words at her unreasonable attitude.

I had been furious with her at the time, especially because I was the one that helped her adopt her own beloved child, but now that fury had melted away and I was just sad. Tara and I had planned for this day, the day I would know I was going to be a mother. We had dreamed of this day since we were little. Now that the day had arrived, I had no Tara to share it with.

more to come ..... (Anonymous Z, Diane, Holly, Patricia, Cindy, Catherine, Sally, Kristabb, Lynn - Thanks for taking the time and letting me know your thoughts and speculations. There are so many ways this story could go it is fascinating to get your feedback.)


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108 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Eight

"I do have one. Yes." He looked out the window into the blackness. I couldn't even see stars tonight, but maybe he could.

"Is there a problem with your sibling?" I asked. I placed my hand on his arm to show support. He was as tense as a high wire.

"No, not as long as I ....." he stopped, then said. "The problem is that my sibling is a troll." He said the word "troll" like I might say "drainer" or "child molester".

"You don't have to be ashamed, Eric. I know that it's no reflection on you if your supernatural sibling is a troll. That doesn't make you any less handsome and wonderful. Where does he live?" I asked, trying to reconcile the fact that two beings could not be more different - my six foot four inch Viking and a little troll.

"I no longer know. Under a bridge or in a hill somewhere. We do not keep in touch." He gave a bitter little laugh.

"Is he a horrible person?" I asked gently. If Eric didn't like him then I didn't like him either.

Eric looked at me then, his face animated with loathing. "Oh yes, yes. He is more horrible than I can say. And make no mistake, he is not a person, he is a troll."

"I understand. We don't have to speak of him ever again. What's his name?" I wanted to be sure never to bring this up to Eric, it obviously had a lot of bad history.

He grabbed my hand hard enough to hurt. "Never, never ask that, Sookie. Don't even think it. Put this out of your mind. I am putting it out of my mind right now." He looked desperate. Then he became aware he was squeezing my hand when I grimaced and he let go.

"Sorry. Let us discuss the plans to decorate the nursery now. I have heard that beige is a nice neutral color. What do you think of beige?"

He was so eager to change the topic I jumped in headlong to a discussion on the relative merits of beige. We went on to decorating themes such as fairy tales or jungle animals, window treatments, baby monitors, and changing tables. We discussed the pro's and con's of cloth versus disposable diapers, breast feeding and bottles, a pacifier or no pacifier.

On and on our talk went into the night over South America, and all the while, in the back of my mind, I was wondering - What was the problem with the troll?

Finally it was time to land and transfer to the bigger plane the King had promised us for our help in retrieving the Ancient One. The transfer went smoothly, though we noticed the plane wasn't quite so big and grand as the one we had come on. Still it was plenty big for the four of us, and I spread out, putting my feet up and letting the attendant bring me another orange juice and an apple.

To our delight we discovered this flight had movies. Eric and I selected an Abbott and Costello comedy, the one where they meet Frankenstein, made in 1948. I was reminded of Bojan lurching around as the Frankenstein monster in Vampire Land.

I didn't know if the Countess was going to be held accountable for her plot to have me killed by Madge. Eric told me he would speak to the King about it. The King didn't have any power over the dragon, but he could make Adrijana's life miserable a while longer for punishment.

I didn't know who had control over dragons, but I wished someone could guarantee me Madge wasn't going to make another try for me. Maybe Hel could get her back in line with a tongue lashing. Where did dragons hang out when they weren't abducting people? I would have to ask Eric when the movie was over.

But that didn't happen. Sometime during the movie, while I rested my head against the leather covered arm of Eric, I dozed off again, falling into one of the deep deep sleeps I would experience throughout my pregnancy.

I slept on, unaware we landed until it came time to leave the plane. I awoke to bright daylight, the bustle of the Bishop brothers unloading the plane into our van, and, so so rare in Shreveport or any part of Louisiana, a glistening coating of snow.

more to come ..... (Holly, Cindy, Anonymous Z, Patricia, Catherine, Lynn - Good to have you laughing along with me. I hope to answer all the questions by the end of this story, which isn't for quite a while yet.

Anonymous Z - Thanks for catching my misnumbering of the last chapter. Math was never my strong point. I hope I'm all squared away now.)


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107 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One Hundred and Seven

Eric came in the room smiling. I told him I didn't have much of a last day here in Patagonia because I slept all day. Eric promised we would come back here when we could.

I knew that might not be for years because traveling with a baby and a vampire would be cumbersome. Still, I didn't mind. I had been to the Underworld on my vacation, how many people could say that?

We were ready to go and on our way to the plane faster than I expected due to Eric taking a vampire speed shower and not feeding from me. He would know when he needed to feed, and he could use TruBlood in a pinch.

I brought a turkey sandwich with me for the plane ride because the smaller plane didn't have hot meals like the big one did. I hoped the Bishop brothers had already eaten because my one measly sandwich wouldn't fill one of their eye teeth.

After we were in the air Eric made a few phone calls. The first call was to the King to find out how the mummy, or the "ancient one" was doing. Unfortunately the news wasn't all that hopeful.

The first type of blood they had tried it with, Type O, made the mummy sick. It regurgitated everything it ate without healing at all. It was still hanging in there though, so that was a good thing, I guess.

Eric hung up looking worried. He really wanted this project to work. Of course it really wasn't fair to call it a project, it was a rescue of a living being, I told myself.

I reminded Eric that the mummy seemed OK with whatever type of blood Tadeu had. I suggested that they try to find out his blood type and try that. Eric called back and gave them the new information. I hoped they wouldn't go get Tadeu and drain him.

Vampires were behaving much better these days, but sometimes they saw humans as expendable in pursuit of their goals, the same as humans did. I asked Eric about it and he didn't think it would be a problem.

Eric's second call was to Fangtasia. Pam reassured him that everything was under control, but I sensed there was still some unresolved issues from the questions Eric was asking her. Well, we would see soon enough. We had plans to sit in the club tomorrow night to look vampire-y for a bus load of tourists.

My vampire masquerade days were numbered. Once I started to show my pregnancy I wouldn't be able to fool anyone into thinking I was a real vampire. Unless I wanted to be the world's first pregnant vampire. Then I would be on the cover of every tabloid in the world. No way.

Tonight we would go to Brazil, then fly back to Shreveport. It would be day by the time we got back to our house, so the Bishop brothers were going to stay with us and get Eric's travel container into his safe room. Then they could leave. As much as I liked the Bishops I had seen enough of them the last few days. I'm sure they would be glad to get home too.

Eric kept giving me a smile that wasn't like his other smiles. This smile looked a little dazed and was directed at my abdomen. I asked him how much experience he had caring for a baby.

"Me?" he said, surprised at the question. "I have no experience. That is work for wo-man."

His accent was pronounced so I knew this topic was stressful to him. When I didn't say anything he added, "I mean, that was how it was seen back then. Of course now we share responsibilities equally."

He raised his chin, pleased he had come up with the right answer. He had been reading parenting magazines at home, his expression going from puzzlement to surprise with every turn of the page. The world must be so different from the one he came from.

Once I had eaten my sandwich, taken my vitamins, and washed it all down with a container of orange juice I went to the tiny bathroom and brushed my teeth. As I brushed I was wondering how I could send Arvakur a thank you for coming to my rescue. I would ask Eric, he knew how to contact that dimension. I went back to my seat.

"Can I ever go back to Vampire Cave?" I asked him, but I was asking myself too.

I hadn't realized I would panic once I was deep in the cave. Was the panic from a previously undiscovered claustrophobia, or was it from the psychic premonition that I was about to be abducted? I didn't know.

"You might wish to wait until you Turn, then we can explore the cave together as vampires," Eric said. "I do not think it would be safe for you to return in your human state, not if the cave can separate us from each other."

I had to agree, though the idea of returning was exciting. The cave had been there for so many eons I guess I would just have to wait until I couldn't be harmed as easily. Chalk one up on the side of Turning.

Next I asked him about sending the unicorn a thank you card.

"I can not send a card, but I can pass on a message to her. She knows how you feel, but I understand you want to honor her effort." Eric had turned in the seat so we could speak to each other. This smaller plane didn't have a conversation area.

That reminded me of something I had been thinking about. "Eric, since I have a supernatural sibling, and so does Countess Adrijana and Jason, I was wondering - do you have one too?" This was a casual question but it got a big reaction from Eric. He stood up suddenly and said, "Excuse me, I forgot to tell Robert something."

He walked the few steps to where Robert was dozing off with his headphones on and tapped the big guy on the shoulder. Robert removed his earphones and listened while Eric spoke to him, nodded, then put his head phones back on.

Eric returned, sat down and said heartily. "I wonder how Roscoe is doing? Have you made arrangements yet to pick him up from your brother?" Eric looked like he was waiting spellbound for my answer.

"No, not yet. I thought I would call him tomorrow once we were settled in at home." I was getting a little suspicious, was he trying to avoid telling me if he had a supernatural sibling?

He asked, "What color should we paint the nursery? I know we will not know whether to paint it pink or blue for some time. Maybe we should choose a neutral color and just accessorize with pink or blue. Did you know there are cribs that can later be transformed into a youth bed?" His smile was forced. I was right. He was trying to dodge the question.

"Eric, let's go back to the question I asked you a few minutes ago. Do you have a supernatural sibling?"

He gave a tiny shrug and sat back, the hearty manner and phony smile fading from his face.

more to come ..... (Holly, Sally, Cindy, Kristabb, Diane, Pat, Patricia, Anonymous Z, Lynn - Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, I appreciate it. To be compared to the great CH is a big honor for me for she is truly my Maker.)