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60 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Sixty

I don't know if the RV was rocking Eric or if Eric was rocking the RV, but I do know my imaginative and energetic husband rocked my world. It was very exciting making love in this new place, the sound of the RV was like a big truck engine, and the jouncing movement of the bed added to the experience. I heard the gears shift more than once as the RV hurtled through the night.

Once branches scraped the side of the RV, and once something made a loud bang as it hit the side of the RV, but when I looked out the window I couldn't see a thing. There wasn't even a moon to light the sky. Eric was not concerned about the noises outside the RV. He was used to traveling strange places and hearing new sounds.

Afterwards we lay together, complete and happy, together in mind and spirit. "Eric, is Isobel a lesbian?" I asked him after reviewing the last day and night in my mind. I knew she had male a boyfriend and a male husband, but maybe she was going the other way now. Her behavior towards me certainly seemed flirtatious.

"No, not that I know of," he said. "She has issues about her body. As you have seen she is extraordinarily flat chested. This has been a source of dissatisfaction for her. Now that breast implants are available to human women she is beside herself that she can not have them too."

"All her powers as a vampire don't compensate her for her flaw?" I asked.

"No, she has the romantic idea that a man must fall in love with her, be smitten with her beauty. She could glamour any man she wanted and he would be her slave, but she insists that only true love will give her satisfaction, love given by a man that falls hopelessly in love with her."

"A human man?"

"Oh yes, certainly. A vampire man would not fall in love," he said. Then he quickly added, "Not with a vampire woman, anyway."

"But you will still love me once I'm a vampire, won't you?" I was suddenly starting to feel a little insecure about my decision to Turn when the children were grown.

"More than ever. You are unique among women, becoming Vampire will only enhance your wonderful qualities."

I wasn't so sure about that, but I was too tired to delve into this topic further tonight. I recalled how Isobel had taken a human man, Hugo Ayres, to be her boyfriend. He was madly in love with her, too madly in fact. His relationship with her was ruining his life, at least that's how he saw it. He became a secret agent for the Fellowship of the Sun and lured me into a trap in the church basement.

By the time he realized how truly evil the plans of the Fellowship were it was too late for him to back out. I barely escaped from that basement, and Hugo, once he was caught, was severely punished for his betrayal. Isabel was also punished for bringing such a human into their midst.

"Is she going to keep trying to feel me up this whole trip? I'm not about to put up with that." I had been taken off guard by Isabel in the plane, but now I was prepared to stand up to her.

"Nor should you. I will have a word with her about your modesty."

"My modesty? Eric I just did things with you that aren't even on the internet. Still, I am pretty modest around others, just not around you." I snuggled up to him.

"That is the perfect way for you to be, a shy flower around others, an insatiable love nymphomaniac around me."

"Nymphomaniac?" I said, feigning shock, "Is that how you think of me?"

"Well," he said, "Let me see, you like to ..... " and he began to list all the things I liked to do in the bedroom. He talked for a good long while. It was quite a turn on hearing them all lined up like that. Maybe I was a nymphomaniac after all.

"I think that's just a healthy lust for a woman to have for her husband."

He rolled on his side towards me, Mr. Happy began stroking my thigh. "How is your health tonight, my shy violet?" he asked, murmuring in my ear, nibbling the lobe.

"I'm as healthy as a horse," I said. "How is your health, my mighty oak?"

"Not good," he answered sadly, "My root has come loose from the earth and must push its way back into the source of life."

For some reason these words instantly got me as hot as a firecracker. I pulled him on top of me. My mighty oak was quickly rooted, and I was soon watering it with my fluids. I hoped I would soon become the source of life.

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59 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Nine

The interior of the RV was everything I could wish for. The temperature outside was about seventy, a little cool for me, but not uncomfortable once I had pulled a sweatshirt over my shirt. The king sized pull out bed was already made up with the sheets turned down. Eric's travel container was held in a padded cradle halfway back.

The area for the driver was blocked off completely, providing privacy for those in the back. An intercom was set up to communicate with the driver. I heard the engines of the vehicles start up, and men shouting instructions to each other outside.

"We will be leaving immediately," the driver's voice came through the intercom. "Please make yourselves at home."

Eric was almost ceiling height, but he had a couple of inches of head room. He wouldn't be doing any jumping jacks in here. If we went over a bump he might hit his head.

"Are you thirsty?" Eric asked, bending over and looking in the three-quarter sized fridge. "They have juice, beer and soda."

"Any bottled water?" I asked. I sat down abruptly on the edge of the bed as the van took off. It bumped along slowly over the gravel lot until it got on a black top road. The mattress seemed good, not too soft and not too thin.

Eric brought me a bottled water and opened it for me. "Straw?" he asked, proud of his straw unwrapping skills.

"Sure," I said, remembering I had taught him to take the paper off the straw before placing it in the drink.

He sat down next to me. I sipped water. The Bishops were apparently riding in the third RV. I didn't know where the werewolves were, I didn't even know their names. I felt like my head was full, so I didn't ask Eric. Time enough to find out tomorrow.

I looked out the window but it was pitch black dark outside except for the small area on the sides of the road illuminated by the headlights. The RV rocked as it traveled sedately over the black top.

"If the van's a'rockin', don't come a'knockin'," I said out loud, recalling a bumper sticker on a van I had seen when I was twelve. I had asked my older brother Jason what it meant, but he said he didn't know. I asked Gran and she laughed, then she frowned. It was at that moment she realized she was going to need to tell me about the facts of life.

With a little sigh she made us each a cup of cocoa and we sat down at the old kitchen table in her cozy kitchen. She told me what it meant, what men and women do, how babies were made. Gran was a practical woman and she didn't skimp on the details. I had known some of it from things I picked up at school, and things I picked up from the minds of adults, but it was that day it all came together and I understood the Big Picture.

"What does that mean?" Eric asked me, bringing me out of my thoughts. He had been trying to figure it out.

"It means that if people are vigorously making love, making the van rock, don't knock on the door and disturb them, they want to be left alone," I explained.

"All right, but I'm going to need to unlace those pants," I told him. At last I could get my hands on his fantastic leather clad behind.

I took his shirt off to give me an unobstructed view of the laces, and to see Eric with his shirt off. The knot was set and I had to use my nails to get it undone. While I worked on it I took advantage of all the little bumps in the road to rub across him. It had the desired effect of bringing out the best in him, and the undesired effect of stretching the laces so tight the knot was harder to get out.

After a few minutes Eric offered to "rip the damn things out".

"Nope. I like these pants a lot, just let me keep working on this knot."

I got it loose and unlaced the leather thongs from their silver metal eyelets one by one. Mr. Happy jumped free and waved at me. I gave him a little kiss. Eric kissed me for a long time while I made Mr. Happy happier, then he stripped off his shoes, socks and pants.

I took off my clothes while under the sheets and dropped them on the floor next to the bed. Eric instantaneously appeared in bed beside me and enveloped me in his arms.

"Let's turn out the lights," I whispered.

"Why?" he whispered back. He was in a playful mood tonight.

"Because someone might see us through the windows," I whispered in reply.

"Sookie, we are surrounded by hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of the Atlantic Forest," he whispered.

"Also," he added, "Why are we whispering?"

"Because ..." and I pointed to the wall dividing us from the driver, "might hear us. He already thinks we are into wild sex orgies."

"No problem there," Eric said in a normal voice. "When we are finished he will be glamoured to forget this whole trip. He will believe we were birdwatchers on a field trip."

"Still, he would know that we are back here doing something right now," I said, speaking normally.

"You do not think that is what he is already thinking anyway? It is what he would do if he had a woman like you back here. It is what any man would do with you."

"Not Ricky," I said, playfully, rolling on top of him.

"No, not Ricky," he agreed with a smile.

His long arm reached out and turned off all the lights from a panel located conveniently over the bed.

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58 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Eight

I tried to think of an answer. There was the suffering of tweezing eyebrows or passing up that piece of cake, but what she went through was way over the top.

Fortunately, Isabel went on with her story without waiting for my response. "The next night I woke up with these two bags of silicone lying next to me." She laughed her pretty laugh. " I saved them in case I wish to use them again. They were quite costly, as was the surgery."

She looked at my more than ample bosom. "You are fortunate, Sookie, you were blessed with beautiful breasts." She ran her hands gently over my breasts, hefting their weight in her slender hands. "Mmmm, yes, so full and round. What color are the tips, if I may ask?" She looked at me questioningly, a charming little smile on her full lips.

"They are pink," Eric said, coming up silently and quickly behind her. "She does not like to expose her breasts in public."

I was thinking that the next thing she would ask is if she could take a little peek at them. I was glad Eric had stopped this. I know vampires are much more casual about nudity and sex than humans, but I was still human and shy. Behind Eric both the werewolves and the Bishops were staring at us. I couldn't tell if they were alert to what might turn into a dangerous situation, or whether this was just a big old turn on for them.

"Pink is such a nice color for the nipples," she said, including Eric in the conversation. "My nipples are brown and I always wanted the pink ones instead."

I stood up, ready to be done with this whole weird exchange. "Please excuse me, I need to use the ladies room."

I walked straight-backed to the ladies room, hoping fervently that Isabel wouldn't follow me in and insist I show her my nipples. All the male eyes, except Ricky, tracked me as I went. I could feel them burning hotly into my back. I can't read were-animals minds, but I can receive their emotional intensity if it is strong enough. Right now the weres had their mating instincts on high alert. Waves of their animal lust washed over me.

Once I was safely locked in the rest room I also locked myself into the separate little room that contained the toilet. I stood there for a few moments, waiting to see if Isabel would rip the door from the hinges, but nothing happened. After a few minutes I noticed the engines sounded different. Just then there was a sharp knock on the rest room door, making me jump.

"Please return to your seat and fasten your seat belt, we're coming in for a landing," Ricky called loudly through the closed door. He was slightly annoyed with me that I had attracted Robert's attention. He wanted all that attention for himself.

"Okay," I called back. I quickly brushed my teeth and left the bathroom. I hoped it wouldn't be the last bathroom I saw until the trip home.

I strapped myself in the seat next to Eric's and we held hands until the plane landed. We were not landing at Airport Pampulha, but a private landing strip south of the city built for the mining operations there. The landing was smooth, the plane rolled to a stop near the end of the runway. I looked out the window and saw what looked like an industrial area lit up as bright as day with large stadium lights on tall metal poles. We were next to some caged in heavy duty electrical equipment, probably the generator for all these lights.

I saw men in camouflage uniforms walking around, each with a rifle slung over his shoulder. These men were so scruffy I didn't think they were from a real military organization. Most likely they were mercenaries, ex-military men hired for security. A mine producing valuable precious and semi-precious gems would need to guard them until they could be cut, faceted, and sold. Eric had told me more than once that there was always the danger of robbery, but that the security measures would be top level.

We disembarked and walked to a large building made of rusty corrugated metal that at one time had been painted blue. A faded sign, "De Castro Exports" as well as the the King's family crest was painted on the big sliding doors. Richard effortlessly slid the door open. It must have been kept well oiled because it hardly made a sound. The inside of the warehouse was as brightly lit as the outside. Three large RV's were parked side by side.

I recalled the RV that had been parked in Jure's backyard the time he had two teenage vampires staying with him. It must have been at least twenty years old. These RV's looked like they were almost new. Some of the scruffy military men were bringing the luggage, travel containers, and crates from the plane and putting them in the various RV's. A handsome man in his forties came over to Eric and me. He had on pressed khaki clothes, his salt and pepper black hair cut short. A name tag on his uniform read "Fabio Agostinho - Castelo Motorhome Rentals".

"Greetings," he said, in flawless English, flashing square whiter-than-white teeth in a charming smile. His warm brown eyes flickered a bit as he took in Eric's six foot four presence. In the glaring florescent lights Eric was quite obviously a vampire. Fabio immediately looked down at the floor. I didn't know if he was afraid of being glamoured, or if this was the etiquette he had been taught in dealing with vampires.

"I am Fabio Agostinho and I will be your driver. My brother Raul will drive Ms. Beaumont. Francisco Tomas will drive the third vehicle." He was talking towards the floor, then he made a gesture with his hand indicating our RV. "This is a current model Forest River Cardinal. Inside you will find recliners, two pop up beds, a three burner range, an angle shower, lavatory, even a small washer and dryer."

Fabio stopped talking to the floor and faced the RV, continuing his spiel. He was very proud of his vehicle. "The ceiling is six feet six inches, tall enough for Mr. Northman, I believe. There is a front king sized bed slide out with wardrobe, shelves, and a color TV. The pantry, cabinets and refrigerator are stocked. You will have air conditioning, hot water and heat, if needed. A special rack has been installed to accommodate and protect Mr. Northman's travel container. Everything has been provided for your comfort. I hope you find everything to your satisfaction."

He was blushing now, I checked his mind and learned he was embarrassed at referring to both the king sized bed and the travel container. He had not mentioned where the Bishop brothers would sleep, but I learned there were two other beds and another TV in the back of the RV.

He thought we would all be having some kind of wild vampire sex orgies together that he did not want to know about. He was a devout Catholic, his brothers Claudio and Marcos José were both priests. This was a good job, one he needed to support his wife and four children. Vampires made him extremely nervous, due to a combination of seeing them as unnatural beings, feeling he was in mortal danger, and being around immoral sex acts of unspeakable depravity.

"Thank you, Mr. Agostinho," I said coolly. Eric and I walked to the back of the RV. I could hear Isabel's driver, Raul speaking to her in Portuguese. It sounded like he was giving her the same talk. The werewolves and the Bishops stood back, watching the proceedings. It was night so they would need to sleep soon. Their duties would be mainly from dawn to dusk when the vampires were vulnerable.

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57 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Seven

The answer was neither. He climbed gracefully out of his travel container dressed exactly as he had been last night, lace up pants and sleeveless tee shirt. His hair wasn't messy, well, not messier than his usual wild honey colored mane. Vampires don't move once they settle in, and they don't exude anything to dirty their clothes, so they could wear the same outfit for a month without any noticeable difference as long as they were careful with the blood splatter.

He strolled up to me and kissed me briefly. "How was your day?" he asked.

He was unashamed of his obvious erection, it was the way he usually looked when he woke up. It strained the laces of his soft leather pants and it strained my self control almost to the breaking point. I thought about taking him by the hand and dragging him to the bathroom, but it would have been just too obvious.

Eric saw how he was affecting me and smiled his little "I am Eric the Endowed" smile. Just to make things worse he hugged me, pushing that big thing right up against me so I could feel its weight and hardness. I knew he liked it when I desired him, but we were on a plane with a bunch of folks looking at us, so all I could do was sigh.

With his lips gently brushing my ear he repeated his question,"How was your day?"

I shuddered and felt my cheeks heat up.

"Quiet until now," I answered. We sat down and I told him about my day. "Those guards of Isabel's are sure on top of things, they stood up and watched me while I walked around the cabin." I didn't mention the automatic weapons they held, that was pretty much taken for granted.

"She will be pleased to hear that," he said.

"When will she be getting up?" I asked.

Both of the werewolves were looking at me. They had very good hearing and they were obviously listening in to every word I said. I hoped they didn't notice my flaming cheeks. When they looked away I put my hands on my cheeks to try and cool them.

"Soon, she is younger than I am so it might be ten more minutes. Do you mind if I try to make a phone call?" he asked.

"No, not at all."

I was waiting for my dinner. Ricky had gotten up and served beverages and taken everyone's choice for dinner. I had decided on chicken pot pie, it was one of Gran's best meals and I hadn't had it in years. Ricky had also offered a fish meal and a vegetarian lasagna. The cabin didn't smell like home cooking, so I was guessing all these things were being prepared in a microwave or a convection oven.

While Eric, now calmed down, roamed the cabin looking for the best reception, Ricky came to each of us pushing a stainless steel cart loaded with food. The werewolves and the Bishop brothers had all ordered steak. Each plate was piled up with several steaks, and a separate plate held their potatoes and rolls. Three of the big guys started packing away the food as soon as it was placed on their trays, while the secret service type were sat with his eyes glued to Isabel's travel container. I guess he would eat when she got up.

I had slept through lunch, if one was offered, so I was hungry. My pot pie wasn't as good as Gran's home made one, but it wasn't bad either. I had a diet soda with it. I figured I might need the caffeine. We would be landing soon and I didn't know what kind of a forest trek we would be taking after that. I hoped it wasn't going to one that needed a machete. I had looked out the window while it was still light enough to see, but we were above the clouds, so I had no idea what the ground looked like. Like Joni Mitchell I've looked at clouds from both sides now. The song had run through my mind in an endless loop for a while.

Eric finished his phone call and then he went into the cockpit for a few minutes. By the time he came out I was done eating and Isabel had exited her travel coffin. She was back to looking like she did when I first met her. Her light brown hair hung down her back in a long braid, and her figure was boyish. She looked around the cabin and went up to Eric. She too had "slept" in her clothes, a designer suit in a light linen fabric the color of khaki. She had on hiking boots and an orange bandanna around her neck, making her startlingly green eyes stand out from her paper white face.

I had last seen her at the wedding and she looked much different then. Her hair had been dyed almost black, and styled in a tousled mass of dark curls. Somehow she had gotten rather large breasts which plumped out of the top of her emerald green dress. Now the dye, the hairstyle, and the breasts were gone. Her daytime rest would return her to exactly as she was when she was Turned. I guess that could be either a blessing or a curse, depending on how one felt about one's appearance at the time.

After speaking briefly with her guards, she came over to me. The werewolves had politely stopped eating when she spoke with them, but now they were back to scarfing down their food like ... well, I suppose like wolves. The Bishop brothers ate more slowly.

" 'Ello Sookie," she said, her slight Spanish accent was musical and pleasant on the ear.

"Hi Isabel, it's good to see you again. That's a beautiful suit you have on," I said.

"Thank you, it is one of my favorites," she opened the jacket to show off the snazzy orange patterned lining. I couldn't help but notice that her pale orange silk shell was completely flat in front.

"Orange is a great color for you," I went on, trying to hide the fact that I was comparing her generous cleavage at the wedding to how she looked now. It was really none of my business.

She laughed, a throaty sexy sound. "No doubt you are wondering about the way I looked at your lovely wedding," she said. "I had implants put in to fill out the dress I wanted to wear," she explained.

"Oh," I said, lamely, embarrassed at having my mind read.

"Oh yes," she said, as if I had doubted her. "The operation took about two hours, with another fifteen minutes to heal. I went with the silicone implants, they felt more lifelike."

"How were you sedated for the operation?" I asked. I didn't think vampires could be anesthetized, this was the first I had heard of an operation on a vampire.

"There was no anesthetic, the operation was performed while I was awake," she explained.

I felt the blood drain from my face. "Didn't that hurt?" I asked her. I knew that vampires felt pain keenly, as much as humans. The only advantage they had was that they didn't die from most injuries and they healed amazingly fast.

"It was most painful. Excruciating. I had to be held down for most of it. The doctor said my screams were bloodcurdling," she smiled slightly. "But then, we women have to suffer to be beautiful, do we not?"

more to come ....(Anonymous Z and Lynn - Eric in lace up pants and spring flowers, does it get any better than this? Thanks for taking the time to write.)

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56 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Six

The moment I took a step in the direction of the travel containers both werewolves stood up. Their guns were down by their sides, but they watched me with those strange light colored eyes they usually had. The nicer one's eyes were icy pale blue, and the serious one's eyes were golden as he watched me over the top of his sunglasses.

Since both werewolves stood and were staring at me, Robert and Richard stood also. They stared at the werewolves. I stared at all of them, trying to decide if a little walk around the inside of the plane to restore my emotional balance and my circulation was worth all this tension.

I decided it was. I wasn't used to all these hours of sitting. Besides I thought I remembered reading that it was bad to sit on a plane without moving around for too long. It could result in blood clots or something. I wasn't sure what the article said, but it was enough to motivate me to keep walking. Once I made a circuit of the cabin, keeping clear of Isabel's travel container a couple of times, the werewolves sat down. With a sigh the Bishop brothers sat down too.

Round and round I went, feeling calmer with every step. There wouldn't be a cave in, there wouldn't be an earthquake, everything would be fine, I repeated over and over to myself. What is it about the mind that immediately jumps to the worst possible outcome?

Amelia had told me the Zen Buddhists teach that the untrained mind is like a jungle filled with wild screaming monkeys leaping crazily from branch to branch while we watch in horror from below. That pretty much summed up my thought processes about a cave in. How could I tame my wild monkey mind and make it stop thinking things like that? I didn't know, but maybe I would make it my business to find out.

When I finally sat back down I got my little notebook out of my bag and wrote "Learn how to stop thinking crazy thoughts". That would be my "to do" list. I decided to think of the dream as just a strange dream caused by sleeping in an unfamiliar place. The warning was just a manifestation of my subconscious fears. I recently read a book about psychology and knew that much of what we think is hidden from our conscious minds, at least, that was the theory. Since it was hidden I didn't know if it was true of not.

Enough introspection for today I told myself. I put the footrest up using the little button that had a tiny picture under it of a foot rest going up. There was another button with a tiny picture of the back of the seat reclining, another button showing the chair regaining an upright position, and one button showing something that looked like a stick person carrying a whip. I wouldn't push that one.

After one more trip to the ladies room I settled down with my mystery novel. Ms. Grafton wove her magic spell and soon all I thought about was the case Kinsey Millhone was trying to solve. I read until my eyes felt heavy, then I covered my legs with the blanket, laid the open book across my lap, reclined the back of my seat, and closed my eyes.

The light from the setting sun coming in the window woke me up. I must have slept for hours. I hoped I didn't snore or say anything embarrassing in my sleep. The Bishop brothers and the weres were both still awake and vigilant. Their shift would end once the vampires were awake, which shouldn't be long. I went back to bathroom to freshen up and await Eric's rising. Was he in his travel container naked, or had he changed into his black silk pajama bottoms?

more to come .....(Anonymous Z, Gjers-1, Sally, Juicy - Thanks for your lively and interesting comments. I hope you have a great weekend too. I bought a blooming purple hyacinth plant at the grocery store, and put it here by my computer. The scent is so wonderful, like breathing in spring.)

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55 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Five

A worn out Ricky brought me coffee and offered me my choice of breakfasts. I settled for orange juice and toast. The Bishop brothers had their usual ten egg omelets, six pieces of toast, pound of sausages and gallon of coffee apiece.

I had fed them one time when they were guarding me and they had eaten all the food I cooked for four people. Amelia and I had ended up eating microwave diet dinners. Those guys could really pack the food away. I hoped we were well supplied with grub.

After our breakfast things were cleared away Ricky asked if we wanted anything else. Once everyone was satisfied he told us he would be laying down for a few hours, but if we needed him there was a service button we could push in the galley area.

Once Ricky was gone I looked out the window at the ground receding below. The next stop would be Brazil. I thought about Eric and smiled. I hoped he could feel I was happy through our blood bond, even if he was dead until dark. He said he didn't dream, but one time when I had to wake him during his rest he managed to walk a little ways and even fly, though the sun weakened him tremendously. That meant there was the possibility of him being aware during his undead hours.

The Bishops were not chatty and neither were Isabel's guards. They too had automatic weapons on their laps. I wondered what the effect would be if a gun like that was fired in a plane that was flying as high as this one did. I thought that the cabin would become depressurized and I would either be sucked out or I would die from the lack of oxygen. I looked around and found the pull down mask that would provide me with air. I also fastened my seat belt.

The nicer werewolf watched me, looking amused. I think he was probably following my thought processes, not by telepathy, but by watching the direction I was looking. In between looking at me he kept glancing at Isabel's container. These guys took their guarding very seriously.

I had brought a Sue Grafton mystery, her new one, a hardcover I bought for this trip. This was a rare indulgence, I usually got my books from the well stocked Shreveport library system. I probably didn't need to be so frugal, but I figured why buy a book when I could just take it out and read it for free. I had a few authors that were exceptions, the ones I knew I would read more than once. They were like old friends, the familiar world that opened up on the page was a welcoming place for me. That was especially important to me during times of stress, when my life was in some kind of turmoil.

In contrast to the sharp black suits and crisp white shirts on Isabel's guards, the Bishop brothers looked like what my Gran would have called "hayseeds". They both sported overalls, a gigantic size no doubt. I could probably fit my whole body in one leg. Robert had on a neatly pressed plaid cotton shirt, but Richard had on a "Purina Pig Chow" tee shirt, complete with a picture of a smiling pig in front of an overflowing trough. He had the bib of his overalls unfastened and hanging down. He always seemed to be a little overheated, while his brother didn't seem to feel the heat as much. Like so often happens with siblings, they were like night and day in some ways.

My dream came back to me and I wondered what it meant, if anything. It was kind of creepy, but I never did find out what the real message was for me. I never had dreams that prophesied anything, though I have had my share of strange dreams. I recalled that in the Bible some of the prophets received their messages through dreams, but I wasn't like them. I recognized the seven little miners now that I was awake. They were the seven dwarfs from the Walt Disney movie, come to life.

Should I stay out of the mine and cave completely? Did it mean there would be a cave in? What about Eric? I knew he was strong, but he couldn't move thousands of tons of rock if it caved in on him. It wouldn't kill him either. He would be stuck deep under the ground, entombed and unable to escape, yet alive, awake, aware, and feeling pain every second.

How would I get him out? Was there any equipment on earth that could dig out someone trapped so deep under ground? I didn't think so. I wouldn't be able to dig him out with my bare hands, that was for sure. What a nightmare scenario that would be.

The thought made me feel so panicked and claustrophobic I had to get up and walk around the spacious cabin for a bit to calm down.

more to come ....(Anonymous Z, Gjers-1, Sally, Lynn - Got a laugh from you all yesterday! Thanks. I have to keep things tricky because you-all are so smart you would see right through a simple plot. Besides, my middle name is Devious. Wouldn't that be a good name for an eighth dwarf?)

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54 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Four

"Die?" I repeated. "What do you mean? How? Who is ..."

"No, no, no," the one with the gold framed glasses and white beard said. "That wasn't the message. You got it wrong again. I wrote it down .." he was feeling through his pockets, "I will read to you exactly what the message said as soon as I find the darn .."

Just then the crabby one's cell phone started to ring. It rang and rang. Finally he yanked it from his little pants pocket and snarled, "Yeah yeah, what is it?"

How could a cell phone work so far under the ground, I wondered. Then I realized, this must be a dream! Just that fast I was awake and my eyes popped open.

Disoriented, I looked around the cabin. It was bright daylight. I was still in my clothes and under one of the ultra soft beige blankets. The Bishop brothers had changed positions and were now in the front facing the cabin. Robert was on the phone. I looked towards the rear of the plane and saw two travel containers. One was Eric's, his had a red racing stripe with an elaborate gold "E" on it.

Robert hung up and said to me, "Sorry about the phone ringing. I could swear it was set to vibrate, but ...." he shrugged his big shoulders. He put the phone in his shirt pocket with his left hand because his right hand was holding an automatic weapon.

My chair was tipped back and the footrest up. I felt around for the kind of wooden handle you find on recliners, but couldn't find one. I wanted to get out of this chair but I was stuck unless I slid down and off the foot rest. That wouldn't be very dignified in a short skirt.

"Here, allow me," Ricky said. He pushed a button on the arm rest and the chair mechanically came to an upright position. He almost bowed as he backed away, one eye on the wicked looking guns Richard and Robert were holding.

I needed the ladies room. On the way past the travel containers I saw the name on the tag of the other container. " Isabel Beaumont" was on board. She was a strikingly lovely sultry Hispanic woman, a Texas vampire I had met in Dallas. At the time she was Stan Davis's second in command, but once the local sheriff Godrick met the sun she took over for him. She was an excellent sheriff, Eric said.

He also told me, right before we boarded the plane, that her recent marriage to the wealthy publisher had fallen through and now they were divorcing. I remembered I had seen her marriage featured in the book 'Our Vampires, Ourselves' as an example of a successful vampire-human union. But once she Turned her husband he left her. Telling her he had just married her to get her to Turn him had been the final blow. Poor Isabel, unlucky in love once again. News traveled fast in the vampire community, by now everyone would know about her misfortune.

I was in the ladies room for a while because I washed up and changed into my jeans and a tee shirt. I heard the engines starting up and I wanted to get out to the cabin so I could look out the window, but by the time I finally got out of the little room the plane was taxiing down the runway.

We were out in the desert somewhere, but there were no buildings in view. I saw purple mountains in the distance, and a landscape dotted with big cacti and huge clumps of something with pointed fleshy leaves. The sun on the sand and white rocks was blinding.

"How long have we been on the ground?" I asked Richard. Robert was busy making notes in a little notebook.

"Not long, less than an hour," he said. His voice was surprisingly mild and normal coming from such a big bulky guy.

I tried to put together what had happened. I had fallen asleep. Eric had probably tipped back my chair and covered me, then, towards dawn, he entered his travel container. Then somehow Isabel's travel container had been brought on board. Who brought her on board became obvious when two huge werewolves, now in human form of course, came out of the pilot's cockpit cabin.

I tuned in to the pilots and discovered that we had two new pilots, one man and one woman. They were fresh, wide awake and ready to go. No sinister thoughts in their minds. The woman thought she might be pregnant. The lucky woman would just whizz on a stick and find out in a few days. Nothing like the waiting game I was stuck with.

I smelled coffee and actually raised my nose and sniffed the air like a werewolf would do. One of Isabel's guards smiled at me, a wolfish grin that looked like he would be fun to spend time with. The other guard looked like he hadn't smiled since Reagan was president. He wore the black suit, the dark glasses, and the little mike clipped to his collar. Secret service 101.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

53 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Three

Beautiful colors swirled through my mind, then came into focus. I heard singing. "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work we go ....."

Down the corridor of stone I saw the light of a lantern and I hurried to see who was singing. Around the bend in the tunnel were little men in pointed hats. There were seven of them, each distinctive in his own way. They carried shovels and picks over their shoulders.

I squatted down so I would be eye level with them. "Hi there," I said, using the high voice one uses with children and puppies.

"Who are you?" the grouchy looking one snapped at me. He seemed impatient to be on his way. He had a big gruff man's voice, despite his short stature.

"I'm Sookie Stackhouse, and I'm a waitress," I replied, standing up. No, wait, that wasn't right. I wasn't a waitress anymore, I was ..

"You're p-p-p-pretty," the shy one stuttered, taking off his hat and holding it in his hand. He blushed bright pink and looked at the ground.

I smiled at him. "Thank you. What's your name?"

He pushed the dirt around on the floor with his toe and mumbled "Ah shucks."

The most dignified looking miner, the one with a white beard and gold framed glasses stepped forward.

"Are you one of the Coblynau?" he asked.

The Coblynau was one of the two fairy bloodlines I was descended from. They were Welsh mining fairies. I knew very little about them.

"Yes, I have Coblynau on my mother's side of the family," I replied. I hoped these weren't enemies of the Coblynau. As small as they were they could still do a lot of damage with those picks and shovels. Besides, these were adult men with powerful shoulders and arms, no matter their size.

"We have a message for you then, Miss," the cheerful looking one said. He turned around, grinning at his fellow miners, making sure he was okay to speak for the group.

"What's the message?" I asked, smiling back at his happy little face looking up at me in the lantern light. One of the guys in back appeared to have fallen asleep while leaning against the wall. He was snoring quietly, his rosy mouth hanging open so I could see his little teeth. Another of the little men, dressed in clothes that were way too big for him, was looking around, confused. He didn't seem to understand what was going on. Probably not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

"Don't go into the cave," the happy dwarf said, beaming merrily at me. "You will die if you do."

The dwarf to the far right sneezed five times in a row.

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52 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty Two

"So, we are going to a mine owned by the King?" I asked, my way of bringing up the topic I was most curious about.

Eric moved over to the chair opposite me so we didn't have to keep looking sideways at each other. This had the added benefit of allowing me to ogle Eric's pants without being obvious about it. His flat belly and long muscular thighs framed his man parts, which not only stood out but seemed to be clearly visible through the soft kid leather of his pants. He was probably going commando just to entice me.

Even his knees looked sexy in those stretchy leather pants. He had great legs, mighty thighs, long developed calves, and attractive feet like those you would see in an old painting of a beautiful youth. His legs had soft fine golden hair that needed the light to hit it in the right way to see. I mentally slapped myself to pay attention to the words coming out of his mouth, not his legs.

"Yes. He has holdings all over the world. Most older vampires do. If one country becomes inhospitable there is a way to set up a new life in another country."

"Do you have holdings in other countries too?" I hadn't thought about what Eric might own that I didn't know about. I thought I knew the extent of his business interests.

"We have holdings in other countries," he said, nodding, a glint of enjoyment in his baby blues. He was proud of the resources he had accrued because he would be a good provider for me. This was important to him. It was a sign of his trust in me that he knew I wasn't with him for his money. Vampires were very protective of their wealth because it was also their guarantee of survival.

"I see. That's good to know," I said, leaning forward and patting his sexy knee. I didn't want to get side tracked on this new topic.

"You are going down into the mine to get something the King wants brought back to New Orleans?"

"I am bringing it back to Louisiana for the King, yes - me and Jure and Isabel. It might take all three of us to retrieve it."

What on earth could take three extremely powerful vampires to remove from the mine?

"Is it dangerous, or just very heavy?"

I felt like we were playing twenty questions, a game I often played as a child with Gran while she cooked. Is it bigger than a bread box, Gran might have asked, though I didn't know anyone with a bread box these days.

"Not too heavy, no," he said.

That left dangerous. I thought of cryptonite, the fictional element from the Superman stories. "Is there some kind of mineral that is dangerous for vampires?"

"Silver," he said, "There is a silver vein in the mine, but I will not be in that part, naturally. I will be in the part with morganite, emeralds and tourmaline.

I pictured glorious glowing gems and crystals in radiant colors lining the walls, but the actual mine would probably be quite different. "Are you bringing up gems?" I asked. I envisioned him staggering up a steep incline carrying a gigantic emerald.

"Sookie," he shook his head sadly, "I know how curious you are. I can not tell you anything more. I will be safe, you will be safe and comfortable. Once I am done we will go on to Argentina. We will be taking a much smaller plane than this one. Just big enough for us and the Bishops. I hope that is acceptable to you."

I knew he was changing the subject, but there was no point in badgering him any more. Maybe once the job was done he would feel free to tell me what he was up to. Until he was ready I might as well save my breath.

All the liquids had gone through my system and I needed to use the ladies room. Ricky directed me back to a very nicely appointed bathroom. No bath, of course, but there was a shower, and the finishes were high end. Marble counter tops, bronze fixtures, and a crystal chandelier made the scaled down room elegant. Real cloth towels to dry my hands, a hair dryer, and perfume samples all made the trip to the bathroom special.

I had been right, the engine noise was louder here near the back of the plane. I fluffed my hair and applied a little perfume since they had "Obsession" in the guest basket. I realized I was humming the song 'Brazil' under my breath. I didn't know the words so I was singing "Braaaa-ziiiiil, dum dum dum dum dum dum dum-dum". I lifted up my blouse and looked at my belly, then I turned off the light for a moment to see if I was glowing. Nothing doing. With a sigh I turned the light back on, brushed my teeth, washed my hands, and tucked my blouse in.

Just as I was ready to leave there was a short knock on the door. "Yes?" I called through the door.

"It is Eric, may I speak with you?" he said, his deep voice booming through the door over the sound of the engines.

"Sure thing," I said, unlocking and opening the door.

Eric came in the small room, making it seem much smaller. He stood there looking at me, towering over me at this close range. The light behind him filtered through his untamed hair, making a flaxen halo around his head. He shut the door behind him.

"What did you want to say?"

"This," he said, taking me in his arms and kissing me.

I was already a member of the mile high club. Soon I was a member of the five mile high club. I tried to be quiet so the Bishops wouldn't hear, and the jet noise drowned out a lot of the sounds we made, but I still felt a little awkward walking back to my seat with Eric.

The Bishop brothers appeared to be asleep, their extra large seats tilted back and their foot rests up like big cushy recliners. Soft beige blankets covered them. Ricky was nowhere in sight, so maybe we got away with no one knowing. I sat back down and modestly arranged my skirt. Eric sat down next to me, putting his arm around me. I leaned against him, closing my eyes. He gently stroked my arm, and despite the coffee, I soon fell into a deep sleep.

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51 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty One

"Have the Curd brothers taken a plea deal?" I asked, feeling a little worried. I knew sometimes those plea deals meant the criminal served very little time. I didn't want to be looking over my shoulder for Boris and Ivan Curd to come after us again.

"Yes, but they will will still receive a stiff sentence," Eric replied. The steward came towards us but Eric waved him off. He went back to flirt with Robert, for all the good that seemed to be doing. Neither Bishop brother seemed to have any awareness at all that Ricky was throwing himself at Robert. I thought Ricky might get fired if he crossed the line. He was supposed to be working, not advancing his social life.

"When will we know how long they will be locked up?"

"Do not worry Sookie, if the sentence releases them too early, they will still have Vampire Court to deal with," Eric rumbled ominously.

"You mean Judge Julie?" I asked. She was a vampire judge that ruled on cases where a vampire had been wronged by a human. Some of her lighter cases were broadcast over WVMP, the local cable channel for vampires, but most of her cases were seen in person by the vampire audience only because the sentences were too gruesome for human eyes. No humans were killed, but once the guilty party agreed to let their case be decided by Judge Julie, blood usually flowed, for a while. Vampires liked blood, and flowing blood was even better.

"Her, or one of the tribunals. Then there is always the court of my judgment." Eric's tone indicated he had made up his mind this topic. No matter what legal wrangling went on, the Curd brothers would pay. He was all about enforcement.

I heard the twin jet engines purring, though I imagined the sound would be louder near the tail where the engines were located. It was a soothing sound. That and the hot cocoa and the warmth of the cabin combined to make me feel a little sleepy. I kept talking, hoping to stay awake.

"What will happen to Aleksis once his grandmother has passed on?"

"He will be dealt with. This is in exchange for the time to take care of his grandmother."

"I think it should count for something that he takes such good care of her. Can you ask the court for leniency?"

"You have a kind heart, my wife, and I love that about you, but do not be fooled by his devotion to his relative. He is as ruthless as his brothers, and he would not hesitate to attack us again if he got the chance. He needs to be dealt with and the threat eliminated." Eric spoke with a tone of finality in his voice. I knew there would be no way to budge him with my appeals, and truthfully, I didn't know that Eric wasn't absolutely right.

I yawned, even though I tried not to. "You may sleep if you wish, there are beds in the back," Eric said.

"I don't want to sleep," I yawned again, "I want to stay awake and enjoy this flight with you."

Ricky came up to us slowly, waiting to see if Eric would wave him away again.

"Would you like a blanket?" he asked me.

"No, but I better have some coffee. Do you have any made?"

"It will just take me a moment," he said and slipped away. In a few minutes he was back with a large white mug of steaming coffee, cream, sugar, packets of cookies, a linen napkin, and a silver spoon on a tray. He fussed around setting up a table for the coffee, placing it and the napkin in front of me.

"Will there be anything else?" he asked quietly. He was very efficient and quick.

"No thanks, I'm good," I said. He went back to the galley area, probably to clean up the coffee making supplies.

Eric picked up my cup and smelled the coffee. "Do you like the way it smells?" I asked him.

"It brings back memories of my travels in South America," he said. As I drank the coffee he told me about his adventures in Peru. He had been there when the Incas captured the Kingdom of Chimor, some time before 1500.

"I traveled there with Tacaynamo. He was a vampire that traded textiles and wool all over the world. The Chimu thought he was a god. They sacrificed many women in his honor, once Tacaynamo had finished with them."

"That's horrible," I said.

He shrugged. "Did you know it was horrible?" I asked him.

"The Spanish Inquisition, the plague, the wars, the poverty, it was all horrible for humans back then. I had no opinion of human fortune or misfortune, it was meaningless to me. It has been a complete shift in consciousness for me to regard humans as beings that I would interact with as equals. Human life came and went, only vampires lived on."

Eric had once likened his regard for human life, in the past, to the way I regarded the squirrels in the yard. I saw them, and if they became a problem by chewing their way into the house I would eliminate them, but I didn't really bother to get to know any of them as individuals, or care if they made it through the winter. There were always plenty of squirrels, so that was that. I guess if I lived on squirrel blood the comparison would be more complete.

"What happened to Tacaynamo?"

"He did not survive, but his Child, Minchancaman, is still alive. When the Spanish arrived they killed any that did not submit to their rule. Minchancaman was able to take a ship back to Spain. He served Philip III and that was also when he met Felipe de Castro."

"Met him, or Turned him?" I asked.

Eric stared at me with alarm, then his stern Nordic face slowly broadened with his breath taking smile, changing his looks completely. His head tilted as he said, "You always amaze me with your insights. But this is not information I am free to give out. Vampires are very secretive about their lineage. Let us move on to the next topic." He gave me a little wink to soften the effect of his stonewalling about de Castro's Maker. I understood, the secret was not his to share.

I thought he might be in the mood to tell me a little more about the object of our travels.

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50 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Fifty

"Are you chilly?" he asked, coming up and putting his arm around me. He didn't feel much in the way of temperature change unless it was hot enough to burn or cold enough to freeze solid, but he was aware I got cold at the drop of a hat.

"No, I wore my jacket," I replied. Sometimes I made Eric wear a jacket when I felt cold because it made me colder looking at his bare arms. But tonight I was okay with just being warm myself.

"We will be able to board in about five minutes. Are you hungry or thirsty?" he asked. I heard the Bishops roar with laughter over something the steward was telling them. I thought about checking into the steward's mind just to be on the safe side.

"Nope, thanks for asking, I'm good." I thought of something I had wanted to ask him. "Why have you invited me to come along on this trip? Not that I'm not thrilled or anything, but I know this is all about some secret vampire business."

"I know you have not been out of the United States," he said, "And I enjoy your company. In your condition I did not think I should leave you alone, and the danger on this trip is low."

My condition was really only a potential condition. The two essential elements needed to produce a fertilized egg hadn't come together yet, and I didn't know when they would. I only knew that I would see a glow in my belly and I would "smell pink", whatever that meant. The doctor told me this could happen right away, or it could take decades. I wasn't going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen or else I could drive myself nuts.

"All right, everyone can now board the plane," the steward announced, raising his voice over the sound of the plane starting up.

The plane was a Global Express, a long range heavy jet that seated up to 16. It would be fast and only need to land once in Southern Mexico, Eric had informed me. The two pilots didn't come back to introduce themselves, but I scanned their minds as well as the mind of the steward. They were all thinking about their jobs, with the main pilot having a subtext of thought worrying his wife was having an affair with his brother while he was away. The steward had developed an instantaneous crush on Robert Bishop and he was planning on providing Robert excellent service to see if the big guy show any interest back.

I knew Richard went for women, he had been involved for a while with Angellica's evil twin, Saytanna. I didn't know how Robert would react to the subtle advances of the flight attendant. I hoped he wasn't one of those jerks that reacts with violence. I never understood how some guys could leer at women and cat call to them as much as they wanted, but let one gay man give them a wink and they went ballistic, beating the stuffing out of the gay guy for doing exactly what a guy does to show interest. Maybe they thought it was macho to beat on someone, or maybe they were secretly afraid they might turn bi-curious.

This big plane was a jet, and I was concerned it might take off and flatten me with its acceleration, but takeoff was smooth and relatively quiet.

"I wonder how much a plane like this costs," I said to Eric. He let me have the window seat so I could see the lights of Shreveport below us.

"About forty-five million," he replied.

I turned from the window to look at him. "Dollars?" I squeaked.

"The King wanted no expense spared on this trip. But remember, he is just leasing the plane, not buying it."

Eric stretched out his long legs in the spacious cabin. Ricky the steward came by and asked if we wanted anything. I wanted a cup of cocoa, but I didn't think they could make one. It turned out they could, complete with little marshmallows floating on top.

"We are picking up Isabel and her entourage in Mexico. Jure is meeting us in Brazil. Do you mind if I make a phone call?" Eric asked.

"No, that's fine." I sipped my cocoa and looked out the window, feeling like a little kid that feels like a famous movie star. The interior of the jet was luxurious, full of cream colored leather seats and a couch along one wall. There was a lounge where a bar could be set up for private parties. Cruising along at almost mach speed at 30,000 feet was about as private as it gets.

He called Pam and asked her how things were going. From his conversation it sounded like everything was going well. He asked her how many had signed up for the speed dating. His eyebrows went up when he heard the number.

"Are you sure you can maintain control over so many?" he asked.

I heard Pam's voice exclaiming over his phone, but I couldn't make out the words.

Then he said, "When is the sentencing?" I thought they might have changed topics and be talking about the Curd brothers now.

He hung up and took my hand. "Next stop Mexico," he said.

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49 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Nine

Eric and I had no time for anything once he was up and showered except to load up the rental car with our luggage and make sure everything in the house was turned off, the security systems were turned on, and we had our cell phones, our hand cranked chargers, and our travel items.

He drove to the Shreveport Downtown Airport near the Red River and pulled into one of the parking lots. Tomorrow night Clancy or someone would come and pick up the car and pay for the parking. Numerous small private aircraft were housed there and used the two runways provided.

We met the Bishops at the primary runway, called14/32. Our private plane, provided by Anubis, was almost ready for us to board. Eric went to make sure our luggage and his travel container were on board, and he stopped to speak with the brothers.

The lights from the hanger and the plane were reflected in the puddles and on the shiny wet surfaces of the pavement. It had rained earlier making the air fresh and damp, with a cool breeze ruffling the surface of the puddles, breaking up the light into wavy patterns. It was quiet at night here at this airport. On the other runway I could hear a very small private plane taking off, it sounded more like a motor scooter than a plane. Soon the little white plane appeared in the sky, then disappeared in the darkness.

The Bishops were busy stowing away their luggage and crates. I knew they were bringing guns and explosives. I hoped they had been packed carefully. Eric was a terrible packer, I had to unpack and repack both his suitcases. He didn't see what difference it made if his jeans and tee shirts were neatly folded, but too many wrinkles bothered me.

Eric was a handsome man, I liked to see him looking nice. Besides, I felt like it was a bad reflection on me, his wife, if he wasn't groomed properly. I realized this notion was old fashioned, and even ridiculous considering that Eric was about a thousand years older than I was. Still, I felt vaguely embarrassed if Eric was seen as not well taken care of by his wife. When other women looked at him, I wanted them to see I took care of my man.

Tonight I liked what he was wearing. He had on black leather pants slung low on his hips. The fly laced up, bringing one's attention to his groin area. Those lace up pants must be a big hassle for a human man, but for a vampire they weren't inconvenient at all. That's because vampires didn't need to piddle. Their bodies functioned in a way that was a complete mystery. Not even they knew how it worked. Bill had told me their bodies worked on magic, the best answer he could give. Without the benefit of scientific study the vampire was like humans were in the Middle Ages, just guessing at answers, making up what seemed to make the most sense.

The below ground laboratory the vampires were building would enable them to find out more about how their bodies worked without giving humans dangerous information that might be used to eliminate vampires. They could discover what was in their blood that made it heal humans. Once that was found and synthesized there would be no more need to drain and kill vampires for their blood. The incidence of this happening was decreasing as more and more vampires sold their ability to heal in an underground market that had sprung up in less than a decade.

Humans paid vampires for sex, for healing, and for their ability to glamour. Glamour parties, with the vampire acting as the hypnotist, were popular with wealthy college students. Students would volunteer to be glamoured, then, while they were under the vampire thrall, they would be made to do silly, nasty or obscene stunts. It would be recorded and shown to the hypnotized person later. Unscrupulous frats used the vampire to glamour women who would then perform any sex acts they were instructed to. Afterwards their memories would be erased and replaced with the memory of having fun playing innocent party games. The vampire acted like a date rape drug, but without any traces left in the bloodstream.

A law suit was already in progress with the glamouring vampire being sued when the daughter of a wealthy and powerful conservative senator ended up pregnant and infected with an STD. She had no memory of what happened, and once drugs were ruled out the logical conclusion was that the vampire at the frat party had glamoured her. More and more humans were finding out about what vampires were capable of. Instead of cowering at their knowledge, the humans were using it to pay vampires enormous sums to do their bidding.

This would be great if all vampires were scrupulous and above board. I knew better. As much as I would jump in to defend vampires I knew that, just like humans, there were some bad apples in the barrel. A predatory vampire could take advantage of humans in ways they had not imagined.

Eric's lace up leather pants were topped by a tight 'Dead Can Dance' tee shirt with the sleeves cut out. The bottom of the shirt barely went past his waist, showing his flat belly when he raised his arms. The line of golden fur that ran down from his belly button went behind the laces and continued all the way down to ...

I smiled. I recalled Eric saying that even if the house was filled with poison fumes I was still thinking about sex with him. Here I was on the damp tarmac, watching two were-Bigfoots load guns and explosives on the plane I would soon be riding, yet I was thinking about Eric's lace up pants. The power of those lace up pants, the way he looked striding towards me in them, that wasn't a supernatural power, that was all Eric.

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48 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Eight

The next day flew by in a whirl of last minute activities. I called Jason's house to ask how Roscoe was doing. I didn't know what chances I would have while in the rain forest to call home so I wanted to make one last contact before I left.

Jason wasn't home because he was working, but Angellica was there. She was in a mood to chat, but I wasn't really listening very closely to her plans to remodel the basement, her garden next spring, or her latest sewing project. What caught my attention was the word "pregnant".

"I'm sorry Angellica, could you repeat that?" I said, feeling a little guilty about obsessing over this trip while Angellica was trying to share important things with me. I made a mental note to plan a just-us-girls date with her when I got back.

"I said we are trying to get pregnant," she said shyly. "I honestly think your brother is ready to settle down and make a family with me." I could just picture the pretty Angellica blushing, head bowing, her silky golden brown hair sliding forward to cover her face for a moment.

"Oh Angellica that's wonderful!" I enthused, "Nothing would make me happier. Jason is a lucky man to have found a wonderful woman like you. This is what I hoped for. If there's anything I can do, you know, just between us, let me know. I only regret our grandmother didn't live to meet you."

This started me thinking about HoloGran. That's what I named the apparition that appeared in an enchanted grotto made of ivy leaves. I had received a single living leaf from a psychic named, appropriately, Ivy. She told me to plant it and see what happened. I did, and the next day the grotto appeared.

The concave structure grew up out of the ground, the vines twining and curving until they had made a green cave the size of a one car garage. A light would begin to glow inside the cave, then it would come into focus and Gran would appear. I could tell she was a projection, not a real person. The grotto appeared near the woods when I stood in a special spot. It didn't always appear, but the few times it had shown up were times I really needed to talk to my grandmother about something.

I didn't think the apparition was really Gran, at least not the way she was in life. I thought the vision was a mystical concentration of the energy that had been my grandmother enhanced infinitely by being connected to the spiritual energy that flowed through everything. It was way too complicated for me to understand, but I instinctively felt HoloGran was good and loving, and could give me a sense of direction if I asked for it.

While I had been thinking Angellica had been talking. What was wrong with me, why couldn't I concentrate on this conversation? I think it was just the jitters over traveling to Brazil.

"...hoping you could recommend someone," she was saying. Then she paused, waiting to hear my response.

"You would like me to recommend someone?" I repeated, hoping I could figure out what she was asking me.

"Well, yes. I don't really have any doctors in this area, and if I'm going to be moving in with Jason I would need to find a fertility doctor here."

Oh! A fertility doctor. Yikes, what should I say? Obviously Jason hadn't told her anything about his visit to Dr. Fay, the doctor for fairies.

"Let me see if I can find out who's good. I know my friend Tara went to a fertility doctor but of course that didn't work out for her. It wasn't the doctor's fault though, she had serious medical problems that prevented conception. You must remember Tara, she was at my shower and also the wedding. She ended up adopting, but that was a good choice for her. I don't think there's anyone in Bon Temps that I would suggest. You might need to travel to Monroe or Homulka to find a good doctor. I won't be able to look into it until I get back, but I'll see what I can can find out." I felt like I was talking too much because I was nervous about knowing Jason's secret. I had completely missed her telling me she was moving in with Jason.

"Oh sure, there's no big rush. Sookie, I love having you to talk to. You're like the sister I always wanted," she said.

Instead of the sister you got, Saytanna, the demon woman, I thought, but didn't say.

"I feel the same way about you, Angellica. Let's get together for a fun day when I get back so we can talk face to face, okay?"

"I would just love that. Do you want me to put Roscoe on the phone?"

For the next few minutes I talked baby talk to my little dog, hoping to fill his furry head with my love in case I didn't get to speak to him much over the next week.

Then Angellica came back on and we said our goodbye's. I knew Roscoe was in good and loving hands, that was one worry I didn't have.

more to come ....(Anonymous Z, Lynn - Thanks for taking the time to write. I'm always surprised at how intuitive you are about where the story is heading.

kathrynwitte - Haha! Yup, I understood about St. Paddy's day. I don't write the chapters the day I post them, I try to stay ahead so I don't miss a day. It would take more planning than I am capable of to add a leprechaun to the story and have it show up on St. Patrick's day. But I do like idea of a leprechaun. I'll see if one wants to join in someday. Thanks for the suggestion.)

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47 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Seven

I didn't have Roscoe to care for so all we needed to do was check out our suitcases and make sure we were prepared to leave first thing tomorrow night. Since it was such a long trip it was going to extend into the next day. First we would leave from a private airfield outside of Shreveport, then travel to southern Mexico, finally coming down near Belo Horizonte, the capitol of Minas Gerais. From there we would take recreational vehicles which would serve as our campers. All in all it would take more than twenty four hours to get to our destination, the mine owned by the King.

This was a big worry for me. While Eric was awake he would be safe, but once he was helpless during the day it would be up to me to protect his travel container. I felt a little overwhelmed at all this responsibility. I was thinking about admitting this to him when Eric brought up the very thing I was worrying about, lifting the weight of the world from my shoulders.

He told me the Bishop brothers were going to come along. At first the King wouldn't spring for the additional cost, but once he realized that Eric and I were going to be traveling for free due to our Golden Key, a lifetime free ride on Annubis Air due to a mistake they made, King Felipe de Castro became much more magnanimous. Eric usually wanted me to himself, but he must have known how much responsibility this put on me and negotiated the extra protection with the King.

When Eric told me about the new plans I squealed with joy and jumped up into his arms. He laughed to see me so overjoyed about the two big were-Bigfoots coming along. I was even happier when he told me they would also be armed. I could sleep and eat and go to the bathroom without worry. Now the trip sounded like fun.

I had also asked Eric if we could visit Vampire Cave in Argentina while we were in South America. He arranged things so we would have a few nights to sight see and visit the cave. Normally humans were not allowed to even know of the existence of the cave, but I was one blood with Eric, I was considered to be the same as a vampire in their culture. Vampire Cave was a central place where all vampires, at some point in their long lives, visited and left their marks, either writing or drawing on the walls. I would need a flashlight to see, but vampires would be able to see without one.

The Bishops were going with us to Argentina too. This was the best news ever. I had come to trust and respect the two brothers. Since all the flights we were taking would be on private planes, and all the landing strips were on private property, we could take machine guns, howitzers and bombs with us if we wanted. As a matter of fact, Eric said we were bringing gelignite. That was a specialized mini-explosive to detonate and open up blockages in the mine, if there were any, not to blow up people or planes. It would take an expert to set it off.

This would be the farthest I had ever been from home and I was excited about the trip. I understood that this was not going to be a posh vacation, this was going to be like a safari once we took to the ground, but I didn't mind. To hear birds I never heard before, to see trees and plants I never saw before, these things were exciting and interesting to me. I wished I had a chance to get some guides to the flora and fauna of Brazil, but the books would have to be ordered and wouldn't arrive until after I returned. I was taking a little sketch pad to trace the shapes of the leaves and a tape recorder to catch the rain forest sounds if I could.

From the stories he had to tell it seemed to me like Eric had been everywhere and seen everything in his long life. He was delighted with my enthusiasm and interest. He said it was like experiencing all this for the first time, going there with me. I talked and asked questions, going on and on like a chatterbox. Eric never tired of hearing me. We sat in front of the fire while I jabbered and he listened, occasionally responding in his smooth deep voice.

"I don't know if I'm even going to be able to get any sleep tonight I'm so excited," I said. It was true, I felt like I had ten cups of coffee.

"How excited are you?" Eric's attention seized on the word, his interest in our conversation, well really, my talking and him listening, suddenly refocusing.

"Very excited," I responded. I smiled to myself, I knew where this was heading.

"Excited how?" he asked, kissing me lightly. He began unbuttoning buttons. He pressed his fangs against my lower lip, not hard enough to puncture, just hard enough to let me know his desire was awakened.

I responded to his intensity, the light slow movement of his cool fingers on my warm flesh, the wave of musky piny vampire scent that wafted from him. He obscured everything else with his irresistible masculinity. The feel of his thick powerful body pressed against me, waiting for me to open to him and yield, eclipsed the swirl of thoughts in my mind until my mind only had one thought.

The one thought my mind had was Eric, my hands wrapped in his hair, his lips pressed to mine, he carried me to the bed. My ancient one whispered to me. "Give yourself to me, my beautiful bride, your bridegroom awaits your pleasure."

"My tender and passionate bridegroom," I called him, snuggling in his arms. I felt happy and safe and pretty, it didn't get any better than this.

Eric enjoyed courting me, winning me again and again. He liked affirming our marriage, our union, as part of our lovemaking. I think it reassured him that I really was his, would be his, forever and ever. The comfort this must give him, after so many years of what surely felt like brief and fleeting connections, gave him the room to expand emotionally. If vampires have souls, and I believed they did, as much as any human, Eric's soul needed a mate.

Truth be told, even during my relatively short human life, I also longed for a soul mate. That's what made it so easy for me to give myself to Eric, to belong to him, to surrender to his charm.
more to come ...(Gjers-1, Anonymous Z, Sally, kathrynwitte - Thanks for commenting. I too like how their relationship is evolving. Leprechauns? Interesting .....)

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46 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Six

The heating technician arrived and tsk'ed over the furnace hook up. He showed Eric exactly what had been connected backwards. Eric looked completely expressionless, which I knew meant he was mad. Whoever had botched this connection was going to be out of a job. I hoped Eric wasn't going to take it further than that. After all, it was a mistake.

As he worked, Melvin, the furnace guy, told us a delightful little tale about a family of eight that all died on Christmas Eve twelve years ago from this exact same problem. Melvin had the same jowly hangdog face and depressed voice as that cartoon dog Droopy.

He also had plumber's crack, so the humor from his hairy half bare behind was counterpoint to the horror story he told of the police finding all the family members dead, their faces cherry red. Apparently that's the color people turn when they die from the silent killer carbon monoxide. You learn something new every day, but not necessarily something you wanted to know, I thought.

Trin had gone, but not before Eric thanked him and took his contact information. I think Eric was impressed with the fact that Trin had thought to yell into the intercom. It was fortunate that Trin returned to pick up his ladders tonight. He had a job first thing tomorrow in the opposite direction from our house. Trin didn't want to waste time coming here in the morning and then going back to the job.

Once Melvin was done he fired up the furnace and we all stood there and waited to see what happened. The furnace roared and the carbon monoxide detector was silent. All was as it should be. Melvin wrote out his bill and Eric paid him on the spot. Melvin left while our furnace blew warm air that was reassuringly free of noxious fumes.

Eric was still in his black silk pajama bottoms. He didn't notice and he didn't care. He would walk around buck naked if he could, but I had impressed on him the fact that many humans were shocked and even offended at the sight of a naked man, even if they only glimpsed him through the windows of our home as they drove by. He had learned to either draw the blinds or pull on pants of some kind.

Besides, if word got out my Viking was walking around in all his larger-than-death golden glory here at night, a crowd could form in the street. Someone might begin selling tickets. Soon there would be food vendors and bleachers set up to see the show. I smiled to myself at the thought of the three ring circus formed to view naked Eric.

"What?" Eric asked, smiling at seeing me smile.

"Oh, I was just having a little fantasy about you walking around naked," I said.

He picked me up and swung me around. "That is what is so wonderful about you. The house fills with poison fumes yet you think about sex with me." He started to carry me to the bedroom.

"That isn't all I think about. I think about plenty of other stuff." I tried to think about what that other stuff might be, but the feel of the bulging muscles in his arms squeezed those other thoughts from my mind.

He didn't slow down at all, he just plopped me on the bed and fell on top of me, his weight holding me down. I loved the feel of him on me like that. He never overdid it, he just let me experience the sheer size of him, the width, the gravity. Eric was like a mighty oak, but his bite was worse than his bark.

"I could just eat you all up," he growled in my ear. Then he turned us over so I was laying on top of him.

"My ravenous wolf, my big bad wolf, what long teeth you have," I said, laughing. I licked his fangs. This kind of talk drove him mad with desire and released the savage beast in him. Growling, he gently ravaged me while answering the call of his wild.

At one point I remember howling like a wolf and Eric play-biting my behind. Then things got a little crazy. Maybe the carbon monoxide had gone to my head, or maybe it was just my sexy vampire.

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45 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Five

Before I drifted off I thought about all the unanswered questions floating through my mind. What was going to happen to Aleksis Curd once his grandmother passed? Would the vampires still pursue him for what he had done, or would they let by-gones be by-gones?

What was in Brazil that Eric, Jure and Isabel had to fetch? Was it going to be a problem being around Jure again, or was he going to behave himself as he had recently been doing? What was Jason going to do about having a child? Had he even told Angellica about his unusual heritage?

When would my own fertility come into fruition? Would I know it had happened or would I end up like those women in that show "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"? I was sure that I would notice my belly swelling, I kept a careful eye on my weight. Would my changing body be a turn off for Eric? What would he do for blood once I was pregnant? I didn't think I should let him feed from me once I was also nurturing a baby.

What did Maxine Fortenberry want from Madam Fox and what did Madam Fox want from Maxine? Was Maxine so starved for attention she would squander all her savings on the flattery and drama of a psychic? I knew from personal experience how addicting it could become to see a psychic time after time. I had consulted one in New Orleans day after day. I still had more questions, but I could live without knowing the answers.

What would my baby be like? Would it have fairy characteristics? Could she or he grow up normally with a vampire for a father? Would Roscoe be jealous? Would Tara become a friend again once she saw the child was happy and healthy?

I pictured the little one, just a shape in a blanket, being placed in my arms. Did I have what it took to give birth? Did I have what it took to be a good mother?

"Wah! Wah! Wah!" The baby cried on and on. I paced, bounced the baby, tried a bottle but still the baby cried. I was frustrated almost to the point of tears. Why wouldn't the baby stop crying?

"Mrs. Stackhouse! Mrs. Stackhouse!" A voice called me from far away. I woke up, groggy for a second. That wasn't a baby crying, it was the carbon monoxide alarm! I jumped up from the bed and ran down the stairs, looking for the fire. Trin Torma was on the front porch, yelling my name into the intercom.

I opened the door and let him in. The sun was just going down, the last rays were hitting the tippy tops of the trees on the mountain ridge. He immediately ran down to the lower level where the walk out basement was. The alarm stopped. Eric would be getting up soon and coming through the basement. I hoped he wouldn't kill Trin before he found out what was happening.

Trin came running back up the steps. "It was the carbon monoxide detector. I need to check your furnace connections. Who handles your HVAC?" he asked. He had some paint specks on his face that looked like he had blue freckles.

"Um, I don't know. Let me call my brother and ask who he had here," I said. "Do we need to go outside?" I didn't want to breathe in any carbon monoxide. I knew it was odorless and deadly.

"No, I opened the windows down there and shut the connecting door. I also turned off the furnace so whatever was pumping the carbon monoxide into the house has stopped. Just to be on the safe side you might want to open the windows and air out the whole house."

I was hesitant to do that, but I couldn't think of any other plan. I had just opened the kitchen window when Eric came in. I told him what was going on.

Eric knew who to call. While he was calling, Trin explained that the furnace had been turned off while the ducts were being reattached to the bedroom vents. He thought the furnace blower had been reinstalled incorrectly. I didn't know what this meant, but I was glad we had installed carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke detectors.

I introduced Trin to Eric, then excused myself to get dressed. I was only wearing one of Eric's tee shirts over my underwear. To Trin's credit he didn't seem to ogle me at all. I put on jeans and a blue gingham blouse. I didn't even know what we were doing this last night here at the house. I guessed that getting the furnace fixed would be at the top of the list.

Eric and I went outside into the cool night. He had grabbed my fleece jacket on our way out. "The heating technician will be here in a short while. He will fix the problem tonight," Eric said. He put his arm around me. "Trin showed me what he thought the problem was. It made sense. Did he come in the house to get you?"

"No, he was hollering through the intercom. But the carbon monoxide detector woke me up first. I thought it was a baby crying, but that was just in my dream. Once I woke up I thought it was the smoke alarm. I let Trin in to help." Now that I was thinking clearly I thought I probably shouldn't have let Trin in, but at the time it seemed like the logical thing to do.

Eric turned me so he could look at me in the glow of the security lights. "Do you feel as if you need medical attention?" He looked worried. I didn't want him to worry, partly because I didn't like to worry him, and partly because he might feel the need to keep me under constant guard or something if he thought I wasn't safe.

"I'm fine, Eric. The leak was in the basement and I was all the way upstairs in the guest room. The carbon monoxide detector in the hall outside the bedroom didn't go off, so I don't think it reached the upstairs."

"Nothing can happen to you," Eric stated, his jaw set and raised. Eric needed me, therefore I was probably the safest human person on earth.

I knew he was thinking once again about how much safer I would be if I was Vampire. We had cussed and discussed my Turning till we were both blue in the face. Or at least until I was. Eric didn't breathe, he didn't turn blue, he just got pinker once he fed. Finally I had seen the wisdom in my Turning once our child rearing was done. I had also agreed that Eric should be my Maker, even though it would give him more supernatural power over me. I trusted him with both my life and my death.

"Well, at least all the systems to protect me worked. And this was just a home repair error, not some sinister plot against us or anything." It was a relief just to have a normal disaster, or near disaster, to be more accurate.

"True, but we would not have changed anything about the furnace if the house hadn't been bombed by the Curds." His mouth was a grim straight line.

From the way he spoke their name, I knew none of the Curds was going to escape from being severely punished, not even Aleksis. Eric had his ways, and sometimes those ways were violent.

I asked Eric about the blood on his shirt the previous night. I couldn't stop worrying about it and I had found the bloody shirt in the trash can. Was he trying to hide it, or was he just throwing it away?

"I needed to convince Phillip that this was serious offense. He did not understand what the problem was with his conduct. I might have been a little too persuasive." He shrugged. His job, keeping the vampires under his jurisdiction in line with mainstreaming policy, was not easy. Vampires were used to being laws unto themselves, they did not readily comply with authority. Eric was the enforcer.

"Is he dead?" I knew Eric could get in trouble and end up being heavily fined if he killed another vampire.

"No, but he is convinced that he must not touch a child again." Eric smiled a little at the memory of whatever he did to "convince" Phillip Ardley to knock it off. Eric was a "might makes right" kind of guy, although in this case he really was on the side of right.

"Were you hurt too?" I asked.

"Not at all," he said, putting his arm around me and giving me a little squeeze.

more to come ....(Gjers-1, Anonymous Z, Lynn - Thanks for the encouragement and your thoughts. It means a lot to me.)

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44 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Four

Hoyt called me the next day and asked me if I could casually drop by his mother's house that afternoon and meet Madam Fox, the psychic medium his mother was consulting. I had forgotten about telling him I would check into this, but I didn't want to travel all the way to Bon Temps today. Traveling to South America would be enough traveling to last me for a good long while.

I told him it would have to wait until I got back from a short trip I was taking with Eric, but I would make a phone call or two today to find out what I could and call him back. He wasn't entirely happy with that, but it was the best I could offer him.

I was still very reluctant to inject myself into the tension laden dynamics between Hoyt and his mom. They were at each others throats one minute, then defending each other against all comers the next. I didn't want anything I did to help Hoyt while he was miffed with his Mom to come back and bite me in the rear end once they kissed and made up.

Knowing how Maxine was, I realized she would neither forgive nor forget if she thought I was interfering with her life. I might never hear the end of it, not to mention the non-stop spout of gossip Maxine would become. She was a good friend, but a bad enemy. She had driven more than one person to distraction with her nasty tongue.

I called Castor "Cat" Tyndareus, a psychic I had consulted when I was in New Orleans for my honeymoon. He specialized in augury, or more specifically ornithomancy, using the flight patterns of birds as an omen. I left a message on his answering machine asking him to call me back. It was my hope he could tell me something about Madam Fox.

Cat was an unique supernatural being in my experience. Part of the time he was a big icky caterpillar, part of the time he was a large white butterfly with red and yellow spots, and part of the time he was the most handsome man imaginable, close in appearance to Brad Pitt in the movie "Legends of the Fall". I hoped he was in his human phase now. If he was a butterfly he wouldn't be strong enough to pick up the phone, and if he was in the caterpillar phase he would would be stoned out of his gourd. He said he smoked dope to cope with turning into a caterpillar.

When Jason came by to pick up Roscoe I took one look at his face and could tell I shouldn't bring up his doctor's visit. He had that squinched closed down look he gets when he has made up his mind to stonewall and nothing was going to budge him.

He must have had several imaginary conversations in his head with me, conversations where I try to convince him to go ahead with his pregnancy. He wasn't going to give me a chance to weigh in on his options. I really had no burning desire to get into this issue with him. I had my own medical issues to consider. What he did about his fertility was up to him.

Before I laid down for my afternoon nap I heard from Cat. "Hi there pretty lady, what can I do you for?" he said. His sexy western charm told me he was in his Brad Pitt phase.

"Hi Cat, thanks for calling me back. I was hoping you could tell me a little something about another medium .."

"Whoa there. I'm not a medium, I don't communicate with spirits at all. I just interpret birds," he gave a little chuckle.

"Right, sorry, I just meant that she is also consulted by people that want information," I realized how lame this sounded. "Her name is Madam Fox and she is a medium. Do you know anything about her?"

"Are you talking about Catherine Fox?" he asked.

"Maybe. I don't know her first name. And I haven't seen her so I can't even tell you what she looks like." I wish I had asked Hoyt a few more questions before I bothered Cat with all this.

"Well now, there are three Fox sisters. Margaret, Anne and Catherine. Catherine uses a familiar she refers to as 'Mr. Splitfoot'. All three of them are real mediums, but Catherine, she's called Kate, can bring trouble with her if Mr. Splitfoot doesn't get what he wants in exchange for his help."

While Cat was talking I heard a woman's voice in the background. "Excuse me a minute, darlin'," he said and covered the phone. I heard a muffled conversation with a woman.

He came back. "Was that Ivy?" I asked. I had been trying to get in touch with another member of the psychic community, an unusual woman named Ivy, but I hadn't had any luck finding out where to contact her.

"Ivy? Nope, that was my better half, Hillary. She's taking our son Anogon to shop for college. I haven't seen Ivy in a couple of months now."

"Do you know where to reach her?" I asked.

"Sorry, can't help you there. But about Madam Fox, all three sisters are the real deal, but, like I said, watch out for Mr. Splitfoot. He has an insatiable appetite for ... well, he wants a woman to be under his control. Does this help you at all?" he asked.

"Yes, it does, Cat. Thanks for calling me back. I had a friend that was concerned because his mother was consulting Madam Fox, but it doesn't sound like he has much to worry about except his mom might be taken for her life savings."

"If that happens you let me know. We have an ethics committee that takes a dim view of that kind of thing. We can come down pretty hard on anyone that is bilking the public," he said.

"Thanks, that's good to know. I still think about the reading you gave me and I'm amazed how accurate it has been so far."

We said our goodbyes and I made a few notes. Then I called Hoyt and told him what I found out. I left out the part about Mr. Splitfoot. I didn't think there was any chance Maxine Fortenberry was going to be cavorting with any demon or whatever Mr. Splitfoot was.

I told Hoyt that if he found evidence his mother was being conned out of her money for him to let me know and I would pass the information along to an ethics committee. Hoyt seemed cheered up by this. He said that his mother had become very closed mouthed about her activities. Tonight she was going to stay over at Madam Fox's house. He didn't know Madam Fox's first name either, but he said he would try to find out. He thanked me for my help.

After that, I felt that I had done my good deed for the day. I went to take a rest before seeing Eric come to life again.

more to come ..... (Anonymous Z, Juicy - Appreciate your comments. Since this story is so long it might take a few chapters to tie up the loose ends. Thanks for following along.)

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43 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter Forty Three

"Sookie, what is wrong? I should have kept this from you." His brows came together making three little vertical lines. These lines would not permanently mar his face because, as a vampire, any skin damage would heal almost immediately. For the rest of us, there's Oil of Olay or Botox.

He took off his seat belt and turned to look at me. He reached out and pulled me to him. The heater in the car had warmed his motorcycle jacket, enveloping me in the rich leather scent as I pressed against his silent chest. I allowed myself to be held for a few seconds. I knew my reaction was puzzling to Eric. I was going to need to tell him the truth about my past.

I had never told Eric about what happened to me as child, about the sexual predator in my own family. Uncle Bartlett had made my life a misery until I went to live with Gran. I told her what her brother was doing and she forbade him to ever set foot in her house again. Jason continued to see Uncle Bartlett at his home and never suffered at his hands. This had been another bone of contention between my brother and me. He saw our Uncle as a weak old man, but I saw him as a monster.

My first vampire boyfriend Bill had killed Uncle Bartlett for what he did to me. I had been shocked and angry at Bill's act, though I had to admit it was a relief to have Uncle Bartlett, and that part of my life, finally concluded. I didn't want Eric to find out about what Bill had done. As sheriff, Eric might need to arrest Bill or something, there was no telling what might result. I knew there was no statute of limitations on murder for human law, would vampire law be the same? That was all in the past now. I had moved on and so had Bill. There would be no point in raking it all up again.

That was one reason I never told Eric, he would want to know what happened to Uncle Bartlett, perhaps because he would want to take him out himself. But I wasn't sure how to tell the story and leave Bill out of it. I also hated to bring back all those ugly memories. The topic had never come up until now. I knew that Eric, smart and insightful as he was, would need to be told something. I needed time to think.

"Eric, this touches on some stuff that happened to me as a child, that's why it got me so riled up. You need to go stop this guy from hurting any more little girls tonight. We'll sit down and have a talk about what my reaction was another night when I'm not so tired. I'm all right, I promise. I really want you to stop Phillip Ardley, that would make my mind rest easy tonight." I gave him a weak little encouraging smile.

He sat there for a long moment, looking at me, his face a mask that hid his thoughts and feelings. Then he put his seat belt back on and said, "I agree, it is too late to have an involved discussion tonight. I will stop him, I promise you. Will you still be all right if I take you home and then go out again?"

I said I would be just fine. We got home and Eric took Roscoe out for his final trip of the night while I changed into my nightgown and went to lay down in the bed in the guestroom. I told Eric to wake me up when he got back, just to let me know he was okay. I got in bed and put on the television to distract me from the bad feelings that had come up, but I just stared at the screen and didn't even know what I was looking at.

When Eric came back I was still awake. He turned away from me quickly when I opened the bedroom door. I don't think he expected me to still be awake.

"I will hang up my coat and get in my pajamas," he said, walking back downstairs. I heard the closet door in the front hall squeak, then he was gone for a few minutes. He had gone to his closet off the master bedroom to change into his silk pajama bottoms. Before Eric had turned away from me I saw his shirt was covered in blood. Was it vampire blood or human blood? Was it Eric's blood? I waited to see if Eric was injured, though vampires healed so quickly he might have been injured and healed up already. If that was true he might need blood to revitalize himself.

Eric strode into the bedroom naked to the waist, his long hair hanging down to his shoulder blades. We got in bed together and held each other. I wanted to ask him about the blood, but I didn't know if I could deal with anything too upsetting tonight. I decided to let it go. He would tell me if there was something I should know.

Tomorrow would be our last night at home before we left for Brazil. I was all packed and ready to go. Eric was too, as far as I knew.

The heated mattress cover warmed us, and Eric gently rubbed my back as he held me. "Are you all right?" I eventually asked him. "Do you need to feed?"

"No," he said, sounding just like he always did, "I fed enough before." We were quiet for a few more minutes, then Eric said, "I warned Phillip to stop. He promised he would stop. If he does it again I have the King's permission to either arrest him or stake him. The King has been advised what this kind of story would do to our mainstreaming efforts. Nothing arouses human anger more than the sexual mistreatment of the young."

I thought about the various ways Eric might have warned Phillip to knock off his wicked ways. The one I liked best was the one where he ripped off the pervert's arms, beat him over the head with them, and threw them in the ocean. I realized that I was still angry about what happened to me. I would have never have these vengeful thoughts if I had been allowed to grow up unmolested. Maybe I would work on being a better person and not thinking these things.

I heard Roscoe shake and then get in his dog bed. Tomorrow Jason would be by to pick up Roscoe and I would do the last minute things to get ready to leave. As before, Clancy would check on the house while we were gone. I tried to imagine what it would be like in Brazil. Eric said we were going to a remote area where there were mountains and forest. Images of green foliage and brightly colored birds passed through my mind, or maybe those were just my dreams.

more to come ....(Gjers-1, Anonymous, Anonymous Z - Interesting and insightful comments, thank you.)