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1 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy

Chapter One

Everyone has visions of one kind or another. Mystics have religious visions, drug takers have hallucinatory visions, and artists have creative visions. At night our sleeping minds crank out visions that seem to come from no where. In that way I was no different than any other young woman, I had a vision too.

When I was still in grade school that vision of how my life would turn out was based on what I had seen in the lives of others, on TV and the movies, in the books I read, and the romantic fantasies I harbored in my heart.

I thought I would go to college, find a career I liked, one that contributed something valuable to humanity, marry a nice guy, settle down and have babies.

Being a telepath shattered the visions I had for my life. College was not even considered by my guidance counselor because my grades were so bad. It was almost impossible for me to sit in class and concentrate on school work when the thoughts of my classmates crowded through my mind.

I did well with homework done in solitude, but poorly in class, leading the teachers and counselors to conclude I wasn't "living up to my potential", which, in a way, was correct.

Dating didn't work out either. After learning exactly what the guys were thinking every second they were with me, I couldn't wait to get away from them.

As I unwillingly heard what was in the minds of those around me, finding out how dishonest, judgmental, greedy and lust driven people were was a continuing lesson in disillusionment. Finding out exactly what people thought of me kept me humble.

Physically touching anyone made my telepathic powers much stronger. That meant the plan to have babies wasn't going to happen unless it was by immaculate conception.

The rosy vision I once had for my future was dead in the water by the time most girls are getting their hearts broken for the first time.

That explains why I was so immature when I met my first vampire, Bill Compton. He came into the bar where I worked and my whole world changed. I found out I couldn't read vampire minds. When Bill began to pursue me I was a sitting duck for his seduction. The silence in my mind when I kissed him was heavenly.

Unfortunately that relationship didn't work out in the long run, but fortunately it led to meeting a tall blond thousand year old vampire named Eric Northman. My vision could have never seen the way I would end up feeling about Eric. I had loathed him and feared him when we first met.

So, even without a vision, I ended up marrying a vampire and working out the little and big problems such a mixed marriage brought with it. Eric has to stay out of the sun and lays as if dead during the day.

He is part owner of a vampire bar in Shreveport, and he lives with me, Sookie Stackhouse, his wife of a little more than one year, in our new farmhouse in Shreveport.

I had been a barmaid in my home town of Bon Temps. Now I worked behind the bar in Fangtasia a few nights a week and worked in real estate a few days a month.

Over the years I have developed the ability to filter out many of the intruding thoughts of others. Living in a secluded house in a clearing in the woods helped too. I had a little dog, Roscoe, and big plans for my future.

Tonight my vision was focused on the six foot four inch naked blond vampire man walking around our bedroom, towel drying his past shoulder length mane of golden hair. Eric had been a Viking, and he was Turned at the very peak of perfection.

Swinging a big sword had made him muscular, a warrior's life had made him lean and agile, qualities he would have forever now that he was Vampire. He had lucked out getting picked by his Maker when he was flawless. I had lucked out getting picked by Eric to be the wife of his blood.

Being the wife of his blood meant that the vampire community considered Eric and I "one blood", that is, it was as if I was a vampire too in their culture. With vampires it's all about the blood.

Once vampires came out in society due to the invention of synthetic blood, rapid changes had sent shock waves through both vampire and human society. Overnight vampires went from being the bloodsucking fiends of legends to real folks that might end up being your neighbor. Think of it like Mr. Rogers with a pearly white face and fangs.

That didn't mean some vampires weren't hell bent to continue to act like predators and defy the vampire's authority figures, the King or Queen of each state. It was in the vampire's best interest to mainstream.

For those rogues that refused to go along with the program, there were sheriffs to yank them back in line, or bring them in for trial where they would be staked. That was one of Eric's jobs, assigned to him by the previous monarch of Louisiana.

He was the vampire sheriff of Area Five. He didn't have a badge, and he didn't need a gun.

"What time is our appointment?" Eric asked, pulling on his dress slacks. He didn't like getting dressed up, he preferred jeans and a tee shirt. But we were going to meet with our fertility doctor and I wanted to make a good impression.

"Quarter to midnight," I told him, applying deodorant. I didn't think tonight was going to involve any more intrusive exams or painful tests, but I wanted to be ready just in case.

Vampires are sterile, but through the magical intervention of a vampire relative of mine, I was able to obtain four cryogenic containers of Eric's semen before he was Turned vampire.

It was from a parallel dimension, and it was retrieved right before the alternate human Eric died in battle, so the visit by my great-times-a-thousand grandmother Anna Hita wouldn't disrupt that reality.

This human semen was what I was pinning all my hopes on, that we would be able to have a child together. I had been seeing doctors and clinics for two months now, and tonight they would tell me when I could undergo in-vitro fertilization, or IVF, and try to conceive.

No one but Eric and I knew about the semen being his, or "alternate-reality" his. Vampires didn't want their weaknesses known, but they also didn't want their strengths known.

Anna Hita's ability to go back in time was a closely guarded secret. I could only imagine what the military might do with someone that could go back and alter events once they had happened.

We might live in a whole different world than the one we're in now. I had read enough science fiction as a teen to know that no good ever comes from changing the past.


More to come .....

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Still Working on Story

Howdy Fanpires! I am still writing in the time I get but I don't want to start posting until I'm well ahead. I think February will be the time I have enough written to begin the latest adventure.

Thanks for your kind words, encouragement and support. See you soon!