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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part fourteen

Chapter Fourteen

"You thought I killed the lawyer?" Eric asked me, raising one eyebrow very slightly.

He regarded me steadily from behind his blue eyes. I could always tell with Eric that there was somebody smart and calculating in there, looking out those bright blue eyes. I didn't know what he was thinking, but it was obvious he was having rapid thoughts and evaluating the situation.

There was no point in lying to him. "It looked like you might have. You had his head in one hand and the bloody sword in the other. Whose sword was that?" I asked.

"Mine," Eric said, "I had it stored in the garage with my other Viking gear."

My heart melted. My beautiful husband would occasionally dress in his Viking outfit and swing his mighty sword around in the full moon light so I could see him as he once was when he was a human warrior. It was one of my most precious memories of him. I went over and wrapped my arms around him.

"Where is the body now?" I asked Eric. He could feel the fierce love radiating from me. He knew I was on his side no matter what. He was my husband, I would back him up one hundred percent.

"I hid it in a natural cave by the pond. I will take it and get rid of it tomorrow night." He hugged me back, glad to feel my unconditional love for him.

"Do you think you should tell the police instead? You didn't kill that man. You have nothing to fear because you're innocent." I said. I felt his body grow tense as I spoke. I looked in his face. He was scowling.

"I have much to fear from the human police. They are looking for a chance to lock up a vampire, to lock me up. They will not be fair. I can not let them take me into custody. The King does not want a vampire associated with a crime against a human." He looked stony and closed down, but I knew that he was afraid.

There were humans that hated vampires and would harm him if they could get control of him. Maybe some of those humans were on the Shreveport police force. If this was Bon Temps I could tell you how the police operated, but this was Shreveport. I didn't know these police at all. Eric couldn't risk being captured, he was just too vulnerable during the day, I understood that.

"OK Eric. I understand. How did you get cut?" I asked.

"I chased a vampire through the woods but he took off in his car before I could catch him. He threw a knife at me."

"Do you think he was the one that killed Leno Slide?"

Eric shrugged. "Maybe. I tracked him from this property down to the road on the other side of the lake."

"Can you tell who was holding your sword before you picked it up?" I wished Eric watched CSI like I did, then he would have known not to touch anything at a crime scene. Picking up the severed head of the victim and the murder weapon in your bare hands is a big forensic no-no. Too late now, though. Now it was just a case of damage control.

"There was the smell of leather gloves and a faint smell of vampire. Not enough to identify anyone." Eric looked thoughtful.

Why was the body here? Who knew about the sword in the garage?

"Sookie," Eric said, running his hand over my hair, "Someone is trying to set me up to be jailed and killed."

"We won't let that happen, sweetheart." I told him. "I will protect you and we'll catch the killer ourselves." I wrapped my arms around my husband, wishing I could just make all this go away.

"We'll get through this." I said, as much to myself as to him. If anything happened to Eric I couldn't stand it. He was my whole life. I held on to him and he held on to me. I didn't know which one of us was more determined to never let the other go.

We washed down the gravel with the garden hose. I poured bleach over the area because I knew it removed trace evidence of blood. Once when I had to cover up a killing in my old house I found out about using bleach and used gallons of it to wipe down my old kitchen. I shot a shapeshifter that was trying to kill me. I had used a shotgun so there was quite a mess. When the old kitchen burned in a fire, that was that. No more fear of forensic science.

Eric and I also washed down the bloody area behind the garage. Tomorrow night Eric would dig up all the dirt that had blood in it and replace it with new dirt, but there wasn't time tonight.

Once Eric had retrieved the sword and we had washed it down with bleach, and done as much as we could to put things back to normal, we went to bed. I had changed out of my lingerie to do the crime scene clean up. Neither of us was in the mood for romance, but we held each other and took comfort in each other. I was too tired to think anymore tonight, but tomorrow I would start trying to figure out what happened.

more to come .....

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part thirteen

Chapter Thirteen

At first I thought it was some kind of strange vampire joke, but as I got closer to Eric I could see the head was no prop.

Then, I recognized the face on the head. It was Leno Slide, the lawyer. Eric was holding him by his long frizzy grey and red hair. The cut on the neck was clean and so fresh the gore was dripping out in a steady stream. Blood dripped off the sword too.

As I took in this horrifying scene Roscoe began to bark explosively towards the tree line on the other side of the house and pull on the leash like he does when there's an intruder. Eric dropped the head and sword and took off. I heard him, or someone, shout, and then, far away, the squealing of tires. My husband was back immediately. He was not out of breath, because he was never in breath to begin with. I was a little breathless from all this. Roscoe was panting loudly.

"Get in the house," he ordered me. He bent to pick up the head and sword. I quickly walked Roscoe back in and put him in the guest room with his bowl of water and shut the door. The dog was unhurt, just a little confused by all the commotion. Then I ran back outside to find Eric. He was gone, there just a puddle of dark blood on the gravel where he had stood with the head and the sword.

I stood there, listening to the crickets and tree frogs, watching the lightening bugs flashing silently on and off over the lawn. All the stars were visible tonight. From the glow to the east I could tell that soon the almost full moon would be up over the garage. I heard an owl, and some big buzzing bug jumped on my bare foot and made me squeal, then it jumped off and flew into the night. Where's Preston when you need him, I thought crazily.

The gravel crunched behind me and I spun around. Eric was walking at human speed with his sword but without the head. I had so many questions I didn't know where to begin.

"Let us go inside," Eric said. I couldn't tell how he was feeling from his voice. There were streaks of blood on his arms.

"Are you injured?" I asked him as we walked inside. Eric locked the door and set all the alarms. The security lights had been on their lowest setting, now he turned them up until the yard was brighter than the lights in the house. He checked the security monitors before answering me.

"Just a scratch," he said. I took his arm and looked at a deep stab wound. It looked like a knife had penetrated his upper arm to the bone. I got a wet washcloth and wiped the blood off him, and gently dabbed at the gash. It was slowly healing as I watched. Soon it would just be a shiny pink scar, then his skin would be as unblemished as if he had never been cut. No matter how many times I saw a vampire heal like that, I always found it remarkable.

"That was the lawyer's head you had," I said. I waited to see what Eric would say. Eric didn't like to be bombarded with questions. He wasn't used to it, and it made him tense. He would tell me in his own way and in his own time.

"Yes. He had been decapitated right before I took the dog out. I smelled the blood, tied up the dog, and went to see where the smell was coming from. I found the dead lawyer and the sword behind the garage."

I was so relieved Eric hadn't chopped the guy's head off I sagged down and sat on a chair.

More to come ......

(I am happy to have all you along for another wild ride! )

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part twelve

Chapter Twelve

Once I had found out everything I wanted to know about Preston's bug diet, I was ready to tell Eric about my evening. He had been reminded about the new sexy Victoria's Secret things, so I put on a daring see through lace camisole and matching bikini panties and sat on his lap while we talked. I ran my hands over his big strong arms and kissed his ear and neck while I told him who I called and what they said. Eric touched every part he could get to on me, and in this skimpy outfit that was a lot of parts.

Eric wasn't asking about my evening to check up on me, it was just that he found every aspect of my female human life fascinating. I told him about the new razor I used to shave my legs and other body parts, I showed him my new tangerine nail polish, and I let him smell the new shampoo I used. He felt how smooth my different areas were, taking a long time to do it. I relaxed in his arms, letting the pleasure of the moment carry me away. This was worth every second I spent making myself delicious and desirable.

It was comforting to me to be scrutinized and have every little detail about my person examined and appreciated. I know it might drive some women crazy to have a husband this involved in their lives, but I had been orphaned when I was eight, raised by a loving but overworked grandmother, and generally rejected by the kids in school and the folks in town as being weird. I basked in all this positive attention, and did everything I knew would please or interest Eric.

Eric was both pleased and interested right now. His pleasure and interest was poking me in the backside. It was time to take Roscoe out and then settle him in the guest room. Eric might have his faults, but his love and attention filled up a big empty place in my heart. His pleasure and interest filled up all the other places. There wasn't much room left for anything else with Eric, he was larger than life.

Eric took Roscoe out and I lit a few scented candles in our bedroom. I turned down the coverlet on the big Swedish four poster bed and fluffed up the pillows. I saw myself in the wall of mirrors Eric had installed on one side of our bedroom. I looked flushed with happiness, and pretty good in the lacy teal camisole, if I do say so myself.

I got in bed and read a little of the vampire novel I had gotten from the library while waiting for Eric to return. This novel had been written before the Great Revelation, so vampires were portrayed very unrealistically.

Before vampires came out of the coffin, people had all sorts of ideas about what they were like, thinking, of course, they only existed in myth and legend. The vampire in this novel was a tortured soul, wanting only to be made human again. I don't think Eric would become human if that choice was available to him. I had the choice to turn Vampire, but I didn't want to Turn. Gran always said that if you put everybody's lives in a bowl, you would choose your own.

When Eric didn't come back I thought he might be having trouble with Roscoe. Sometimes the dog just wanted to sniff around endlessly and would not do his business. I knew Eric would stay out there with him patiently because he didn't want the dog to have an accident. Accidents were rare, and they were always because Roscoe didn't get enough time to find the one perfect spot on the face of the planet where he could let go.

I went to the front door monitor and punched up the eight views option for the outside of the house. At first I didn't see anyone, then, at the edge of the lawn to the right, I saw what looked like Roscoe. He was on the verge of the woods by himself. The dog was never ever outside by himself. And where was Eric?

I kept hitting buttons until I had the picture of the fluffy white dog full screen. He was by himself, sitting in the grass by a tree. Eric was nowhere in sight. I ran outside to get Roscoe. There were bears, bobcats, and who knew what else out there that could hurt my little dog. The gravel dug into my bare feet but I barely noticed. The night was warm and muggy so I wasn't cold in my nearly naked state.

Roscoe stood up and wagged his tail when he saw me coming. I said, "Hi baby " to him. I saw his leash had been tied around a small tree trunk. I untied it and started walking the dog back to the house when Eric strode onto the gravel apron in front of the house. He had a large broadsword in one hand and a dripping human head in the other.

more to come .....

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part eleven

Chapter Eleven

I heard a scratching sound at the front door. Roscoe started to bark like crazy. Had Eric forgotten his key?

I went and looked at the monitor and got a scare. The slaveling Preston was outside my door! Eric had told me a few months ago that Preston had been turned completely vampire, but he hadn't turned out to be completely vampire. The long time he had remained a slaveling had left him still mostly slaveling. He couldn't be turned until the Countess Adrijana's legal case was resolved because Preston was evidence.

What was he doing here? His Maker, the Countess, was in jail in New Orleans. At least that's what I believed.

As I watched I saw Eric come up the drive. Preston looked at the car and then loped off into the night. He wasn't as fast as a vampire, or maybe he wasn't using his vampire speed right now. Eric got out of the car and looked towards the woods where Preston had gone. Eric didn't go after him, instead he came into the house.

"Was that Preston the slaveling?" I asked Eric before he had even taken his jacket off.

Roscoe wagged at Eric then went and sat on the couch so he could sit near Eric when the master of the house sat down. Roscoe loved me, but he darn near worshiped Eric.

"Yes. I was meaning to tell you," Eric said.

He took off his black leather jacket and hung it up in the hall closet, then came over and hugged me. His big arms engulfed me and made me feel for a second like I was just a little slip of a thing, which I'm not. But it was nice to feel that way sometimes.

"What did you do this evening?" Eric asked me, settling down on the flowered couch, his face arranged to look like he would be utterly fascinated to hear my reply. He absently ruffled Roscoe's fur with his broad hand.

"What were you meaning to tell me?" I asked Eric. His changing the subject was not going to work this time. I sat on the edge of the rose colored French armchair across from him and looked at him with a certain degree of intensity, waiting for an answer.

Eric looked a little uncomfortable. "He is ours," he said. I waited to see if Eric would amplify that statement, but he didn't.

"What do you mean 'he is ours'?" I questioned. I hoped it didn't mean Preston was ours.

"We own Preston. He is like our ... our groundskeeper," Eric said smiling, trying to put a positive spin on it.

"Where is he going to live?" He sure as shootin' wasn't going to sleep in the house or the garage if I had anything to say about it. The man was really creepy. He had been through so much I didn't think he was all there anymore.

"He will stay in the extra safe room at the Countess and Jure's house," Eric said. "That's part of the arrangement."

"How far away is that?" I had been meaning to ask him that. I was hoping their house was far far away.

"If you go through the woods in a straight line like Preston does it is about two miles." Eric said.

My heart sank. I had been thinking their house on Crestview was about ten miles away because of all the extra driving we did to get to this house on Pinebrook. Eric showed me on the map that the reason we had to drive so much further was a large pond, or a small lake, that we needed to circle to get to this property. Preston could just run through the woods diagonally across the land at the northern end of the pond and be in his safe room in ten minutes.

I wanted to ask Eric why he didn't tell me about Preston, but I knew that question would make Eric defensive. He probably didn't tell me because he didn't want to upset me. He didn't realize that surprising me with something like this was more upsetting than if he had told me about it. At least I think it was. I would need to give that some thought.

"Won't he be loyal to his Maker, Adrijana?" I asked.

"I am his Maker. The King would not allow the Countess to have the slaveling, it would reward her illegal behavior. Since Preston had to belong to someone, the King gave him to me. My blood is the blood that turned him. Unfortunately his condition was so deteriorated he is not a full vampire. He will obey me without question, however." Eric said, sounding pleased at that last part.

"Won't he go around killing people?" I knew a new vampire was very thirsty and could easily kill those he fed from.

"No, he is incapable of drinking human blood." Eric got up and went over to his mail. He started to sort it out. It was amusing to see that even a Master Vampire was annoyed at getting junk mail. He threw down the ads, unsolicited offers and flyers with irritation.

"Then what does he eat?" I asked, thinking about Roscoe. If he drained small animals I would always need to keep my guard up.

"Insects," Eric answered, distracted by a bill he was reading. He asked, "What is 'Victoria's Secret'?"

The bill for the new lingerie he had gotten me for my birthday must have come in. I told him that. The lingerie was a present for both of us, apparently. Since I had been working out in the gym in the basement I was in better shape than I ever was. It was reassuring to see I didn't have to walk dozens of miles carrying heavy trays of food to stay in shape. My back and shoulders didn't ache the way they used to either.

"He eats insects?" I repeated, horrified. Oh yuck. Ick. Then I thought about it. A grown man would need to eat a heck of a lot of insects to stay alive. He could probably rid my yard of all the bugs I didn't like. I wondered if he was fast enough to catch mosquitoes. This could turn out to be a very good thing after all. Preston, the undead living bug zapper.

"Does he eat ants?" I inquired. Eric answered in the affirmative. I went on to ask about termites, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, and no see 'ums. Eric wasn't sure about the last one, but the others he answered "yes" to. I couldn't bring myself to ask about spiders or cockroaches. I just did not want to know.

more to come .....

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part ten

Chapter Ten

Eric wanted to go to Fangtasia when he rose, but he suggested I could stay home if I wanted to. He was probably remembering the photographer. Eric had believed that I was bored at the club last night too. I wasn't exactly bored, but it was hard to talk to Eric with the music playing. He wasn't planning on staying long, so I took him up on his offer. I told him I would show him the photos from the camera when he got back. I was curious to see what he would say about the black haired woman in the parking lot.

I used the time to call Tara and ask her how her baby, Katie Marie, was doing. I knew it was easier for Tara to talk once the baby was in bed for the night.

Tara and J.B. had adopted the baby from the Truvy, the dressmaker's daughter. Kathy Purdue was the dressmaker that had made my wedding dress, and while visiting her house for a fitting I discovered that Kathy's daughter Truvy was expecting. Truvy wanted an open adoption so she could continue a relationship with the baby, and my life long friends Tara and J.B., who both desperately wanted a child, found this arrangement perfect for their needs.

The baby lived with Tara and J.B. at their house because they were the adoptive parents, but when Tara and J.B. needed to go out or Tara needed go in to her clothing store while J.B. was at work, Truvy or Kathy was there to care for the baby.

They could always leave the baby with one of J.B.'s six pretty sisters too. Billie Joe, Brenda Jean, Bonnie June, Betty Jane, Beth Joel, or Bertha Jewel. Back in Bon Temps High School they were known collectively as the B.J. sisters, and I don't think that was always meant in a good way. J.B. would end up having a fight on his hands when someone referred to them that way in his hearing.

I got Tara on the phone, but the baby was fussy so she hadn't gone down for the night yet. I didn't want to keep Tara from the baby so I told her to give me a call when she could. I could hear Katie Marie making little spluttering noises near the phone, meaning she was getting wound up to cry. Tara ended the call before the first big sound wave hit.

Next I called Amelia to check in and hear the latest. She and her werewolf boyfriend were renting my old farmhouse. Heather Thatcher and her boyfriend Michael Ulrich were living upstairs where Amelia used to live, and now Amelia and Tray were using what used to be my bedroom. They all shared the newly remodeled kitchen and the rest of the house. Amelia worked for a real estate company so she took care of any problems that arose to disrupt the smooth running of the house.

Since Amelia was Heather's witch mentor, Amelia kept an eye on Heather to make sure she used her growing magical abilities responsibly. It was the reverse of the time Amelia's mentor was living with Amelia and me for a spell. Amelia's mentor, Octavia, had to bail out Amelia out of a magical mess. I hoped Amelia was able to control her student.

A newbie witch could make things really unpleasant if they weren't careful. I remembered the time Amelia accidentally made all our clothing invisible. It had felt like I was wearing clothes, but when I looked in the mirror I appeared to be buck naked. We walked around wearing sheets like togas for two days until Amelia could reverse the spell. For those two days we couldn't leave the house or answer the door. And then our clothes would still suddenly become invisible for a split second every so often for weeks afterward. That Amelia, she was a caution.

Amelia and Tray were doing well. They had gotten over a rough spot in their relationship and were back to normal. At least as normal as things could get when a witch was dating a werewolf. I had fun talking to Amelia.

She told me Sam was still dating Nora Heart. Amelia and Tray had seen them during the last full moon running through my yard. Of course Sam and Nora were both collies at that time, and they had stopped and barked at Amelia to say hi. I wondered what would have happened if Tray had been a werewolf at the time. The thought of them all circling around sniffing each other made me smile.

I called Jason next but he was out. I left a message on his answering machine just to tell him I was thinking about him. It sounded like his marriage with Crystal was just about over, they were living apart again. She was back with her people in Hotshot and Jason was up to his old tricks chasing anything in a skirt. He sounded weary of it the last time we spoke.

I wondered what he would do next if he couldn't find the same fun and pleasure in bedding woman after woman like he did. I wished he would do more with his life than just supervising the road crew. Jason had some smarts, he could go back to school and get ahead.

Of course I wasn't one to talk. My telepathy had made my schooling almost impossible, and right now I wasn't doing much of anything with my life. I was going to start school in the fall to earn my broker's license. I hope I would be able to accomplish that. It would help Eric a lot in his real estate dealings. And I could be a good earner for our family too.

I say family, but right now it was just Eric and me. I had an option I hadn't told Eric about yet. Anna Hita had gone back in time and retrieved some of Eric's semen and brought it back and stored it in a sperm bank. I could have Eric's baby if I wanted. But I had a longevity gene that would allow me to live nearly as long as a vampire. My baby might not have that gene, in fact, he or she probably wouldn't have the gene since I was the result of fairies mating with humans on both sides of my family.

That means my baby would be human with a normal life span. I would hardly age at all while my child grew up, grew old, and died of old age. I didn't think I would be ready to handle that. My other option would be to allow the child to be turned vampire once he or she became an adult. This was a possibility, but only if I became convinced that becoming a vampire wasn't the end of any chance of human happiness and feeling.

Vampires hadn't been out of the coffin long enough for me to determine how they would behave if they were allowed to live among humans and lead normal lives. I still didn't know how that would play out, and until I knew I was going to wait to ask Eric how he would feel about having a child.

more to come ....

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part nine

Chapter Nine

"It's a child's game, Eric. Grown ups play this game with children. My parents played it with me, and so did other grown ups. It is quickly outgrown once the child realizes the grown up doesn't really have their nose." I explained, wondering why this bothered Eric. "Did it upset you that I did it with you?"

Eric looked down, struggling to get himself under control. I took his hand and waited to see what he would say.

He looked up at me, his eyes filled with emotion. "My mother played that game with me when I was a small child. I thought she had invented it. I thought you had gotten the memory from my mind. I had forgotten it until now."

By the thickening of his accent I could tell he was still visiting the past in his mind, he pronounced the word "mother" as "mooder".

I knelt on the couch and held him. I rubbed his stiff back until I felt him relax a little. Then I straddled his lap and hugged him, stroking his silky hair, touching the cold hard cheek that was so dear to me, finally kissing his lips gently. I realized his tension was from the shock of remembering something so personal and from so long ago, and the shock of thinking I had read his memory as he sometimes read some of my memories from the blood he took from me.

Straddling his lap to comfort him had worked. He looked more relaxed as he processed the memory from his childhood. Soon he was kissing me and holding me against him. The shift in mood was clearly felt in his movements, he was rubbing himself against me through his pajama bottoms. I just had on a nightgown, no undies, so I got the full benefit of the pressure.

Then the pajama bottoms were off and he was sliding inside me. The memory of his mother and his childhood had awakened his emotions, he talked to me in my ear continuously as we built up our passion. His talk was in that ancient language I loved to hear, and I was over the top very quickly. Eric kept slowing himself down and he would not be hurried. By the time he was ready to hold me tight and give his sharp moaning bark I was also ready again and we reached the finish together.

It was so pleasant to fall asleep like that, spent and straddling him, knowing he would carry me to bed and tuck me in if I didn't wake up. He had done that many times for me. I was safe with Eric.

The next day was spent running around doing errands including dropping off dry cleaning, grocery shopping, and my dentist appointment for a cleaning. I discovered the camera didn't have film, it was digital. I needed something called a USB cable to connect it to my computer. I got one at a camera store. The guy at the camera store said my computer would detect the connection. He wrote out the list of directions I would need to use to download the pictures from the camera. I felt that this would be hopeless, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

Much to my surprise I was able to figure out how to download the pictures and view them on the computer screen. There were a few spectacular views from a mountain top, some photos of young adults in hiking gear and with their tents, and some pictures taken around a Thanksgiving turkey.

One group of three pictures caught my attention. They showed Eric in the parking lot talking to a gorgeous classy looking woman with long black hair. She was looking up into his face with a pleading look on her face. In the next picture she had her hand on his arm, like she was trying to detain him. The last photo showed Eric walking away from her. She had a very distraught look on her face.

Then there was a photo of Pam walking into Fangtasia, a photo of Hans De Burgh following behind her, and a photo of Eric getting out of his Corvette. It was obvious no one in the photos were aware they were being photographed. Maybe the camera man used a telephoto lens.

Finally there was the photo of me getting out of the car. Eric was right, it would have been very embarrassing to have that particular shot of me in the paper. It showed a view of me I had wanted only my husband to see. I would need to be more careful in the future.

more to come .....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part eight

Chapter Eight

We got home and did our best to make sure Roscoe was as happy as he could possibly be. Roscoe was almost identical to the dog I had as a child. Eric had seen the little white dog in my memories and gotten me one just like it. Our frequent blood exchanges have allowed Eric to "taste" my memories, that is, receive them into his own mind as if they were his memories too.

I was apprehensive about this at first because it seemed like some of my memories might not be good for Eric to know about, like losing my innocence to my first vampire boyfriend Bill Compton. But whatever memories Eric had gotten from me he had been able to handle, probably because in his long life he had seen everything and had so many experiences himself.

It was a little strange knowing my husband knew so much about me, probably similar to what it was like for other people to be around me knowing I could read minds. My friends were OK with my telepathic talents as long as I didn't freak them out by referring to things they were only thinking about, but hadn't spoken of yet.

I guess they just pushed the knowledge of my abilities to the back of their minds. Though, truth be told, I could read even the back of their minds if I wanted to. Most thoughts aren't worth the time to listen in on. Most thoughts concerned the daily trivial concerns we all have to deal with. And when thoughts were not about the grocery list or the shows coming on TV tonight they were often angry, petty, lustful, or even hateful. Of course some thoughts were about me, and often those thoughts were not flattering. I tried not to listen in most of the time.

Once Roscoe had been taken for his final outing of the evening, played with, brushed, fed and cuddled, he was ready to be tucked in for the night. I was practically nocturnal by now because I wanted to spend as much time with Eric as possible. It wasn't unusual for me to get up at three in the afternoon after going to bed at seven in the morning.

Eric and I both enjoyed movies, so we put in a DVD and watched it. I snuggled up to Eric and had a small bowl of popcorn because that was what I liked to do while I watched a movie. Bill had always looked at me eating with distaste, but Eric didn't seem to mind as long as I brushed my teeth very thoroughly when I was done. I say he didn't seem to mind, but maybe he did mind and just wasn't telling me. I decided to ask him once the movie was over. I went and brushed my teeth, dabbed on a little more cologne, and joined him in the media room.

"Eric, does my eating popcorn bother you?" I asked. I thought this might be a good way to open the doors of communication.

"No," he said, "It makes you happy and I enjoy the crunching sound."

"So it's not disgusting to you?"

"The smell of food is usually a matter of indifference to me, but there are some smells that are unpleasant. I have learned to ignore them. I do not even notice it. Except for chicken," he added. "I find the smell of chicken to be noxious. I appreciate you feeding Roscoe chicken outside."

I knew how awful chicken was to Eric so I gave Roscoe his chicken treats outside, then washed my hands with thoroughly with spearmint scented soap to completely erase the smell. Roscoe loved chicken more than just about anything, and Eric found it to be the worst smell ever, so I had to do a balancing act to keep them both happy.

Eric kissed my neck and said, "You always smell delicious to me. It was the first thing I noticed about you."

"Not my dress?" I asked surprised. I had always thought it was my red and white date dress that had caught Eric's eye. Now it seems like I had caught his nose before I caught his eye. That reminded me of the silly little child's game "Got your nose", where a grown up pretends they have the child's nose by showing the tip of their thumb between their index and middle finger. I did it with Eric just for fun.

I reached up to his face, touched his nose, then pulled my hand away, the tip of my thumb showing. "Got your nose!" I said playfully.

Eric drew back, his blue eyes getting huge in his face. The look on his face was a combination of shock and wonder.

"How did you know this?" he asked, his accent suddenly so thick I almost couldn't make out what he was saying. He repeated, "How did you know this?" only this time he was speaking louder and he sounded almost angry.

more to come ......

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part seven

Chapter Seven

Marriage wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Eric had many many wonderful qualities, but he was used to making decisions without consulting anyone. He felt his decisions were final and questioning him just made him dig his heels in. Vampires were as stubborn as mules and they preferred action to talk.

I had lived alone long enough to be independent too. I wasn't used to someone making my decisions for me. When it came to how things would be handled as a couple, Eric acted like the ruler.

He may be the ruler, but I wasn't about to become the ruled. Too many generations of headstrong women in my family prevented that. Being ruled, even by Eric, wasn't setting right with me. I didn't want to spend our limited time together arguing about things, and I knew Eric was always under a lot of pressure from his business ventures and his job as Sheriff. He needed to be able to relax and be at his ease around me. I needed to feel attractive and wanted by Eric. If I was disagreeing with him all the time it wouldn't change his mind and he would begin to resent me.

Power corrupts, and few beings are as powerful as a vampire. Eric had been the ruler of his world for a thousand years, now it looked like he wanted to be the ruler of my world too. That wasn't going to work for me. I needed some way to discuss this with him that wouldn't get his back up. I bet there weren't a lot of marriage counselors for human and vampire couples. I was going to see if there was a book on the subject.

"What are you thinking about?" Eric asked me. He was sensitive to my absence, even if it was only my mind wandering.

The music was too loud to carry on an extended conversation without getting a sore throat, so I just said, "Books I would like to read."

He looked at me with kindness crinkling the small creases at the corners of his eyes. I'm glad his handsome face had time to develop some character before he was made Vampire. If he had been turned while he still had the smooth unlined face of a boy I would have missed out on those tiny radiating lines showing me his inner emotions.

"You are bored. We will leave. I have made my appearance here, that is all I wanted to do." Eric said, standing.

I noticed he didn't ask me if I wanted to leave, he just decided we would leave. But his decision was based on his love and concern for me and my happiness. It would be counterproductive of me to say I didn't want to go yet, especially because I did want to leave. Still, I chafed at his decision. I wanted to be consulted. Is there any way I could get this point across to him without hurting his feelings and alienating him? Would he be capable of understanding what I wanted? His long life had not prepared him for an emotional give and take relationship.

This would give me something to think about tomorrow. Like Gran used to say, "Where there's a will, there's a way." I had the will, now I just needed the way.

more to come ......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part six

Chapter Six

We were sitting in a booth tonight, not on the throne platform. Pam was sitting on the throne tonight obviously trying to resist the urge to kick the human men worshiping at her feet. They were all weird creepy guys. I wondered if there was a certain type of man that just wanted to be ignored and abused by a vampire woman.

Darren Delany, Fangtasia's human manager, was sort of like this too. He followed Pam around like a love sick teenager although he wasn't creepy at all. He was in his forties, graying at the temples and looked like Alan Alda.

Pam was wearing a shiny black vinyl Susie Wong dress and killer pointy patent leather stiletto high heels. Her fine whitish blond hair was up in a top knot held in place with what looked like black pearl inlaid chop sticks. Her Barbie like features and thousand yard stare made her look like a living doll. But this living doll could turn into a living nightmare if you got on the wrong side of her. Pam was a vampire.

Eric was Pam's Maker, and she respected him and was fond of him. By extension she was fond of me too as long as I didn't rock Eric's boat. Eric nodded at Pam as she climbed down off her throne and walked over to us.

She accidentally on purpose stepped on the fingers of a smitten fangbanger that was draped on the steps to the throne when she came down to speak with Eric. It appeared that she hadn't noticed, but I think she might have secretly enjoyed it from the slight curve that came to her bright orange lips. The fangbanger was thrilled that Pam stepped on him. Like I said, these guys were weird.

The bright orange lipstick made her pale blue eyes even more striking. She said, "The club is quite busy tonight." in her crisp faintly British accent. Eric and Pam were both part owners of Fangtasia so it made them glad to see the club thriving.

Eric looked around, noticing Hans De Burgh was still working behind the bar. "When are you going to get rid of him?" he asked Pam.

De Burgh was a cryptozoologist that had annoyed Eric and some of his friends. Pam had De Burgh glamoured six ways to Sunday. The man didn't even seem to be aware of his surroundings anymore. He just took orders, mixed drinks, and put the money in the till like a zombie. I suppose that made him an ideal bartender. Was he covered by the Fangtasia employees health insurance, I wondered.

If he put in a claim for being "over glamoured" it probably wouldn't go through. I suppose he could put in a claim for being anemic, the man was as white as a vampire. Pam better be careful. She might end up turning him by accident. It was rare for that to happen, but it did happen occasionally. I didn't think Pam would want to be saddled with De Burgh for all eternity, so Eric was right in encouraging her to set De Burgh free, release him in the wild and let him go back to his own kind. I pictured a big herd of cryptozoologists thundering across the plains.

Once De Burgh was gone I was going to tend bar a few nights a week. I was enjoying my time off right now. I had worked hard all my life so this was a real treat. I had gone to several houses and checked them out for Eric's real estate business during the day a few times. None of the houses were suitable for him to flip, but I was game to keep looking until I found one.

Pam looked at De Burgh and smiled like the cat that had swallowed the canary. "Soon. Maybe tonight. I will miss Hans, he is so malleable." She walked back to the throne, making sure to kick the same guy she stepped on. He was delighted.

I noticed a guy over at the souvenir stand buying a stack of tee shirts. That was probably the camera man. Was Eric being stalked by the paparazzi now? He was well known in Shreveport, but he wasn't famous. Why was Eric being targeted by the tabloids? I asked him about it.

"Our marriage has drawn some attention in the press. Public opinion is divided on whether it is a good idea or not. I have had several offers to do interviews about our union. It is just an attempt to sensationalize our marriage and invade our privacy." Eric explained.

I thought about this. It might be a good thing to do a few well chosen interviews in the interests of getting more people to realize that it is possible and even desirable to allow vampires and humans to marry. But I could see tonight was not the time to discuss this with Eric. His mind was made up for now. I would give it some more thought and see what the pros and cons were.

more to come ......

(I am still in the process of writing this story, so I can only put a chapter a day on. I want to keep ahead. I would rather be consistent than to leave a gap of days or weeks with nothing being posted on the story. I still don't know how this is going to end, the story unfolds to me as I sit and type. I read it as I write it. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.)

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Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part five

Chapter Five

"Is that lawyer from Scotland?" Eric asked on the way over to Fangtasia.

We were taking the Corvette, which meant Eric was driving so fast we might get to Fangtasia before we even left the house. I tried not to dig my fingernails into the dashboard. I had my seat belt on, and my fingers were crossed. Why he has to drive so fast is beyond me. He's immortal, for heaven's sake, he has plenty of time. I wished he would slow down.

"No, he's not Scottish," I replied, "He wears a kilt to show women that a man can wear a skirt and be equal to them, that women can't have all the advantages. He's a misogynist." 'Misogynist' was my word of the day yesterday and already it had come in handy.

"He's a doctor too?" Eric asked.

That stumped me for a moment. Then I got it. "No, that's a gynecologist you're thinking of. A misogynist is a man that hates women. He thinks women are all empty headed opportunists that take advantage of men."

"How can they take advantage of men if they are also empty headed?" Eric asked. "That makes no sense. The man is of no importance and a fool. I will not allow him to bother you again."

We pulled into the Fangtasia lot and around the back. Before I could get my seat belt unbuckled Eric had the door open for me. The speed of vampires is incredible. They can move so fast they are all but invisible to the human eye. Since we were alone in the back parking lot I put on a show for Eric getting out of the low slung car in my short skirt. His eyes were focused on the tops of my thighs and my red thong panties when a camera flash blinded me for a second.

Eric reacted immediately, while my eyes were still seeing a white flash. He got the camera from the shutterbug. I knew because I heard a faint gasp and a man say "My camera!"

Then there was silence. I heard Eric's deep voice say, "Why are you taking a photograph?"

I heard a low murmur in response, but I couldn't tell what the man was saying. Since he was glamoured I couldn't read his mind because his mind was now a blank.

Then Eric spoke, I could hear the glamour in his voice. "You just got to the club. You are going in to have a good time. You left your camera at work. All your family members would like Fangtasia tee shirts."

I heard slow footsteps walking away. When I could see in the darkness I saw the outline of someone walking around to the front door.

Eric sauntered back over to me and handed me a very expensive camera. "Here, now you have a camera to take photographs of the houses I might be interested in flipping."

I wasn't sure this was the right thing to do, after all, that camera must have cost the man a bundle. Taking it from him while he was glamoured was kind of like stealing it. Maybe we should just put it in the Fangtasia lost and found once we took the film out. I suggested this to Eric.

"No. There is no second chance. The man was from the newspaper, he would have put a photograph of your ..... of you exiting the car in his gossip column." Eric had that stony look he got when he wasn't going to discuss something. He put the camera in the trunk and slammed it shut, closing the topic from further conversation.

I started to laugh.

"What?" Eric asked. My laughter had taken him by surprise, but he was glad I wasn't going to fight with him about the camera.

"I was just laughing at the commercial message at the end of your glamour." I put my arm through his and we entered the nightclub.

more to come .....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part four

Chapter Four

I walked in the room and Eric immediately stood and glared at the kilt clad Mr. Slide until he stood also. Eric was very insistent that I be treated with the utmost respect. Mr. Slide was thinking I looked like a dim witted bimbo. Good thing I was the only one here that could read minds.

"Sookie, this is the lawyer for the Countess, Mr. Leno Slide. Mr. Slide, this is my wife and the owner of this property, Mrs. Stackhouse." Eric had that neutral tone to his voice that most people would think was unremarkable but I knew meant Eric was getting annoyed.

He was able to keep his voice and expression calm, a talent I had to develop too at a young age. Some of the things I read in people's minds was shocking or upsetting. I had to learn not to let that show on my face. Often I smiled brightly to cover my nervousness, a mannerism that had caused some to suspect I was not right in the head. Having the folks in my home town think I was slow or crazy hurt my feelings, but it also gave me an advantage because people didn't take me seriously. Mr. Slide was doing the same thing, dismissing me because of my big blond hair, make up, and sexy outfit.

Vampires like Eric developed the talent for appearing dispassionate because vampire interactions were complicated and political. It would give Eric's opponents an advantage if they knew how Eric was reacting. Of course I could pretty much tell how Eric was reacting to something both from the level of his blank unreadableness and the context. Eric hated petty bull hockey like this and found it irritating.

The lawyer nodded at me as if I was a vampire. He was savvy enough about vampires to realize that I had the same status as a vampire now that I was married to Eric. He thought I had married a wealthy vampire to get his money. I decided I didn't want to know anything else Leno Slide was thinking.

I nodded back to him and sat down, signaling that the men could now sit. Eric had Roscoe sitting quietly by his side. I don't know how Eric did it, but he could get Roscoe to obey him as if he had given him a spoken command. I mean, that would be true if Roscoe obeyed spoken commands. He didn't. He took commands more like suggestions and considered them carefully before deciding if that was something he cared to go along with.

On the other hand Roscoe was polite, respectful, and understood that Eric and I needed a little alone time each night. I just couldn't get intimate if the dog was watching. I had a bad experience with my old boss Sam Merlotte once, that might be what made me so uncomfortable with a dog in the room during anything personal.

Sam Merlotte was a shape shifter and he had fooled me one time in his dog form into getting undressed in front of him. Once I realized what had happened I only allowed Sam in his dog shape to sleep in another room. I called Sam by the name "Dean" when he was in his collie form. Sam was a nice looking man, and a great looking dog. Whenever I hear a woman say "All men are dogs" I wonder how she would feel if she knew that some of them really are dogs a few nights a month during the full moon.

Eric explained their conversation so far. "Mr. Slide was just outlining the possible case against you. Apparently a small piece of silver net was embedded in Countess Adrijana's flawless face. It took several weeks before the silver worked it's way from her skin. She suffered pain and embarrassment. It is her contention that she was netted in the defense of a human. To be injured in the defense of a human is a crime against a vampire. Of course it is my position that she was captured as the key player in the attempt on the King's life."

"The Countess would like some recompense for her damage. She would like you to request that her sentence for sending a slaveling here to help you move in be set aside." Mr. Slide said. "Otherwise she is prepared to go forward with her lawsuit." He took a sheaf of papers from his briefcase. These papers were supposed to intimidate me because they had lots of writing on them. How stupid did he think I was? I didn't want to know.

"The slaveling broke in my front door. He would have harmed me if I wasn't in a safe room." I said, countering his candy coated version of things.

"Yes, but you were a human then, a human without status. It would not matter why the Countess was injured if it was to defend you at that time," Leno said smugly.

That was brutally frank. There was no sense in me getting my feathers ruffled. I knew how vampire law was in the past, but it was going to have to change soon. I bet the King marrying a human woman would hurry along some changes.

I turned to Eric and said, "Why was the net thrown over the Countess?"

Eric said, "To prevent her from fleeing after I told her I was taking her into custody."

"And why were you taking her into custody?" I asked him, batting my black mascaraed eyelashes innocently.

"Because I found out she had instigated a plot to kill the King," Eric answered calmly. He looked at his Tokyo Flash wrist watch pointedly. We needed to get to the club.

I turned to Attorney Slide and shrugged. He said, "Well, that's certainly one interpretation of what happened," as he gathered his papers.

"Are you calling my husband a liar in his own home, Mr. Slide?" I asked icily, standing.

Eric immediately stood to demonstrate to the lawyer that when I stood the men in the room stood. The lawyer fumbled with his papers, then shoved them in his briefcase and stood.

"No, no, not at all," he said, his voice getting higher. "I'll wish you both a good evening." He sounded a little nervous.

He went towards the door and Roscoe jumped down and stood next to Eric. Once Slide had gone out and closed the door quietly behind him Eric came over to me and said, "lawyers" in a scornful voice.

I thought about telling Eric a lawyer joke but I knew he didn't get most jokes because of his extreme age and cultural differences, or just the general vampire lack of humor. Eric's humor centered around things like drinking blood, stalking, ravishing a helpless female, and chopping heads off.

Back in the day Eric would have just whacked Leno's head off with a great big sword and that would be that. I bet Eric missed those days sometimes. I hoped Mr. Slide didn't try Eric's patience too many times. It was not unheard of for a bothersome human to go missing, although Eric was really working hard to reform his ways.

We listened for the car to leave, then we took Roscoe out because we were going to be gone a few hours tonight.

more to come .....

(Thanks for letting me know you're there! Just a note - I still haven't included the changes in characters after book 9 Dead and Gone. As much as I'm loving True Blood I won't be including some of the plot lines in that series either. I hope it doesn't get confusing :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part three

Chapter Three

Dimly, in the far reaches of my mind, as I floated on the high of my blood exchange with Eric I thought I heard the doorbell and the dog barking, but I was too far gone to pay much attention.

It was only afterwards I remembered that I had asked the lawyer Leno Slide to come back tonight. It was already past nine, an hour after I asked him to come back. I didn't mean to be rude, I was just caught up in love with my new husband.

I told Eric about the lawyer's visit today and inviting him to come back at eight. I hoped I hadn't done anything to get Eric in trouble with his boss, the King, by forgetting about the appointment.

Eric waved the whole thing away with a flick of his hand. "He is lucky if we agree to see him at all. This is just a tactic by the Countess to try to get us to intercede on her behalf to get her sentence reduced."

"Why would we do that?" I asked.

Eric had showered and gotten into his Fangtasia clothes; a red Seether tee shirt with the sleeves cut out, black leather jeans, motorcycle boots and a black leather motorcycle jacket. If a human wore all that leather on a warm summer evening like this they would be broiling, but vampires didn't have body temperatures like humans did. You could see a vampire in a tank top in the winter, or a heavy leather jacket in the summer. It made keeping their wardrobe easy. No putting away their out of season clothes until next year. Every season was vampire season.

"She is not happy about her sentence and she is trying to find some way to get out of her obligation. She hopes to get us to back down on her charges by threatening to bring a frivolous law suit against you."

Eric brushed his long mane of golden hair flat and smooth, but it immediately sprang back into the tousled rock star hair it was before. Vampires don't change, in fact, they can't change. If Eric shaved off all his hair tonight, it would all be back by the time he arose tomorrow night. He would remain exactly like he was the night he was turned. It was fortunate for both of us that he was turned in the peak of physical condition, his body hardened and forged in battle. Eric had been a Viking.

"Why isn't she suing you?" I asked.

Eric was the sheriff that had arrested her. He was the lead vampire law enforcement for Area Five where we lived, Northern Louisiana. He didn't have a badge, and he didn't need a gun.

"The house is in your name, so I am guessing she is hoping the homeowners insurance will pay for any damages she sustained in the arrest on your property." Eric replied.

I didn't realize the house was in my name. I was going to ask Eric about that when the doorbell rang again and my little dog Roscoe started barking like crazy.

"I'll get it." Eric said in a slightly annoyed tone, and he strode out of the room, leaving behind the delicious scents of his cologne and shampoo, and the dry woodsy aroma of vampire.

I had taken a shower too and I put on a short black leather skirt, a red off the shoulder peasant blouse trimmed with ruffles, and red flat heeled sandals. I had black stockings and a red garter belt to wear with this get up, but it was just too warm tonight, and my legs were nice and tanned. I dabbed on a little "Obsession" cologne, freshened my red lipstick, put on some big gypsy hoop earrings, fluffed my blond hair, and I was good to go.

Eric liked me to dress up when we went to the club together. Many human men would be nervous going out with a woman dressed this sexy, but Eric didn't have any trouble with men hitting on me at the club. Everyone knew I was his wife, and everyone knew he was a vampire, which means everyone knew one wrong move and they would have to answer to Eric.

I heard voices in the living room. I heard Eric's deep rumble say a few words, and the whining annoying mosquito like voice of Leno Slide going on and on.

more to come ......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part two

Chapter Two

The nerve of the Countess was almost beyond belief. She and her massive guard Bojan had come to my home, tricked me into inviting them in, put my dog in a pillowcase, threatened me, threatened my dog, pulled my hair, and were about to kidnap me.

This was after they had made a slaveling that broke my door and scared me just about half to death, and Bojan had re-animated a corpse to get me to come out of the house at night. All this was so they could get their hands on me to use me as a pawn in their crazy scheme to assassinate the King and take over the palace.

Naturally their stupid plan to overthrow the King had failed and now they were in big trouble with King Felipe de Castro, king of Louisiana, Arkansas and Nevada. They were waiting for the King's latest tourist attraction to be finished - 'Vampire Land' - in New Orleans. They would be required to dress up in period costumes and frighten tourists. Eric said he would rather be staked than do that.

I had been nothing but nice to the Countess and her guard since I met them. Well, that wasn't exactly true. The Countess had been bundled up in a silver coated net in the back of Pam's pick up truck the first time I met her. I did pad her silver bindings with gauze to prevent her from getting burned by the silver touching her skin.

I admit I had shot Bojan to prevent Eric from having to wrestle with the ginormous man, but I knew the silver tipped wooden dart would just stun him, not kill him. I also padded his bindings. Eric had told me they were grateful for my kindness.

Now I was being sued by them. Since I was now legally married to a vampire, according to the vampire community, I had all the rights and protections afforded a vampire. I also had all the obligations, and if the Magister wanted to hear this case I was obligated to go to wherever the court was being held.

I remembered hearing of Leno Slide, but this was the first time I had seen him. He had asked Tray Dawson about my car when I left it at Tray's garage once when I was concerned I was being followed. Mr. Slide was human, and he was not part of the plot to overthrow the King. Otherwise he wouldn't still be in the land of the living, as Gran would say.

Already the King had executed three of the palace guards that were in cahoots with the Countess. I'm glad I wasn't there to see it. Usually they killed the condemned about ten seconds after they passed sentence. It wasn't pretty, but it was fast. There were no endless appeals and delays in the vampire justice system. Vampire justice was swift, sure, and final.

I wondered if I should have my own lawyer present when I met with Mr. Slide this evening. I would ask Eric, he always knew what to do. It wouldn't be long before Eric was up. I took my little white dog Roscoe out, fixed myself up and made sure my teeth were brushed. Vampires didn't like the lingering taste of food in a human's mouth, but they did like the taste of spearmint, so that's the kind of toothpaste I used. I suppose if there was a blood flavored toothpaste the vampires would like that even better. I shuddered at the thought.

My light orange dress complimented my tan, but if Eric awoke in his usual state of horny readiness it wouldn't matter if I was wearing a flour sack, he would find me irresistibly lovely. I was trying on a necklace of tiny enameled flowers that matched the orange color of the dress when I saw Eric, my husband. His reflection loomed in the mirror behind me, and as a joke, he made himself into the very scary wicked looking vampire he could become. He crept up behind me like a movie vampire, arms raised, fangs out, hissing like a snake.

I could see the sexy blond hair in his armpits, the six pack abs he had been fortunate enough to have when he was turned, his chiseled chest, and the arrow of light blond hair on his lower stomach pointing down past his black silk pajama bottoms to Mr. Happy. Vampires did cast a reflection in mirrors, they didn't turn into bats, and most of the affluent ones slept in safe rooms, not coffins. It was true they didn't like garlic, and a stake would kill one, just like in the movies, but most of the stuff in the movies was just made up.

I turned to him and shrank back. "Oh please don't hurt me Mr. Big Scary Vampire. I'll do anything you want if you let me live." I pleaded, trying not to grin.

"Anything, my pretty victim?" he snarled, and slowly stroked his fangs with his long tongue. Such a turn on!

"Yes, sir, anything. Just don't stick those big sharp pointy fangs into the soft tan skin of my inner thigh after pleasuring me to the point of madness." I hinted.

Eric flew up into the air and pounced on me. I shrieked and beat on his chest ineffectively. I was being gentle, as was he. My struggles excited him even more, maybe reminding him of the bad old days when he hurriedly hunted hapless humans for his dinner. Now he had me, a four poster bed, and all the time he needed to get his fang on.

If this had been a real vampire attack it wouldn't have slowed him down if I had whacked him upside the head with a baseball bat. Good thing I trusted Eric with my life.

more to come ......

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead part one

Sookie Stackhouse Helps Eric Northman Get Ahead

Chapter One

I watched the red haired man getting out of his car on my security monitor before he made it to my reinforced front door. I watched every inch of his progress, and I looked down at his too long pale reddish and gray frizzy hair as he stood outside the door on my front porch. He was wearing a green plaid kilt, suit jacket, wrinkled dingy white shirt and tie. That was unusual. I don't see many men in kilts.

The porch looked like any front porch on an old farmhouse, white painted wood with turned pillars, plain railing, and thick grey painted boards on the floor. But this was a spanky new house, modeled after my old farmhouse in my home town. My vampire husband had built this house while we were courting to lure me to Shreveport. It worked. I was still in the process of moving my earthly possessions from the old house in Bon Temps to the new house on the outskirts of Shreveport.

Since my door had been kicked in by the minion of a vampire last fall I had the door reinforced and a color monitor installed at the door. I pushed the button on the microphone and said, "Yes, can I help you?" I could see him, but he could only hear me.

"Are you Miss Sookie Stackhouse?" he asked, leaning towards the microphone and yelling like everyone did. That's why I kept the incoming volume turned almost all the way down.

"I am Mrs. Sookie Stackhouse." I informed him. I had been married for almost six months now. Though I hadn't taken my husband's last name, I referred to myself as "Mrs." now. My husband was so old he didn't actually have a last name. My husband was a thousand year old vampire. He was known as Eric Northman, but that name was just a convenience to enable him to live in a society that demanded two names, unless you were super famous like Madonna or Prince. Or super evil, like Hitler.

"May I speak with you for a moment?" he asked, looking overheated and sounding slightly annoyed. He was out in the hottest part of the day on the hottest day of the year so far, and in Louisiana, even northern Louisiana, that was pretty darn hot.

"Sure," I answered breezily, "Go ahead." There was just something about this guy I didn't like.

"I mean, may I speak with you in person?" he asked, sounding whiny and annoyed, like I was stupid not to have realized that was what he wanted.

"That won't be possible." I told him. "If you have something for me to see just leave it on the porch, or stick it in the mail box."

"Who are you?" I added, surprised I hadn't thought to ask him this before. I tuned in to his mind. He was mentally cursing women in general and me in particular. He hated women and thought they all took advantage of men.

"I am Attorney Leno Slide, " he enunciated slowly and clearly, "I am here representing my client, the Countess Adrijana Dragan." He fished around in his jacket pocket and got out a card and held it so close to the camera lens it was just a white blur surrounded by big pink fingers.

"What is this about?" I asked, thinking I might have to meet with him face to face, but that would only be after Eric rose tonight. I didn't let anyone in the house unless I had a good reason to.

"The Countess Adrijana Dragan is considering her options. She is deciding whether to bring suit against you. She wishes to avoid this if possible, and settle her claim with you without bringing in the court," he answered smoothly.

Attorney Slide took out a handkerchief and mopped his brow, which extended up quite a ways due to male pattern baldness. Maybe that was why he had that long fringe of grizzled red and gray hair, to make up for what was missing on the top. Someone should tell him it doesn't work that way.

"You will have to return when my husband is here. How about some time around eight o'clock tonight?" I asked.

"That will be satisfactory," he said. He was thinking that would be better because there was no point dealing with a woman, they didn't have any sense. Wait until he saw I was busty and blonde, his opinion of me would plummet even lower, giving me the advantage of being underestimated. I knew what he was thinking because I was a telepath.

"Thank you, Mrs. Stackhouse. I'll be back at eight tonight." He gave the camera one more look and left, shaking his head. He didn't know about the other cameras. He got in the car and drove off. I had half expected him to make a rude gesture when he thought I could no longer see him, but he didn't.

I stood there thinking about what he had said. It sounded like Adrijana was fixin' to sue me. Well, if that don't put pepper in the gumbo!

more to come .....
(woohoo, we're off on a new adventure!)