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Thank You!

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I have begun the next part of the story and hope to begin posting in mid July. Sookie and Eric are going to go on their honeymoon when they go to Vampire Land, and that won't be until after the next part of the story takes place.

Again, I really appreciate your support, it makes writing twice as much fun! Hope you are having a good summer so far.


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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and twenty one

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty One

Eric sat on his throne and I sat at his right hand. One by one every vampire in the place came by, nodded at each of us exactly the same degree, and said, "One blood." They were acknowledging fealty to me as if I was Eric because we were officially one blood in the vampire culture.

I had vampire status now and could not be trifled with by any vampire. Jure was there and as he came past us he said the words, though from his mind I could feel such conflict I feared he may not mean them. However, it was his actions I was interested in, not his thoughts or feelings. As long as he stayed in line I was OK with his feelings.

When the last vampire had passed in front of us Eric smiled at me. I could tell he was very proud at that moment. Then I realized why. He had fulfilled his promise to me. When he had amnesia he had said to me, "I will bring you to my side. I will share everything I have with you. Every vampire who owes me fealty will honor you."

At the time I didn't think it was the real Eric talking, but now I saw it was Eric, the real Eric, that had said those things to me. Here I was, by his side, being honored. I didn't want to mess up my make up by crying, but my lips were quivering and my eyes brimmed.

I leaned over and told him, "You have given me the happiest moments of my life tonight."

Eric said, "Wait, the night is not over yet. We still have to dance to my song to you."

Bruno played music until everyone was served. I drank V8 juice from a rinsed out True Blood bottle to fit in with the crowd. Angellica asked if she could take a photo of Eric and me together and he graciously allowed it.

Then Bruno took the mike and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a very special treat for you tonight. Tonight we are delighted to bring you ..... THE RAMONES!!" and a huge cheer went up from the crowd. Vampires loved the Ramones, more than just about any other band. I recalled all the Ramones tee shirts Eric owned.

To my utter and complete astonishment Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee stepped out on the stage with a fourth vampire I didn't recognize as their drummer. They were all vampires and they looked happy and well. The health problems that had plagued them as humans no longer bothered them now that they were Vampire.

They hit the ground running, playing "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker", "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Teenage Lobotomy", "53rd & 3rd", and "Do You Wanna Dance?". Then Joey said that Eric had a special song for his wife. Eric and I went to the center of the room. I had slipped my heels back on for this dance. I hoped it wasn't going to be too fast. I could not jump around in these shoes.

The song was “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.” It was slow enough for us to slow dance. At first I was confused, Eric was my husband, not my boyfriend. Then I got what he was saying. He didn't want the fact that we were married to take away from our relationship. He wanted to keep trying to win me, keep chasing me and making me his. I listened to the lyrics and I knew he wanted us to stay in love the way we were, the way we fell in love on my old front porch holding hands:

Hey, little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Do you love me babe? What do you say? Do you love me babe?
What can I say? Because I wanna be your boyfriend

Hey, little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Uuu uuu uuu uuu-au
Because I wanna be your boyfriend

Hey, little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Because I wanna be your boyfriend
Do you love me babe? What do you say? Do you love me babe?
What can I say? Because I wanna be your boyfriend

Hey, little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl I wanna be your boyfriend
Hey, little girl I wanna be your boyfriend

By the time the song was over a lot of vampires were on the floor dancing with us. Pam was dancing with Jure and he seemed to be enjoying her company. Hans De Burgh was working behind the bar. He looked awfully pale.

We stayed for the rest of the Ramones concert, then Eric said to me, "Come, my wife, let us go home."

I said, teasingly, "I thought you wanted to be my boyfriend."

He replied, "In public you are my wife, but in our house I will always be your boyfriend." Then he kissed me.

That sounded good to me. Once we were home he carried me over the threshold, and right to our Swedish bedroom. It turned out he did desire me, but he also really really liked the dress. And like he wanted, our first night as husband and wife was special. But then so was every night with my Viking vampire.

This concludes "Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman" I loved your comments and hope to begin the next story soon.

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and twenty

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty

"Is Saytanna dead?" I asked Eric in the car on the way over to Fangtasia. I had changed into my comfortable shoes. My tolerance for suffering to look beautiful wasn't very high, I saw. At least not when it came to my feet.

"No, she is being kept in Hades for a time." Eric replied. He had loosened his tie and seemed more relaxed now that we were on the way to his night club.

How satisfying it was, I thought, to see my hated rival being sent to Hades right in front of my eyes. Like an extra wedding present.

"How long will she be kept there?" I asked. I took advantage of the time in the car to freshen my lipstick.

"Until she changes. She has to learn not to act on her angry impulses."

I thought of how stubborn she was. I bet she wouldn't be getting out any time soon.

"Is that how Persephone Gallo keeps Jessica in line?" I asked him, "By threatening her with her husband Hades?"

"Yes. It is especially horrible for a vampire to end up there. But more than Haides, Thanatos makes the vampire's undead existence almost unbearable. Thanatos is Hades assistant and he is very harsh when the undead come under his control. He guides the condemned through the trials of the underworld."

I shuddered to think about what might happen there. I wasn't going to ask any more about it right now. But it reminded me of something else I had been wondering about.

"Has the Countess and her guard had their trial yet?" I asked.

We were pulling into the lot at Fangtasia. There were a lot of cars here tonight even though the bar was closed. Tonight was by invitation only. A big sign out by the road said that, and there was also a big sign on the door for the ones that missed the first big sign by the road. For the people that missed both the big signs there was the Bishop brothers, stoic and massive, standing on each side of the door checking invitations.

Eric waved to them and drove around back. He shut the engine, but we didn't get out immediately.

"It didn't go to trial. Leno Slide, Adrijana's lawyer, advised them to agree to the King's terms," he said. I recalled Leno Slide was the red haired man that had asked Tray about my Subaru.

I looked at him inquiringly. He went on, "The King is building a vampire themed amusement park in New Orleans called 'Vampire Land'. He is having Adrijana and Bojan work off their sentences in the park. Each night they will dress up like famous vampires from history and scare tourists." Eric chuckled. "Frankly, if it was me, I would rather be staked."

I laughed at this, but I think he was telling me the literal truth. I thought of the famous vampires I had read about. I bet Countess Adrijana Dragan could be Countess Elizabeth Bathory, and Bojan could be Count Dracul. I was eager to visit Vampire Land. I asked Eric when it would be done and he said he didn't know.

On the way in to the club Eric said he wanted to try the Day Light Simulator when it opened. That was a brightly lit man made daylight outdoors inside a huge building, open at night for vampires. It came complete with a 10,000 LED sun, heat lamps simulating the warmth of the sun, flying birds, open flowers, and all the things a vampire might wish to experience about being out in the daylight.

Vampires are not affected by ultra bright LED light, something no one knew until modern technology created the high powered light-emitting diodes. Spray tans would be available for vampires that wanted to lay on the beach and "sun bathe". I couldn't wait to see Eric with a tan.

Then we stepped into Fangtasia and were greeted by a whole lot of vampires.

more to come .......

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and nineteen

Chapter One Hundred and Nineteen

We sat at a table in the mixed room at Del Florio's and people came up to us and congratulated us. Most of them were also saying good bye and thanking us for the lovely time. In between visits I had a chance to talk to Eric.

"Why did you have Anna Hita's ceremonial knife in your car?" I asked him. It seemed very irresponsible to me to just leave it on the seat like that.

"I didn't, " Eric said, looking pleased with himself. "It was a trap. The case was the bait."

He explained that he had not been able to locate Saytanna because she moved around so often. It was becoming a thorn in his side. He told Saytanna's goth friends at Fangtasia about the rare and valuable knife that would be used at his wedding, knowing it would get back to Saytanna. They must have been dumbfounded that the mighty and powerful Eric, the object of their fang worship, would deign to speak with them about his wedding arrangements.

Pam had glamoured De Burgh and planted the idea that he and Saytanna should steal the knife from the Corvette. She told him where the car would be, and when. De Burgh thought this was all his own brilliant idea, but the glamour wouldn't have worked as well as it did if it wasn't something De Burgh really wanted to do, and if he had been strongly opposed to the idea of stealing the knife the glamour probably wouldn't have worked at all.

He must have been drooling over the thought of getting his hot little hands on such a unique piece of vampire culture. Saytanna had probably not cared a fig about the cultural value, she most likely just wanted to make some money from the sale, and do something spiteful to Eric for firing her.

Eric had seen he was being followed by De Burgh and Saytanna on the way over to the reception as he had hoped, so he and Pam put on a little show of placing the knife case in the car. This was actually Eric's own knife case. He had a ceremonial knife too because he was an authorized officiant for vampire weddings.

I had forgotten that. I recalled the vampire wedding I had seen between the kings of Mississippi and Indiana was officiated by Eric. I guess he kept the knife. He said the cases are not valuable, but the knives are. Reproductions of the vampire ceremonial knives sell for thousands of dollars online.

Eric had Clancy watching the car, knowing De Burgh and Saytanna would try to break in. The thieves had to wait until the guests stopped arriving and parking. Then they had gone in to the reception hall to check to see where Eric was.

Eric had moved the car around to the poorly lit part of the parking lot after he had dropped me off in the front to make the theft more tempting. Clancy was not my favorite vampire employee of Eric's, but he did come in handy for things like this. As soon as Clancy saw me by the car he went in and told Quinn to tell Eric.

"Who was the man with Persephone Gallo?" I asked, but I didn't think he was really a man in the human sense of the word.

"That was her husband," Eric told me. "His name is Haides. Of course he's only her husband for six months a year."

"Hades, you mean like the place I call hell?" No wonder the guy looked like the devil, he was the devil. I remembered him dancing with Persephone. The devil had danced at my wedding. I wondered what that meant. The devil was a real good dancer, too, just in case you were wondering.

"Yes, his full name is Aidôneus Haides Plouton, but we just call him Hade."

"Why are they only married for six months a year?" I asked. That sure wouldn't work for me.

"I do not really know. I think it was some arrangement they made with her father. All this was a very long time ago." Eric said, smiling at me. "Even before my time."

"They sound like Greek myths," I said. I couldn't wait to get my hands on a book about the myths.

"Those were not myths. Most of those stories were about ancient vampires." Eric's eyes twinkled at seeing my astonishment. He loved telling me these mind boggling things.

I sure was glad I was married to Eric. I had about a hundred years worth of questions I wanted to ask him.

more to come ...

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and eighteen

Chapter One Hundred and Eighteen

Saytanna and Hans De Burgh froze. Saytanna had a flat tool in her hand, I think it was called a Slim Jim, and she was sticking it down in the car door next to the window to try and open the lock. When she saw me her face went from shocked surprise to hatred.

"Grab her!" Saytanna ordered De Burgh. He took a hesitant step towards me and stopped.

"What are you waiting for?" Saytanna snarled, working on getting the door open.

When De Burgh didn't answer Saytanna looked up. Her face drained of color as she looked at me. No, she was looking behind me. I turned around and saw Eric, Quinn, Persephone Gallo, and the devilish looking man. Eric turned to Quinn and said, "We'll take it from here."

"Great," Quinn said. He gave me a little smile and shrugged before he left.

Saytanna had undergone a remarkable transformation. She was shaking so hard she could hardly stand. She shook so hard her teased black sprayed hair was quivering. As she started backing up the devilish looking man walked towards her.

"Stop," he commanded. His voice was not like any voice I had ever heard. It was like a record played at a super low speed.

Saytanna stopped, then knelt on the ground, cringing. She started begging, "No, please, no. Give me another chance. I didn't mean ..." but she never got to finish the sentence.

The man's eyes glowed red and two rays of red light beamed out of his eyes and shined on Saytanna, like those laser sighting devices on guns. As they touched her she screamed and writhed, and smoke rose from her, like the beams were burning her. Then she just poofed out of sight. All that was left was a little cloud of yellowish smoke and a burning sulpher smell like when you blow out a wooden kitchen match, only much stronger.

We had all stood transfixed by what we were seeing, but now De Burgh came to his senses. He turned to make a run for it and crashed right into Pam. She had silently joined our little group while we were watching Saytanna disappear.

Pam actually laughed at the struggling man, saying, "You just can't leave me alone, can you Hans?"

She looked in his eyes. He stopped thrashing and stiffened. Then she walked off onto a dark and hidden part of the parking lot, De Burgh following tamely behind, hypnotized by her glamour. She had been able to glamour him so quickly I knew she must have done it to him many times before. No bottled blood for Pam, not when she had a tasty cryptozoologist just begging to be bitten. De Burgh must be Pam's type, I decided.

Eric put his arm around me and said, "Come, my wife, we have guests waiting."

Persephone Gallo and her escort told Eric they had a wonderful time, but they would be leaving. Eric thanked them and we all went in. I saw that Jessica didn't want to leave with Persephone Gallo, but she went with them anyway when the man looked at her. I couldn't tell if he had made his eyes glow or not, his back was to me.

Bill stayed after Jessica left and later I saw he was talking to Terry Bellefleur. They sat down together and were engaged in conversation for quite a while. Both Bill and Terry were laughing, something so unusual I wished I had a picture of it. Sam and Nora slow danced in a dreamy way, even to the songs that weren't slow. They looked good together.

Maxine had taken the plastered Hoyt home. That boy could not hold his liquor. Holly had to get home to her babysitter, and others were winding down too. The crowd was starting to thin out. Soon it would be time to go to Fangtasia for the second reception.

I knew Eric had something up his sleeve for Fangtasia, but I had no idea what it was.

more to come .....

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and seventeen

Chapter One Hundred and Seventeen

The biggest crowd by far was in the mixed room. I told Jason how handsome he looked and I told Crystal how beautiful she looked. She made a face and looked away from me. Her self esteem was suffering from making the wrong decision about what she wore. I hoped she could stop feeling competitive with me and just relax and enjoy her life. She was a pretty girl, and Jason really loved her.

Jason took me aside, his eyes filled with wonder and whispered, "Was that who I think it was singing in the other room?"

"I don't know who that is." I said, ambiguously. I couldn't tell Jason the truth, so I was hoping he could just entertain the fantasy that he had had heard the greatest singer of all time.

Then Amelia and Tara ran up to me squealing and we all hugged and jumped up and down like high school girls. Tray came over and hugged me and told me it was a beautiful wedding. That was high praise for a werewolf to give a vampire affair. Usually the werewolves looked down on vampire events and vice versa.

I said howdy to as many people as I could before Bruno told everyone that we were going to dance to my song for Eric. I suddenly thought that I might have made the wrong choice, but it was too late now. I had picked the song "Nothing Compares to You" but not the version sung by Sinead O' Connor. I liked the version sung in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'. It was sung in Hawaiian, a language I always thought was beautiful, by The Coconutz with Daniel Ho. I had watched the movie with Eric during the time I was doing a lot of crying and he understood that I was crying because the song expressed how I felt about him, at least, the part about nothing comparing to Eric.

Again Eric met me in the center of the room and we danced. He smelled wonderful. When he heard which song it was he said in my ear , "I was going to pick this song until I found out I could get you know who to sing for us." I hugged him extra hard for remembering I liked this song. It was little things like this that made Eric such an outstanding guy. And some big things too, actually.

The mixed crowd clapped with more gusto than the vampire crowd when the song was over. Then Bruno went into action, playing a variety of music from country and western to techno. Everyone danced and drank and ate. I had something to eat at the buffet, but Eric was waiting until we were alone to eat. I had a few drinks.

Hoyt had a few drinks too. He was dancing around wildly, trying to impress the bored and lovely vampire teenager Jessica, Bill's part time ward. Hoyt slipped and as he went down the Bloody Mary he was drinking sloshed onto my dress. I was horrified and went back to the kitchen to get some seltzer to soak the stain out immediately before it set. That was how I saw Saytanna and Hans De Burgh conspiring in a corner of the large kitchen. They hadn't seen me, so I ducked down, blotted my dress, and listened in to their minds.

They were planning on stealing Anna Hita's ceremonial wedding knife. Saytanna and De Burgh believed that Eric had possession of the priceless knife. They believed it was in Eric's car and they were going to break in and get it. I wanted to get Eric but there wasn't time. I followed the two of them out to the poorly lit parking lot in back as they looked for Eric's car. I spotted it first and tiptoed over and looked in. I was just shocked to see the special velvet knife case sitting in plain view on the seat.

Saytanna must have spotted the car too because I heard her exclaim, "There it is!"

I heard their shoes approaching as I ducked down again and tried to think of what I should do. I couldn't let them break in the car and take the knife. I thought Anna Hita had taken it with her on the plane, but maybe there had been a problem and she left it with Eric for safe keeping. Could I stop them by myself? Would my dress get ruined?

I heard a scraping sound by the car and I knew I had to do something. I popped up like a Jack in the Box and commanded, "Stop that!"

more to come .......

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and sixteen

Chapter One Hundred and Sixteen

The vampire room was more populated. Some of the vampires I knew by name, but many I just knew by sight from my earlier dealings with their leaders. Pam was talking to Eric when I came in. All the vampires turned towards me and applauded politely. I was now officially one of them because I was the wife of a vampire and we were considered one blood now. I had the same legal rights they did in their court.

Bill, Jessica, Persephone Gallo and a tall gaunt man in a pitch black suit with a red shirt and darker red tie stood near the small stage. The man had a pointy mustache with twirled ends and a very pointed beard in a style I think was called a Van Dyke or a goatee. His wicked looking mustache and beard and his high arched brows made him look quite devilish.

His coal black hair came to a point in the middle of his brow, his pronounced widow's peak adding to his devilish look. When he looked at me his eyes glowed red like embers for a split second. Uh oh. He was a strange one. I made a mental note to myself to try to avoid him.

Bruno took the mike and announced our first dance. Eric and I met in the middle of the room. The Bishop brothers, resplendent in matching navy blue suits, closed the doors to the vampire room, locked them and stood with their backs against the doors. I wondered why all the security?

Then, suddenly, I knew why. Bubba came out to the mike looking his very best. He seemed happy and sure of himself. I waved to him and he said, "Hi there, Miss Sookie" into the mike. Everyone smiled at him. Bruno cued up the background music and Bubba sang, "Love Me Tender". Eric took me in his arms and we danced. The lights went down and a mirrored ball twirled the light around like Anna Hita's tiara.

To hear this song being sung by the King made every hair on my body stand up. A once in a lifetime experience in every way, I came fully into the moment with my Eric, feeling light as a feather in his strong arms.

Love me tender,
Love me sweet,
Never let me go.
You have made my life complete,
And I love you so.

Love me tender,
Love me true,
All my dreams fulfilled.
For my darlin I love you,
And I always will.

Love me tender,
Love me long,
Take me to your heart.
For its there that I belong,
And well never part.

Love me tender,
Love me dear,
Tell me you are mine.
Ill be yours through all the years,
Till the end of time.

When at last my dreams come true
Darling this I know
Happiness will follow you
Everywhere you go.

The words filled my heart, sung so perfectly, his voice soaring with such power and magic. Now I knew why Eric had been letting Bubba use the guest safe room. He was keeping him happy until our wedding to surprise me. And he had Bubba outside at night to help guard me when I needed it.

When Bubba was done singing no one moved for a moment, letting the magic continue. Then everyone applauded, and Bubba took a bow. He would go back to the palace now where he was treated like royalty, one of the jewels in the King's living crown, his entourage.

Bubba left the stage saying, "Thank you, thank you very much." I threw him a kiss and he pretended to catch it.

Once Bubba had left the building, the Bishop brothers unlocked the doors. Eric told me the cameras had only shown us dancing, not the stage. The people in the mixed room would think it was a recording or an impersonator singing.

After I had nodded to all the vampires I knew, I still needed to go to the mixed room, and Eric went with me.

more to come .......

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and fifteen

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

Del Florio's was a squared off modern tan brick building with a lot of huge rectangular green tinted glass windows. It was built on a hill so one side of the building was four stories tall while the other side was three stories.

All three of my receptions were on the second story. I decided to visit the fairies first because they were only staying here a short time. By "here" I mean in this dimension. They would be returning to whatever place they lived in when they weren't visiting this Earthly plane.

Naturally Eric couldn't join me in the fairy room, so I went by myself. Eric went to check on the vampires to make sure the synthetic blood was flowing freely. We would have our first dance in the vampire room, but it would be seen on large screens in the mixed room and the fairy room too.

The mixed room contained the humans, wereanimals, werewolves, shifters, demons, partial demons, partial angels, and vampires with bottles of True Blood, a more discreet way to drink blood than champagne glasses filled with blood. The demon lawyer Mr. Cataliades and his niece Diantha were in the mixed room, I was pleased to notice. I wondered what they would think of Saytanna.

I would have a second first dance in the mixed room, this would be my song to Eric, and would be played by the vampire D.J. from Fangtasia, Bruno. If this sounded like a lot of running around for me, you're right. I had remembered to bring my running shoes to change into if my feet started to give out. My feet were always the first part of me to tire out.

There weren't a lot of fairies in the fairy room, but the few that were there were precious to me. Niall Brigant, my fairy prince great grandfather was there, dressed in a pearl grey pin stripe suit. He was the first to greet me, taking my hands and kissing my cheeks. Niall was the father of Fintan, my biological grandfather.

Fintan was deceased, and it was only after his death that Niall was able to contact me through Eric. Because of the whole "killing and draining" problem fairies had with vampires, naturally their relationships were strained, to put it mildly. Niall could have contact with vampires only because he was able to mask his scent. Niall was made of magic, and clothed in the appearance of a very distinguished older gentleman with long fine silver white hair.

My cousins Claude and Claudine were there too, looking tall and striking in matching red velvet suits. Claudine's suit was cut to show off her spectacular six foot tall body. Claude looked like something out of a Baroque painting in his red suit. He had on a white shirt with a ruffled lace jabot around his neck. His pants ended at his knees and he had on white tights, or stockings, and red velvet pointed shoes with two inch high square heels. With his long black hair pulled back at his nape with a black velvet ribbon, his look was complete. He looked as retro-sexual as heck, even though I knew he batted for the other team.

Claudine had brought Ivan, a short thick looking bald man with a heavy Russian accent. Ivan was also a fairy, as improbable as that seemed to me. From the few fairies I had met I thought they were all preternaturally beautiful and graceful. Ivan's red rimmed eyes were level with Claudine's ample bosom and showy glittering cleavage, a fact that hadn't escaped his notice. I thought that if they slow danced it would look like she had three boobs with Ivan's bald head nestled between her own rounded breasts.

Claude had brought Gunnar, a blonde haired blue eyed hunk of rippling man muscle, human and luscious in every way. This was a change from the darkly rugged, stubbled, craggy guys he usually liked. I was guessing Gunnar was a dancer at Claude and Claudine's strip club in Monroe, Hooligans.

That was it. My entire fairy clan. I had told them to bring any other fairies that wanted to come, but few fairies wanted to visit this world. There was just too much iron here for them to be comfortable. I had some Welsh fairy blood too from my mother's side, but I had never been able to figure out how I could contact that side of the fairy family. When my mother drowned when I was a child all that information went with her.

Quinn came in to see if the fairies were being taken care of properly and to tell me they were ready for my first dance in the vampire room. The fairies told me I was a beautiful bride, Claudine cried and called me "her little Sookie", they all hugged and kissed me, even Ivan, and they said they were leaving right after they saw my first dance. I knew they would leave by simply going "poof" and disappearing. I invited Gunnar to stay on after they left if he wished, but he looked uncomfortable at the idea. I think he was frightened of the vampires.

When Quinn left the room Niall said to me, "That tiger is in love with you."

I told him I knew that, but that was all in the past. I was a married woman now. We all hugged and kissed again because fairies are very touchy feely beings, then I left to have my first dance with my husband.

more to come .....

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and fourteen

Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen

Once we had been photographed, Eric and I went back in the church to say good bye to Anna Hita and thank her for performing the ceremony. We found her in an office behind the front of the church. She hugged us and said it was a wonderful wedding and she was happy to have married us.

The harp player was packing her beautiful antique instrument, she would return with Anna Hita in the plane. Her name was Erishti. We thanked her for her beautiful playing and Anna Hita translated what we said to her because Erishti only spoke Sumerian.

Anna Hita had the knife packed in a special padded velvet case along with official papers giving her permission to carry it on board a plane as a religious artifact. She was so obviously dignified and noble, and had so much magical power she could probably get a machine gun aboard a plane without a problem.

Her driver came in and got Anna Hita's bags and Erishti's instrument, then they were gone, off into the night to fly back to New Orleans. We planned on visiting her soon. I thought of what she had given me as a wedding gift, but immediately put that out of my mind. I could not think about it right now. I needed time to settle in with Eric.

Before we walked back out into the church I coyly asked Eric if he liked my dress. He picked me up and pinned me against the wall, kissing me and pushing himself against me.

He said gruffly, "My wife, I desire you. I do not desire your dress." I melted when he called me his wife, ready to give it up right there in the church office, when Eric backed down.

"This is not good enough for you. Our first time as husband and wife will be special." Eric declared, lifting his chin, looking proud. "I have a responsibility to guard your dignity."

He straightened his clothes and I fixed myself up. We walked out of the church office looking quite decorous and appropriate.

That was good, because King Felipe de Castro, the King of New Orleans, Arkansas and Nevada, was standing in the church with his human fiance, Trinity Godwin. Quinn stood in the entry way to the church, keeping everyone else out of the church until we had spoken to the King.

Since vampire weddings didn't include rice being thrown as the bride and groom leave the church, most of our guests had probably gone over to Del Florio's to wait for us there. We had three reception rooms. One for just vampires stocked with synthetic blood, one for everyone except fairies, and one for fairies and everyone else except vampires.

The vampires had to be kept away from the fairies because vampires couldn't resist the taste and smell of fairy blood. The room just for vampires was out of regard for our human guests. Many humans could not stomach the sight of a blood fountain and vampires guzzling champagne glasses of True Blood. The vampires were requested to do their drinking in their own room.

The King and Trinity had come to offer us their congratulations and the use of the King's private plane any time we wanted to come and visit them in the palace. They also handed Eric an envelope, and while the King took Eric aside to discuss secret vampire stuff Trinity came over to me, kissed me lightly on the cheek, and told me it was a beautiful ceremony.

"I've never seen a vampire wedding." she said. Trinity was a little older than I was and about my height. Her oval face had small even features, her complexion very milky and pale, like many redheads with her shade of strawberry red hair. Her remarkable aqua eyes were wide set, and her small lips plump and bowed like a Kewpie doll. A beautifully tailored aqua silk suit fit her dancer's body perfectly and matched her eyes.

"You look so lovely in that dress." she added. I could tell she was thinking about her own upcoming wedding to the King, planning on having something similar herself. I wondered if Anna Hita would perform their ceremony too. Probably, since Trinity would be marrying a vampire King. I told her she looked beautiful too and that the King was a lucky man. She actually blushed a little with pleasure.

I told her my dress was a copy of the dress I was wearing when I first met Eric. She said she thought that was very romantic. I didn't tell her I was terrified of Eric back then, and only wanted him out of my life. Trinity was caught up in the magic of the moment, and her dream of marrying the King. She loved him from the bottom of her heart.

She was wondering if my family accepted me marrying a vampire, but she knew it wouldn't be polite to ask. From her mind I knew that her family had cast her out once she told them she was in love with a vampire and now they wanted nothing to do with her. They were ignorant and frightened, and lived below the poverty level. I wondered how they would react once they realized that Trinity would be the wife of one of the wealthiest men in the country.

The King came over to us and kissed me on the hand. He said Eric was a very fortunate man and that he hoped we would be frequent visitors to the palace. His suave Spanish charm, exceptionally dashing and handsome appearance, and smooth talk was a heady combination. I could see why Trinity was head over heels for the King.

After they left, Eric told me the royal couple would not be attending the reception, but they wanted to see the wedding. I wondered if that was to show Trinity what a vampire and human wedding would be like, or because Anna Hita had performed the ceremony, a rare event. Probably both.

He tucked the envelope in his breast pocket. Later on that night we would open it and discover the King had given us a check for a whopping great sum of money. The next night Eric deposited it in the personal bank account he had opened for me here in Shreveport. It was more money than I had ever had in my whole life.

more to come .......

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and thirteen

Chapter One Hundred and Thirteen

The last note of the exotic song was picked up by Anna Hita's clear voice, and she sang something in a language that had probably not been spoken in many centuries. Even though the language was foreign, I understood her words, coming directly from her mind into my mind. She sang,

We gather together to witness the joining of Sookie and Eric
As two streams merge together to make one mighty river
So their blood joins to form one being
Their destinies flowing together as one fate
Let them grow in wisdom, understanding, and strength
No one can separate what is co-mingled in the blood
Their living waters once united will always be united

Then she took the knife and pierced my finger tip, placing my finger and a drop of my blood on Eric's tongue. She did the same thing with Eric, placing a drop of his blood on my tongue.

I knew when two vampires were married they both bled copiously into a cup and really drank from it, but we had modified the ceremony because I don't heal up quick like a vampire, I couldn't even think about drinking blood like that, and no one wanted me to be bleeding like crazy during the rest of the ceremony.

Plus there were so many humans present they would be aghast at this blood drinking. I know I was when I saw it in the vampire wedding I witnessed. Also, vampires got all worked up when they saw blood flow. I didn't want the vampires in the audience to suddenly start growling, looking all fangy and hungry, scaring the humans.

Then she took the gold chord and wrapped it once around our crossed right wrists, tying us together, singing:

"Beyond understanding is a heart filled with love."

Then she wrapped it around our wrists again singing:

"Joyful and jubilant Sookie and Eric occupy their place in the stars."

And finally she wrapped it a third time and sang:

"Blood will ensure their love will endure and keep their hearts open."

Then she said "They will recite these words written in the heavens."

And I recited "Eric, I am the wife of your blood. My blood is only for you, and your blood is only for me."

Eric recited "Sookie, I am the husband of your blood. My blood is only for you, your blood is only for me and my hunger is only for you."

We had added this last part to close the loophole that would allow Eric to drink from other women. I was proud to hear his voice was strong and steady as he said it. He meant it.

Anna Hita wrapped up the ceremony by saying:

"Then, in mutual respect for each other's strengths, they forever build their lives together."

She tied the thrice wrapped chord in a special complicated knot, and that was the final act of joining.

In a vampire wedding the amount of time specified for the marriage was a hundred years, but we wanted to remain married forever.

That was it. We were officially married in the eyes of the vampire world, and for many humans. Some people may never accept the marriage, but many people would.

As a special addition to our mixed marriage we added a kiss. I had gone over this with Eric, telling him that I just wanted a simple kiss in front of everyone. No tongue, no sex on the floor, just a simple simple simple kiss.

And by gum, that's just what he did. He did it perfectly. It was romantic, but "G" rated. I whispered to him that I loved him, and he said "I know," and grinned at me. No fangs.

We carefully slipped our hands out of the three loops, the knot would never be untied and we would keep the rope in a special carved box. Vampires always had all kinds of cool stuff like fancy knives and special carved boxes.

Then the organist broke into the "Wedding March" and we all walked back down the aisle and outside, to be photographed and filmed. The photographer and videographer Quinn had hired filmed and shot pictures during the whole ceremony, but they were completely unobtrusive and quiet.

On my way out I saw Quinn in a black suit, dazzling white shirt, and dark blue striped tie, standing by the back wall, overseeing the wedding as an event he was responsible for. He gave me a nod and I gave him a thumbs up.

more to come ....

Fantasy Image of Dress

This is the color and fabric of her dress but the style is copied from the dress she wore when she first met Eric (see below)

This is the red and white date dress she used for a pattern, it's what Sookie wore the first time Eric ever saw her. Instead of a printed fabric the design was done in beading and tiny sequins.

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and twelve

Chapter One Hundred and Twelve

I stepped onto the white carpet leading to the front and a collective gasp went up from everyone in the room. They were all standing and facing the door when I walked in. But I only saw one person. I saw Eric. He was the most handsome and elegant man in the world. Light radiated from him like he was a saint in an old painting.

His tuxedo was cut to showcase his tall powerful body. The light blue shirt made his blue eyes glow astoundingly in his pale face and his expression was a combination of wonder and love. His hair was loose and wild, the rock and roll style I adored. He took a step towards me until Jason placed a hand on his arm, reminding Eric he had to wait for me to walk to him.

The walk down the aisle was like floating in a dream, faces of the people I knew and loved passed by in my peripheral vision. I didn't carry a bouquet so my hands just held the jeweled handle of the ceremonial knife. It was real gold and so old the jewel's surfaces were dulled from all the hands that had held it. This knife had been used in vampire wedding ceremonies from as far back as anyone, including vampires, could remember. It was priceless, a rare artifact of the secret ancient vampire culture. A museum would pay millions for it. It belonged to Anna Hita.

I heard Maxine Fortenberry whisper loudly in her very Southern drawl to Bill, "Why's she carryin' a knife, for heaven's sake? They aren't going to sacrifice someone, are they?"

"Knife" sounded like "nah-iff " the way Maxine pronounced it.

Jessica rolled her eyes, and even Persephone Gallo, usually the picture of impassive decorum twisted her lips in an expression of scorn. Bill leaned forward and said something reassuring quietly in Maxine's ear, and she replied, "Thank goodness!" and dramatically fanned herself with a church fan.

Then she said to everyone around her, "Doesn't Sookie look lovely?" and there were murmurs of agreement.

As I got to the front of the church in front of a plain rough hewn wooden table which was most likely the altar, Amelia whispered to me "You go, girl!" and winked at me. Tray looked handsome, but uncomfortable in his tux, and Hoyt was still smiling from ear to ear. He was looking at Jessica.

Pam looked elegant in her blue Isabelle's Bridal bridesmaid dress, as did Amelia. Crystal had decided to go off on her own. Instead of the matching blue Isabelle's Bridal matron of honor dress she had made for her, she decided to wear a white sequin dress with a very short skirt, neckline cut plunging the waist, and backless.

Jason was looking handsome in his tux, but his expression was disgusted and he wouldn't look at Crystal. He had obviously been fighting with Crystal before the wedding, probably about her decision to wear a white glittering dress instead of the blue Matron of Honor dress she was supposed to wear.

I could see Crystal was disappointed to see I was dressed in blue. I think she wanted to outshine my white dress with her white dress. Since the rest of the wedding party all had on blue, the men's shirts and the women's dresses were all the same shade of blue as my dress, Crystal just stood out like a sore thumb, a fact that was becoming apparent to her. Poor Crystal, she was her own worst enemy sometimes.

Eric looked at me, his eyes huge, his fangs fully extended. He understood the meaning of this dress, he felt it in every part of his body. He was completely unashamed of his condition. I saw Amelia's eyes go wide as she looked at the front of his pants and saw how much Eric appreciated me. She looked like she was going to whistle, then thought better of it. His long tux jacket hid his enthusiasm from everyone else.

The organ music stopped, and a young vampire woman with waist length black hair, large olive green eyes, and a creamy complexion came in carrying a little harp. She was dressed in a blue floor length taffeta gown with a full skirt. She sat to the side of the altar and rested the little harp on a stand that had been set up. Her graceful fingers flew over the strings like magic.

A strange song in a different key from all the other music came from the stringed instrument. It looked like a small harp with wings.

The song was eerie and haunting, with a Middle Eastern flavor, and as it wound its charm around the church, Anna Hita walked to the altar, a black hood covering her head and hiding her face. The black robe couldn't hide her luscious curves though, or the sinuous way she walked. She held a black cushion with a coiled golden rope on it, and she was barefoot. She laid the cushion and rope on the table behind her.

She threw back the hood of the embroidered robe and her diamond tiara shot out rays of colorful light. She looked happy and radiant. Everyone in the church went "Ooooooo." I smiled at her and she winked at me.

more to come .....

(If you look at Sookie's red and white date dress the first time she met Eric in Fangtasia you will see the cut and style of the dress she is getting married in. The wedding dress is made of blue satin and is jeweled instead of being a print fabric. This dress only exists in my imagination, and I hope it exists in yours too :-)

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and eleven

Chapter One Hundred and Eleven

Like all long awaited events that seem like they will never arrive, the wedding day finally came.

Eric was staying at Pam's house to get ready, so he could not possibly see my dress until I set foot in the church. I had some uninterrupted time to think and do my hair.

I could hear Amelia, Hoyt and Tray getting dressed upstairs. They had followed me in Amelia's car to Pinebrook. Amelia loved the new house, she couldn't believe how much it looked like the Bon Temp house.

I thought about what Bill had said, that Eric would want to control me, and he would eventually want to turn me. I thought Bill was probably right about that. Eric was ruthless and controlling, but he was also reasonable and loving with me. I was counting on him to retain his awareness of my independent rights. I didn't think he was suddenly going to think I was his property now, to do with as he pleased. If he was going to do that he would have done it already when he declared me as "his".

The big weakness in Eric was his fear, oddly enough. He was the most fearless fighter I ever met, the most brave and ready for a brawl. But when it came to me his fear was right on the surface. I could understand that. Hearing about the alternate reality where Eric died in battle just about broke my heart. If I knew of some way to save him, even if it was something he didn't want, I would be very tempted to just do it anyway and deal with his anger later. At least he would be around to be angry. It made sense, and Eric usually did what made sense.

Hoyt was driving me to the church where I would hide until I heard the wedding march begin. At that point all the wedding party would be in place, waiting for me. That is when Eric, and everyone else except Tara and Hoyt, would see my dress for the first time. Hoyt would see it before I got in the car and Tara had seen it when I stashed it at her shop, though she hadn't seen me in it.

I got dressed in my room and waited for Amelia and Tray to leave, then I came out of the bedroom to get in my car. Hoyt would drive. Hoyt looked at me and smiled the biggest smile he could fit on his wide guileless face. I knew this dress was a winner.

The Universalist Unitarian Church of Love and Peace in Shreveport had a big parking lot, and it was about half full when Hoyt dropped me around back. Tara let me in, and she fussed over each bead and sequin until I had to ask her to stop.

We listened in to the musical selections, played by an enthusiastic if not exactly inspired organist. I didn't have a veil, and my hair was in a simple style with a blue hairband pulling it back, my hair teased big and puffy and turned up slightly on the ends. It was the hairstyle Eric had seen me in the first time we met, the first time Bill had brought me to Fangtasia.

And the dress, well, that was a replica of my date dress, this time done in blue silk satin, with the flower design from the date dress done in sequins, pearls and beads. Kathy Purdue had sewn each one on by hand. The pale blue color accentuated my tan, and the sequins and rhinestones flashed like something Anna Hita might wear. I looked splendid, if I do say so myself. I would be able to wear this dress to many fancy functions if I could keep Eric from shredding it in his eagerness to get it off me.

As I heard the end of the song I had selected before the wedding march, I got in place at the door, still hidden from Eric. Suddenly I worried that he would take one look at me in this dress and lose control, making passionate love to me in the church aisle with everyone watching. Of course he wouldn't do that. I hoped.

Then the wedding march started.

more to come ......

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and ten

Chapter One Hundred and Ten

Eric and I had discussed writing our own vows, but in the end we just modified the Vampire Wedding Ceremony and went with that. My diamond and sapphire engagement ring was also my wedding ring, and Eric didn't want to wear a ring, so we skipped the ring part of the ceremony.

I picked out the music for the church organist. I included Gran's favorite hymn "Blessed Assurance" and a few classical pieces I liked. Jason jokingly suggested Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. He didn't know the name of the piece, but I figured out what he meant when he sang a little of it. I hoped Jason could wrap his head around the fact that I was really getting married. It made it more difficult for some people to feel this was a real wedding because the state of Louisiana was still deciding if vampire-human marriages should be legal. It might have to go to a vote.

"Here Comes the Bride" would play as I walked down the aisle. Calvin Norris offered to fill in as a father figure and give me away, but I decided to walk down the aisle on my own. I would imagine my Gran and my parent's spirits were with me. I thanked him though, happy for his support and the support of the whole Hotshot werepanther community. They had done right by Jason once he was bitten and transformed, and I was very grateful for that.

I still had my wedding dress at Tara's because I didn't want Eric to accidentally come across it. He had already found my new underthings while getting me a night gown and he practically licked them he liked them so much.

The weeks before the wedding just flew by. I did more to get the house on Pinebrook livable. I watched Sam bar tend a few more nights and learned more of the tricks of the trade. All the couples in my wedding seemed to be getting along. Quinn stopped by and made sure he had all the last minute details the way I would like them. We would be having the wedding without a rehearsal, but Vampire weddings are so simple it didn't require much of the participants.

Amelia and Tray were going to rent my farm house, as I hoped, and Amelia's student witch Heather and her new boyfriend were also going to move in and pay rent. I had moved the furniture from the Swedish bedroom to the master bedroom in the new house, and I had moved my old bedroom set to the bedroom above the Pinebrook garage, recreating it exactly, so my feminine yellow flowered bedroom would be there for me whenever I wanted it. This was the reverse of how the bedrooms had been on Hummingbird Lane.

Eric had the shed my grandfather built with his own hands moved to the Pinebrook property. I had stopped asking how much things cost. I knew Eric wanted me to be happy in Shreveport and not miss all the things I had grown up with in Gran's house.

Naturally Jason was jealous and pissed off about my renting the house and not just giving it to him. I gave him the right to hunt with his werepanther friends in my woods at night as long as he let Amelia know ahead of time, so that made him happier with the arrangements.

I told Bruno the song I wanted to play for my special song to Eric. Bruno was stoically silent about what Eric's song choices were. Vampires stick together, or maybe that's just a guy thing.

Aside from decorating the house on Pinebrook, all the arrangements were in place, and I had only to wait until Halloween night to become the wife of Eric Northmen.

I had asked Susanne Mitchell to pick up Roscoe and keep him for the Halloween weekend. She wasn't going to the wedding because her mother was having bunion surgery that weekend. She and her parents used to have a dog like Roscoe and she was always begging me to let her take him for a few days. He liked her and I needed to know he was in good hands.

Going over the wedding in my mind had become a habit with me, I wondered what I would think about once the wedding was behind me.

more to come .....

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and nine

Chapter One Hundred and Nine

She explained why she missed the rehearsal. The explanation was simple. She got lost in the past. That was the biggest danger about going back to the past, she said, you could get so caught up in what used to be you forgot about your life in the present.

She had been wandering around in her own past, visiting her children when they were still young, making sure to only see them when the other her was absent from them so she didn't run into herself. She had been so enthralled with the past she completely forgot about her present. Hearing Jure and me calling her brought her to her senses.

There were so many questions I wanted to ask her, but there just wasn't time. She could only travel at night and she needed to fly back to New Orleans this evening. Her car and driver were still waiting outside for her return.

"Thank you for teaming up with Jure to call to me. It woke me up and I remembered where I belonged. I was able to return to the present once I recalled what I was supposed to be doing." she said.

Then she tilted her head becomingly and looked at me with such a cute inquisitive expression I could clearly see the attractive young human woman she had once been. "Has Jure been behaving himself?" she asked.

I thought about that. He hadn't glamoured me, or tried to drink from me. He had been a little naughty during our telepathic hook up, but it wasn't anything too outrageous. And he had saved me from Bojan and the Countess. On the whole he had behaved well. I told Anna Hita that.

"Good," she said, "I try to keep up with my Children, but once in a while they misbehave."

She stood up. I did too. So did Roscoe. "I will be in Shreveport on October 31st to perform your wedding, I promise you that." We hugged and again she kissed me on each cheek. Then, like a vision in a dream, she was gone, leaving her scent and the photo of the dewars behind. Her long black car crackled the gravel as it left, taking her to the airport.

I wanted to speak to Eric. I just needed to hear his voice. After hearing about the alternate reality where he had ceased to exist, had died, where we would have never met, I really needed to make contact with him.

I called Fangtasia but the bartender that answered the phone said, after checking, that Eric wasn't available to come to the phone. I hung up, longing for my Eric, but understanding he had business he had to attend.

The crushing feeling of knowing that Eric had fallen in battle, bleeding on the ground, suffering, dying alone, winking out of existence like a star, somewhere in time, in another alternate reality just weighed so heavy on my heart. Then, to my ecstatic delight, he pulled in the drive.

I ran out the door and into his arms as fast as a vampire. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed his handsome perplexed face over and over. He carried me inside and looked at my expression.

"Why are you crying? Are you all right?" he asked. I got down off him.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just got myself all worked up thinking about what would have happened if we had never met, if you hadn't lived until this time to meet me, that kind of stuff," I said, breathless from kissing him.

He looked at me, squinting in his attempt to understand what the heck I was talking about. Then he smelled the air.

"Was Anna Hita here?" he sounded incredulous. He looked around as if she might still be in the room hiding behind the furniture.

"Yes, she came here to apologize for missing our rehearsal and to reassure me she would be available for our wedding." I said, as casually as if I had said my brother stopped over.

For once, Eric was speechless with surprise.

That was OK by me. I didn't want to talk to him. I just wanted to hug on him and kiss on him and fill up my heart with his Viking vampirey goodness. Fortunately that was something Eric excelled at.

more to come ......

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and eight

Chapter One Hundred and Eight

She went on, "Imagine the pages of a very thick book and on each page is the same story, over and over. But not quite exactly the same story. There would be a small difference in the story on each page. Take Eric's story for example. In one version he is never made Vampire and lives out his life as a human. In another version he is made Vampire as an old man. There are as many versions of Eric's past as there are possibilities. I went back to one where I could be sure I wouldn't ruin anyone's present."

"How could you be sure?" I asked. I hoped I wasn't insulting her by asking, but this was just fascinating to me.

"Because in this version Eric was killed in battle a few hours later," she said, looking serious.

My heart felt a stab of pain so severe it reminded me of the time I had been staked. In that other reality Eric, big golden brash vulnerable flesh and blood human Eric, had fallen in battle never to rise. My eyes filled with tears at the thought of it.

Anna Hita nodded gravely, seeing I understood the awfulness of that reality. She said, "I needed something from him, but I couldn't upset the way that future unfolded either."

"What did you need from him?" I asked.

In answer she rummaged in her big handbag and pulled out a computer print out page with pictures on it. She handed it to me. They were pictures of thick grey thermos containers with black handles.

"What are these? I asked, baffled. Would I ever understand what she was telling me?

"They are called dewars. I took one with me to the alternate past. It contains liquid nitrogen." She saw my confused expression and went on. "The container is used to freeze medical samples, to preserve them. I put some of Eric's semen in the container, to bring back to the present. Freezing sperm is rather involved, and requires a great deal of attention to detail." She smiled, looking proud of herself and triumphant.

"Why?" I was starting to understand, but I wanted to hear her say it.

"To give to you. Now you have choice. When the time is right, you can choose to have Eric's child. It's my wedding present to you both."

I sat there wondering if I would pass out since all the blood left my head, then rushed back. No, I wasn't going to faint. Good.

"Does Eric know about this?" I asked her.

"No, and I will only tell him if you want me to," she said.

"Why is that?" I asked again. I seemed to be stuck on that one question like a three year old.

"Because I remember what it was like to be human. As a human woman I had many children. I know that it is up to you to decide if that is the path for you. Your body is the gateway for new life. You are the keeper of the gate," she said.

That made sense. We were having a woman to woman talk here. In that spirit I thought I could ask her something I wanted to know.

"How did you get ... get Eric to co-operate in this donation?" I asked, keeping it real, like they say.

She laughed, her laughter was musical and lighthearted. "I tricked him into giving it to me. But once I got him to co-operate, he became most enthusiastic and offered himself several more times. I went back to that exact time five days in a row. I have five containers, now in a professional cryogenic medical storage facility, a sperm bank, in case you want to use them at some time in the future. But remember, only the lab can perform the critical step of extracting the sperm from the antifreeze upon thawing. "

I thought she was quoting the exact words she had been told by the sperm bank. I would have paid cash money to see the look on the faces of the sperm bank employees when Anna Hita came sailing through the door with five containers of sperm.

Well, as wedding presents go, this was probably a first.

more to come .......
(I am so happy we are all going to the wedding soon. You are wonderful company!)

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and seven

Chapter One Hundred and Seven

I hurried and made it up on the porch and to my front door before the driver's door of the limo opened and a liveried vampire driver got out. I didn't recognize the driver. Of course it wouldn't be Bojan because he was still in the King's custody. But when the driver opened the back door of the stretch Cadillac my jaw dropped open as I saw who stepped out.

It was Anna Hita, here in Bon Temps, at my old farmhouse. Roscoe didn't bark, but he did something he never did before. He lay down full length facing her, head on his paws. His tail was wagging. I understood his feeling. She had surpassed herself in her magnificent costume this time. She shone like the sun, the moon and stars all at once. She was a being worthy of worship.

She had on a gold and diamond tiara embellishing her elaborate upswept hairstyle of waves and curls. The multiple diamonds in her gold crown sent out dazzling rays of multi-colored lights like the stars, reflecting the security lights in a radiant shattered rainbow. Her ankle length dress was split to the knee and made of shimmering gold and silver brocade. Her golden bracelets, dozens of them, all the way from her slender wrists to her elbows, were set with jewels, some of them set with big glittering diamonds.

She had a full lush figure, generous curves, and her dress showed it off to full advantage. Golden slippers with wrapped straps that went up her legs and a large black leather bag finished her outfit. The driver bowed to her from his waist, not just the usual head bow, and he didn't look at her until she had passed.

Anna Hita came up my front steps like the Queen Mary coming in to port. She held out her perfectly manicured hands to me and said, "My dear child, I am very sorry I missed your rehearsal." Her thick accent didn't affect my ability to understand her because I also heard her words telepathically in my mind with crystal clarity.

I took her cool soft hands in mine and she gently pulled me to her and kissed me on both cheeks. Her fragrance, as always, was intoxicating. I just wanted to bury my nose in the crook of her neck like a vampire and inhale her.

I invited her in and asked her to sit down in my modest worn old living room. The contrast between me in my old beat up jeans and baggy faded tee shirt and her in her finery was almost funny, in it's way. I offered her some True Blood, which she declined.

She patted the couch cushion next to her and asked me if I had the time to hear her apology. Anna Hita brought her own reality with her. I would have told her I had the time to hear her no matter what else I had to do. She completely filled my mind with the grandeur of her presence, soothed me with the kindness and affection that radiated from her core.

"Do you want to know where I was when you and Jure called to me?" she asked, her heavily black lined golden brown eyes slanting with her mischievous smile. Her eye make up wasn't really make up at all, I realized now that I was sitting so close to her. The thick black line outlining her amazing almond shaped eyes was tattooed on. It had an Egyptian look, like the eyes of the people in the hieroglyphics I had seen in photographs, decorating the walls of pyramids.

"Yes, please." I said, trying to feel like I was having a real conversation with her. She was so exotic everything about her felt like a dream. Or maybe that was just the magic around her, like looking at sunlight reflected on the thousands of shimmering ever moving surfaces of the ocean.

"I was in the past. I went to visit Eric when he was still a human." she said.

"You can travel to the past?" I said, awed. "But wouldn't that create a paradox?"

I had gone through a science fiction phase in high school. From that reading I had learned that if someone went back to the past it was likely they would do something that would change things, repercussions happening in ever widening circles, like a pebble thrown in the water, ultimately making the present completely different.

Therefore the present the person originally left from wouldn't have ever existed as it was, making it impossible for them to have gone from that non-existent present to the past. Or something like that. This was the kind of thing that could make your head hurt if you thought about it long enough.

Anna Hita patted my hand, impressed at my question. I actually sounded smarter than I was. I had no idea what I was really asking. Fortunately she did.

"Yes, Sookie, I can travel to the past. But, as you so wisely pointed out, going back to our past would be dangerous to our present. I went back to a past that was very similar to our past." she explained.

"There is more than one past?" I asked, my mind boggling.

"Oh yes, an infinite number of them." She sat back on the couch, settling in to expand on this.

more to come ......

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and six

Chapter One Hundred and Six

Amelia and Tray were going out to the werewolf nightclub 'Predator' tonight. There was a werewolf tribute band at the club tonight for the 60's group 'Three Dog Night' called 'Three Wolf Night'. They invited me along, but I just wanted a quiet evening at home with my dog. Roscoe had been home alone during the party and he needed some quality time with me.

I got into my comfortable faded jeans and a big Fangtasia tee shirt Eric had almost worn out. I fed Roscoe, played "throw the squeaky toy" with the little dog, and took him out for a nice long walk along the tree line. It was so pleasant to be outside without feeling like someone was going to be jumping out at me at any moment.

The stars were out and the air was getting cooler. Summer was ending, and fall would soon be here. Fall meant the leaves changing, and my life changing, because I would be married on Halloween night. I wouldn't be Mrs. anything because I decided I didn't want to give up my name.

I would remain Sookie Stackhouse. Amelia was working on the legalities of renting my house, and I suspected she and Tray might be living here together. As long as they paid the taxes and did the upkeep I would be OK with them renting the house for a moderate amount. I knew Jason was going to have a fit no matter what I did, because he always thought this house and the land should have been half his.

As quiet as the sigh of the slight breeze in the rustling late summer leaves I heard Bill's cool voice behind me, saying my name. Roscoe looked at Bill and wagged. He had decided Bill was a friend, not a foe. Bill came over and scratched behind Roscoe's ears. I wondered if he had a doggy treat in his pocket too. Bill was a strategist, he knew I was one of those "love me, love my dog" people.

" Hi Bill, how's it going?" I said, smiling, feeling good about life in general. Then I noticed Bill's dark haunted expression.

"I need to talk to you," Bill said, moving so he was directly in front of me. He had on a cream colored Henley shirt like the night we met. All the years and issues melted away and for just a moment Bill looked exactly the way I remembered him that first night under the moonlight in the parking lot of Merlotte's. He hadn't changed on the outside, but he had changed on the inside. He was more in touch with his emotions, more human. I bet he hated it sometimes.

"Please Bill, I had a wonderful day, don't spoil it for me," I said. I wanted to get away from him before we had some big emotional scene.

"Do you know Eric has been drinking blood from one of his waitresses? Do you know just how ruthless he is? He will want to control every moment of your life if you marry him. I would let you be yourself, live the way you want. Eric will insist on turning you. He never lets go, Sookie. How do you think he got to be so powerful and wealthy?"

Bill moved closer and put his cold hands on my shoulders. "If you left him and wanted me back he couldn't stop you. I offer you your life, the life I know you want to live. I would never turn you against your will, Sookie. Please Sookie, please." Then he moved forward to kiss me, but I stepped back. I thought before I spoke.

"Bill, this is beneath you." I said, looking into his fathomless pain filled eyes with kindness. "You are too good to resort to smear tactics. Please, don't come back until you rise above this. I want to continue to love and respect you as a friend. Don't make that impossible for me."

He staggered back a little as if I had struck him. He looked down at the ground and said, "Of course. You are right. I apologize for disturbing your evening. Please forgive me for behaving so tactlessly."

Then he turned and walked away towards his house past the cemetery, silently and with dignity. I sent him a mental pat on the back for recovering his senses. He turned back towards me and gave me a little wave and slight smile then, like he had felt my approval. Maybe our old blood bond hadn't completely eroded away. Once a vampire gets in your blood, it's almost impossible to get him back out, I guess.

In a day filled with surprises there was one more great big huge one in store for me. A long black limousine slowly pulled into my drive as I walked towards the house with Roscoe.

more to come ......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and five

Chapter One Hundred and Five

I was still humming "This One's for the Girls" by Martina McBride, the last song Nora Heart played on her tape player as the party broke up. Nora had also played "We Are Family" and "What a Wonderful World". I was going to ask her for a copy of her tape. I know the way to go nowadays was an iPod, but I didn't have one yet, and I didn't know how they worked either. Then finally it was time to call Eric.

Eric had known about our wedding shower and he hadn't let on to me one little bit. He was glad to hear how happy all this had made me, and told me that Pam was really sorry to miss the shower. She still wanted to go to one. I had some photos I could show Pam, and of course I would tell her all about it.

I wondered if Pam sometimes felt like she was missing out on some of her human life experiences, but I didn't say that to Eric. He had turned Pam when she was only nineteen, so she hadn't experienced a lot of her human life before she was turned Vampire. She told me she was glad she was turned and had no regrets, but sometimes I thought she might miss some of our human ceremonies.

Unfortunately, Eric didn't have a lot of time to spend on the phone. The sheriffs were meeting tonight to use the information they got from the rogues about how they had managed to keep under the radar. The sheriffs wanted to implement new tactics to seek out other nests.

Realizing that so many rogues, organized into a fighting force to overthrow the king, had been undetected right under everyone's noses was a sobering fact for the sheriffs. They needed to find ways to discover and smoke out other unregistered nests, bring them in and assess them as threats.

Eric staying in Shreveport tonight was all right with me. I could spend the night getting caught up on my sleep and reliving the wonderful day I had. I wished Eric good luck with his meeting and told him I would see him tomorrow night in Shreveport. Eric told me he had put money in my checking account to make up for all the work I was missing. I was silent with embarrassment.

Eric's deep voice said, "Sookie." From that one word I knew he understood I was ashamed to take money from him before our wedding. I also knew he was asking me to be practical, in another few weeks we would be married. He was telling me not to make him beg me to take the money, to just grow past my stubborn Southern pride and use my common sense.

He added, "I promise to work you almost to death after we're married, OK, my lover ?" I laughed at that, and relaxed a bit. He was right. I thanked him for the money, though my lips felt a little stiff. We hung up feeling we were on good terms and speaking loving words. I felt like a big step in our relationship had been taken.

It was easier to discuss sex and blood than money. It was a big big topic and it had caused trouble in many other relationships. I knew this from the minds I read. Most of the problems were mine. It was a badge of shame, according to my upbringing, to accept money from someone. An honest living was one thing, a handout was something else entirely.

This was a time of adjustment. I needed to adjust my thinking to Eric's practical and rational thinking. He was right. I used my letting go visualization, tying my shame and pride around money to a big red helium balloon and letting go of the string, watching it float away until it became a tiny dot that winked out in the cloudless blue sky in my mind.

It wouldn't cure the way I was so uptight about money, but it was a start.

more to come .....

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and four

Chapter One Hundred and Four

Well, shut my mouth! Tara and Amelia were throwing me a bridal shower! A now broadly smiling McKenna and Elaine Burke set up the chairs, while Danielle Gray, Susanne Mitchell and Holly Cleary helped roll the clothing racks to the back of the store. Soon there were streamers, a table with snacks and drinks, and a mountain of beautifully wrapped gifts.

Danielle's mother, Mary Jane Jasper, had made her famous pineapple mango orange spiked punch and cups were being passed around already. Pam couldn't be there, of course, but she sent her regards and a gift with Angellica. Maxine Fortenberry made a cake, and Charlsie Tooten brought dip and chips.

Nora Heart was there as herself. A much slimmer Truvy and her mom, Kathy Purdue, came up and kissed me. Truvy told me J.B.'s sister, Billie Joe, would be by later with the baby. Jane Hoar's laughing voice could be heard above the clamor of noise saying her brother Randy Hoar had made my gift. Randy Hoar? Before I could give that more thought Nora turned on her tape player and started playing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and everyone was singing along.

"Let the games begin!" Amelia shouted.

Octavia and Heather made the best toilet paper wedding dress, but I think Octavia might have used a little of her magic to help her do that. Claudine, my fairy godmother, won the clothespin game. She used her super fairy hearing to pick up on anyone saying the buzz word "bride" and collected the most clothespins. Tara told me that Crystal had been invited, but she wasn't feeling well. Maybe she was sick with pregnancy. I made a mental note to call her and find out how she was doing.

How I wish Gran could have seen this! She would never in a thousand years have thought I could meet a man, fall in love, and get married. I had a wonderful time and got some terrific presents. I could barely lift the Rachael Ray frying pan it was so well made.

I got snowy cotton linens, velvety towels, flowered dishes, cutlery, cookwear, scented candles and much more. Randy Hoar did chain saw art, I found out, and he would make me a large wooden sculpture for my garden. It was a Bigfoot. Jane Hoar showed me a big glossy photo of what I would get when it was done. Sam and Terry had chipped in on the price, the men being convinced this was the greatest present ever.

Everyone laughed, but Claudine and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. Amelia nudged me, like I might not get the connection between our recent experience with the Bishop brothers and the wooden carving.

The baby, Katie Marie, stole the show when she arrived. Several of the women wanted to hold her. Tara placed the baby in my arms and I marveled at how small she was, and how perfect each tiny feature was. When she yawned everyone laughed and said "awwww". The noise startled her, and she started crying. Truvy discreetly nursed her until she fell back to sleep, then Billie Joe gave me a peck on the cheek and took the baby back to her mom's house.

Charlsie Tooten read from a piece of paper she had been scribbling on. They were the things I was going to say on my wedding night, actually the words I had spoken while opening the presents. I said, "Oh, I really needed this!" That got a big laugh. "Feel how soft it is!" That got an even bigger laugh. "I can hardly lift it!" Everyone just about fell on the floor laughing. And "I love how these smell." I was blushing and laughing at the same time.

Everyone had a good time. Tara wrote down what each woman gave me so I could write thank you notes later. My eyes filled up with tears at the sight of all these women who cared enough about me to gather together and celebrate my wedding. I thanked each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart.

It occurred to me that despite my telepathic powers Amelia and Tara had managed to throw me a surprise party. I never would have believed it was possible. I thanked Amelia and Tara over and over. It meant so much to me.

When I got home I couldn't wait until I could call Eric and tell him about my party. I was high on vodka spiked pineapple mango orange punch and happiness, and just waiting for dark to share my happiness with my vampire.

more to come ......

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and three

Chapter One Hundred and Three

Amelia was in a dither the next morning when I got up. Tray had invited her to a formal dance and she said she didn't have a thing to wear. I tried not to glance over at her overloaded clothing racks. I did understand what it was like to feel like nothing you owned would do.

After I had toast and coffee Amelia practically begged me to go with her to pick out a dress. I couldn't understand why. Amelia knew more about fashion than I did, and she was a world class shopper, but she sounded like she simply couldn't function without my input. Maybe her recent troubles with Tray had undermined her self confidence. That would be a terrible shame because Amelia's confidence was one of her most attractive qualities.

She wanted to take me to lunch at the country club in Monroe after shopping to thank me for my help and to have a girl's day out. We went through my wardrobe and she picked out a lovely summer dress with a pink and light blue pattern that I had been saving for a special occasion.

It seemed very fancy to wear shopping, but I suppose the country club had high standards of dress even for lunch. Amelia even helped me put my hair up in a sophisticated style. I would have been just as happy to go to Sherman's Super Shrimp Shack dressed in my old jeans, but Amelia had her heart set on lobster at the country club.

Once we were in Amelia's car she told me her father was getting her a Lexus RX350. I didn't know what that was, but I guessed it was a fancy and expensive car. I told her I couldn't wait to see it. It was on order and would be in soon, since it was a new model. Amelia told me Tray was impressed, but not as impressed as he would have been if she was getting a Toyota Tundra CrewMax truck.

I thought of Pam and her big black pick up truck. Men almost swooned when she drove by, and not just because Pam was a beauty. Her truck had every bell and whistle a person could have on a truck. The chrome gleamed, the custom metal flake paint job shimmered, and Pam broke hearts. It was a guy magnet, and knowing Pam she probably used that to lure all kinds of red necks to her waiting fangs. Their necks would be a little redder once Pam got done with them. It was a pick up truck all right. Pam picked up her next meal with that truck.

Amelia parked in front of Tara's Togs. I was surprised. I thought we were going to Monroe to shop.

She said, "I love the things you get here, Sookie. I hope you don't mind if I try here first for the dress I want."

Of course I didn't mind. I hoped Tara would be in the store today. I knew she was taking some time off to bond with the baby.

The little bell over the door tinkled as Amelia and I walked in the shop. McKenna, Tara's assistant was folding tops and putting them back on the shelf. For some reason McKenna didn't care for me, although I had always been nice to her, even visiting her in the hospital one time when she had her appendix out.

"Is Tara in?" I asked McKenna. It would be better if Tara waited on us, and I wanted to see how she was doing.

McKenna said curtly, "I'll see," without turning to look at me.

Honestly, Tara should have a talk with the woman about customer relations. I was spending a bundle in this shop for my wedding things. McKenna should at least be polite enough to keep me as a good customer. I knew from working in the bar that it was unprofessional to let personal feelings affect service. Sam had pointed that out to me once. I wasn't there to have feelings, I was there to do my job professionally he had said. I never forgot that lesson.

Tara came out from the back room. Her face looked strange, like she was trying not to laugh. There wasn't anything funny about how I looked, was there? She had sold me this dress, did it look weird on me?

"Sookie, turn around and close your eyes. I have something to show you and I want to surprise you," Tara said.

I turned around thinking, "That's what it is, she has the baby here today and she can't wait to show her to me."

I heard a lot of shuffling, then Tara said, "Turn around."

I turned around and just about every woman I knew yelled "Surprise!"

more to come .......

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and two

Chapter One Hundred and Two

Well, that was the 'sixty four thousand dollar question', as Gran would have said. I wasn't sure exactly what that phrase meant, I think maybe it came from an old TV game show. I thought about what I would say.

"She has taken some time off, but she intends to return." I said, truthfully. "I plan on her being here to perform my wedding."

Bill flinched a little at those last two words. I realized it was painful for him to see me moving towards the point of no return. He still stood a chance, however remote, of winning me back. Once I was married, that chance was pretty much over, though, if he was honest with himself, he could see if was over a long time ago.

This was not because I was vindictive or trying to hurt Bill, it was just that my deep feelings towards him changed, then evaporated away, and in their absence I was free to seek new companionship. It was in that empty space Eric so cleverly inserted himself by having me win him in a contest.

Bill said, "I am glad to hear she is all right. There have been rumors that she was abducted."

"Abducted by who?" I asked, curious to know what the vampire buzz was.

Was I supposed to have said "Abducted by whom?" I knew Pam would know something like that. She not only spoke English, she spoke the kind of English that comes from England. I spoke the kind of English that comes from the tiny town of Bon Temps. I bet Pam didn't know what grits and gravy was or what you do with a hush puppy though.

"No one knows. But her disappearance is unprecedented." Bill held me in his unreadable gaze, seeming to move towards me even though he stayed where he was. It was like he had a magnetic pull on me independent of my thoughts towards him.

I guess having an important member of the vampire community go missing would cause a lot of speculation. I didn't have anything more to add, so I wished Bill a good night and waved at him as he left. Bill always left me with the feeling that he was waiting around for something more, but I couldn't help that. He was on his own now, and that was the way it was.

Then I called Eric. He was still in Fangtasia, but he was just getting ready to leave. He was going to try to get here tomorrow night, but first he had to meet with some of the King's lawyers in a conference call, then he would leave and show up here. I decided to skip work and stay here to wait for him.

We talked love talk for a while. After I had hung up the phone I wondered if being married was going to change things. Would he still tell me my eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky? Would he still hold me and speak that wonderful musical ancient language he spoke to pour out his heart? Would he ever fly me to the top of the water tower to show me the moonlit landscape once I was officially his wife? I sure hoped so. I didn't want to be taken for granted just because I was always there with him.

After these thoughts had passed through my mind, I looked around the house, shut and locked the windows, and called it a day.

(Wow the first show in the new True Blood season was a wild ride! )

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred and one

Chapter One Hundred and One

Bar tending was lot more complicated than I thought. Sam made it look so easy, but there were hundreds, and possibly thousands of drinks, and a good bartender in a well stocked bar was supposed to be able to make most of them by memory. I spent the night pouring beers that were too foamy, drinks that were too strong or too weak, and forgetting what people wanted, though Sam thought I did just fine.

Sam said most bartenders learn on the job and I could just look up a new drink when I was asked for one. Most people order the same few things so it isn't as daunting as it might sound at first. I already had an ability to get along with the public, I was well-groomed and friendly, and most important, in Fangtasia I would be married to the boss.

When I got home I realized I didn't know where Eric was. He was going to stay over in New Orleans if he was required to be at each and every arraignment, but he was trying to fix things so that he didn't have to do that, otherwise he would be there for a week. If he was free to go he was going to fly to Shreveport tonight, and then see where he would go the next night.

My answering machine was blinking twice. The first message was from Eric. He was back in Shreveport, he missed me, and he would meet me here tomorrow night. I would call him back once I heard the second message. That message was from Truvy Purdue to thank me for helping her find a placement for Katie Marie. I didn't need to call her back, she just wanted to thank me. That was very nice of her.

While I was getting these messages I got another message from Bill. He was home and wanted to come after work. He had actually gone to the trouble to call this time. I called him back first.

"Can I come over?" Bill asked in his cool voice.

"Sure," I said, "What's up?"

But of course Bill had already hung up. I was still in my Merlotte's uniform. I didn't want to meet Bill dressed like that. I went in and changed into jeans and a tee shirt. By the time I had made myself a glass of iced tea Bill was at the door. I offered him some True Blood, which he declined, and we went and sat in the living room.

"May I bring Jessica and Persephone Gallo to your wedding and reception?" Bill asked. He had on a blue button down collar dress shirt and pressed jeans. His clothes were neat, but his hair was still rumpled and sexy.

"Sure," I said. I was guessing he had Jessica that weekend and he wanted to keep his regular schedule of visitation. "Please call Quinn and ask him to add them to the guest list. There is a second reception at Fangtasia at one in case you might want to continue the evening." The wedding was at nine o'clock at night, the reception was from ten to midnight, then the Fangtasia reception was at one in the morning. I thought of something else to tell Bill.

"You know that Hoyt, Jessica's young man, is in my wedding party. He is attending with Pam, but he probably won't be with Pam all evening." I said. I was recalling Hoyt's besotted love struck appearance as he looked at Pam during the canceled rehearsal in New Orleans. Sophisticated Pam had just about blown Hoyt's socks off, though Pam seemed only slightly aware Hoyt even existed.

"Do you think that will be a problem?" I asked him, picturing the two vampire women in a cat fight over Hoyt. That made me smile.

"Hoyt is only one of several men she is currently seeing." Bill said, returning the smile. He sat back and crossed his legs. He obviously had more to say.

"How has it been going with Jessica?" I asked. Roscoe came in and sniffed Bill's shoes. Then he sat at my feet and stared at me. I needed to take him out. Bill came with me.

"Jessica seems to be settling down lately. Persephone is able to keep her within boundaries, so I am less worried she will harm herself, or someone else." Bill said. We both watched the little dog as he found a clump of grass he liked and piddled. Then we went back in.

I threw Roscoe's toy a few times to reward him for going out, then I washed my hands and sat back down.

"Bill, can I ask you something? What were you doing at TaTa's?" I had been wondering about that.

Bill looked uncomfortable, he walked around the living room. He picked up a pink ruffled china candy dish Gran had liked and examined it, then put it down. "I heard you were dancing there, I wanted to see for myself." He sat down too.

"How was it?" I asked, with a teasing tone in my voice. Bill wanted to see me dancing dirty, I guess.

"It was interesting, but obviously it wasn't you. I knew she was a shifter. That's why I came to Fangtasia to tell you. I know this town is your home, you care what people think about you." Bill replied.

I yawned, covering my mouth with my hand. "Excuse me, but it's getting late and I still have a phone call to make. Was there anything else?" I asked, standing to give him the hint.

Bill stood up too. "Is Anna Hita missing?" he asked. His dark eyes looked in mine, making it hard to look away.

more to come ......
(Thanks for reading along with the story. Sookie does indeed tie the knot further on, I think you'll be happy with it, I know I am.)

Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one hundred

Chapter One Hundred

Roscoe was so over the top happy to see me I felt guilty for leaving him for two days. Nora seemed to have warmed up to him and Sam loved Roscoe so I didn't feel too bad. I knew he was not starved or abused, but like me he preferred his own home and his own people.

Feeling guilty is part of the territory for being responsible for a dependent living being, I guess. I did my best by Roscoe, but there was always more I could be doing for him. I thanked Sam and Nora and left, letting Roscoe sit in the passenger seat for the short ride home. I talked sweet baby talk to him the whole way because he loved that.

Would I have made a good mother? I like to think so, but I saw that I was not ready for all that responsibility right now. My life was just getting started as a woman. I didn't have the normal adolescence stage to date and find out who I was and what I wanted until I started dating Bill in my twenties. I was like a love struck teenager with Bill and my heart got broken when we broke up. This was normal for a young teenage girl, but I was a grown woman at the time, for heaven's sake.

I was playing catch up, no doubt about that. I needed time to settle in to married life and time to get my new careers on track. There was a lot I needed to learn about both bar tending and real estate, and I wanted to shine in both areas. It was good I wasn't going to need to do either full time, I could only take so much time in a night club before the noise, thoughts, and general ruckus got to me. The real estate work would be an excellent counter point. I was glad to know what I was going to do.

Amelia might not be home until tomorrow. I opened the windows in the house and aired it out. I had forgotten to ask Sam if he needed me tonight so I gave him a call. He told me he would be glad to have me come in, but he also had a new woman, Jane Hoar's niece, that was pestering him for a job.

The girl's name was Chastity Hoar and she was staying with Jane because she wasn't getting along with her folks right now. She already had experience as a waitress and she was desperate for work. Either the Hoars had a strange sense of humor, or else they were oblivious to what going through life with a name like Chastity Hoar would be like.

For once Sam found himself in an unusual position. For the first time since he opened Merlotte's he had more women wanting to be waitresses than he needed, even without me. Sam asked me if I would like to spend my hours tonight with him behind the bar learning about bar tending. I loved that idea and agreed right away. Sam was happy to give Terry a night off from working behind the bar with him. Terry had been asking Sam for an extra night off for a while.

Sam said from now on I didn't need to worry about who he would get to fill in. Between Chastity Hoar, Nora Heart, Elaine Burke, the return of Susanne Mitchell, and the hours Danielle Gray and Holly Cleary wanted to work Sam was sitting pretty in the waitress department. He said he would enjoy having me wind up my employment with him behind the bar, and I could make my own hours. He ran down the nights he worked so I could pick and choose.

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart and told him I would see him tonight. I was so glad Sam wasn't going to have problems filling in for me, and I was grateful for his support and help. Once again Sam had shown himself to be my true blue friend.

Before I could lay down for a nap I heard a motorcycle in the driveway. I was delighted to see Amelia was back. Tray helped her carry in her bags, which had been precariously strapped on the back of the bike. They were both very hungry so I put some easy lighting briquettes in the hibachi barbecue while Amelia and Tray drove to the store to get a steak and some store salads. They were both in high spirits, like they were celebrating, but they didn't mention anything to me and I tried to stay out of Amelia's mind and her affairs as much as possible.

We ate like starving wolves, and in Tray's case that was pretty close to the reality of it. He ate the wolf's share of the steak, so to speak, and I noticed he liked it really really rare. It was going to be a full moon soon. I wondered if werewolves got hungrier during the full moon.

I thought it would be all right to ask Tray about that, and he didn't mind a bit. He said absolutely they did, and the hunger was for meat. He said for a few days a month no vegetable or fruit passed his lips and he lived completely on meat. I swear his teeth got pointier and his eyes got more slanted as he said this, but maybe that was just my imagination.

Amelia said she would clean up so I could get my nap in. I think she wanted more time alone with Tray. I was always glad to have the big man in the house as back up in case someone decided they needed Sookie Stackhouse dead. I knew not everyone thought this way, but not everyone had my life. I remembered to put the dart gun on the nightstand by my bed, just in case, before I closed my eyes.

more to come ....