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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part eight

Chapter Eight

It wasn't the sound of our lovemaking that had shocked Amelia, it was the guy at the door.

The guy was Robert Bishop, the huge man I had seen once before at a wrestling match I attended with Eric in Shreveport. Robert Bishop had been a guard in the parking lot on that occasion.

Now Robert Bishop was in transition. He was a were-Bigfoot. That explained why there were so few sightings of Bigfoot. Most of the time this Bigfoot was Robert Bishop, but during the full moon he turned into Bigfoot, as he was doing right now on my front porch.

I so hoped Eric would step outside to speak with Bigfoot Bishop because, there's no nicer way to put this, he smelled just awful. It was like a combination of sweat, manure, charred wood, and burning rubber. I didn't need vampire super senses to smell this, it wafted in through the screen door and just about knocked me over. Roscoe was barking so hysterically that Amelia picked him up and carried him upstairs.

I looked at Eric, my eyes big with surprise. Robert was making grunting noises and waving his big hairy arm. He was about seven feet tall, his neck had disappeared, and he was mostly covered in brown shaggy fur. His forehead had sloped, his brows had thick ridges, and his skull looked oddly cone shaped. Could Eric speak Bigfoot? I wanted to hang around to find out, but I just couldn't take the smell. Eric went outside and I shut the door behind him to shut out the bad odor.

After a few minutes I peeked out the front windows. I saw Eric and Bigfoot walking away from the house, making for the tree line. Where were they going? Robert had turned completely Bigfoot now and he shambled along like a cross between a gorilla and bear on it's hind feet. They were moving fast and were gone in a few seconds. I turned around to see Amelia staring at me. She was still holding Roscoe, but he was quiet now.

"Did your fiance just leave here with Bigfoot?" she asked, trying to sound normal. Amelia was a witch so she was used to magical happenings. Still, it took a few minutes for someone to readjust their whole world view when a new amazing aspect of the hidden supernatural world was revealed.

"Yep," I said. I shrugged. I had no idea what this was about.

"Soooooo ....," Amelia continued, "I guess this answers the question about Bigfoot. He really is real." She set Roscoe down on the floor. Roscoe looked at us hopefully. Maybe the appearance of Bigfoot meant another meal with chicken would be served.

I needed to take Roscoe out for his nightly walk, but I was worried about what was going on in my woods. Was it safe to take the dog out? I thought I would take the little dog out around the back, in the opposite direction I saw Eric and Robert walk off in. I opened the door and was halfway down the stairs when I heard the most spine chilling howl that I ever heard. It ended in a high pitched scream that no human throat could have made, then there were several loud "whoot" sounds, a whistling sound, then the howl again.

This had to be the sound of the Bigfoot, there had never been anything else in these woods that sounded even remotely like that. I hurried Roscoe down to the nearest tree, waited while he made a whizz, then we scurried back into the house, locking the door behind us.

"Did you hear that?" Amelia asked, putting the leash away for me in the hall closet. We both listened for a moment, but heard nothing else.

"I heard it." I said, " and I hope it goes away."

The full moon and the security lights made my yard as bright as day, and nothing was moving out there. I went and got the Benelli shotgun I had received from Jason and made sure it was loaded. I leaned it up against the arm of the couch, and sat down to watch TV and wait for Eric to return. Roscoe laid down on the couch next to me, and Amelia went to bed. She was going to visit her father tomorrow and would need to get up early.

An hour later the phone rang. It was Jason. "Sookie, be careful. I heard there's something in the woods. Is everything OK over there?" he asked.

"Yes, everything is OK here. What do you mean there's something in the woods?" I asked.

"Well, I was out, running around through the woods with some of my friends from Hotshot, and we tracked something real strange. It's big, Sookie, and it smells terrible. We heard it howl. Just be careful, OK? I have to go." he said, sounding a little breathless, then he was gone.

Jason had been out with his werepanther friends since tonight was a full moon. Jason had been kidnapped and bitten repeatedly by a werepanther that was jealous of Jason's relationship with a werepanther female. This turned Jason into a kind of half werepanther when the moon was full. Jason enjoyed it, and he was getting better at controlling the change. He had changed back into his human state long enough to call me and warn me. That was very thoughtful of him, and I appreciated it.

I hoped Jason and his pals wouldn't tangle with the Bigfoot. The woods around here should be big enough for all the creatures of the night. Now I just needed to find out where Eric had gone.

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part seven

Chapter Seven

Eric turned over on his side and looked at me, smiling his bad boy smile. "How is Quinn doing?" he asked again.

"Fine," I said. I explained about needing help from a professional to plan this wedding. Eric nodded as I talked.

It wouldn't really surprise me if he knew Quinn had been at my house, but he could smell Quinn on me too. I asked him what it was like to be able to smell things so accurately.

"I can not tell you what it is like, but I can tell you what I smell," he said, and he leaned close to me and smelled me from head to foot. "I can tell you didn't have sex with Quinn, because I smell his laundered shirt, his dry cleaned pants, and his leather belt. I smell his shined shoes, his shampoo and his soap. But I don't smell his genitals or his semen."

"Eric!" I said, shocked.

Eric chuckled. He went on, "I also smell your line dried blouse, your dryer dried denim skirt, and your lotion. It is a new lotion, one you have not used before. But I did not smell your sexual arousal when you met me downstairs tonight. That smell didn't start until I kissed you and picked you up and carried you to the bed." His bad boy grin got wider, "Most reassuring and flattering."

He was on a roll now. "I smell Tara, so you must have gone to her shop today. I smell chicken, a very unpleasant smell to me, and Amelia. I smell another older man very slightly, but I do not recognize his scent. I smell Roscoe, of course, and iced tea. There are a multitude of other faint scents that I could sort out if I concentrated, but you get the idea of what it is like to be able to smell things like a vampire." He kissed me on the forehead.

"How can you even function when your mind is being bombarded with all this information?" I wondered aloud.

"Describe this room to me. Pretend I can't see it and you are painting a verbal picture," he used what I thought of as his "teaching" tone of voice. I was a naturally curious person and I appreciated the time Eric took to explain things to me. Communication was central to our relationship.

I described the colorful woven Swedish hangings, the blue privacy panels on the sides of the four poster bed, the colorful double sided throw with the dragons on one side and the stars on the other, the hand made rya rugs with authentic folk patterns and colors, the painted wardrobe, the carved chest. We had lovingly picked out each item in this room to make a Swedish love nest full of antiques and the beautiful colors of textiles and sensual textures.

"Suppose a person that was color blind asked you how you could function seeing all these colors, what would you say?" he asked. He sat up and stretched, the muscles in his back moving across his body making him wider. I put my hand on his back, just to touch it, to feel his smooth skin and the hardness underneath.

"I would say that I don't pay attention all the time to all the colors, I just see them when I am trying to notice them. Otherwise they're just in the background, adding to my general impression of the room." I said, understanding how Eric's super senses worked for him. He was a wonderful teacher, kind and patient.

I can't believe I used to be terrified of Eric when I first met him. He was my ex-boyfriend's superior. Bill took me to help Eric at Fangtasia by using my telepathic powers to detect the person that had embezzled a lot of money from Eric and Pam.

At that time I clung to Bill, terrified of Eric. He seemed about the scariest vampire on earth to me. Of course I have met plenty of scary vampires since then. Eric has a scary side to him, no doubt about it, but he also has a gentle, giving, tender side that I just loved to death. He was so sweet sometimes I could just eat him with a spoon.

We got up and got dressed. It was a full moon tonight so we went out for a walk. As we walked I talked non-stop about the wedding plans. That's when I remembered I had fabric swatches that I wanted to hold up to me and Eric in a mirror to see what color would compliment both of our skin tones. He made listening noises and nodded as I went on and on about every little detail. Suddenly I stopped. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow, silently asking me what I was thinking.

"Eric, I'm just about talking your ear off. Do I sound nuts to you?" I asked.

He thought about this. "I think you want the most perfect wedding for us because you love me and you think it would take a perfect wedding to express the love we have for each other."

"What do you think, Eric?" I asked. I couldn't believe that I hadn't asked him this before.

"I think that we should celebrate our marriage with our friends and let the chips fall where they may. It doesn't sound like you are have fun, and that makes me sad. Maybe E(E)E can remove all this stress from you and we can just enjoy our wedding," he said, the sweet voice of calm reason.

We walked some more while I thought about what he said. Finally I said, "You're right. I'll just pick out a dress and pick out a date and let E(E)E take care of everything else." I smiled, feeling like a thousand pounds had been lifted off me.

"But I just need to hold up some fabric swatches to you and me so I can pick a dress color, all right? " I added quickly.

"OK" Eric said agreeably. We held hands and walked back to the house. I had stopped talking about the wedding, much to my relief. My jaws actually hurt from talking so much, or maybe it was just from the tension I was under.

We went into my bedroom in the house. That's where I had the fabric swatches Tara had given me. I turned all the lights on in the room and had Eric sit next to me at my dressing table and look in the mirror. I held up swatch after swatch, but none of them looked good with both of us. I sighed, feeling no closer to a dress color than I did before.

Eric turned around and pulled the powder blue percale pillowcase cover off the pillow on my bed. He held it up under our faces. "How about blue?" he asked, putting his pale handsome face next to mine.

I looked, and looked some more. Blue was perfect. Our eyes were blue. The light blue set off my tan, but it also made Eric's pallor look less startlingly white. It brought out his eyes. It looked great with our blond hair. It was the answer.

I hugged and kissed my big clever vampire until he laughed and fell off the bench. I fell on top of him and kept kissing him and thanking him until suddenly we crossed over into a deeper stronger feeling and we made love right there on the floor of my bedroom.

I heard Roscoe barking outside my door, but we ignored him until we were dressed again. I didn't want Roscoe to see anything going on.

Roscoe shot into the room like a fluffy white rocket when I opened the door. Amelia was right behind him.

She said, "Eric, there's a ... a man at the door for you." Her face looked a little shocked. Was she shocked at what she heard us doing, or was she shocked by the man at the door?

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part six

Chapter Six

After seeing Quinn and settling the past with him I felt much better. He was a man with a plan and that was just what I needed. I hadn't asked him about his private life and he hadn't volunteered any information, so I didn't know if he was seeing someone special or not. A good looking man like Quinn shouldn't have any trouble getting dates.

After Quinn left I found Roscoe passed out on Amelia's bed. She was sitting up in bed and reading a novel. Roscoe was too full to move. I mentioned to Amelia, again, that Roscoe needed to eat his real dog food, not just meat from the table. Amelia looked guilty and told me she would try to do better. Roscoe began snoring lightly.

I took a rest so I would be refreshed when Eric got up. He had stayed here last night in the state of the art safe room he built in the basement of the garage. I knew he would be able to smell Quinn when he got up. There isn't much you can hide from a vampire. Their senses are so sensitive they can smell and see and hear much better than a human.

How much did Eric know about my past with Quinn? He had known Quinn was my missing boyfriend, but I don't know if Eric knew the intimate details of what went on between me and Quinn. If he got one of those memories when he was drinking from me then he would know every single tiny detail of what went on between the sheets. I hoped he didn't know those things. I needed some things to be private.

I was waiting outside the safe room door when Eric got up. Although I found out Eric didn't need to feed every night, I usually met him with a warm bottle of True Blood. It was just too weird to think Eric didn't eat for days. He pretended to sip it if he wasn't hungry, just to make me feel better. He didn't pretend to breathe like Bill had done sometimes. But he did take in little sniffs of air to pick up scents. Scents like a visiting were-tiger ex-boyfriend.

Eric often woke up naked and ready for action, and tonight was no exception. We went right up to the bedroom and communicated in our own special love language, the language of touch and sensation. We closed the circle that was our relationship, keeping us inside and everything else outside.

"Sweetheart?" I said to Eric much later, floating in that weightless, timeless state I often had after Eric and I had made love.

"Yes, I know." Eric said. We were at that stage in our relationship where we could practically speak in shorthand sometimes, we knew each other that well

Eric knew he had to make a call to the king tonight to find out if Countess Adrijana Dragan and her guard Bojan Sivoš were ready to move into their new home in Shreveport. Eric renovated houses in another business partnership he had with Pam. Eric was ambitious, and he had many business enterprises going at once. Flipping houses in Shreveport was one of those businesses.

Countess Adrijana Dragan had been captured by Eric a while back because she was an unregistered vampire, an immigrant from Croatia. She and her guard Bojan Sivoš had been brought to the palace in New Orleans to be registered, taught English, and given information on what the king required of the vampires under his protection. Since Countess Dragan was European vampire royalty, the king had extended her stay, made her comfortable, and shown off this prize to other vampires and humans.

Eric had been living in the home the Countess was going to be buying, but Eric had renovated a house for him and me to have together in Shreveport, and he was ready to move into that house. Renovating a house for a wealthy vampire included installing an expensive but necessary safe room, a place for the vampire to spend the day when they were so helpless. Vampires are always dead until dark.

I was lost in my thoughts about giving up the house in Shreveport, about the Countess moving in, and wondering if their telepathic Maker, Jure Grando, was going to move into the house too, when Eric spoke.

"How is Quinn doing?" Eric asked.

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part five

Chapter Five

"How are Frannie and your Mom?" I asked Quinn.

Both of the women in his family had emotional problems Quinn needed to deal with from time to time. His mother had been brutally raped years ago and was not in her right mind most of the time.

His sister was the result of that rape, and she had emotional problems too. The last time I had seen them Frannie was helping her mom to get back to a hospital that could look after her.

At first Frannie had been hostile to me, then she seemed to accept me, and in the end she was furious with me for breaking up with Quinn. Of course I couldn't tell her she was part of the reason for my decision. Frannie was just too unstable for me to talk to honestly.

Besides, the reasons for my break up with Quinn were really not her business. I did give her credit for trying to stand up for her brother.

I have a brother too and I might have gone and done the same thing if I thought I could help him out with a girlfriend. I have helped Jason out with his wife Crystal on occasion, but some of that help was against my will.

"Frannie's doing pretty good lately." Quinn said, nodding, "But my mother seems to be disconnected from reality most of the time. She's getting good care from the hospital she's in."

I knew this had to be a very special long term hospital because Quinn's mother was a full blooded were-tiger, just like Quinn was. If she changed into her tiger form and was confused and felt threatened she could cause a lot of damage. She had done so in the past.

"I'm glad to hear she's getting good care. How have you been doing?" I asked him, really wanting to know. He looked good. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, so to speak.

"Not too bad." he said with a grin, "I have been keeping busy and things have been going smooth. Business has been good. Before I forget to mention it, I wanted to pay you for your front door, the one I smashed in the last time I was here."

He had broken down my door to come to the rescue of his sister, Frannie, when she was here during a vampire takeover that had been negotiated here on my farm. He was in his Bengal tiger form when he did this, so my door was pretty much shattered off the hinges, as you can imagine.

Eric had been here during this hostile takeover of Louisiana by the King of Nevada. This was before Eric and I were an item. Eric had thoughtfully replaced the broken door and frame the next day, just as he had re-graveled my driveway and done countless other kind and thoughtful things for me. Eric was a prince among men and among vampires.

"Eric took care of that already," I said, glancing at the new door.

"Then I'll have to make things right with Eric." Quinn said firmly.

I was a little uneasy about the two of them getting together, but I had clearly made my choice so there shouldn't be any trouble. My face must have revealed my misgivings.

"I hope that you aren't having any uncomfortable feelings about our past, Sookie." Quinn looked at me with compassionate concern in his pansy purple eyes. "I know that your wedding is a very important event and I don't want to bring any past history to our business arrangements. If you would prefer another agent let me know."

"I was wondering the same thing, Quinn. I felt I was pretty harsh the last time we spoke." I still felt a little guilt over telling him I wanted a man that would put me first, but I had told him the plain truth.

"I was upset at the time," he admitted, "But I have come to appreciate your honesty and candor. It's better to know right from the start how things stand. I should have been more forthright with you about my family situation from the get go, but I was afraid you wouldn't want me with all the baggage I brought." He made a wry smile, "Turns out I was right. I should have been level with you."

I looked at the large powerful man and remembered him begging me to have sex with him. I remembered the incredible sex with this gentle tiger of a man, his heat, his beauty. We had definitely had something going on between us for a while.

I also remembered him saving me from a fate worse than death, a lifetime bound in servitude to a horrible vampire named Andre. John Quinn, even though he was grievously wounded, had heroically crawled over and staked the unconscious vampire Andre for me after the Gizeh explosion, setting me free from all future worry about Andre's designs on my telepathic services for his Queen.

Without that superhuman act of Quinn's, I would have ended up as a virtual slave to the vampire royalty with no life of my own. I owed this beautiful man, big time.

"John," I said, looking him in the eyes so he would feel the sincerity in my words, "I consider you my hero. You were brave and strong and decisive when I needed someone to defend me. I will always appreciate that about you. Without you I wouldn't even have a life of my own."

He grinned his wonderful grin and said, "Let bygones be bygones then. I missed you, babe, and I'm glad we can work together on this wedding."

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part four

Chapter Four

"Extremely Elegant Events, how may I help you?" said the cheerful voice on the phone.

I explained what my needs were and made an appointment to meet with their representative here at my home on Friday. That was my day off this week. I didn't ask who the representative would be, but I doubted if they would send the mighty Quinn just to get the relevant facts about my event.

So imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang on Friday, I opened the door, and John Quinn stood there, his big white grin just about dazzling me. He had a rich olive complexion so those white teeth really stood out.

"Hey babe, you look great." he said in his deep voice. His purple eyes sparkled in his handsome face as he looked me up and down. A ray of sunlight glinted off his lone gold hoop. His bald head and hoop made him look like a genie in business clothes. I hoped he could make my wedding wishes come true, though I had more than the three wishes a genie usually granted.

I opened the door and invited him in, saying "You look mighty good yourself, Quinn."

The big man strode in and looked around. Not much had changed in the part of the house he could see. The kitchen had been rebuilt due to a fire I had a few years back, but the front part of the house was just as it was when Quinn and I were dating. He stood there a bit stiffly for a moment, then I just couldn't help it, I hugged him. His huge warm hug told me that he didn't bear me any grudges, that I was not hurting him by seeing him again. I felt relieved.

Quinn had a briefcase so I invited him into the kitchen so he could spread out whatever paperwork he needed to fill out on the table. I offered him some refreshment and he took an iced tea. I put out a plate of Amelia's cookies when he said he had already eaten lunch.

He looked around the kitchen, "This is great. When did you remodel your kitchen?" he asked. He had on beautifully cut black dress slacks and fitted light purple shirt that looked great with his eyes and showed off his thick muscular body. He had been wearing a tie, but he had taken it off when he knew he was going to be visiting me. I picked this up from his thoughts as I put the cookies on the plate.

I explained about the fire destroying the old kitchen and about Eric building the garage. Those were the most notable new things in my surroundings. Then we talked about my wedding. I guess that was the biggest new thing in my life.

At first I felt a little strange discussing my wedding plans with a man I had been involved with, but after a while I was comfortable looking through photos and brochures. Quinn was taking notes.

"I'll put together a plan and bring it back for us to go over." Quinn said, snapping his briefcase shut. We walked into the living room and sat down across from each other on the couch and chair to talk about other things.

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part three

Chapter Three

My next stop was to Al Cumberland, the photographer. He had a studio, but he also went to events with his staff and did excellent work. He had several wedding photography packages we went over. Since I didn't have a date set for the wedding we just discussed generalities.

Al had plenty of samples of his recent work for me to see including the underwater birth of a were-plesiosaur. That was sure something to see.

These were-plesiosaurs must be what were thought of as creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, though the one here in Louisiana is known as the Honey Island Swamp Monster. In reality the Honey Island Swamp Monster is a were- plesiosaur named Kay Dulac, or her husband George Dulac, and the newest little Honey Island Swamp Monster, Jennifer Dulac. It was hard to tell how large these were-plesiosaurs were without anything to compare them to.

Al Cumberland said they can photograph births as well as weddings, and grinned at me. Well, that wouldn't be happening for me, but I thanked him for the information and tucked it away in my mind for future reference. I doubted if Truvy Purdue was going to want her birth filmed either, since this was such a sad time for her. I didn't know any other women that were expecting.

After discussing photographing and video taping the wedding, our conversation wandered to mentioning how much he missed Maria-Star, a cute little werewolf that had been killed a few years ago.

Maria-Star Cooper had been Al Cumberland's assistant, and the girl friend of Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf I had sort of kind of dated a long time ago. I planned on inviting Alcide to my wedding, we were on good terms and we had never crossed the line to intimacy. I wondered if he had a new girlfriend now.

Alcide had gone on to become pack master of the Shreveport pack after Maria-Star was specifically targeted and killed to provoke a pack war. He had gotten the position of power he wanted, but at a terrible price. I'll never forget his howl of pain over the death of Maria-Star. I was an official friend of the pack due to my efforts to help them in the past. This gave me protected status.

Al Cumberland was the photographer of choice for all the supernatural community. Al asked me if I was using E(E)E to plan the wedding. I tried not to sigh or roll my eyes, but I was quickly seeing that I was so inept at making these plans I really was going to need help. Maybe I could contact E(E)E and speak to someone other than Quinn.

After I finished with Al and took some brochures, Roscoe and I went home and had lunch with Amelia. She had to be watched like a hawk or else she would give the little dog so many table scraps he wouldn't eat his regular dog food later. She adored him and could top me in her baby talk routine. Once we had a dog I couldn't believe we never had one before. I told her about the problems I was having planning the wedding.

"Why don't you just let E(E)E plan the whole thing, I heard they're wonderful," she said. She took another piece of chicken and I saw Roscoe move a little closer to Amelia. They were both acting casual. But I knew it was an act.

"Because of my history with Quinn." I said.

"He's the only one that works there?" Amelia asked. She had been gardening all morning and that worked up her appetite, which was always healthy. Amelia grew the strangest plants I ever saw, like flowers that only bloom at night and gave off a sweet narcotic scent, and vines that moved towards you in a slow snakelike way if you got too close to them. I stayed away from her garden, and so did all the other critters in the area.

"No, there are four partners who work full-time, Quinn is only one of them. And they each have full time employees, but I think he's the one that covers the Shreveport area." I wanted to get more iced tea, but I knew if I turned my back for a second Roscoe would get big hunks of chicken from Amelia.

"Couldn't you call and ask specifically for someone other than Quinn?" she asked. Her hands were busy tearing off Roscoe sized pieces of chicken.

"I thought of that, but that might give someone at his company the impression that I have heard something bad about him. He never did anything to make me think he wouldn't be professional and excellent at what he does." I heard what I was saying. Someone professional and excellent to plan this wedding was exactly what I needed.

"Then I don't see what the problem is." Amelia said, reasonably.

She had a point. There was no reason why my past personal relationship with Quinn should interfere with a business arrangement to plan my wedding. I was just being too sensitive. Quinn was most likely completely past all that now. He probably had a great new relationship and never gave me a thought. I went to look up the number of E(E)E and get the help I need.

As I picked up the receiver and went to dial I heard Amelia in the kitchen saying, in a high little voice, "There you are my wittle lovey cute-ums, 'Melia save you some num num, you good good good good good boy. Yes you are, yes you are." Darn, there went Roscoe's dinner.

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part two


Chapter Two

"I don't see why you refuse to use E(E)E," Tara said, after I admitted I didn't have a caterer picked out yet for the reception.

I didn't want to use my boss Sam Merlotte as my caterer, because he was more than a boss to me, he was a friend. I wanted him to attend as a guest, not as a service worker. He owned the bar where I worked as a waitress, and he didn't have any staff left over to cater my wedding because the whole staff was going to be invited as guests. I didn't have much in the way of a family, so my guests were mostly my friends.

The E(E)E Tara was referring to was Extreme(ly Elegant) Events, a company that planned and arranged for events in the supernatural community. If your child was going out for his first Howling, you hired E(E)E. If vampire royalty were going to be married, they hired E(E)E. I heard what Tara was saying, and she was right. But she didn't know something I knew.

I knew that the were-tiger John Quinn worked for E(E)E. Quinn and I had a history and some serious chemistry going on a while back. If I called E(E)E I knew I would have to talk to Quinn, and I had a resistance to doing that, for two reasons.

The first reason was that I still felt a little bad about the way I broke up with Quinn when I found out he would always need to put his mother and sister first in his life. Those two women, through no fault of their own, had problems and needs that required Quinn's attention. I didn't want to come in third so I sent him away. That's harsh, it's blunt, and it's true.

The second reason I didn't want to resume contact with Quinn is because we had a physical relationship. It was brief, but I have only had three sexual relationships in my life, so it was a big deal for me. Every time Eric takes blood from me I run the risk that he might be able to "taste" a memory of mine, maybe the memory I have of being intimate with Quinn.

I found out that along with the small amount of blood Eric took from me sometimes he also got a flash or piece of a memory I had. This was called "memory tasting" and it made me uneasy. This happened because the blood bond was strong between me and Eric due to blood exchanges. Every time I exchanged blood with Eric, the bond got stronger. He not only could tell how I was feeling, he could actually see the memories I had stored in my mind, just as I had experienced them.

There were some memories I didn't want him to see, but I didn't have any control over which memories he got. Sometimes after he fed from me I would catch him looking at me thoughtfully and I wondered what he was thinking about. I suspected he was thinking about one of my memories. Was he feeling me in throes of passion with another man? Did he know exactly what Quinn and I had done together?

I felt like it wouldn't be sensitive to Eric's feelings to have Quinn, an ex-lover, around. Though I had to admit that in Eric's long life he had left many ex-lovers around and he didn't seem concerned that I knew about it.

Pam, co-owner in Fangtasia, was one of his ex-lovers and his Child, a human woman that was turned vampire by Eric about two hundred years ago. If anyone should be jealous, I should be jealous of Pam. She's ethereally lovely, like a fairy tale beauty with her long straight white blond hair, porcelain complexion, perfect figure, china blue eyes and even features.

Yet their physical relationship had cooled centuries ago and Eric and Pam were now in a Maker and Child relationship, and several business partnerships. I liked Pam and didn't feel threatened by her at all. Pam was, as Gran would have said, a pistol.

Vampires don't usually form long term love relationships with other vampires. Vampire weddings are often just a formality to create an advantageous alliance. Vampires are very power conscious and political, and they have had centuries to develop their devious strategies to further their agendas.

I try to stay out of vampire politics, although I have been "drafted", that is, summoned, by vampire royalty in the past to act as a court telepath to let the Vampire King or Queen know if the humans they were dealing with were being deceptive.

Since Eric was caught up in the politics of Felipe de Castro, the King of Louisiana, I guess I was caught up in those same politics, like it or not. I was glad to have a powerful protector like Eric to keep me from getting annexed by some other powerful vampire.

So far, Eric's ability to taste my memories has not been a problem. He picked up on my enjoyment of a warm body, so he has come up with ways I can be kept warm while in bed with him. He also saw from my memories the little white dog Roscoe I had loved so dearly when I was a child. He found a puppy that looked exactly like Roscoe and gave him to me. That's the kind of caring intelligent guy Eric is.

Roscoe the second and I were inseparable now. I glanced down at him lying quietly under the table where I was thumbing through bridal gown catalogs. He looked up at me with his big maple syrup brown eyes and wagged his fluffy white tail. I resisted the urge to crawl under the table with him and rub his tummy and talk baby talk to him. Life is a lot simpler if you're a dog.

I sighed and closed the catalog. I told Tara I would be back tomorrow to look at more dresses, picked up Roscoe's leash, and left.

more to come ....
(I'm glad to have you all on the next adventure with me! )

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Sookie Stackhouse Ties the Knot With Eric Northman part one

Chapter One

I used to envy women that were planning their weddings. Sometimes I got a laugh out of how they worried over every little thing. Now that I was in their shoes I wasn't laughing anymore. I could plan to build a rocket ship and fly it to the moon easier than planning this wedding. I'm no wedding planner. I'm Sookie Stackhouse, and I'm a waitress.

My wedding had to be at night, of course. Otherwise the groom, my honey, Eric Northman, couldn't attend. Eric's a vampire and he's only up during the hours the sun is down. It couldn't be at the same time as a full moon, because during a full moon the werewolves and shape shifters that were going to attend would be automatically changing and shifting all over the place, turning my wedding from a solemn ceremony into a zoo.

The vampires and the werewolves weren't particularly fond of each other, but they could put their natural animosity aside on occasion and behave themselves. I hoped my wedding would be one of those occasions.

I would have to have a separate reception room for the fairies, of course. The vampires would be swept away with fairy blood lust if they were in the same room with the fairies. Since my great grandfather Niall Brigant was a fairy prince, and I had fairy cousins like Claudine and Claude, I wanted to make sure the fairies were honored guests too. But mostly I wanted to make sure the vampires didn't drink them dry.

My human guests would be easy to accommodate. An open bar, a nice meal, some Cajun country dance music and they were good to go. I wasn't going to be inviting any stuck up people. All the humans that I wanted to attend were what I would call "down home".

True Blood and Blue Blood would be needed for the vampires. They didn't eat food so that was a big saving. As long as none of the vampires ate the fairies, things wouldn't be too complicated in the refreshment department.

The telepathic vampire Anna Hita, my very distant ancestor and the ancient genetic source of my telepathic powers, was not able to pin down a date she could perform the wedding. She was a Scythian Scryer and had a parlor in a historic building in New Orleans. She catered to helping vampires resolve their conflicts and problems using her telepathic Scrying powers and magical influence to assist the vampire in seeing the inner truth of their situation. She had developed these abilities over thousands of years.

Not having an actual date set for the wedding yet was OK with me, because I couldn't find a dress that suited me. As everyone kept telling me, it was all about the dress. I had wanted to wear my red and white date dress until I thought about the effect that had on Eric, then I decided that would be a bad idea. Tara, from Tara's Togs, sighed as she pulled out another catalog.

"Try these, they're from a more conservative company." she said. She was thinking that I was the only bride she ever met that didn't want the fanciest dress she could afford.

I could read Tara's mind, of course, but I tried not to. It wasn't polite. Since Eric was paying for the wedding I could afford any dress I wanted, within reason, but none of them suited me. Tara, a friend from my childhood, was the dark haired energetic owner of a clothing store in the mall.

I couldn't see myself in a snow white dress. Like the saying goes, "I used to be Snow White but I drifted." Ha! Besides, it was just too pale for a blond like me. So I was looking more for an ivory or a cream color, maybe even something with a blush of pink in it.

Tara explained to me that the groom and the groomsmen would need shirts in a similar color, so I would need to coordinate my gown with what Eric was wearing. I needed to pick a color that would look good with Eric's white vampire complexion and blond hair. His hair was the same blond color as mine, but I was as tan as he was pale.

A high fashion gown would not fit my ample curves. I was too full through the bust to wear a gown right off the rack, so any gown I got would need to be altered to fit me. My rack was not made for buying off the rack, you might say. Oh brother! I was getting silly I was so tired of looking at dresses.

If you had asked me five years ago if I would ever be planning my wedding I would have laughed. Life wasn't easy for me as a telepath. Dating human men was impossible because I could read every thought in their minds.

Once vampires came out of the coffin, so to speak, and appeared on TV screens all over the world announcing that they were real and wanted to live as citizens in their home countries, my dating pool increased significantly because I could not read vampire minds at all.

The vampire community's decision to choose this time in history to come out of the fog of myth and legend and reveal themselves to humans was due to the invention of synthetic blood, enabling vampires to cease drinking from humans, or so they said. I never met a vampire yet that didn't prefer a warm human vein to a warm bottle of True Blood. But their public relations campaign was excellent, and many humans embraced vampire Americans with open arms.

Other, less tolerant countries, chased their vampires around with hammers and stakes, causing them to flee. Many of them fled to America. It was part of Eric's job as sheriff of Area Five, Northern Louisiana, to locate these immigrants, register them with the king, and make sure they understood the rules about mainstreaming. Those rules included not making waves, not poaching on other vampire's humans, and paying allegiance to the king.

Eric and I had a romantic beginning. I had dated one other vampire, Bill Compton, but we broke up. Then I began dating Eric, vampire owner of a night club in Shreveport, because I won a contest to go on a date with him. This was a contest he rigged, because I hadn't even entered it. Vampires were smart and tricky, and Eric was smarter and trickier than most vampires due to the fact that he was so old. He didn't know exactly how old he was, but the ball park figure was about a thousand years.

This would have made us incompatible in the long run if I didn't have two fairy great grandfathers, one on each side of my family. I had the fairy longevity gene, which made one of my years the equivalent of 600 human years. I had lived twenty seven human years, but I stopped aging when I was twenty. I wouldn't turn twenty one, in fairy years, for another 593 years.

This was too much to think about, so I just took life one day at a time. Or I did take it one day at a time until I started planning this wedding.

I lived in the little town of Bon Temps, but the wedding would take place in Shreveport. Eric had Fangtasia, a vampire themed nightclub in Shreveport, and we were renovating a home there to suit the needs of both a vampire and a human. I still hadn't decided what I was going to do about my living arrangements once I was married. I loved my old family farm house, but I also loved my husband to be, and he was firmly rooted in Shreveport.

When to schedule the wedding, where I would live and work, who would plan this wedding, what I would wear, these questions swirled around in my mind, but the answers just weren't coming to me.

more to come ....

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My Fantasy Image of Jure Grando

Sookie better watch out for this one!

My Fantasy Image of Anna Hita

She needs more bracelets, of course.

My Fantasy Image of Niall Brigant

This is who popped into my head as soon as I read about Sookie's Fairy Prince Great Grandfather.

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My Fantasy Image of Sam Merlotte

He's just a good friend and a good boss.

My Fantasy Image of Alcide Herveaux

Of course he would need to lose the pink Lycra!

My Fantasy Image of Quinn

He would need purple eyes, so I guess it would be tinted contacts to complete the look.

My Fantasy Image of Eric Northman

Of course he would have needed to grow his hair long, but it looks like he could have a nice thick head of hair if he let it grow in.

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part seventy four

Chapter Seventy Four

In the spring Eric took me to a field in the full moon light, left briefly, then returned dressed like a Viking. He was magnificent in a roughly made leather kilt, wide studded belt, thick fur boots that were wrapped in leather straps, a wide strap across his broad chest that held a long broad bladed sword in the back. He reached back behind his neck, grasped the handle of the sword, and pulled it out with one swift graceful movement, turning, moving fast, as if he was facing a circle of enemies.

His fighting moves were so real I could almost see the imaginary foes he was fighting. His hair flew out in a fan as he spun and moved. Every muscle flexed and bulged. I could see why he had been in such good shape when he was turned. This was the workout to end all workouts. Watching him I felt the centuries melt away, I saw him as he was, as he would always be. He grinned at me and gave his war cry, a spine chilling sound that sent goose bumps all over my body.

We took my goose bumps back to our love nest where I got to love on my Viking until dawn. Could things get better than this?

It turns out they could. As spring was turning to summer one balmy evening Eric told me to close my eyes. He went to his car and brought back something squirming and alive and laid it in my arms. It was a puppy, a little white puppy, my beloved Roscoe as he was when I first laid eyes on him. Eric had turned my memory into a reality. It was love at first sight for both me and the puppy.

Of course I named the puppy Roscoe. But that wasn't the most interesting thing. The most interesting thing was the blanket Roscoe was wrapped in. It was a baby blanket, a pink and blue baby blanket. Was Eric trying to tell me something?


This concludes "Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman". I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I can't tell you how much it has meant to me to hear what you think and feel your encouragement. I hope to begin the next adventure soon.

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part seventy three

Chapter Seventy Three

Fall turned into winter and life went on in the usual and unusual way it did for me. Eric and I found a house he would begin renovating in the spring.

I spent enough time with him at Fangtasia that I could see the difference in how he behaved. Saytanna and Jure both stayed away from us. Pam winked at me. I had the feeling she might have done something to nasty to Saytanna, but we had no conversations about it.

Jane Hoar, Merlotte's new cook on the evening shift, was working out wonderfully. Her humor made work a lot more fun. One night when she was talking about her wacky family to a few of us waitresses, she explained to us that Hoar was her mother's married name, that her mother was not a Hoar, she was a Hooker. We laughed until we nearly wet ourselves.

Bill's computer data base predicted more unregistered and rogue vampires than the single sheriff in Area Five could handle. More sheriff's assistants were being trained, and the number of deputies in the larger population areas was increased. Vampire royalty across America were most appreciative for Bill's predictions, and he was in a better political position than ever.

Eric had considered turning in Louisa Prichard's death to the King as a rogue killing, but since it was ruled natural causes Eric dropped it. Eric got help reaching out to several unregistered nests in Shreveport and was in the process of registering them and getting them training and indoctrinating.

Since my experience with being glamoured, I was much more sensitive to the worries of humans that feared being used and abused while unable to defend themselves, or recall the incident. I visited the missing time websites included in Area Five and told Eric whenever there were incidents so he could investigate.

I heard from Andy that Carolee had plea bargained her sentence down to ten years, with the possibility of parole in four years. Her house would be sold to cover her legal expenses.

Vicky Phipps not only wrote Jessica a letter of apology, she went to Bill's house when Jessica was there and apologized in person. Jessica continued to stay at Bill's house two weekends a month, always with Persephone Gallo staying too. Jessica went back to looking wild and Goth, but she only saw Hoyt twice a month, so Hoyt stayed human.

Eric explained that the blood oath we exchanged was really intended for a vampire marriage. We would need to write our own vows and have our own ceremony to handfast us together. In our minds, we were committed to each other and all the sex and blood of one belonged to the other. No more loopholes for tricky Mr. SpongeEric Vampirepants. His fang loose and fancy free days were over, but those days had lasted a thousand years, so Eric was ready for a change.

We were planning a wedding, happy knowing Anna Hita would do the ceremony. She said she would get back to us and let us know when she could perform the wedding. Eric has given me a ring for our engagement, a deep blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds. I can't stop looking at it, it's so beautiful and sparkly. I think Amelia is a little jealous, but she's happy for me too.

No marriage between a vampire and a human would be legally recognized in the state of Louisiana at this time, but the vampire, supernatural and many human communities would recognize our handfasting ceremony as binding. Vampires could only get married for a hundred years at a time in an all vampire ceremony. My fairy longevity was unique, as far as anyone knew, so our marriage would last as long as we did, I hoped.

more to come ...

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part seventy two

Chapter Seventy Two

I honestly didn't know how I felt right now. "Why are you telling me this?" I asked.

"Because smelling and tasting Jure on you made me realize the pain that I am causing you without need. I wanted to stop this farce, but I did not know how. I only want to be with you. If I need more blood than you can provide I am fine with drinking Blue Blood or frozen donor blood." he said.

Eric stood up and began pacing again. "I am beginning to hate myself for continuing with my old ways. My dishonesty with you was making me fear you would be dishonest with me. You have only been loyal to me. I do not want to create suspicion in my mind. I do not want to fear you would retaliate. Please forgive me. Please give me a chance to show you I can be different."

He got on his knees in front of me. "I am begging you to forgive me." He looked up at me with big blue puppy dog eyes. There was an ocean of tenderness there, waiting for me, if I wanted to dive in. But I was too troubled right now about something else.

"Let me think about all this," I said, but not coldly, "I want a chance to process all this information in my mind. In the meantime there is something you can do for me."

"Anything, my darling." He took my hands in his.

Oh brother, Eric was really laying it on with a trowel here. "Please get up and don't worry. I just need time to think this through. But I love you and we can get past this. What I need from you is help with something I can't get past, but you have to help in a way that is meaningful to me, not in a way that gratifies your ego. Think before you answer me, can you do that?"

He did think. He said, "I can promise to hear what you have to say and not take any action you do not approve of. Would that do?" He sat down across from me, giving me his complete attention.

Yes, that would do. I told him about how violated I felt, knowing Jure fed from me. I told him about how it brought up my feelings from being molested as a child. I told him I hated that Jure remembered his experience with me, but I didn't know what happened. I kept speculating on what he did with me, did to me. It was driving me crazy and I couldn't let go of it. I didn't know what to do.

Eric was furious Jure had upset me, I could tell. But he made a mighty effort and got control of himself. "What can I do to help?" he asked.

"Is there some way I can find out what he did with me? If I asked him would he tell me? Can I rely on you not getting into a fist fight with him?" I asked, although "fist fight" would hardly describe the titanic battle that would occur between these two powerful vampires if the you-know-what ever hit the fan.

Eric thought for a few seconds, then he smiled and hugged me. "I can fix this." he said, "I know how to fix this."

He told me that he would have the solution for me next weekend, and he promised he wouldn't lift a finger against anyone.

As we lay in bed together later that night I thought of all the centuries Eric had done what Eric did, how hard it would be to change. Look at me, still unwilling to give up my home, my job, and my lifestyle.

I understood how Eric got stuck in this lie to me, how he would be in hog heaven there on his throne in Fangtasia having women throw themselves at his feet. It isn't easy to change when temptation is batting it's eyes at you every night. I know I couldn't work in a bakery without sampling the wares, but maybe if I worked in a bakery for a thousand years I would feel I had enough samples. I hoped so.

The next weekend Eric brought me to the house in Shreveport. He had a surprise for me. Anna Hita was at the house, waiting to meet with me. He had told her about my problem. During the week she had summoned Jure from the King's palace to her psychic parlor in New Orleans and made a deal with him.

He would give up his memory of feeding from me and she would drop this whole issue. He agreed, and she took his memory of the blood exchange with me from his mind. He no longer remembered what he did with me.

Now she had the memory and could give it to me from her mind. I thought of the term "downloading" that Amelia had used with her computer. Anna Hita was going to download the memory from her mind to my mind.

We sat together holding hands. Eric had gone to another part of the house to give us privacy. Anna Hita squeezed my hand reassuringly, and began sending the images to my mind. I saw myself dropping my keys, I saw through Jure's eyes how he had approached me, glamoured me, and taken me to his recreation vehicle. He didn't sleep there. He just used the RV as a base for operations.

He stripped me, touched me, and fed from me. He opened a cut in his chest and pressed my face to it while I drank. He did other things I found distressing, but he didn't have intercourse with me. I knew everything he did, and everything he didn't do. I could handle knowing, especially now that his memories had been erased.

I thanked Anna Hita and told her how this had brought up all my panic and my fears from my childhood trauma.

"I know, my brave girl, I know." she said, hugging me, enveloping me in her lovely mystical scent. She told me that besides herself, Jure was the only other telepathic vampire in the world, the only one besides herself that could glamour me. Looking very serious when she said this, she said she had forbidden him from ever trying to glamour me again. I knew I was safe from Jure from now on.

She asked me if I wanted her to remove the memory of his feeding from me or my memory of being fondled by Uncle Bartlett when I was a child. She told me it wouldn't hurt, and my memories would just skip past that part. I gave this serious thought, but in the end I declined. If I later decided to have them removed, she said, just let her know. Memory removal was one of her specialties, she said with a touch of pride.

Then she said, "I know that Eric has not been completely honest with you. He told me what he did." She told me this can strengthen our relationship if he proves to me he can change. She told me Eric loved me and he was ready to change. I agreed with her. I saw how he had changed so many things in his life to meet my needs.

Too soon she had to go. Her hired car was there to take her to the Shreveport Regional Airport where she would fly back to New Orleans tonight. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart for seeing me, for fixing this. She told me to thank her Viking child, he was the one that thought of this solution, that had arranged everything. She swept off into the night, in her limo, waving as she went.

Eric turned to me as she drove away and asked me again if I could forgive him. I told him it was a done deal.

more to come ....

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part seventy one

Chapter Seventy One

He went to his drawer and got out his black silk pajama bottoms and put them on. What kind of confession required pants, I wondered. I waited silently while Eric paced a bit, working up his courage to tell me something. I felt sick inside, but I gave him time.

He sat down again. "I have not been entirely honest with you." he began, "You know I am very old, even for a vampire?"

I nodded, my mind open, listening.

"And I have given you the impression that I need to feed from a human every night. You know I dislike True Blood, so you have given me the freedom to feed every night. Since I can not feed from you every night you were tolerant of my feeding from the women that came to the club and offered themselves to me as long as it did not involve sex or feeding from an area below their waist."

I nodded again, I could feel my face begin to heat up with some emotion, but I couldn't concentrate on what that emotion was right now. I was listening.

"And we swore a blood oath, an oath that is given between vampires at their handfasting. Vampires do not usually feed from each other, so the ritual exchange of blood once a year is what is meant when the vow is made "My blood is only for you and your blood is only for me."

I didn't even nod, I just looked at him, waiting.

"But that vow, among vampires, does not include the blood taken from humans because human blood is not ritual blood, it is merely food. That vow, that I made with you, a human, had a .... a .. loophole in it for me. It allowed me to feed from others, while restricting you to only being with me. I thought you had figured this out and you were getting even with me by exchanging blood with Jure."

He looked like he had finished, but I couldn't quite grasp what he was telling me. Then I zeroed in on the important sentence.

"You said that you have given me the impression that you needed to feed every night. Does that mean you don't need to feed from a human woman every night?" I asked.

He looked ashamed. "No, I do not need to feed from a woman every night."

"So what were you doing with these women if you were not feeding from them?" I asked, still confused about what he was saying to me.

He chuckled a little ruefully. "I was drinking a tiny amount of their blood. I was tasting them. I was enjoying them within the limits of our agreement."

"If you didn't need to feed, then why were you drinking from them?"

"I was enjoying it. I took very little blood, but the taste of new blood, the different smell of each woman, the feeling of feeding from another untasted vein, it has always brought me the most intense pleasure. Each woman is different, no two women taste the same. I have been this way for centuries, tasting as many women as I could, enjoying the moment of feeding with them." he said. He gave a tiny shrug.

"So you were like a little vampire bee, flitting from flower to flower, taking a drop of honey from each flower?" I asked, a tad sarcastically.

He considered this seriously, sarcasm being mostly lost on his literal vampire mind. "Yes, yes, that is very accurate. It was a pastime, a source of pleasure, a turn on, to use the modern phrase. Male vampires like to experience the blood of as many human women as possible. Even when we are so old we no longer need the blood to survive, we still like the experience."

I tried to relate this to something I could understand. My mind flashed to the state pie contest I had gone to one year with Gran. You could get a dab of each pie very cheaply, and this way you could taste many pies without getting full, just to see what each pie was like. At a large buffet who wouldn't like to take a little spoonful of everything that looked tasty just to try it out?

Another thing it reminded me of was pornography. Some men like to look at depictions of naked women, or women engaged in sex acts. They wanted to see as many women as possible doing as many things as possible. I knew this from reading minds, as well as seeing the enormous amount of this material available on the internet. I thought of Ernie Tomm and his internet pornography addiction.

"How many people know you have made a fool of me?" I asked, knowing now why my face was burning with shame.

Eric looked away from me. "Only Pam, and she has warned me more than once to stop this and not continue in my old ways if I am to keep you. She was angry with me for this."

Mentally I thanked Pam for speaking up on my behalf. "If you wanted to feed from different women, why did you feed from Saytanna more than once?" I asked.

"Her great grandfather was a demon," Eric said, "It made her blood very hot. I would get a wave of powerful sensation, like drinking lava, when I drank from her. I was a fool to have kept her around for that. She almost destroyed me. She drugged you. She was not a nice person."

Well heck, if her great grand dad was a demon, what did Eric expect, Shirley Temple?

more to come ...

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Photo of Jure Grando

Jure Grando as he would appear in my Sookieverse ;-)

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part seventy

Chapter Seventy

"You knew Jure fed from me?" I was staring at him now.

"I knew he fed from you and I knew he gave you his blood." Eric said.

"But you didn't know I had been glamoured. Did you think I did this with him willingly?" I asked.

"I did not know. But I saw no bruises on you, no sign you had tried to fight him off. If I had seen that then I would have killed him, or tried to kill him. He is older and stronger than I am, but not by much. "

"Then you were okay with it if I had decided to exchange blood with Jure?" I asked, confused.

Eric stood up and began pacing. "No," he said, starting to sound angry, he stopped at the foot of the bed looking at me with pain and anger in his face. "No, I was most definitely not okay with it, Sookie. But I do not own you. If you had wished to go to Jure I could not stop you. He is very old, very wealthy, and he is known throughout the world for his seductive charm."

I was flabberghasted. I got up and went to Eric. "I would never, ever, never have exchanged blood with anyone but you. I love you. I'm faithful to you in every way. I wasn't even sure what had happened until I read Jure's thoughts." I was so relieved this was out in the open, glad I could end the pain Eric had been feeling, thinking I was choosing to be untrue to him.

He held me. "I had hoped there was a reason, and that you would tell me what it was." He kissed my hair, my cheek, my lips.

I needed a drink of water and I put on a robe. We went over and sat down in our seating area. Eric was still naked.

I told him about Louisa talking to me in the parking lot about getting her job back, then about the creepy feeling I had that night coming home. I told him about going in to work early, dropping my keys, and finding out an hour and a half was missing from my life. I told him about going outside and seeing Jure, about our conversation, about bringing him inside so I could rescind his invitation if I had to.

"Very clever of you. You have used that trick before," he said. He was remembering another time I had used my power to rescind an invitation and get rid of a nasty vampire, Mickey, that was terrorizing Tara.

I told him Bill had stopped in to check on me, and that I had mentioned Anna Hita to Jure as our common ancestor. I said that by the time Jure left he was acting respectfully and I thought he would leave me alone. I didn't mention the part where I had volunteered Eric to kick Jure's ass, hoping we had gotten past that point by now.

Eric looked at me with kindness crinkling the corners of his forever blue eyes, eyes I knew as well as my own. He said, "You do realize that all this is my fault, yes?"

When I looked at him, puzzled, he went on. "When I caught Adrijana and brought her here I was putting you in danger. I was so proud of my cleverness. I did not think about what it might mean to lead Bojan, and then Jure, right to your front door. I brought Jure here by bringing his Child here. He must have followed you to Merlotte's and discovered Louisa dying in the parking lot and fed from her. Then he came back to your house, glamoured you and exchanged blood. He would not have done that if he was not preparing to claim you as his own."

A cold chill went down my spine. Jure might have turned me, he might have become my Maker and had power over me for all time. Or he might have just established a powerful blood bond with me if we had exchanged blood two more times. Could I have had a powerful blood bond with both Jure and Eric? What a nightmare.

"Why would he want me?" I asked. I wasn't fishing for a compliment, I really wanted to know.

Eric smiled a wry little smile. "It is not possible to convey to you the ...... desirability of your unique blend of qualities to a vampire. Also, if he thought you had something to do with the capture of Adrijana, it would give him a position of power to negotiate from, to insure her safe return."

He seemed lost in his thoughts for a moment, then his eyes blazed.

Eric said, "I was not here to protect you because that stupid stupid woman was dealing drugs in my club and I was detained. Otherwise I would have been here." Eric was mad again, but this time he was mad at Saytanna.

"When did you realize Jure had exchanged blood with me?" I asked, trying to get all this straight in my mind.

"The night I returned." he said. He looked at me steadily, frankly, waiting for me to think about what he said.

I remembered how upset he had been over the raid on his club, how he had used sex with me to drown his sorrows, so to speak. Or maybe the sex had been so passionate because he was trying to erase the traces of Jure, or draw me back to him after thinking I had tried another man.

I remembered how he had stood there like a zombie telling me he wanted me, he needed me. Even though he knew I had been with someone else, exchanged blood with another vampire, broken our blood oath, he still wanted to return to me, hold me, make love to me. He wouldn't give me up without a fight. That took guts.

I remembered how he had moaned while he fed from me. It was the first time he had ever done that. It had not been the pleasure of the experience that had been making him moan, it was because his heart was breaking tasting the blood of another vampire flowing in my veins. He had been moaning in pain.

"Why didn't you confront me with it then, that night?" I asked gently, but I already suspected what his answer would be.

Eric looked away from me, staring at the floor. "I was afraid if I forced you to make a choice you would not choose me. What am I, compared to the most powerful, wealthy and ancient vampire in Europe?"

I couldn't stand this. I went over and sat in his lap. I made him look in my eyes. "I love you, Eric. I meant our blood oath. I would never leave you for Jure, or anyone else. You're the whole world to me."

"Do not be so sure about that, Sookie." he said, putting me back in my chair so he could stand up. "Not until you hear what I must confess to you."

more to come .....

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part sixty nine

Chapter Sixty Nine

The band Dark was a big success at Fangtasia. Eric and I had a great time over the weekend. We began looking at properties that might make a suitable renovation for our Shreveport home. We had to arrange these visits at night, and some of the home owners were a little afraid of Eric, but they found the sight of me by his side reassuring. I oozed so much down home Southern charm Eric began kidding me about it. It was good to laugh with him.

Jure was registered and reunited with his Children in the King's palace in New Orleans. The King was delighted to have the most famous European vampire in his entourage and held court for the public to view. Tourist revenue was way up for the King and that made the King jolly. Adrijana and Bojan were learning English, then they would be ready to move into their own house, the house Eric and I were currently using.

A few weeks later, while Eric and I were laying bed, I said, "Eric, I have something I need to tell you." I sat up and looked at him.

He had his arms behind his head, making his arm muscles bulge, his chest swell in two distinct pale hills and showing off his blond armpits. He was never more handsome than he was that moment. I hoped what I had to tell him wouldn't ruin what we had. He looked mildly curious, then he saw this was difficult for me and was more alert.

"Eric, a few weeks ago, right before the raid on Fangtasia, I was glamoured and fed on by a vampire."

Inside I was repeating the little prayer I had been saying all day leading up to this, that Eric shouldn't reject me, that he shouldn't go nuts and attack Jure, that our blood oath wasn't ruined by this.

After all, another vampire feeding from me after I was the wife of his blood would be like a human man finding out another guy was fooling around with his wife. Even mild mannered men had gone completely off the deep end over something like that, and Eric was pretty volatile when he was trespassed against.

Eric sat up, looking at me intensely as if to see, what? If I was kidding? If I was still his? I couldn't read his expression.

"I did not think you could be glamoured." he said, starting from the edges of this conversation instead of leaping into the middle.

"I can't by ordinary vampires, but the vampire that glamoured me was also a telepath, like me. This gave him extra power over me." I explained.

"This was the incident of missing time you mentioned?" he asked.

"Yes. I was able to piece together the incident after I spoke to the vampire about it." I said, cringing inside. Then I thought, what do I have to cringe about? I was the victim here. I straightened my back.

"Then you know who this vampire is." he stated.

"Yes, but Eric?"

"I promise I will not attack him. If I was going to attack Jure over this, I would have done it already." he said, flatly.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

more to come ....

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part sixty eight

Chapter Sixty Eight

The next day I was much more relaxed.

Eric was in his safe room here, he had been released from jail, and he hadn't noticed any difference in my blood. Tonight I would give him Jure's contact information so Eric could get him registered. I wondered how come Jure spoke flawless English while his Children, Adrijana Dragan and Bojan Sivoš, couldn't speak a word of English. I wondered where Jure spent his days. Maybe he would live with Adrijana and Bojan in their Shreveport home, well, what would be their Shreveport home once they bought it from Eric.

I had a nice normal day. I did my shopping, went to the library, put away my summer clothes and took out my fall clothes. I hung the ones that had a moth ball smell out on the line in the breeze. I took a shower, did my nails and hair, and Amelia and I put some kind of special facial pack on our faces. We laughed at each other's green faces and put cucumber slices on our eyes. The green stuff peeled off and we looked exactly the same as we did before. We laughed more about that.

As I did the dinner dishes I thought about what Eric had said. Saytanna had confessed. Was that to save her "master" or was she glamoured into confessing? Maybe Pam threatened her. I hope Saytanna would get some jail time to scare her into giving up her wicked ways. At least if she was in jail Eric and Pam couldn't punish her for what she had been doing in their club. I planned on picking up the paper at the Grabbit Qwik to see what was written about the raid on Fangtasia before Eric saw it. That way I would be prepared to help him deal with whatever it said.

Eric woke up feeling much better than he had last night. I wondered if he dreamed and that helped his subconscious mind deal with the stresses of his waking time. My back felt wonderful after my massage. Were there any vampire masseurs? They would have the strength in their hands to do wonderful massages.

I gave Eric the contact information for Jure. Eric thanked me and put the card in his wallet. I planned on telling Eric what happened with Jure eventually, but right now he was dealing with the closing of his beloved club.

Once that had resolved itself I would pick the right time and let him know what Jure had done. Maybe by then enough time would have passed that Eric would just demand a monetary payment from Jure, or some kind of service to compensate him, because Jure fed from his human, a big no no in vampire etiquitte. It was a criminal offense in the vampire legal system.

This old fashioned vampire legal system with humans being considered the property of vampires would have to change. It was degrading to be seen as human chattel by other vampires. I know Eric didn't see me that way, but it was the only way a case like this could be handled in a vampire court.

Eric had declared me as "his', that meant no other vampire could feed from me. I wondered if Jure forcing me to drink from him was an additional offense. I had never heard of anyone that was glamoured and made to drink vamp blood.

The humans that drink vamp blood are eager for it or else they're in a committed relationship like Eric and I had. It had always been voluntary, as far as I knew. Being glamoured and forced to drink Jure's blood might have been a very serious breech of vampire law.

I hoped it was, because it made being glamoured a thousand times worse to me than just being a meal for Jure.

Plus, I didn't know what else Jure had done, or made me do. The possibilities were many and horrifying. There were some sexual acts I wouldn't even do with Eric, but what if I had done them wantonly with Jure? How had I acted with Jure? Had he seen my most intimate and private parts, heard me make sounds only my boyfriend should hear, seen me in a state of extreme sexual arousal?

My face burned with shame and embarrassment at these thoughts. I hated Jure for making me worry like this, for making me feel things I hadn't chosen to feel. I wished a vampire court could lock him up and throw away the key. Truth be told, I wished a vampire court could order him staked if he did those things to me. But a vampire court would not place such importance on the shame or fears of a human like me.

Of course a human court didn't have any laws in place to handle a situation like this. I guess Jure could make the argument that he didn't know I was Eric's property. I didn't have a label on me or anything. How did Jure set his sights on me in the first place? Did he pick up my telepathic vibe?

Merlotte's was not as busy as it had been in the two days following Louisa's death. I was still suspicious about her lack of blood. What if Jure had happened upon her once she collapsed? He would know she was going to die. There would be nothing to stop him from feeding on her.

A human would have called an ambulance of course, but an ancient hungry vampire from Croatia? I doubt if he would have called an ambulance. Maybe that's when Jure saw me, in Merlotte's parking lot after my shift was over. He could have followed me home and lain in wait in the garage the next night. That would fit the feelings I had of being watched.

He probably read the minds of whoever was in my house so he would know who he was dealing with. When I answered his mental feelers with feelers of my own I would have aroused his curiosity. I know how fascinated I was to meet Barry the Bellboy, the only other human telepath I had even met. We experimented with our telepathic powers and we were able to be more powerful when we held hands and read minds.

Could I do the same things with Jure? I would never know because I never wanted to see or touch Jure again. Now that Jure knew I had powerful connections in the American vampire world he would need to negotiate, he would not touch me again.

I was glad I hadn't told him Eric was my boyfriend. I thought that Jure would like to fight someone, maybe because he was angry that Adrijana had been forcibly removed from Monroe. I didn't need to think about Jure. Now he was Eric's problem, the the King's problem. I tried to erase Jure from my thoughts.

During my break I looked through the paper and didn't find any mention of a drug deal or the closing of Fangtasia. When Eric picked me up I told him the raid wasn't mentioned in the paper. Eric said he had spoken to a friend in the Shreveport police department and the drug arrest had been hushed up. He told me Fangtasia would be open as usual tomorrow night, so we could still go and see 'Dark' on Saturday night.

A young female vampire Shreveport police officer that often came to Eric's club confided to him that the girl that bought the LSD was the police chief's only daughter. The Chief wouldn't want his daughter identified in the papers as the one going to a vampire bar and buying drugs. They gave Saytanna a good plea bargain deal to just whisk the whole incident through the judge's chambers and make it go away. It would never reach the papers. This means it would never reach the King's ears.

Eric told me he was going to get a restraining order to keep Saytanna away from him and away from Fangtasia. I was proud of Eric for using the legal system to deal with Saytanna, although I had enjoyed some creative fantasies about what Pam might do to Saytanna to punish her. It would have taken a long time and been very painful. I know I shouldn't have these thoughts, but Saytanna seemed to bring out the worst in me.

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Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part sixty seven

Chapter Sixty Seven

We drove in silence back to my house. I peeked at Eric's face but it was set in the rigid lack of expression I knew meant he was very upset.

We parked in the garage, and I waited to see if he could detect the presence of the foreign vampire as Jure had ambushed me and glamoured me as I stood next to my car, but Eric went directly upstairs to the bedroom. He put on the bathroom night light, then turned to face me.

For the first time he spoke to me, his voice flat, "I want you. I need you." That was it. He just looked at me, unblinking. If I didn't know vampires couldn't become zombies I would have worried. But Eric wanted and needed me, I understood that. That spoke right to my heart.

I pulled my shirt off and stepped out of my shorts and underwear. I unhooked my bra and kicked off my shoes. I pulled the elastic from my hair. The socks went last. I went over to the bed and lay down, holding out my arms for him.

He stripped in a flash and was in bed kissing me. He seemed to lose himself in my arms, using my smell, my feel, my sounds, and my taste to utterly absorb his attention and fill his mind. I was like his Burger King, his Prozac, his World Series and his Jack Daniels all rolled into one.

Vampires don't take drugs, they aren't really distracted much by human sports or entertainment, and they don't drink booze, but in my experience, they are swept away into outer orbit by feeding and good sex, just like humans are.

I was so nervous about letting him taste my blood, thinking that he might be able to tell Jure had given me his blood from the taste, but aside from taking a very long time feeding from me, Eric didn't seem to notice anything different. Eric actually moaned while he fed from me, something he had never done before.

When Eric was completely spent, and I was nearly exhausted to death, we lay there in the dark, side by side, staring up at the ceiling. I knew Eric could see me perfectly well, but I could only see him faintly by the glow from the security lights coming in the window.

I have a dislike of people asking me "What's wrong?" most of the time. I appreciate their concern, but sometimes having to deal with answering questions is almost as bad as whatever the original problem is. I figured Eric wouldn't want to be questioned either. I just waited for Eric to tell me what the problem was. When he did, it was a doozie.

"I could not get here to see you last night." Eric said, by way of opening the conversation.

"I know, Darren called me today and let me know you would be by tonight instead." I waited for him to continue.

"The reason I could not get here is that I was in jail." he said. He turned on his side to face me and propped up his head with his arm. "I was arrested for dealing drugs. "

I had to sit up and turn on the light to have this conversation. He sat up too. His mouth was set in a grim line, so I knew that wasn't all he had to tell me.

"That's ridiculous Eric, and the police know it. Vampires don't take drugs, they don't deal drugs either. It's a frame up by someone to hurt you." I said, rubbing his leg to comfort him. The fine blond hairs on his leg seemed to sparkle as the light hit them.

"The police finally figured that out. They let me return to my safe room just before dawn when the drug dealer on my staff came forward and confessed. I was completely cleared, but it was too late to travel here."

"Someone on your staff was dealing drugs?" I asked, shocked. Eric was very careful to monitor all the activity in his club to avoid legal problems.

"Yes. The club is closed down, pending an investigation. The police are delighted to have a reason to close the club. Who knows how long this investigation will take?" he asked glumly.

"If it was just the one person then it might go very fast. Where was Pam? How did the police discover this was going on? "

He stood up and walked to the window, looking out into the dark. "An undercover policewoman bought some drugs in the ladies room." he said. "Pam was in New Orleans and couldn't get back in time to help."

Too bad Pam was out of town. Suddenly I knew who the drug dealer was. "It was that bitch Saytanna, wasn't it?" I said with venom. I hated her for putting Eric through this.

"Oh yes, it was Saytanna. She had been selling drugs for quite a while and she sold some to a policeman's daughter. The girl had a bad reaction to it. She finally told her father where she got the LSD and they set up a sting to catch the dealer. I did not know anything about the drugs, but the police were not easily convinced. It took Saytanna's confession and my lawyer to get me freed by dawn." Eric came back over and sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping me in his heavy arms.

"I'm sure this has been an awful experience for you, and it probably cost a bundle to hire a lawyer and shut the club, but you will be cleared of all charges and the club will open again, I'm sure of it." I said encouragingly.

"There is going to be an article in the paper about it. Fangtasia will get negative publicity after I have worked so hard to keep it above reproach. The King will not be pleased" Eric sounded depressed.

"Please Eric, don't borrow evil from tomorrow." I told him about what Gran taught me, that the evil of the day was sufficient, you didn't need to go borrowing trouble and worry from the future.

For the first time Eric smiled a tiny smile. "Your grandmother was a wise woman." he said.

He looked at me and saw how tired I was. He said, "I am staying here tonight and I will be here tomorrow night too, if that is okay with you. Can I rub your back to help me unwind?"

"Rubbing my back will help you unwind?" I asked. "How?"

"I find it soothing, the repetitive motion, the warmth of your body, the silky feel of your skin." He gave a little shrug. I think what he may have really wanted was even more sex, but he saw, correctly, that more sex would have been impossible for me. I was just worn out in the sex department. I was so tired I felt a little chilly.

That reminded me. I showed him the control for the mattress pad so he could crawl in bed with me and we would be warm. He had a heated mattress pad too, so he knew what it was. He told me he would turn it on when I got in bed for the night, but I put it on low now, so I would be laying on a heated surface.

I lay on my stomach and Eric straddled my thighs without putting any weight on me. His hands were soon as warm as my skin as he stroked and massaged and unknotted all the tense places in my back and shoulders. I was in heaven, moaning with the pleasure of it, and I heard him chuckle. I also felt Mr. Happy knocking on my backside, but I didn't answer the door. Soon I floated away on a pink cloud of warmth and relaxation, leaving the world with all it's sorrows and woes behind.

more to come ......

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part sixty six

Chapter Sixty Six

Amelia didn't get back until noon, and that's when I woke up. As I made coffee and drank it she chattered on happily about her night, about Tray, about Todd, about the spell. Todd hadn't realized any time had elapsed. He was shocked to find out it was days later that he had been returned to Tray's garage. Tray had called Todd's job to say he was sick, to cover for him while he was missing.

"Where was he?" I asked. I was interested in missing time and what happens to people that have it.

"No one knows." Amelia said. "He had to be somewhere, the motorcycle had to be somewhere, but no one knows where that somewhere is."

I didn't want to discuss with Amelia what happened with Jure last night until I had a chance to talk to Eric. I was too worried about what Eric would think, how he would react, if Jure would kill Eric if they came to blows. More than anything I did not want Jure to harm Eric.

The phone rang and I picked it up. It was Darren Delany, Fangtasia's human manager. He filled in during the day when Pam and Eric were unavailable. He told me that Eric had been unavoidably detained last night but he would definitely be at my house tonight in time to pick me up from work. I thanked him, glad to know that Eric was all right.

The thought had crossed my worried mind at three o clock in the morning that before Jure turned up here and called me out of the house he might have gone to Shreveport and killed Pam and Eric. Who knew what Jure was capable of?

Amelia went upstairs to get more sleep. As she walked away I picked up images from her mind of make-up sex she had with Tray. He had forgiven her for making his cousin disappear, then he had forgiven her for making his motorcyle disappear, then just for good measure he had forgiven her again. No wonder she needed more sleep. I was surprised she could still walk. I was glad they were together again. They might have their little differences, but they were good together.

I had tried to feel within myself if I had been with Jure sexually, as well as just a blood exchange, but I got no images or sense that I had done that. Maybe I was just in denial, but I was thinking I had just had the one blood exchange with him, period. That would wear off. I didn't know how long it would take to wear off, but if I could avoid any blood taking with Eric for a week or two, maybe he would never know what had happened.

Was I ashamed? No, that wasn't it. I was just concerned that Eric would go off the deep end and either get killed or get in trouble with the King. Eric had told me he didn't want to be involved with an illegal killing.

This just wasn't worth Eric getting in hot water or even killed over. It would go away if I could just give it a little time. Of course this means I would need to deceive Eric. I hated that idea. Eric deserved better than that. How could I resolve this, how could I protect Eric from himself? Would that even be possible?

I felt a little resentful that here I was, the one that was violated, and I had to worry about Eric's reaction. It didn't seem fair. When did I get to be comforted over my frustration and anger at being taken advantage of?

I thought about the fact that this is the fear that regular non-telepathic humans have to live with, that a vampire can just move in on them, do what they want to them, then erase the memory and the physical signs. It is really unsettling to know something happened, but not to know exactly what.

I recalled reading about people who drink too much and have black outs while they are drunk. They were able to still walk around and do things, but they didn't know what they did during the time they were in a black out. How scary that would be. That would scare me sober.

Eric would be here tonight. I wonder what had detained him last night. He has always been very good about getting here, or letting me know ahead of time if he was going to be late. Just knowing he was all right was good enough for now. It was good he had Darren call me. I got on with my day.

When I was almost done with my shift at Merlotte's I began to get an excited and nervous feeling in my stomach. Excited because I was going to see my honey tonight, and nervous because I didn't know how things were going to play out with the blood exchange attack on me by Jure. I was going to have to play it by ear, and take what seemed to be the best course of action at the time, depending on how things worked out.

I stepped outside into a very foggy cool fall night and saw the tall figure of Eric striding quickly towards me through the mist. The overhead parking lot lights behind him made a long thin shadow on the ground in front of him, his flowing golden hair with the light behind it looked like the halo in an old painting of an avenging angel. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black leather pants again and he had on a 'Seether' tee shirt. I was so happy to see him I ran to him and jumped up in his arms.

Then I kissed him full on the lips, but his cold and rigid lips hardly kissed me back. I looked up into his face and even in the shadows cast from the back lighting I could tell something was very wrong.

more to come .....

Sookie Stackhouse Misses Eric Northman part sixty five

Chapter Sixty Five

I was so nervous it would be Eric, that Eric would instantly know everything, and all hell would break loose, that it took me a second to realize that it was Bill on my porch, not Eric.

"I tried to call a few minutes ago and ask if I could drop by, but I didn't get an answer," he explained, uncharacteristically. Usually Bill never explained anything. His eyes flicked between my face and the door. He was silently asking to be let in.

Should I let him in? Sure, why not. I didn't see what the downside would be. As Bill entered the living room I said, "Bill, this is Jure Grando from Croatia. Mr. Grando, this is Mr. Bill Compton from right here in Bon Temps."

The vampires nodded at each other. Jure remained seated. Bill's nod was deeper so I knew Jure had seniority to Bill, meaning Jure was older, stronger, and more lethal than Bill. Too bad.

Jure glowered at Bill from under his brows, his long black hair sliding forward to cover the sides of his face. His hair had a bluish cast to it in the light and though it had looked coarse under the security lights, it was actually silky and fluid. Jure flung his hair back on one side with his hand in an eye catching way. Who was he posturing for, me or Bill? Maybe Jure went both ways. Or, since I was human and Bill was a vampire, maybe Jure went all four ways.

Bill had on a tan dress shirt and dark brown slacks. Bill had started moussing his hair again and he looked quite handsome tonight. He sat down opposite from Jure. I sat down on the same couch as Bill. Bill's hand twitched, I knew he was tempted to hold my hand. He must have sensed I could use his support. He didn't seem to suspect that there had been a blood exchange between me and Jure though. Maybe Eric wouldn't be able to tell either.

Bill turned to me and told me that he had stopped by to tell me Jessica would be staying at his house this weekend, and that Persephone Gallo would be staying there too. I don't know why he thought I would want to know that. I had been concerned about Jessica, but we weren't pals or anything.

Then I figured it out. This was just an excuse for Bill to see what vampire was in my house. Either he was spying on me or he was concerned that I might need assistance. Either way I just thanked him for letting me know and told him I would be in touch if I was coming over. I didn't offer Bill a True Blood. It was even more tense in the room with Bill here, so I was ready for Bill to leave. I walked him to the door and we said our good byes. Sometimes Bill could be as nosy as an old lady.

"Was that your boyfriend, the one that could kick my ass?" Jure asked in a superior amused tone of voice. I wished I hadn't said that to him. Jure obviously loved a challenge.

"I don't think that's any of your business, Mr. Grando." I said in my haughty tone of voice. Gran had taught me how to use that tone when someone was being rude.

"You are correct, Miss Stackhouse. I apologize." Jure said. I looked to see if he was mocking me, but he appeared to be serious. He stood up, "I will leave my contact information with you and you can pass it along to the local sheriff, if you would be so kind."

He took out a card and wrote on the back. I touched the tippy edge of his mind with my mind and got a feeling of caution and respect from him. He had heard enough about my vampire contacts that he was getting the idea he would be making a mistake to mess with me. He was right about that.

Still, I wished that I could kick his ass, but I covered that thought with my "la la la la" blocking technique. I had learned this from Tara when she was trying to keep me from knowing her and Sam were having a little fling. It was childish, but effective.

As Jure was leaving I walked him to the door. As soon as his feet were outside the thresh hold I said quickly, "I rescind your invitation." He looked surprised and perhaps a little irritated. I said "I'm sure that you will understand why I did that, under the circumstances. Good night, Mr. Grando. " And I shut the door.

Then I tried to call Eric. My call went to voice mail. I tried to call Pam and my call went to voice mail. I thought about calling Fangtasia but if Saytanna answered the phone I knew I would lose it, so I didn't call. I called Eric's cell phone again, his house phone and his office phone. I left messages on all the phones, but he didn't call back.

Later on Amelia called. She was shocked when I answered the phone because it was so late. She said she was staying at Tray's house tonight and she would be back tomorrow. It was good of her to let me know. I thought she sounded a little drunk, but she was happy, so I was glad for her.

When I heard the birds begin to twitter outside I knew dawn wasn't far away. I gave up and went to bed, completely worn out.

My last thought before I fell asleep was Eric, why didn't he come, why didn't he call ?

more to come ........