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144 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Four

That night I told Eric about the grotto. He was more leery than I was about who or what was appearing in the green cave. I had to tell him where I got the leaf, though I didn't tell him about all the alternate scenarios my life could have taken. The way my life had turned out so far was better than anything I could have wished for myself, and there was only more to look forward to.

Eric and I went out and stood in the right spot for the grotto to appear, but nothing happened. In time I would discover I had to be alone in order to commune with HoloGran.

Next week Eric and I had an appointment at the fertility clinic. I was nervous about it, but very excited. The clinic had other vampire and human couples they were helping, so they had night hours. Sometimes the hate groups picketed the clinic, so we were going to be led through a secret entrance if they were active the night we were going.

Eric didn't appear nervous at all, he seemed calm and sure everything would work out fine. I had signed the living will naming him as my Maker so he wasn't as concerned about my possible death. I still hadn't figured out what to do about my dream of having children if I did have to be suddenly Turned. Maybe that dream would die along with my human body. It was a grim thought but perhaps a realistic one. On the other hand, if I ceased to want something would I regret not wanting it anymore? I thought not.

The house phone rang and Eric answered it. He got a perplexed look on his face and said, "Yes, she's here." He handed the phone to me.

A man with a refined British accent said, "Is this the Mrs. Sookie Stackhouse that was visiting the King's palace a week ago?"

"It is," I replied. "And you are ...?"

"I am Dr. Dolittle. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Stackhouse. I am calling with a message from Arvakur."

"Arvakur the unicorn?" I asked.

"Yes, that is correct. She told me to tell you that she will see you again. She means be helpful to you in the future. She also said that it was so wonderful to finally meet her human sister, her human counterpart."

"I am Arvakur's human sister?" I was trying my best to understand what Dr. Dolittle was telling me.

"Yes, most humans have sisters or brothers in other dimensions, but they seldom meet. It is a rare person that gets to meet their alter ego from an alternate reality."

"If Arvakur is my sister, my equivalent in this other dimension, then Alsvidur is ..."

"You are very quick to understand, yes, he would be Jason's brother. He is sorry he didn't get to meet his human counterpart and he hopes that some time in the future their paths will cross."

"I hope so too. Has she gone back yet?"

"Not yet, they will be here for a while longer. I wanted to see them again before I returned to Britain."

We said our goodbyes. While I was talking to Dr. Dolittle Eric's eyebrows rose quizzically. After I hung up he was fascinated to hear the other half of the conversation.

"No wonder I found myself having such a reaction to her," Eric said. He had found the presence of the female unicorn to be sexually provocative.

I wondered aloud what her life must be like in her dimension, was she a telepath among her kind like I was? Did she marry too? What a pen pal she would be, telling me about her world, her life. Of course, she couldn't hold a pen, but it was a nice thought. Eric had never heard of a pen pal so I had to explain what that was. I really appreciated having Eric to share my thoughts with. His companionship meant everything to me.

Eric called the jail and found out that Jessica was almost back to normal. He called the palace and filled them in on Jessica's recovery and the death of the Magister. Luisa was willing to change the date Eric dragged Jessica away from breaking into her safe room if Eric promised to repair her safe room and update the technology. I thought Luisa should cover for Jessica out of the kindness of her heart, but I guess vampires were used to negotiating everything to work to their advantage.

Fixing Luisa's saferoom to save Jessica was a favor from Eric to me, one of an uncounted number of favors Eric did for me. He showed his love in every way possible, and I was opening more and more to him. We were closer now than ever before, a good place to move on to the next stage of our life, a good place for our love to bring a child into the world.

This concludes "Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northmen in Vampire Land". Check back here after the new year for the next story, "Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman's Bundle of Joy". It will go farther than any of the previous stories. Or, as Gran would say, "It's a doozie!"

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143 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Three

The next day I took Roscoe out the front door for his morning trip to a tree trunk, but he pulled and pulled until I went around to the back of the property. Then he stood barking at something big and green by the tree line.

At first I didn't know what I was looking at. I thought maybe a tree had fallen over during the night and I was looking at the leaves. As I walked closer I could see that it wasn't a tree, but a vine that had grown into a huge ball as big as a one car garage. It was so densely matted I couldn't see through the leaves at all.

I walked around the gigantic ball of leaves and stopped. On the side facing away from the house, the side facing the trees, the ball was hollow, forming a grotto, a green cave, like the inside of a bowl. It reminded me of the little enclosures I had seen on the lawns of Catholic homes that housed sacred statues. This enclosure was empty, but I strongly sensed a magical force within the canopy of greenery. I stepped back. I didn't think Ivy would have sent me home with something dangerous, but if this was a portal of some kind who knows what might come through.

The shimmer within the grotto grew more intense and I stepped back further. Roscoe didn't bark at whatever was coming through. Instead he lay down, his head on his paws, and whined, a high pitched keening noise I didn't remember hearing him make before.

A light swirled around, hazy at first, then gradually coming into clear focus. Gran stood there in her flowered apron over her overalls, her pretty gray hair coming out of her bun in wisps. This was her housecleaning outfit. Had she been tidying up in the afterlife?

"Sookie, my dear, how well you look," she said, her voice as familiar to me as my own. Even though this looked and sounded like Gran, I had learned too much about the supernatural world to believe what I was seeing.

"Gran, is that really you?" I asked. My voice was thin and high like a child's.

"It is and it isn't. It is the memory of what was me animated by the living soul that all beings share. I have come to be here for you in the time that is to come. This haven will appear whenever you stand where you are standing now, otherwise it will be invisible. I will come whenever you wish to talk to me." She beamed her loving smile at me.

"Gran, I'm married now, I married Eric. We're fixin' to start a family," I spoke quickly. I wasn't going to pass up this chance to talk to her, even if it wasn't really Gran the way I knew her in life. My heart was pounding in my chest with the combination of emotions I was experiencing.

"How wonderful. I always knew there was someone special for you, Sookie, someone that would appreciate what an extraordinary person you are."

"Are you happy where you are, Gran? Are you an angel?"

She chuckled, "Goodness no, child. I'm not an angel. It's a long road to become one of those. And yes, I am happy in a way that is impossible to describe. I have to be as big as the whole of creation just to contain the happiness I feel."

"I love you, I miss you so much," I said, tears coming to my eyes. "I miss you every day."

"Well then, think what a blessing this will be. You won't have to miss me anymore. I'll be right here whenever you want me."

"Can I hug you?" I asked, my voice quavery.

"Close your eyes and I'll hug you goodbye. You've done me proud, Sookie girl. I love you too."

I closed my eyes and I was suddenly enveloped in a warm pink glow that soaked through my skin and radiated through my flesh and bones until it reached my heart where it exploded into a sunlit radiance that reminded me of the time Isis had left Anna Hita's living room. I stood feeling warm, loved, accepted, safe. When I opened my eyes Gran and the green grotto had gone. But the wonderful glow within remained.

Roscoe trotted back to the house like nothing unusual had happened. I tried to figure out what I had just seen. It wasn't a ghost, the Gran I saw was like a projected image of Gran. It reminded me of that scene in Star Wars where a little hologram of Princess Leia Organa said, "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope". Yet it had been Gran behind the image, her personality and love for me, and something else, something I could only think of as divine. It was a HoloGran.

more to come .......

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142 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Forty Two

His surprise for me was standing by the stage in Fangtasia. The band Fornaldarsögur was all dressed and their equipment was set up to perform. Along with the seven Swedish vampires was Hilda and Brian. Hilda was standing with Pam and Steve while little Brian was plastered against Thorir.

They all greeted me and congratulated us on our anniversary, then the band took the stage and played their rousing blend of traditional Celtic music, ancient ballads juiced up with electronics, and the legendary sagas, the fornaldarsögur, from which they took their name.

The harmony of their masculine voices, the interesting combination of instruments which included fife, bagpipes, violin, harpsichord and big drums, made for music unlike any other. They wore the usual stage outfit of bare chests, tight leather pants and dramatic tribal tattoos, most of which were drawn on by Hilda for each performance.

The club was about one third capacity, a usual crowd for a week night. The audience, which were the surprised and delighted regulars, went absolutely wild. There had been no previous notice that the world famous vampire band was going to play here, otherwise the place would have been mobbed.

Eric and I were among those cheering and dancing. A spontaneous square dance of sorts broke out at one point in the evening. Pam and Hilda and I swung around wildly with Eric, Steve and Brian, our hair flying out as we hooked arms and spun to the music. It was so much fun I never wanted the night to end. I felt as light as a feather, the weight of so many decisions had been lifted from me.

If I had known this was going to happen I would have invited Jason and Angellica to come tonight, I thought. But Eric, being Eric, had thought of that. My brother and his pretty significant other showed up while I was dancing. I ran to them and hugged them like I hadn't seen them in a year. They joined in the dancing and were impressed with the band.

Finally the night wound down. I hugged and kissed each vampire and human that had come to celebrate our first year of marriage, including a startled Clancy. I hoped to see the band again soon. Brian was going back to Sweden with the band, he would follow his sweetie pie Thorir to the ends of the earth he was so smitten.

On the way home I asked Eric if he knew when the band was coming back. He didn't, but he promised me we would go and see them where ever they played. With our Golden Key from Anubis we could go anywhere we pleased without putting a dent in the budget.

Once we were home we changed into our pajamas and sat in front of the fire. Roscoe lay next to Eric, and the three of us enjoyed the quiet, the affection we had for each other, and the peace.

At the end of the evening, right before he went in his safe room, I released Eric, my beautiful vampire Child, from my control as his Maker. I knew this would be a drama we would re-enact over and over again, sometimes with me as the Maker, sometimes with him as the Maker, until the day the real thing happened.

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141 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Forty One

Without hesitation he said, "I was asking her what could be done if you were beginning to die in childbirth. I would want to Turn you but then you would never have another child. If the child you were giving birth to died, that would mean your wish to have children would be over. I wanted to know what she thought my options were."

"Of course," he added, "This was before I found out you had discussed letting Anna Hita Turn you."

I thought about this. Of course he would worry about me dying in childbirth. In the times he was human, and throughout his long life, he had probably seen or heard about countless women dying before modern hospitals and medicines saved them. He wouldn't tell me about his fears because he wouldn't want to freak me out about the happy decision I had made.

"Did she have any suggestions?" I asked, my voice a little shaky. I had asked for this, now I was getting what I wanted.

"Yes, she suggested we keep a number of fertilized embryos cryogenically frozen, then implant them in a surrogate once you had stabilized in your new vampire condition."

The waiter returned and I ordered the cheesecake. I knew this would mean an extra hour on the treadmill, but I only celebrate my anniversary once a year. I wanted to live it up.

Could I possibly be a mother if I was dead half the time? I didn't see how. It wasn't like I had a sister or close family member I could trust the daytime care of my children to. The whole thing that made this plan to have children workable was the idea that I would care for the children during the day, and Eric would join in their care at night. A parent would be there twenty four hours a day. I told this to Eric.

"Let me ask you," he took my hand, "Would you want me to Turn you if you were dying in childbirth?" His voice was kind and gentle, he knew this was a tough topic on several levels.

"I honestly don't think I'm going to die, but if I was I would definitely want you to Turn me. I plan to have a living will drawn up naming you as my Maker as soon as possible now that I have decided."

Eric looked away in the telling reflex that clued me he was thinking about something but wasn't sure he should share it with me.

"What?" I asked.

"I had a living will drawn up recently with that provision. It only needs your signature to go into effect." He glanced at me to see what my reaction would be to his confidence in my eventually coming around to want him and only him to be my Maker.

"Good move," I told him. "I'll sign it as soon as we get home tonight." I half expected him to whip it out of his suit jacket inner pocket and hand me a pen, but he hadn't gone quite that far.

I ate my cheesecake in teeny tiny bites to make it last as long as possible. He said, "When we leave here I have a little surprise for you."

I hoped it wasn't more jewelry, I was going to look like the Queen of England if he got me much more bling.

He paid the bill and we got back the Corvette in mint condition. If possible it looked shinier and better than when he had turned it over. I thought Eric would be pleased, but he glared at the young man that brought it back and didn't tip him. The guy turned white as a sheet, then beet red. He mumbled, "Have a good night, sir." and quickly walked away.

When we were driving out the long drive, with Eric wearing a seat belt, I'm proud to say, I asked him what that had been about.

Eric said, "It may not be something for your delicate ears to hear."

My delicate ears were practically flapping with eagerness wanting to know what it was about.

"He ejaculated on the car while it was in his care," Eric said bluntly.

"Why would he do that?" I exclaimed, hoping it was on the outside of the car and not where I was sitting.

"He was probably imagining being a vampire with a beautiful wife and a fabulous car. It is a fantasy for him, but it is a reality for me." Eric pulled the car into a closed auto parts store parking lot and parked.

He swiveled his big body in the seat, as much as his seat belt would allow. "Thank you for turning my life into the most exciting adventure a man could have. As your song for me at our wedding so beautifully put it, "‘A’ohe like me ‘oe" he said in perfect Hawaiian. It meant "Nothing Compares to You."

"You remember the song I picked for you at our wedding?" I asked, stunned.

"I remember everything, Sookie, every look on your face, every sound you make, everything you say. Each moment with you is something I remember and treasure and re-live while I am unable to move."

"Do you mean you lay there awake the whole time?" I asked, aghast. I had pictured him unaware and at peace.

"Oh no, not at all. But there are a few moments before the blackness comes, and once the blackness leaves, that I am aware but still unable to move. Those are the times I go over my favorite memories of you."

We had discussed the idea of me sleeping next to him while he was dead until dark, but it didn't seem like a good idea to either one of us. The sight of him appearing to be actually dead would be disturbing to me, and he wouldn't get any benefit from my presence because he would be oblivious to me.

Also, the moment I would enter or leave his safe room would be an unnecessary moment of vulnerability to his safety unless I was willing to be committed to staying locked in with him the entire time he was dead. That would work if I was a vampire, but not so much if I was still human.

I thought about the "Day Into Night" pills I had gotten in the mall, but I still hadn't researched the ingredients, so I had never mentioned them to Eric. I had brought them with me to Amelia, but she was incapacitated by her latest spell. I would try again when she was restored to normal. Well, as normal as things get in Amelia's world.

We smooched for a few moments, then he put his hot fantasy car in gear and off we went into the cool early November night. Watching the landscape rush by in the beam of the headlights felt like a dream within a dream within a dream.

more to come ......
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140 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Forty

Sometimes when a person has a life transforming moment of enlightenment that person walks around in a daze afterwards. And sometimes when a person has mind blowing sex on a level they had never knew existed that person might also be in a daze.

If the same person has a life transforming moment of enlightenment followed by mind blowing sex, that person would be in the daze to end all dazes. That was me, Miss Dazey.

I felt as if I had been glamoured by my brilliant husband. Our passion had soared on the wings of my surrender to him and it had taken us higher than ever before. I was dizzy from the heights we had risen to, laying in bed feeling floaty, boneless and mindless.

Finally I started laughing when he got up and got his cape from the closet, holding it out to me. "So now I wear the cape in this family?" I asked.

"That's right. For tonight you are the Maker and I am your Child."

I was glad we were going to keep up the role reversal. It was fun and it was educational, just like Sesame Street.

We were heading into the shower. Eric adjusted the water temperature and said, " I will do anything that you, as my Maker, command me to do."

"How about if you start by washing my back?" I kidded.

He looked at me seriously. "A Maker would never use their power to ask for something like that. The Child would be honored to wash the Maker's back. Please may I wash your back, Master?"

I could get used to this. "Yes, my Child," I said regally, "Come and wash me from stem to stern." He got the sponge and went to town. Then I washed him and we rinsed off together.

While I was doing my hair and makeup Eric called the jail to find out how Jessica was doing. He just let his wild mane of blond hair dry in the air, then he pulled it back in a pony tail and I braided it.

We got dressed in our fancy duds and headed for Raquel's. A valet parked our car for us. I read his mind as he drove off. He noted that Eric was one big vampire M.F. and this was his fancy Corvette, so the car would get the very best of care. I told Eric that once we were out of earshot.

As we began to walk into the restaurant Eric said casually, "As soon as I get inside I'm going to begin attacking and draining everyone in sight."

I stopped walking and gaped at him, then I realized he was acting as a newly made vampire would act.

"As your Maker I command you to just sit in a chair and not bite anyone. Behave yourself, my Child." I hoped I had covered all the bases. I was guessing Eric wouldn't be taking me out in crowds right away once I was Turned.

He smiled his mischievous white toothed smile and I took his arm. The people sitting at their tables eating their delicious food and drinking from glittering crystal glasses had no idea I had just saved all their lives.

We had a lovely meal, or, I should say, I had a lovely meal while Eric told me about Jessica. Dr. Ludwig had come to visit her and see what could be done to alleviate her suffering. In the end, the most the little doctor could do for Jessica was to sedate her.

"I didn't know a vampire could be sedated. How did she do it?" I asked, eating the last mouthful of cod stew. I washed that down with a very good white wine, and took another bite of mixed baby vegetables stir fried in truffle oil. Yum.

"Bill," Eric said. "Bill still retains enough power as her Maker to put her under for hours at a time. He has to stay there and glamour her every time she wakes up. But it will just be for one more night, then Jessica should be restored to her usual state."

"I bet this will teach her a lesson about sneaking out of the Underworld," I said. I had another question for Eric I wanted him to answer.

"Now that you know what I had talked to Anna Hita about, are you going to tell me what you wanted to talk to her about in private?" After the bus boys had cleared the dishes the waiter came and gave me the dessert menu. It was four pages long. I began studying it like I was going to have to pass a test.

"No, I can not tell you what I wanted to talk to her about," he said, smiling to take the sting out of his refusal.

I stopped reading the dessert menu and looked in his eyes. I was hoping to see that little sparkle that shows me he's kidding. But his eyes were flat and sparkle free.

"As your Maker I command you to tell me what you talked to her about," I said, playing my trump card.

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139 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Nine

I laid out my clothes for the restaurant tonight and then tried to take a nap. I lay for a while thinking about the contradictions in Eric's personality. He was old enough and powerful enough to be the king of a state, but he had chosen to run a night club in Shreveport and serve as sheriff. He had lived long enough to have created dozens of Children, but he was the Maker only to Pam, as far as I knew. He had enough self confidence, swagger and pride for ten people, but when it came to me he was vulnerable and authentic.

Eric knew what he was doing, he knew what he wanted, and he wanted me. There was something about me that drew him, that he needed, and that he couldn't get any place else. Would I still have that special something once I was Turned? I needed to ask him about that. I still couldn't believe that a gorgeous and charismatic vampire like Eric, who could have any woman on earth, alive or undead, would be so enamored of little old me.

Now I was sounding like Scarlett again, but it was true. The man could give me vapors just by taking off his shirt, and the hot shakes by saying my name. Whatever I had, I hoped Turning vampire or becoming a mother wouldn't mess it up. Could he be turned off me as fast as he was turned on? That was a scary thought and I pushed it away.

If I hadn't been born telepathic I might never have gotten involved with vampires at all. Would Eric have found someone else to love and cherish? These were the kind of questions that couldn't really be answered, but I would hope Eric could carry on. He seemed to be doing fine when I met him. Maybe he didn't know what he wanted until he saw it. Maybe I had cast some sort of fairy spell on him, glamoured his mind in some way with my telepathy. If so, I hadn't done it on purpose. In the beginning all I wanted from Eric was for him to keep completely away from me.

Sometime during these thoughts I fell off to sleep, waking when my Prince Charming kissed me awake. He got in bed with me and snuggled up to me.

"Turn me into a vampire, please. Turn me and make like you." He bared his neck to me, much like Antoinette had with him in the parking lot. For a moment I was confused. Then I understood. We were switching roles, allowing me to be the powerful and magical vampire.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked him, meeting his frightened blue eyes with my own calm steady gaze. If Eric wanted to, he could be an actor, he was so good at playing a role like this.

"Yes, make me immortal," he whispered. He pretended he was trembling as he clung to me. At least, I think he was pretending.

"You realize that you will have to die as a human to be reborn as Vampire?" I asked him in my most stern and serious way. His talented acting brought out my ability to get into the role too.

"I know to be human is to live in the shadow of death. Take me away from all this death," he begged.

"Take me away from all this death" was one of my favorite lines ever from a vampire movie we watched several times, 'Bram Stoker's Dracula'. He held me like I was his life preserver, clinging to me and somehow seeming to be smaller, weaker, than me. He was the fragile human while I was the ancient and mighty vampire woman. I liked it, it worked for me.

"Let me glamour you then, so it will not hurt you," I said, stroking his pale cheek. I said the soothing hypnotic words vampires used to glamour humans, telling him everything will be all right, he has nothing to fear, I love him and will stay with him forever. As I talked I began pouring out my heart to him, reassuring him about all the things I was afraid of. Finally I told him he would feel no pain.

"I will feel no pain," he repeated back to me in the voice of one that has been enthralled.

I placed my teeth on his neck and he gasped, arching his neck to make the skin there tight and easy to bite through, but I didn't bite. Instead I kissed my way down his body until I reached his femoral artery. I gave him pleasure first until he was so caught up in that feeling he didn't notice I had moved to his artery, then I bit him. Not hard, not even hard enough to break the skin, but it sent him into wild spasms of vampire joy, roaring and saying "Do it, do it."

He knew I didn't like really biting through his skin with my relatively short dull teeth, so I went in our nightstand drawer where we keep some special things and got out the little gold knife. I made a tiny cut and sucked a few drops of blood, careful not to get too much. Next week I was going to the fertility clinic and I didn't want to mess that up with too much vampire blood.

He held me and said, "Thank you, thank you my Maker. Now I am your Child, completely in your control. I will do whatever you ask." He pressed himself against me, kissing every part of me he could reach.

In that second I had a blinding moment of enlightenment. If this had really just happened I would treasure this Child, protect him, guide him, nurture him, and enable him to grow so he didn't need me to tell him what to do. I would be responsible and responsive to his needs, he would be my life, my love, my nest and my family, just like he was now. He would be my partner through whatever eternity we had together. My tenderness and care for him would be endless and selfless. I would adore him as he would adore me.

I began crying from the bottom of my heart. "I get it, Eric, I finally get it. I understand. You would be my precious, beautiful wonderful Child, I would never do anything to crush your spirit or insult your intellect. I would give my life to ensure yours, just as you would for me. Eric, I want you to be my Maker when I Turn. I trust you utterly and completely. You will be the one to take me away from all this death." I meant this passionately and irrevocably. I knew it was right.

I kissed his hands, his lips, his fangs with the intensity of love I had for him. My heart had opened completely to my husband, love had conquered fear. I had finally given myself to him totally. That little part of me that didn't trust Eric, didn't trust men, didn't trust vampires, didn't trust anyone or anything except myself, finally reached out to the husband of my blood. Eric was waiting there to receive it with open arms.

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138 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Eight

Next week I would go back to scouting out jobs for Eric's contracting business and bar tending, but the rest of this week was to just get over the vacation. I was thinking about all the unusual things I had seen and done while in New Orleans when the phone rang. I let the answering machine pick it up in case it was Tara calling to apologize. I still needed a few more days before I was ready to forgive her for what she said.

The machine beeped, then the unmistakable cartoon-like voice of Chester Katz came out of the little speaker. "Hi there! It is I, Chester Katz. I was just calling to make sure you were all right after your visit from you-know-who last night. I wanted to warn you, but I was called away to attend a graduation and missed the warning signs. If you ..."

I snatched up the phone. "Hi, Chester, I'm here. I just got in. What did you say you were calling about?" I tried to sound a little breathless, like I had just run for the phone.

"Hello. Did you say you just got in?" he asked. "Where were you?"

"That's not really important. What do you know about my visitor last night?" I asked. He might be able to tell me why Dracula had come here. Or he might know something about the vampire calling himself Dracula. I seriously doubted if the real Dracula ever existed, or still existed, but someone very powerful had taken that identity.

"Oh, but I beg to differ. It is very important. Very very very very very important indeed," he said. He was as stubborn as he was infuriating, I knew our conversation would grind to halt until I told him something.

To appease him I said, "I was at the grocery store. Getting groceries. Now what do you know about ..."

"Which grocery store would that be?" he asked. I was really regretting telling him I just got in. I don't even know why I said it. I decided to tell him the truth.

"Look, I don't know why I said I just got in. I wasn't really at the grocery store. I was sitting here screening my calls. When I heard you say you knew about .."

"You mean you lied to me? To me, your guardian Fairy? How can I protect you from harm if you are going to lie to me?" He sounded hurt and I could picture him with his lower lip pushed out in a pout. His was a face you didn't forget, even if you tried.

"You can tell me who was here last night, that's how you can protect me. I need to know .."

"You need to know things and you expect me to tell you the truth, but you aren't telling me the truth. Does that seem fair to you?" he asked dramatically. He sounded like he was practically in tears over the injustice of my behavior.

"You're right, you're absolutely right. I apologize for not telling you the truth. Now can we ..."

"And how about that time when you didn't answer the door? I knocked and knocked until my knuckles were raw. Are you sorry about that too?"

"Yes, that was wrong of me. I was just in a rush and I didn't feel like I had the time to .."

"Well, I find your new found honesty refreshing, I must say. It's been lovely speaking with you, old thing, but I have to say TTFN. That stands for "ta ta for now". Keep in touch. Buh bye," and he was gone.

Of course, when I checked there was no return number for him in the calls received record. It was just marked as "unavailable". I'd say that just about summed up our relationship.

more to come .....

137 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Seven

The next day I had a little freaked out moment when I remembered the visit by Dracula. That made three vampires that were able to glamour me. Maybe there were more. I wondered what Anna Hita knew about Dracula, but I didn't think there was any way I could bring the topic up to her casually without her knowing about his visit. Of course she might get his visit right from my mind, though I really didn't remember much. It seemed more like a bad dream than something that actually happened. If it wasn't for the ring I might have thought it was just figment of my imagination.

I was glad Jessica had been captured and was safe in lock up. She would be in a light tight cell which was in a silver plated cell contained in another cell to protect the vampire from angry mobs. Eric was a good sheriff, he always got those he went after. I still worried when he went out on his sheriff duties, but I was getting less anxious as time went on.

How safe is a safe room if the vampires that could glamour me were able to read my mind or influence me to leave it? Not very. I would need to talk to Eric about the possibility of locking the safe room so no one could open it, not even me. That would be so dangerous in case of a fire, but I couldn't think of any other way to prevent the telepathic vampires from getting the combination right from my mind. The thought of it made me feel claustrophobic, to be locked in with no way to escape. The safe room could become my tomb if there was no way for me to leave it and no one to let me out.

Would Dracula be back? I had the impression he would, but not for a long time. Maybe the safe room was alright as it was. Jure was forbidden from bothering me, Anna Hita sure as heck wasn't going to come here and remove me from the little room. Only Dracula, whoever or whatever that was seemed able to get me out, and he hadn't harmed me. Would anything keep Dracula out? I thought probably not.

I called Hoyt on his cell phone and told him the coast was clear, that Jessica had been apprehended and she was in the process of recovering from her rabies. I heard hooting and hollering in the background, he told me he was having an impromptu rodeo with some of the hands on Aunt Lois's ranch. I could hear Maxine's voice above all the others. I decided to meet up with Hoyt when he came back to try and find out about the medium Maxine was visiting. Hoyt was taking another week off, he had gotten permission from Jason. I told him I would see him when he returned.

I checked the front porch, the tray and sign were there, but of course all the bags of candy were gone. When I had been outside last night I hadn't seen these things here, that meant I wasn't really seeing anything the way it actually was once I had been enthralled by Dracula. Not a calming thought. I took the Halloween tray and sign inside.

I still hadn't finished putting away the things from the top of my dresser. I saw the living leaf Ivy had given me. She had said, "Just as love never dies, this leaf will never wither. Plant it in the ground where you want to create a special haven to commune with your loved one."

I heard on the news that today was supposed to be unseasonably warm, so I walked around in the yard until I saw a place in the back where the tree line was indented. I had thought about putting a gazebo in that spot, but I spent so little time sitting in the yard I decided to plant the ivy leaf there.

The tool shed with the gardening tools was one that had been transported from my Bon Temps home. Eric had it moved because my grandfather had built it with his own hands. I got out a cast iron trowel that had special meaning for me. I had used it to defend myself against a fairy planning to take my life. Fairies are very vulnerable to the effects of iron, one of the reasons they can't spend a lot of time in this world. They have their own world somewhere, I'm guessing it's free of both iron and lemons, two things that fairies can't abide.

I'm not a gardener, but I could dig a little hole and put in the leaf. Afterwards, I stood there waiting for something to happen, maybe like the magic bean in the "Jack and the Beanstalk" story. A vine of ivy would snake out of the ground and reach to the clouds. But no, nothing moved. Maybe I hadn't planted it correctly. I went and got some water in a sprinkling can and watered it.

That was one reason I never got into gardening like Gran did. She seemed to know all the do's and don't of gardening, while I just blundered ahead and killed whatever I tried to grow. Amelia was the green thumb in the house once she moved in with me. Now I had a yard service to mow and fertilize. I guess I could put in flower beds, but I enjoyed the woods and the lawn, I didn't need flowers to make things better.

Next I went inside to my bedroom and put the photo of Bill with me as a baby into my photo album, along with the other photos Hollice Clutter had sent. Then I put the "Jabberwocky" poem into a folder I had of poetry that had special meaning for me. I had also printed out the lyrics to the Otterburn ballad Eric had recited to the Swedish vampire band members and they had turned into a rock song. I put the gold and silver coins they had put in my shoes in my trinket box, although once I looked more closely at the silver coin I saw it wasn't silver at all but was hallmarked as platinum, an expensive alternative to silver. Vampires often used platinum in their jewelry, a holdover from when they were hunted and needed to appear to be not vampire. Wearing what appeared to be silver jewelry convinced people the vampire was not one of the undead.

I bundled the notes Eric had left for me with a new red ribbon and put them in the special satin covered box I kept them in. I also re-read the very first note he ever gave me, along with several of the others. Thinking about Eric too much during the day made me miss him and wish he didn't have to be undead, something I promised myself I would not do when I made the decision to marry him. I knew what he was, what our lives would be like. To be discontent now would be foolish of me.

Finally I went through Gran's recipes and began sorting them and categorizing them to assemble into a cook book. I had wanted to make copies for Nora Heart, Angellica, Amelia, Tara and Heather. I would make extras for any other people I came across that seemed worthy of her cooking secrets.

I briefly thought about taking Tara off that list, but she had loved Gran and enjoyed Gran's cooking more times than I could count. If she used some of the recipes in this book she could one day pass them on to Katie Marie. The thought of a new generation of women cooking with Gran's favorite recipes was very heartwarming to me. This was a good project and it would keep me busy until it was time to take a nap.

Then my man would rise again, and I would be there to fly into his waiting arms.

more to come .......

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136 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six

"You were right about her target, but I was too late. She had already gotten to him last night. It was the first place she went," Eric said. I was snuggled up next to him on the couch, my feet tucked up under me. We both watched the flames jump and dance, the amber glow making Eric look human. He looked his best by fire light, the only source of light he had for centuries before electricity was invented.

If I was right about her target, that meant little red haired teenaged Jessica had killed the ancient and powerful Magister that had ordered her to be kidnapped and Turned without glamour.

"How did she do it?" I asked.

"She tore his head off," Eric said. I wanted to feel bad for the Magister, but I didn't. What he did was sheer evil, causing so much pain in so many lives. He reaped what he had sown. I said that to Eric.

"Not really," Eric said. "He was corrupt and sadistic, it would have taken centuries of torture for him to receive back what he had sown." Eric was a realist in all things.

"Next I checked on Luisa as you suggested," Eric said. Luisa had been the bailiff in the tribunal that Jessica was taken to. Luisa had dragged Jessica by her pretty red hair to Bill, to be drained and tormented publicly. It was an ugly episode in the lives of all concerned. Luisa had quit as bailiff after that and lived a quiet life transcribing court documents.

"That is where we caught Jessica. Luisa was in her safe room. Jessica was clawing her way through the reinforced concrete to get to her. She was so focused on getting to Luisa it was easy to net her and put her in the SVV."

"Now she's in a holding cell?"

"Yes, I will keep her until she's recovered, then I will tell the King I have her. He will not order her to be destroyed once she is herself again."

"Won't he be angry about the Magister being killed?"

"Not at all. The Magister had already been relieved of his duties. He was opposed to mainstreaming and his anti-human beliefs were the very thing the King has been trying to eliminate. Jessica just saved the King the time and effort it would have taken him to officially eliminate the man."

"You did good, Eric. Thank you for saving Jessica. Have you told Bill about it yet?"

Eric turned to look at me. "No, but that is a good idea. Would you mind if I called him now?"

"No," I said. "I want to take a hot shower and you can join me in our bed once you're done. I want you to tell me again about how you loved me from the first moment you saw me." I knew that was going to be my new favorite bedtime story.

Eric was as good as his word. In our big four poster bed, he poured out to me his longing and frustration during the first years when he knew I was the love of his long life, but he was forbidden by the Queen's edict from having me. He told me he would stand outside my house for hours just to be near me. I was the last thing he thought about when he lay down and the first thing he thought about when he arose. Every woman he bit he imagined was me, a big compliment for a vampire.

Once the restraint of a royal edict was removed he decided he would have me if he had to move heaven and earth to do it. I could tell from the emotion in his voice that these were the things he used to tell me about in his native tongue.

These were the deepest feelings in his heart, and he showered me with them like rose petals as I lay in our warm bed and held him.

More to come ......
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135 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five

I was almost through the second movie, a suspense thriller, when Eric charged into the safe room with vampiric speed. He was in his full vampire fighting mode, and for a second I was afraid he might not recognize me in his state of fight readiness. His eyes glowed like blue coals, extra fangs crowded his enlarged jaws, razor sharp claws ended his lengthened fingers. In this small room he seemed to take up all the space. I flattened myself against the wall next to the bed, waiting for him to calm down.

The air around him shimmered and suddenly he was the usual Eric I knew and loved. "Are you injured?" he asked frantically, pulling me gently away from the wall and running his hands all over me like a vet does with a horse that seems unwell, looking for problem areas. He sniffed me in a most unhuman way, spending a lot of time on my hands and arms. I told him I was not injured at all. Vampires take some getting used to, believe me.

"Who was here?" he said, once he was satisfied I really was unhurt. The room still seemed crowded. There was a lot of Eric, even when he wasn't ready to shred everything in sight.

"Could we go upstairs and I'll tell you all about my night. You can tell me all about your night too. And I can make a cup of cocoa." It was cold enough to justify the cocoa, and I would enjoy the feel of the hot mug in my hands. I was glad I had put our heated mattress cover on. When you sleep or fool around with a vampire, keeping warm is always a consideration, especially once the weather turns chilly.

I decided I had earned a couple of cookies too. While I sipped cocoa and munched vanilla cookies and Roscoe crunched his Milk Bone under the kitchen table, I told Eric about my evening. His eyes got wider and wider as I spoke.

When I was done I put the ring in his hand. I had a third cookie. Heck, I had probably burned up that many calories just with my chattering teeth tonight.

He sat there looking at the ring. Then he slipped it on the ring finger of his right hand. It fit him perfectly. "You have no memory of what he told you?" Eric asked.

"None," I answered, sipping cocoa. "And I promised him I would keep his visit a secret, except from you. I guess that means you should keep his visit a secret too."

"I see no reason to mention it," he said. He was admiring how the ring looked on his big square hand. "Do you know if he will be back?" He asked that last question a little too casually.

I saw that Eric looked a little disappointed that he had not met Dracula, but I wasn't sure how I felt about it. If Dracula had some designs on me and Eric was in the way, that might be dangerous for Eric. I knew he would fight to the death to keep me, a thought too terrible to contemplate. Maybe it was for the best the two had not met, at least until I understood what all this was about.

"No, I don't know when he'll return, but I got the definite impression he'll be back. Maybe you can meet him then." I went and put my cup in the sink and ran water into it. That cocoa residue dried like concrete if you didn't rinse it out right away.

Eric sat quietly, looking out the window next to the kitchen table into the pitch black night. He was probably thinking about his next chance to meet the Prince of Darkness. He idly spun the ring around slowly on his finger as he thought.

"Eric, don't you think it's kind of strange that all these old vampires, the important ones, are so interested in me? I know my telepathy comes in handy sometimes, but there seems to be more than that going on." I was trying to be careful not to talk myself down, but I really was just a human girl with some fairy blood and telepathic powers. It didn't seem like that alone would be enough to cause the interest legendary vampires seemed to be showing in me. I sat back down at the table.

"I have thought about that since the day I met you. I knew you were unique and special. I wanted you and loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you in your red and white dress. You were what I had been waiting for all these centuries. Among the millions of people over the vast sea of time, you stood out, to me and to other vampires." He looked away from the window then, his eyes shining with the intensity of his passion. I was stunned.

"You loved me from way back then?" I asked. "Then why did it take so long for you to ask me out?" Though, truth be told, he hadn't really asked me out. He had rigged a drawing so I would win a date with him. Then I thought of an answer. "Was it because Bill had claimed me as his?"

Eric barked a disdainful little laugh. "Bill? No, he did not even figure in the equation. I knew he was wrong for you and that you would see through his manipulations and lies. I did not ask you out because I was forbidden from doing so by an edict from the Queen. It was only after she had been removed from her throne, and I waited to see what the new King's edicts were, that I was finally free to come after you. So much had happened at that point that I did not think I could just ask you out as a human man would. You needed to spend some time with me, to learn what I was about. Winning a date with me gave you that chance."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Are you saying that to know you is to love you?" I asked my Mr. Wonderful.

"Absolutely," he said with a twinkle in his eye. This was a guy with no self esteem issues, I thought. And, he was right.

I would have jumped his bones right then, but I was too worried about Jessica. We moved into the living room, I made a quick pit stop while Eric turned on the fireplace. Then we sat down and he told me about how his evening had gone.

more to come .........
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134 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Four

The red mist rose up again as he spoke to me. I don't know how long he talked or what he said. I felt vast vistas of knowledge open up to me, huge cosmic designs and eons of wisdom poured into me. I was awestruck with wonder at his words.

You can imagine my frustration later when I could not recall one single word of what he said. His words were locked in a vault in my mind, and I didn't have the key. I just knew that when the time came the vault would open and I would know what I needed to know.

I heard my voice say, "Yes, Count Dracula." I wished like crazy I knew what I was agreeing to.

He chuckled and said, "For one who has not lived even a single lifetime, you are a wise woman."

"I bid you a good evening and leave you with this as a remembrance." He pressed something into my hand.

The red fog grew so thick I had to close my eyes. I felt like I was floating and then slowly lowered down as light as a feather on my bed. It was so good to be warm, I snuggled down deeper into the blankets.

I opened my eyes. The credits were just finishing up on the Harry Potter movie. Roscoe was asleep in his bed. The safe room door was closed. Was this yet another crazy dream? I might have thought so if it wasn't for the object in my hand.

I was holding a ring made of gold with a crest on it over top of some red stone. There was a "D" in the middle of the crest. This was probably a reproduction of the ring Bela Lugosi wore in the movie. It looked and felt like solid gold. Did Dracula hand these out like Cracker Jack prizes, or was this truly an honor especially for me? I put it on, but it was far too large for me. Maybe it would fit Eric.

Eric. I wanted Eric. I wanted to tell him what just happened, I wanted to find out how he was. I was tempted to leave the safe room to call him. For some reason I could not get any reception in here. I was going to get a land line installed but I didn't get around to it yet.

I hesitated. What if I called him right as his attention should be directed elsewhere? It could put him in danger. The whole reason I decided to stay in the safe room tonight was to free his mind from worry.

If he knew Dracula had taken me out of this room like someone would take a kitten out of a cardboard box his mind would not rest easy. I hadn't been bitten. I hadn't been ravaged. He had basically just talked to me.

I would wait until Eric got back to tell him what happened, at least, to tell him about the part of it I remembered. It was so easy to think of Dracula as the iconic figure of Bela Lugosi. I had to remind myself that I was looking at a projection, either of his mind or mine. He might be some hideous rotting nightmare, some scaly leprous monster with claws and dripping fangs.

What I sensed about him was that he was older than old, and there wasn't anything human or even ex-human about him, still, he understood me and related to me and was even playful with me, in his fashion.

What did he want with me? What did all these old, and old old, vampires want with me? I try not to be paranoid, but it just seemed really weird that I was pals with, or married to, some of the oldest vampires on the planet.

Of course Eric was such a powerhouse, so magnetic and central to the vampires around here anyone that was his wife might attract all this attention. Still, why had Dracula, the vampire to end all vampires, or maybe the vampire to begin all vampires, come here to see me? Maybe he wanted some Halloween candy, I thought sarcastically.

Eric had missed his chance to meet Dracula. But at least I got him a souvenir ring. What was my Viking going to say about this?

more to come .......
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133 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Three

Later I realized I couldn't remember what the stranger had looked like at first, all I could recall were the eyes and the voice. I remember that the stranger spoke, but I knew I wasn't hearing what his voice really sounded like. I'm pretty sure the voice was only in my head. I might have been still in my safe room sleeping for all I knew.

He came close to me, hidden in a swirling red mist. I could feel him all around me. I was emotionally numb. It reminded me of the time I had breathed in nitrous oxide from a little cup over my nose when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I knew I should be afraid, but it was a vague distant thought and didn't really trouble me.

This was a vampire's thrall, I recognized it from the time Jure had glamoured me. I began to fight it, but it was very powerful. I knew this wasn't Jure, and I knew it wasn't Anna Hita. Then I knew who it was. The knowledge was like falling endlessly down a black pit.

I clawed at anything I could reach to stop my endless descent into the madness of oblivion. Finally I felt a way to shield my mind, to harden my thoughts and keep him partially out, a skill I had honed from all the years I had tried to keep out the unwanted thoughts of others.

That part of my mind, blind and disoriented as it was, began to fight back. The red vapor receded slightly. This is the part of me that recalled the experience later. If you have ever come out of heavy sedation you will know what I mean, that part of you can hear and know everything while the rest of you is still under sedation and unable to move. Maybe being in a coma is like that too. There was a part of my mind I could protect from being glamoured by curling my will around it and protecting it.

I couldn't tell if the crimson fog was real or just inside my mind. It was maddening not to be able to see. "Show yourself!" I screamed in my mind, "Who are you?" I wanted to flail my arms to strike out and feel for what was near me, but they hung uselessly at my side.

"Mmmm," the unseen being said, "You are everything they said you are and more." I felt the crushing damp weight of the scarlet thrall lift a little. The fog thinned, swirling red tendrils parting to let the glowing eyes become visible, then the fog lifted completely and standing there in black and white was ..... Bela Lugosi.

"I ... am ... Dracula," he said in his slow, deep, dramatic, accented voice.

I had seen the movie several times, so maybe my mind was supplying the image or perhaps he was supplying it himself. The feeling I got was of a being so alien, so unhuman, I had never encountered anything like it. This was indeed the Mack Daddy, the Big Kahuna, the Grand Poobah of vampires.

He chuckled. Inside the house poor little Roscoe barked and barked, then howled like he did when he smelled the unicorn scent on the washcloth. A dog in the distant neighborhood howled and bayed back, it sounded like the beagle in the brick house next to Jure's. The sound carried through the quiet night, over the large pond that lay between us.

"Listen to them ... the children of the night. What music they make," Dracula recited, word for word from the movie.

"I bid you welcome." I said, also a line from the movie, now that I could speak. Two could play this game. Now that the thrall had lessened I realized I was so frightened my teeth were chattering. Or maybe it was just the cold. How long had I been out here?

"Why are you here?" I asked. I so so hoped the answer wasn't going to contain the word blood.

"I am a spider spinning his web for the unwary fly."

Well that didn't tell me much, did it?

"I trust you will keep my coming here ... a secret?" he asked, sounding almost playful.

Since he could glamour me six ways from Sunday to completely forget this encounter I agreed, with one exception.

"I promise I won't tell anyone you were here except my husband. He's one blood with me. And he's always wanted to meet you." I hoped Mr. Dracula knew what it meant to be one blood with someone. He had never married as far as I knew.

"Excellent, Sookie, excellent. And now, if you would be so kind to listen, I would like to discuss my reason for coming here with you."

I really wanted to go back into my house and turn on the fire and warm up, but that would mean inviting Dracula into the house. Every other vampire's invitation could be rescinded, but maybe this Master of All Vampires didn't need to follow those rules.

Of course he had already entered to retrieve me from the safe room, but maybe that was just my mind playing tricks on me. I couldn't tell if he was here or not, if I was dreaming or awake, but just to err on the side of caution I decided to stay in the yard.

more to come ........
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132 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Two

I sat in the safe room listening to the quiet hum of the ventilation system, but I didn't put on the TV or open a book right away.

Eric's talk about caves made me recall my dream this afternoon so I wrote it down in my little notebook. It didn't sound nearly as ominous as it had felt at the time. Were all caves potentially exits, or only certain kinds of caves, I wondered. Lots of people explore caves and tourists visit them in droves, but I have never heard of anyone being accosted by a spirit or the restless undead.

The system of restraint for the departed in the Underworld must be pretty efficient. And spirits were allowed to visit mediums apparently. It didn't surprise me there was red tape in the Underworld, that's probably where red tape was invented. The Hundred Handers could probably deal with multiple cases at once and were probably over worked, just like their human counterparts in the sunlit world above.

I hadn't gotten a chance to find out why Maxine wanted to contact her deceased husband. But if she knew a real medium, one that could actually summon someone that had crossed over, I wanted to know who it was. I might not contact any of my deceased relatives, but I would like to have the option. I decided not to dwell on that thought tonight, I already had enough to think about.

Neither Eric nor I were going to be able to attend the Dracula Night party in Fangtasia. It was good Eric had Pam to run things and Clancy to do her bidding. As much as Clancy and I weren't buddies, I had to admit he tried hard to be a good employee and worked well under supervision. I had been to so many events and had so many experiences at the Vampire Land mall I wasn't going to miss the party tonight. And I did have a date planned with Eric tomorrow night.

Roscoe was asleep on his safe room dog bed, so I popped in a DVD and started watching it. It was one of the Harry Potter movies, another take on a magical world where the supernatural was commonplace. I especially loved Hagrid. I wouldn't mind having a gentle giant like that as a friend. Their British accents made me think about Doctor Dolittle. He must have been the one to find out the middle head bit Jessica. I wondered if the heads had names.

As entertaining as the movie was, I found myself drifting off to sleep, one of the draw backs of living among vampires. I tried not to get behind on my sleep, but I was almost always a little sleep derived. It was so rare for me to get a chance to sleep early in the evening like this that I turned the sound off and lay on the bed, watching the movie but not listening to it. Soon the flickering images put me to sleep.

I heard the safe room door being opened and woke up. Eric stood outlined in the doorway. He said, "Come with me, I have something outside I want to show you."

I put on my slippers and tightened the belt on my robe. The temperature was supposed to fall into the thirties tonight, I hoped we weren't going to be outside for long. Maybe he had Jessica in the SVV and wanted me to talk to her. What did a rabid vampire look like? I hoped it wasn't anything too scary. I followed him through the house, noticing that he hadn't put on any of the lights when he got home.

The front porch was dark and I went to put on the lights. Eric said, "No, don't put the lights on. You won't need them for this." He opened the door and I stepped outside. I didn't see anything unusual. He walked out onto the drive way and I followed him. He continued to the edge of the gravel and started across the grass.

"Eric, I'm in my slippers, and I'm only wearing a robe. Let me go back in and put on some shoes. The grass is damp and I'm getting chilly."

I turned towards the house and noticed the tray of Halloween treats was missing. There was enough light coming from the half moon to see the sign I had made was gone too. Did kids take the whole tray, or did Eric bring it in on his way? And where was Eric's car? Did he catch Jessica?

I turned back towards the woods to ask Eric about these things and I stopped dead. The man standing there wasn't Eric at all. It was a stranger with glowing yellow eyes.

more to come .........
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131 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty One

He looked alert as he listened to what was being said on the other end of the phone. I heard the word "Jessica" so I knew it was about the bitten teen aged vampire. I hoped she wasn't suffering or being hunted down like a wild animal.

Eric was her best chance to be taken in and allowed to recover. Jessica hadn't asked to become a vampire and she hadn't had an easy time since she was changed, to end up being killed because she was bitten by a rabid dog would just be so tragic and wrong.

He hung up. "It was the middle head," he said. That meant vengeance. Jessica was going to go after those that had wronged her. It was better than if she was going to start attacking people at random, but just barely.

The sheriff of Shreveport began getting dressed. As he pulled on his clothes I told him about my trip to Bon Temp to warn Hoyt and his decision to quickly take his mother to visit her cousin in Texas.

"That is good," Eric said. "Bill has been alerted, though he refused an offer to stay in the King's safe room. He prefers to stay home and believes he can deal with Jessica himself if she comes for him. Jessica's parents left without any forwarding address once the press started to hound them, as you know, so they are probably safe. I have no way to contact them."

News of the underage vampire had made the rounds from the FOTS scandal sheets to the gossip shows. No one had proven that the missing Jessica Hamby was the vampire in question, but her family had started getting news reporters asking them how they would feel if their missing daughter really was a vampire. It was horrible, and the family had moved to protect Jessica's younger sister from the onslaught of news vultures. It wouldn't surprise me if the family had changed their names.

Eric was gathering his few supplies: thick leather gloves to handle the silver net, the dart gun that fired stakes too short to kill a vampire but would disable one, a sunlight taser, and Gran's silver dessert forks. These last were my idea. They had worked to take down the gigantic Bojan, surely they could take down Jessica, rabid or not. He put his supplies in a bag, and put on his worn leather jacket. As big and brave as he was, I still worried about his safety. He would have a deputy with him and his SVV, so I tried to reassure myself he was as protected as any vampire could be.

Once Eric was dressed he brought me in the living room and sat me down next to him to talk seriously with me. "Sookie, I know you were looking forward to Dracula Night at Fangtasia tonight, as was I. But now I have to find Jessica. That means I will not be there to protect you. I know you will say .."

I stopped him. "No, I won't. I think you're right. It would be too worrying for you to have me alone in a club full of vampires with a rabid vampire on the loose. You need to concentrate on your sheriff duties, not be calling me every fifteen minutes to make sure I'm OK. I'll stay here in my safe room and won't come out until you open the door. That way you can have your whole mind on what you're doing."

As I talked his eyes grew round with astonishment. It was worth staying home tonight just to see that look on his face. I had managed to amaze him with my good sense and reasonable attitude. This was such a rare occurrence I savored the moment like a fine wine.

"Again you have surprised me, my amazing wife," he said. He was going to say more but I interrupted.

"I also have a pretty good idea of where Jessica's going to be headed. I know it's the first place I would go if I was her and hell bent on revenge."

"Hell bent is the right phrase for it. Where is she headed?"

I told him. He didn't need to write it down because Eric remembered everything. Before he left I asked him where the exit for the Underworld was. He told me they were all over, any place a cave had an opening to the earth's surface. He said the one that Jessica used might have been any of the natural openings that were numerous in this state. The Caves of Louisiana Project had been busy mapping and photographing caves for years. Of course, she would want the nearest cave to her target, that is, if I was right about who she was going to try to destroy.

After I kissed my brave and handsome warrior and warned him to be careful, I gathered my things while he took the dog out for a last trip, then he went with me, some good books, two current Netflix DVD's, and my baby dog and got us settled into our safe room. He locked the door himself so he would be sure I was truly safe.

It wasn't how I had planned to spend our first anniversary, but it was a darn sight better than having him thinking about me while he was out and about chasing down a vampire infected with some kind of super duper supernatural rabies right from the jaws of hell. That would be quite enough for my honey to deal with tonight.

more to come ........

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

130 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Thirty

Eric had an anniversary gift for me, and I had an anniversary gift for him.

I gave him mine first. It was a new leather jacket, a nice one for when he wasn't in his work mode as night club owner, construction contractor, or sheriff. It fit him perfectly because I had brought the other worn one with me to get the new one.

He put it on and I admired him in it. More so because it was the only thing he had on. The view from the back was particularly wonderful, and Eric didn't mind me spending all the time I wanted on feasting my eyes. It's a lucky thing eyes don't get chubby from feasting, or else mine would be the size of basketballs after I got done looking at my long tall man.

I told him I thought the jeweled unicorn had been my anniversary gift. "It was," he said, "Then I had another idea."

He handed me another large jewelry case. I opened it and froze in wonder. He had taken the bracelets and gotten the diamonds reset. The two large diamonds were matched by a third diamond of equal size and clarity, with two smaller diamonds on either side of the three main stones.

It was a gold tiara, so dazzling and beautiful I could scarcely tear my eyes off it.

Eric explained, "I was concerned the King would learn of the bracelets, so I had them recast and the stones reset. The diamonds have also been laser engraved with permanent identification markings and paperwork that shows they were purchased as investments more than three years ago. The paperwork for this clearly shows that you have had this tiara for a year. I wanted you to be able to wear the diamonds without fear they would be confiscated. Also, I knew you felt bad that Anna Hita didn't let you wear her tiara at your wedding. Now you have your own tiara." He sat back and folded his arms over his bare chest. "Please, put it on so I may see you in it."

I began to place it on my head, but he stopped me. "Please take off your robe too."

So I stood there before him naked, wearing an outrageously valuable diamond tiara and a smile.

He sat and looked at me for a long time much like someone would sit and look at a painting in a museum. Finally he said, "It is as I thought. You were meant to wear a crown. You are a queen."

I really wanted to tell him to stop it, that I was just a recycled bar maid from a hick town, but I knew that this was exactly the kind of thinking that was causing me to feel so much jealousy when Eric was around a beautiful or attractive or nice looking woman.

I made my mind accept what he was saying. He thought I was beautiful and special, he had spent more money than I could even think about to give me something I wanted, and I needed to get real with this moment.

"Thank you," I said. "Your love for me is overwhelming. I will be your queen, but you're also my king. I'm so glad I married you, Eric, it just keeps getting better. I'm happier than I have ever been in my life."

I went and sat in his lap. At first his lap just lay there quietly, then his lap noticed I was sitting there naked. I don't know how many women have had sex in a diamond tiara, but it really adds something to the experience. It improved my posture, enhanced my self esteem, and sent rays of light around the room. At some point I removed it and carefully laid it on the night stand, but while I had it on it was a trip.

Later I asked Eric how he knew I felt bad about Anna Hita not loaning me her tiara. I was thinking it was from the blood bond or from him tasting my memories.

But he said, "It was from the look on your face when you saw Trinity. Your eyes went from her fangs to her tiara. You looked longer at her crown than her teeth. I knew both were a surprise to you, but the tiara was the bigger surprise. I wanted you to never feel like that again."

I asked him, "Do you know everything about me?"

"Oh no, no, my Sookie. You are more full of surprises than Christmas morning. It is one of your many charms."

"That's me, a lady of mystery." I joked, putting the tiara back on.

"A married lady of mystery," Eric added. Roscoe continued to bark at the door every few minutes, then Eric's cell phone rang signaling the end of our fun and games.

more to come ......
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129 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Nine

On the way back to Shreveport I tried hard not to think about the hurtful things Tara had said.

One reason they hurt was that they reflected some of the fears that had made me so cautious in deciding whether I even wanted to tell Eric about the wedding gift from Anna Hita. I thought I had put all those fears to rest, but Tara had riled them all up again. The heck with her, I finally decided. She had a bad history with vampires and a small mind. It hurt to have a friend turn on me like that, and I felt like my only friends besides Amelia, Sam, and Hoyt, were vampires.

Part of the problem was that I wanted the whole idea of having a child to seem more real. I made a decision to start the process by contacting the fertility clinic associated with the sperm bank that had Eric's contribution to this endeavor. If they seemed all right to me I was going to go ahead and schedule whatever was involved in getting pregnant this way. Millions of children were conceived using fertility treatments of some kind, no reason it shouldn't work for me.

I got home and put the car in the garage. I used the new underground passageway to get to the house. I could use it to take me right to my safe room, but I entered the walk out basement instead and went upstairs to the kitchen. I was still full from the milk shake, so I put some big rollers in my hair, settled Roscoe in, and lay down for a nap. I had a few hours to catch up on my sleep.

I had a very strange and disturbing dream. I dreamt that I was walking on a rough stone path towards the dark opening of a big cave.

The wind started to blow causing the trees to sway and the leaves to show their lighter backs. The current of air through the leaves whispered, "He's coming. He's coming" as the leaves spun and quivered, the boughs shaking and whipping back and forth.

The weak sun suddenly went behind rapidly gathering black clouds, leaving me feeling cold and apprehensive in the gray light. Still I kept walking towards the black yawning mouth of the cave. When I got to the entrance I was afraid to go in. Deep in the cave two glowing yellow eyes appeared. Was this friend of foe?

A thick dark red fog rolled from the cave, covering my ankles, then my knees. It kept rising, enveloping me in an inky redness I could smell and taste. It tasted like vampire blood. I was powerless to run away. As the fog completely engulfed me I felt invisible icy hands touch my arms, invisible cold lips kiss mine. It was horrible, but I could not break away.

A sinister voice hissed loudly, "HE HAS COME!" right by my ear. The shock of it woke me up. I lay there for a moment, but the fright quickly faded and I fell back to sleep.

Roscoe's barking woke me up again about an hour later. He was by the front door barking at the little trick-or-treaters that had come to the porch. I wasn't going to open the door, so I had made up goody bags of wrapped candy and put them in a dish with a little sign that said "Happy Halloween! Please take only one."

On the monitor I saw four little kids putting multiple bags of candy in their plastic pumpkins. Their mother was telling them to only take one each, and trying to make them put back the extra ones. It was fun to watch the negotiations. I admired the mother's patience trying to get the children to do what was right.

Then I heard the mother whisper in a scary voice, "If you kids don't put that extra candy back the vampire that lives in this house is going to come out and bite you!"

The kids quickly put back the extra bags, squealing and running away back down the drive. My heart sank. If parents were going to use vampires like the bogey man to frighten children, they would grow up fearing vampires. And what people feared they also hated. It meant a whole new generation of people thinking vampires were a threat to them.

Unbeknown to me, a silent vampire was at that very moment sneaking up behind me. He kissed my ear so gently I might have thought I just imagined it if Mr. Happy wasn't also poking me in the backside.

"Happy first anniversary, my wife," the vampire said to me, his voice husky with emotion.

"Happy first anniversary to you, my husband," I answered back, turning around to kiss him properly. We went back to the bedroom to celebrate. We invited Mr. Happy to join us. It turns out he was the life of the party.

more to come .......

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

128 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight

As soon as I was out of sight of her house I pulled the car over and exploded. "How dare she talk to me that way?" I exclaimed, hitting the steering wheel to express my frustration. "What kind of a friend is that? After all I've done for her. How can she be so stupid and ignorant and narrow minded? She's no friend of mine if that's how she feels, she's just a bitter ...."

Roscoe had his adorable head tipped trying to understand what I was saying, his large liquid coffee brown eyes full of sympathy and love. When I stopped talking his tail wagged tentatively.

"You're absolutely right," I told my little furry therapist in my baby talk voice, "I shouldn't waste my time on her stupid opinions. We have better ways to spend our time don't we?"

I gave Roscoe a reassuring cuddle and drove on to Hoyt's house. My head had decided not to let Tara's ignorance get to me, but my guts hadn't gotten the message. They felt tight and slightly nauseous. Prejudice like hers made me sick.

During the week Jason stayed home to watch Roscoe, Jason had given Hoyt the week off too. Hoyt had used the time doing some maintenance on his mom's house. Her porches had been scraped and repainted, her rose trellis re-attached to the garage, and the gutters cleaned out.

Now he was washing her windows. He was up on the ladder with Windex and paper towels, Maxine Fortenberry was standing at the bottom giving him minutely detailed instructions on how to perform the simple task. Her Southern drawl seemed to have gotten even thicker.

"For heaven's sake, Hoyt, don't you see that big streak up there in the corner? That's going to just ruin my view if you don't get that. Use another towel, no not two towels, one will do. They're the good Bounty towels. I don't see why we couldn't use the store brand for wiping down the windows. They charge twice as much for the Bounty towels ......" She heard me coming up the walk and stopped.

Maxine was a study in contradictions. Sometimes she could be the kindest most thoughtful person, then at other times she was just a shrew, making Hoyt's life miserable. Hoyt's dad had committed suicide, and once when Hoyt was three sheets to the wind he told me he thought his mother had driven him to it. I guess most of Maxine's problems centered around her fears of losing control of Hoyt, her only child. What she didn't see was that her continuous harangue was driving Hoyt further and further away.

"Sookie!" she exclaimed, but it didn't sound like a happy exclamation. She probably resented my intrusion on her window cleaning project. The big woman came over and threw her huge arms around me. She smelled like hairspray and sweat.

Her big teased bouffant hairstyle hadn't changed in forty years, but it probably took more time and hairspray to keep it so puffy now that her hair had thinned a little. More pancake makeup, more lipstick, more eyeshadow had been added to what had already been plenty. The thin October sunlight was brutal to her appearance, and her expression of irritated discontent didn't help.

After the usual small talk Hoyt excused himself with difficulty and we went to the lunch wagon in town for a milkshake just like we had as teenagers. We sat at picnic tables in the sun and froze, drinking our shakes and catching up on the latest. I didn't tell Hoyt about my plans to have a baby, but I did get him laughing about the weird happenings in the mall.

"So, Sook, have you seen Jessica lately?" he finally asked, looking through his long lashes at me as he sipped his shake. He was a good looking man with a baby face. He tried hard to keep the weight off, not an easy task with the genes his mom and dad had given him.

"That's why I wanted to talk to you," I began. I thought I'd start with the good news. "She's doing real well in her new job, and she asked about you at the King's wedding. I don't think she's seeing anyone. She told me to tell you she sends her regards." I watched Roscoe walk around on his long retractable leash smelling the ground around the picnic area. He sat down in spot of sunlight, but it wasn't strong enough to keep him warm. Soon we would need to go sit in my car with the heater on.

His open face brightened at this news. He had really loved the pretty vampire and he still hoped they could see each other again. She had accepted him, laughed at his jokes, and had wild vampire sex with him. He found human women to be pretty dull in comparison. Hoyt's mind was as easy to read as his face.

We moved to the car and the heater for the "bad news" part of my visit. "I need to warn you about something. Jessica was bitten by a rabid animal ..." I saw shock and worry in Hoyt's face. "She will be fine in a couple of days ..." If she lived that long, I thought, "but in the meantime she might attack anyone she has had contact with and an attachment towards. I thought of you. You need to keep yourself safe for the next two nights. Do you have somewhere you can go?" I asked.

I thought he could use my safe room while I was celebrating Dracula Night in Fangtasia.

"I'll need to take my Mama somewhere safe too," he said. "You remember that trouble we had, Jessica might still be carrying a grudge against Mama."

I suppressed a sigh. He was right, of course. The thought of stuffing him and Maxine into my little safe room was almost more than I could bear, but I did need to put him and his mother somewhere safe. Jessica had bitten Maxine one time when their acrimonious relations reached the boiling point. That's a big no-no when you're dealing with your potential future mother in law. In Jessica's defense it was when she was a newly Turned vampire and Bill wasn't providing the proper supervision for his Child.

"I'll take her to Texas," he said, looking happy. "As soon as I get back we'll throw some clothes in a suitcase and drive to Texas. She has been buggin' me and buggin' me to take her to see her cousin Lois. I'll tell her it's a surprise and we'll leave right away. Jessica would never find us there, she doesn't even know about Lois."

That sounded good, much better than dragging Maxine to my house in Shreveport. I promised to call Hoyt and tell him if I heard any news of Jessica, and I also told him I would square away his extended leave with his boss, my brother. This had worked out better than I had hoped, I thought, as I drove Hoyt back to his mom's house.

more to come .......

127 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven

Tara looked radiant. Motherhood agreed with her as nothing else had. She had Katie Marie on her hip when she came to the door, although the child was obviously big enough to be toddling around on her own. They had on matching mother-daughter prairie dresses, matching ribbons in their hair, even similar flat ballet shoes. I wondered if this was for Halloween or whether they dressed like this the rest of the time.

It turned out Katie Marie's grandmother and namesake, Katherine, had made the outfits. She was the seamstress that had made my wedding dress based on the design of my red and white date dress, the dress I had worn when I first met Eric in Fangtasia. I had gone there with Bill to try and find out about someone on Merlotte's staff that had been murdered, and Eric had summoned Bill and me up to his dais. I had hated and feared Eric back then, thinking he was a tyrant and a monster that had Bill under his sadistic thumb. How things have changed!

"Sookie, you have never looked more lovely," Tara said, putting out a tray of cookies and diet sodas.

Katie Marie immediately went for the plate of cookies, so Tara let her take one and then she had to put the tray up. It was just as well. Sitting and talking in front of a tray of cookies could result in mindless eating, the kind that put on weight. That was one thing I wouldn't need to worry about once I was Turned. Of course, my cookie days would be over too, and that felt a little sad.

"Thanks, Tara, I was just thinking the same thing about you," I replied. I had decided to tell Tara, my childhood best friend, about my decision to have a child. I hoped it wouldn't upset her.

She had adopted Katie Marie from Katherine's college age daughter Truvy because she was unable to have children of her own due to the mistreatment of a very bad vampire she had dated. She seemed so happy with her little curly haired angel I didn't think my plan to carry a child would hurt her feelings.

After I filled her in about Vampire Land, and gave her and J.B. the set of wine glasses from France I had gotten them in the Vampire Land Mall, I gave Katie Marie her toys, a stuffed bat that played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and a stuffed Humpty Dumpty doll that made a breaking glass sound when you dropped it and recited the rhyme. It also played songs when you squeezed the hands and feet.

Katie Marie had just said "Tank you" and sat down on the floor to explore her gifts when Truvy arrived to take her to a birthday party for one of her little friends.

This was an open adoption, something Truvy had insisted on, and it was working out wonderfully. Truvy was in her last year of college and she had a steady boy friend. She knew she wasn't ready for full time motherhood, but she spent enough time with her biological daughter that their bond was strong.

Still, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Katie Marie was Tara's and J.B.'s little girl, and there was enough little girl to go around. Everyone seemed to benefit from this arrangement. Tara continued to manage her store while Truvy had the child, and then Truvy was free to finish college and have her freedom knowing Katie Marie was in a loving home. It seemed to be a win-win situation.

Truvy, Katie Marie, the bat and Humpty all left in a flurry of kisses, leaving Tara and me a little time to talk in private. I had to leave Roscoe in the car because Katie Marie had allergies, so Tara and I moved out to the open front porch and I brought the little dog up to sit with us. It was kind of chilly to be sitting around, but I didn't plan on staying long anyway. I had to leave to see Hoyt and warn him about Jessica in a few minutes.

"Tara, I have some news, or at least, potential news," I began, shyly.

Tara looked both interested and concerned, as if she thought I might have something bad I was going to share with her.

"I have decided to have a baby with Eric," I said. I saw the question on her face, so I went on. "I am going to use a sperm donor with Eric's characteristics. He's delighted with this decision. Of course, it may not go as I hope, but I wanted to share the good news with you."

I sat back, smiling. This made my decision seem more real, to share it with Tara. I didn't tell her the whole truth, that I was actually going to use sperm from Eric's human life. I knew vampires didn't like their special talents to be known by humans, and time travel in a parallel dimension would definitely fall under the heading of special talents.

She didn't squeal and hug me as I thought she might. In fact, she didn't move a muscle. It was as if her face had frozen in that concerned expression.

Finally she said flatly, "That's very nice for you, Sookie." She stood up abruptly and said, "I need more soda, how about you?"

She was heading for the front door when I asked her, "Is something wrong, Tara?" I might have have upset her because she was unable to have children, but she had a daughter. Was she still sad because she was couldn't give birth? I should have broken the news to her differently ....

"Yes, something is wrong," she said, sounding angry. She turned to face me, setting the soda can down on a table. Her face was set in the stubborn squinted look I recognized as her expression of righteous outrage.

"Sookie, how can you even think about having a baby with a vampire as a father? The one good thing about marrying a vampire is that they are unable to reproduce. Now you say you want to bring some poor innocent child into a family where the father is an unnatural abomination, not even a living person? Come on, Sookie, think about it. What chance does a child have to be normal and happy when their father is a freaking vampire?"

I was speechless. I knew Tara didn't like vampires because she had been abused by one, but she knew me, she knew Eric, surely she must know Eric was not evil or abusive. My wedding shower had been held in her store. I bought my bridesmaids dresses from her. She had seemed upbeat and positive about my marriage. Yet, here she was sounding like the propaganda the FOTS handed out. Had she joined their ranks and not told me?

"Tara, you sound just like that preacher from the Fellowship of the Sun," I said, trying to make a lighthearted remark and lighten the conversation.

"I don't agree with everything they say, but I have to say that some of their ideas make sense. I'm just thinking about the baby. How will that child deal with the discrimination and teasing of the other kids once they find out his or her father is a vampire? What chance does that child have growing up normally with that kind of stigma?" She sat back down.

"So you're saying that because ignorant people are prejudiced, I shouldn't have a child because those ignorant people's ignorant children will harass my child?" I couldn't believe my friend was saying this to me.

"It's not just ignorance, Sookie. Vampires are not natural creatures, they are created by a disease or something. They kill and injure people. They live on human blood, for God's sake! We were not meant to interbreed with them. God made them sterile for a reason. If they were meant to reproduce they wouldn't be sterile. It's going against the laws of nature, against the will of God, to marry one and then have a child." Her eyes burned with her fervent beliefs.

"So you oppose my marriage to Eric?" I asked. My lips felt numb I was so shocked at her reaction. Roscoe got up and stood by my side, sensing something was upsetting me.

"No, I understand that you have that weird thing wrong with your mind. You could never find a normal human man that would marry you. If you want to marry a vampire that's your business. You have a right to have someone, even if it is a vampire. But honey, don't bring some poor innocent child into this mess. You might be mad at me right now for speaking my mind, but I wouldn't be your friend if I didn't point out the obvious. You would be making the biggest mistake of your life to impose your lifestyle on a child. Think about it, it's just plain selfish of you to consider it." She sat back, her lips pressed together in an expression that looked exactly like her mother. The phrase "invincible ignorance" popped into my mind.

I was tempted to lash out at her, to say something hurtful and mean, but I felt so strongly the presence of Gran at that moment. She would say, "The least said, the soonest mended," meaning that anything I said to fight back would just add fuel to our disagreement.

I stood up, picking up the leash. "I'm sorry to hear you feel that way Tara. I'll think about what you said. I have to go now. Thanks for the soda. Good bye."

I walked to the car on stiff legs, put Roscoe in his car seat and drove away without looking back.

more to come .........

Monday, November 23, 2009

126 - Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman in Vampire Land

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Six

The next day I unlocked the safe room and looked for a note from Eric. Sure enough, he had leaned it against the coffee maker.

"My Wife, No luck finding J. I warned Bill. Could you put Hoyt on the alert? Still waiting for Dr. D to arrive. I am well. See you tonight, your devoted Husband, Eric". I gave the note a kiss and put it with all the other notes I had for him. I still had to add them to the ones I had tied up with red ribbons.

I took the dog out, had toast and coffee, and laid out my clothes for the Dracula Night festivities at Fangtasia tonight. Then I called Jason to find out where Hoyt was working. I was in luck. He was staying in Bon Temps to take Maxine, his mom, to her doctor's appointments today. I gave him a call and asked if I could stop by and see him. I just couldn't tell him over the phone his rabid vampire ex-girlfriend might be headed his way to kill him. We had all day to plan a time, so we set our date at noon.

I called Tara to ask if I could drop off her and J.B.'s gifts and the one I had for their daughter, Katie Marie. Tara was excited to hear from me and would be home today. I told her I would be there soon. I wanted to get there before the little girl went down for her nap.

On the way to Bon Temps I thought about the things Eric had told me last night. He really loved me, I knew that, and he was very very attached to me. My jealousy really was a manifestation of my own insecurities, not due to anything Eric was doing. I resolved to work on my issues even more.

Then I thought about poor Jessica. The young vampire had no reason to come after me, but if she was bitten by the head on the right she would go after anyone she could. I thought she would have to chew through a lot of folks before she got to me. I didn't even know where the entrance to the Underworld was. Was she near or far? I should have asked Eric about this last night. I hoped this wasn't going to ruin his Dracula Night for him, he looked forward to it so.

That kill on sight order was disturbing. A vampire must be able to do a lot of damage in a short period of time in order to set fire to whole city to disguise their kills. Of course the Great Fire of London might have started off as a small fire that got out of control. Back in 1666 they couldn't have had any really reliable fire fighting equipment. A small fire set to incinerate a few bodies might have simply blown out of control and engulfed half the city.

The number 1666 reminded me of Amelia's situation. I remembered some occasions where I had over done it in the sex department. Amelia's situation was much much worse. If she learned a lesson though she would get over it in time and be a wiser witch. Would she be happy with her body as it normally was once she had experienced the intense effects of the spell? Being normal would pale in contrast, I thought.

Next I turned my mind to Hoyt's situation. He was a good son, still looking after his mom even though she could be a very difficult person to deal with. I always thought her disapproval was one reason things had never worked out between Jessica and Hoyt. Maxine had no trouble speaking her mind, her constant belittling of Hoyt and his choice of a girlfriend would have to take its toll. Jessica still cared for Hoyt, that was obvious to me. Would she try to hurt him, or Turn him, if she was mad?

I wondered why Jessica felt she needed to sneak out and tell Hoyt about his mother's paranormal activities. Was she just using it as an excuse to see Hoyt, or was there something Hoyt needed to know about his mother's attempt to contact her deceased husband? What had he buried?

That brought up all the questions I had about what happens to someone after they die. I used to believe that if you were good you went right to heaven, but if you were totally bad you went the other way. Was the Underworld the same thing as hell? It didn't sound like it. Was there a heaven? I hadn't heard about it. I knew Claudine was working to become an angel, that was why I had been assigned Chester Katz and his siblings. Was he assigned to me all the time like Claudine was, or was it just while I was in the Vampire Land mall?

Doctor Dolittle wouldn't be arriving until tonight if he was one of the Undead, so Eric might not be able to find out right away which direction Jessica might be heading. If Doctor Dolittle really could talk to the animals, it would be fantastic if I could find out why Roscoe howled when he smelled the unicorn. Of course that probably wasn't going to happen, but it was a thought.

Like most things in the magical and supernatural world, the more I found out, the more questions I had. It was a losing proposition. Still, I planned on asking Eric more when I saw him tonight. I couldn't wait to see him again. I was glad I had some visits to make to fill the hours he was dead until dark.

more to come .......